We Have No Choice – We Must Support the Democratic Party

Latias: Look at the comment section in this thread.

It really shows how anti-imperialist the Mainstream Left is. Look at the hostility the author gets.

From the author:

[There was a reference to Putin dining with Jill Stein]

Based on death toll, better to dine with Putin than 3 presidents in my lifetime — [W?] Bush, Reagan or Nixon. I prefer cooperation to confrontation. We don’t need a new Cold War. The world’s greatest human rights violator abroad (that’s the USA in case you don’t now) is in no position to throw stones from its glass house. The candidate you mention is not without flaws – she has some unscientific views and that’s practically inexcusable from a physician. But Putin’s crimes abroad pale in comparison to those of every single US president of my lifetime, present administration included.

Yes, that is true about Putin.

First of all, that’s not really the Mainstream Left in the US. That’s the Democratic Party, and calling the Democratic Party Left is some sort of a sick joke. Daily Kos is the site of the left wing of the Democratic Party (the base), but those people are what we might call liberal Democrats, and in my opinion, there are hardly any Americans more awful than these liberal Democrats, mostly because there is almost nothing liberal about them. Liberal Democrats in the US are basically rightwingers in most of the rest of the planet.

The problem is that both parties are utterly committed to horrific US imperialism. The US is the imperialist pig enemy of all of mankind, but both parties are just fine with that and the majority of the American people think it’s great too. So the imperialism is probably going to be one of the last things to go. Trump ran as isolationist, but he is now governing as a wildly crazed typical American imperialist pig. Recall how horrifically imperialist even Bernie Sanders was. This murderous imperialist pig crap is nearly woven into the very genes of Americans. It will be very hard to root out.

We have to support the Democratic Party though. We have no choice. They sort of suck, but the Republicans are 50X worse. And the Democrats do do quite a few good things. The problem is more that there is progressive agenda simply yields incremental change. I can live with Democrats. I can’t live with Republicans. The Republican Party is one of the most extreme rightwing parties on the whole planet.

Look, let’s get real here. The United States itself is one of the most extreme rightwing countries on the planet. That’s the people of the US. The people – Americans – are basically fanatically ultra-rightwing freaks. They are out of step with nearly the entire planet. There are hardly any nations on Earth as rightwing as the US.

The only country more rightwing than the US I can think of is Colombia. Show me any other country anywhere on Earth where majorities regularly elect parties that are as radical right as the US Republican Party. Show me one country, one.

Well I will say that the new British government is trying to copy the Republican Party. But I do not think even the horrific Tories are as bad as the Republican Party. But the Tories are probably one of the only countries on Earth that actually ape the US Republicans. US Republican Party conservatism is pretty much rejected across the board in most every country on Earth.

Just a question. How rightwing are the governments of the Baltics and the Czech Republic nowadays? I do not think they are as rightwing as the US Republican Party. Estonia and Latvia are horrible countries, and all of the Baltic countries are Nazi countries with Nazi populations. Ukraine is run by out and out Nazis and maybe half the population are out and out Nazis, but even they do not practice US Republican Party conservatism.

And the present government does not even have the support of the majority. The only reason they are in power is because they outlawed the main opposition party, murdered some of its lawmakers and quite a few of its activists, and tried to set the house of its presidential candidate on fire. They failed in the last one, setting his neighbor’s house on fire. Oh by the way, the Ukrainians had the full support of the US in all of us. The US supported them as they outlawed the opposition party, murdered opposition lawmakers and many activists and tried to burn the opposition presidential candidate to death. After all, this murderous Nazi party was put in by the US government in a US-sponsored coup.


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4 responses to “We Have No Choice – We Must Support the Democratic Party

  1. Jason Y

    As Trash mentioned, if Republican policies were carried out to their extreme, there would be cannibalism in major cities. Unless, of course, you really think they will give NAMS enough or any employment. Could they? Republicans seem convinced their way of thinking would be salvation for NAMS and poor whites giving them a real stake in this world.

    • KENNY

      I met Kenny and Dana in Canada because Dana rent a room to me. She was an ex-stripper who spent most of the million dollars she had made on cocaine but managed to save enough to buy a house and rent rooms.

      Kenny was her old boyfriend and he was a badass biker in the 80’s who started selling drugs at 18 in 1979. By the time I met him he was 41.

      Kenny had been in prison and spent every drug-earned dollar on court fees. He did about 5 years.

      He was clean eventually but all he had to show for his life was a lousy car and a long criminal record as lengthy as his mullet.

      Both dressed the way people had in 89 in their prime. They wore tight jeans, mullets, glam rock clothes.

      They hung around younger people because they could not afford to go to the places most people their age would go. They had zero money to show.

      Kenny sometimes hung around the strip bars. He’d been a bouncer once but was too old for that now.

      Young people thought they were aliens in 2002. The glam rock styles from 1988.

      And this is the end for a “bad ass”. He gets to 40 and has a prison record. The bad girl gets to 40 and not only has a prison record but has been a ho.

      Society has no respect for them. In middle-age they have to work with teenagers.

    • JASON Y

      Never happen baby. How many young NAMS want to graduate from high school which requires a great deal of avoiding trouble and work honestly at a low-paying job while people who don’t follow the rules get more money in benefits which they supplement by selling their bodies or selling drugs or stolen merchandise.

      If minimum wage was doubled, it would change.

      Also, once people in the ghetto try crack cocaine it is the end of their life anyhow.

  2. Tulio

    The Philippines sounds more right-wing than the US right now. Their blood-thirsty, murderous ultra-nationalist despot is rather popular.

    Middle East countries are conservative.

    I don’t think Americans themselves are nearly as right-wing as the government. When they are polled, they seemed to be more center left. From what I understand, most Americans support gay marriage, most believe climate change is a real threat, most support increasing the minimum wage, most believe in upholding Roe v Wade, most want to protect the environment, most now want marijuana legalized, I’ve even heard that most believe in universal healthcare now. On the actual issues when polled a la carte, most people aren’t right wing. Many Republicans however have been brainwashed into thinking that any Democratic president will turn America into Venezuela under Chavez. They bring up Venezuelan socialism all the time and accuse the Democratic party of wanting to be like Latin American socialism, which is bullshit of course. The progressives in the Democratic party look at European social democracy as a model, not Venezuela or Cuba.

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