How to Act Masculine

GondwanaMan: I wanna be masculine.

There’s not much to it. Masculinity is a show. It’s a mask you put on for other men. It’s simply a behavioral display and most any man can learn to act this way if they practice.

Practice. Try to act masculine. First try to think in a masculine way. Then start envisioning yourself as a masculine man. Look at masculine men and frankly just imitate them. Imitate actors. I do that a lot. I actually imitate of a couple of porn stars from the Golden Age because I like their style. One is Jamie Gillis. He was a bastard but he had a good style.

It won’t look funny at all. Try it on for size and see how it works. Even if it feels like you are doing the most idiotic parody of masculinity on Earth that would make anyone burst out in laughter, you probably are not. You are probably just acting the way many men do all the time. Keep on practicing when you are alone. Get it to where it starts to feel pretty normal. The more it feels normal, natural and not forced, the better it will come across. At some point,  hopefully it will become a sort of second nature and you will act this way without trying.

Try not to worry so much about what others think. If you are prone to being very self-conscious and sensitive, say to yourself over and over, “I don’t care about them. I don’t care about you. I don’t give a damn what you think about anything! You think I care? LOL yeah right. I don’t care what you think!”

This sounds narcissistic if not sociopathic but if you are already introverted and sensitive, you are so far on the other side of Cluster B that thinking those thoughts will not turn you into a monster. You will be your normal pleasant self, but you will care a lot less about what others think.

This is very important. Fear is a life-killer. If you worry what everyone thinks all the time, you will hardly ever act. You won’t ask many women out. You won’t even approach many women. You might be scared to act masculine. All of these things are life-destroying because if it goes too far, you end up living an isolated life with little dating, fun or human interaction. Shy people are usually very nice, but shyness can ruin your life by keeping you from doing much of anything at all.

“If you think you’re masculine, you’re masculine, period.”

My father, who had a typical moronic view of masculinity, used to get furious at me when I said that. But it’s true.

For some reason this is very controversial with a lot of idiotic masculine men. A lot of masculine men are very stupid about masculinity. They treat it like it is some precious elixir that only the finest anointed ones are gifted with. The rest of the men will never attain it no matter how hard they try. So many men have told me things like, “They’re trying to be men. But it’s bullshit because they’re not men.” This is retardation. Got news for ya, pal. If you’re trying to be a man, you are a man. It’s real simple. If you’re trying to  be confident, you are liable to act a lot more confident.

I have known many unmasculine men in my life. Most were soft, passive and sometimes wimpy.  There are no unmasculine men who think they are masculine. Feminine, soft, passive or wimpy men know that they are not masculine. They simply don’t care, or they don’t feel that they have it in them. Trust me that most of these men did not even try to act masculine. I know this because they confided this in me.


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6 responses to “How to Act Masculine

  1. Walter Mitty thinks about being masculine. Is he masculine?

  2. Juan

    Okay, yes masculinity is largely about acting, I agree based on my experiences.

    The only problem I have with that is that I’m just not that good of an actor. I can come across masculine to outsiders, but I can’t help but feel people I know well, know it’s bullshit.

    Is this a standard experience?

    • JUAN

      What is the point of masculinity, tell me?

      Some of the tough guys I knew-and avoided-in my Detroit youth ended up kicking so many asses that nobody will hire them because of assault records as long as my arm.

      Who cares when they are 30? Who bails them out of jail as a sign of admiration for their ass-kicking ability.

      A stay in jail and paying another man’s hospital bill? You get out and your acquaintances whisper that you are “crazy” and no longer invite you to their parties.

      Who pays you for kicking another man’s ass in front of everyone? One beer before the cops haul you away.

      …I’m sorry, your a lover and not a fighter. You dick women in all of their holes like John Holmes on Ecstasy and have a member to match.

      So you have two kids by 25 and you are on the run from child-support or bad relationships.

      You had a case of genital warts when some chick said she had like bare and had to have them burned off your penis with dry ice.

      Who admires you?

      Unless you are good enough to carry the UFC or wish to make the military your career how does your masculinity help you.

      I’ve known a few ex-cons and they are so confrontational after doing time that none of them can hold a job. Masculinity only rules the roost inside the joint. If you intend to spend your life there beating off and selling cigarettes than perhaps you are onto something with masculinity.

      Otherwise forget it.

  3. Tulio

    I think masculinity can have many different flavors. The Hell’s Angel biker and MS-13 gangbanger are masculine. But so is George Clooney. I think the key is finding the right mixture of masculinity and charm. All masculinity and no charm and you are the gangbanger or outlaw biker. Masculinity with the charm and you have James Bond.

    I once read a woman’s view of the whole “nice guy” issue that always stuck with me. She said “women want a good guy that can get bad”. I think she nailed it. A nice guy is a guy with no edge to him. No mysteriousness, no sexual tension, nothing about him that keeps a woman guessing or off-balance. I think women enjoy a bit of drama in their life, they may complain about it, but they love to gossip and nice guys don’t give women anything to gossip about. At the same time though, no mentally healthy woman wants a 100% bad boy. The ones that do either have daddy issues, are sociopaths themselves or are just lousy, trashy people in general. Women who love cruel men and the bad version of Alpha males, avoid like they plague.

    I think a good rule of thumb is to pursue masculinity, form bonds with other masculine men, eschew the feminist and cultural left’s war on gender identity(about the only thing I can agree with the alt-right on these days), try to develop some type of and edge and mysteriousness about yourself. Say less, but make your words count. Don’t act fearful, don’t act intimidated by the world. Be a good guy that tries to do the right thing in life, treat people decently, but that doesn’t take any shit or allow himself to be trampled upon by other men and especially women.

    • TULIO

      Who bails you out of jail for being a lethal ass kicker?

      Who hires you after you complete a 10 year sentence for aggravated manslaughter?

      If you are running some business corporation and have 5 guys around you all the time as security and the power of Trump than by all means, you are one masculine dude who probably pulls some chicks.

      …But most of them? They end up being Danny Trejo. People are intimidated by them or want nothing to do with them in middle age.

  4. If Jax had not killed during the police chase at the end of the Biker series he would have been arrested, probably “rolled” to get a sentence of 10 years, spent all of his money and sold his house for lawyers to negotiate a Federal Deal and come out of prison at 45 years old with no money, no assets, an old denim jacket with a patch on it and as he stated “a GED, all I know is outlawed.”

    Tony Soprano chose death over “selling pots in Utah” after the first attempt on his life. He COULD have worked for minimum wage in the Witness Protection program relocation.

    Cholos and Blacks often don’t make it to middle-age anyhow. They get caught and go to jail until they are old enough for social security or someone kills them.

    Past 35 most Badasses are totally pathetic. No woman wants anything to do with them because they have no future.

    They’ve spent all their money on lawyers and court costs and have a criminal record from 12 to 30 so that nobody would hire them to handle money or trust them.

    Not uncommonly, they end up homeless or nearly so. Nobody cares about the things they manage to survive, or how brave they were or tough. None of it matters to the teenagers they work with.

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