No Putin Is Not Worth $60 Billion, and He Does Not Kill Journalists

Robert- In all seriousness why is Putin so great according to the Alt Right and Left? I understand he is an ‘answer’ to neocon bullshit so to speak, but let’s not delude ourselves about this guy.

Juan: He has brutally suppressed opposition to his rule, oftentimes through the murder of journalists, Chechens, whomever. It’s not a free society.

His political opposition are convicted in kangaroo courts of nothing.

Meanwhile Putin has massive investments in 0il in his country, allowing him to push policy to line his pocket books. He is worth $70 billion.

As I said above, an alliance with him and against neocons is a good thing, but this “muh poor Putin victimized by the West” rhetoric is not good.

I cannot speak for the Alt Right. The Left goes a bit too easy on Putin. Putin is definitely a thug. He has had a few people killed. Those people were spies. Intelligence agents, working for the FSB (Russian CIA). All of them were double agents. Even under Yeltsin, several US double agents were executed. In many countries, double agents are considered traitors. It is quite typical for countries to execute double agents. Double agents do not have a long life expectancy. I do not have much sympathy for such heedless and death-defying people. They chose a profoundly risky profession and they paid with their lives. So what?

Also, Putin is out for Putin. He supported Trump because Trump promised to go easy on him, while Hillary had him down as US enemy #1. Who do you expect him to support.

Russia has not been a free country since 1991 and it was not a free country before that all the way back to 1917. Russian people seem like to like benevolent dictators. It’s all they’ve ever known. Most of them don’t even believe in democracy. Putin is extremely popular, with popularity at 87%.  Compare that to the popularity of US-supported Medvedev and  Yeltsin at ~10%. Isn’t it better to have an authoritarian leader who everyone loves as opposed to one who everyone hates?

You must understand how many people in Russia are corrupt. Putin is about the least corrupt man in the whole country. Nearly the entire opposition is dirty and corrupt. Many to most have organized crime connections. Well documented white collar crime has been aptly demonstrated among nearly all major opposition figures. Some of these people have run afoul of Putin and  have been tried and convicted in completely fair courts of law. The Russian legal system is quite fair. There are no kangaroo courts in Russia. A charge of selective prosecution could be made though. The opposition figures now in prison should have thought about that before they committed their dirty white collar crimes.

Putin does not have one nickel of investment in oil in his country to my knowledge.

The Chechen War has been going on since 1991. It’s been a Dirty War from the start, exactly like all of the counterinsurgencies the US supports. Russia’s war against the Chechens is not much different from your typical US supported counterinsurgency. Killings of opposition journalists, human rights activists and Chechen opposition figures and rebel supporters have been going on the entire time. In recent times, almost all such killings have been linked to the internal security forces of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, etc.

I agree that some journalists have been beaten up for reporting the wrong things. Probably Putin’s thugs did this. But the other Presidents murdered journalists. Putin just has a few beaten up. That’s an improvement. Mostly all Putin ever does is shut down opposition media. Most of the opposition TV has been shut down. I think some is still available on cable though. I am not sure about opposition papers, journals and magazines. Actually I believe that the opposition media is alive and well. For instance, I can point you to a CIA-run website that quotes Russian opposition figures on a daily basis. Often they are professors, researchers, journalists or think tank workers. Most are employed inside Russia. They sit there in Russia and shoot off their mouths every day and nothing seems to happen to them. Often the quotes are from Russian papers,  magazines, journals, TV stations or radio stations. I assume that all of these are active in Russia. For the most part, it seems that these opposition figures are left alone. You would be amazed at the sort of crap these people say on a daily basis. A lot of them are openly treasonous, supporting the enemy in wartime. For instance, many support Ukraine in the current war.

The Internet is free in Russia and a vast proportion of Russian language media is run by the Opposition, mostly out of Europe. Finland is a major center for this. Any Russian can call up any Russian Opposition website anytime they want to. Most such sites are also in English because most of their readership is among English speakers. Opposition daily newspapers and magazines can be purchased for sale every day in Moscow. I believe the big foreign press is on sale there. I am sure you can buy a copy of the New York Times in Moscow. It is just that nobody wants to read this stuff.

The truth is that the Opposition has no support. The Opposition leader who was killed had gotten 1% support in the last election. The pro-Western Opposition, which is most of the Opposition that the US cares about, has 5-10% support, closer to 5%. Nobody likes them, nobody wants them. I have known some Russians and I asked them about the pro-US Opposition. They all told me, “Oh you mean the traitors? We don’t call them Opposition here. We call them the traitors. Everybody hates them. They support the US. Here in Russia, if you support the US, you are a traitor who supports the enemy. All Russians oppose the US as an enemy state.”

Putin has not murdered one single journalist during his most recent terms in office. In fact far fewer journalists have died under Putin than under any previous President.

There are deaths of journalists in Russia. A few journalists have been killed under Putin. These hits were mostly mob hits or personal disputes. A few were political killings in the Caucasus.

Since 1991, the vast majority of journalist killings have been in the Caucasus. These have all been related to the insurgency down there. Journalists suspected of siding with the rebels or writing about human rights abuses have been killed. This happens in most insurgencies. US-supported insurgencies are notorious for slaughtering journalists and opposition media. The US murdered opposition media in the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. It is standard Pentagon procedure to target opposition journalists as combatants in modern warfare.

By far the most killings of journalists occurred under Boris Yeltsin. Vastly more journalists were killed under Yeltsin than under anyone else. Yeltsin was a stauch US ally and not a single disparaging word was ever written about him in the US press. He also stole elections. Putin’s elections are much freer than Yeltsin’s, and Putin is far less corrupt.

Putin is not worth $60 billion. This is just flat out fake news. In 2007, Putin had a net worth or $150,000. In 2012, Putin’s salary was $130,000. Surely his net worth now is hardly worth more than it was in 2007. Putin has not used the Presidency to enrich himself, unlike our current Scumbag in Chief. Russia’s Executive Branch is vastly more honest and less corrupt than America’s. What I think is amusing is that Americans who just elected a multibillionaire who has filled his Cabinet with billionaires and multibillionaires, are outraged that Putin is supposedly a multibillionaire himself. It’s rich, but all US criticism of anyone is usually pretty rich. We’re Number One all right. Number One in exceptionalism, self-delusion and hypocrisy.


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120 responses to “No Putin Is Not Worth $60 Billion, and He Does Not Kill Journalists

  1. Putin and his anti-gay policies have resulted in the torture and murder of some LGBT folks in Russia. That’s all I need to know in order to call him a cunt.
    He gets nothing but disdain from me.

    • Juan

      Okay, well the remnants of our cold war days are still strong here I guess.

      But would you not agree that Russian values aren’t about ‘Western (European) Civilization’?
      Ann Coulter (Alt-lite) was forced to admit “tons of Eastern European immigrants” moving here would not help to save our ‘culture’ yet most of the Alt-Lite/Alt-right adore Russia….which I suppose it could be for similar reasons as they adore the Asians; an affinity for tribalism.

    • Juan

      There have been a lot of protests about this.
      It seems to be true.

  2. Putin Jr.

    Serious rulers are never about the money. That is a TV trope: good, righteous Western democratic idealists who don;t care about money vs eeeeeeeeeeevil “dictators” who just want to get rich- other way around usually. Not being greedy won’t make you ‘good,’ it just means you’re not greedy, that’s all. And this article is spot on: Putin is not killing journalists.

    • Juan

      If evil Western Globalist are brutal overlords who censor everything, and hate ‘true Americans’?
      1. How does Stormfront exist?
      2. Why do rural Whites benefit from stupid Jooo leftist social programs?

      • JUAN

        Democrats who implement social programs are not necessarily Jews. More often they are Irish-Catholics, gays, women, college-educated.

        It is hard not despise rural white Americans. They are uneducated and inexperienced in most things but having children or fighting in Sports Bars or getting hooked on Crystal meth.

        Domestic violence, child molestation, semi-literacy, early pregnancy, inexperience with other cultures, a tendency to vote for morons, bad manners, alcohol related misdemeanors, crude behavior, mindless slutiness, silly perceptions about racial realities (We should own blacks, Jews run out lives), ignorance, civil disruptions.

        So of course Blue States want to ignore these people and the regions where they live. Which are always in need of Federal Aid.

        • Juan

          What if Lincoln had been able to/did let the South go?

          Most NAMs would be gone (no border with Latin America, North only 4% Black).

          Whites of “higher grade”

          There would be a mass problem on our Southern Border, CSA types both Black and White, would want in.

          Blacks could not have been deported after the CSA abolished slavery because they were needed as an underclass/tool to control poor Whites.

        • Jason Y

          CSA Winning Scenario:

          Technology would have made blacks useless by the start of the 19th century, so unless they were switched over to what Mexican bean-pickers do now, I suppose they’d have to be deported. The north wouldn’t want the threat to its labor pool unless of course, some World War I type shortage demanded them. However, there would be huge moves to send them back once any such war ended.

          I’d have to say the blacks would probably be switched over to picking grocery store vegetables, but I think even the south would have eventually freed them – since slavery was an inhumane system and probably would cost them international support.

        • Jason Y

          Yes, switch to grocery store vegetables, cause modern machinery can pick cotton

        • Jason Y

          Sorry in first comment, I meant to say 20th century.

      • Sambo

        Most big websites do censor like crazy. Youtube, twitter, facebook, ect. all censor. Yahoo and other MSM news articles comments are censored. Google search censors. The big boys are censored.

    • PUTIN JR

      Which is why democrats in America-usually educated, from better-off families, usually from States on waterways like the East or West Coast or the Great Lakes, well-traveled to other countries, single or gay-are cynically sneering of a Bush or Trump.

      It is the “peasants” from the interior of the U.S. like any other country who are uneducated, poorer and inexperienced-who vote for wars in other countries. They are stupid and do not know anybody.

  3. Jason Y

    It’s sort of sad cause it seemed like the US and Russia were becoming friends for a short time (after the fall of Communism). I guess some places, due to size and power and nukes, are destined to always be enemies.

  4. Jason Y

    I guess the Bering strait in Alaska is still dangerous, no ??

  5. Jason Y

    Americans can still travel to Russia, but are the locals friendly? Can you trust a Russian hooker?

  6. Tulio

    “Also, Putin is out for Putin. He supported Trump because Trump promised to go easy on him, while Hillary had him down as US enemy #1. Who do you expect him to support.”

    Obama’s sanctions for the Crimea invasion blocked a half trillion dollar oil deal with Exxon-Mobil. Rex Tillerson was the CEO of Exxon-Mobil and personal friend of Putin. Trump makes Tillerson secretary of state even though he has zero background in government or diplomacy. Gee, wonder why Tillerson of all possible people got the job. He’s about as qualified for the job as I am. Connect the dots and follow the money, Robert. Don’t be naive. This is corruption on a scale we have never seen in this nation.

    He also has an interest in seeing the EU and NATO crumble. Trump is anti-EU and couldn’t care less about NATO. Putin knows that a fractured West will allow him to seize power and perhaps assert his influence over Eastern Europe and the Balkans once again, maybe even annex more territory unchallenged as he did in Ukraine.

    • Juan

      “Obama’s sanctions for the Crimea invasion blocked a half trillion dollar oil deal with Exxon-Mobil. Rex Tillerson was the CEO of Exxon-Mobil and personal friend of Putin. Trump makes Tillerson secretary of state even though he has zero background in government or diplomacy. Gee, wonder why Tillerson of all possible people got the job. He’s about as qualified for the job as I am. Connect the dots and follow the money, Robert. Don’t be naive. This is corruption on a scale we have never seen in this nation. He also has an interest in seeing the EU and NATO crumble. Trump is anti-EU and couldn’t care less about NATO. Putin knows that a fractured West will allow him to seize power and perhaps assert his influence over Eastern Europe and the Balkans once again, maybe even annex more territory unchallenged as he did in Ukraine.”

      You mean to tell me people don’t understand this? WOW.

      Why are these ‘red-pilled’ types suddenly so naive when it comes to this. I just don’t get it.

      If Israel had meddled in our elections in such a direct way as Russia did, the alt-right would be calling for a second holocaust…

      • Trump was elected through this meddling. This is why.

        If Putin or Jews were responsible for this it would not upset red-pilled Republican voters very much.

    • Tulio

      *Bean to say Baltic, not Balkans.

  7. Yee

    Ukraine, Crimea, Russia ≈ Mexico, Texas, USA

    Crimea is Russian majority.

    Not that I support Russia, on the contrary, I hate them for the most part, including this incident. But USA hardly seem suitable to criticize this.

  8. YEE

    The United States should not criticize some toilet bowl in the desert like Syria.

    More and more nations like Philippines are telling the United States to f*ck off and I do not blame them. Why should they give a shit what some bankrupt country with a load of internal third world ghettos and barrios run by a Syndicate of colonial Blue-bloods and Jews and Irish-Catholics tells them.

    America has poverty far worse than Dubai, far worse than Australia, than New Zealand or anywhere else.

    It is still wrestling with health care while the rest of the world outlives.

    Sure, Ukraine and Crimea should be the chief concern in America when 30% of children are born into poverty.

    These countries have the benefit of homogeneity while Australia has few aboriginals. They can solves their problems.

    America cannot.

    But Proles in the Flyover will be everything. North Koreans will parachute into Colorado like Red Dawn simply to take over decrepit small towns. Arabs will leap off gunboats on Myrtle Beach.

    This of course is all a plot by Jews in Missouri or somewhere to maintain their grip over world power.

    • Yee

      Oh, although very selfish of us, but USA fighting wars in Middle East is good for China. Less time causing us trouble. Afghanistan and Iraq war gave us a prosperous10 years.

      Sorry for the people of Middle East.

      • YEE

        And Libya and Iraq sell their oil to China cheaply because their country is in shambles.

        Europe, those whites who protested the catastrophe of the Iraq War nearly 15 years ago, now have to endure wave after wave of refugees from the regions destabilized from alcoholic bums who made deals with oil companies that collapsed in disaster.

        Agreed, I think the Chinese are very intelligent. They are not enemies with Muslims or anyone else.

        It is the stupid American from the small towns in the interior who is none to bright and can only look ugly and shout loudly with a gun in their hand in some foreign country they know nothing about because they have no experience overseas.

  9. YEE

    I once knew a doctor who opened a 24 hour clinic across the street from a bar in my hometown. Cash only and he made good money as week after week men and women stumbled in bleeding from drunken fights and glass lacerations and Venereal Diseases after drunken sex.

    And this is China, buying the oil from Libya and Iraq. Don’t blame them.

    Who wants uneducated and none-too-bright young American peasants from the backward interior of the U.S. stomping through their country with guns?

    So the government loses a great deal of money and the infrastructure decays and Europe has to take more refugees and a few thousand young Americans die.

    Then Libya or Iraq sell their oil to China.

    • Yee

      Now, on geo-politics point of view, the US also did the right thing.

      Who is buying oil isn’t important, it’s controlling the oil producing areas that is important. It ensure dollar remains the currency of world economics. Other nations will give you actual goods for pieces of paper. It’s like you signing bills that never have to pay.

  10. YEE

    Iraq was not well thought-out. It was a stone disaster predicated on a lie. It made less money for oil companies than expected and eventually they pulled out. Europe then had to cope with refugees as the Middle East was totally destabilized.

  11. Juan

    “red pilled people”

    “Red pill truths” about other groups but not muh own group.
    MSM is all propaganda but our own ideologues are 100% HONEST (autistic naivety)
    Inability to comprehend a “gray area”; i.e. the bell curve of abilities, Jews are not ALL in on a conspiracy, White decline doesn’t equal White destruction and/or genocide, etc.

  12. JUAN I Am The Reality Troll

    The benefits of the Bell Curve are kind of exaggerated. But even with stupid Jews of which there are many and stupid East Asians of whom there are few the following neural/biological pressures exist:

    A) Two parent family where Dad slaps the kids around so even the Family Idiot learns quickly to adhere to society’s rules and behave himself in school to avoid an ass-whipping at home. Ditto Germans, Brits.

    B) Later maturity sexual or otherwise. NAMS tend to demonstrate a precocity. The girls are screwing like porn stars at 13, 14. The males are all 6 foot with a 9 inch rod (Not Mexicans maybe) by age 16 so they have kids by 17, 18, 20 at the latest.

    C) Families will tolerate the idiot and he’ll have some menial job or be supported by them so less welfare statistics. Insanity is really common with Jews: Schizophrenia and so on. Retardation, to. But Mom and Dad let him live in the basement and maybe he mows lawns so he is not on the rolls.

    D) Women are materialistic. Dumb ones become trophy wives.

    E) Joel Goodman Syndrome. Remember that Jewish landscaper who strangled 21 hookers in NYC. You ain’t going to get that Jewish or Chinese pussy if you are a landscaper. Hookers are your only outlet, so no children in poverty.

    F) Network Support Fallacy. Visit the Bronx bro. Winos puking in gutters and crack whores of the Amy Winehouse variety get no dividends from the Jewish Zionist manipulation of the Fed Reserve. Clearly the Jewish conspiracy is not a Leave No Jew Behind Program.


    I left the United States in the late 1990’s at a time when prosperity was higher for whites in the lower middle-class and noticed the following things have occurred since.

    In the 1990’s white kids always used rubbers because AIDS killed you dead. Period. Out-of-wedlock births were lower even among little white sluts giving blowjobs in the high school cafeteria.
    The internet and bad economy had not gutted the middle-class along with globalization.
    Whites in Red States in the Bible Belt did not anticipate these things because trends sink in there last so they all expected to be able to marry at 22, mortgage a house, have kids by 25 and all of this with a GED or high school diploma.
    Whites had their own low-culture of butt-rock head banging hard men like Motley Crue or Poison or Axl Rose so they did no emulate black thugs, they emulated the type of white-trash on probation that Axl personified. There is hardly any white music left on the charts today. It is all rap and R & B. No white kid would listen to Kurt Cobain strumming a guitar and whining, for example.
    PC was not as bad. Italian-Americans did not walk around weeping over what Columbus did to the Indians. Blacks and Mexicans and Indians were not romanticized. Gays were regarded as repulsive and diseased who were expected to live out their lives in a specific run-down quarter of a city. Girls viewed dating black thugs or Dykes as a fast lane to domestic violence.
    Porn was something seedy you had to visit a sex shop because you were too embarrassed to rent it from Blockbuster. As a result, kids were not exposed to pornography on the internet everyday.

    7, Government was distrusted by whites and so was the media. This was the era of X-Files. In 1996 the idea of an Iraq War would not have garnered a great deal of public support and probably would not have passed through Congress because the sad lessons of Vietnam were on everyone’s mind.

    Families were less likely to be single-parent however dysfunctional. If AMERICAN BEAUTY were released today Kevin Spacey would have simply left his family when his daughter was 3 to smoke weed in a different state.
    The relationship between police and the public was not quite so antagonistic because people were not locked up as often or for as long. Partly this probably has to do with fueling the economy which in turn leads governors and senators to encourage mayors to try and bust as many people as possible to get fines paid or workers in the prison-industrial complex.
    Media was not as pervasive and stupid. Social media was not everywhere so people had to attend school and read books. Some semblance of civilization could remain.
    People were more cynical.

    • Juan

      you seem to be genuinely “red-pilled”.
      Although you were initially were very resistant to the idea of neocon wars until I started talking about it.

      PUTIN JR. probably thinks he’s “red pilled”

      Yet Kevin MacDonald is 100% sincere.
      As is David Duke,
      and Trump,

      • JUAN Dr. Realty Troll’s Truth Serum

        Big Reds in a Needle.


        Some horrific new drug will hit the market. One is some opiate-like substance called Crocodlysis from Russia that causes gangrene to set in from nerve-damage but feels so wonderful that people are willing to lose arms over it.

        Or some super-stimulant that lets you stay awake for 10 days and then you die that is so addictive that the first time you have it you will die like Dracula with no blood in pain without more.

        Crimes will shoot up sky high and we will enter another Boardwalk Empire or perhaps become like Mexico as a result. Trump or some GOP like him will shoot addicts as there will be no recovery for addicts.


        Whites formed the middle-class because they were well-behaved. The middle-class is a behavioral social caste: women do not behave like whores and reproduce with one mate and rules are followed and work is valued.

        The government may try to counteract this with jobs. We have now seen how incompetently the black middle-class created by Affirmative Action is.

        Australia and other white countries will leave American further behind because they have no black people and Israel is owed nothing by them.


        To the extent that white crime from the middle-class increases with white youth it will be Clockwork Orange type mindless and arbitrary thuggery out of a sheer dislike for one’s future options. Unlike blacks, powered by libido and desperation and resentment or Mexicans with a vague ethnic influence the white youth will simply commit Alexander Delarge type thrill crimes.

        Blacks and Hispanics are more far more ruthless and stupid. Jail does not scare them. They will go there. Their economy revolves around crime and punishment, brain candy and sex. Blacks can sometimes transcend this by amusing the public with children’s games that require great athleticism but no great intelligence.

        When it comes to real organized crime, the Italians and the Russians and Japanese or Chinese secret societies will keep blacks and Hispanics on the street level. They come from societies where corruption has flourished for thousands of years and profiting off sin as syndicate is a fine art. So blacks cannot end up like Tony Soprano or Al Pacino in the suburbs. Mexicans might accomplish this in small parts of the Southwest.

        Jews, Gallegos and some whites can live by their wits in business. They are cunning enough and good enough at lying and deal-making and scheming like Trump, like Jews and Irish on Wall Street, a few inventors.

        Asians and Indians are not quite so good at this but do well in white-collar skilled occupations and tech.

        Neocon wars cannot work most of the time because the United States cannot muster the funds to run a country for 20 years after they have bombed it. Furthermore soldiers on the ground are uneducated, young, xenophobic, never lived in another country before in their life and have no experience with foreigners. So therefore they are eventually hated by the public completely.

        Clinton succeed mostly because he did not spend money on foreign wars. His period in office was between the Cold War and the War on Terror.

        These wars cannot be won and eventually the money runs out so the country will have to be left as a bigger toilet bowl than when some gangster like Hussein ran it and everybody was too scared to misbehave.

        Meanwhile Eurofags hate us more as Muslims swarm into the country in the hopes of working at McDonald’s.

        Ukraine will turn out that way and Mexico will turn out that way and so will Syria.

        As for Trump.

        German-American kids learn to be hypocrites. His German-born father, like all, is going to believe strongly in physical punishment. There is an ass-whipping for failure to sit in school and go through the motions of learning, an ass-whipping for failure to do what your told in general, an ass-whipping for rebelliousness, for discipline problems. We are told Trump indeed experienced this.

        Usually the father is hard-working and forces him to also work to understand the value of a dollar, as Trump was made to work on construction sites. This instills a deep desire for self-indulgence coupled with a desire to delegate responsibility.

        What evolves is a cunning that allows a Dahmer or Trump to do what they do for so long. They have long learned to comply to society’s standards, even if no moral compass guides them. Often they have little empathy because they failed to bond with their parents or anyone in a deep in meaningful way. What remains is only a need for power and control

        East Asians and Jews evolve on even worse lines. Italians and Gallegos Cubans too. Mom is loving and nurturing while Dad is a tyrant physically and emotionally.

        What emerges from this is a Lothario with feelings of anger or distrust of males. Males, to the mind of the Jew or Asian or Mediterranean man, are the figure with the belt. A threat. Women are worshiped, other males feared, despised. We see this in the machismo culture. The male as an opponent and enemy, the woman as the prize.

        Jewish and Asian women develop a cunning around males because subservience is enforced. Often feelings of antagonism

        Sluttiness, for example, is suppressed until early adulthood, at which point they understand birth control and few get pregnant. Jewish crack whores and Asian massage parlor women do not violate society’s standards of public decency on the street.

        Reproduction and Intelligence

        Contrary to WN fears, Asians and Jews will not be out-reproducing them. They will continue to have 1-2 children. The poor and white population may increase but this will only mean instead 1% it will be 1/10000 of the population have all the money.

        Beta white males will lose out and many more will head to Asia like me because the economy does not allow them to meet the expectations of white women formed by the media. They are not hung like John Holmes, look like a move star or rich like Bill Gates. White women will turn to bisexuality more and more to fulfill sexual needs or the higher end of the sex industry (Craiglist prostitution, porn) regardless of economic strata. Many white women will have to who would not have thought of doing so as late as the 1990’s. All sexual mores have now broken down.

        NAM women will reproduce because they lack the intelligence much of the time to go and get on the pill like the Asian hooker in a massage parlor or the Jewish crack whore on Hunt’s Point.

        Geographic Isolation

        Many young hipsters, older hippies and even a few white-collar types will do what I have done. Leave the country for Australia or the South of France.

        Blue States will increasingly despise Red States simply because the people there are less educated, ignorant, have low tastes, are often not pleasant to look at, live in states with unfavorable climates (Freezing cold or desolate prairies or jungle), have no economy. So in a sense the Red State rural whites will become like Indians. Their way of life based upon hard work, church, lots of sex for recreation, traditions, bars, outdoors will be totally passe to Blue State hipsters who have safe-sex orgies in their San Francisco lofts.

  13. Juan

    I am hardly a smooth-talker myself but virtually all alt-rightists have debilitating autism.

    The world-view is a “Black-White” one in which they fail to understand the subtleties of human behavior.

    Trolls like the Daily Shoah author (married to a Jewish woman), or KMac (writes for Ron Unz) shape their world view in a way that makes them look ridiculous to normies, yet they’re too autistic to figure it out.

    • JUAN Media and Mental Decline

      In the 1990’s you watched a movie and laughed at the cheesy parts before leaving the theater or returning the VHS tape. You were not left with the belief that if you fell asleep Fred Kreuger would kill you or that Dennis Hopper would put a bomb on a bus. It was entertainment.

      It was easier to get hooker or actually screw a woman than to drive into the bad part of town to sit in a video booth jerking off in public or returning cum-crusted adult tapes to the Blockbuster girl so everybody knew you jerked off to CHICKS WITH DICKS. Or you had to read the same magazine over and over. So nobody was a porn addict. It was expensive. Magazines were $20 a hit in some bad red light area and you had to hide them.

      If you did watch MAX HARDCORE you did not think that your wife wanted a 14 inch penis in her ass and demand that she subject herself to such acts. It was a porn film.

      Reality and entertainment has blurred for the stupid. Their fantasies are more real than reality in many cases.

      Nobody in the 1990’s born in 1970-something in the aftermath of Vietnam believed that a war in a foreign country that involved running it was going to turn out well. Nobody believed this until 2003 when a moron had been elected president.

      People born in the 1990’s are going to be disappointed because they grew up in a prosperous decade. The 2000’s when they turned 10 or 15 or 20 must have been a huge downer compared to being in elementary school in the Clinton Era.

      • Juan


        9/11 TO PROLES: Muslims were DAYS AWAY from ‘swining scimitars on the North Carolina Beaches’

        OUR GREATEST ALLY Israel had been RIGHT ALL ALONG.

        LIBERALS had spoiled G.H.W Bush taking out terrorist Saddam and preventing 9/11.

        JAMAICAN BRAHMIN Colin Powell says Iraq can make nukes.

        But, now, 15 years later, that and much more are Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s fault, despite the fact they did not come to power until 2009 and 2007 respectively.

  14. 1990’s AND NOW

    FLASHBACK In 1990 nobody wanted Bush to invade Iraq because voters in their forties had served in Vietnam or faced doing so and did not want their kids being drafted to serve in Iraq. Bush was not terribly popular and a vice president who was barely elected in 1988. They were glad to have him out in 1992. No contest.

    9/11 TO PROLES

    In the 1990’s when Tito died in Yugoslavia it reminded Americans what happens when the bad dictator is removed that everybody is scared of. The country no longer exists. Same with Libya.

    Then a bunch of refugees flood other countries. This was an issue in the 1990’s with Croatians but they were white and integrated.

    Proles do not know where Yugoslavia is.

    The Arab Engineer who masterminded did what he set out to by dragging the U.S. into a war for eight years that bankrupted the U.S. and toppled the Cradle of European civilization with refugees, didn’t he. I’m sure he had all this planned in 2000: 1 cheap attack = new Vietnam = Europe filled with refugees.

    OUR GREATEST ALLY Jewish Americans would FLEE to Israel if faced with a draft. They did during Vietnam. Holy land exists as a place to hide out when things get rough in the States. Declare draft for War on Mexico? Watch every Jewish student and teacher and alt-left flee to Israel tomorrow. Curious that Jews did not vote for the Iraq War or Bush.

    White proles seem to dislike Jews anyhow. I would think the KKK would be funding the PLO or something.

    JAMAICAN BRAHMIN Well he is paid to say such things. However his entire cabinet was so disgraced that none of them could be elected as dog catcher by 2008 so this did not help him much.

    Hard to say how Pelosi or Obama might have been because Bush left such a mess for them to cope with. I’m not sure anybody could do much but retreat from Iraq and issue stimulus and bail the car companies out.

    • Jason Y

      The Arab Engineer who masterminded did what he set out to by dragging the U.S. into a war for eight years that bankrupted the U.S. and toppled the Cradle of European civilization with refugees, didn’t he. I’m sure he had all this planned in 2000: 1 cheap attack = new Vietnam = Europe filled with refugees.

      Yep, the hate from Europe over W. Bush wasn’t because they were leftist or hippie, necessarily, but rather, ironically, cause they were racist (not wanting refugees). YET, ironically, they called W. Bush Hitler.

      • Juan

        Yes, it’s called “baiting us into overreaction”.

        It recruits more people to their movement in the long run, has damaged Europe, etc.

        • Jason Y

          Bin Laden’s bullying has basically brought a racist alt-right reaction from Europe and the US. So in the short term, he won, but in the long term, he’s simply brought the West down to his dirty level.

        • Juan

          Well, basically it seems Whites worldwide are starting to act more like NE Asians.
          Jared Taylor has openly said this is the goal.

          The problem is that the cat is out of the bag.
          There can be no deportations, NAM birthrate is higher, etc.

          There is Brazilification, Apartheid or Fascism. We’ll see what happens.

    • Jason Y

      So why does Bin Laden want to bankrupt the US? But I do know that he wanted to spread refugees to Europe, how much quicker it would be to make it Islamic and remove threats to the middle east.

      Possibly, Bin Laden wanted to bankrupt the US cause the US had the power to stop Islamic movements into Europe.

    • Juan

      Many proles can not tell their ass from a hole in the ground.

      They can not connect the dots that the falsities in Iran are of the same breed as that of Iraq solely because they are different countries and 14 years have past.

  15. JUAN Of Proles Overseas

    The first time I met a prole overseas it was a Chicano Marine stationed in Dubai who liked getting high and hung around Arab hashish dirtbags.

    He was a real cholo and when he was not on duty he would be walking around half-drunk or stoned. Marines have little money so they are like street urchins overseas at times, walking around off base idly for hours.

    Never saw him again.

    Second prole who really stands out in my mind was years later in the Philippines. His name was Dan Ham, American, ex-army, former foreman of an airplane factory.

    Dan was a real stoner though he was 50. He was also banging his secretary. He was fired but refused to return to the United States.

    He cashed out his return ticket and began to drink and smoke weed all day. He tried opening a Sari Sari store with his Filipino girlfriend who then kicked him out for stealing booze from the place.

    So he moved in with another half-American and did odd jobs for free rent.

    Eventually he got a job at an airport in Colombia through some shady Filipinos he did drugs with. There were some suspicions about this but he left the Philippines.

    He was there for 6 months but did so much cocaine that he was fired. After that, he returned to the PHILIPPINES AGAIN. This time, he stayed for only a short while.

    When he got back to his home state to Washington he was homeless, I heard. He had no money after 5 years abroad even for rent. I have no idea what happened to him.


    Another guy I met in the Philippines was Air Force John. He operated a prostitution bar but liked 14 year old girls. The Filipino police set him up with one and then he had to pay $10,000 to stay out of jail.

    He operated a small mining outfit but his obsession was young girls. He would have 4 or 5 8th grade girls living with him.

    He was busted again and sold everything to pay another fine. Then he went back to Virginia.

    PROLE 3 Bruce the Tweaker

    Bruce was from Florida and a former house painter. He came to the Philippines with some money and opened a bar on the highway, a sure thing.

    His wife was a Ma-Ma san and they had two kids.

    But Bruce like his meth and started smoking shabu. He lost everything and after a while slept in a hut in the open before leaving his wife and two daughters forever.

    Overseas Proles come to a sad end, usually.

  16. JUAN

    Whites have managed to maintain an economic dominance in Brazil, however.

    I’ve heard said that if every white returned to Europe and China was facing an entirely NAM country with some Cholo or Thug in the white house with his finger on the red button, they might seriously consider war.

    Jared Taylor can support every white prole child to replenish the birth rate? Educate them to 25 years old? Send them to private schools?

    Wouldn’t the US be bankrupt if whites were on lifelong charity. And enough of them to outnumber NAMS.

    • Yee

      It’s the Japanese that live in Brazil.

      • Sambo

        Brazil and Japan seem like such opposites.

        • SAMBO

          Nobody immigrates anywhere for cultural enrichment.

          If you look at the cities in America abandoned by whites or blacks with money the reality is all the talk about being “part of a community” is rubbish.

          People leave a place when the opportunity for benefit diminishes. Whites leave neighborhoods of NAMS whether they are liberal elite or KKK.

          The 1% own houses in South of France or New Zealand simply to have somewhere to go if the IRS comes after them or America declines to the point that the schools and streets in rich places are no longer worthwhile.

    • Yee

      There’s something I don’t understand. How come once the slaves were free, countries like USA, Brazil, Peru etc. need to go all the way to China and Japan to find labourers? What happened to the free slaves?

    • Juan

      China buys a lot of our bonds, especially after the credit downgrade.
      It’s a form of power over us in our dealings with them; that they might forgive them.

      If the U.S. became a NAM country China would probably attempt to intervene and meddle with our affairs as much as possible just to salvage as much of those bond payments as they could.

      After that, I’m not sure.

      • JUAN

        That would be a small problem in the scope of things.

        One thing I have noticed is how many more public outbursts NAMS have now in restaurants and retail stores now outside of traditional ghetto areas.

      • Jason Y

        I know China would. That’s how the powerful treat groups that are massively weaker and owe them money.

    • Yee


      UK and France will more likely to war with you than China. We’re friendly with almost all NAM countries, what is one more? We’ll just talk business.

      • Juan

        Black-Americans hate Asian-Americans from my observation, and genetic distance may be part of it.

        China might be forced to intervene in a Black country that has nukes.
        None currently do.

        Africans prefer Chinese business versus European imperialism, so they’ve taken a liking to China.

        • JUAN

          Asian-Americans replaced Jews as the market-dominant minority in black areas on the West Coast.

          This is one reason.

          It is logical that any country would prefer to sell something than have it stolen by a hairy alien race the color of slugs and grubs who enjoy creating mixed-race orphans in the bargain.

          I am not surprised the Chinese are more palatable.

        • Alpha Unit

          From my observation Black Americans don’t hate Asian-Americans.

        • ALPHA UNIT

          Listen to the song “Black Korea” about Asians running stores in the ghetto.

          Of course Asian-Americans immigrated to the United States long after the antipathy between Europeans and Africans was solidified in the United States.

        • Alpha Unit

          I’m well aware of what you’re talking about. That doesn’t change the fact that most Black people in America don’t have any strong feelings toward Asian Americans one way or the other.

        • Sambo

          Most blacks just want to have sex with Asians from what I’ve seen. I see more blacks hating blacks than anything.

        • Jason Y

          Blacks cannot get jobs teaching English in Asia – even with perfect English and the citizenship of an English speaking nation. Some say its cause the want white faces, like say white actors would be needed for a movie about medieval England, but the root is actually a lot more disturbing.

        • Juan

          1992 WATTS RIOTS

          Korean owned liquor stores were specifically targeted.
          Asians have very cynical views towards Blacks and know that a sub-set of Blacks provide a very inelastic market for booze.

          Asians feel few moral qualms about this partially because of genetic distance between the races (less altruism);

          This confirms some anecdotal experiences from high school where Blacks bullied Asians with karate references.

        • Alpha Unit

          You’re referring to certain subsets of Blacks and Asians. Most Black people in the US are not concerned enough about Asian-Americans to nurture hatred toward them.

        • Juan

          okay, that’s fair enough.

      • YEE

        Wouldn’t be funny if Americans ended up being cheap labor in offshore Chinese factories.

        UK and France are our European homelands. Our bond is as great as Chinese Singaporeans to the Fuji Province.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think most whites would do it. It’s too degrading to their pride. Maybe only if they were feeding a drug habit.

  17. YEE

    Let us give East Asian and Jewish merchants their credit. They arrive as Bush peddlers in a jungle and through generations of hard work manage to attain some economic and therefore political influence.

    It was not through the end of the barrel of a gun.

  18. JASON Y

    The truth is that blacks overseas can be trouble.

    • Jason Y

      Huh, – it’s plain and out prejudice cause only the top blacks would ever even have the chance to teach overseas anyhow. However, they link all blacks as being the same – even black doctors.

      Just like they don’t want GIMPS teaching them English.

      • Jason Y

        And, on top of that, if the gimp or black complains, they then call them a sissy. :lol;

      • JASON Y Racist Experiences

        Clearly you lived in Asia for years, however. You must have been paid something.

        A Korean was bought an old refrigerator from me and it did not work well so he put me in a headlock a few days later at the bus stop. He was big but not strong and I pushed him away. Barely felt it.

        Another time I was standing at night in the sidewalk and from behind a Chinese man who was short and burly grabbed me and started wrestling with me. Again, Asians are not that strong. I was sort of surprised because he came up behind me and I never saw him. I assume I was standing in his way but who knows?

        In India I was on a train and some sailors started calling a white fool. There was six of them and I did not want to be pushed. I kept silent but was there in the compartment all night hearing it.

        I guess there has been a few more incidents I don’t remember.

        • Jason Y

          Koreans are constantly mouthing off fuck out comments – even to whites who haven’t sort of had it coming. They constantly use Bin Laden to hammer foreigner’s pride. On top of that, they hate anyone slightly different, handicapped, odd, etc., on top of hating foreigners.

          Note, not all of them do that, but a substantial minority. It’s just like here with not everyone being rednecks – but it seems like it.

    • Sambo

      Some blacks overeas are slaves. I know some Saudis have run into issues when they take their black slaves to America and locals want to free them. In the slave owners mind, freeing a slave is like stealing property. “He/She is mine!” They’ll yell angrily at the cop taking their former slave away.

  19. JASON Y

    Look at the jobs 40 year old college students who were running businesses or shoving real estate in the late 1990’s are doing today.

    Our generation is the first generation that was prospering for their age more than their parents and then after the year 2000 spiraled downwards.

    I can remember in 1999 the great awe for the year 2000. Cold war was over, economy was never better, America was the only superpower and the envy of the planet earth, all wars could be carried out by air strikes, technology was going to make everyone’s life a luxury instead of gutting the service economy.

    • Jason Y

      Even a general discussion forum or blog can make money via ads. It depends on the niche and the traffic going to it. However, traffic is difficult to get – unless you’re paying – and the cheapest quality traffic is still 50 cents per visitor. And of course, unless your writing yourself which is often beyond the scope of ordinary people, you’d have to pay a huge amount for quality material.

    • Jason Y

      It was all borrowed credit that eventually boomeranged back with the 2008 crash. The stock market gambled people’s money.

  20. TRASH

    Drug addicts in the 1990’s USED to be factory foreman. Not no more, sadly.

    • Jason Y

      It’s sort of cruel how the yuppies, the few that are left, bash poor drug addicts – many of whom divert government checks etc.. toward buying drugs. Yes, it’s wrong what the addicts are doing, but the addict cannot get work – so having government aid to cheat the government is like a lottery ticket to them. So they just keep doing drugs until they fall over dead at age 55 or so.

  21. JASON Y My Welfare Report Story

    White addicts probably cause more problems for others over a time. NAM addicts A) get busted with so much drugs on them at 22 they are in jail for 40 years and B) commit some felonious crime to get them because no family or friends have money to steal or con. By 25, most black crackheads are locked up for 10, 15, 20 years. They go away in 1997 for three kilos of cocaine and a gun and stolen vehicle. Twenty years later they get out, aged 44 and fairly mellowed by the experience.

    In Detroit I lived in a building owned by an ex-stripper who had saved enough money to build a 4 unit complex. She was drug addict on welfare.

    She sold pills and coke for her drug habit. Eventually me and the rest of the tenants moved out.

    First she was busted for receiving stolen property. ID’s that she was selling as fakes.

    Every week or month she got a welfare check. This only covered food and her expenses, she had a kid. Rent was not enough to get by because her habit was $100 a day.

    Eventually a pissed off addict reported her to welfare for fraud, after I had left her building. She ran to Kentucky and then returned to Detroit later.

    Ten years later I read in the paper that she was arrested for selling pills. She went to jail and later was busted for dealing meth. She stopped dealing for perhaps 10 months and then ended up getting busted for selling one bag of weed again, a third time.

    Finally they put her away for like 20 years and she was already 46 so she would not get out until her 60’s. That is a long time.

    In the meantime she had a kid that had to be raised by a grandparent. She robbed her sister-in-law, so I heard. She robbed other people.

    • Jason Y

      White addicts possibly won’t work due to drug testing. I mean many could work fast food or be cashiers. However, the drug testing means the only way the could get a substantial amount of cash for pain pills etc.. is via government aid for disability or something – so getting it is like a lottery ticket.

      Notice the government aid using drug addict’s home is trash – not necessarily cause of low IQ – but all funds go toward dope and cigarettes.

      • Jason Y

        The government aid using drug addict is always begging money to pay cable TV if they fortunate to have a relative with a pension – mainly cause despite 800 to 1,300 from the government a month – they don’t want to spend it.

        • JASON Y

          This in addiction to needing parents to raise kids conceived on a three-day meth binge with a chick so ugly they do not want to even admit they screwed her for 30 minutes of fun.

          Mom and Dad have to make bail. They have to hire lawyers. Rich ones pay for rehab.

          Nothing will ever work because the addict either quits at 30 or 35 on their own, gets killed by criminal accomplices, goes to jail or overdoses.

      • “I won’t work at 7-11” was Dana Heintz’s response to my question as to why she was busted-I’d left her apartment by then but saw her-for receiving stolen property.

        White drug addicts get money for drugs from dealing and stealing, welfare covers their basic living costs.

        They don’t have the balls for the sort of drug-related crimes of NAMS and are not honest enough to even hold a 7-11 job.

  22. Jason Y

    Possibly Sam and other WNs, though hypocritically, are bashing blacks who are just doing the same thing white trash are doing – getting a government check – living in trash on purpose, mainly to use all funds to pay for drugs.

    Does IQ have to do with this? Maybe less than we think. Even a moderately low IQ person would want to keep their home so so clean, and also keep a decent amount of food on the table – especially with 500 to 900 – (once rent is paid) coming in,

    • JASON High IQ Addict’s & Society’s Misery

      Dana Heintz was the daughter of a German immigrant and a very religious woman.

      He was a barber in our neighborhood and a drunk who molested her. I remember the neighbors saying “Hans is peculiar with dat girl”.

      At 14 in 1983 she started smoking marijuana. I was young but remember her hanging around with other stoners.

      At 16 she was selling drugs and was busted. Quite sophisticated for a 10th grader to sell 2 pounds.

      She ran away and became a nude dancer at 18. This was in 1987 when crack cocaine was hitting America and soon she was hooked.

      As a popular stripper she made hundreds of thousands and most went to drugs but an older man met her with money in the club and she married him. He was also an alcoholic who died and she used the money to build an apartment complex, small, 4 units.

      Dana lived off welfare and the apartment was in her mother’s name. She had a baby with a burglar and crackhead who’d gone to jail. Her mother raised the baby and collected our rent.

      She sold coke and pills from her own apartment to pay for a $50 crack cocaine habit and also received stolen property from crackheads that she sold at Swapmeets out of town.

      The cops busted her after I moved out and other tenants.

      She ran to Kentucky and discovered meth down there. When she came back, she was no longer a crackhead and got hooked on meth. She started selling this and re-selling morphine patches from the hospital stolen from Kentucy.

      The cops busted her again. A pissed-off addict had tipped them off on welfare fraud charges and she was jailed for a while and then got out on bail.

      She then was busted again for selling pills but somehow talked the judge into another chance and got probation again.

      Finally at age 46 she was busted for selling a bag of pot.

      She went away for a flat 20 years.

      High IQ drug addicts make life much worse for people than low IQ addicts because these folks are busted with 3 kilos in the car at the age of 25 with a gun in a stolen car and they have previous assault charges so they are gone in jail for 20 years. At 45 they get out and are mellow. Blacks always have drugs in the car when the cop stops them. They don’t know the law, don’t the value of warrants that prevent the cops from entering a house for a long time because a judge is backlogged and crooked lawyers and the rest of it.

      High IQ drug addicts often come from a decent family bankrupted by their legal fees. Dad sells his car for bail. Mom pays for a lawyer and the High IQ addict gets out and is doing drugs again. Rehab does not work and costs the brother a fortune.

      This goes on and makes everyone miserable from about 17 to 45 when finally they die, get busted, a criminal associate kills them.

      NAM addicts go to jail fairly fast because in their need to satiate their impulses and their cerebellum is unable to absorb the drug addict/dealer guidelines: don’t deal or buy on the street, cops need a warrant, don’t have it in your car.

    • JASON Y

      If government paid the cost of a $100 a day crack cocaine habit, there would be no crime at all.

      It cannot which is why there is car theft, fencing, illegal gambling, robbery, dealing to high school kids, street prostitution, pimping, forgery, ID theft.

      Australia and other countries pay much more minimum wage.

      • Jason Y

        Do you think legalization would lower the price of illegal drugs?

        • JASON Y

          The commerce of the ghetto is drugs-as the wire demonstrates-so legalizing it would remove an economy that would plunge the ghetto in anarchy.

          Crack cocaine is different than alcohol. If it were sold in a 7-11 you would see more than shoplifting in order for addicts to score.

          South America would not want to legalize cocaine because the price would fall. Corrupt governments in cahoots with Pablo and Tony would simply not agree to ship heroin and cocaine legally to the United States.

    • JASON Y

      Into the 1990’s Sam and other whites could avoid blacks if they held some kind of job.

      Nobody who got a GED in 1976 and started working at 17 expected to be 57 today in the situation they are in. Developments such as the internet, globalization were not part of the unspoken social contract whites had with the government/society.

  23. Jason Y

    Next, Sam wants to send black druggies to Africa – where they would just die from natural selection – because they don’t have any funds there to pay for dope.

    • JASON Y

      Which country in Africa would accept them since they have no idea where they are from in Africa or what tribe?

      This is typical of white lack of realism: they’ll go back to Africa, they’ll wake up tomorrow and all become like Asian-Americans, they’ll marry again.

      None of the sort will happen and Detroit hoped it would for 20 years.

      • Juan

        This is so impossible it is ludicrous, but I suppose the U.S. would have to threaten war with a country that wouldn’t take Blacks back.

        Never mind that the Blacks will be waiting in pens surrounded by armed guards all day (taking a large portion of our military’s time/effort) awaiting deportation.

        Liberia? That’s where they went before. It has 4 million people. It’s population will increase 1000% overnight?

        Nigeria? I suppose the scammers would do well ripping off the new Blacks, who to them are filthy rich.

        And TRASH is right that an ethnic based bloodbath would ensue just a few years later.

        • Jason Y

          Africa’s population is set to explode on it’s own, so why would they need immigrants – unless it was some white or Asians who can bring jobs?

        • JUAN

          In all fairness, Europe does not want American whites back. They make really hard for American whites whose grandparents immigrated to return. Its called an ancestral visa and it is a long process.

          Europe was happy to get rid of its excess serfs and low-class in the 19th and 20th centuries. They do not want them back as the welfare rolls are already bloated.

        • JUAN

          …About as much as you want to be in current 30% unemployment windswept cold North Atlantic Spain or my grandparents wanted to move back to East Berlin.

          This Back To Africa simply highlights and underscores the complete stupidity of white proles. No wonder they get their ass kicked by NAMS. Their decision-making and lack of logic is perplexing.

          In point of fact some countries have rules that American military personnel cannot leave the base or the ship. This is mostly because NAMS caused trouble. Australia banned US Navy after some local girls were raped. NO COUNTRY WANTS NAMS.

          The reason is obvious of course, they are descended from the most primitive of Central American Indian and African tribes.

          Nobody wants them, nobody will take them, nobody believes they are adding anything to societies like Greece or Africa with 50% unemployment.

          Only white proles like Sam who know little and have not traveled and are from the South believe such things.

          Black Americans do not want to return to Africa. If they did they would have been gone 150 years ago.

          I’ve tried immigrating to every decent possible country in the world. It is well-nigh impossible unless you are very rich or have a niche qualification as a surgeon. Guys used to marry local women but this does not work anymore as you still cannot get welfare, benefits or the right to work.

          If you do go to other countries and work under the table you will be paid little. I made beds in a London hotel.

          Other countries do not want Americans. They do not think we are number one. They certainly do not want American blacks.

        • JUAN

          Americans overseas who intend to live somewhere else permanently are educated young whites who like me leave at 25. Cynical, relatively intelligent, single, no children or wife.

          The second group are elitists who can afford to have a second passport. They do this because they are uncertain of whether the United States is even going to last.

        • Juan

          It would have to be done by force.

          They won’t go on their own.
          “No person shall be a citizen of the United States unless he is a non-Hispanic white of the European race, in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Negro blood, nor more than one-eighth Mongolian, Asian, Asia Minor, Middle Eastern, Semitic, Near Eastern, American Indian, Malay or other non-European or non-white blood, provided that Hispanic whites, defined as anyone with an Hispanic ancestor, may be citizens if, in addition to meeting the aforesaid ascertainable trace and percentage tests, they are in appearance indistinguishable from Americans whose ancestral home is in the British Isles or Northwestern Europe. Only citizens shall have the right and privilege to reside permanently in the United States.”

          I am 2% Black which counts as a “discernible trace” I suppose.

      • Jason Y

        It’s just a dumping ground for human trash – but Africans won’t take them, Anyhow, the African population itself is set to rival Asia without immigrants coming to it.

  24. JASON Y The White Cockroach Addict Dana’s Tale

    Dana Heintz was a German-American former stripper and crack whore who looked like Heidi Kleiss in her prime. Blonde, long legs, tallish.

    In the seventies her father, a German drunk, molested her. In 1983, aged 14 she tried marijuana. Her Dad molested her a few more times. In 1985 she was arrested for selling marijuana. Shortly afterwards she ran away and began living with bikers where she discovered cocaine.

    Soon she began feature-dancing. She met an old man, married him, and got all his money when he died. As a result she built an apartment complex.

    Her crack and pill habit was $50 a day at age 32 when I rented a unit. To support this she received stolen property and sold coke and pills.

    I moved out. So did the other tenants.

    She had a kid with a guy who went to jail for burglary. Her mother raised it as her Dad was dead by then.

    She was busted for drugs and they found the stolen property at which point they put her on probation.

    Then she was busted again for selling meth and heroin. She did more time, I heard from somebody, and got out.

    Finally at 46, she was busted for selling a bag of weed and this time the judge sent her away for 20 years. S

    Most white addicts manage to stay out of jail or alive until they are in their mid-40’s. NAMS are in jail at 25 and stay there for 20, 30 years. Usually unlike white addicts they have violent priors when they go in front of the judge.

    Jail does not really bother NAMS as their cerebral cortex is too limited to grasp the opportunities of youth lost. They eat and sleep and shit in jail free.

    Whites are intelligent about it. Usually they sell drugs out of their house, so it is harder for cops to get a warrant. Addicted whites never have 5 kilos in their car like blacks do.

    Cops know who they are and hate them and harass them but most of the time they are just clever enough to stay out of jail.

    Their families suffer: the methhead who impregnates three sluts and does not give a shit and his mother has to raise them while he is in jail or out thieving.

    Friends suffer, or rather casual acquaintances: The open sliding door through which the addict returns when he learns your schedule to steal your items for $50 worth of Oxy.

    NAMS have no father who is a decent hard-working man to put up a house. A mother who spends her pension paying for a lawyer to get the Meth addicted son out of jail on probation for making meth and then the day he gets out he steals her jewelry.

    Blacks parents, brothers, sisters and acquaintances do not give a single shit.

    • Jason Y

      NAMS have no father who is a decent hard-working man to put up a house. A mother who spends her pension paying for a lawyer to get the Meth addicted son out of jail on probation for making meth and then the day he gets out he steals her jewelry.

      Blacks parents, brothers, sisters and acquaintances do not give a single shit.

      Possibly, NAMS have a much better way of dealing with addicts, and I’m not being sarcastic.

      • JASON Y

        Black families, having no money and steeped in 40 generations of such deprivation, are realistic about the addict or the booze hound. He’ll hold no meaningful job or any job for that matter for very long. He’ll end up in prison no matter what. The longer he is in prison the less unplanned children have to be raised by weary 45 year old grandparents.

        No matter what, women will start renting out any hole by the half hour and become a baby shoving machine and walking petri dish of STD’s.

        We’ve both known a few addicts, I assume.

        The pothead, like my former self, functions in society but is a giggly low-energy type off-hours. Most of us give the herb up in our twenties.

        Once addicted to meth or crack or heroin in any form the white prole proceeds to put his family, friends, children, partners through 10-20 years of hell however.

        The chances of never using again are slim. Usually they are sober until probation ends. They’ll go through rehab at least twice before the finally escape the clutches of the addiction and by then they are 35 to 40.

        But most never escape it. They either don’t use because they are in jail for committing a crime to get drugs or they are on the street doing them. Often they are still on drugs in jail.

        20% will kick it in between 35-40. But the other 80% will end up finally in jail until they are old, killed in street type activities or ripoffs, overdose or sometimes commit suicide at their own horror at how their life has ended up.

  25. JUAN

    America is underscored by a lack of racial altruism.

    Jews and Asians ran corner stores while Hispanics and Italians sold drugs in weight.

    Blacks sell this to whites, of course. And sex.

    Most societies are deficient in altruism but in a multi-culti society groups depend on screwing one another in business matters. Jews make porn because Christians buy it. Mexicans and previously Italians smuggled drugs because blacks sold it. Whites privatized prisons because blacks will go there as cheap labor.

    Possibly Asian-Americans regard whites as inferior and blacks to be barbarians.

    Whites in the Red States of the Bible Belt are still wrapped up in the constitution and bill of rights and freedom. Nobody who immigrated after 1890-Yankee whites, Italians, Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, Arabs-gives a single shit about this or the history of America or a Greek system of government.

    They want money. They want to sell things to other races dumb enough to buy them.

    • Juan

      I AGREE

      The Italian mafia wanted to isolate their own communities from their drug smuggling.

      • JUAN

        It did not matter because Italians became part of the white mainstream in the 1980’s so they lacked the sheer number of street soldiers necessary to fight the Mexicans for the veins of North America.

        Soprano’s crew was ridiculously small when you think about it. By the time Tony himself finally bought it in the diner at the end of 7 years half of them were dead. At full-strength maybe they had a family of 30 altogether.

        They are smarter than blacks or Italians but so outnumbered and so scrutinized by “Forever Bothering Italians” FBI that they cannot really sell drugs anyhow.

  26. Juan


    CHINA much of the Coastal region (more densely populated) was colonized by Portugal and Britain.

    It apparently was enabled to have a population mid-millennia by trade with Spain through it’s Latin American creations (I have only heard this from one single source, so take it with a grain of salt).

    Invaded by Japan in 1931, cooperative effort with Whites pushed Japanese out by 1945.

    Also had a recent civil war; brother against brother, co-ethnic against co-ethnic.

    In the modern day, the economy is everything. Hence they allow not insignificant numbers of African migrants into Guadong province, to do the relatively unskilled work.

    Exposure to others, internal strife, economic lust= less overtly tribal.

    JAPAN COMPLETE ISOLATIONISM from ca. 1600 (iirc) to 1852. Hyper-nationalists ran the show from 1920-1945, seeking to conquer the region to have commodity producing colonies for muh master race back on the Islands.

    TOLERATES NO REALGDP GROWTH in recent years because they have an aging population and take in just 8% of the immigrants we do when adjusted for population. Most of these migrants are other Asians.

    They instead are screwing around with lower-return robots, currently.

    CURRENT PRIME MINISTER is a “Japanese nationalist”.

    Isolationism, hypernationalism, refusal to take in immigrants to address the aging population problem= More overtly tribal.

    • So far as know China never had a Spanish colonial phase. They had Hong Kong run by the Brits and Portugal had Macau.

      Philippines attracted Chinese merchant families during a long Spanish colonial occupation.

      Indeed Galleon trade between Latin America and Philippines more or less turned Filipinos into Mexicans but I don’t know about China.

      Japan is an island. Island races get that way. Same with Britain.

      There is no breathing space on an island for immigrants. We have seen this in Britain.

  27. “Going Back To Africa”

    Black Americans do not travel well. Possibly it is the territorial impulses embedded in the primitive functions of their cerebellum.

    This is why they stay in one “hood” and have a “set”.

    White culture was a colonial expansion so Australia, New Zealand, Canada and U.S. are near enough for a white from America to function in Sydney and adapt.

    Blacks, whose capacity for adaptation is blunted by their cerebral functions, are not nearly as adaptable.

    Additionally there is significant Amerindian blood in blacks which also limits their capacity for adaptability.

    Whites in general are the largest number to leave. We do so voluntarily because such abstracts as quality of life or wage levels can be caluclated.

    Blacks would be the last group to go anywhere. Impossible.

    • Alpha Unit

      “Black Americans do not travel well.”

      This is nonsense.

      • ALPHA UNIT

        Why do so few move to other countries compared to white Americans? A few moved to Paris but overall they lack the initiative even to leave a particular city.

        This COULD reflect a loyalty that European-Americans who have always been opportunists like their immigrant ancestors, don’t have. Whites will move to Sydney en mass if things got worse if they had any kind of skill. This is what happened in Detroit.

        Blacks, feeling loyalty to the hood and their set and the U.S. with whom they have had a long love-hate relationship would remain behind.

        Asians, Jews, Indians would leave. They usually have the money, the distant connection with their homeland.

        Hispanics would simply cross the border.

        But blacks, like Native Americans, have nowhere else really they can integrate.

      • ALPHA UNIT

        I said black Americans, not Africans. Africans are everywhere and since they represent the top 5-10% of their population who are clever enough to live elsewhere and be employed or do business, they are smarter than most whites. But that is the minority.

        I’ve seen few blacks and only 1 NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN (Married to a Londoner) overseas.

        I had one buddy, a black man named Vance who was highly intelligent and owned a hotdog franchise in Philippines, who was there his whole life.

    • TJF

      To Trash:

      Black Americans do not travel well. Possibly it is the territorial impulses embedded in the primitive functions of their cerebellum.

      I know you like to engage in hyperbole and sweeping generalizations but even for you this is an over the top statement. I can easily think of more than a dozen black Americans that have lived long enough in foreign countries long enough to master the local language.

      There is a very active tourist trade catering to Black Americans who travel to Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean and to a lesser extend Brazil.
      As I gather it’s partially for straight tourism but also to connect and understand other parts of the Africa diaspora.

      I’ve encountered black Americans travelling in the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam and for the most part they seem to be enjoying themselves. If you search on YouTube you can find dozens of Black Americans with channels who live in South Korea, China, or Japan, some for many years. Blacks in the US at the lowest economic tiers (bottom 20%) are not likely to travel out of the country but neither are most Whites with the same economic status. If you were to offer a low income Black person a chance to travel overseas by paying for their ticket and lodging expenses, I’m sure the large majority would gladly take you up on the offer.

      • In racial order I’ve only met a single Native American woman overseas, married to a Londoner. However in the past Native American women in colonial times went to England as wives of British Redcoats at times.

        Next would be Mexicans-Americans, I’ve only met four or five. One was employed as a cook in a Mexican restaurant in Dubai.

        True, I’ve worked with blacks in Philippines. One owned a hot dog franchise in the Philippines. They are more prevalent overseas than either Native Americans or Chicanos.

        Black Americans are more common than these groups. I agree.

      • Black Americans do not seem to become expats too often but so what? Who needs to be an expat? Why should anyone be an expat? There’s no reasons for anyone to be an expat really.

        Black Africans are currently flooding into Europe though. There is a mass exodus of them. And Blacks move around Africa a lot. Many Jamaicans came to UK. Many Haitians and Dominicans came to US.

        This theory is senseless.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          In racial order I’ve only met a single Native American woman overseas, married to a Londoner…. Next would be Mexicans-Americans, I’ve only met four or five. One was employed as a cook in a Mexican restaurant in Dubai.

          In the US there are roughly 70 times as many Whites as Native Americans and the latter is basically one of the most impoverished and isolated of all ethnic groups, so it’s not much of a surprise that you wouldn’t find many Native Americans overseas. I don’t know that many but I get a sense that they are more communal than Whites and the ones that are successful would prioritize contributing financially to their less fortunate family members in lieu of travel. I served with quite a few Latinos in the military, and like myself most of these guys were up for overseas assignments – some very much so. One of the Latino guys I knew ended up marrying a German women and after his tour was up – ended up travelling with her through much of Europe and parts of India for six months. And unless you don’t consider Mexico or other parts of Latin America foreign – I would wager than Chicanos are more likely to travel outside of the US visiting friends, family etc. than your average white person living in a flyover state. The last few times I went to the border crossing with Mexico in Arizona the large majority of travelers were Latino.

        • ROBERT

          Reasons For Expat Proles

          If you are a white with minimal qualifications like me (Undergraduate degree, high-normal IQ, no ball of fire) the reasons follow (And only apply to Americans from the real rust belt states)

          A) In Canada or Australia there is less street crime. You can be poor in other white countries and you won’t be robbed or killed unless you are a criminal yourself.

          B) Public services are better. If you have kids you do not have to send them to a private school for a superior education-only religious weirdos do that. Healthcare free, as I had in Canada.

          C) Public areas do not have chimpouts or gang activity. When white surfers have fist fight on a Sydney beach it is national news.

          D) PC is not quite as ludicrous when it comes to daily life. Also your private life is not scrutinized to the same degree.

          E) Politicians are rational. They are quite dull but voting for them does not cause protests.

          F) Less racism. Canadian Natives and Australian Aboriginals have been treated badly but today they drink themselves to death in remote locations.

          G) Better wages for working people like me.

          H) More efficient government.

          I) Guilt-free sex. If the girl is 17 and wants to blow you they do not call the National Guard. Her Dad just tells you not to come around anymore or he’ll hit you.

          J) Crack-cocaine and Oxy are not the scourges of society they are in America. People drink beer and smoke weed. Meth is the preserve of bikers and truckers you’d never know, tweakers are not running around ripping people off on the street.

          K) Less urban/rural divide. People in the rural interior are not shit-ignorant and uneducated and poor and pleading to have a minimum wage job. Elites do not despise them. Society is more even. People who want to live in the country do, those in the city do.

          L) Nutty Zionist theories. Australia and Canada have porn industries and so does New Zealand but nobody is blaming Jews for corrupting the minds of Christians. Actually there are very few Jews in other big British-settled countries.

          So these are my reasons off the top of my head.

        • ROBERT Being an Expat Reasons

          You come from an economically depressed part of the Rust Belt like me. If you are white, from a middle-class prole background like mine than you are not losing out by moving to an English-speaking white country believe me.
          Better-paying jobs, depending on your qualifications. Or in some countries at least your rent is covered by the company so you are free to spend your salary how you want. Mine was ridiculously low in Dubai but it was better than no employment in Greater Detroit and I had a car from the company.
          NO NAMS. There’s not much crime in Australia or New Zealand on the street. Asians are mixed up in the heroin trade and the biker element is quite ruthless but unless you intend to traffic in narcotics, you’ll probably be safe.
          Public services MUCH better. In Greater Detroit or most of Michigan you have to send your kids to Catholic School just for them to learn in a disciplined environment. U.S. taxpayers get shit-all. Schools are low-quality, no free health care, infrastructure sucks.
          Less racial tension. Canada, New Zealand and Australia’s natives live in poverty but it is way off in remote places.
          Less rural/urban geographic divide. West Virginia and California and Oklahoma are at one another’s throats. Flyover proles in the Red States seem to hate liberals and vice versa. None of this is as glaring in OZ or NZ.
          Guilt free sex. So a 17 year old gave you a BJ. Maybe her Dad belts and threatens to kick your ass. End of story. Whites in other countries have common sense.
          Less illegal immigrant issues. I’m not sure why.
          Less nutty Zionist conspiracy theories. ITS BECAUSE OF THE JOOOOOSSS THEY ARE DESTROYING MY BRAIN MAKING ME BEAT OFF WITH PORN AND WATCH TELEVISION MESSAGES. Aussies make porn and produce television but Jews are rare in it. Presumably the secret Zionist agenda is not being forwarded through this in NZ or OZ.
          Better minimum wage.

      • People on military bases overseas are always being rotated so I cannot really speculate on that.

        But in general most of the people you meet overseas are whites.

      • TJF One Group I Forgot

        Rarely do you see Jews overseas. I only knew one, an alcoholic who was the half-baked manager of his Indian wife who sang in bars in Mumbai but had worked as a nurse in America when he met her. He barely made a living in India but got by, anyhow.

        I’m not sure why, but you never see Jewish-Americans overseas.

  28. Those who leave America are white cynics who dislike American proles and are from some city so depressed that they have nothing to lose in America. They go to other white countries partly because there are no black people.

  29. Juan


    MILITARY FORCES are at a loss for how to begin to round up 120 million people. Barracks and offices are bombed by non-White soldiers “on their way out”.
    Eric Shinseki types are replaced by gung-ho Clint the Redneck types.

    WHITES AMBUSHED seeing as there is nothing to loose, NAMs begin Guerilla warfare against Whites, and although NAMs fare worse, it is horrifying for White soccer moms.

    JEWS, ASIANS, ARABS, CUBANS, AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS: pull out all their money from vital industries. The economy tanks, also aided by NAM riots.

    UTTER ANARCHY would ensue in days.
    It would spark an outright civil war.

    Whites could win, but they’d suffer heavy losses.
    What’s the point?

  30. TJF

    I would have to assume that many Mexicans going from Yuma to Nogales were from that place. When I lived in Tempe I actually heard the stories that Mexico was a dangerous place, so I never went there. I would not now, that is for sure.

    People are rotated in the military so frequently that I could did not know anybody for long on bases.

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