Neil Young, “Let’s Impeach the President”

Obviously topical. Replace this retarded chimp with the lunatic baboon currently infesting the Oval Office, and same to him.

Impeach, and gone.

You will not be missed!

Good God that is good music! Wow! Neil Young, 2006, from Living With War. Recorded at age 61. I had no idea he was still making great music. I love that anthem feel to this song. This indeed a rock anthem. And it’s got a Wall of Sound. Phil Spector introduced this concept, but a lot of others replicated it, including the Sex Pistols on their first album and the Clash on their out of this world second album, Give Em Enough Rope. Jesus and Mary Chain also had an unreal wall of sound feel. Really a lot of Young’s best music has also had a wall of sound. No idea how he did it.

When I listened to this song, I thought of the Sex Pistols. Then I remembered that Young dedicated Rust Never Sleeps to them, an act for which he suffered much criticism.

Then it hit me. It’s all the same. The Sex Pistols. Neil Young. And on and on. It’s all the same stuff. It’s all just rock and roll. From Elvis to Nirvana and beyond, it’s all the same stuff. Rockabilly, Merseysound, British invasion, heavy metal, glam rock, punk rock, speed metal, death metal, gothic, grunge, for God’s sake, it’s all the same damn thing.

It’s all just good old rock and roll! Rocking til death! Rocking the old folks home, motherfuckers!

I loved his early stuff of course. Neil Young has always been one of the greatest rockers. Of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, he was always the best.

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)
After the Gold Rush (1970)
Harvest (1972)
Time Fades Away (1973)
Tonight’s the Night (1973) (released 1975)
On the Beach (1974)
Zuma (1975)
Long May You Run (1976)
Decade (1977)
American Stars ‘n Bars (1977)
Comes a Time (1978)
Rust Never Sleeps (1979)

28 albums followed that one, and I know not one thing about any of them, although Rocking in the Free World off Freedom flashes with that old magic we know and love so well.

All of those albums are out of this world. I even like Time Fades Away. Zuma is good! The little-known On the Beach is probably one of the most underrated albums ever made. Either that or the barely-known Tonight’s the Night. Great album! I had a cassette of Comes a Time in my car in 1979. I listened to it on the way to school every morning. For days and weeks and months on end. I never tired of that music. There was not a bad song on that album. Rust Never Sleeps was absolutely out of this world. Decade is a great compilation and contains a great never before released song about Richard Nixon, CampaignerAmerican Stars and Bars is good! Homegrown is a great song, and Like a Hurricane is one of the greatest rock and roll songs of all time.


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27 responses to “Neil Young, “Let’s Impeach the President”

  1. Jason Y

    Neil Young is massively politically correct, even too much for me -, and THAT’S SAYING A LOT. His views are incredibly anti-white and there is incredible misunderstanding of human nature, normally cause he’s trying to be compassionate.

  2. JASON Y

    Neil Young is a Canadian. He’s never made a secret of not loving the United States.

  3. Jason Y


    Neil Young is a Canadian. He’s never made a secret of not loving the United States.

    So what Trash. There are Canadians who like the US. Neil is simply too politically correct, even for me. Note, I agree with compassion toward the disabled, non-whites, and a sure heck of a lot more than what you see in the alt-left. However, Neil is even beyond my good nature – to the point of being massively naive. He’d probably even let the Phillippines in as a state of the US or province of Canada. 😆

    • JASON Y

      Canadians now have loads of ghettos so power to them. Sikh neighborhoods are as dangerous as East LA, but smaller so you don’t hear about it. Jamaicans have turned Toronto neighborhoods into anarchy and brought AIDS and drug gangs. Lebanese brought a formidable mafia.

      Let them have the immigrants America does not wish to.

      Power to them.

  4. JASON Y

    Compare the Clinton era to the Bush era. The 1990’s now seem nostalgic and they were not entirely that great but when Bush came into office it made them seem like Golden Years.

    Watch Beavis & Butthead. The era seems positively heavenly. Fifteen year old kids held jobs 40 year old college graduates have to do. Life was prosperous.

    The worst thing Bill Clinton did was let some Jewish slut blow him. That seems to pale in comparison to Iraq War and everything that followed.

    Look at the U.S. now and then.

    Part of it is simply the internet, globalism, population, Mexico’s inability to deal with its own race problem.

    Bush was no gift.

    • Jason Y

      So what? Trump and the David Duke would bash Bush for the same thing. Neil’s take on the fall of the US economy is not unique to the left.

    • Jason Y

      Part of it is simply the internet, globalism, population, Mexico’s inability to deal with its own race problem.

      Reagan’s policies wrecked Central America is one problem and now the place is infested with gangs. A lot of the locals want to leave cause the gangs bully them.

  5. Jason Y

    Don’t get me wrong, though. I like his politically charged songs. I mean, Southern Man and Alabama are right on the money, true. Note, they do seem to be attacking ALL of the southern USA whites, but it’s not like they were deserving it. Nonetheless, the preachy crap he dishes out is cliche anti-white bashing – and it’s difficult for many in the masses to see otherwise. In addition, it ignores the fact northerners and so many others, like Latin America etc, are also racist pigs.

    • Natives in Canada like Natives in Mexico are treated badly and all whites are racist against them. It is similar to the way the West was in Custer’s Day while Native-Americans in the U.S. are happy on Reservations making 100 grand running casinos.

      Native and Inuit poverty in Northern Canada is Third World.

      Canada like Mexico has never gotten over its original Red-White racial conflict.

      If you picture Canada to be as pleasant as Toronto than download a photo of Northern Ontario.

      • Jason Y

        Trash if they’re making a lot on casinos, then why aren’t they out of poverty? Apparently, you’re contradicting yourself. Capitalism is screwing Amerindians, cause like in Nigeria, they all aren’t sharing in the booty.

      • Jason Y

        I don’t think natives are treated badly by the government if it’s given them tons of government aid. You’re speaking of bigotry from ordinary white Canadians.

  6. JASON Y

    They are not out of poverty in Canada. Their wealth disparity with whites is worse than that of Alabama so Neil Young should write a song about it.

  7. Jason Y

    What the hell does it matter how Amerindians act cause they’re so far away from white Canadians – and the measly little bit they have to pay for their troubling minority isn’t that much overall? For instance, I’m sure the black imprisonment rate in the US is far more than for any crap from Amerindians in Canada.

  8. Jason Y

    From least to most politically correct:

    Nazis, KKK, alt-right, Republicans, alt-left, compassionate Republicans (John McCain), democrats, Jason Y. , The Cultural left and Neil young.

  9. Juan

    What do you guys think of the Federal Judiciary blocking the Travel ban?

    I fear that when the next Muslim perpetrated terror attack happens on U.S. soil that Trump will say “I told you so” and sway lots of moderates.

    Whereas if the travel ban stayed, he’d be the loser once a terror attack happens (failure to prevent)

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, though it’s off-topic to this post, I’d say any Muslim attack will solidify Trump – making it tougher to impeach him (or make him resign) despite all the scandals (Russian hacking of US elections, murder, rape of underage girls etc.)

    • JUAN

      Won’t be a Saudi businessman taking his family to Disneyland or an Egyptian doctor.

      It will be an American of Arab descent whose parents own a seedy liquor store who is Travis Bickle type loner.

      Usually something goes wrong in their life-women, parents marriage, divorce-and they get involved in radicalism.

      But 9 times out 10 they are born on American soil. Friends remember them as dissolute party animals who liked drugs, drinking and strippers.

      • Juan

        Good point, BUT very few ‘average folks’ are going to differentiate between a 3rd generation Arab and a “migrant”.

        The media is not given the family tree nor do proles care to research.
        The point is their name is “Achmed”

        • JUAN Western Terror Profile

          First generation and second will remember how horrible Egypt or Jordan was and still intoxicated by the luxuries of Newark or Buffalo so the perp will be born in the U.S. or Western Europe or raised. Parents happy to be in the West.

          Raised in a harsh post-industrial neighborhood like Newark or London that was a ghetto.

          Other Arabs regarded them as the “Weird Abdullah” like Travis Bickle and were loners.

          Were drug addicts and alcoholics before they became religious so brain already altered.

          Teen petty criminal history.

          Don’t give a shit about religion but just watched F13 50 times and found a way to get paid to lob people’s heads off for their own amusement. Privately drink and watch porn and don’t care about religion but someone will finance their entertainment.

        • JUAN

          Trump and his cronies will because Saudi tourists spend millions of dollars in one trip.

          White proles probably are unaware of this or much of anything else for that matter.

        • JUAN

          This is because they are ignorant. Lawmakers guided by lobby interests will recognize that Saudis spend WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON U.S. SOIL.

          If one of them has the money to finance a massacre it pales in comparison with the millions they spend so the risk is worth it.

      • Juan

        Most proles ironically fail to recognize that the terrorists are “goat fucking peasants” who can’t farm due to desertification.

        Proles seem to think all levels of all “Muslim majority” countries sympathize with that sort of thing.
        But it’s laughable.

        • JUAN Western Terror Prototype

          Some NAM who got converted in prison because White society offered him nothing anyhow.

          Grew up in a shitty post-industrial section of some city like London or Newark in relative poverty.

          Like Jihad John loved horror films (Friends remembered him watching F13 40 or 50 times) and just wanted to get paid to lob people’s heads off or financed to go on a stabbing spree but privately does not give a shit about religion. A psychopath who happens to be of Arab ancestry and found an outlet for his bloodlust.

          Loner in his Arab-American community and was the local Travis Bickle regarded as the Local “Weird Abdullah” type.

          Girlfriend dumped him or some other personal catastrophe pushed over the edge but was always aggressive and rageful.

          Was a drug addict and alcoholic who did some jail time where he was converted. Old friends knew him as corner weed pusher and are shocked he ever opened the Koran in his life.

          Petty teen criminal with anti-social traits.

        • JUAN Profiling a Terror Suspect

          Rough post-industrial area where Arab-Americans or Arab-Europeans have little opportunity like London slums or Newark.

          Second generation kids of immigrants from poor Muslim countries not rich ones. Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Pakistan.

          Other Arab-Americans knew him as a petty criminal, thug, bully or loner in their youth.

          Small-time petty criminal in youth. Record of arrests.

          Domestic assault charges on wife, assaults on other Arabs in his neighborhood.

          Under 30.

          Loner in adulthood. If married only through arrangement.

          Haunted porn stores and strip clubs prior to radicalization.

  10. Jason Y

    Native and Inuit poverty in Northern Canada is Third World.

    Canada like Mexico has never gotten over its original Red-White racial conflict.

    If you picture Canada to be as pleasant as Toronto than download a photo of Northern Ontario.

    Right, but maybe like Arabs, they aren’t into money that much. It’s sort of a repeat of the black South African vs Afrikaner or Arab vs Israeli thing. It’s a clash of cultures where the lower IQ doesn’t want to be house negroes to a more powerful group. Can you blame them? Why should everything be about money?

  11. Jason Y

    Trump can probably even be proven to be a Russian spy – a much stronger case for impeachment than for Bush and also again, the rape and murder thing, of children of all things. Why were the Republicans such darn fools to nominate and elect this guy? I guess the angry white male rage must be over-the-top in this land.

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