Game/PUA: Effects of “Alpha” Behaviors on Love and Sex in Females

Juan: Alpha- from my observation that’s true when women hit 25-30. Before that TRASH is correct.

It seems to be a “shallow” thing as TRASH said.

Trash has made a number of statements about various female ethnicities and their sexual proclivities. My experiences have not matched his, but his reality is valid.

Studies consistently show that only 25-30% of women consistently reach orgasm with sexual intercourse. The rates go up to 80% with oral sex. I would say that all women like oral sex. I have given oral sex to quite a few Asian women, and they liked it just fine. Also to a few Hispanic women with the same response. The Hispanic women were pleasantly surprised that I would want to do such a  thing. With Black women, one thought it was weird, but she really got into it big time when I did it to her. For some reason, Black women think it is odd that any man would actually like to do such a thing.

Contrary to Trash’s characterization, I have found that White women can be very good fucks. Even White girls all the way down to age 14 can be really good fucks. They’re horny as Hell, and they really like to fuck from age 14 at least all the way to age 52 at least. I have no experience with females under 14 or over 52, so I can’t comment there.

Females at all ages, even teenage girls, can go at it for hours if you can keep it up. And I have had porno-style sex with quite a few White women. A White woman will do just about anything sexually if she is turned on by you and especially if she is in love with you. Sexual attraction turns on the female sex drive and love ramps it up to overdrive.

A woman in love frequently complains that she is horny all the time. She often says, “What is wrong with me? What have you done to me? Have you cast a spell on me?” I have heard this a number of times from different women and even from teenage girls. Yes, I did cast a spell on her, but it was a love spell. She’s horny all the time because she’s crazy in love and also because she is very turned on to the guy sexually.

Acting “Alpha” is great for getting women to fall nuts in love with you and turning them into nymphos who feel horny all the time and want to fuck all the time. I have no idea if my love spells work, but the women were definitely in love and they often accused me of putting a spell on them. Sometimes they even told me, “Take the spell off, dammit.”

I have also read quite a few other cases of men acting “Alpha” and getting women to fall nuts in love with them. These women also complained that they felt horny all the time.

Sexual attraction is necessary to turn on the female sex drive. “Alpha” behavior can add to this sense of attraction, but good looks really helps. Alpha -looks probably doesn’t work that great. Alpha behavior + good looks is a great ticket to wild love and crazy sex from women.

“Alpha” behavior can also create wild, head over heels love-type behavior in women. A woman this wild in love can also feel horny all the time because passionate love is an on switch for the female sex drive.

However, this wild love for “Alpha” behavior has a very unstable aspect to it. There is a lot of love-hate, screaming and yelling, wild fights, calling you back 20-30 times in an hour while cussing you out and hanging up, continuous threats, bickering, crying, fistfights, intense hatred and rage, along with a lot of wildly passionate love and all the great things that go along with that. “Alpha” behavior can also cause extreme submission in women. They often started calling me “Daddy” went they went crazy-submissive like that. In these relationships, I ended up doing a lot of incest role-play where I was Daddy and she was the teenage girl. I know you all are going to start calling me names now, so I will remind you that these roleplays were instigated by the women, not me.

I’ve never had such wild love affairs as when I started acting consciously “Alpha.” A certain amount of that was bastardy, but really it was more being not being pussy-whipped and refusing to fight back. I used to be horribly pussy-whipped and would never fight back against girlfriends for fear she would cut off the pussy supply. This did not work so well, but the relationships were a lot more stable. They also did not last that long and they were characterized by a lot of contempt coming from the women.

After I went “Alpha,” I did not so much act like a jerk who treats women like crap. Instead I started fighting back against bitch behaviors. “Shut up bitch!…Shut up you little bitch!…Fuck you!…Fuck you bitch!…” I even called them cunts quite a bit. “Shut up cunt!..Shut up you stupid cunt!…” etc etc.

The “treat them like crap” guys are right in the sense that fighting back brutally against bitch behaviors does seem to turn on a wild sex drive and a wild and crazy head over heels passionate love. But you have to be very kind and good to them when they are not bitching out. So it’s a combination of being a very kind and good man when she is being a good girl and being a real motherfucker when she is being a bad girl.

It’s almost like the way her parents treated her. As you can see in the submission and calling you “Daddy,” perhaps you are reverting her to childhood or better yet teen years when a powerful father was the source of tremendous love when she was good but also brutal coldness and cruelty when she was acting up. I have a feeling that females’ relationships with their fathers may be a lot more sexual than people think. Why else do women crumble into submission scared eyes and little girl voices and start calling you “Daddy” when faced with a dominant man? Why else do they want to do teenage girl-Daddy incest roleplays? What other explanation can there be for this?

You would think cussing women out when she is acting up would drive them away but it did not. Instead it tended to cause this wild, unstable, horny-all-the-time love affair-of-the-century behavior, albeit combined with frequent or continuous mood swings, frequent fights and a lot of hatred but little if any contempt. If you want wild, passionate love affairs with horny all the time nymphos down for anything goes porno style sex, this is apparently the ticket. On the other hand, these relationships are very wild and unstable, with continuous fights on a daily to multiple times a day basis. The bonus from that downside is the wildest love you have ever experienced. Love and hate are very close.

If you don’t want this wild, manic-depressive Hollywood movie love then you might want to try something more down to earth but more stable.


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4 responses to “Game/PUA: Effects of “Alpha” Behaviors on Love and Sex in Females

  1. …I simply gave up trying to seduce women in college and started using prostitutes which by some definition makes me a complete loser.

    But overseas men don’t even bother hiding this fact.

    Asian men are the Omegas of their own countries. White males go there and women are attracted to their height, money, foreign sophistication and penis size. I don’t care what anyone says about penis size, go to Asia if you think women don’t think it matters at all. Its at least 40% of what matters which is probably why my few college hookups with white women went nowhere.

    White women and feminists will decry the male patriarchal oppression of prostitution but prostitutes and probably all women understand sex is a seller’s market and men are going to want some kind of release.

    I’ve noticed often when a woman who is paid for blowjob does the act her nipples get hard. On some involuntary level some women probably experience some degree of arousal pattern during sexual activity.

    Latino women and African-American women selling their bodies in large US cities do not really complain about the male oppressive patriarchal social structure. They probably cannot grasp it and do not care. Men can be made to pay money for 5 minutes worth of work. 10 men per day add up to a great deal of money. Sex is what they want from women. It’s blatant in their culture as is the Alpha/Beta thing where the most attractive male has a harem and a Beta or Omega has to get what he can.

    White women have contributed to the degree of European civilization by not giving away the pussy nearly as easily and being bitchy which creates a greater degree of competition for males to achieve status through productivity.

    This is the upside as every European who invented the combustible engine and the industrial revolution and went out to sea to explore new lands was hoping to get rich enough to get a decent blowjob from a white countess at the end of the day once he had some status.

    The downside is more white men are likely to be loners, porn addicts, even rapists.

  2. ROBERT Biography of a Prostitute Using “Loser”

    John’s shallow and rather bitchy 23 year old girlfriend named Krista brought over a white woman named Amy who was also a store manager. Same age, white middle-class, early twenties.

    She had short hair and was pleasant looking. We all sat on the balcony of our piggish bachelor pad and shared a joint. It was a tense situation.

    Krista said that Amy might sort of like me, kinda, if I gave it time.

    I was polite but felt tense and what was the point? I was busy and broke and had no car.

    I brushed this off.

    The next week I paid for another blowjob.

    What is the point of a young man bending backwards over to get sex with some middle-class woman who is shallow and will date him for a month or two and meet some other guy. Chances are she’s probably given some Alpha males blowjobs after 4 hours at a party but plays the semi-frigid bitchy princess to the Beta to make him drop his wad.

    …Prostitutes probably like this situation. It allows women like them who got bad breaks in life and did not have a rich father with a good job who loved them to get something out of life for giving men the same thing they want from all women which is a decent sexy blowjob.

    Along with middle-class standards-no assaults on front laws, gang activity, poverty, single mothers on welfare, burglary, drugs, material comfort-come the expectations the breeders have. A man will pay for this, do that and she will lay down the law about what she will do.

    Women from ghettos and barrios do not have this option. The fastest way to get a new television is to suck 20 penises over 3 days in the red light area and then suck the policeman’s penis for free to avoid going to jail (My understanding is that this is common).


    I’m glad I discovered prostitutes young and did not spend my life listening to a woman bitch and moan about this or that in a lower middle class suburb only to divorce me anyhow.

    Instead I have traveled the world seeking sex and blow jobs. Sure, most of the time, but not always, I paid for it. Makes me a loser.

    But in real terms of money and pain and time the white middle-class guy who follows the rules and ends up divorced at 35 and paying child support is the biggest loser.

    So white women who perhaps read this blog can sneer. Ewww, what a loser, paying women for blowjobs. That’s so icky. Cannot get a girl to like him.

    Actually, thank God some women are willing to suck and have sex for money.

  4. ROBERT Advice for Young Men

    If you take a trip somewhere and get a good blowjob it will give you a whole new way of viewing middle-class college girls.

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