Resolved: It Should Be Legal For Teenage Minors to Have Sex with Each Other

It should not be illegal for teen minors to have sex with each other. Teen minor sexuality and childhood sex play are considered two different things.

Teen Minor Sexuality

In California, teens may not be arrested for having sex unless it is bad like forcible rape.

Childhood Sex Play

In my counseling practice, I hear stories of childhood sex play and even incest, heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual, all the way to bisexual orgies, on a regular basis. Many of these cases would be called child molestation in our current parlance. However, that’s not what it is. Ages involved range from six to 15, both males and females. Females are just as likely to engage in childhood sex play as males.

Childhood sex play involves sex play involving children younger than age 13 as at least some of the partners. In some cases, teens aged 13-15 were involved with younger kids all the way down to age eight. Most people would call it child molesting, but I would not. Most minors are not capable of true child molestation. A kid can’t molest another kid. A lot of kids even up to 13-15 have no idea what they are doing and should not be held responsible. Female teens are just as likely as male teens to be involved in this. In fact, in the two cases I am aware of, the girls were 13 and 15, and the children were boys down to age 8. I do not believe either of these girls were child molesters ,and what went on was not child molesting. That doesn’t mean it’s a good thing, but in general this is not an LE matter.

This goes on all the time, and LE should not get involved. In the case of childhood sex play, children should be discouraged from doing this. If it doesn’t stop, they need to go to therapy. LE needs to butt out of this and let this be solved by families or at worst social services.

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21 responses to “Resolved: It Should Be Legal For Teenage Minors to Have Sex with Each Other

  1. Jason Y

    At first, I wanted to agree, then upon reading it, I see NO WAY. 13-year-olds touching kids below puberty is of course, wrong and something should be done.

    On the other hand, kids above puberty having sex with each other should be legal and is I think.

  2. Can you read? Do you have problems with reading comprehension.

    The article says it should be legal and ok for underage teens to have sex with other underage teens?

    What problem do you have with this?

    And honestly it is the rare 13 year old who will do anything sexual to someone under 13. But even when it does happen, police are not called and they do not want to arrest a 13 year old on child molestation. Usually the 13 year old is ordered into therapy. It is handled by social services. I had a client who, as a 13 year old girl, molested (but just barely) an 8 year old boy over the course of a week. Basically what she did was hold his penis in her hand. People found out and she was forced into therapy. This was the proper response. You think she should have been arrested?!

    • Jason Y

      Oh no, assuming the actions are not that bizzare. But there has been a case and I’m sure more cases of some sick “touching” by 13 year olds etc.. toward little boys and girls. Perhaps the more sicker cases should call for stronger therapy than usual and some kind of light punishment.


    Every black in America would be arrested, no. I knew one guy who had 3 kids by the age of 17.

    When I was 13 I felt up some 16 year old girl who told me I could “suck her tits”. I did and that was the end of that incident at a junior high disco.

    Should such an offense jail you with vicious teen car thieves, muggers, punks of the BAD BOYS variety?

  4. S. Smith

    I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I found this blog by accident and was instantly captivated by the content. I agree with you on literally every subject, Robert. Which is shocking for anyone that would judge me based on my “stats”.

    Let’s just say, I break the stereotype of most middle-age married white female mothers that are Catholic and registered Republican.

    Let’s start big:

    I approve of and enjoy pornography. I am able to see a difference between porn and art, and I appreciate both. As long as everyone is of legal consent and they’re are not forced, then have AT it. On the subject of sexuality and women that get their knickers in a knot over remedial bullshit, I think a majority are uneducated. First and foremost, half of the women I listen to don’t know the difference between being a pervert and a pedophile – let alone the hebe catagory. They are quick to label everyone a pedophile. It’s their word of choice. Idiots. By the way, I can admit to being the person at a party with “perverted humor”. I think it gives me character! 😉

    Disclaimer: I do not support bestiality. That is where my good nature and tolerance stop. If anyone even thinks of looking sideways at an animal, I’ll make you take a dirt nap before you can even reach for your zipper.

    I also support legalized prostitution and I’ve enjoyed the friendship of some wonderful women that are/were exotic dancers and strippers. If they are happy in their occupation, that’s all that matters. If I had that type of body and confidence, I’d reap the benefits too.

    I believe in equal rights for homosexuals. Of course they should be allowed to marry and seek spousal benefits. To me, that’s a given. I don’t care what happens in the bedroom — if you’re paying income taxes and are a productive member of society, then by all means, get what is yours.

    I don’t live and preach by the Bible, and I don’t think a biblical verse is the answer to problems in modern society. But I am spiritual and I try to remain respectful of the teachings I grew up with. Just a simple process of respecting my elders, my husband, and trying to do right by my neighbor. I don’t care where others worship, but I do hope everyone has something or someone to believe in. For their own sake.

    I believe that women should be in control of decisions relating to their bodies. If that means not bringing a life in to this world, that is between them and their God. Likewise, I think we could have better systems in place to help provide women with more options before they get to that place.

    It must seem impossible that I’m a Republican, and I guess I don’t appear conservative. I feel that in this wide world of endless possibilities on how to behave, that I am conservative in the big picture. But maybe it’s all in how we define it?

    If anything, I guess the title I most identify with is: Free Thinker. It’s how I’m able to cross party lines. I believe that we were born with free will. In order to make progress we must be open to new ideas, but also admit guilt when we are wrong, and deal with the ramifications of our mistakes.

    I think the secret to success in life is to “Focus On Your Own Shit”.

    I just wrote a novel on who I am, so that you can “see me” when I make this next comment and ask these next questions. Oh boy..

    I agree that teenage minors having sexual encounters with other minors should not be illegal when they are openly consenting. I’m not even here to discuss that. I was caught off guard to hear that it’s not very common for an older teen to be touching a young child. Your argument about it being best dealt with in therapy is logical. They don’t know better. Frontal lobes not fully developed, curiosity, and even possibly abused themselves.

    Makes sense. But, now I don’t know how I feel about myself. Because until today, I considered myself to be someone’s victim. Now I’m not sure what to do with the knowledge that … I’m not.

    I was six years old and he was fifteen. His name was Kevin. My father worked as a ranch-hand for his family. We were poor and lived in a small house on the outskirts of their ranch. The owner and his wife were very kind to me, and I was allowed to feed their baby chickens. I love animals and after school I raced in to the barn to feed and water them. I made sure the heat lamp was on and gave them fresh hay.

    I remember the first time Kevin was in the barn with me like it happened yesterday. He was playful and asked me a lot of questions. I wasn’t afraid. He had a nice smile and I didn’t mind that he wanted a hug. I didn’t even notice his hands roaming until he had pulled the string loose on my top and it fell forward. I remember, right then, knowing that something was wrong. He was sweating and kept wiping it from his eyes. I remember this because it made his hands sticky on my skin. I held my top against my chest so tight. I remember being so ashamed. He whispered fast. At first it was about “”just wanting to take a little peek”. I just kept shaking my head no. But he didn’t need permission. I remember staring over at the baby chicks and reaching for them. Then just, nothing. He was soon tying the ribbon on my blouse and he very clearly said, “If you tell anyone, I’ll kill your daddy.” He smiled telling me how he’d tie him up, throw him in the pen and let the bull kick my dad’s head til his brains came out. And how he could tie him up and roll him in to the water canal and watch him drown. I believed him. My daddy was my world and I believed it.

    I can’t remember how many times it happened, I just know that he was in the barn waiting for me every day. I don’t remember when I made that fateful decision, but I remember feeling numb when I did what I did. I’d long ago stopped crying, I knew the routine, and the only way out was to not be in the barn. So, one night, I turned off the heat lamp, I dumped out their water and I didn’t put food out. I closed the barn door and never went back.

    A few days later, the rancher and his wife came over. They told my parents that I’d let their baby chicks die. I remember my dad looking at me and I looked away. My mother was crying. She spanked me over and over while yelling what an evil little girl I was to have been so careless with helpless animals. I never told them about Kevin. And, I never saw him again. My parents divorced soon thereafter for other reasons and we moved away.

    I told a therapist about it once, but at the time I felt I was at peace with what happened. I got over it by telling myself that it could have been worse. Yet, I’ll admit to dark moments of feeling like I’d been his .. prey. But maybe not. Now I don’t know. I guess it doesn’t matter. It was a long time ago.

    I have no idea why I’m telling you this. In public. Maybe I just needed someone to know. A stranger that hopefully won’t judge the bad decision made by a six year old kid. I’m going to press submit before I lose my nerve.

    • Wow this is such a great comment! From a real woman at that. I hope you don’t mind being called a real woman.

      This is some fine thinking and some excellent writing. I ought to run some of these as pieces.

    • I think you were a victim, but Kevin may not be a pedophile. A lot of teenage boys who do this knock it off when they hit adulthood and never molest a child again. It’s just not the same thing as being a fixated pedophile.

      You were a victim because of the threat to kill your father. That’s the real dirty part here, and yes, this is what makes it a victimization.

      • S. Smith

        Thank you, Robert.

        I think I needed some type of validation on what happened to me — so that I could admit what I’d done to get away from him.

        That’s the thing about all of this, I still feel guilt about what I did. I was only six, but I wish I’d been more brave or tried to fight back harder. Something. Anything other than what I did.

        I wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as I could remember. I helped my dad when the cows were giving birth, and I held milking bottles for every little farm critter that you can imagine. Animals have always brought me so much joy.

        So I took that chore with the baby chicks very seriously. In a world where my parents were fighting and planning to divorce, it was the one consistent moment of happiness I could look forward to.

        Until Kevin found me.

        Later when they came to our house and told my parents what I’d done, it was the look of confusion and sadness on my dad’s face that killed me the most.

        He never spoke to me about it. His disappointment in me was almost unbearable. What kept me from reaching for him and telling him everything, was the sincere belief that I was protecting him.

        That was 1976.

        He died from lung cancer in 2010, never knowing what happened to me when I was little. That’s how I wanted it. He was my best friend, as well as my dad. I still miss him very much.

        I think I can let this go now. Thank you again, for letting me talk it through.

        • Your dated Sikh perceptions of a white low-class female fantasy are fairly typical of something a Punjabi male with lust for Goris might think up.

          My posts are simply true: I paid Indian women for sex because I am a white man with no morals.

    • S. SMITH Myth & Reality

      Guys who do porn don’t want to work in 7-11. This according to one I met. They are money-whores pure and simple. Women in porn are often narcissists who want fame and riches. Males in it simply do not want to DO very much.

      When women watch porn they are only looking at a man’s penis. Porn is much more objectifying to the males than the females in some ways.

      In my opinion strippers lead a sordid lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, seedy people, lowlifes etc. I’ve know a few and would avoid their circles completely.

    • S. SMITH Defining Perversian?

      Guys who do not want to work at McDonald’s and materialistic female narcissism is what the porn industry is about-I’ve been around it.

      Porn actresses that I met had HUGE EGOS. They were not lacking in self-esteem at all.

      The guys were just lazy.

      As for what is perverted.

      When a Spanish woman told me to have anal sex with her when we were in our 20’s I thought it was bit perverted though I did it anyhow. Personally I find it a bit odd that some women want to stick things up their backside when they have a vagina and this is where a penis was intended to go.

      Some people would accuse me of being perverted for paying women to have sex with me. I’ve enjoyed prostitutes. I have never been disrespectful to a prostitute. None of them seemed traumatized by the experience.

      We can all agree what is morally and universally wrong but perversion is a grey area.

      What turns one person on does not turn another one on at all.

  5. S. Smith

    My Dearest Trash:

    Your comments never fail to enlighten me. 🙂 I’ve learned quite a bit from your various posts and appreciate the feedback. You’ve lived quite an exciting life, no doubt about it.


    • Actually letting a low-class white women lean on your shoulder and share her dysfunctional childhood in order to get laid the way Punjabi males in North America do is more exciting than the foreigner like me who simply pays Indian prostitutes in India.

      Since Kevin is composite of what some Gori told you there is no doubt you have more familiarity with white girls than I do with Desis.

    • SARDARJI this is because I am telling the truth.

      One Indian woman I paid for sex said she got tired of being sexually harassed in her office.

      I paid for seasoned Indian prostitutes who were willing to have sex with a white man in India for $50 dollars. Most were Punjabi or Bengali.

    • I scuffled with the husband of a Sikh actress who is now famous. You WOULD know him. This is my insight.

      But never mind. Unlike you I am simply admitting the truth. I pay Punjabi prostitutes for sex.

    • S. SMITH Romancing the Punjabi Prostitute

      Pay more than she asks.
      Lubricate her with beer.
      Tell her you won’t come inside of her mouth.
      Be clean and well-groomed.

  6. S SMITH

    Punjabi women will let the semen dribble out of their mouth around the penis. But they are not squeamish about sucking penises like South Indian women.

  7. S. Smith


    Goodnight Ganesh…

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