US Style Conservatism Is Hated All over the Planet

Tulio: The Philippines sounds more rightwing than the US right now. Their bloodthirsty, murderous ultra-nationalist despot is rather popular.

Middle East countries are conservative.

I don’t think Americans themselves are nearly as rightwing as the government. When they are polled, they seemed to be more center-left. From what I understand, most Americans support gay marriage, most believe climate change is a real threat, most support increasing the minimum wage, most believe in upholding Roe v Wade, most want to protect the environment, most now want marijuana legalized, I’ve even heard that most believe in universal health care now.

On the actual issues when polled a la carte, most people aren’t rightwing. Many Republicans however have been brainwashed into thinking that any Democratic president will turn America into Venezuela under Chavez. They bring up Venezuelan socialism all the time and accuse the Democratic party of wanting to be like Latin American socialism, which is bullshit of course. The progressives in the Democratic party look at European social democracy as a model, not Venezuela or Cuba.

Show me anywhere on Earth where US Republican Party style conservatism is popular. Duterte says he is socialist, and he got elected President. Sound like a Republican to you. He has a good relationship with the New People’s Army, an armed Maoist revolutionary group. He had an excellent relationship with them when in government in Mindanao. Still think Duterte is a Republican.

Yes, Middle Eastern countries are conservative (as are many countries), but that is just social conservatism. Social conservatism barely matters. Conservatism is only important in economics and in nothing else. Show me one Middle Eastern country anywhere where US-style conservatism is popular. One, one, one.

Venezuela is just a case where they tried to put in European social democracy, but the elite down there is so fanatically reactionary that they fought it at every turn, mostly recently completely blowing up the whole economy via sabotage, which their leaders have even confessed to. So Venezuela is what happens when the capitalist opposition opposes social democratic reforms with all their weight. I don’t see how Chavez was trying to do anything different than say Norway for instance. That seemed to be his model.

Social democracy or democratic socialism in one form or another is simply the way of almost the entire world. The whole planet runs on variations of this system or in some cases such as China, even further Left than that. China is far to the Left of social democracy.


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  1. TJF

    To Tulio and Rob,

    The Philippines sounds more rightwing than the US right now. Their bloodthirsty, murderous ultra-nationalist despot is rather popular.

    Yes Duterte is very popular in the Philippines.
    “Ultra-nationalist” He is not attacking other countries, disallowing the entry of foreigners into the Philippines, nor does he talk about the Filipino race and their superiority over others. Also he is asking a foreign country for assistance with patrolling the Filipino coastline. So in what way do you think he’s an ultra-nationalist..?

    As for the NPA and Duterte —
    Depends upon the month, day, or year—

    November 5, 2015

    “I salute you because you handed over the captives,” Duterte said, adding that he also jokingly chanted “Mabuhay si Duterte,” which got a favorable response from the NPA rebels.”

    “DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 03 July) — The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has heeded the call of President Rodrigo Duterte for cooperation in the war against prohibited drugs, claiming they have long waged an anti-illegal drugs campaign.

    “In positive response, the CPP reiterates its standing order for the NPA (New People’s Army) to carry out operations to disarm and arrest the chieftains of the biggest drug syndicates, as well as other criminal syndicates involved in human rights violations and destruction of the environment. The NPA is ready to give battle to those who will resist arrest with armed violence,” it said.

    During Friday’s turn over of command at the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Quezon City, Duterte, who vowed to end criminality and drugs within the first three to six months of his term, urged the NPA to use their “kangaroo courts” to prosecute and kill the drug traffickers to expedite the solution on illegal drugs.”

    February 5th 2017:

    “MANILA, Philippines — A day after terminating the peace talks, President Rodrigo Duterte labeled communist rebels as terrorists and ordered the arrest of jailed leftist leaders who were allowed to join the negotiations.

    Duterte said the rebels committed atrocities despite the goodwill gestures displayed by the government.”

    Duterte on China:
    April 24, 2016
    “Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday said he was ready to die to assert the Philippines’ claims over the South China Sea if he wins the presidency in the upcoming elections.”

    Dec 11, 2016
    “Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte expressed willingness to accept an arms deal proposed by China, further signifying a recent thaw in relations between the two countries.”

    Feb 2, 2017
    “On Tuesday, Duterte once again raised eyebrows and made headlines when told members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that he had asked China if it could patrol the waters near the Philippines to help the Southeast Asian state tackle transnational threats ranging from piracy to terrorism.

    “And by the way, I also asked China if they can patrol the international waters without necessarily intruding into the territorial waters of countries,” Duterte said in remarks at an oath-taking ceremony of Philippine military officers at the presidential palace.”

    At the same time Duterte has been fairly consistently in favor of women’s rights (at the same admitting to visiting prostitutes and having mistresses) is pro birth control and is strongly in favor of religious plurality.

    Yes, most definitely, Duterte openly condones death squads to target drug dealers (Death squads are typically staffed by Philippine military, police, and the communist NPA) but in the context of Asia this is relatively normal and neither rightist nor leftist and has been a regular practice by the PRC in China, the communist Vietnamese government, and several Marxist rebel groups. The police and court systems in the Philippines are corrupt and very slow moving – previously any drug dealer with money could and did buy their way out of prosecution. I absolutely do not condone this form of “justice” but given the context, I understand it and would not call it rightist.

    • TJF

      Filipinos have so little insight or capacity of abstract thought so they don’t think about how badly Chinese are screwing them. If they do it is kind of like the white prole dull resentment of Jews. In point of fact the Chinese

      A) Invented Shabu in 1983 to sell to Filipinos.

      B) Keep wages at slave level

      C) Bribe politicians so no unions, EPA rights or whatever they wish to get away with.

      Spanish-Mestizos fit in as absentee landlords who just don’t give a shit about any of this although there is some Spanish-Chinese tension in the Philippines to some degree.

      One ethnic group with an IQ 15 points higher than another is the answer to Chinese success.

      Its no different than Koreans in Compton selling Malt Liquor and Whippets in the ghetto to blacks because they will consume it.

      • TJF

        To Trash:

        B) Keep wages at slave level

        The Philippines has minimum wage laws… but they have also have a large surplus of labor – so, many people are unemployed or underemployed. See my point about a quadrupling of the population (of an already crowded country) since 1960.

        C) Bribe politicians so no unions, EPA rights or whatever they wish to get away with.

        Many environmental laws exist in the Philippines.. the problem is sporadic enforcement (as with everything there…). The Philippines also has unions which can and do call work outages, but with such a large surplus of labor (absent highly skilled positions) they fight an uphill battle.

        • TJF

          Philippines also forbids unions and Spanish-Mestizos in Negros (Sugarcane country) who own the plantations gunned a local lawyer down the street from me who was trying to form a union for sugarcane workers.

          I heard stories that other would-be labor organizers were killed in worse ways.

          Lawyers mostly.

        • TJF

          Unions are stone-illegal in Cebu, Philippines. I know this point-blank. Maybe it depends on the region. You can form guilds through corporation loopholes.

          Labor strike organizers are crushed ruthlessly by Spanish Mestizos in Sugarcane country. A lawyer down the street was blown away for repping them when I lived in Negros. Again I know this.

          I doubt if minimum wage is enforced.

        • TJF

          What do you talking about? There’s no unions in Sugarcane. They blow away lawyers who even rep labor strike organizers.

          Chinese Filipinos tend to run businesses where such tactics are unnecessary but the Spanish Mestizos will use violence to quell any labor disruption.

        • TJF


          Philippines also forbids unions
          False and easily disproved.. a sample of strikes (some involving more than 100,000 workers..) in the last few decades.






          Some 123,000 workers joined the protests. operations at the docks were paralysed when 3,000 workers under the banner of the alyansa ng manggagawa sa pantalan (apl – alliance of dock workers) joined the strike

          Unions of the kilusang mayo uno (kmu-may first movement) and their allies in bayan (which translates to “new patriotic alliance”) launched a welgang ng bayan or “people’s strike” in davao city, the largest city on the big southern island of mindanao and one of the largest cities in the country. according to newspaper reports this strike paralyzed 98% of all public transportation. additionally, all banking institutions were closed by noon, and the few government workers who showed up to work were sent home at 3:30. the city was effectively shut down.

          A general strike..? The US hasn’t had such large strikes in more than 60 years.


          Spanish-Mestizos in Negros (Sugarcane country) who own the plantations gunned a local lawyer down the street from me who was trying to form a union for sugarcane workers.

          That might be true – but one industry in one province does not represent the conditions for the entire country.

        • If you call an outage to a Spanish sugarcane family your body will never be found.

          A lawyer who was hired by workers to rep them was blown away as a warning.

          Spanish Mestizos are Mexicans, basically.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          If you call an outage to a Spanish sugarcane family your body will never be found. A lawyer who was hired by workers to rep them was blown away as a warning.

          That may be true but it would appear that you concede my point that unions are legal in the Philippines and there have been numerous successful strikes.

          Spanish Mestizos are Mexicans, basically.

          Do you mean Filipino Mestizos..? No, not really..
          Filipino Mestizos are generally a mix of Spanish, Chinese, and other ethnic groups with the indigenous populations of the Philippines.

          Mexican Mestizos are a heavily Spanish (with the occasional German, Irish, French, or Lebanese ancestor) mixed with the indigenous people of Mexico.

          The indigenous people of Mexico and the Philippines are roughly classified as Asian but there is about a 30,000 year distance between the two groups. The was some migration during the colonial era from Mexico to the Philippines but today their descendants amount to less than 2% of the population. You are correct though, that there are a fair number of similarities between the cultures, predominantly because they were colonized by Spain.

      • TJF

        To Trash:

        Filipinos have so little insight or capacity of abstract thought so they don’t think about how badly Chinese are screwing them.

        Genetics aside – culturally Filipinos seem less driven than middle class Americans, at the same time they seem genuinely more happy than the latter. Many Filipino Americans I’ve met in the US seem to have adapted just fine albeit they are not as entrepreneurial as the Chinese and Asian Indians.

        • TJF

          Indeed Filipinos are mellow except for the Muslims in Mindanao. This is why there have been no anti-Chinese riots like Malaysia or simply genocide like Indonesia. Filipinos are laid-back and actually kind of lethargic.

          I’m willing to bet Chinese-Filipinos in the U.S. actually make LESS MONEY than ethnic Filipinos in the U.S. because Filipinos in the US are mostly doctors or other medical professions while Chinese-Filipinos really cannot run businesses in the United States. It’s a brain drain. Or its a trophy wife married to an older man.

          I’ve never SEEN a Spanish-Mestizo in America. Most Americans don’t realize there is rich half-white Filipino ruling class.

        • TJF

          Genetically speaking the Filipinos are fairly mellow and dull I agree. There have been no anti-Chinese riots in Philippines compared to elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Spanish Mestizos have managed to hang around.

          Filipinos in the U.S. would be happy if they are from a squat, I am sure. Even the lowest-paying job is pretty good and they will be well-off when they return to the Philippines.

          In my experience half the trophy wives of American older men are actually supporting a Filipino boyfriend back home.

          Chinese-Filipinos and Spanish-Mestizos are never seen in America.

          They would not be happy there and would not be as wealthy as Filipinos in America because they have to work for their family cartel business.

        • TJF “Driven”

          It is a little creepy to think that the nurse leaning over you from the Philippines sucked penises at night 40 times a week on the pay for nursing school but most Filipino women in skilled professions paid for it hooking.

          My bar’s staff all became care-givers, for some reason.

          Unless you have a vagina it is hard to escape the Philippines. Any Filipino woman who is not Chinese-Filipino will marry any white dude who can spring from the Philippines. Chinese-Filipino women will rarely screw white men though I did it once. They are in marriages that are usually arranged and many of them despise whites as interlopers and enemies of the motherland.

          If you have no money and nothing to sell, you’re screwed.

          Male Filipinos get used to this life of leisure and just go with it.

          Spanish-Filipino women sometimes marry a white guy but it is also rare. Those marriages are most arranged for racial/strategic reasons.

          Not much you can do if you are born in a squat now that selling Shabu is a death offense-some Filipino non-drug users I knew sold it, got rich and invested in some business.

        • TJF

          Twenty, thirty or fifty years ago middle-class Americans were happier. These days their position is more precarious with the internet gutting their economy. It is one reason I left the United States in 1999 being middle-class myself (Father a doctor, mother in design).

          Filipinos are fairly mellow and the males are resigned to the sheer hopelessness of their situation in the Philippines.

        • TJF ?

          These rights might be on paper. When mass protests do break out they are hard to stop like the People’s Revolution.

          China has a bigger population that the Philippines so population is not complete problem. Also Marcos is far in the past but the country never recovered.

          Alliances and associations do exist. That is different than a union.

          Never lived in Luzon but in Cebu if your association is trouble for the Barangay counselor you’ll be blown away.

          If you organized a strike against Hacienderos in agri-business your body would never be found. Lawyers die like flies in Central Philippines.

          Luzon does not have many Spanish or they are not as powerful as Mestizo families in Central Philippines where I was.

          Corruption, as far as I am concerned, was mostly introduced by Spanish and Chinese (And Americans in the Philippines) simply took to the system.

        • Jason Y

          It is a little creepy to think that the nurse leaning over you from the Philippines sucked penises at night 40 times a week on the pay for nursing school but most Filipino women in skilled professions paid for it hooking.

          Being a slut is still an insult there. A lot of the people are devout Catholics etc.. Just cause they have a low IQ, doesn’t mean they all sell-out to whoredom to get what they want.

          Imagine assuming some church type girl is a whore, she would be very offended, as would her family. In other words, you cannot just look at Filipinas in everyday life and assume they would be a hooker or exotic dancer. It’s even rude to assume they want a white husband.

          Note, what i said sounds like feminist cultural left crap, but it pretty much rings true.

        • Jason Y

          BUT sometimes, a lot of women who will not be your whore will lie and steal, which is just as bad. For instance, I asked one I was giving money to send me a nude pic, and it’s not difficult to send one on a cell phone, or even just a bikini one. No can do. But they will lie all the time.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          These rights might be on paper.
          As I said a huge excess labor supply hampers unions but there have been multiple success strikes in the Philippines in recent decades.

          China has a bigger population that the Philippines so population is not complete problem.

          Population density (and arable land etc) is important – the population density in the Philippines is 2.35 times higher than China. Also the population growth of the PI is much higher. Compared to 1950, China has 2.35 times as many people – The Philippines has nearly 5 times as many people. Even ignoring industriousness and collective intelligence such population density and growth rates are barely sustainable for any country (absent starting from a very low density).

  2. jose

    What does American conservatism consist of?

    Because sometimes I have read that United States have a stronger and more participative state that what it seems or their governments usually show to governments of other countries, for example when they support or recomend some economic policies to presidents of third world countries, when actually they do not apply those same policies in United States because they know that are bullshit.

    Also I have read that United States have big failures in it public systems of health and education (while in other first world countries are much better applied).

    The same with inequality in general.

    It appears that, in United States, rich people have much more power and are less controlled that in most part of first world. In that facet, United States it’s a bit more similar to third world countries (that usually have very solid and powerful elites).

    • JOSE

      True. Australian, Tokyo, NZ all have a higher standard of living for all.

      Regulated financial markets and taxation do not discourage greedy and talented people there from becoming millionaires, either. This is the biggest line of BS Republicans try to spout about economic growth. Rich people will want to be richer even if they had to take in the anus AND pay 40% tax. Nothing stymies greed but Australia and NZ tax it better so there are no homeless on the streets.

      Second component is racial homogeneity which leads nations to think of themselves as families.

      Mexico for example has a wealthy Andalusian Moorish elite who regards the Mayans and Aztec as dirty stupid violent primitives and more or less ignores the Mestizos.

      America has a rich tiny Anglo elite colonial class like Mexico’s and Jews and Irish have enough intelligence to grab a place at the table as do Gallegos Cubans in Miami. But they too regard Mestizos and blacks as dirty, stupid, addicted primitives (Which most of them are) who should fight for table scraps.

  3. Yee

    Philippines was an US colony. Copied everything US way when independence. No surprise if it’s right wing.

    Duterte does claim to be a left winger, though.

    • Yee

      There’s something I found funny too.

      You see a lot of people using Cuba as proof how bad is communism, but almost none that use Philippines or other poor countries as proof how bad is capitalism.

      • YEE

        Who is running Macau? Beijing technically but are the mayors and elites my color or yours….Same situation in Philippines X 10. Spanish are firmly in control of the Philippines and the country follows Spanish law.


        If Philippines ASKED TO BECOME A STATE TOMORROW America would say NO!!!! because Malays are so dumb, lazy, promiscuous, vice-ridden (Look how many are addicts), prone to crime and dishonesty and disease that America would be bankrupted by their welfare.

        Even though it is run economically by China, simply put, Americans still don’t care. Better you do something with Malays than welfare comes out of our pocket. We both know they are really stupid, primitive people.

        Spain is responsible for the way Philippines is and not Americans. Never were and never will be.

        Chinese-Filipinos are now vying for control with the Spanish-Filipinos who hate them to the extent that they sometimes have minor race killings (Paco Osmena killing the two Chinese girls and the Chinese raping a Spanish girl in retaliation) while the Malays and Mestizos squirm around in total poverty owning nothing in shanties.

        • Yee

          US will not give up control of Southchina Sea and Middle East, period.

          It’s oil and oil transport route, crucial for an industrial country. So if you want to remain a threat to China, which the US does want to, there’s no way in hell it will let go.

          And you may not know, but North Korea really wants to surrender to the US. They’ve already killed every pro-China member among themselves, including the half brother this week.

          But unfortunately for them, I don’t think the USA will accept their surrender anytime soon. No point losing an excuse for military existence in East Asia for one more ass kisser.

      • YEE

        Chinese-Filipinos have Catholic names because Philippines is Colonialism At Its Worst Run by Spanish. It is Macau x10 because Bijing is Macau’s overlord even if white people are sitting in Macau political chairs.

        Chinese-Filipinos have introduced capitalism of the worst sort to the Philippines because the Spanish left the Malays landless after forcing them off their own land at gunpoint.

        So whites and yellows are equally to blame for exploiting Malays.


        Filipinos are regarded by most whites as dim, shiftless, promiscuous, untrustworthy, corrupt, senseless, vice-ridden (A President elected TO SHOOT ADDICTS?) that they WOULD ALL BE ON WELFARE. This would bankrupt America.


        Your Imperialist fears are getting the better of your logic, Yee.

        In fact for all the grumbling if China did want the Philippines and they agreed the U.S. would say good riddance to them much like if American blacks all left for Africa American would be happy.

        Because deep down whites are racists who can co-exist to some extent with Chinese and Japanese who are merely another cold-climate people at the other end of a continent but cannot get along with tropical people even as well as Chinese do in Southeast Asia.

        Have you ever noticed how whites are ruled by logic and practicality and have no sentimentality? This does not jive well with blacks, Malays, etc.

        • Yee

          Individual view is different from govt strategy. Or are you so naive that you believe your govt actually do as your people want?

      • Jason Y

        Actually, all sorts of people use third world nations as proof of the failure of capitalism.

        • JASON Y

          Socialism fails there as well. Yet socialism and welfare-capitalism do well in Sweden.

          Sure, some alcoholic males in Stockholm are jobless and lie around in a government-subsidized loft watching Hockey all day long but they end up out of the breeding pool anyhow.

          Same in Japan.

      • In countries like the Philippines there are no such things as communism, capitalism or socialism.. In order for communism, capitalism or socialism to work there must be some ability to organize and cooperate by the populace. It is more like market anarchism. North Korea, an isolated country with no economy what so ever is more organized and well ordered.

        If NK is embraced by the global community, we can safely say that it will be like South Korea in a short amount of time. China embraced controlled capitalism and in a few decades was able to go from one of the poorest country in the world (Poorer than most sub-Saharan countries) to a mid level income country with the second largest economy in the world. China was able to life hundreds of millions of people out of poverty within 30 years.

        The Philippines, despite the resources, the geo-location, the infrastructure left by the US is still a sh1thole.

        • TJF

          To briandamageblog:

          The Philippines, despite the resources, the geo-location, the infrastructure left by the US is still a sh1thole.

          In 1950, 4 years after independence from the US – the Philippines on a per capita basis, was the second most wealthy country in Asia. In 1960 it was still well ahead of Thailand and South Korea and ahead of Malaysia. Subsequently their already high population quadrupled but their economy did not keep up. May want to look into the role of the Catholic church (every sperm is sacred – credit to Monty Python).

        • TJF I ran a bar in Cebu for three years:

          Up to 1960’s Filipinos had 8 or 8 children. Then it went down to 4 or 5 in the 70’s. Now its 3 or 4.

          Spanish encouraged this and now Chinese-Filipinos because no unions and no minimum wage since somebody will always be willing to work for nothing.

          To begin with, like blacks, Filipinos simply are sexual promiscuous and half of them end up as single mothers. One woman will have kids with 2 or 3 males between 15 and 40 until she has 4. Catholicism is part of it as the Spanish encouraged Spanish and Mexican soldiers or friars to screw local girls for converts and Filipinos became concubines.

          A) Marcos robbed the economy in the 1960’s along with his wife. Filipinos are inclined to steal whether they are whores stealing a customer’s cellphone (Happened to me once) or they run a country. Their character is weak and that is why they are the biggest addicts in Asia.

          B) Spanish half-breeds have always owned all the land and the Americans did not disrupt their racial system or redistribute the land so they remained in political power during the US Occupation. They still run the place.

          C) Filipinos are dull. Some Chinese-Filipinos have told me that this is because fevers fry parts of their brains as children. Their IQ is low.


          A) East Asians have a much higher IQ than Filipinos. On average maybe 15 points.

          B) Lascivious. I screwed my female Filipino boss who was married to a nice faithful man but told me she just had to have a foreign penis in her vagina. They are horny people. The males produce 8 or 9 kids with 3 or 4 women. This is why the women are happy hookers. I’m a sex maniac too. It’s impossible for Filipino women to be faithful, in general.

          C) Filipinos are dim and dull-witted for the most part. They have no capacity for abstract thought or insights or inner life whatsoever. This is why Filipino women make cheerful prostitutes. They lack the capacity for moral doubt or esteem issues of any kind.

          D) Weak character. From the whore who steals the clients cellphone when he is in the shower (Me) up to the politician they are compulsive kleptomaniacs. Read the Hong Kong news, maids are always in jail for theft. Even in Arab countries and even with the risks of being a thief in a Muslim countries.

          E) Pathological lying. Filipinos love lying and gossip. Possibly this is part of their passive aggressive makeup.

          F) Prone to addiction. This is why a President has to threaten to shoot addicts. Alcoholism and addiction and gambling is the bane of their existence.

          G) Voted for Marcos who robbed them.

          H) America ran Philippines. If Hawaii went back to Polynesians it would be worse than Philippines.

        • Jason Y

          If fevers are frying their brain, then perhaps better healthcare, which is absent due to a right-wing regime, would heighten the IQ.

    • YEE

      Wrong there, Spanish laws and legal customs are followed to the letter by the government which is run by Spanish Filipinos lock, stock and barrel down to the President they feel like electing (Chinese would not choose Duterte because his execution of drug manufacturers is targeted at Fuji Chinese cookers and this is why Senator Lim has protested him).

      American laws and customs are not copied at all. Americans have no privileges and only Spanish citizens have special rights in Philippines as part of a Commonwealth agreement still existing between the two countries.

      Filipinos revolted against Spain and America entered and suppressed the revolt in order to keep white people in Philippines in power as they feared even then that if Chinese immigrants took over the country it would become a satellite of aggression against the United States/Britain (This was during the Boxer rebellion).

      It then went over to Britain who maintained the Spanish dominance to once more suppress any chance of an alliance between Chinese-Filipinos and the mainland.

      Philippines has been run by Spain’s children of colonial land-owners and their Filipino wives from 1600 until now.

      America has nothing to do with how Spanish-Filipino dual citizens who own perhaps 90% of the land run the place and it never did.

      Chinese-Filipinos have a great deal of money and SOME political power but the real power is in the hands of Spanish people.

      • Yee

        You mean since the Yankees took over Philippines from the Spainish in1898, until now she has her first rebellion president, you people haven’t managed to do a thing there in a hundred more years? That was pathetic. Ha Ha

        • YEE

          China controls Philippines economically. We both know that. If Americans intended to “control” Philippines they would refuse to do business with Chinese-Filipinos because their money goes into Chinese banks.

          If you want to blame somebody I think Chinese-Filipinos have to shoulder most of the blame for exploiting the hell out of Malays and then asking American to subsidize the place with AID loans when it has the most billionaires in the world.

          Read your history, Yee. America helped the Spanish put down the attempted revolution and the Spanish were allowed to keep their sugarcane businesses if they sold to the United States.

          Absolute true. America was bankrupt at the end of World War II and Americans did not want Philippines as a state because we whites would have to give Malays so much welfare for their irresponsible sexual behavior that our country would be bankrupt in 2 years.

          Another words Filipinos are sadly, really stupid.

        • YEE

          Americans do not care if some maniac cop shoots drug addicts, which is a sad statement of how little real influence over the Philippines since we asked him to stop.

          Duterte has made some noise about “rebelling” in one sentence and then seeking American ties against Chinese aggression (He’s a quarter Chinese himself) on the other as well as “American investment”.

          Tropical dogs will bite you as you feed them.

          Americans do not even know where the country is.

          Corruption and the rest of it rests firmly on the shoulders of Chinese-Filipinos who we both know are running the place. You cannot blame Americans for that.

          Please….Take the Malays. Pay them 5 x as much as your overseas Chinese business community is actually willing to so that America does not have to subsidize them.

        • Yee

          America was not bankrupt after World War II. US had the Marshall Plan to rebuild West Germany, it also helped rebuild Japan, too.

          Philippines was pitiful, I must say, being an US colony after all, end up not getting anything but table crumbs. Real cruel of you Yankees.

        • Jason Y

          The Phillippines as a US state is a massively bad idea. The culture is too different, the people too different, and it’s too far away. Even a non-racist person would say that.

        • Jason Y

          Not to mention the Phillippines is too big to take in as a state and it’s a big nation with a lot of people who are of one different specific race.

        • Jason Y

          America was not bankrupt after World War II. US had the Marshall Plan to rebuild West Germany, it also helped rebuild Japan, too.

          Philippines was pitiful, I must say, being an US colony after all, end up not getting anything but table crumbs. Real cruel of you Yankees.

          Possibly racist thinking would have assumed Germans and Japanese would have done well with investment while the Phillippines, Nigeria etc.. would squander it in corruption. So is this the correct way to think or is it racist ??

        • Yee

          Neither, it’s to fight communism. Because poor country would easily turn to communism, so these two countries at the front line of Soviet and China must get help.

        • TJF

          To Yee:

          US had the Marshall Plan to rebuild West Germany, it also helped rebuild Japan, too. Philippines was pitiful, I must say, being an US colony after all, end up not getting anything but table crumbs. Real cruel of you Yankees.

          Well first on a per capita basis, US aid to the Philippines in the aftermath of WWII was higher than the aid sent to Japan. In addition the Philippines received substantial war reparations from Japan in the mid-50s that would amount to $5 billion today. In other words aid to the Philippines directly from the US and enforced by the US was markedly higher per capita than the aid to Japan.

          In 1960 per capita income in the Philippines was 9% higher than Malaysia, 65% higher than South Korea, and 155% higher than Thailand.
          (As well as better life expectancy for all of South East with the exception of Malaysia which was on par)

          What happened..? In 1946 when the US granted the Philippines independence it’s population was 18 million, in 1960 27 million, now almost 100 million but they did not keep up with much of Asia in terms of industrialization.

          I don’t agree with Trash that Spain “rules” the Philippines but the Spanish influence from hundreds of years of colonization is quite strong. The PI more closely resembles Mexico than the United States. The Catholic church had excessive (if waning) influence leading to dramatic population growth, due to the Catholic church’s opposition to birth control and sex education. Combine that with unmatched economic growth and rampant unchecked corruption and you have the Philippines. Trash is correct that Filipinos of Chinese descent (and Chinese who intermarried with upper class Filipinos) do have an outsized imprint in the economic realm in the PI,

          For example:

          So one might want to ask.. why is it that Ethnic Chinese can do so well when they represent a small percentage of the Philippines?

        • Yee

          Japan’s economics success owe largerly to 2 American wars, Korea War and Vietnam War. Much like the US benefited from 2 world wars. Large orders stimulated rapid growth. Rising demand was more help than aids.

          For China, lessons was learned from the 2 wars — a)must get industrialized, b)only the powerful gets ally.

          I’m not trying to defend the Philippines, Malays get no respect from me. But being an US ally, they certainly didn’t get too good a bargain.

      • Jason Y

        I haven’t heard of any commonwealth agreement with Spain. Do you have links to support your claim?

    • Tulio

      What kind of left-winger goes around murdering children who use drugs? Sounds like something even the most right-wing American pro-war on drugs Republican wouldn’t even think of.

      • TULIO

        There is little concern for the rights of the poor in the Philippines.

      • US definitions of Right and Left make little sense in the Philippines, Europe, Russia or really many other places.

        You are talking about a whole different political universe where US definitions of Right and Left make no sense.

        In a US sense, he’s a combination of both Right and Left.

        Communist countries were pretty brutal towards drug addicts, I believe, but I doubt if they executed them. Maybe the Khmer Rogue did, but they hardly count. I remember that Sendero Luminoso, Maoist guerrillas in Peru, used to execute some drug users though.

        • TJF

          To Rob:

          Communist countries were pretty brutal towards drug addicts, I believe, but I doubt if they executed them.

          My understanding is that under Mao, typically drug addicts were rounded and thrown into re-education camps. As one might expect some addicts would return to their habit and although not officially sanctioned there were apparently incidents of repeat drug addicts being executed. Perhaps with the idea the was a dealer (one addict has a stash to last him two weeks and sells some to a friend.. officially he is now a dealer..).

          Supposedly the street justice meted out by death squads in the Philippines is targeted only towards dealers but inherently users will also be killed.

          They’re not just killing small fry – two mayors and the daughter of a British peer have been killed:

  4. YEE Govt. strategy

    Protesters are not shot in America and if the Philippines wanted to become a state at the expense of the white tax payer who knows that Malays like blacks would be over-breeding receivers of lifelong charity who tended to produce a breeding pool of addicts, horny promiscuous women to lazy to use protection when men paid to rent their vagina, thieves, corrupt minor politicians, lunatics etc….the entire United States would be up in arms about THEIR TAX MONEY going to Malays.

    If you do the math, the Malays would bankrupt American.

    America is not afraid of their government and their government is afraid of them. China is a bit the opposite but no Chinese want to subsidize Malays AND YOUR CHINESE-FILIPINO BILLIONAIRES FORCE MALAYS TO STARVE ON US AID.

    Americans do not really know or care if their own “peasants” from the farmlands of their own country interior (Red States) ship off to die pointlessly in sandy Third World Toilet bowls like Syria.

    But a draft instead of a volunteer army…this would cause problems because educated, powerful, important and often intelligent Americans only have 1-2 children and do not want their sons to die in North Korea.

    Protests ended the Vietnam War which China sort of won, by the way.

    I’m not sure with your single-child policy that many Chinese want to die for worthless Malays either.

    Governments can only convince the people to do so much and then when it becomes totally against their interest they simply say know because unlike Chinese the Americans-individualist as you say-have no faith or love for their government or anything but their own self-interest.

    • Yee

      You really are naive.
      If your govt want something, it certainly have ways to make you people to support it.

      Let’s forget Iraq war, take us for example. What exactly has China done in the last several decades or even centuries that made most US people believe we are a threat? Alright, culture revolution might seem harsh, but at worst we screw ourselves, how does that threaten you? Yet, ordinary people believe we’re evil. I think brainwashing can take credit for this.

      • Chinese peasants are willing to work in factories for less money than poor whites from the vast farmlands of the United States interior.

        This is really a war between greedy businessmen and their own citizens.

        As for the South China sea it is also Vietnam and Philippines who seem to have a problem with Spratley Islands.

      • TJF

        To Yee:

        What exactly has China done in the last several decades or even centuries that made most US people believe we are a threat?

        Chinese produce:
        Hot women we can’t understand
        Good math students
        Ok I’,m joking sort of… basically it comes down to China is the competition – no one really comes close.

        Yet, ordinary people believe we’re evil.

        I don’t think most people in the US believe that Chinese people are evil – but the Chinese government is somewhat looked on with disfavor which many Americans believe is not treating it’s citizens fairly. And FWIW nowadays for every negative mention you read of the Chinese government in the US press you’ll see probably 50 times as much negative attention on the Trump administration.

        • TJF

          Chinese are successful because:

          Filipino women are all single mothers at 18 and love screwing and end up with 4 kids. Filipino couples will have 5-9 kids anyhow.

          A) Chinese are no geniuses to a white but compared to Filipinos they are bright and fairly conscientious business people.

          B) They are totally ruthless about exploiting Filipino stupidity like inventing Shabu to sell to them back in 1983. They keep wages low by bribing politicians to prevent unions etc.

          C) The family run businesses and Filipino will rip their own mother or daughter off. Filipinos admit this and call it the “crab mentality”. Filipinos generally cannot run a family business.

          D) Filipinos struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Chinese-Filipinos will tend to be degenerate gamblers.

          E) Filipinos screw their heads off and have a load of kids

      • Yee

        We are collectivists at heart. So when others say “China”, we instinctively think it means ourselves. And anyway, the govt doesn’t have an evil image here. Officials, yes, they’re all corrupt; State itself, no, they’re trying to get us people a better life.

        • TJF

          To Yee:

          The US generally has a different view towards politics – it’s very common for Americans to condemn a particular government (including our own) but have a neutral to positive outlook towards the populace. My Russian grandfather in the US spoke with a thick accent, for 25 years of his life, Russia was viewed as an enemy but he personally encountered little hostility. The US used to allow relatively easy immigration and refugee status to anyone who fled from what was considered a communist country until 1991 (Until last year for Cuba) as they were seen as victims from oppressive regimes. in the late 1940s my grandfather discovered that his youngest brother had a high position in the Soviet military – but he didn’t mention that to anyone outside of family and friends.

    • Jason Y

      There is almost no chance of a US state for the Phillippines, though, I heard one talk about it when I was there, my tour guide specifically. Mainly it’s due to frustration. They see Hawaii and how rich it is, and even Saipan, though semi-third world, is better than the Phillippines economically. Even Mississippi is better than the Phillippines money-wise.

      • JASON Y

        How much welfare can the average American be expected to pay? I think read that 40% of Polynesians are on welfare in Honolulu.

        Not that I have anything against people on welfare but there is no way we could assume the Federal burden.

        Plus the Muslims in the South? We think one Pakistani terrorists who shoots up his office party because he got fired or a nutcase on an army base is bad? Those Mofo’s moving into the U.S. mainland?

        No thanks.

        It would never happen anyhow. The Chinese-Filipinos and Spanish do not want to see their own position democratized and like the White plantation owners would wage civil war.


        • Jason Y

          It’s none of my business really, but why doesn’t the Phillippines just let Mindanao leave? It’s too much trouble and is too violent.

        • Jason Y

          Saipan is much the same with a population, at least those lucky to be US citizens, there are many who are guest workers, living on government aid. That’s why, like Puerto Rico, they don’t want independence.

      • libertine81

        @Jason Y: There is a lot of terrible misconceptions about Mindanao – For one, it was never a state of its own prior to the Spanish. The Visayans of the central Philippines have actually been native to northern & eastern Mindanao for at least 2000 years. The Moros (Muslims) are indeed native to islands south of Mindanao – the Sulu archipelago, where there was a sultanate that ruled the region including today’s Malaysia Sabah state, for several centuries. That’s it. Plus, non-Muslims make up the majority of Mindanao, and there is already a Moro autonomous region in the south-west area. The chance of Mindanao splitting away is practically zero.

        As for the violence? Nowhere near as bad as a few decades due to peace deals with the Moro rebels. There is still a festering problem with Jihadist groups like Abu Sayyaf & Maute Group though.

        • libertine81

          Southern Philippines is closer to Malaysia than to Cebu. Luzon is closer to China than Mindanao.

          Overall the Philippines stretches a long way from the Taiwan Straits to Malaysia. The entire length of Indochina.

          Spanish Mestizos in Cebu have nothing in common with Mindanao Malays who have nothing in common with Luzo Chinese-Filipinos.

  5. JASON Y

    Why should Americans fight for Chinese-Filipino business interests and a handful of Spanish racists?

    They have billionaires and won’t even bother protecting poor people from hurricanes.

    Their greed has to be subsidized by America?

    Chinese are the ones cooking the Shabu that Duterte shoots addicts for smoking? How many Americans get busted running meth labs in Philippines, or any other race but Chinese?

    Why does Duterte focus on America. Spain is his problem as Spanish Filipinos are dual citizens. Chinese.

    Not us.

    • Yee

      Why does Duterte focus on US?
      Because Philippines is your ally, silly, and ally to a rich is supposed to get rich. Otherwise why join the gang? But you only give them table crumbs.

    • Juan

      He’s a “right-wing populist”.

      He defend the interests of the powerful covertly while creating a scapegoat for the peasants to latch unto (hence leaving the powerful alone).
      This is why they call him the “Filipino Trump”

      • Jason Y

        Better stop right here !! Beginning to smell of Jew-fish !!

        • Juan

          Oy Vey Goy listen to Bannon when he says “Islamofacism” and “China” are the threats.

          We are your greatest ally!

      • JUAN

        Notice how few Chinese cookers and smugglers are busted. Shabu-I tried it once-is meth with a Taiwanese heroin residue mixed in and Chinese are the SOURCE while Duterte is simply shooting addicts smoking it in their house or busting corrupt cops.

        Why? Because if he really started executing Chinese nationals who are cooking it all over the Philippines then the powerful who are themselves Chinese would be an uproar because Pharmacies and Hardware stores are in on it.

        But shoot a poor Filipino peasant for smoking one line off foil in his squat? Nobody will complain and the public can feel like he is doing what he is hired to do.

        For peasants in the Philippines and many Chinese-Filipinos there is no economy BUT methamphetamine.

        I cannot imagine the economy will improve without it.

      • He calls himself a socialist. No Filipino President in history has ever dared to call themselves such a thing. The Philippines is truly one of the most rightwing countries on Earth in that regard. Filipinos do indeed ape the US. They love the US, which is stupid because it is US style conservatism that has been destroying them forever now.

        He calls himself a socialist and has good relations with MAOIST revolutionaries? And he’s a rightwinger? Not in the US sense, he’s not. And he’s nothing like Trump. Would Trump ever call himself a socialist? Would Trump ever have good relations with an indigenous armed MAOIST insurgency in the US that regularly killed soldiers and police?

      • Juan said “He’s a “right-wing populist”. Rigggghhtt… The world revolves around the US’s definition of what is right wing and what is populism.

  6. YEE

    Filipinos cannot control their impulses and politician will steal.

    We are reading a female senator was just arrested for selling taking payments from police who were selling drugs.

    Malays cannot control their primordial impulses, you see.

    This is why overpopulation is their biggest problem, followed by drug addiction, followed by gambling and alcohol, followed by theft, dishonesty.

    They are of weak character.

    • Jason Y

      Seems like a situation similar to Nigeria.

    • That is why I always thought Malaysia had it right as far as getting the populace with their ” primordial impulses” to behave and somehow come to an equilibrium where things work. They need the harshness of Islam while embracing capitalism to create a large enough economy to support “civil service” jobs for the majority of them.

      Unfortunately, Wahhabism for the past few decades was able to refocus their uncontrolled primordial impulses to all things religion and slowly destroying the golden goose that has been keeping them afloat.

      • Malaysia never had a ruling Spanish class that forced the Filipinos off their land.

        Islam also provides a network for business so the Chinese were not able to seize the economy in its entire GDP.

        Filipinos were always a jumble of mixed-loyalties and races. Indians and Arabs in the South, Spanish, Chinese-Filipino.

        There are other reasons too.

  7. Jason Y

    The new Filipino president, generally speaking, only hates the US cause it wouldn’t sell arms to him – mainly cause of Obama’s criticism of the meth crackdown. I doubt if this is proof of being leftist. Well, also, for one thing, there has been no government takeover of industry nor massive social programs – other than murdering thousands of drug dealers.

    • libertine81

      I’m not a fan of Duterte, but Duterte dislikes America for many reasons, not just because they wouldn’t sell arms. Plus, you need to stop your assertions that he is right-wing – He is not, PERIOD. This is a guy that wants to steer his country away from America’s geopolitical orbit. This is the same guy that installed several left-wing politicians into his Cabinet. All his government policies are basically socialist, except for his illegal drug war policy, which is fascist (and wrong).

      • Jason Y

        If Filipinos want out of America’s geopolitical orbit, then quit asking for money and jobs from America. It’s sort of like if South Korea wants free of the US orbit, then quit asking the US to defend it from North Korea.

        • Jason Y

          Most Americans, sick of globalism, will gladly support moves to give the finger to people who want to give America the finger.

        • libertine81

          ‘then quit asking for money and jobs from America’

          The Philippines only got $121 million in foreign aid from America in 2016. A pittance compared to Pakistan which received $1.1 billion, Egypt which got 1.5 billion and Afghanistan which received more than 3 billion.

      • Jason Y

        Filipinos are massive beggars. Cause of that attitude, their pleas to be independent seem like the whining of bratty children.

        However, AGAIN, note the fact nobody wants to be house negroes as Robert claimed, that whole thing… You have a large struggle between really pompous powerful types and weaker groups struggling to preserve human dignity.

        • libertine81

          Filipinos are a mixed race and were before the Americans arrived. Too much is laid on the lap of the U.S. for Philippines problems.

          Spanish Mestizos who are still the 3% ruling elite are the ones that screwed up the country over 400 years. 40 years in possession of the Americans is not that long of a time.

          Filipinos, being primitive and of weak character, cannot control their urge to steal so politicians steal. It is the same reason so many of them sell their body, steal, lie, cheat, become addicts, degenerate gamblers etc.

          Chinese-Filipinos do not want to redistribute any of their wealth. They are opportunistic and have become billionaires. Basically they are racist to non-Chinese and Filipinos, unlike Jews or Irish, lack the intelligence or organization to compete. So they run 90% of the economy.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry about the begging comment, but it seems like a lot of Filipinos have no pride in many things, but turn around and support politicians who are the total opposite. Shouldn’t the people first become full of pride, and then elect a leader who is the same?

        • libertine81

          ‘a lot of Filipinos have no pride in many things’

          Yup. Which is why, for example, you have lots of Filipinas wanting to marry or have relationships with white men. It is why there is at least 50,000 Amerasian offpsring who are the byproduct of US military personnel and Filipina women prior to the closure of bases in 1992.

          The ones with pride, self-awareness and strong-will are in the minority.

        • Jason Y

          50,000 compared to a population of 100 million or something. Is that really enough to cause racial hatred?

        • Jason Y

          Racists always feel to be proud of their tribe, they have to hate mixed raced people.

        • Jason Y

          Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese suffer from the opposite, too much pride. They’ve become hateful, mean, and snooty. I’d say a balance between the two extremes is the best, but nobody ever goes that route.

      • libertine81 I lived for 3 years in the Philippines and if you think white trash go downhill when meth hits their trailer park you should see what happens to Third World populations. I have, for sure.

        In the Philippines I was robbed 3 or 4 times by Shabu addicts.

        Also, like the black ghetto, there is no other economy that is as profitable. People who like money more than drugs will sell drugs. Selling meth you can earn 30 dollars a day in the Philippines….that is a very good wage.

        Plus some people do not get enough to eat so speed makes them forget this, makes them forget their poverty etc.

        To stop people from taking this great escape route you have to threaten them with death.

        Street crime will be lower, although people will still be poor.

        • libertine81

          Should just decriminalize all simple drug use/possession. Then the police can focus resources on targeting the people that matter the most – mid to upper-echelon narcotic distributors/manufacturers/sellers.

        • libertine81

          It is not about shabu-I’ve tried it and its a low-grade speed high with a bit of Taiwanese heroin dust mixed in-but about poor Filipinos having their own “economy” which allows certain amounts of autonomy from government taxation and control.

          He wants to kill-not jail-shabu addicts because these folks are the dissidents anyhow. He simply wants to thin out the population of people who sell drugs or use them because they do not want to earn $2 a day.

          Chinese-Filipinos are the ones making shabu and to execute them would cause the Chinese community to put all its weight against Duterte while at the moment if some tweaker in the road is shot nobody cares. People will still buy the shit Chinese want to sell so its cool. And Chinese like cocaine, 4,000 Pesos a gram, not shabu. Which you notice Duterte is not after.

          So you will not read of cookers getting executed because these Chinese-Filipinos are related to somebody of minor importance somehow.

          But blowing away squatters on the roads. Their parents are poor anyhow. Who do they know?

          It’s a war against the lower-class.

  8. len

    Forgive me if I focus first on just one facet of your blog Robert, i.e. the bit about how left wingers accept gay marriage and by implication the right do not. I seem to recall in a 2012 blog from you that you referred to gay people as queers and faggots and with faggoty hands etc. which doesn’t exactly suggest you have a very accepting mind in that respect. You also went on to expound at great length (almost tautologically) how you knew without doubt whether a guy was gay or not as if he were (you said) he would show signs of being sexually interested in you. The classic error one would think of those heterosexuals who seem to imagine that every gay man finds them attractive. Gay men are just as choosy as ‘straight’ ones and to assume all gays would be interested in you could be construed as rather self-deluded.
    All of the rest of this blog deals with how left wingers again delude themselves that they hold the moral high ground while anyone leaning to the right is either insane or evil. Shades of grey rather than black and white are what colour politics of all persuasions and until we can at least attempt to see the opposition’s viewpoint all will be rather blinkered and aggressive rhetoric which leads to no more than verbal abuse eventually as I have seen on this site time and again. I’m all for expressing true feelings but recoil at pointless insults directed at contributors whom one has never seen and is never likely to.

    • ALL straight men refer to gay men as faggots and queers. ALL of them. And many straight women do too. We lack a single word for gay men, so single words like fag and queer are used. I know straight men who are very pro-gay rights who use the word fag. They have no hatred for gay men whatsoever. It’s simply a handy word to use.

      I am not 100% wild about gay men due to bad experiences with them. But I have a few gay male acquaintances on the Net. And I support gay rights. In fact I am active in a lot of gay political causes. I am even on their mailing lists. Newsflash! MOST straight men are not real wild about gay men! MOST if not ALL straight men have a strong hostility and revulsion to male homosexuality. That’s the main reason why they do not do such things.

      Indeed, all or almost all gay men give off a sexual vibe when I deal with them, if they are friendly that is. Most can be identified anyway due to effeminate behavior which 75% of them display. The % of straight men who are as effeminate as gay men is very low, maybe 1%.

      It is starting to get hard to tell now as I am getting older and some of the younger gay men no longer give off a sexual vibe when I deal with them. But if I act very friendly they turn it on, so I guess it is still there.

      I haven’t been wrong yet. I can’t always tell if a man is gay or not. I put a ? in front of a lot of guys. But after a while, I make up my mind. And I definitely get a vibe of sexual attraction off of most if not all gay men.

      However, I get the same vibe from women. You must understand that such a vibe is a primitive reaction. From a woman, it means, “I am a woman and you are a man. I am turned on by men.” That’s all it means. I get the vibe from women who hate me, who want nothing to do with me, and who certainly do not with to have sex with me, date me, or even be friends with me.

      In those cases, the vibe looks like this:

      “I am a woman and you are a man. I am turned on by men. However I hate you / don’t like you / want nothing to do with you / do not want to have sex with you /do not want to date you / do not even want to be friends with you.”

      It’s simply primitive sexual signaling. I even get it from teenage girls still to this very day. And I have gotten it quite a few times from elderly women. I wonder if it ever goes away.

      From gay men, I assume it means something the same. “I am a gay man and you are a man. I am turned on by men.”

      I have no idea if they wanted to have sex with me, but gay men characteristically flirt with me, stare at me, make sexual compliments about me or come onto me pretty hard. Whether they actually want to fuck me, I have no idea, but it seems like they do.

      It’s not a characteristic error. I can read people better than 95% of the population. I can read your mind!

      This blog is extremely hostile to rightwingers. Also I assume that you are gay yourself. You will not be happy here.

  9. Tulio

    Venezuelan socialism was authoritarian and proto-communist. Scandinavian social democracy is not at all. I don’t think Chavez looked to Norway for inspiration but rather to Castro.

    • Yee

      No, Venezuela is basically welfare state model, not at all communism model.

      Chavez built it on high welfare, high wages and benefits, heavy subsides. More Scandinavian than Cuban, or sort of Saudi if you like.

      Of course it all depends on govt revenue, mainly from oil, the country doesn’t have many other industries. When oil price crashed, everything crumbled.

  10. libertine81

    @Tulio – You may be surprised to learn that Duterte’s government supports gay marriage, dialogue with Muslim rebels, diminishing oligarchic power, dialogue with Communist China, letting in refugees into his country, distributing the wealth more evenly, and veering away from the American sphere of influence. Which right-wing politician does that? The only thing right-wing about his policies is the war on illegal drugs, but even that has now been suspended.

    • libertine81 He could easily stop the drug trade by focusing on Chinese shabu labs but these are tied to Generals in the army. Shooting some squatter on the street for possessing foil is not going to really stop the problem but the Chinese Generals are so powerful that if he actually went full-on against them the Chinese-Filipino business community (Owning the pharmacies and hardware stores that provide the lab materials) would get rid of Duterte.

      Chinese only elect politicians who are in their interest ie non-union, won’t break up Cjhinese-Filipino family cartels etc.

      Much is made of Spanish influence in the Philippines but it is fading fast. Most of them have actually left the Philippines.

  11. libertine81

    @TRASH: I think you mentioned overpopulation in one of your comments. Well I agree that the underlying cause of everything in the Philippines is simply too many people. Before the Spaniards came we only had a population of 550,000. Population was kept low because the Malayo-Polynesian tribes, for at least 4000 years, had an incredibly astute awareness of the natural environment and knew the limitations (archipelago being vulnerable to storms). Extreme poverty and graft were literally non-existent.

    In 1898, it was 7.3 million. Filipino demographers in the 1960’s stated that 45 million was the nation’s maximum carrying capacity. Now it is 100 million and bursting at the seams.

    • libertine81

      Part of this has been the breakdown of the Filipino family since the 1960’s when Americans turned the country into a whorehouse.

      Marcos forced many Filipino males to work overseas their whole life so boys grew up with no father and child abandonment became normal by 1980 with males having 3 kids and then 1 side kid.

      Mexicans and Spanish friars bred the Malaysians into masses of Mestizo orphans by throwing Malays off their own land and then letting 13 year old girls off the sugarcane farm for sexual favors-this kind of taught Filipinos that sex with whites was the only way to get up in the cruel system of “I have the gun and the land and you are now a squatter”.

      Then the Friar or Plantation owner or Mexican sailor abandons the girl, which set up a system of single-mother promiscuity the Philippines is famous for today along with Catholicism forbidding birth control. What the Friars and Spain really wanted were loyal Catholic subjects.

      Meanwhile the Friar himself marries some Spanish woman shipped out from Spain for the sole purpose of having pure white heirs to run the Hacienda. Today you still have the Osmenas, Ayalas, Garcias.

      Chinese benefited from this because they are family orientated so a bunch of Mestizo orphans had no chance to compete with them in capitol or networking because none of the poor “bastards” knew their Spanish or Mestizo father much less could get money out of them.

      When you ride a Jeepney how many Filipinos look pure Malay because Mexicans, Spanish and Americans reduced the Malays to landless squatters whose only option was to let some white guy impregnate his daughter?

    • libertine81

      It does not help that Spanish threw the Malays off their own land and today their ancestors own the Haciendas.

      Face it, white people still own the land. Do the Hacienda owners look white like me-I’ve seen some green-eyed ones!-or Malay?

      Arabs and Indians and Chinese married Filipino women. Spanish and Americans impregnated them.

      Friars from Spain and Mexico created a race of orphans, basically.

    • libertine81

      I am a white American who lived in Philippines for 3 years in Cebu.

      Shabu is popular because Malays own no land (Spanish do) and no businesses (Chinese do) and they can either work for nothing or sell shabu and make 1200 pesos per day which is something. The drug itself is not that addictive-I’ve used it out of curiosity-but Filipino Malays are miserable knowing that if you are not a Mestizo or Chinese you are nothing and can never be anything.

      Women will marry any white to get out. Sure, they’ll divorce him once they get Norwegian citizenship and I do not blame them.

      There is no hope for the Malay because the Chinese and Spanish have stolen everything.

      Chinese basically invented and pushed shabu because they know that Malays are miserable with their options in life and their only hope is to sell drugs.

      Duterte is not going to do ANYTHING to help Malays by shooting poor drug addicts. This does not redistribute the land from the Spanish or raise the wages or break up the Chinese family cartels.

      Malays blame Americans for everything but it is the Spanish and Chinese who are completely at fault in the Philippines.

      One group rapes you economically and exploits a huge population of poor labor while the white Spanish Hacienderos raped your land and your women.

      So basically Filipinos have been raped.

      Plus squats are so poor and miserable that young people see no reason not to have kids and young males will never hold any job that can provide a future for them.

    • libertine81

      Population and the Ruination of the Philippines:

      Everybody becomes a liar and thief. They have to be. You get no edge from being honest and most people have no job anyhow. If you do get to be counselor you’d better steal what you can.
      Women try to leave. What woman wants to splash water to clean her private areas because there is no decent toilet when they can marry a white guy who lives in a nice house compared to a squat. Women just want OUT. The white guy probably has a bigger penis too. He may be a loser and not as intelligent as Filipino man at math but his country has a high standard of living.
      Smart people leave. Most talented young people leave for 20 years. Addicts, lazy, uneducated, unlucky etc. stay. Go to a squat. The educated people leave.
      Addiction. Chinese know the Filipino male in a squat is bored, hopeless and seeking a cheap vacation. So are the women. Make shabu.
      Chinese take advantage of huge labor market. Some Filipino quits, another shows up. Same with Spanish in agriculture or land or whatever.
      Chinese business elite have no loyalty or love for Filipinos. Trust me, I know. Even if they have lived in Philippines for 300 years they will express their dislike of you to whites privately.
      Single mothers. This probably has to do with Spanish concubines and Americans introducing prostitution but young men just do not raise families. Young women are forced to support the kids.
      Resenting Americans. Americans ARE NOTHING in the Philippines. Chinese and Spanish let us know who has the power. But they distract Filipinos from the reality that they run the place.
      Infidelity. Husbands have side-families. Women cheat with a white man because his penis is bigger-I know this I cheated with my female Filipino boss. As a result of infidelity marriage is not sacred and people sleep around and 30% of babies are born out of marriage.
      Filipinos don’t own land. Unless you are a Mestizo you are a squatter.

      Most Filipinos do not realize any of this but a white in Cebu learns it in a single day.

      • Jason Y

        A big problem with going to the Phillippines is turning women down. Of course, this sounds comical to people back home, especially when a loser back home goes there and is treated as king, or they would say queen in mockery 😆 . The fact of the matter is, it hurts to turn women down, especially when you’re their only hope to get out of that hellhole.

        Only a rock star or some white guy in the Phillippines might have a problem like that. But again this is more white worship as Filipinos despise blacks much like East Indians do or anyone else on the planet – outside of black majority nations.

    • libertine81

      Everybody screws outside marriage. Marcos drove so many males to seek work overseas that the sanctity of marriage broke down.

      Everybody is a single mother in a squat with two kids from different men who do not give a shit.

      Every male has a side-family.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly it’s time to colonize a new area for Filipinos to live and anyhow, they are leaving in vast numbers anyway. Of course, that place wouldn’t be the US cause we are already invaded by Latinos.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t think it’s a good time for American tourists. I would avoid the place, cause it could begin to resemble a Chavez situation. Note, it’s probably a good thing that American tourists are treated the same as everyone else, – but it could be a situation where they could be treated worse as some sort of revenge for past humiliation.

      Guys like Trash would be in a bad situation cause they’re visiting for low-life reasons, mainly for sex. What if the Filipino president begins to get tough on 16 to 17-year-old hookers – simply to look tough on Americans and other foreigners. It could happen.

      • Jason Y

        As disgusting as it sounds, a lot of the thrill of going to the Phillippines is going to a place where people can get away with murder. But it might be the case now with the new government, but some naive tourists might not be aware.

      • Jason Y

        Though it sounds SJW and politically correct, it is so true:

        The human dignity of the non-whites will only come with the loss of the privilege of the white tourists and other exploiters. So obviously, a lot of whites, despite BS claims to be hip with anti-imperialism, really love imperialism – because it’s their way of having the privilege to do murder and even to have the arrogance to criticize their own behavior – knowing they will never be punished for it. Hmmmm 😆

      • Hotdog

        “Guys like Trash would be in a bad situation cause they’re visiting for low-life reasons, mainly for sex. What if the Filipino president begins to get tough on 16 to 17-year-old hookers”

        • I’m sure this is a Zionist conspiracy too.

          I’d have gone anywhere to get away from Detroit. What can you do in the Rustbelt with a degree like mine? Thank goodness too, it must have sucked to see the place decline over the years since I left in 1999 when Billy was still in office.

          Whites have it better in other countries like Australia which you don’t know because you sit around the Midwest hoping the jobs will come back or NAMS will get off the welfare rolls and start working as IT programmers or something equally unrealistic.

          Lacking the initiative to move ANYWHERE else your situation declines at a pace with the economy and industry and all the other finance factors.

          If I dropped you in Australia or Dubai or Canada tomorrow with a work visa you’d be better off.

          But you don’t know this because you never made the step in your 20’s to move on from a state or region in decline.

        • Whites don’t need Jews to be going nowhere in states like Illinois or Michigan where the economy will never stop declining and the infrastructure crumbling while NAMS reproduce at the rats of rabbits on Spanish Fly.

          White Australians are not complaining about Jews and neither are the citizens of Ireland.

          What is so pitiful about whites who have never traveled is how good they think they have it compared to the rest of the world. Trust me, Illinois is a cold and bleak place compared to many other white countries where minimum wage is half of what it should be.

          …All you have to do is get a passport and get on a plane. You’d be better of working in a Sydney restaurant as the wages are much higher.

          Or in the Philippines.

          For whites from Detroit, it is not even a matter of choice. We had to leave, wherever we went. If you are stuck in Southeast Michigan you are F8cked.


          It was an alcoholic bum in a sleazy cowboy outfit from Texas back in 2000 who started the downward spiral.

          All those white proles in Pantera t-shirts I knew when they were 20 in 1998 Arizona would be 39 years old and hoping the jobs came back and probably broke.

          The Cholos, hippies, crusty punks and all other manner of proles I knew then have now spent their entire adult lifetime watching the United States standard of living decline for middle-class people. They probably have it worse now then they did when I knew them at 20, trying to scramble around for some sort of decent life in their forties.

          Thank Goodness I left before I could mortgage a house, marry or do any of those other things that trap a person in a particular place.

        • To each his own. Truthfully I am an economic immigrant as I would not be able to afford to live a decent lifestyle in the United States.

          Hardened loser “ex-pats” are guys like me who have been living on a budget overseas for so many years that we lack the funds to reintegrate into the expenses of the middle class.

        • Yee

          It’s always difficult to settle in another country, especially for an “individualist” American.

          Chinese who move overseas always have someone to go to for help. That’s why they can survive even in Africa. They don’t really care where they move to, as long as they can make money. The USA is good, SE Asia not bad, Africa will do. We’re braver than your people, Trash.

  12. YEE

    I am not going to tout raw capitalism but I do not think democracy is the source of the problem of the Philippines.


    That’s obviously because British women accompanied British males to colonies so unlike the Spanish a Mestizo class was never formed that hung around after Independence.

    Brits simply moved back home one day and Malaysia belonged to the Malays again.

    They’ve rioted against Chinese many times but the Chinese have hung around.


    Brits were more organized than Andalusian Moors or Gallegos in their colonies and first built houses and then imported women from Britain.

    Spain created a Mestizo class.

    • Jason Y

      Actually, the US and Canada had a cooler climate – more for raising families – so it was more desirable for whole families to come. Also, in Latin America, Argentina had a moderate climate allowing for families to come. Nonetheless, some tropical exceptions like Brazil tended to attract whole white families after the 1880s.

      • JASON Y

        Canada’s race problem is worse than Mexico’s. Mexico is more blended and 60% Mestizo.

        Canada is mostly Europeans who refer to Natives as “savages” and despise them. This is understandable. Aboriginal Canadians are primitive. Their IQ is low to low-normal. They are violent when drunk and sometimes sober. Their women of course turn to prostitution. Like blacks, they are obsessed with crack cocaine (Though so is the Toronto Mayor and he is white). They tend to be liars. Thieves.

        Canadians call them “wagon burners” and that is how they seem. They live on the streets or roam them unemployed.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly, there were also far less Amerindians in the US and Canada than in the tropical New World. Huge plagues had devastated them, even before whites came upon the shore.

  15. Juan

    He will not be impeached for corruption, considering who votes to impeach or not (the Congress- with a 9% approval rating due to “corruption”)

    Russia is the best bet because Neo-con Republicans can be peeled away (Gayhram and McCain already have). But on the flip side three Democratic Senators have to play nice with Trump because their constituents love him (Manchin, Heitkamp, Brown).

  16. TJF & ROB

    I lived in Cebu and smoked Shabu a few times to see what the fuss was about. Did not do much for me. It’s 8 bucks a hit.

    The British man ran a brothel and his daughter was a small-time addict who sold to soap opera stars to fund her own habit. She’d been busted for possession before and the police knew her. They shot her on the street which is where these sort of killings occur.

    Like Bronson in Death Wish it is easy to shoot common jackass NAMS on the subway who just want to steal you wallet or rape your wife but quite difficult to take down Tony Soprano or Jax Teller with their money, power and insulation.

    Major dealers are hard to catch. They live in a mansion or subdivision with a gate on it or have a legitimate business. Vigilantes cannot get through the gates easily.

  17. TJF

    Russian-American actors PLAY THE RED-BLOODED AMERICAN TOUGH GUY. Charles Bronson and Michael Dudikoff of American Ninja, for example.

    American whites seem to have a hard-on for Jews in particular although Asian-Americans probably make more money as a race in America. Don’t ask me why.

    Arabs, Russians, Germans, Japanese come and go as enemies but the hard-on for Jews hangs around.

  18. TJF WHAT???

    Spanish families in Mexico and Philippines are the ruling elite (Indians in Mexico and Malays are both known as Indios) and one German tourist or Lebanese immigrant does not have the vast Haciendero system. Spanish-Mestizos have been pushed slightly aside by Chinese immigrants especially in Manila but they are still powerful.

    Mexico has no Chinese business community of any great number so they never became competitors like they have in the Philippines through business.

    Meso-Americans originated in Siberia somewhere. Filipino predominant stock is from Malaysia and Indonesia apparently originally from Taiwan. They are not Polynesians, those folks were never East of Guam.

    Filipinos in Cebu are a composite of Spanish, Mexican (Who had a settlement there and in Zambangoa) and maybe a little Chinese but mostly Chinese came as families with their own women. Any other DNA is minimal except for Arabs and Indians in the Muslim South.

    The Galleon trade brought Mexicans to Philippines and especially Mindanao for about 300 years. There is even a Mexican community in Zambangoa. There are some Aztec words in the Filipino dialects.

    If you are a Pil-Am you are way off, bro.


    80% of Cebuano have Spanish blood and the Mexicans set up a settlement in Zambangoa in Mindanao that is there to this day. The galleon trade went on for 300 years.

    Filipino Malays came from Malaysia and Indonesia (Rice builders in Luzon). Meso-Americans apparently came from Siberia. Filipinos are not Polynesian as those folks never came East of Guam.

    Mexican Indians came from Siberia, apparently.

    Spanish in Mexico and Philippines wield massive power and influence through the Haciendero system they set up everywhere they went.

    Chinese never migrated en masse to Mexico so I agree that Spanish have more influence in Mexico than in Philippines.

    Germans, Lebanese and other groups showed up everywhere but their genetic imprint is tiny in Latin America overall.

    I don’t quite concede to the existence of unions in fact I do acknowledge “associations” and “alliances” but no politically appointed unions with lobbies in the Philippines. I know this because the President of the Tricycle Association in Cebu was blown away by a Barangay Counselor supporter. Laws don’t matter when some motorcycle shooter drives by and blows you away.

  20. TJF

    You cannot tell a Spanish Mestizo in the Philippines from a Mexican.

    The old Hacienda families have very little Chinese blood and very little Malay blood either for that matter. They are almost completely Spanish.

    Mexicans from the Galleon trade came to the Philippines for 300 years and had a settlement in Zambangoa but they married local women and Mexican Filipinos have no power or influence in the Philippines. There is some Aztec DNA in them through the Galleon trade.

    Filipinos are Malaysian with some Indonesian migrants who built the Luzon rice terraces. They are not Polynesians.

    Mexican Indians apparently originated in Siberia.


    China is not ruled by an alien race. Philippines is ruled by not one but two alien races-Chinese-Filipinos and half-white descendants of Spanish settlers. In the far South Arab-blooded Muslims rule the roost.

    Filipinos are often born to single mothers out of wedlock. In this respect, they resemble blacks. Also women will have kids with multiple fathers.

    I agree Cebuano are a worse group than Luzon in all respects. I might attribute this to the fact that Luzon people are Indonesian and Cebuano and Mindanao people are a Malay/Mexican/Spanish amalgamation.

    Chinese who have 5 kids are rich. Filipinos will make babies whether or not they have a pot to piss in.

    • TJF

      To Trash:

      Philippines is ruled by not one but two alien races-Chinese-Filipinos and half-white descendants of Spanish settlers.

      Effectively Thailand is also ruled, in your words by an alien race, Chinese/Thais — and Thais aren’t exactly noted for being industrious geniuses. Also while being rule by “Aliens” Philippine per capita income in 1960 was 2.5 times higher than Thai per capita income (and was second highest in Asia).

      Thailand surpassed PI per capita income in 1983 and is now 70% higher. Population growth slowed dramatically in Thailand starting in the Mid 80s with 2 and three child families becoming prevalent compared to much higher birth rates and family sizes in the Philippines. Buddhism didn’t stop the Thais from a more pragmatic approach to population growth versus the legacy Spanish Catholicism of the PI.

      The Philippines quadrupled in population from 1960 to now versus Thailand which doubled (and most of the increase in Thailand was when they were still quite poor from 1960 – 1985) and the Philippines now has 2.5 times as many people per square kilometer versus Thailand.

      Lower population density and slower growth rates mean cheaper land and housing plus more money and time to devote to education and health for children. The worker is more educated and has less competition regardless of their overlords.

      Of course in the case of the US – when the differential became high enough the upper class opted to import labor (doing the jobs Americans won’t do – for the money we are willing to pay —oh better drop that last part) or wholesale pack up a factory and move it to a place like China where there are a bunch of smart folks who are cheaper and are playing catch up after 150 years of turmoil.

      • Jason Y

        I like the rainbow graph. 😆

      • I’ve lived in Thailand and there are many wealthy pure Thais and poor Chinese in Bangkok.

        It is not nearly as stark as the Philippines where Chinese are all wealthy and Filipinos all live in a squat.

        No doubt Chinese dominate all of Southeast Asia.

        • Hotdog

          Any other Asians like Koreans or Japanese elites in SE Asia? I’ve heard a lot of Koreans vacation there. Indonesia and Malaysia are important supplier of raw materials to Japan. Are they dominant but not as strangling as Chinese.

        • Most Chinese in Thailand are in the Bangkok area. Sure you will see rich Thais but the amount of rich Chinese in Bangkok outnumber them. Thai Chinese is about 14% of the population. Thais are very different from the Filipinos and Malays.

      • TJF Marcos got elected. Come on, TJF, you MUST know that. From 1960 to the 1986 People’s Revolution he pillaged the place.

        This is proof that when Filipinos are allowed to run their country instead of Spain or America….it goes downhill fast enough.

        Northern Thai ARE Chinese from the Yunnan peninsula, technically speaking. The Chinese are so completely intermarried with Thai like white hillbillies who can boast of one Cherokee grandmother, that they are not an alien race.

        Chinese-Filipinos have balls out refused to assimilate because well, they are racists who do not want their daughters to marry Malays.

        Thailand has no Chinese family cartels.

      • TJF What happened in 1960 was Marcos rolled into power. Come on, you must know that.

      • Yee

        I don’t think population is the major reason. South Korea and Japan are more densely populated than the Philippines.

        I think the main reason is that the Chinese who went there were mostly merchants, not factory owners, because China wasn’t industrialized back then. The Spainish didn’t bring in any either.

        Only an industrial country can provide enough jobs for larger number of landless peasants. Take a look at your own history, free slaves and mass immigrants didn’t cause USA the problem of the Philippines.

        Just a guess, though. Don’t ask me for proof.

        • YEE

          I want to be clear: Fuji immigrants are not really the problem of the Philippines apart from bribery. They sell what Filipinos want to buy.

          Filipinos are stupid and want to by some awful chemical like Shabu made by Chinese. They buy it because they are stupid.

          To begin with promiscuity and low intelligence combined are a bad recipe. Unlike the white foreigner who uses 2 condoms the Filipino screws and screws until she is pregnant at 18. Then she screws some more until she has 3, 4 children with 2 different men. They are both sexually insatiable AND unintelligent.

          So you have huge populations of families of 9.

          Filipinos cannot control their urge to steal so they steal if they are elected. Its like giving kids money on the way to school past a candy store.

          Filipinos can be polite and even charming but they are thieves, liars, prostitutes, addicts and con-men. The world knows it.

          This MIGHT have something to do with Spanish but it has nothing to do with Chinese-Filipinos.

        • Yee

          Bribery alone can’t make a failed economy. There must be more basic reasons.

          And I don’t want to blame the Filipinos for their drug abuse.
          Considering Chinese was also victim of opium addiction, drug making is the lowest business that no Chinese should go into.

          Sure Filipinos are stupid. Being a former colony and a loyal ally of the world’s superpower, but end up beggers.

        • TJF

          To Yee:

          I don’t think population is the major reason. South Korea and Japan are more densely populated than the Philippines.

          Over population in the PI is at once both a symptom and a cause of some (not all) of their problems. (Also FWIW Japan is now less densely populated than the Philippines) My father was stationed in the PI from 1945 – 1947 had generally had very positive things to say about the people and he wasn’t one to gloss over a country’s shortcomings.

          Fast forward over the decades, the legacy (and to a degree current) influence of a religion that doesn’t address present day realities and spreads the idea word that faith in god will provide and that birth control is wrong, thwarted a more rational approach to growth and a vicious cycle wherein the most avaricious gained power, mirroring a rather similar pattern that emerged in the former Spanish empire South of the United States.

          If they had taken a path more similar to Thailand – they could have maintained their relaxed lifestyle and emphasized tourism, call centers, and other service industries. I wouldn’t expect the Filipinos to follow the path of their Northeast Asian distant cousins (Korea, Japan, and China) which have had many centuries of Confucianism to instill discipline and drive.

          If the PI had maintained a population growth rate similar to Japan’s post WWII – they would have less than 1/3 of the current population. A more civic minded nation that wasn’t reproducing like crazy would be a much more popular tourist destination. As it stands the incredibly chaotic city of Manila has droves of beggars and some of the worst traffic on the planet (Apparently rivaling Mumbai, Lagos, and Delhi). “Honey, Let’s go to Manila and experience the incredible traffic and child beggars” is not a common request when it comes to dreaming about a vacation.

        • Yee


          Yes, I agree with you. If the Philippines had a smaller population, they can do well with agriculture, raw materials exports and service sector economics, just like Australia.

          However, with 100 million and growing now, she must get industrialized to some degree.

          Lots has been said about USA “post-industrial” economics, but in fact, USA is still the 2nd biggest industrial economics, 2 times the worth of Japan, 3 times Germany, 4 times Russia, 9 times India.

          For whatever reason, Duterte made a smart move cosy up with China, who can help with infrastructures and move some of the entry level manufacturing there.

  22. TJF

    The biggest problem in the Philippines is that Spanish and Chinese do not want to share the economy or the wealth.

    And sure, THEY USE BIRTH CONTROL (Chinese Filipino women will fly to Singapore to have an abortion). I screwed one Chinese Filipino who was taking birth control which I requested she show me.

    Filipinos start having kids at 20 and will have 4. This is what keeps them in poverty essentially.

    They figure one girl will go on to be a hooker or marry a foreigner and one son will work overseas. So it is success by numbers.

    Spanish Filipinos could pass in Mexico city or even in Spain. I think the Chinese blood in Hacienderos is really tiny, to be honest.

    In Spain’s colonial days they kept a tight rein on Chinese immigrants as they feared their trade capacity even then. Once the Spanish left en masse, the Chinese really poured into the country and displaced the Mestizos to an extent.

  23. TJF Three Factors

    A) Thailand was never colonized. Word means “a free people”.

    B) Spanish beget a Mestizo ruling class that has hung around as the 3% ruling elite. France, Britain, Holland simply left Indochina. So there was no alien Mestizo ruling elite. Latin America has the same problem.

    C) Chinese in the Philippines have not assimilated which is bad enough if the group is poor but when said group runs most of your economy that is worse. It would be like inner-city blacks running Alabama.

    D) Marcos was elected.

    E) Philippines has a Muslim insurgency in the South. Doesn’t help.

  24. Jason Y

    I think the Filipino people are generally nice people and the place is wonderful, but I’d get out of the country, even though the leader might be what they need. It’s too much of a hassle for tourists dealing with the paranoia when they are there to escape things and relax. A

    Anyhow, yeah, tourists should be held to the same standards as locals, but there could be a situation where tourists could be demonized as the elite. Which is sort of unfair – cause often certain bad Filipinos will do whatever the bad foreigner wants, making the situation not totally the foreigner’s fault.

    • JASON Y

      Depends on which Filipinos you are around. Chinese-Filipinos are really no different than Asians you’d meet in Hong Kong and Singapore.

      Also the Philippines was Mexified by Latin immigration. Perhaps Americans should see what a great effect this had on the Philippines before it happens to Arizona.

    • That’s what I thought initially. There is a very dark side to them. I think that’s the main reason why they are so messed up.

  25. Jason Y

    Being in a land with an unfriendly government could be hell cause the cops would be all mean and smartass. Possibly they would be looking for ways to make things worse for you, rather than better.

  26. JASON Y

    Cops in the Philippines are underpaid and out to make an extra buck.

  27. YEE

    Again, the corporations and industry and finance are already owned by Chinese people in the Philippines. Unless trade arrangements with China involve some reversion to collectivism there will be more Chinese-Filipino billionaires and the average Malay/Mestizo will remain poor.

    Duterte is a cop who knows how to do little but shoot drug addicts and purse snatchers. He has little knowledge of how foreign investment could help Filipinos but Chinese-Filipinos know and they only intend to benefit themselves and pay workers starvation wages.

    So even if trade deals with China made every Chinese-Filipino Bill Gates tomorrow the money will not trickle down.

    Filipinos are of such weak and low character that they cannot run businesses for the most part (There are a few exceptions of course, 10% of the Filipino millionaires are Malays) and any investments will be stolen by them. The frontal lobe of the cortex is to small for the most part. They will always be hookers, addicts, alcoholics, thieves, pushers, pimps.

    • Yee

      Philippines have a very small industrial worth, and most of it is mining, which barely count as industrial. She need some new comers to open factories open there, just like other SE Asia countries and India.

      Infrastructure is crucial to get her an advantage. And let’s first have the ability to make money, then we talk about fairly distribute it.

      • YEE

        Philippines has more billionaires than any other country. Look it up, its a fact.

        There IS wealth in the Philippines already and it is not distributed.

        The infrastructure is not that bad. There are roads, electricity, running water, bridges, shipping industry, airports, lot’s of money.

        But Malays do not get much trickle-down from it.

        • Yee

          Philippines has a bigger problem of underdeveloped than sharing wealth.

          Your criticism is a bit early, should wait until they develop a little more. When you have no job, what’s the point of auging about wages?

      • YEE

        One problem with Filipinos is that they are so stupid. 40% or 50% of them are Mestizo (Spanish, Mexican) and these people are more intelligent but Malays are real idiots.

        No matter what Filipino women get pregnant young. They are promiscuous and unintelligent, a bad combination.

        Filipinos will have 3 or 4 kids no matter what. Birth control makes no difference to them. Chinese-Filipino women always use it.

        No matter what, many will be alcoholic. They are just beset by vice and silliness and out-of-wedlock births.

        There are many call centers and IT Parks and some factories in the Philippines.

        But sad to say, the money does not trickle down.

        Philippines has something like 10 or 12 billionaires. They do not intend to share the wealth.

        • Yee

          You don’t need be a genius to work in a factory. Alright, Philippines has no hope to be the world’s next superpower, but some job to support a family isn’t too hard to achieve. I’ve noticed that you never called them lazy.

          Of course the rich do not want to share the wealth. Why do you think poor people support communism?

  28. HOTDOG

    Chinese are born in Southeast Asia and have been there as long as the Irish have been in Bridgeport or Pilsner (If these parts of Chicago are still Irish, maybe not).

    They live in Southeast Asia and have citizenship. They are regarded the way a Jew is regarded in Alabama.

    Koreans and Japanese simply buy raw materials that are shipped to North.

    Koreans in Philippines are like Yankees in Florida. Many are bums, drunks, retirees, whore mongers, Spring Break students.

    Philippines is Korea’s Florida. About the same distance. Japanese are hated since World War II. Their crimes in Philippines were actually even worse than those of the Nazis towards Jews.

    • Hotdog

      Most Whites will only know of German crimes against jews from jew controlled WWII movies, documentaries, ect. At the gym the other day one guy goes “Hitler was a jew”, another chimes in “No, but I heard he dated jews”. How to even begin to educate them is beyond me…..

      • Many American lives were lost in Iraq and no Arab in Dubai or Qatar gives a shit. I don’t see why I would care a whit about being German American. I’ve known many Jews and most of them don’t give a shit about German-Americans.

        Hispanics invented crack and it has decimated blacks and white trash because they are stupid. Do you think the average Cholo walks around tearfully.

        One Jew called me a Nazi once and I laughed. What are they going to do? Most of the time they are not tough fighters.

        Who gives a shit about ROOTS or SCHINDLER’S LIST? They are movies.

        Some white guy walks around hating being Irish-American because of WWII????

        • Hotdog

          WWII isn’t even that interesting to me. So much misinformation about anything isn’t good though.

        • Jason Y

          Europe is massively anti-Jewish. However, only Germany became the nation to take action against them, at least, in recent times. That’s why Germans are hated so much, and of course – because they started World War II leading to millions of deaths and billions in destruction. Of course !!!

        • Jason Y

          ROOTS ??

          In the days of slavery, I’m sure Fox News (sarcasm) portrayed the blacks as criminals in their own lands – and who cares about criminals? But kids and babies were also made slaves and I doubt the women committed crimes – but it’s easy to get around that too. Look how many illegals are women, children etc..

          Possibly the slavers could just say it’s unfortunate these innocents are in with the rest, but there is little hope for them on their own – so we’re just doing the best – given the circumstances.

        • Jason Y

          The biggest moral justification BS involved Christianity. It was thought slavery was introducing savages to Christianity, so any vile scenes of inhumanity were really not evil, but rather the liberation of the blacks. Anyhow, they wouldn’t remain in chains, right? Soon they would just be out picking cotton – but also with overseers whipping them – WHILE THEY WORK.

        • Jason Y

          So were the whips the guys on horses had used to whip slaves from the horses or did they have to pull one of them over to the side occasionally to whip them – or both ?? Gosh this sounds like LAPD police brutality. 😆

          Of course, being whipped from the horses seems to be a hellish thing – surely they didn’t do that.

        • Juan


        • Hotdog

          In Brazil and the Caribbean many black slaves were worked to death, which’s why they went through so many slaves. They were treated as disposable, like Irish indentured servants were in North America. Blacks in the American South were given more worth than both groups. Southern slaves could be swindled, abused, ect. but they could often jump the broom and make a life for themselves albiet as slaves.

        • Jason Y

          Juan, are you bringing up some white supremacist film for me to watch? Why should I believe it?

        • Juan

          it is a parody of White Supremacist-talk, not actual White Supremacist-talk.

          Although I’ve heard a good one;

        • Juan

          Or the Japanese tourist who got lost in the Black Quarter of Paris and snap-chatted “Is this Africa?”

          Great stuff.

        • Jason Y

          How about Jew York or the U Ass A, let’s hear it for Hugo Chav-ASS !!

        • Juan

          encaptioned “Ms.Israel 2016”

        • Hotdog

          Don’t be so oversensitive Jason. Can Juan even fart without you labeling it White Supremacist.

      • HOTDOG

        I’m German-American and all of 2 Jews have ever expressed a negative opinion. They do not really give a shit, I’m unconvinced of this.

        Any Irish-American who walks around torn up over SCHINDLER’S LIST is pitiful.

        Arabs do not really care about Iraq or the American soldiers that died there for their oil.

        Japanese doing business in Philippines do not care, particularly, about WWII and the Philippines.

        • Hotdog

          You love to say non-flyover groups don’t care. Are flyovers the only humans? I’m not torn up about some jewvie. In reality, Soviets and Japanese were far more ruthless.

  29. Jason Y

    Schindler’s List crimes against humanity happen in every war. In fact, it has been portrayed in wars about Vietnam – for instance, the scene on Apocalypse Now where the soldier randomly kills a 13-year-old girl climbing on his patrol boat. I guess the moral of the story is to avoid war, especially modern war where civilians often get involved. Best to stay with wars fought between armies only.

  30. HOTDOG

    Absolutely. Showing Arabs a film depicting Arabs involved in the slave trade would not make them give a shit and Jews are torn up over being gangsters in the 20’s or the plight of Irish-Americans in Chicago slums in the 19th century. Nope, they do not give a shit.

    I’m not sure if having a heart is the right way to describe it. They’ve moved on in their history while whites in the Flyover here the same stale recycled history.

    But to be honest you don’t meet many Jews, Blacks or Mexicans overseas. Especially Dubai. The only Jew I knew well was a guy who was married to an Indian singer and called himself a half-baked manager. Alcoholic and lived in Mumbai.

    Anyhow, if you leave the U.S. you only see reruns of old TV shows that Arabs or Asians want to watch like PRISON BREAK.

    The standard of living in Australia and Asia is higher for whites and NAMS are not around so things are better.

    I’m originally from near Detroit and have no regard for the history of NAMS whatsoever. No interest. They lack the initiative to live overseas and that is fine. They’ll stay in economically depressed areas because they are attached to their hood.

    • Jason Y

      I’m originally from near Detroit and have no regard for the history of NAMS whatsoever. No interest. They lack the initiative to live overseas and that is fine. They’ll stay in economically depressed areas because they are attached to their hood.

      That’s the case with a lot of them – but not all of them. Anyhow, at least in the US, they might remain near a hood cause Dicksburgh won’t tolerate proud negroes in it’s mist. Can you imagine the black lady on Facebook posting stuff about lynching – while living in this area, not Atlanta?

      Anyhow, some blacks have gone overseas as ESL teachers etc. but they cannot do much cause of racial prejudice in hiring – even if they speak the King’s English.

      • JASON Y

        NAMS don’t immigrate much overseas. Neither do Jewish-Americans, in fact.

        Everybody I have met who has immigrated permanently to Australia or England that I knew have been white.

  31. JASON

    Yankees do not know about slavery, our ancestors were in Europe until 50 years after the Civil War ended. This is probably why blacks in the North are so disconnected from whites in the North. Italians, Polish, Jews etc. have nothing to do with slavery in the South.

    We know little about it and are not interested in the least.

    • Jason Y

      Oddly enough, the people who are responsible, mainly by fighting for the south and supporting segregation, have literally no guilt over what their ancestors did.

      • JASON Y

        Deep down Americans regret enslaving Africans because it is a surplus population of lifelong charity cases and without them the U.S. would resemble Australia or Canada (Which has problems with Natives, however).

        I am not referring to voluntary African immigrants rigorously selected through legal immigration processes.

    • Jason Y

      A sure way to annoy and anger people in my area is to speak of social justice and bring up slavery, segregation. Try it sometime and note the reaction.

      • Jason Y

        And you might say, no shit, whites tired of SJW crap. Yeah, but not all whites had ancestors DIRECTLY INVOLVED in abusing NAMS. Not all whites have a psychotic obsession with southern history and blacks etc..

        • Don’t BE IGNORANT Southie, French-Canadians were the only whites in the Northeast when Maine, Massachusetts and Michigan, Minnesota etc. were sold from Canada to the United States in a huge land purchase (And Washington and Oregon from Russia to the United States) in the early-to-mid 19th Century.

          Of course you did not know this because you are from the South. We Northern whites are not “English” or “Puritans”. We are Central Europeans and Slavs and Mediterraneans and Irish-Catholic.


          Blacks did NOT COME NORTH UNTIL THE 1930’s. This was 20 years after the great immigration to the North East and Northern Midwest.

          The whites responsible did not migrate internally until the 1950’s from Kentucky or Tennessee who might be responsible, and these were always fractional migrants.

          So why the hell would some Arab-blood Sicilian American in New Jersey cry himself to sleep at night over slavery? Or a Finn in North Dakota.

          You are applying your regional history to a country that does not share it. We are not “Scotch with a little Injun”, Jason. We are Europeans from the Alpine towns and Fjord villages of North Central Europe. Africans were of no value to us in the Northern states which managed to industrialize without them.

          Of course if slavery HAD BEEN LEGAL in the North, our ancestors would not have immigrated.

          Doesn’t that seem stupid to you?

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          Don’t BE IGNORANT Southie
          Dude — Massachusetts, Michigan, Maine, and Minnesota were not purchased from Canada.

          French-Canadians were the only whites in the Northeast when Maine, Massachusetts and Michigan, Minnesota etc. were sold from Canada to the United States in a huge land purchase

          Massachusetts was one of the original 13 colonies – ceded to the US after the revolutionary war and was predominantly settled by the British subjects (Think Plymouth rock, the Pilgrims, Boston, and Thanksgiving)

          What is now Maine was a territory, half of which was controlled by the British from early 1600s to 1725 . The other half was acquired through warfare with the French in the early to mid 18th century. Maine was ceded to the Americans in 1783 with the British defeat in the American revolution.

          In 1767 the British took the territory of what is now Michigan from the French who had nominal control – Subsequently the British fought a protracted war with Native Americans (Pontiac’s war). The area was then ceded to the Americans after the revolutionary war.

          In 1802 and 1803 the territory of what is now Minnesota was effectively purchased, not from Canada but from the French.

          (And Washington and Oregon from Russia to the United States) in the early-to-mid 19th Century.

          The US purchased what is now Alaska from the Russians in 1867. Britain, The US, Spain, France and Russia all had territorial claims to what is now Oregon and Washington state but the Americans only paid Spain, somewhat indirectly for the territory with Adams–Onís Treaty,

      • JASON Y

        That does not annoy Italian Americans and definitely Mexicans don’t care.

        Jews, products of sweatshops who were imported because the North forbid slaves, do not about segregation either. They were not responsible for it.

        Only the Flyover Prole stumbles out of The Butler or 12 Years a Slave feeling guilty at being white-he does not know his ancestry anyhow.

        He pays to watch porno of BBC in “small white chicks”.

        Nobody else gives a shit at all.

    • Jason Y

      If some jackass is flying a rebel flag, then that shows he is taking an interest in NAMS unlike Northern poles, Italians etc… In that case, I think bringing up slavery, segregation, all the shit that MASSIVELY annoys such a motherfucker, to be TOTALLY APPROPRIATE.

  32. JASON

    That was 400 years ago. Why would anyone give a shit?

    There was a movie called PATHFINDER about a Vermont slaughter of Indians by Vikings.

    Norwegians are not wrapped up in guilt over this.

    Only the white Anglo-Saxon in Missouri was wrapped up in guilt over Kunte Kinte.

  33. JUAN

    Who gives a shit what happened 400 years ago?

    Or how blacks felt about whites 400 years ago. Or now.

    It is just impossible to care.

    • Juan

      It has great baring on our history today…..?
      In terms of actual raw emotion, I do agree, however, generally, although with my family slavery was not abolished in Cuba until 1875.

      Her great-grandmother lived from 1858-1966. So…she grew up with slaves.
      Not really that far removed.

      • Juan

        my grandmother’s great-grandmother I mean.

      • JUAN

        Fidel’s Castro’s parents were not born IN SPAIN until 1890 or something. The big events of Cuban history were yet to even take place.

        1858? That was 50 years before most whites immigrated to America or longer (At least in the North).

        In a different country. I had relatives behind the Berlin Wall until it went down in 1989.

        This is some black’s motivation?

    • Jason Y

      Trash seems to CARE A LOT about flyovers, constantly mocking them etc, always talking about them.. so why shouldn’t he also care about NAM history in America, much of it which took place in flyover country?

      • JASON Y

        I did not spend much time around NAMS in my youth. That was certain death in those days. Their enemies became your enemies or even their friends might kill you at a party.

        Also, whites had a separate culture into the 90’s. Few blacks went to Jane’s Addiction concerts, like to hacky-sack, listened to Sublime or Phish etc.

        White women who took up with blacks were still at that time the total dregs. Once they had been around blacks, white men did not want them anymore.

        So I have very little experience with blacks.

        My experience with flyover proles was when my generation was young; in the 1990’s.

      • JASON Y

        Because NAMS can do nothing but be supported by lifelong charity in particularly zoned neighborhoods. They lack the capacity to create any self-sufficient economic base. They have only just begun running businesses.

        Their neighborhoods were almost certain death in the North. There has never been in pretense of integration in Detroit or Chicago. It is a matter of geography.

        NAM history in the Northeast and out West did not start until the mid-20th century. They immigrated after Italians, Jews, Germans, Irish, Polish or I should say migrated internally.

        Since whites in the North spoke different languages than English until the 1950’s, they did not interact as they settled into particular areas.

        I was raised near Detroit where blacks made it clear whites were not welcome so you stayed away. Arizona had few blacks in the 1990’s.

        Hispanics were always rare up North. There is little seasonal industry.

      • JASON Y

        Prole Logic

        1) Evil Jews, few in number in Flyover States, want to destroy them. Blacks attack Jews openly in New York (And vice versa) but the war is against Anglo-Saxon culture. It is being waged through credit-card interest (Jews get a cut-rate from the bank) and subliminal messages through porn.

        2) NAMS are not going back to Africa since they are only 3/4 African anyhow. They are lifelong charity cases about 50% of the time and have to have government jobs 40 % of the time and 10% are highly intelligent. No other solution is possible any debate is ridiculous. Cut off welfare and they’d walk up to whites and bite pieces out of them like zombies for protein. Only DUMB WHITE PROLES THINK THEY CAN BE CONDITIONED TO LISTEN TO STEVE MILLER OR GARTH BROOKS AND WORK IN THE DUCK DYNASTY FACTORY.


        4) White proles are filled with self-loathing in America because they watch the remake of ROOTS. Jewish films about Arab terrorists do not make Arabs loath themselves, for example. Jews, Asians, Mexicans all live in the HERE and NOW.

        5) If the Jewish media forms prole opinions it is because they never travel. They are watching a bunch of teenagers and young illiterate males run up and down grass fields on television. Then they watch SCHINDLER’S LIST and feel terrible even though they are not even German-American!

        6) They speak of “White Nationalism” but they know nothing of their own ancestry or the history of the countries of their ancestry. The North is different because we Germans, Italians, Polish, Irish, Jewish immigrated to clusters of population centers of immigrants.

        • Jason Y

          NAMS are not going back to Africa since they are only 3/4 African anyhow. They are lifelong charity cases about 50% of the time and have to have government jobs 40 % of the time and 10% are highly intelligent.

          What’s wrong with government jobs? It’s a job. Nobody is supporting them. They aren’t a drain on taxpayers as Fox News people claim welfare people are.

          Also, I’m sure more than 10 percent are highly intelligent and a lot more have the same smarts as some Homer Simpson guy working at a factory.

        • Jason Y

          White proles are filled with self-loathing in America because they watch the remake of ROOTS.

          White liberals are full of self-loathing. Republicans and WNs, especially lately in history, have become insensitive jackasses.

        • Jason Y

          I’ve seen no self-loathing from these white southerners. They simply label sensitive people as wusses and cucks, and call it at that. I mean, they might feel a little bad, but it’s so weak and so phony. It’s not real repentance.

          Yeah, I’m sure they don’t like watching ROOTS and they especially are annoyed with 12 Years a Slave and DJANGO would be an abomination to them.

        • Jason Y


          It’s not about numbers really. It’s because they’re not interested in being house negroes to whites. Who can blame them? They want real freedom and control even though such freedom often gives them a lower standard of living.

          Well, gosh, I can see that in my own family. One rich branch of my family wants to play daddy and control the more unstable branches. Yes, it is overkill and they are resented.

  34. Juan

    TRASH it’s not that far removed history.

    On my mother’s side I had a third great-grandfather who died fighting for the CSA in 1862.

    On my dad’s side I had a third great-grandmother who was 17 when slavery was abolished (she grew up on a plantation). She was alive during my father’s life time.

    • JUAN & JASON

      You need to spend some time overseas somewhere to get perspective on time and space.

      By the way, NAMS don’t give a shit about you or your history or the plight of poor whites in Appalachia. Neither do Mexicans. Jews apparently have some desire to denigrate you though I fail to see how it benefits them.

      Remember this.

      The NAM’S brain is only wired to exist in the NOW of drug highs, sex, quick scores, cash, free this or that, materialism. He does not know or care about your history or struggles.

      For that matter blacks know nothing of Mestizo and Indian oppression in Latin American under the yoke of Andalusian Moors or Gallegos Spanish whatever. His brain cerebral components lack the capacity for such abstractions-he lives in the now of white women, gold chains, Malt Liquor and KFC.

      Even Mestizos themselves fail to grasp the whites truly responsible for their denigration-Criollo families living in Mexico City.

      • Jason Y

        The NAM’S brain is only wired to exist in the NOW of drug highs, sex, quick scores, cash, free this or that, materialism. He does not know or care about your history or struggles.

        That’s not true of all of them. For instance, that black lady in Atlanta I mentioned posts black SJW stuff 24/7 on the hour. Obviously, a lot of blacks are capable of self-reflection and deep thought, and at some point, they might realize other racial groups have had it bad also – like Appalachian whites.

        Well, you could argue the same crap for white prole dipshits in my county. They hate anything SJW or sensitive and are only interested in brute force (NWO wrestling or football) and laughing at people. That’s how it was in my high school.

        • Jason Y

          The typical white prole high school is no different than a black one in many ways. All sensitive kids are labeled wusses and tortured to death on a daily basis. The cool kids who are worshiped are all like hyper-masculine blacks who like brute force, being racist aginst other groups, getting high, and making fun of people – normally class-clowns or some mentally challenged person.

  35. JUAN

    1858! That was before 80% of whites immigrated to the Americas.

    Castro’s parents in Spain would not be born for the next 30 years.

    Half of the United States in the North belonged to Canada.

    Some of my relatives lived behind a Wall in Germany until 1989 and they have long since become capitalists.


    Some film like 12 YEARS A SLAVE that a bunch of coke heads in LA concocted over Tequila Shooters one evening forms your self-perception?

    You bros need to spend some time in another white country.

    I doubt that any black remembers that old Tom Cruise film Far and Away about Irish immigrants. It does not twist his stomach every time he goes into Bridgeport, Chicago or South Boston to sell a baggie of cocaine behind an Irish pub.

    For that matter the few Criollo people I met from Mexico City in Arizona were not torn up over the subjugation of Meso-Americans.

    • Jason Y

      I doubt that any black remembers that old Tom Cruise film Far and Away about Irish immigrants. It does not twist his stomach every time he goes into Bridgeport, Chicago or South Boston to sell a baggie of cocaine behind an Irish pub.

      But the Irish weren’t getting beaten with bullwhips. However, – starvation was a threat. I guess that’s a good topic for a philosophy forum.

      • JASON Y

        Nor does the NAM think about the internment camps of Japanese-Americans.

        If whites had not recorded his own history and reenacted it on film, he would unaware completely.

        Because his cerebral cortex lacks the capacity for abstraction-he lives in the now of indulging his senses.

        • Jason Y

          That’s not always true and there is so many examples of NAM self-reflection to prove it.

          Anyhow, as I mentioned, there is a sensitivity level on a white prole high school of nearly 2 percent or less. So how is that different than with a bunch of really low IQ dumb blacks? Possibly it’s only the lower testosterone level of the whites which keeps them from just turning into total monkeys like the low IQ blacks. That’s why white beat up people, but not nearly as much as the worst NAMS.

    • Juan

      I knew an Australian exchange student in College.
      I also a new a girl from prole origins who made ‘insensitive’ remarks about Blacks on a consistent basis.

      Australian hence forth thought she was a dumb redneck for being ‘insensitive’
      They also have protests to ‘remember the aboriginals’ or whatever.

      So what specific “White countries” are you referring to?

      • JUAN

        Remember is the right word. Sadly, they really wiped them out.

        The minimum wage is twice as high in Australia so it is not as hard a scramble for white proles as the Red States in the Flyover are.

        In point of fact white proles in the States have it harsh compared to their cousins anywhere else.

        Italians in Melbourne brought the obvious addition to the crime rate. Nothing against Italians, the cornerstone of modern thought and engineering, but the mafia is fairly entrenched.

        • Juan

          Americans interact with Blacks on a daily basis.
          Blacks, as with any group in that position, sometimes craftily manipulate “guilt”. Hence, Whites can’t feel it/don’t talk about it.
          AND if Blacks were on average higher-IQ this specific problem would be worse.

          If all the Aboriginals in Australia are mostly gone than it’s different, you don’t open yourself up to be taken advantage of.


    Through the 1990’s the American public was skeptical of PC and distrustful of government. Perhaps because Clinton, whatever his faults, embodied the marginalized from the Flyover States. He was not a stupid man.

    The Bush was elected and the public became stupid.

    Today all whites who might have been cynical and cerebral in 1990’s are glorified peasants. Few of them travel and when they watch some remake like ROOTS or DJANGO they get tearful with self-hatred.

    Whites from the Flyover have no privileges. I know, I was one. You’re better off living in any other white country in standard of living terms.

    In any event everything since the day Clinton left office has been destructive. The economy was once the envy of the world but not any more.

    So the public has become rubes.

    And anyhow you would not notice this unless you had been out of the United States for a long time. How decent employment has evaporated to the point where adults have to do jobs teenagers used to do. How little the government wants to invest in public school systems or infrastructure. I’m not sure what they do want to invest in besides wars overseas but it is not middle America.

    If you can get out, you should. You’ll have a better standard of living in Australia because Mexicans and Blacks cannot live there. Their primordial brains are so shrunken in the cerebral function that they cannot imagine life beyond their barrio or hood. They will stupidly have too many children young, take too many drugs and most of them will be trapped in a 50 mile radius forever.

    Cholos cannot be deported. They’ve been in the Southwest since the first degenerate white man from Spain press-ganged into sailing to the New World had sex with some Indian woman. They will always be there like roaches in the dumpster.

    I have been gone for 18 years and once out of the system I got a decent job. I was lucky in 1999. But in the United States you won’t get lucky. You’ll just be part of the disintegrating middle-class.

    This is why I have spent so many years trying to immigrate to Oz. Any other country, really, is a better place to be white than the United States.

    • Jason Y

      They’ve been in the Southwest since the first degenerate white man from Spain press-ganged into sailing to the New World had sex with some Indian woman.

      Degenerate? 😆 But those Jimmy Buffet “blowjob under the table” guys in Thailand are not ??

      • JASON Y

        Rubbers have been invented since. If the Spanish had rubbers today there would be a small backward population of Pueblo Indians and Mayans.

        • Jason Y

          “Wasting away again in Margaritaville – Looking for my lost shaker of salt. Some people say it was a NAM bitch to blame. But I know it was my own darn fault..” 😆

      • Primarily I left in 1999 because somebody offered a better job than I could get in Arizona.

        Because ultimately things just are not going to improve for a prole like me in the U.S. Middle-class, from a rust belt state originally, undergraduate degree.

        You might as well try your luck in another country if you can.

        • Jason Y

          I got in a fight overseas ruining my record. Also, my grandmother is getting old and so I cannot leave. Finally, the whole situation over there is total BS (The ESL industry). The only way I’d come out on top is if I ran the whole show (Teacher, school owner, administrator).

        • Jason Y

          The worst problem is the bosses. They ruin everything. They cannot run a school for anything. At some point, they always mess it up and if you complain, they say you’re making excuses.

        • Yee

          You’re spoiled, Jason. You want to make money with things to your liking. How many people get to do that?

          Even Confucius himself 2500 years ago knew better — “If I can get rich, I’m willing to pick up a whip to drive a ox cart, if I can’t, I’ll do the things I like.” Most of time, you can only pick one of the two.

  38. In point of employment if you are from somewhere like Greater Detroit and you have college degree you will have NO JOB. Unless you have cash to open up a liquor store. So wherever you go, you have to leave.

    If you’re smart you eventually find your way into another white country like Australia. It is true that living in Asia on pittance wages as an ESL teacher is a dead-end.

    I’ve known a few who did own schools or were principles but at the end of the day when they are 50, 60 years old and they have to return to the U.S. on limited funds and do not own a house and never married in the U.S. they are in trouble.

    I have mostly done other jobs.

  39. JASON Y

    For a prole like me from Detroit with an unimpressive degree it was easier to find a job elsewhere.

    As for fights, I was only mugged once in my time in Asia. Three times somebody jumped on the street just because I was white but luckily I was not hurt.

    You must have hospitalized somebody to get deported for fighting.

    • Jason Y

      I have too many disabilities and odd features to ever be accepted in Asia. Even if I was a teacher in a school that I ran myself, people couldn’t get over me, I would still be a problem. Also, for pride reasons (the house negro thing) I wouldn’t want to bend over and serve Asians, cause, and sorry to sound like a wuss, they don’t respect me as an equal human.

      Now, this thing I speak of isn’t always the case. I’ve been loved at certain schools, but overall Korea is just too socially conservative.

  40. NAMS in the 1990’s would kill you if you went to their parties or their neighborhood or tried to be a wannabe. There was less video surveillance then so it was easier to get away with it.

    Even white girls who tried to hang around blacks were beaten up.

    Since this was just the geographic reality you accepted it.

    The notion that Polish could be reason with blacks into wanting to be controlled is ludicrous.

  41. HOTDOG

    Those crimes are IN Israel and it is Jews doing it to other Jews.

    IRA terrorists are still blowing up old men at Protestant Parades in Belfast and that is tragic but it is not really a threat to anyone outside the immediate geography.

  42. YEE

    America was always the wild frontier for Chinese with a wild individualistic streak. Capitalists especially. Africa, I suspect, will be the same.

    I managed to purchase a small apartment and send the children to school and pay the bills. My wife would be no better off with the average Chinese man and because she is a thickset peasant type of plain looks I’m slightly wealthier than the average Chinese man she might have married.

    You can be as individualistic as you want in Chinese society as long as you do not bother anyone. Africans bring most of their problems on themselves, I’ll add.

    As for the countries where Chinese have put their hard work and Confucian values to greatest profit, it is no coincidence that these were white colonies and not native. Had Malays run Singapore or Philippines when Chinese arrived or blacks South Africa things would have been different.

    I’m not sure a Chinese colony in Africa will be much better or worse than a white one. They won’t adapt to collectivism so you can only dangle raw capitalism in their faces. Cynical, but human greed usually wins out.

    • Yee

      Individual Chinese in Africa are just for money. They most likely don’t care about politics or everything else, much less “colonize” them. Whatever system those countries choose, you can hardly blame it on them.

      The reason earlier emigrants were to white colonies was because most of them were labourers worked in plantantions. Similar to those went to America.

  43. YEE

    Europeans and Chinese are racial cousins on the Eurasian continent with old civilizations that developed in parallel. There is some Chinese blood in Eastern Europeans as far West as Poland and some Caucasian blood in Manchurian Chinese.

    Africans are far different and exactly how a Chinese colony will fare there is yet unknown. I would suspect that collectivism would fail and that only raw capitalism will run it.

    I managed to integrate into your subculture in another country, Thai-Chinese Loei.

    I’ve succeeded to feed, clothe and put a small roof over my Chinese wife and children’s heads. Unlike many Chinese men, I do not have a mistress.

    This as about as well as most Chinese men manage to do.

  44. Juan

    Stephen Bannon talks about “Islamofacism”………..
    Trump is a Goyim who is semi-literate

    Are they not the true “Le American Bears”…or maybe Bannon is a trans-Jew “Le Happy Merchant”

    What is more beneficial to the Jews, Mexican immigration or propaganda about Islamofacism?
    The latter is of great benefit to Israel, the former is debatable as to whether it is even good for Jews at all.

  45. JUAN

    Jews are probably unaffected for the most part. Mexicans do not really get as far North as NYC or Boston where Jewish labor-class is situated. At least not enough for job-thievery to be an issue. Mexicans do not really want to live in the Bronx. They want to live in Atzlan.

    Also, Jews tend to have some sort of skill like dental technician or lawyer. Their ghettos are so incredibly shitty in cold NYC that most Mexicans would rather be in sunny LA where it is less expensive anyhow.

    So they are not taking their jobs.

    I doubt that Jews really love the idea of a Hispanic country sense there is a bit of apathy from Spain that has trickled down into the Mestizo population.

  46. Aboriginals were in the worst possible position because A) England exported a load of female prostitutes (Often outnumbering men) so they were not able to offer up what Natives or blacks in villages eager to get rid of whites did, which was their women. B) Their IQ is lower than blacks.

    The Australian whites shot them like dogs. No of explanation. Just wandered off a ship and began blasting them. Eventually vicars intervened. I think 9/10 of them were killed.

    Today they drink themselves to death in the most remote parts of Australia. They are black but have the traits of Amerindians in Canada in behaving like a totally screwed and conquered race that wishes to kill itself as quickly but pleasantly as possible. They drink themselves to death.

    Australia has actually internal third worlds though they pour money on the problem.

    • Jason Y

      And WN assholes still want the whites to take the rest of their land, despite the fact.

      • I think my point would be that other countries are slightly less harsh for white proles, not that they are paragons of PC.

        • Juan

          people like you or Lindsay you are from Michigan and California respectively, really just can’t ‘get it’ so to speak like Appalachian and Southern Whites.

          Blacks were largely irrelevant to upper middle class and elite Whites in these regions.
          They interacted with the more selected ‘house servant’ types, and hence were not exposed to a wider swath of Black behaviors.

          Some even came to think that Blacks were the victims of White thuggery, although this was not common.

          Poor Whites were simply hated.
          Neoliberalism or Jooos did not start this phenomena.

        • Juan

          I suppose there was a Californian drifter underclass as well but I’m not quite sure.

        • Juan

          not trying to criticize the “dropout lifestyle”

        • TJF

          To Juan:
          I suppose there was a Californian drifter underclass as well but I’m not quite sure.

          At one time – yes. Since Whites are no longer a majority here and so many other groups are thrown into the mix, to me at least, the demarcation lines among Whites in regards to class are fuzzy. Lower income Whites in the SF BAY area are generally younger hipsters or older hippies who often come from middle to upper class backgrounds. Most of the people who could be described as White working class have moved out of the area. Rob may have a different perspective for non coastal California.

  47. TJF/JUAN Tales of a Rust Belt Migrant

    The first thing that struck me about working-class and lower middle-class whites when I moved to Phoenix was their obsession with crystal meth. It was very popular at that time and tweakers were everywhere.

    In general, whites in the Southwest tended to have slightly lower levels of educational attainment for the sort of employment they could do. GED’s, which would condemn you to welfare in Michigan, were common.

    West Coast is so far from Europe that most direct migrants came from the Pacific Rim and this is why the Asian character has always been stronger.

    A large number of Scandinavians and Irish and some Italian vineyard cultivators immigrated directly from Europe to California but overall back East was the beachhead landing for Europeans and West Coasters are shocked at how much like Europe-minus Arab immigrants-Boston or New York feel. New England’s cultural ties are stronger to Britain than California because London and Boston are nearer in nautical miles.

    Oakies now constitute a great amount of the population of California and these folks actually are not entirely white. They are an amalgamation of Oklahoma Indian tribes who intermarried with whites. Some Oakies were almost entirely Native American.

    The first wave of Back East semi-undesirables to Phoenix were working-class Jews who received settlements in the 70’s when NYC government leveled the Jewish ghetto of the Bronx and paid them settlement fees. In that instance yuppies were de-ghettoizing New York. These were working-class Jews who probably did not have much participation in undermining the system or controlling the value of the Federal Reserve.

    T the superintendent crack head and Zeke the Beastie Boy stand out to me.

    Then in the 90’s came the Midwest internal migration.

    It must be worse now in the economy, but even in the late 1990’s thousands of young college graduates from the Northern Midwest-Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois-migrated into the Sunbelt of Arizona and Southern California. Canadians from Ontario to a degree.

    This was somewhat disruptive to the economy. Graduates with college degrees were willing to accept any sort of employment even at the wages Hispanics would take because it is better than being unemployed or employed at a low wage in a cold state.

    It was an internal migration because ultimately the Midwest does not offer much-cold, high unemployment, dangerous cities, low wages.

    Appalachians have also steadily migrated into Arizona. These people tended, in my experience, to be truculent and sullen and often openly inclined to provocation.

    Arizona Hispanics seem to get on better with us than the local whites because in the Midwest Germans, Hispanics and Swedes were all relative newcomers to the U.S. so no racial antipathy ever existed. In their minds, we were also foreigners with Un-American names (Sven Olaffson, Myanna Sevrignn).

    The long-standing Anglo-Mestizo divide existing since annexation and subsequent class system in the Southwest is a regional phenomenon.

    I personally find the line between Hispanics and Indians to be fairly blurred although local whites (And Indians) distinguished it sharply. Some Hispanics pass for Italians but in the main it is tough to distinguish Danny Trejo from a local Res Indian.

    California always got more gays, druggies, aspiring entertainers, hippies. In some ways the economy depended on aspiring musicians or actors showing up for a year or two, putting all of their money into the fantasy economy and leaving disappointed. Of course, there are famous Midwestern success stories like Axl Rose.

    San Francisco was pricier and tends to attract gays, hipsters who have some kind of qualification sought-after but a lifestyle that is frowned upon in the Midwest. Being ragingly gay. It is not uncommon for an MBA from Chicago to run a Bistro in the Gay Castro district.

    I did not remain in Arizona long as I managed to find employment in Dubai.

  48. JUAN

    To begin with blacks who moved North found suburbs and satellite cities completely alien because the people are recent Polish, German, Scandinavian immigrants. Or on the East Coast Italians, Irish, Jews. These people have their own food, religions, accents.

    My city for example was German-speaking though gradually my parents were the first generation to speak English as a first language. So blacks really had no desire to live outside Detroit among foreigners anymore than Appalachians want to live in a barrio.

    Secondly, European immigrants from Central Europe have no notion of slavery, emancipation, the Civil War. This was 50 years or more before our grandparents and great-grandparents arrived in the United States. We were never more than an imported labor class of whom most were able to climb the social ladder in the middle-class by 1950.

    Michigan and Minnesota also have strong ties with Canada. We watch Canadian television, have Canadian franchises like Tim Hortons and many Canadians live in Michigan and commute every day simply to pay lower taxes on their property. The American colonial experience of the South is not really strong up North.

    Appalachians have difficulty understanding that whites in the North were like Mexicans-recent immigrants by and large from Central or Eastern Europe-with whom blacks in Detroit or Newark shared no colloquy or culture or history.

    Whites moved out of Detroit in the 1960’s and 1970’s until there was hardly one white left. That is all she wrote for a local economy, for a variety of reasons. Once the whites are gone, taxes are gone. Arabs or Albanians will move into liquor stores and gas stations that is about it.

    For whites what then commences are internal or external migrations. Arizona, California, Australia, New Zealand…whoever will take us with the highest standard of living.

    Blacks seem to lack the initiative to move. Also, they have children fairly young, lower educational levels so they are de-factor trapped in particular neighborhoods.

    The so-called “Michigan Exodus” of whites has been vast. In the millions, I think.

  49. TJF

    When I watched “Boogie Nights” 20 years ago it struck me how unconvincing Wahlberg was as a West Coast kid. His appearance and mannerisms screamed East Coast or Midwest German extraction. California natives have a certain body language, appearance, mannerism.

    Scandinavians were the biggest direct immigrants from Europe. Russians from Alaska also during the Gold Rush. This is quite apparent among whites from Southern California, of course.

    Irish-Catholics immigrated to San Francisco in considerable numbers not to the degree of the East Coast.

    Armenians are a surprising ethnic component. You meet very few elsewhere in America but they have always been a huge presence in California.

    Italians came to wine country of course.

    Most of the immigration was from the Pacific Rim or from Mexico. The Asian character of California is noticeable.

    Filipinos are a racial group that form a triangle since Mexicans and Spanish arrived in Philippines by way of galleon trade, intermarried to create the modern Filipino and then these folks immigrated to California.

    Japanese, Chinese, Koreans have always had firmer roots on the West Coast than anywhere else in the United States.

    Compared to the upper Midwest very few Central Europeans immigrated. You never had millions of Germans or Slavs congregating in ethnic neighborhoods like the Midwest.

    When I went out West people thought I was a foreigner.

  50. “Oakies”

    These people are almost as Indian as Mexicans.

    Oklahoma was Indian territory and they thoroughly intermarried with Caucasians.

    Some Oakies were pure Amerindian.

  51. TJF

    The Dirty Harry villains from San Francisco locales were depicted as Irish-American off and on through the series-Scorpio is recognized when he goes to an Irish Catholic church hospital by the doctor Harry knows from his own background as a “former choirboy” who became a caretaker after service in Vietnam (Played by London State actor English actor Andy Robinson).

    Chico the Mexican whom Callahan called a “Spic” makes a remark about crazy paddies and Dirty Harry, himself Irish-Catholic, glares at him.

    In Enforcer the guerrillas are organized by an Irish-Catholic priest from the Castro district and a Black Panther refers to them as “Paddy Dudes”. Bobby is another Vietnam vet who returned crazed and became a pimp. Wanda was a prostitute who became a nun.

    There’s some dated references to Irish-Catholic stereotypes in the film that nobody from Northern California would know now.


    Dirty Harry is after other Irish-Americans in the first and third films. Scorpio is a former choir boy whom a doctor at the Irish-Catholic mission (Back when wards were originally for Irish immigrants to the Castro district) identifies him as a current caretaker at the Stadium. Dirty Harry is indicated as being from the same district and is of course himself Irish-American.

    Scorpio is played by a London-trained English stage actor.

    In The Enforcer the Black Panther calls the terrorists Paddy Dudes from Vietnam organized by an Irish Catholic priest.

    In Dead Pool Harry is in Chinatown and recalls when the district was “pubs” referring to the new ethnic face of former Irish neighborhoods in San Francisco.

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