Glimpsing the Truth about Venezuela Amidst the Blizzard of Lies

Tulio: Venezuelan socialism was authoritarian and proto-communist. Scandinavian social democracy is not at all. I don’t think Chavez looked to Norway for inspiration but rather to Castro.

Keep in mind that nearly everything you read about Venezuela in the US Controlled Media unfree press is a lie. I have yet to see even one story written about that country that was not a lie from start to finish.

The last sentence is completely untrue.

Chavez himself said that Cubans have their way, and we have ours. Different systems for different countries. He never tried to copy the Cuban model. He was trying to do something completely different.

An Eternity of Lies from the Venezuelan Opposition

The first sentence is also completely untrue.

It was never even 1% authoritarian.

Venezuela has one of the freest presses on Earth, and all in all, it is one of the freest countries on the planet. I have read the Opposition press, and it is simply shocking. The Opposition media is so openly dishonest that frankly they probably ought to be shut down on that basis alone. They shameless lie in the wildest ways you could imagine every single day of the year. Their lies have provoked riots, arson and murder. Imagine Fox News during Obama except 5X worse, and that will give you some examples.

There were regular calls to assassinate Chavez and other government officials and nothing was ever done. Yes, the Opposition press regularly, almost daily, called for the murder of the President, and the government did not lift one finger against them.

All of the Opposition press participated in an illegal military coup. They should have been shut down on that basis alone. How can you allow an openly traitorous press?

The Opposition down there is so evil that they even fake exit polls in order to validate false charges of electoral fraud. Venezuela is the only on Earth where I have seen the actual faking of exit polls. Faking exit polls is a grievous crime against democracy because they were one of the few ways that we can tell if an election was honest or not.

Venezuela’s elections are said to be the freest on Earth. I agree. In the last election when the US and Opposition lied and said there was massive fraud, a recount was done. Fully 60% of the ballots were recounted under careful observation and there was not one single ballot in error. The Supreme Court then said, “Ok, 60% without one single error is good enough, no need to count the rest.” The Opposition then screamed fraud, and Obama Administration stomped their feet and screamed fraud also. Do you really think there was 1% chance of fraud in that election?

“Liberals” Hillary Clinton and John (Satan) Kerry led the charge in demanding new elections and demanding that the Chavistas share power with the Opposition. That’s like the Democrats lose an election, and they demand that the Republicans share power with them by filling half the Executive Branch with Democrats.

True, he replaced a lot of the army, but those people who were replaced had participated in a military coup. The army needs to support the regime.

Yes, he replaced most of the judiciary, but this has to be done everywhere in Latin America. An insanely corrupt elite judiciary is a major part of the problem down there, and every time they have a revolution,  one of the first things they do is a “judicial reform.” This means throwing out all of the corrupt judges of the elite and putting in some real judges. You know, people who believe in laws and stupid stuff like that.

Venezuela is vastly more democratic than the US has probably ever been. We have probably never had one day of democracy in this stupid country, and it’s getting much worse. This is because our class enemies who run this country do not believe in democracy. In fact, they have an extreme hatred of democracy.

Sins of the Organized Crime Gang Called “The Opposition”

All of the Opposition figures participated in the military coup and they all should have been put in prison if not shot on that basis alone. Instead they were all set free. All of the Opposition figures who are now in prison were guilty of extreme corruption and financial crimes or abuse of the judiciary. And almost 100% of them were guilty of participating in plots to assassinate the President. One of them ever raised an entire army of hundreds of men on her rural estate. Their purpose was to assassinate the President and seize power. Those few who were not guilty of money crimes or trying to kill the President are guilty of provoking violent riots in which ~40 people died. They were behind those riots all the way down to organizing them at the ground level and distributing guns and bombs to the rioters.


The Opposition gets away with murder down there and nothing is done. They rioted in their neighborhoods for years on end, and the police mostly stood there and watched them burn stuff down. Almost no country on Earth except pre-coup Ukraine has gone as easy on rioters as Venezuela has. Even with the latest riots, the police were very hands-off. Once again, they were probably more moderate in putting down those riots than any other police force on Earth. The regime knows that if they do anything heavy-handed at all, the US will scream “police brutality” and “civil rights abuses.”

Bolivarian Economics: China Is Vastly More Socialist than Venezuela

With the exception of oil, the whole economy is in the private sector. China is orders of magnitude more socialist than Venezuela.

All they did was create some social democracy. They built a lot of free to cheap housing, upgraded a lot of infrastructure, wired up the whole country for electricity, subsidized food prices for the poor, sold cheap household furnishings as My Happy Home stores. They created free public education and spent massively on educational facilities. They created free health care and spent hugely on medical care for the people. They promoted a lot of organizing and governing at the local level. They did a land reform by confiscating a lot of untilled land and turning it over to landless peasants to farm. They gave land titles to some local municipalities to grow their own food and run their own factories and enterprises. That’s more or less what China has done.

Chavez did great things for civil rights in Venezuela. Rights for Blacks, mestizos, mulattos and zambos were dramatically increased. Indian rights were expanded greatly, and they were given title to much of their land.

Women’s rights were also expanded dramatically, and the country even introduced civil rights for gays, which is hard to do in Latin America.

73% of the population still supports socialism and Bolivarianism.

The Chavistas massively improved lives in all ways for the poor, the lower middle class, the working classes, and in some ways for the middle classes though the latter do not realize this.

True there was a lot of talk about building socialism, but frankly the consensus on the Left is that they never got around to it. Bolivarianism was never Communist. It was always 100% democracy.

There was a lot of criticism on the Hard Left saying that all Venezuela had done was create a social democracy instead of going to socialism. Comparisons with Norway and Sweden were common.

In Latin America, Liberalism = Communism = Death

You must understand that if you even try to implement the mildest social democracy down in the Latin America, you are a Communist terrorist who must be shot dead. Anything even hinting at liberalism or Left is called Communism, and the attitude of the Right down there is “Kill all Communists.”

If you are in a labor union, you are a Communist because all labor unions are Communist. All human rights organizations are Communist. Everyone preaching Liberation Theology is a Communist. Most professors and students and public universities are considered to be Communists as are most public school teachers, especially because they have very militant unions. All peasant organizations are Communist. Really, every single grassroots popular organization down there is Communist.

PS The US supports this ideology 100%.

The Opposition’s History and Future Project

The Opposition never lifted one finger for the people. They ran that country for decades or really over a century and they did do one damn thing for the people the whole time. Before Chavez took power, 89% of the population lived in poverty in an oil rich nation. 91% of the population could afford only one meal per day. Malnutrition was rife. Health care was for fee for service and simply unavailable to people without the money to pay for it. Same with optometry, dentistry, the whole thing. Educational facilities were poor and falling apart because the elites in government all sent their kids to private schools, and paid no taxes, hence there was no money for public education.

here was no public housing. Sewage ran down the gutters of the streets on the hillside slums where most people lived. There was no clean water. Higher education was expensive and out of the reach of most of the people. In the rural areas most people were landless peasants and a tiny group of rentier rich owned almost all of the fertile land, much of which lay fallow. Death squads roamed the countryside and every year, they murdered ~50 peasants.

The system was profoundly racist, and if you were not White or mostly White, you stood little chance of making money or succeeding in politics. It was a Whites-only elite with no openings for non-Whites. In fact, much of the Opposition was openly racist. The Opposition openly called him “Mono” which means “monkey.” This is a reference to the fact that he is of mixed Indian, White and Black blood. Most of their fury over Chavez was because some guy who looked like the gardener or the maid was running the country and telling the White rich what to do.

I am surprised because the commenter is a Black man who apparently supports the viciously racist Venezuelan Opposition.

And you Americans are mystified at why countries go Left? Why in the Hell do you think?

The Opposition has no project. The project of the Opposition has always been to roll back all of Bolivarianism and take things back to the good old days described above. They have no other project because they cannot have another project. The Opposition are elites who support a project that is “everything for the elites, nothing for anybody else.”


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24 responses to “Glimpsing the Truth about Venezuela Amidst the Blizzard of Lies

  1. Venezuela like Philippines, Mexico and most of Latin America has an entrenched Spanish oligarchy. Unless you pull a Castro and deport all of them to Florida, any system has to fight this racial pyramid.

    • Jason Y

      Trash has a point. You cannot coexist with those people and expect a communist state to function. So when you hear right-wingers complain about no free elections in Cuba, then we know the reason why is cause right-wingers would be a major threat to such a society always seeking to dismantle it, just as they were trying to do in Venezuela. In fact, it’s amazing Chavez got into power at all, and was able to keep it as long as he did.

      • JASON Y

        Socialism appeals to the downtrodden races and Right-wing Fascism seems to pump the gonads of whites from all over the income strata.

        Blacks, Jews (Save Neocons), Hispanics never vote Republican.

        Indians, Mestizos and Mulatto in Latin America won’t be Right-wing capitalist.

  2. Yee

    One must admit though, Venezuela has been badly managed.

    It’s obviously very risky to depend almost entirely on oil for revenue. But still, the worst happened. Nothing has been done to prevent it.

    Even the Arabs know better. Dubai started from oil, but now only 2% of GDP, less than 9% government revenue comes from oil.

    Possibly only the Mongolians are worse than the Venezuelans. Resources rich with only 3 million people, yet the Mongolians ran the country to bankruptcy.

    • Jason Y

      A huge anti-Chinese racist movement is Mongolia. So are they looking for scapegoats for problems they, the Mongolians, created?

    • Yee

      The Mongolians look down at us. Their politicians fighting to be the most anti-China of them all.

      Soviet Union contributed some, encouraged anti-China in the past. And now the Mongolians consider themselves “ally” with the USA and the west, so they’re even more superior to us.

      But then, what can you expect from a bunch of idiots? They’re an inland country with only 2 neighbors, Russia and us. Only we will buy their raw materials, Russia wants buyer for theirs, too. When the Mongolians do find other buyers, they have to us our port to ship them out.

      Yet, they’re all anti-China, with politicians leading the game.

      • Jason Y

        It’s nothing personal. It’s only cause China is so large and so close.

        South Korea would possibly love the US also if it weren’t for troops stationed there. Note, it’s also close to China and would play a similar game as Mongolia.

        • Yee

          That’s why they’re idiots. Idiots act irrationally against logic.

          Will you insult your biggest if not only customer if you run a business that support your family? Hey, I would have flattered her unabashedly.

        • Jason Y

          Almost all oppressive groups believe the weaker people revolting against them are idiots and ingrates. However, the weaker people don’t want to be house negroes to the stronger group. They want to be free as was noted in one of Robert’s posts awhile back. Note, all these struggles from Apartheid South Africa, to the Arab-Israeli thing etc.. are all based on a struggle between a stronger group and a vastly weaker group. Normally it’s cause of IQ, but Mongolia has a high IQ.

        • Yee

          But we never “oppress” the Mongols, rather, it’s them who were the oppressors in history, killed and raped and conquered and setup a caste system that put us at the very bottom.

          China has 7 million ethnic Mongolian Chinese, 2.5 times of the outer ones. Even they want nothing to do with the Outer Mongolians. Partly because the Outer Mongolians were a different desert-north tribe, also because they are idiots. They’ve even lost their written language, invented a Russian style new one.

          They look down at us because they believe they’re on the side of the powerful, Soviet Union in the past, USA and the west now. But I think they think too highly of themselves. Neither the Soviet nor the US give a shit about them.

          While I can understand everybody wants to join the rich and powerful gang, it’s doesn’t mean I shouldn’t laugh when they make a fool of themselves. And I will. Those abusive idiots.

        • Jason Y

          Yee –

          Yeah, the Mongols did oppress – hundreds of years ago. However, they’ve done nothing lately. In fact, now China is a billion times stronger than Mongolia, so naturally, Mongols are resentful of China.

        • Jason Y

          This argument by Yee is bullshit, similar to the one about how White South Africa was overrun by tribes from the north (in times past), so that makes the land rightfully belong to the whites.

        • Yee


          It’s not that they fear us, they LOOK DOWN at us. Your assumption would have been correct for Korea and Vietnam, but not Mongolia.

          We weren’t more powerful than them 20 years ago. Mongolia was a Soviet ally, Soviet was more powerful than us. The Mongols certainly weren’t racist against Soviet, a very powerful neighbor.

          We’re like Mexico managing to grow richer and more powerful than the USA in 20 years to the Mongolians. I’ll bet Americans would still look down at the Mexicans if that happen.

          Believe it or not, the Mongolian racists have similar mentalities as the American ones. They don’t view themselves as underdog, they’re alpha. And they haven’t forgotten history either. But no “Mongol Guilt” whatsoever for them, of course.

          Sorry to tell you, Jason, but you’re wasting your sympathy, if the Mongols knew you regard them as underdog, they would have been offended.

        • Jason Y

          The Mongols are proud of Genghis Khan etc.. because that’s the main history they have.

        • Jason Y

          The comparison of Mongol to American is difficult. For instance, with the south is all this alpha pride in being the master race, but at the same time a feeling of being the “underdog” persecuted by the more powerful North USA or liberal establishment etc…

        • Yee

          I’m not that knowledgeble of your country. So I just see it as a whole according to economics and international influence.

  3. Jason Y

    On the cynical side, though, the monkey remark could have been cause they view left-wing politics as dumb. However, it might have had a double meaning.

    However, I do agree the right is racist, especially the alt-right, but sometimes they try to deny it with sugar-coated language that seems even politically correct.

  4. Jason Y

    The Opposition never lifted one finger for the people. They ran that country for decades or really over a century and they did do one damn thing for the people the whole time. Before Chavez took power, 89% of the population lived in poverty in an oil rich nation. 91% of the population could afford only one meal per day. Malnutrition was rife. Health care was for fee for service and simply unavailable to people without the money to pay for it. Same with optometry, dentistry, the whole thing. Educational facilities were poor and falling apart because the elites in government all sent their kids to private schools, and paid no taxes, hence there was no money for public education.

    The right-wing and also WN response is always pointing to either/or IQ or some sort of choice to be lazy and drug or alcohol addicted.

    What I find odd though is that white racist will often use “Let them eat education.” arguments for blacks etc.. but they become annoyed when they are used for US, British etc.. white proles.

    “Oh if only them dumb blacks etc.. would just study math or computers rather than become hooked on dope etc., then they’d get out of their situation.” “Oh, they made such stupid choices in life and nobody forced them.”

    • SOS Same Old Story

      Rich are right-wing because

      A) They do not want to pay more taxes

      B) They support police law & order tactics to keep desperate poor people at bay

      C) Support religion so that desperate poor people will behave themselves and not undermine their control over the means of production with sedition, bribery, crime, unions, strikes, radicalism.

      D) Support family values so that lots of children distract poor people into accepting slave wages.

      E) Usually rich are from some other race than that being exploited anyhow which is why Socialism works best in homogeneous societies.

      F) Want the economy de-regulated.

      G) Do not care about the environment.

      H) Do not care about the infrastructure or public.

      • Jason Y

        D) Support family values so that lots of children distract poor people into accepting slave wages.

        In the third world maybe, but the backwaters of the US, Russia etc.. have a low population growth – even among the most irresponsible and socially deviant white proles.

      • Jason Y

        C) Support religion so that desperate poor people will behave themselves and not undermine their control over the means of production with sedition, bribery, crime, unions, strikes, radicalism.

        You could have a point there, but actually the religious would do better under capitalism, perhaps make more money, not even needing strikes etc. – as much. For instance, if you’re not hooked on meth, then you’re more likely to get an education etc. (Haven’t you noted the destruction of white proles in the US?)

        However, this isn’t a pat on the back for right-wing politics. JUST BECAUSE – religion makes better workers under capitalism, doesn’t mean capitalism is better.

  5. Jason Y

    At least in my own family, the ones doing well are very condescending. It must be some sort of disease with people who get more money and status.

  6. JASON Y Condescending

    Watching the news from Asia and now a dual-citizen I felt a tired sense of boredom watching Trump attempt to stir up interest in Russia, not a threat for 30 years, or convince us to redeem the civilization of some Third World toilet bowl like Syria to our own civilization ideals when we are still reeling in debt from out last unfortunate excursion that has refugees raping girls in German swimming pools.

    I felt some contempt to. My own home state and others had not improved after 2000. Other white countries had left us behind, sadly.

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