Question: “Robert, How Do You Know So Much about Serial Killers, Pedophiles, Hebephiles and Sexual Sadists?”

I sometimes get involved in websleuthing. I don’t do it all the time, but I’ve been doing this for years.

I have also worked in real life with detectives attempting to solve an attempted homicide of a policeman in New Jersey in the 1960’s or 1970’s. I worked with detectives from California and New Jersey on that case. I had a good POI, and they were very interested in this case. I was very impressed with all three detectives in the case.

I am very interested in this sort of thing, and I have researched heavily a few cases. I have never caught anyone yet though. I wish I had. I am particularly interested in serial killings involving rape of women and molestation of girls. Basically rapist-murderers or child killers. In almost all such cases, the children are sexually molested. Repeat child killers are almost always sexually motivated. We are dealing with a sadistic pedophile in these cases. In the case of women, we are almost always dealing with a sexual sadist. In almost all such cases, we are dealing with sociopaths or psychopaths, probably the latter. I’m not interested in sleuthing out any other sort of cases, sorry. I have studied serial killers for many years, and I know a lot about them.

My counseling practice deals heavily with people who are consumed by thoughts of child molesting, violence against others, or homicide. I have to do differential diagnosis to determine pedophilia vs. no pedophilia and dangerous person versus non-dangerous person all the time.

As part of this work, I had to do a lot of research on violent people, especially murderers and serial killers. I have also done a lot of research into psychopathy and sexual sadism. I had to do a lot of research into pedophilia, which even included studying pedophile and hebephile websites where these people post.

These sites are on the Open Internet, and really there is no real child pornography on these sites. It’s mostly just gray area stuff and pedophiles/hebephiles talking about their common sexual interest. As a result, you can learn quite a bit of how these people think. It’s a valuable experience if you wish to understand pedophilia or hebephilia.

Confessions of molesting children on these forums are rare. I have only seen four confessions, and two involved 13 year old girls, which is arguably not even pedophilia.

It is a mistake to think that everyone on those boards is a pedophile or hebephile. Pedophile boards often consist of about 1/2 pedophiles and 1/2 pedophile-haters who abuse and threaten the pedophiles. So at least half of the people on those boards are not even pedophiles. They are the opposite.

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5 responses to “Question: “Robert, How Do You Know So Much about Serial Killers, Pedophiles, Hebephiles and Sexual Sadists?”

  1. sami

    Is it likely he cultivated a relationship of some sort with these girls, thereby building up some trust ahead of time to facilitate the kidnappings? Or more likely a stalker-type scenario, where he maybe learned these girls commings and goings, and other tendencies, on social media, then lied in wait?

    • sami

      Anyways, good stuff Robert, as usual (though i guess we may just have to agree to disagree on what I consider to be that verminous Rabbit critter 🙂 ).

    • We think he catfished them from social media. He had no prior relationship with them, no way.

      • sami

        “He had no prior relationship with yh em. No way.”

        Otherwise, would have been much more difficult for him to go into his beastman-mode, and torture, rape, and mutilate these girls — given that he considers himself a Christian , and, appatently, struggles deeply with his conscience in the aftermath of inflicting his horror?

    • sami

      Facebook can be very dangerous for this and other reasons. You are giving complete strangers a window on your life, who you are, your psychology, your interests, and your daily travels. When did this become a peachy idea? It is both narcissistic and voyeristic, and an unhealthy waste of time.

      My biggest present reason for avoiding it like the plague is not so much concern for my safety. I can protect myself; I’m 6’3, 250 — Ray Lewis 250, not John Candy 250. But I am working on getting my career off of the ground, and have some interests and obsessions and political views that are, well, perhaps out of the mainstream (911 Truth, Bigfoot, UFO’s, as well as Old Left views that may be offensive to some prospective employers {a track record in the business needs to be established before idiosyncrasies are tolerated}).

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