Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abbie Williams

Note to commenters: Please stop referring to Unsub as a pedophile. He may well be one, but that’s something that can be determined from this crime as it was not a pedophilic offense. Instead, this was a hebephilic offense. And the perpetrator could certainly be seen as a hebephile, although he’s not necessarily one. If you want to refer to the nature of the offense, use the word hebephilic instead of pedophilic. If you wish to refer to Unsub’s paraphilia, please refer to him as a hebephile and not a pedophile.

Thank you so much for this. I am getting tired of words being misused. And now we are being scientific on the board.

And you all just learned a new word –  hebephile! I will not tell you what it means. Instead I will send you off to discover that yourself, which is not difficult at all.

Note 2 to commenters: I am really getting sick and tired of saying this, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. The only thing that is represented as fact as statements sourced from LE or the media.

And incidentally, the way I wrote up the case is precisely how detectives work a case. Detectives do not work cases using the scientific method. If they did, they would hardly solve one case. It’s more “We believe this for now…this is true for now…at the moment, this is what we think happened…we believe…” They are throwing out endless theories about what really happened and accepting them as (temporary) facts. They are then continuously revising and throwing out theories and creating new ones.

Being  a detective is about being wrong. Not just once, but being wrong over and over so many times your head will want to come off. If you can’t handle being wrong, then detective work is surely not for you. Finally detectives arrive at enough information to file a case against someone, but a lot of that is not factual either. They believe he did the crime. They believe that this, that, or the other happened with no way to really prove it – it’s just what they conjecture.

If he is convicted, then the theory that he did the crime is validated as fact, but I am not sure what other evidence is. And even court decisions are not scientific fact because they get overturned all the time. There are not a whole lot of 100% certain, clear scientific facts in LE work, detective work on the judicial system itself. A good portion of the decisions made turn out to be theories, temporary but unstable facts, beliefs, hunches and guesswork, all represented as fact in the court.

If you have issues with theories, opinions and what not, just quit reading and get the Hell off my site right now and never come back. I am really getting sick and tired of this BS.

Major update here: Updated March 17: Sexually-Motivated Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abigail Williams. The only new addition was sourcing to please all the haters, but even with all the sourcing, the haters are still upset as it’s still not good enough.

Sexually-motivated double homicide of two teenage girls, one 13 and the other 14. For some background on this heartbreaking case, see here.

I like to do “sleuthing” in my part time. Although it’s gruesome, playing detective is a bit of a hobby of mine, and it is engrossing in some odd way.

I would like to throw a lot of stuff out there.

My Musings on This Case

The girls were obviously tied up, I believe with a rope. There is a rumor that LE retained some rope with DNA. There is no evidence at the moment that this is true, but it is possible.

Initial reports said the girls were found in a cabin or shack. Rumors came from family members and were the first reports about the case. These are false rumors. The girls were found in open forest.

I believe that Libby was killed on 2-13, possibly pretty quickly, and Abby died or 2-14. The published obits state those dates. There is a rumor that the families chose those dates as death dates, but that would apply only to funerals, not obits. Obit info would come straight from coroner report. Therefore, the coroner report had to state different death dates. There is a rumor that Abbie survived the initial attack but died later on of hypothermia and that her body was still warm when found. This rumor appears to be correct, and along with the different dates on the obits, adds weight to the theory that they died on different days.

When the search was going on, both phones were dead.

This was probably not a crime of opportunity. He probably planned this very well. He plans his crimes with the utmost meticulousness. That is why he is armed with the gun and disguising himself.

Unsub is clearly trying to disguise himself in the photos. He is using a hat and a scarf in front of his face to do this. As stated by LE.

Talk of backpacks and duffel bags makes no sense to me. I do not believe that Unsub had a backpack or a duffel bag, but perhaps he did. At any rate, there was a man dressed in all black seen at the time also. This man definitely had a backpack. I believe that this man participated in the murders with Unsub. In other words, there were two killers.

There is a rumor that Abbie was barely alive when found and died on the way to the hospital. Rumor came straight from family members. This is probably a false rumor, but it is somewhat close to the truth. Another rumor says she was dead, but the body was still warm. This rumor is much better and appears to be closer to the truth.

In published UK media, grandfather who raised her made an odd statement, “I know Libby. She put up one Hell of a fight.” The grandfather has been cleared. However, he is correct that Libby put up a strong battle. The reason that the grandfather said she put up a wild fight is probably because that is what it says in the medical report. If she fought hard, there will be talk of defensive wounds and maybe DNA under her nails. In that case, Unsub may have scratch marks.

I do not believe that LE has any particular POI at this moment. They are far away from solving this case.

The first thing they did was to go around questioning people who were being talked about as possible suspects. They have already cleared a number of people this way. They are also going around to all of the local RSO’s and questioning them. They wanted them to come talk about the case. While there, they searched their phones and asked them to submit DNA. They are clearing at least some of the RSO’s this way.

The raid was on the property of the Jim Maxwell who lives on Bicycle Road. He is completely innocent and cleared. This poor guy had nothing to do with it.

I believe the gun obviously holstered on the right under the jacket of Unsub was used to control the girls. He also got them to keep quiet, maybe with the gun. However, I believe the gun was used to kill the girls. It would have made too much noise. Rumors that this was not a gun crime are correct.

Early rumors stated that both girls had their throats slit. This rumor appears to be correct. I believe that the crime scene was a bloody and ugly mess, a real horrorshow. Funerals were open casket, and witnesses stated that both girls had scarves covering their necks, more to cover something up than as clothing. This adds weight to the theory that their throats were slit. Libby also had small wounds in many places on her body, and her face had been somewhat injured. This is because she fought back against him very hard.

This is obviously a sexually motivated offense. Initial reports said both girls were raped. There is no evidence that this is true, but in my opinion, Abbie was definitely raped. Whether Libby got raped is not known, and there are problems with the theory. One theory is that he kept Abbie alive overnight to use her. This theory is correct. There is no evidence of physical torture in this case.

Unsub is aged 50-60 based on his photos, voice and other things.

Jim Logan was in Lafayette on 2-13, and Unsub may have known he would not be there. How he knew this, I have no idea.

He’s going to lay low for a while. He won’t do any similar crimes in the near future. He’s not that stupid.

Three other posts in this series:

Updated March 9: Profile of the Evansdale-Delphi Serial Killer

The Case for Unsub Involvement in Both the Delphi and Evansdale Double Murders

The Case for Linking the Delphi Murders with the Evansdale Murders

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52 responses to “Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abbie Williams

  1. Tzukeeper

    What the hell is an Unsub?

  2. GL

    Hi Robert, if you like sleuthing I’d recommend looking into the infamous Mccann case. There is a lot of information available online and there definitely seems to be something fishy about the offical story.

  3. Great insights. I agree with most of this. I think when the public hears the details of this crime they are going to be horrified. You can read between the lines of most of what LE are saying and the specifics are pretty horrible.

  4. Tina

    Libby grandfather not abby

  5. Crystal

    The raid on the house was not Jim Logan it was Jim Maxwell not the property near where the bodies were found it was actually on the other side of town. Not speculation I am or only from Delphi my relative lives next to the house that was raised. I also believe Jim no longer resides in the house but his son Logan does.

  6. Jeremy

    Can you provide a link to the Evanston murders?


    I think the days of Bundy or Dahmer are over in fact in the age of surveillance and social media. It is impossible for somebody to kill 31 people or 70 out in Green River, Washington without someone noticing.

    DNA, Video Cameras, Cell Phones and the rest of it have made this more difficult.

    Even recent shows like the Sopranos would be impossible today.

    I did not buy in Sons of Anarchy how bikers could drive around having public shootouts with no police investigation or DNA or FBI Task Force. It just seems unrealistic.

  8. taunya

    I might just have to disagree with you here. Jim Maxwell fits the description of the unsub very much. I think too that Jim Logan is his son right? Maybe it was a father son team?

  9. Ted

    Have you seen the infrared image of man on bridge? He has a holster w/gun at his left groin-left-handed

  10. Cynthia

    I would like to thank you for coming forward to make this blog. I have been Internet searching on possible clues that could help me. I am an internal detective, and I’m highly psychic-intuitive. I also have many different techniques that I use to access the truth from the universe and from the victims’ higher self-spirit. I have used these techniques and performed a prayer ceremony to open the waters of my mind so I could be a channel for the truth. I did receive a name. I actually received a lot of information, but the name I received is Scott.

    I don’t know anything about the case prior to holding my ceremony to open the channels for me to receive information. You can literally find out anything that you want to know in this world. All you need is the right question to ask, and in this case all we need is a name. Simple enough, right? I would agree with everything that you stated in your post about how the girls were killed and why they were killed. I do agree that Libby was killed first and Abby later. I agree with everything you said. However, one of the men may be between 50 and 60, but at this point I’m not receiving any information that that is correct.

    In fact, I am receiving information that there are two men involved. That was very clear, and I do have one name like I mentioned before – Scott. These men both have families, and they both probably were connected to the girls’ Snapchat or social media accounts in some way. I think that when they saw the picture posted of them being in the wooded area, that that was their opportunity. I think that they planned for a while to do this to a teenage girl.

    I think that this was planned, and as soon as the first opportunity came along for the suspect to have access to young girls who were alone in a remote area, they took it. There was a picture posted to Snapchat at 2 p.m., That could really be a clue as to how the suspects knew that they were there. Also my sources are telling me that the men involved had a drug problem. I want to say meth or heroin. They are on at least one of them. At least one of them, maybe both, suffer suffer from hypersexuality, which is a common side effect of the drug.

    My first initial response from my Universal Source was that one man was already in the woods when the girls were there. But after doing my prayer ceremony and opening my channels, I have received that that information was only partly true. They were already nearby somehow, maybe camping out in a tent or doing something illegal with the drugs. But they weren’t far.

    I would also like to discuss some other things with you, and maybe we can work on this together to try to get more information from their psychic sources. I believe with us working together, we can channel more information that will lead us to the correct persons responsible. I don’t want to disclose any more information from my higher universal sources just yet. I still have more work to do.

  11. Barry

    As a Jr. Web sleuth I too believe this case sounds related to the Evansdale Iowa girls. Similar almost uncanny earmarks. It’s also about a 6 hour drive from Evansdale to Delphi with the Chicago area being central. If they are related cases, could the guy live in the Chicago area? I think he planned it out meticulously and made no stops for gas, food or items near or in a many mile radius of the local area. That would risk the possibility of a camera or witness catching a stranger in town.

    But how did he know these girls would be there at this day and time? It’s so rural that he wouldn’t wait around for days to see if a victim showed up. This is the key here. He either finds and tracks them on social media, kids being careless with information, or he’s a local killer who watches people’s activities. I don’t think he’s local to this small town. And social media leaves tracks. This aspect has me stumped.

    He’s too meticulous. I also heard the voice recording. He sounds very authoritarian bordering on angry.
    This isn’t his first rodeo. He’s done this before. He knows how to intimidate the victim, move them to a more isolated location, then incapacitate them and kill them. But with 2 victims? A challenge bc he counts on them not running so he chooses younger kids who won’t question. If one of the girls had run, he’d have a problem and then have to maybe flee or shoot. He probably tells them he won’t hurt them to keep them from running. And because the police and FBI have yet to find something, he’s covered his tracks well. More support of a meticulous method.

    Looking at the photo of him, he appears to be 45 to max 60 years old. It appears he has some things under his jacket right front pocket – an almost square looking box. He had the equipment with him and was prepared. Maybe a gun to intimidate. He may be right handed. He didn’t shoot them though because he’d make too much noise. Strangle or cut IMHO.

    Looking at the map of where this happened I don’t think he parked at the nature preserve. Too much risk someone sees his car/truck. It looks like there’s a remote road on the south side of the creek where the news said the bodies were found. The news said the girls were dropped off at the preserve, and he maybe came from the south, walked north, followed them and herded them back toward the isolated woods south – his vehicle area – allowing him a safe exit with less chance of going to the preserve and potential traffic.

    And not sure if he sexually assaulted them or not. That would risk leaving DNA. Not sure on that one. Someone so meticulous maybe wouldn’t risk it. Not sure but that will be a key too. The FBI and police only know that.

    He had a long time there if he wanted because it was isolated.

    Unless there are 2 guys. I don’t think so here, Because he’d have to communicate and coordinate with the other guy in this remote area. They maybe would have taken them away instead. To much risk. “Down the hill” where the other guy was? Don’t think so.

    So what kind of sick older male person could carry this much anger against little girls? Someone who is psychologically deranged and has time to plan, observe and prepare. I hope the police get something and soon. Can they look at satellite images? Don’t know. But he needs to be caught now, lest he may go years planning the next one.

    • KK

      Think about this…Many think that there were 2 men – one older and one younger. It may not be the older guy’s first rodeo (he may actually be a registered sex offender) but it may be the younger assailant’s first. A sexual assault may have occurred but DNA would turn up nothing in that case. There are many instances of serial killers recruiting younger accomplices.

      A teen girl wouldn’t think twice about accepting a friend request or receiving attention on social media (SM) from a younger guy even if he was in his late 20’s. It could take LE months to weed through every single young man who has ever accessed all of the girls’ SM accounts. It’s really easy to be a “creeper” on SM.

      Personally, I believe that this was just a well-planned crime of opportunity (think Israel Keyes’ MO).

  12. Lin

    Did you see the Columbus in modern just committed?

      • Mer

        A 33 year old woman was abducted and found murdered in Columbus, Indiana. What I read said she may have rear ended another car, a van, and when she went forward to talk to the other driver she was taken. Her car was left withe the blinkers on, driver door open, purse and phone in the car. She was found on a sandbar. Usually, you think of the husband, ex-husband, boyfriend, psycho ex-boyfriend, but this sounds more like a planned abduction in a van.

        • I believe the passenger door was open, not the drivers door. Which makes it even more of an abduction. How long from when she was missing to when she was discovered?

        • I believe there were problems in the marriage. And this is an awful fancy crime for your run of the mill ex boyfriend or ex husband to commit. This guy knows what he is doing and he is good at what he does.

        • Mer

          When I read the article about the Columbus crime, from a FB link, I pictured an older white van. I’m fairly intuitive. I think the fact that the Delphi girls were dumped near the scene of the abduction means they were never far away, and maybe the assaults occurred in a van.

        • Mer

          I should have said she was found dead. Ruled an accidental drowning. She was chasing a dog.

  13. Noor

    Thank you for doing this, I was hoping someone with a gift would offer some insights to it.

  14. Noor

    I have a very important question to ask you, do you believe the killer(s) will be caught, maybe not now…maybe not 5 years..maybe 10…maybe 20? Also…did he happen to just find these girls….this is a small town..anyone who would have lived there would stick around…i mean how did he know he would find his next victims in a small town if he was not from there?…..or was he from there?……if he planned this he would have know the girls…i mean does the killer go from town to town to pick the victims? im sure he has a day job

    • Personally, I believe I know who did this crime right now. But if this POI, Mr. X, fails, I will be completely dumbfounded because he was my best hope. Keep in mind that Delphi Killer was probably also the Evansdale Killer. Mr. X did both crimes. Mr. X has now gotten away with the Evansdale killings for five years.

      Mr. X lives in Iowa near Evansdale. That would mean he would have had to drive 5.5 hours and 350 miles to do this crime, but I believe he did just that. If you want to know how he knew about Delphi, Mr. X had a job recently with a company in Iowa where he made very regular deliveries to Delphi. He spent a lot of time in Delphi. I suppose he could have familiarized himself with the town this way.

      IMHO, this is why it has been so hard to catch the Delphi Killer. He came from another state 350 miles away!

      • Noor

        thank you for taking the time to respond. When I see the snap chat picture of the girls and I see the blue sky in the background, it just breaks my heart because just a short time later their lives would end. There is just something haunting about that blue sky above them. This is just too much.

    • KK

      Serial killers rarely if ever kill too close to home, meaning geographically as well as personally (i.e., within relationships). It’s likely this guy is from one town over, or at least within an 8-hour drive (approx. 500 mi. or less). The minute they get sloppy and kill too close to home, they end up getting caught. Getting caught means no more thrill in taunting the police and public, no more feeding their compulsions, and ultimately no longer being in control. A killer like this will do anything in his power to avoid those three losses.

      If the killer(s) in this case turns out to be local, then it was either an impulsive thrill kill (likely a one-off first), or it’s someone with a history of violence against women who was fairly recently (w/last 5 years) released from prison (i.e., registered sex offender). The latter would experience rage and display poor impulse control or complete lack thereof and up his game to avoid going back to prison. The only problem with that scenario is that I’m entirely certain that he/they would have attempted to hide or disappear the bodies entirely. Well, unless they had no other choice (i.e., somebody was approaching the area, etc).

  15. Noor

    i forgot to share one more thing im sorry, When was around 21 I would go to these woods by my home to walk around. Back at that time, there were no trails just woods. One time I came upon a man in the middle of the woods by a creek, the location was such that running back to the clearing of the treeline would have taken time and running forward would just lead into deeper woods. The creek was also an alligator preserve. There was noone else around that day in the afternoon, the man made small talk and then told me “Girls like you should not be alone in these woods”..there was something extremely creepy about it, I told him I was going to walk back out and he extended his hand to gesture “ladies first” some thing inside me kicked in and i told him “no men first” and made him walk in front of me. I have never told my family about this. I am 40 something now and i dont have children and im a little glad because I dont know how I could protect them. After that day I never ventured into those woods again. I dont know who this man was but I will never ever forget that day.

  16. Noor

    Robert do you have any new insights, I feel we are at a dead end in this case. I dont believe Mr. Logan has anything to do with this. This is so disappointing for the families.

    • I am pinning my hopes on my POI, Mr. X. If Mr. X gets cleared, I will throw up my hands. If it’s not Mr. X, I have no idea who the Hell it is.

      It is common for crimes like this to go unsolved. This guy may be a serial. These guys are experts at what they do and they can be very hard to catch.

  17. Tzukeeper

    Robert, I was wondering why you said it was obvious that the girls were tied. If you mean people like me just following what’s published, that aspect isn’t something I could glean.

    Also, I’m really surprised you believe there are two accomplices. I had never read anything about a guy with a backpack in any publications or even group discussions. Also, I think the guy is sociopathic/psychopathic and I’ve just never heard of those types of people teaming up with someone. I think it would be possible if it were a crime of opportunity – two equally depraved guys deciding on the spur-of-the-moment to violate these girls they happened upon. Also, these are the type of idiots that are sloppy and get caught.

    I think the perp stealthily stalked the girls, and it was not his first time. I think when he saw his picture, he about shit himself for being so careless. I think he was just so focused on reaching them because it was broad daylight, and he knew he was taking a risk. I also think he is long gone. He may occasionally go to Delphi, maybe for his job as a trucker, but he is completely unidentifiable by now anyway. He’s totally changed his appearance. I also think the case either is or will become cold.

    • One accomplice, not two. A man in all black in a backpack, described by some as creepy, was reported by two different sets of witnesses, including a group of friends of the girls also on the trail that day. Both reports were in the media.

      In fact, psychopaths, especially psychopathic serial killers, often team up. There have been a number of killer teams out there. Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, William Bonin and crew, possibly Randy Kraft and an accomplice, the Toolbox Killers, it goes on and on. And those are just right here in California, mostly in Southern California at that! And no, teams of killers do not often screw up and are not often amateurish.

      Like you, I am also quite worried that this case may go cold. I don’t see how it gets solved.

  18. Tzukeeper

    Robert, how come my posts never show up?

    • I have no idea what you did, but you were a bad boy or girl at one point, and you got banned. But if you want to be good now, I will let you back into the party.

      • Robert, I never wrote an objectionable response. I know you wouldn’t ban me for having a different point of view. But, I’m just not one to openly insult or challenge someone. So, am confused. But, no big deal.

        • Oh I am sorry sweetheart. Tzukeeper got banned. You are reading my response to him and thinking it’s addressed to you. You’re great and I like you a lot. Keep posting please.

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