The Old “Treat Woman Like Crap” Advice

GondwanaMan: Pumpkin Person told to me to try some sociopathy/narcissism, but it’s hard! I started reading Chateau Heartiste/Roosh V, then went outside of my apartment to try it out. First girl I tried it on, walked away. Same with the second. Then I went to a third one. Same thing.

Finally I found an elderly woman and talked down to her like she was stupid. She liked me, but I think only because she was hard of hearing and lonely. So I’ll try again tomorrow on someone else.

Personally, the last men on Earth I would read for advice on how to get women are ultra-misogynists and narcissist/sociopaths Chateau Heartiste and Roosh V. I suppose that technique could work if you are a real scumbag. Roosh’s advice seems to be mostly a How to Date Rape Women and Get Away with It manual. And Roosh is indeed a date rapist. That’s for sure. And boy does he hate women.

You hear a lot of players and womanizers give precisely this advice on how to get women and deal with them. They claim it works fantastic. Some of the worse ones even say that they beat and hit women, and this works wonders. None of this has ever made the tiniest bit of sense to me, and I’m pretty experienced with women.

As a man who has done quite well with women in his life, I would say that acting like a sociopath/narcissist in the sense you are talking about is just not going to work. I’ve never gotten women by talking down to them like they are idiots. Lots of players say the secret to women is to treat them like shit, but I’ve had many girlfriends, and that’s never worked for me. I don’t get it. How to guys treat women like shit and get away with it?

As it is, women in my life are always accusing me of insulting them or not caring about them or being mean or hurting their feelings. That is, being an asshole. However, I am generally not even trying to do that! I actually try very hard not to insult women or put them down too much, but it seems like women are paranoid and always reading insults into places where they are not intended. To the extent that I have treated women poorly in this way, albeit usually unintentionally, it’s never been anything but a disaster. I don’t get it. How do misogynists get women? How does insulting a woman get you laid? How does talking down to a woman make her want to go out with you?

Color me mystified.


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17 responses to “The Old “Treat Woman Like Crap” Advice


    To be honest, I’ve used prostitutes all my life and resent the implication that I am exploiting or degrading women.

    I do believe that when women are in their early 20’s and shallow and inexperienced they can be heartless with young men’s feelings.

    Overall my experience is that young women do not realize the pain they cause young men sometimes because well, they are shallow and callow until 30 or so in terms of relationships. You are not the guy they are going to marry anyhow at 22.

    When I was young a few times I had had sex with 45 and 50 year old women who were movie-star beautiful in youth. They told me about this guy or that guy who blew his wad and broke his heart back in 1975 and probably still had not gotten over it in 1998 while they were being screwed by a young horny male for kicks.

    Males read their own depth into women and qualities that are often not even there. Women tend to view males who do this as weak and loserish.

    Young men read a great deal into young women when they are in love. In reality most of these young women will date them for awhile, break up and eventually marry later on to some other guy.

    Males tend to invest a great deal of energy and sacrifice into wooing young women in order to get sex in some dark room with the lights off and she lies on her back.

    Amsterdam sort of cut this short for me. I was 20 and paid for sex with a South American prostitute who was 35 or 40 and said WHY BOTHER WITH TRYING TO HOOK UP AT COLLEGE MIXERS.

    Back in the United States with its pointless hypocritical puritanism trolling for prostitutes is a little more risky but I engaged in it.

    Meanwhile I found that college girls could not even get me off.


    That is normal but one has to consider how marriage and responsibility will curtail your future fun, if you are still in your 20’s.

  3. Yee

    I can take all the shit my cat gives me, because she’s already mine. But if strange cats think they can get my affection by doing the same, they’re badly mistaken.

    • YEE

      Not only is treating other people badly wrong, it is the wrong way to go about getting what you want.

      The world is full of females and males (In Northeast China for example) who will rent some body opening to you for 30 minutes and do not care at all who you are.

      It helps to be polite and clean but at any rate it is not hard to find women or men who will let you have the use of their body for 30 minutes for $50.

  4. YEE

    Why treat another human badly at all?

    Just rent their time, if it comes down to that.

    • Yee

      Sometimes those get affections would got spoiled. Of course, there’s limit for everything. The stupid animal better not push it. Affection can be lost too.

      There’s a difference it’s your cat or other people’s cat. If you don’t want to own one, of course it make no difference.

      • YEE

        In Western thought, the cat is the symbol of a female and the dog is the symbol of a male.

        Do women resemble cats in some ways and men dogs?

        Yes, to some extent.

        • Yee

          I know that culture. But I think men are more like cats than dogs in characteristics. Cats are more independent, they demand service but want freedom. Dogs are too obedience to be like men.

  5. YEE

    I do not believe anybody likes being mistreated.

    Lot’s of plain-looking and seemingly not-very-bright Northeast Chinese peasant women in Dubai are happy to rent the use of their body for 20 minutes. They do not seem to care much as long as you are polite.

    One such Northeast Chinese woman fell asleep during an episode with her and she was sober. She was maybe 40. That was how bored she was.

    Another was so unintelligent that she accidentally jammed my tool into her backside by mistake and I had to tell her it was the wrong place.

    It is not hard to find a woman who is not terribly hard-working or intelligent to lie down or bend over for 30 minutes anywhere on this planet.

  6. Mistreating other people is a lousy thing to do and sooner or later you will be mistreated.

    I’m surprised so many men try crazy approaches simply to convince some woman to lie down for 20 minutes.

    Why not just offer to pay for somebody’s time?

  7. YEE

    Not for years. That was all when I was a single man, long ago.

  8. Themaker75

    in the real world I think the trick is to not be a sniveling gutless worm to women you are in a relationship with. Walking up to a woman and saying you are fat and most likely stupid will most likely have her run the other way.

    Be nice to start but not spineless. Simply continue that way because then the woman knows she has to put in some effort to keep you around. I think it’s actually a healthy way to have a relationship. Slobbering over another person isn’t good for either of them. If I had to put it into numbers I’d say as Lin as the man has 60% control in the relationship the woman will be happy to have a real man. And the plus is when you do something like get flowers or go to a romantic dinner it actually means something. I know women who get flowers every Friday. I see these assholes on the bus coming home from work. The most they get out of those flowers is that the wife will call ahead for the pizza take out for the cuck to pick up on his way home.

    • Themaker75

      This is why women have to seek child support and restraining orders and alimony.

      When they are young they like the tough guy and masculine dude with his brash confidence.

      Then he screws her until she gets pregnant and he quickly disappears from her life.

      He does not like paying child support or anything else.

      But women are wired this way when they are young and as they get older they simply mutter shit about “how guys are”.

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