“The Story of an Omega,” by Anonymous

I must say, this is one of the saddest stories I have ever read. It’s literally heartbreaking. I also think this fellow is a fine writer. And that’s a compliment coming from me because I don’t like most writers. You can be assured that if I tell you you are a good writer, you are definitely good. He’s such a good writer that this heartbreaking story is actually beautiful. As we all know, some of the best literature ever written is terribly sad. The saddest story on Earth can also be beautiful in the hands of a literary master. There is a cold beauty in most things on Earth, even the saddest and ugliest things, if the touch of great art is applied to them.

There are some problems with the prose below, in particular switching back and forth between 1st and 2nd person, but it’s nothing a good editor couldn’t fix up. It did require a bit of an edit but more from grammar, punctuation and spelling and a bit for awkward phraseology. But I didn’t change the voice. As you might guess when reading this, the author is an Indian-American man.

The Story of an Omega

by Anonymous


Below is a timeline of my life as an Incel. This is going to be a long and depressing read. However, I want to make it clear to anyone that reads this – don’t be so quick to compare yourself to me. Some guys who are only 5’8 claim that their shortness in statue causes them to be Forever Alone (FA). I am only 5’4, and my height is probably only my seventh biggest problem. Even while I’m not the shortest guy ever at 5’4, my hunchback makes me appear 5’0.

I’m short for even a short guy, and yet I was not until I was in my 30’s before I realized my height was even a problem. Mainly that was due to the fact I was focusing on my bigger problems such as my limp, hunchback, clawed hands, ugly face, speech impediment and otherwise weird voice, and learning disabilities. Then after factoring in my height, you can also consider my shattered confidence, social awkwardness, poor sense of humor, very bad teeth and that I am now overweight. Most guys would struggle to get a girl with only two or three of those problems. It’s hard to believe that guy could only be 5’4 and walk with a limp and would be only scratching the surface of his problems.

Recently I have been trying to calculate a rate of girls that would be willing to date me. Perhaps after seeing my face, only 1/20 girls would date me. Of those girls, only 1/40 would date me because of my height. Then after factoring in the deformity of my body, maybe only 1/50 of the remaining girls would date me. Of those, maybe only 1/30 would date me because of my personality. And of that, maybe only 1/10 would date me because of other reasons such as my voice or my teeth.

It is possible that some girls who could look past my height would also look past my deformities, but if not, taking all this into account would mean only .8 of every million girls would date me. That means in an entire country of about 75 million women who are between the ages of 18-65, there would be only about 60 girls that would date me.

Consider how bad that is. I have an unattractive friend. I would say 85% of girls would never date him. If we both decided to get girlfriends and I could go after any girl in the country and he could only go after girls from our small commuter college, he would still be 25X more likely to get a girl than I would. And this isn’t a popular guy at all.

Think about it another way. Let’s say that because of my face, I fall in the bottom 10% of male attractiveness. Because of my height, I am in the bottom 3%. Because of the disability, I am in the bottom 5%. Based on personality issues, I am in the bottom 15%. Finally because of other matters, I am in the bottom 20%. Put it all together, and I am in the bottom .0004%. That means that if you paired me up against another guy and asked the average girl which guy was more attractive, I would lose 220,500 times in a row. After winning one match, I would lose another 220,500.

This is what life is like for this kind of person…

3rd Grade: Problem Free and Already Left Out

This is where it starts. In third grade, before you have any real problems, you suddenly find yourself paying attention to girls. You notice the popular kids have girls approaching them on behalf of other girls. A lot of “he said, she said” games are played. You can’t help but notice you seem to be left out of these games. No big deal, a lot of guys are. No need to worry. Although you do feel a little jealous.

4th–6th Grade: The Beginnings of Frustration

The “he said, she said” games have stopped, and now the popular kids are hanging out with the girls they like. You watch in jealousy as they share their first kisses. Eventually more guys start getting girlfriends. By sixth grade, it seems like half of guys have girlfriends and half don’t. You are disappointed at being in the bottom half. You secretly wonder what it feels like to kiss a pretty girl, and hope you won’t have to wait too long. But you are socially awkward and don’t know how to make the first move. And the girls don’t care to pursue you either.

7th Grade: Things Become Clear

This is when lines start to be drawn and the losers exposed. By seventh grade, 80% of guys have girlfriends. Only the bottom 20% don’t. Even though you want a girlfriend, you keep hoping for at least an above average-looking girl for validation purposes. At this point, you are clueless about how overly-inflated your ego is. Although any thought of being a popular kid has clearly gone down the drain. You don’t give up yet on the pretty girls, but you are starting to realize the competition is fierce. You’re shorter than everyone, have a weird voice, an unattractive face, and a shy and awkward personality. But you keep hoping somehow you will get lucky.

8th–9th Grade: The Onset of Physical Deformity

By 8th grade, the percentage of guys without girlfriends has fallen to about 5%. That’s when something amazing happens, a girl actually says hello to you. Because you never get any female attention, you blow it out of proportion. Four years after guys and girls start dating, you think you are finally going to get a girlfriend. One of the last in your grades to do so. But it turns out she doesn’t like you either! When you look back at that time now, you can’t believe you had only endured about 1/5 of the time you would continue to endure not having a girlfriend.

Only after this disappointment does life deliver another blow. While all the other boys experiences manly growth spurts, not only do you stay the same in height, but you also develop a hunchback and a limp. In fact, everyone got taller, but you appear to have gotten shorter. This opens a new world of rejection. Instead of getting a girlfriend, you start to get bullied.

For Valentine’s Day you get a card from a ‘secret admirer’. As you get your hopes up, the class bursts out in laughter, and you realize it is from a group of guys playing a joke. Even your female teacher has slight smirk on her face. As girls walk by, the bullies announce to them that “he has a crush on you”. The shrieks and looks of horror always get a big chuckle. You can’t get a girl to give you the time of the day. Other female teachers who were previously nice to you act annoyed every time you ask a question or try to talk to them. Every day you are told you are a gimp who no girl likes.

Sharing kisses are a thing of the past. While your desire for just one small peck on the lips goes unmet, couples are making out and fondling body parts. Your ego plummets knowing you still haven’t kissed a girl while listening to the majority of other guys talking about fondling girls’ breasts.

10th–12th Grade: Last Place

Now everybody has a girlfriend. Everyone but you. One by one, all your friends get girlfriends as well. While guys and girls go through periods of being in relationships and being single, you are the only one who has never had a girlfriend. There are a few girls left that you consider asking out, but all the guys would make fun of you if you dated them. You decide to endure. You will soon go to college and have a fresh start. You will certainly meet an acceptable girl there, so there is no reason to be the only guy who asks out the very, very few girls who no other guy will date. You can’t be that bad.

You have no idea how over your head you really are. It will only be years later when you realize even those girls would have just said no as well. Not only do you graduate as the only virgin in your grade, you still haven’t kissed a girl. And everyone knows it. Still, you remember having high hopes that high school was a fluke and college will be different.

It certainly doesn’t appear that it is going to be any different that summer. While working at McDonald’s one day, a couple of co-workers start asking if the others have had sex with their girlfriends. Of course they all have. The one girl in the room says she can’t even talk about sex with you in the room.

Early College: Failing at School

Welcome to the big leagues. Having sex isn’t a rumor anymore, it is happening left and right. You will never forget the day you see a guy and girl step out of the shower together. You felt like a 10 year old in the presence of sexual beasts. Here you are, still looking for your first kiss, and two wet, towel-covered bodies stumble out of the stall with content smiles on their faces. On another night, you walk aimlessly around the campus all night long as your roommate and all your neighbors have fun with their girlfriends. All around you are couples.

You continue to fail miserably with the opposite sex. Day after day, you search for that special girl, but she is nowhere to be found. Not in the dorms, the café, any of the classrooms, the library, or the student union. Nowhere off campus either. You get rejected by every girl you approach. There are even girls who flee the scene when you try approaching them. Without saying anything, they literally pack their belongings and hurry away. For every 500 girls that seem to be immediately repulsed by you, there may be 1-2 who act nice because they feel sorry for you. Often this leads to confusion where you think they like you. When they find out how you feel about them, they make every attempt to avoid you.

It doesn’t matter who you find yourself approaching, they aren’t interested. At first you make the mistake of pursuing the pretty girls again, thinking that like a fairy tale, things will be different here. No such luck. For the second time, you go through the proceedings: rejection from hot girls, then pretty ones, then above average, then average, then below average. Soon it’s just you and the very unattractive ones all over again.

Making it even worse are the Chads. The kind of attention they get is mind-boggling. You even see some lucky Chads eating or studying with several girls. The lucky SOB has an entire group of girls all to himself, while you can’t get a single one to even give you the time of the day. As you are eating alone, you can’t stop staring at the guy two tables down laughing it up with three cute girls. It’s as if you worship and despise him at the same exact time.

While working at the gas station one day, you hit a new low. The door opens and a total stud walks in. Great looking face with a bodybuilder’s profile. You watch him confidentially walk up to your female co-worker whose entire body starts trembling. You can tell how bad she wants to talk to him if only she still had her voice. That is when an older woman walks in. She takes a few steps towards the back of the store, but upon seeing him, immediately changes her direction and approaches him from behind.

Following that, her daughter walks in. As her eyes dart immediately to the guy, she trips over her own feet and falls flat on her face! She picks herself up and skips over to join her mother standing right behind the guy. Each of them tries to flirt with him, each blurt of admiration becoming more desperate than the one before. You try to hold back tears watching it all.

When they find out they aren’t being successful, they start picking on you, hoping it will make them look cool. The slight smile on the guy’s face encourages them to continue. It doesn’t end there. Because you am trying to appeal to both the guy and the girls, you start pretending to laugh at their jokes. So you have a total Chad instigating three girls to take shots at you while you start to take shots at yourself. It was like we all came under his spell.

You join a local community group. You can’t help but think it’s your imagination that all the older, married women seem to despise you from the minute you meet them. Instead of being happy to see you, they look upset every time you stroll in the room. Nowadays, you can’t help but think that even back then, they already knew the struggles you were having and would continue to have with women.

Even at a relatively young age and from a relatively short time of sizing you up, they have your life’s destiny all figured out. Looking back, you wish you could have judged the situation as clearly as they saw it. Instead you will continue to go through years of anger, resentment, and confusion. Only to end up exactly where they said you would 15 years ago.

But we’ll get to that.

Mid-College: The Odd Man Out Again

But long before that, by some stroke of luck, there are 12 single guys in this group and 16 single girls. A few of the girls are extremely pretty. Most are above average. A few are unattractive. One is exactly like you – not attractive, learning disabled, not funny, socially awkward, kind of bitter, although not deformed.

The girls never pay you any attention. Like the older women, you get dirty looks from them. If you pass by them, they literally look right through you. And to make matters worse, most of the guys are quite nice looking. One in particular would qualify as the Alpha of any group. Every time you hang out with him, he gets the attention of countless girls. Things happen to him that would never happen to you, such as female cashiers giving him discounts on merchandise.

There is only one girl in your entire life you somehow were lucky enough to get stuck in the Friendzone with. For years, you have been unsuccessfully trying to appeal to her. One day when you are with him, you run into her. You can tell she is instantly attracted to him. The five minute conversation that follows is really a conversation between him and her. You try to protect the ground you’ve built with this girl and compete for her attention. But at this point, every word you say to her goes in one ear and out the other. That five minute conversation was all it took for him to get a Facebook friend request from her later that day with a flirty message and a dinner invitation. Eventually he becomes the first guy among your group to get married. And when he does, he marries a blond goddess.

While he is clearly the crème de la crop, the other guys have it pretty good as well. Every time you are out in public, you have to watch somebody else getting female attention. At a wedding, you sit next to the second most desirable guy. Dozens of females from married moms to young teens walk by taking quick glances at him and smiling. The waitress tells him he’s adorable. Another one serves the cake and gives him a big, flirty smile, then walks away, forgetting to serve you any. This is the wedding where you also find out he’s dating the girl you like.

Even the second least desirable guy from the beginning of this story gets attention you couldn’t even dream of. At a restaurant one time you see a cute girl giggling over him while her friends playfully tease her about him. Soon another one of the guys gets married, then another, and another, and so on. The girls that they marry are heart-melting beautiful as well. It’s like experiencing your younger years all over again, when you watched guy after guy getting girlfriends.

Your unattractive friend marries a girl from out of state. She quickly becomes friends with everyone. By the time of their wedding, you have lost touch with him. When he introduces you to her, the girl barely looks at you. She barely acknowledges any of your questions/comments. Later on, you try to connect with her on Facebook, like all the other guys do. You are the only one she rejects. Watching 12 straight guys get married before you is embarrassing enough.

But it’s what happens next that wrecks you. There seems to be an emphasis on only starting relationships with people in that group. So by the time it is just you and four girls left, maybe there is still hope, right? Wrong. The first girl also marries someone from out-of-state. She just can’t bring herself to like you. The second moves away and ultimately gets married. You start to panic as you watch the amount of available girls dwindle down from 16 to only two. As you build up the nerve to attempt to court the more desirable of the two, a new guy comes out of nowhere and begins a relationship with her. The fact that you knew her for years and he only just met her doesn’t matter. He’s the one she wants.

Finally, it’s just you and the one exactly like you that is left. She was the only one you and every other guy wasn’t interested in. As someone who always wanted a pretty girl, this is not what you were hoping for, in fact the least attractive girls in high school would have blown her away. Physically, she is as plain as a girl could be. Dry, thin hair with no elasticity. Pale acne skin. Poor asymmetry. Very short at 4’8 and the body of a 10 year old boy.

When thinking she could be the one, it made you feel attracted to just about every other girl out there. Any girl of any age with any curves at all becomes a sex symbol to you. Personality-wise, she was cold, judgmental, and cynical. She was exactly the type of girl you weren’t interested in, but it was starting to seem she was your only chance. Wrong again. She doesn’t like you either!

For a while you watch in angry confusion as she seems more content being alone than being with you. Then you remember how little you have going for you. After all, she may be in the bottom 1%, but even in that very low class, she still has thousands of guys in our hometown alone to choose from before you. Actually even more than that, considering guys are constantly down-dating. She is a 2/10 who will likely score a 3/10. You are a bottom of the barrel 1/10 who can’t go any lower. Then there is always the option of her dating long-distance. In other words, even with her, you never stood a chance. And her time will come soon enough. It’s official, rejected by another 16 girls.

Adding insult to injury, the older women could seem to care less that you were having a hard time. In fact, they even seem amused by it. You can’t tell you how many “Sucks to be you” looks you received from them.

But it doesn’t end there. When you met these women, their daughters were merely toddlers. As time progressed, they became the first girls you could ever talk to in your entire life. Of course it goes without saying that you never remotely considered anything sexual to do with them at that age.

But as time goes on, they enter their teens and start becoming ‘guy-conscious’. That is when they stop talking to you. Several of them even become cute. One of them even develops into a girl that is downright gorgeous. She matures so quickly that you constantly must remind yourself how young she still is. Being that she is still in her teens, you fight the temptation to look at her. One day, maybe out of frustration and loneliness, curiosity kills the cat, and you can’t help but wander over to her Facebook profile for a quick glance.

You are shocked to see that she is friends with everyone but you. As you go to another young girl’s profile, you see the same thing. You keep going and realize they are all friends with everyone but you. It’s pretty clear that now that even they consider you to be a loser. First it was the moms, then the girls your age, and now the daughters. Rejected by three straight generations of females.

Late College: Rejected by Everyone!

Outside of the group, you continue to get rejected left and right. In pure panic, you start asking out anybody and everybody. But every direction you turn, it’s just more rejection. Ethnic girls aren’t interested. Goth girls, emo girls, and tomboys aren’t interested. Older women and single moms aren’t interested. You get rejected by tall and short girls, funny and boring girls, smart and dumb girls, classy and trashy girls, city and country girls, and outgoing and quiet girls.

As other guys are dating hot young girls, you are visiting gas stations to get rejected by 40-year old-Indian women. Fat, ugly girls with bad personalities reject you. You would think handicapped girls would be willing to give you a try. But you get shot down by them as well! Each rejection causes deeper depression and desperation, which only causes you to act even stranger around the opposite sex. You scoff at the memory of not pursuing those unattractive girls from high school. Except when you look them up on Facebook, their 3/10 boyfriends are still taller, stronger, better looking, and more successful than you are.

You still remember the day you gave up on White girls and turned your attention to Indian girls. Another unattractive friend tells you he had an Indian girl begging to sleep with him. This is perfect! While most White guys don’t care about them, you have always considered them to be cute. And with you forgetting the White girls, they become even more attractive. Another nice thing that since they are the race that remains the most separated from American culture, you can almost see pursuing them as leaving this sick, twisted world behind and moving into a whole new world.

Indian women who are rich are like goddesses to you. When you see a good-looking, older, wealthy Indian woman, you go crazy for her. In your city, the wealthiest couple is an Indian couple whom one of the local colleges is named after.

You start to have fantasies of being with her which soon spiral out of control. Getting her would be the ultimate revenge. The couple own the biggest house in the city. A mansion buried deep in the woods. From Google Maps, you can see a swimming pool out back. The greatest thing ever would be if she invited you and a couple of her friends over one day while her husband was away on business. The five of us would spend a lazy Saturday afternoon playing with each other in the pool. Why bother going out on a date with some girl when you are hanging out at a mansion with four beautiful Indian women.

Of course the fantasy never comes true. Instead, every Middle Eastern girl you approach shoots you down as well. One day you spend the entire day driving from gas station to gas station only to get rejected by 47 straight Indian women and drive home empty-handed. You give up on Indian girls as well.

The Latina girls are next. Followed by the Black girls. And then finally the Asians.

In a world that is becoming more and more divided, it seems like the only thing they all agree on is that you are not the guy for them.

You finally graduate college at the age of 28. All your friends and companions are married. Many of them are raising families. Like an elementary school student, you still have not even kissed a girl. In fact, you’re still hoping to hold hands with one. Hell, you wouldn’t even mind playing the “he said, she said” games of 3rd grade at this point.

But even that is out of your league.

Your First Job: Despised Co-Worker

As you graduate college and get your first job, you discover it will continue to be a re-experience of things you’ve already been through. It seems like everything you do either upsets or annoys some girl. They regard you as stupid, lazy, ugly, and dishonest even though you don’t do anything differently than the rest of the guys. You even get blamed for other people’s mistakes. Girls constantly invite the whole department to eat lunch with them, but they keep “forgetting” to invite you. You feel like the biggest pile of trash.

Out of confusion and denial, you start bending over backwards for the girls who just rejected you. You offer to do work for them and stay late while they go home early. You don’t even get a thank you. You shower one girl with gifts, bringing in lunches for her, giving her compliment after compliment, to no avail. You finally realize how pathetic you are the day you win a sporting polo shirt in a company contest. You tell the girl you never plan on wearing it, so you offer it to her.; But upon taking it, she gives it to her boyfriend. Without realizing it, you just gave your crush’s Chad boyfriend a free shirt.

One girl there is your age. She is also a part-time novelist who churns out romance novels on a regular basis. She is your age, not very good looking, a helpless romantic, and unhappily single. Could you be the man for her? No, but the chubby, bald 50-year-old guy who is in a lower position than you can. As they start dating, you swear you could go insane.

On top of that, word gets around, and soon enough, even girls that work in different buildings that have never met you regard you as a loser and make jokes about you.

Giving Up: Rock Bottom

Now there is only one place left to turn…the ghetto. So you spend entire days into the wee hours of the morning aimlessly driving down the ghetto streets looking for a girl. Still, you are determined not to visit a prostitute. You think a regular ghetto girl would do the job just fine. After all, you have been rejected by everyone else. There’s only one problem. The ghetto girls know you have already been rejected by everyone else. And they don’t want middle-class rejection; that is almost an insult to them.

For the first time, you begin to ponder just how bad it is. You have absolutely zero sexual market value. Not only is there not a single redeeming quality about you, you come in last place in every category. You aren’t an OK looking guy with a short, weak body. Or a bad-looking guy with just an OK body. You are last place in face, last place in height, last place in body, last place in personality, last place in intelligence, last place, last place, last place! As irresistible as girls are to you, you are equally repulsive to them. There are four billion girls on this planet, and you mean diddly squat to every single last one of them.

You start developing physical and mental health issues. You get so depressed from always going to bed alone that you can barely sleep. At the same time, you get angry, bitter, paranoid, obsessive, and delusional. For a short period of time, you actually fool yourself into believing that you are so desired by the opposite sex that their rejection is caused by a fear of them getting hurt by you. You fool yourself into thinking every girl has the hots for you and is so intimidated that they immediately keep their distance.

That changes one day when you are walking through the grocery store. You see a teenage boy walking around with his cute, already-busty girlfriend and her mom. They are walking in your direction. You are so desperate that it doesn’t matter that she is 15 years younger than you. You can’t help but wish she was your girlfriend. At about 20 feet in the distance, it happens. Right in the middle of the grocery store, the young boy buries his face in the girl’s breasts and motorboats her. The girl lets out a little yelp followed by laughter. Even her mom smiles at the sight of it. The first thing that happens is that you jump 10 feet backwards in shock.

Then you stand there frozen as tears come to your eyes. Watching a teenage boy motorboat a girl in public while you have never touched one nearly makes you break down crying. As they continue to walk past you, you have to say something. You want to ask the boy how he pulled that off. You want to beg the girl to let you do it to her too. You want to ask the mom if she really smiled when he did it. But all you can do as they walk past is let out a “Hhhhmmmppphhh”. All three of them look at you. The girl looks at you with a mix of amusement and disdain. The boy smiles smugly. The mom looks at you with disgust. They can all see the sexual frustration in your eyes.

“Get lost, weirdo,” the mom says.

The three of them snicker and keep walking. It finally hits you. Girls aren’t intimidated by you, they can take one look at you and instantly tell that you, a grown man, have less sexual experience than an average 12-year-old. They can tell how frustrated and desperate you feel. They can tell that you have been rejected again and again and again and again. They can tell that at every stage of your life, girls have never wanted you. They know that years of hopelessness will continue to fly on by.

Worst of all, they can tell that you feel like a mouse. As a grown man jealously watching a young boy bury his face in a girls breasts while being twice his age, you’ve never gotten a girl to touch you anywhere for any amount of time. At that minute, denial comes crashing down, and it becomes crystal clear to all four people standing there think that you are a helpless loser. And the two girls hate you with a passion for it.

By now, you can be assured it is a hopeless situation. But what happens next causes you to hit rock bottom.

First, you visit an Asian massage parlor and get denied service. The two Asian girls keep saying over and over, “No, no, you leave. You leave, no.” You you walk back to your car, open the door, get inside and scream.

You drive home and take another detour through the ghetto. A busty, blond girl catches your eye. You drive past her several times. From the way she is walking around, she must be a hooker. But at this point, you don’t care. She sits down at a bus stop. You park your car around the corner and sit down next to her.

She mutters something under her breath.

“Were you talking to me?”

“No, I am on the phone with someone”.

But the phone looks like it’s off. She gets up and keeps walking down the street. She “hangs up” after only 15 steps. You’re too embarrassed to follow.

The next night you see the same girl. As you drive past once, she quickly looks away; it’s enough to embarrass you to keep driving for a second. You drive past a second time, but once again she pretends to get a phone call. Two minutes later, you drive by a third time. You see her from a distance. You see her point at something. You look, but there’s nothing there, and when you look back, you can’t find her. Only after a safe distance, do you see her in your review mirror emerging from behind a couple of trash cans. How the hell does this girl keep escaping you? Ten minutes later she sees you about to drive past a fourth time. She quickly turns a corner and disappears into thin air.

When you see her the next night, she looks stunning, wearing a skintight yellow dress exposing an amazing amount of cleavage. You have to talk to her! First drive by, she grabs the arm of somebody walking right in front of her and pretends to be walking with him. The minute you are out of sight, she lets go and walks away from him. In the next drive-by, you position yourself just right so that she has to talk to you. You talk for about a minute, and she even thanks you when complimenting her dress. Not only that, but she even fixes her top right in front of you and smiles.

You ask her if she would like a ride. She says she has to meet a friend real quick but to wait here and she would be back in about 20 minutes.

“OK, great!” The previous couple of nights must have been some kind of misunderstanding. She is sure nice to you now – even tracing her cleavage with her fingers! “She was probably just playing hard to get,” you laugh.

You always said you never wanted a hooker. But at this point, what options do you have? Besides, that girl is great looking. The first thing you are going to do is motorboat her like the boy in the store. You can’t wait to have your mouth between those soft-looking, perfectly rounded breasts. After 20 minutes, she has not returned. After another 20 minutes, you are fighting the feeling of disappointment. After another 20 minutes, you are down in the dumps. Finally after an hour and a half, you give up. She played you for a fool!

The next night is when it all falls apart.

First drive by:

As you approach, she raises her arm, “Taxi!” Of course there is no taxi.

The second time works better. You stop her and ask why she never came back.

“Well, my friend needed me.”

“No problem, at least you’re here now.”

“Well, I need to walk to the store and get groceries.”

“Let me give you a lift then.”

“No, I need the exercise.”

“What are you talking about? You look amazing. Then can I at least come with you; I’ll pay for your groceries.”

“No, that’s OK.”

“Can I meet you after you shop?”

“I don’t feel like staying up too late.”

“Well, maybe you can give me your number and I can call you.”

“My phone broke, sorry.”

“Look, what do I have to do? You keep blowing me off.”

“Well, maybe there is a reason,” she replies hastily.

And that is the comment that ends it.

You drive away in defeat. Of course she never ends up going to the store. You have finally found your place in the male hierarchy. Even with money, girls still don’t want you.

That is when you realize you will never have sex.

Eventually you get to the point where you can’t even fantasize about having sex anymore. You used to jerk off to the thought of having sex with a pretty girl. Now the only thing that arouses you is the fantasy of Muscle-man Chad engaging in a steamy mother-daughter threesome or Ghetto Chad standing proud in a sea of ghetto Black and White girls. You even get aroused at the thought of the busty, blond hooker using every trick in the book to deflect your every pickup attempt.

And that is where you stand.

Poor mental health; poor physical health. Hated and despised by everyone. Wanted by no one. It doesn’t matter what age, race, personality type, attractiveness level, part of the world, intelligence level, or social status the girl is. If you are bottom .0004%, she can do better. Even girls in the bottom .0004% themselves, if there are any, will wait in line for someone better. A girl would rather be fifth in line than be with you. If given the choice, she would rather be the fourth or fifth wheel in an all-girl, one-guy orgy than give you the time of the day.

You become so awkward that all you can do is longingly stare at girls as you walk by them hoping one of them will talk to you. But this only propels them away even faster. Every girl you see is a girl you can’t have. You can’t even tell how old girls are anymore. You can’t tell if a girl is two years younger than you or 15 years younger. You desperately seek attention, flitting from fat 50-year-old women to young teenage girls. But you are invisible to everyone.

This is the life of a loser.

Your teens were difficult. Your 20’s were a nightmare. Your 30’s are turning into Hell on earth.

And you realize you are only halfway done.


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  1. Ultra Cool

    I cannot stop laughing at this, this guy is just too pathetic. No matter how much I try I can never figure out why men are so obsessed with sex and why they suffer so much for the lack of it.


      Because if men were wired this way women would be barefoot and squatting to urinate over holes and have no economy and the biggest, fattest, most violent dykes would rule an all-female tribe a bit like a female Third Grade. You’d be somewhere in the Bronze Age or early Iron Age.

      Men need women as two lubricated orifices-mouth and vagina-while women need men to run economies, repair machines, enforce laws (Though we have taught women to use guns and to become legal experts), defend countries, build and design houses or hospitals or commercial buildings.

      If poor and lazy and drug-addicted women could not rent their mouth’s sucking capacity or vaginal muscles clenching ability for money to acquire the booze and drugs to make their own life bearable there would vast numbers of suicides or crimes of theft, strong-arm robbery etc (Though women are not usually capable of sophisticated burglaries of commercial property or banks).

      You’d have no economy because women’s status is usually supplemented by being a sex partner of a male.

      You’d have no technology or little though I do suspect that women would have eventually invented combustible engines of some sort. Still, few know how to change tires or oil.

      You’d be overrun by violent tribes of Lesbians-those in-between dirty ungroomed Tomboy Dykes-who would rape you and pillage with as much aggression as males but without the capacity for logistics or civilization.

      Without men civilization would stop in three days though without women it would get much more brutish and violent and dirty.

    • Because women are basically two pleasurable orifices and sometimes a third for males but that is the extent of it.

      If you were not, your own economy would be in trouble.

      Wouldn’t affect males at all as San Francisco’s Gay Castro District obviously reflects. It’s the nicest part of the city with no litter, no children on welfare, no juvenile crime from neglected children of single mothers.

      Try to imagine if every man went gay tomorrow how many women would be in the street homeless with children running around like stray dogs.


      If the San Francisco Castro District represented the entire planet because all men were gay this would not be so funny for women.

      Go visit a place where men want other men to kneel, bend over or be their companions/soul mates.

      Even if they were FORMER GHETTOS (Gay is code for gentrification) they are soon clean, tidy, safe, well-run, corruption-free among local politicians like Harvey Milk who are also gay, bars are not violent (Except for Diesel Dykes beating up Lipstick Lesbians).

      Less suicide and unhappiness because everybody is waking up to a nice BJ or can have one to relieve stress and is in a relationship.

      Less jealousy and stalking so less police and jail costs.

      No juvenile crime because Alpha males are not screwing stupid women and then leaving neglected unhappy children raised by abusive overwrought single mothers.

      No welfare issues for legions of bastardized populations.

      No litter.

      No rent issues because most both partners work and no dependents.

      No racial tension.


      I felt this way in Detroit I was 20 and took a trip to Amsterdam. After having sex for an affordable price (Because in the free market as a sexual commodity vaginas combined with low-intellect/skills reduce the service rate to $40 for any hole) I returned to college a happy and fulfilled young man.

      I lived in a middle-class neighborhood but 30 miles away crack cocaine was beginning to destroy the ghetto. I drove their one night at 23 and a middle-aged black woman asked me if I wanted “a date”.

      What followed was an incredible blowjob.

      One night on Spring Break a drunken Sorority Girl blew me and I could not even come-I made an excuse about “I can’t do this because I’m friends with your boyfriend bullshit”.

      But the truth was that once you removed “market tariffs” such as looks, race, social status, intelligence, age and so on sex was affordable and the providers offered incredible experiences. Also, if you are white and in your 20’s and clean they are happy to do it….Sometimes even turned on (Most female prostitutes are excited sexually to some degree with young men).


      I traveled to Arizona after college and got a job. I had little money. Most of the college girls or college-age girls who circulated through our apartment were bitchy and talked about stupid superficial garbage. Who wants to do that for 5 hours JUST TO GET A BLOWJOB (Or in those days a Handjob) from a shallow 23 year old.

      So I hopped on the bus to Van Buren.

      I met a Mexican woman on the street who led me to a small room where she smoked a vial of crack and then for $20 gave me a blowjob that was passionate and incredible.

      A few days later Mike my roommate was bragging that some callow, wall-eyed rather slovenly young woman had dropped by to drink a few beers and gave him a handjob but that was all.


      Story To Be Cont.

      • JOSE Nope, my life. In Arizona in 1998 prostitutes could be hired for $30 for full service. Mostly Mestizo women in their 30’s and 40’s who had no real objections to being screwed by normal and healthy young white men. Being slightly shorter than average or not George Clooney handsome did not bother them.

        Mind you, this was in the late twilight of the crack-era.

        These women were not “pimped”. They were out on Van Buren Ave in Phoenix on their own accord.

        They could make $100 a day in that day in age, which was good money for Mestiza in her 30’s or 40’s.

        Perhaps things have changed and the price has gone up to $50 but no man need go without good hard sex and blowjobs who has $50 to spend.

        Now mind you, the police have gotten more puritan and started tacking pictures of Johns on public billboards. But if you rent a hotel room then you cannot be busted anyhow.

        • jose

          My words were for Ultra Cool, that don’t understand “why men are so obsessed with sex”, that is not the only thing in this story that make protagonist suffer, but also the lack of a romantic relation.

          Sorry for make you write so much, haha.

      • JOSE No joke.

        Van Buren Avenue in Phoenix is worked by Arizona Chicana women who have crack cocaine habits.

        For maximum pleasure pay the $50 and they will ask to smoke their crack first. Then they will suck you off, do doggy style and perhaps be penetrated anally if that is your thing. If you are clean, polite, well-dressed they do not care if you do not look like George Clooney.

        The more women screw the more they like it and become sexualized where as males tend to be “tapped out”. They learn how to have orgasms and it becomes pleasurable.

        Now compare experienced Chicana women in their 30’s and 40’s with stuck-up and snotty college-age white girls who, if you are lucky, will lie on their back in a dark room in a missionary position.

        If I had not stooped to paying for sex I would not have had any pleasure or joy in my life.

        I first started using prostitutes at age 20 in 1994 in Amsterdam. Once you do that trying to feel under some mopey white girl’s t-shirt is no fun. You want the porno-quality hot sex and blowjobs from women who are doing what they love for a living.

        So I started using black prostitutes and then in Arizona hispanic ones. Then Arabs and Russians and Chinese in Dubai. Indians in India.

        I’ve used 400 prostitutes in my life and I am 43 now.

        In summation if you do adhere to female-imposed morality that states that “guys who use prostitutes are losers” you might feel good morally but not physically because you have not had porno-quality sex.

        Most marriages to white women in the U.S. end in divorce anyhow. She loses interest in you and gets frigid. Maybe after the divorce when you are 45 she goes to a Cougar bar and lets some 20 year old college stud screw her while you pay alimony and cry and your beer about how your 15 years of marriage cost you $200 per screw after child support and alimony.

        • Damn dude, you’re living raw!

        • Alpha Unit

          “The more women screw the more they like it and become sexualized… They learn how to have orgasms and it becomes pleasurable.”

          Women’s sexuality isn’t that simple. The more women screw the more they like it? Not necessarily. And whether or not a woman enjoys sex and has an orgasm depends on a number of things. Simply being penetrated doesn’t usually cut it.

        • Juan

          Alpha- from my observation that’s true when women hit 25-30. Before that TRASH is correct.
          It seems to be a “shallow” thing as TRASH said.

        • Alpha Unit

          Yes. Very young women – late teens, early 20s – differ in some ways from women 25-30 and older. But when it comes to women and sex, things are not always what they appear to be. Dumb notions about what satisfies women are the main reason so many women have faked pleasure and faked orgasms – and women who have sex for a living will tell you that it’s part of the job.

    • BRELEX

      Ultra Cool

      What makes him too pathetic?

      That he can’t get a girl?

      That he whines too much?

      Would you date someone with that many flaws?

      • What makes him pathetic is putting so much value on sex and hardly given any other attention to other consequences regarding his deformity.

        I posted a link that likely supports him being stricken with depression and/or anxiety likely fueling the fixation.

        • PHIL

          If he simply drove to the nearest by the hour hotel in his city than women of every age, every color and every non-sex occupation who have made their mind up that blowing a man for $30 is an easy 5 minutes work would approach him and then once he had this release he could think about more important things.

          Women who do this as a spare-time job feel the same way he does-they know that men need some release and many women are snotty bitches and she wants a new color TV. There is no anger or male oppression in their mind.

          Some guys need a decent blowjob and then they can focus on bigger priorities like their deformity.

        • “Some guys need a decent blowjob and then they can focus on bigger priorities like their deformity.”

          That does seem believable. And you bring up a good point, I highly doubt no one would at least touch him.

          Seeing how he invested time into following a particular hooker for awhile I’m sure resources aren’t a huge problem either.


    I was a frustrated 20 year old virgin who’d never gotten past the tit-pawing stage when I arrived in Amsterdam and paid $30 for adult sex with a seasoned 35 year old South American pro.

    When I returned to the U.S. the idea of sex with inexperienced 20 year old middle-class white girls held no allure.

    So the next summer vacation I flew back to Amsterdam to use prostitutes again.

    But I was still stuck in the U.S. so I had to release some jizz somehow.

    In the 1990’s the NAM districts were still in the late-twilight of the crack epidemic so I started getting blowjobs for $20 from middle-aged black women.

    Then after college I went to Arizona where I started using Mexican middle-aged prostitutes.

    Meanwhile, my roommates were spending loads of time and cash on shallow young women just to get her to lie on her back in the dark.

    Then I moved to Dubai and discovered Russian prostitutes my own age-in their 20’s. This was available for $30. They’d do anything such as deep throat, anal, vaginal.

    From then on my life was a long voyage of prostitute use until finally I married at 40.

    Now I compare this to the guys I knew in college, many of whom are divorced now. For 20 years it cost them roughly $200 per screw and they lost their house and children too, perhaps.

    Who wants this hassle.

    Note, prostitutes are no different than other women and should be treated like other people.

    If you do this, they are happy to suck and f*ck. The more women screw the more their libido rises, for some reason, while men end up “tapped out”.

    • SPamby

      TRASH if you went south of the border to Mexico I’m sure you could find low prices and you could get an innocent Mexican 18 year old instead of some middle aged wishwash

      • SPamby

        After getting mind-expanding blow jobs from passionate Mexican and black prostitutes in their 30’s and 40’s I just could no longer enjoy going to some Sorority mixer in the hopes of maybe getting some snotty college girl drunk enough to lie on her back in the dark.

        One time, after my escapades with prostitutes had begun, one “So Ho” (College slang for a Sorority Girl) did try to blow me and I could not even get it up so I said I was uncomfortable because I had a girlfriend.

        It was a lie. I was well into experienced and fiercely committed prostitutes I picked up on Van Buren road by 25 who would have porno-style sex for $25. Most were drugged up on stimulants so their vaginas were engorged anyhow.

        I lived in Arizona for economic reasons-I was young and the Sunbelt was booming back then in 1998-but never went to Mexico. Actually, I avoided the place. A friend of mine hit a school bus there and was shaken down for a great deal of money.

        Point I am making is that early in my adult life I could not be bothered trying to “hook up” with snotty, shallow, callow white girls of college age who circulated around my social scene. The best you could hope to get out of it was sex in the dark with the lights off or maybe a hand job. How does this compare to ball’s out porno sex with a woman who is doing it for a living because to some degree or another she likes sex more than stocking shelves for the same wage.

      • Spamby

        Innocent Mexican 18 year old girls are not very good or proficient. To experience passionate porno style sex and deep-throat and, if it is your thing, anal, one must pick up prostitutes on the roads who are 30-45 years old. Sure, they are not young girls but man can they screw and know every trick.

        If hanging around college parties hoping to seduce young girls who lie in the dark without a clue of what pleases a male partner is your thing, than by all means go there.

      • Spamby

        Where is the experience and understanding of how to satisfy the male partner with such a young female participant?

        Perhaps she is reluctant or shy. A woman in her 30’s who is doing this for a living and has been for 10 years is past the point of such boundaries.

        You might as well hang around some college frat party hoping that some sorority girl will get beer goggles.

        • Themaker75

          To each his own is really what it boils down to. I see your side.

          From my point of view I’d get off as quick as I want having my cock in a young good looking prostitutes mouth even if she just opened her mouth and I had to move. A 40 year old beat up hag wouldn’t even get the chance to showcase her skills as Id never get hard.
          I commend you on living your life on your terms though. So few do.

  3. OK, I didn’t really read all of that, it was too much. But I have a question:

    If Hitler came back, would he take out all of the whining omegas males? I mean, shit, life’s tough, and I’ll be the first to admit it, but this sounds pathetic.

    So would Hitler put Omega Males in the chamber with the blacks, jews, Gypsies, homos, handicapped, degenerate drug users, hemophiliacs, etc., etc.???


      Enter a homosexual neighborhood in San Francisco: A) it is clean and tidy because gays are fastidious B) it is safe because gay men are not physically aggressive (I’ve seen big Punjabi and blacks kissing in LA) C) few poor people because no kids and no women with children seeking public charity D) no unhappy children vandalizing etc because their father beats or abandoned them E) Less crime related to stalking, jealousy, restraining orders, bar fights G) Less need for police or jails H) Less suicide because everybody is getting sex or blowjobs whenever they want I) No prostitutes and therefore pimps and therefore mafia J) Less religious extremism because this does not go hand-in-hand with gays who love sex and freedom K) No racism.

      Blacks are spendthrifts and athletes so there would be a huge impact to the economy. Like Sikhs, they serve in the army because they are dumb and strong and violent anyhow.

      Jews did invent a few things and also many are doctors and respectable citizens who pay taxes. They tend to be flaming liberals so their media helps expose Republicans and corruption. Sometimes they invent things and are scientists. Generally they do not commit street crimes.

      Gypsies are not common in North America. Low-caste Indians, which Gypsies are, indeed are a social burden wherever they go. This is why Brahmins treat them contemptuously although when they are converted to Christianity their base instincts are suppressed a bit.

      Drug use I’ve used drugs. If everybody who ever used a drug was killed tomorrow that would be half the world. I never met anybody under 50 who never used booze or pot at least once.


    • Themaker75

      Omegas are handicapped, so to answer your question, Yes he would if he actually did ever put anyone in an oven. He’d at least teach them what a hard days work means, thats for sure.

      • Themaker75 My Phoenix Story

        By the time I moved to Phoenix I’d been using prostitutes for 5 years since the age of 20. I never told anybody about it and my only brush with the law was a ticket from a cop in Michigan to discourage me.

        Van Buren Avenue was known in Phoenix as the Boulevard of Blow Jobs in 1999. Women from all walks of life, all colors, all ages go down there.

        One Spring Day I took the bus a long way-40 minutes-to this seedy part of the downtown. When a white male in decent clothes who is groomed rides the bus into this part of the city all passengers look at him and think “Yep, getting a blowjob.” Even the driver of the bus gives you dirty looks. But I would always take the bus from a station from my apartment complex.

        A Mexican woman who was healthy and normal and pleasant-looking about 35 asked to know what “time it was” (A code). Reasonable figure.

        ” I’ll pay $25″.

        Cheerfully she led me to the laundry room of her apartment and knelt and exposed her breasts (I played with her nipples and they got hard so she could not have been too disgusted) and she sucked me off in three minutes with powerful sucking. It does not take long with a woman who has strong hands from physical labor. She jerked off all the cum into her mouth growling ferociously (I would not have been disrespectful to her) and after she spat she smiled and parted ways. She patted my back and said she worked every day but weekends was available (Prostitutes never tell you their straight job). No crying or sadness about male oppression.

        I went home and my 23 year old roommate John was moaning about “Krista”. Krista was a 23 year old Pet Store manager John had taken up to the Grand Canyon at great cost for his data entry job and spent a weekend screwing but now, after a month of dating, she wanted to break off with him.

        She was a pretty young woman who was bitchy and thought I was weird. She’d worked in New Mexico and dated some guy but broke it off with him and returned.

        Mostly she was shallow but sometimes said negative things. She asked me about Brian, a short order cook and former street punk with a brash attitude who was John’s friend. “He’s got a girlfriend”, I told her.

        John was upset that night saying she did not want to stay with him and things were going badly.

        “If only you knew,” I thought.

        But it struck me how much young men have to pay to get sex with callow and shallow young white women who will lie on their backs after a few beers in the dark or maybe once give them a clumsy blowjob after the young man has spent lots of money that he could not afford to.

        Then, bored and seeking new interactions, these girls will drop him and move on to some new guy. His passion and commitment and sacrifice will mean nothing at all.

        Down the road 10 years when they are 35 they are nicer and more committed and experienced but in their early twenties they are shallow and callow and not concerned with the young men so deeply in love with them.

        Krista broke it off with him a few days later.

        Van Buren Part 2 Couch

        Another time after work in the afternoon I took the bus down to Van Buren again. I always rode it far from my workplace or apartment so nobody knew me.

        As soon as I walked downtown out of the bus depot a large curvy black woman who was in her 30’s and said “what time is it?”

        I asked her for a date and she told me it was $30. “I have a couch”.

        We walked to a couch in a lounge room in a project-type building she lived in and she locked the door.

        She put my penis in her mouth and sucked while moaning.

        With her other hand she put my hand on her breast. Her nipple was hard.

        When I started to come she did an unexpected thing: she pulled my penis out of her mouth and jerked me off with both hands while following the cum with her open mouth as it shot out. Some hit her shirt and she did not flinch. She made an approving sound. We parted politely. She told me she was available on Wednesdays.

        I went home and Mike my other roommate was playing Nintendo. He started talking about Joanne, a slovenly girl who stayed in his room the night before. This girl was known as a “crusty” or the type with shortish bob-cut hair who wore a studded wristband.

        “Did you make it with her?”

        “No, she would only give me a handjob”.

        A handjob in the dark. I was reminded of how white women in their early twenties are so unsparing with their favors and the only time they give them was when they were drunk.

        My point is simply that since white women impose tariffs on the sexual free market and their services are not that great there will always be an underground economy that undercuts it.

      • Themaker75

        I am sort of a socialist. Some women for financial reasons choose to give blowjobs and some men choose to pay to receive them

        Society should be realistic about the welfare and needs of all citizens female and male. Human trafficking, for example is not a nice thing.

        But a sex industry should not be punished.

        The woman who wants a new color TV can buy one and the young man who is frustrated with aching testicles can shoot his load and feel better.


    I’ve lived in Asia for many years (I’m white) and my observation is that if the penis is large enough in ratio to the vagina the female partner can attain sexual climax through regular sex. Asian women, unhindered by PC, make it clear that this is one of the 3 or 4 reasons that white men are desirable.

    I would add that not many Asian or Black women are seeking oral sex to the same degree as white women. This has been my experience and it could be why more white women than Asian or black women are homosexuals or bisexuals for this reason: of course this is generalization.

    Arab and Spanish women are the only females who generally seem to wat and actually request anal sex. It is not frowned upon by their culture or viewed as painful or degrading as it is by white women. A man who is not into anal sex is viewed as odd or abnormal by Arab and Spanish women.

    In general white women are hard to “get off” compared to other races of women. This has only been my experience and perhaps I am under endowed by white standards or not over endowed.

    • Alpha Unit

      What I’m saying is that a woman’s sexual pleasure isn’t just about penis size. Even if the penis fits perfectly, she may or may not enjoy it, depending on her mood, how she feels about the guy, etc. Also, if a woman is really into a guy, she can enjoy sex with him even if she doesn’t have an orgasm. Things are not always cut and dried with women.

      • ALPHA UNIT

        My penis size never impressed white women but a few Asian women seemed to be into it.

        Spanish and Arab women seem to view anal penetration (not really my thing) as an essential part of the sexual act and some even climax from this. I’m not sure why anal sex is an Arab and Spanish (Not Hispanic Amerindian) female obsession.

        Oral sex is a white woman’s pleasure, by and large.

        I’m male and was promiscuous all of my reproductive life overseas in Michigan (With white and black women), Arizona (With Hispanic and white women), Dubai (Arab, Russian and Chinese women), India (Local women), Bangladesh, Philippines, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Thailand, Canada.

        Please note I am not an abuser of women but I have been wildly promiscuous in my life with women of all races.

        Much is said about women who are prostitutes being exploited and Human Trafficking is a terrible crime BUT my own experience with many prostitutes (Esp 30 and over) is that these women enjoy having sex for a living and would not prefer to stock shelves in a supermarket even for the same wage.

        A point I am making is that if you are white and middle-class and find that white middle-class women are “not into you” than you can pay for sex from black or Hispanic women in poor areas who will not weep from the trauma or feel your degrading them. Actually most are quite cheerful about it. They seem to prefer clean white men under 40 regardless of looks, for some reason.

        • Alpha Unit

          OK. No man should make any assumptions about what satisfies any given woman. She is the only expert on what satisfies her.


    We get into some female racial differences I’ve observed out of hundreds of sexual partners unpaid and paid around the world in my 20 years overseas.

    Asian and black women seem to get off on penetration and reach some sort of climax from it easier. With Asian women the size of the male penis might be the reason. Neither will request oral sex often.

    Oral sex as a preliminary to climax seems to be a white female phenomenon. I have not actually had sexual contact with a white women in 10 years but I do suspect more white women are likely to be gay or bi-sexual simply because oral stimulation is something they seek.

    Spanish and Arab women are the only women I have been with who request and seem to enjoy anal sex-which I do not really like as the anus is not as suitable for such activity. Anal sex is considered dirty and degrading by whites of both genders but a man who does not perform it would be considered odd and inconsiderate to his female partner in Spain or the Middle East.

    • How does anal sex please a woman, considering they don’t have a prostrate or nerves down there that make it feel good???

      • They have nerves around the rim of their anus similar to the penis glands (As do men, in fact) and the G-Spot is analogous to the prostate gland, or so latest theories suggest.

        I never really asked. I simply complied.

        Only one other woman besides Spanish and Arab, a Filipino female, requested anal sex.

        No white woman has ever requested it from me.

        White women generally seem to be heavily into oral sex. I’d go so far as to say many prefer it. Some white women probably hate oral sex and I am making a generalization based on my own subjective experiences.


        Note. No woman ever forced me to have anal sex. They will ask “do you want to f*ck me in the ass”. And this has only been Arab and Spanish women.


    One way to gain a great deal of cultural insight into other nations and civilizations is to have sex with them.

    I was willing to say or do whatever was asked of me to get sex from that particular woman as males usually are.

    I’m stating my own personal experiences with interactions cross-culturally.


    In order to truly understand another culture I believe when you go there you should have sex with locals from that country.

    This is an essential component to cross-cultural understanding.

    Of course I am a male and this is a male point-of-view. Males have been drifting around the world behaving this way since time immemorial.

    • Alpha Unit

      I don’t have any issue with people going abroad and having sex with locals. I don’t know why you keep bringing it up. I’m responding to some of the things you say about women’s sexual responses.


    Over 24 years of doing this (I’m 43 so more than half my life) I’ve come to discover some variations among sexual behavior and norms from female locals of various cultures that is all.

  9. Ultra Cool

    What I actually meant was that any man who feels any compulsive need to have sex and suffers for the lack of sexual intimacy deserves to be humiliated because he’s acting like a horny animal and not like a normal human.

    Women get this because they don’t have a compulsive need to have sex and don’t suffer that much for the lack of it, it is their right to treat penis-brained men like animals because they already act like horny dumb animals anyway, no man who craves sex too often can be considered fully human.


      True often times but this trait employs women and actually raises the entire Gross Domestic Product of certain countries like the Philippines.

      In Asia I have known women who built businesses and houses for their family after two years of prostitution in Australia.

    • BRELEX

      Ultra Cool – I have three points…

      1) Men are built differently. They are hardwired to have sex, like many women are hardwired to raise children. You can’t blame them. That is how the human race goes on.
      2) Anybody who lacks any form of something will tend to get bound by it. Someone who is starving will obsess over food until he gets it. In the story, he says he is witnessing guys and girls showering together while he has never kissed a girl. If that wasn’t the case, he might be more mentally healthy.
      3) He seems more troubled by the fact that he is unable to get a girl rather than what he would do with that girl. He refers to the unattractive co-worker who chose some guy 30 years older than them over him.

      • 1) “Hard-wired” I’ve been to gay districts and males who are not interested in men do not suffer.

        Women suffer, as they have to move out of these areas once gay males move in and gentrify it because there is no economy to support them.

        There is no longer prostitution and pimps because gay men can get blown for free if they feel like a nice blowjob to start the day. No oldest profession for women. No rape, either. An ugly man who gets off blowing other men will find a penis to suck or up his bum no matter what.

        No youth gangs from broken families. No single mothers shouting at kids. No welfare. Males are both working and no dependents.

        …If all males stopped screwing women tomorrow and turned gay who would suffer. Women would.

        2) Nobody need go without sex and women who do it as a job are happy to let you come in their mouth if you are clean, polite, pay $50 and don’t beat them up. So nobody need go without some sexual release. This is one reason that women who do not sell their body despise women who do. It deregulates the sex market.

        3) Getting a girl. Women end up bitter and seeking child support from men who have long forgotten them because girls are shallow and senseless when they are young about ideal mates as they themselves are wired that way.

        At 22 the Alpha Male sweeps her off her feet with his macho confidence, his wheels, his rakish charm, his muscular aggression and her hard-wired submission emerges and he screws her and then moves on. She has his kid and he does not want to pay for it and calls her a “cunt” and she is bitter about “men”. However she could not bring herself to be impregnated by the sensitive Beta or Omega male who would love and cherish her if only she would spread her legs. Her hard-wired stone age instinct it is to put out for the toughest and most masculine man. This guy gets lots of sex anyhow so he does not give a shit.

        In stone-age modern-day subcultures like blacks you see this in STD rates as someone noted….80% of black women get some STD from 20% of the males.

        It is not so exaggerated in modern white agrarian post-industrial cultures but snotty white women when they are young always say “oh that guy is weird and totally uncool” and then they get used by the jock with locker-room grin who moves on.

        Talk to any 40 year old woman and she may have broken some guy’s heart when she was 22 and he never got over it but she does not give a shit.

      • “1) Men are built differently. They are hardwired to have sex, like many women are hardwired to raise children. You can’t blame them. That is how the human race goes on.”

        Well, not that simple . Yes, both groups have tendencies to have adaptations and behavior beneficial towards those respective functions but “hardwired”? Even if so, not as a monolith.

        “Anybody who lacks any form of something will tend to get bound by it. Someone who is starving will obsess over food until he gets it. In the story, he says he is witnessing guys and girls showering together while he has never kissed a girl. If that wasn’t the case, he might be more mentally healthy.”

        But here’s the real question, how is it the guy apparently grew both a hump and a limp, adolescent Kyphosis, and didn’t even speak of the medical consequences coming from it in other areas of life other than Sex. That is hardly the worst thing the disease could do for a person, so he would’ve likely been deprived of alot of stuff at that point.

        “He seems more troubled by the fact that he is unable to get a girl rather than what he would do with that girl. He refers to the unattractive co-worker who chose some guy 30 years older than them over him.”

        While I can’t find the part of the story that first exactly what you are talking about, read the part about the the girl he was in the “friendzone” with that he planned to score, then how he resorted to a hooker.

        Sex was a primary objective, attraction to get a girl was the obstacle.

        • PHIL

          If women behaved like gay men with one another then orphans would roam the streets like stray cats.

          Conversely, if all men were gay (But kept women around for breeding) society would probably still collapse and women would roam the streets homeless, starving, unemployed, with lesbian dykes ruling the roost like they do in Orange Is The New Black series.

          Visit a gay district. There are no prostitutes, no pimps, no litter, no youth crime, no restrain orders or domestic violence or bar fights, no rapes.

        • “PHIL

          If women behaved like gay men with one another then orphans would roam the streets like stray cats.

          Conversely, if all men were gay (But kept women around for breeding) society would probably still collapse and women would roam the streets homeless, starving, unemployed, with lesbian dykes ruling the roost like they do in Orange Is The New Black series.

          Visit a gay district. There are no prostitutes, no pimps, no litter, no youth crime, no restrain orders or domestic violence or bar fights, no rapes.”

          You are confusing the purpose of heterosexual sex versus it’s nature in modern human genders.

          Yes, sex is certainly an ambition and even a necessity for people, but the way that it’s fixated on the Anon of the article is more animal like than a typical human would expect, to Ultra Cool’s point.

          Plus in my second comment I’ve linked depression and anxiety being correlated to the deformity this person most likely has, so his reaction and personality is most likely an outlier.

  10. Jason Y

    There is always porn and strippers.

    Here’s another thought though. It could be some guys are cheapskates, though. If they look like the person not willing to spend, then is it no wonder women don’t like them. For instance, do they go to restaurants and don’t tip, or just give 1 dollar or less? You have to give to get and this doesn’t even have anything to do with masculinity.

    • JASON Y

      If you are seeking to be blown for sheer release and do not care if the woman is over 35 you can find this in every major city.

      The understanding with the police is that you rent a hotel room. If you do it on the street or in your car then the police will bust you but they have to have a warrant to break into a hotel room and they are not going to do this to try to prove that you paid some woman for a blowjob.

      The going rate for such activity used to be $25.

      Maybe you feel shallow and empty about it but most women engaged in this activity-if you are polite and clean and pay them-will not feel degraded or traumatized.

      One woman I met said “guys just want to shoot their load” and most women in this field do not feel it is an act of masculine oppression.

      Some have day jobs. I once paid a Mexican nurse $50 who was about 50 for a blowjob. She did not weep afterwards or feel traumatized.

      • Jason Y

        They can use undercover cops posing as hookers.

        • JASON Y

          If they are white in Phoenix they undercover police women. Generally the Latino and Black women won’t be.

          These women will be in their twenties and far too young and white and fresh-faced to be hookers. You’ll know in a minute they are cops.

          At any rate this risk exists but I was a horny young man who was willing to take the risk.

        • JASON Y

          How to avoid undercover female cops:

          1 Ask the prostitutes as they will identify her immediately. The other women all know she is cop. They’ll tell you “the redhead white girl” is a cop.

          Usually they dislike her as the woman is making their area unfriendly for customers.

          2 Undercover cops will be cracker-looking blondes or Irish looking 20’s beauties who look like feature dancers in upscale strip clubs and are athletic-looking. If they were hooking it would be on Craiglist for $300. The John is getting something to good to be true…and it is. Cops put the hottest officer on the street because they figure guys will see a good deal. Experience whore mongers know.

          3 Wear work clothes and carry a bag in a red-light area so you look like a pedestrian.

          4 When you pass the hot-looking blond or Irish young lady who would be selling her body for $300 an hour if she was not a cop act disgusted and walk away quickly…She will assume that you have mistaken her for a REAL PROSTITUTE and are the sort of citizen who wants nothing to do with this activity. She can be arrested for public lewdness if she approaches you with a crude solicitation so these female police are careful about their entrapment.

  11. Jason Y

    Though it seems like I’m putting on a hating episode, I’d have to say some guys whose picture Iv’e seen on Facebook or just conformist bores. It might be masculine or whatever, but it’s nothing I would want to copy. Look it these boorish fucks getting these really hot girls, mainly cause their wimps too afraid to be different, and also they have all the family and church connections.

    OK, it could be they have a job and money, but it doesn’t change the boring normie aspect.

    • JASON Y

      In an urban environment this is somewhat different and you are referring to the sort of small towns so backward that 19 year old teenagers mock somebody with black curly hair (What do they do to Italian Americans, Jason? Do you have any their).

      You say there is no place “like this home” but if I were you I would have probably stayed in Saipan for the rest of my life.

      At any rate, once you become an experienced prostitute lover as I am you are not even willing to bother to attempt to make some effort to get a shallow and snotty young woman to lie on her back in the dark when you can have hot porno-style sex.

      Who can be bothered?

      • Jason Y

        The usual response to anyone in Dicksburgh who complains – is they’re a bitch. What is the rationale behind such a view? However, a black person in 50s era Alabama would have also been a bitch – by the same logic With some of these places, it’s not difficult to understand why the cultural left came about.

        • JASON Y

          In the end complainers talk with their feet and leave.

          You know who “bitches”?

          Clint-type tough guys who accuse everyone else of being a bitch. They are the ones moaning to the MSM that “the jobs won’t come back” and because they are such studs with so many kids to pay for they cannot just pack a suitcase and move to another state.

          Townies who call others bitches are 80% the Todds of Beavis & Butthead or Clints who wracked up some assault raps in the youth, maybe did some jail time for a two-year meth rap, have little to show at age 35, have a GED and no skills.

          They are the “bitches” who are stuck somewhere and cannot leave or lack the initiative to leave and complain about the economy.

          The white-collar “bitch” who managed to leave town and attend college and hold a job is long gone anyhow.

          This has been the pattern in Flint and Detroit. Bitches complain with their feet and it is the tough guys with their faded tattoos who complain that nothing is “coming back”.

      • Jason Y

        Anyone who fights back is a pussy and a bitch and sucks. That’s the small-town masculine logic.

  12. Jason Y

    Well, coming from the world of marketing, it’s definitely true if you don’t put yourself out there, then nothing will happen. Generally, most of the guys getting no girls at all, period, have simply given up or perhaps their standards are too narrow, demanding super-models or thin when older women or more curvy ladies are more for the taking.

    • JASON Y

      If every woman in the world had an IQ above 120 and a white-collar job there would be a great deal of sexual frustration.

      But the world is full unskilled people who are willing to rent the use of their vagina for 30 minutes and because the activity is free market this brings the price down to a fairly affordable rate of $30 – $40.

      • Jason Y

        Being cynical, though, it’s a rather shallow life screwing women and buying people so they will like you. It’s as bad as being in Dickburgh where you’re a sexually depraved slave and you if you dare fight back you’re a bitch who sucks.

      • Jason Y

        How about something reasonable – where people mutually respect you and you’re treated quasi-human, but it isn’t because you’re paying a third world tourist industry?

        • JASON Y

          When I arrived in Dubai I know longer had to share an apartment with two other young bachelor pigs like Phoenix.

          NAMS and Clints cannot afford to live overseas or find a job there so I was not longer worried about Cholos hassling me a Circle K Gas Station.

          What a breath of fresh air after Zeke the Beastie Boy (He was a short Jew who looked like a cross between Al Pacino and Ron Jeremy and wanted to be a rap artist) and Brian the LA street punk and Sean the big violent disgusting “crustie” (Punk rock) who called everyone “fag”.

          Living overseas is a bit of bottle-neck effect in that these sort of whites and NAMS (Or Jews for that matter) cannot ever come there.

          Subdivisions in Bangkok or Hong Kong are not more Third World than some old wooden clapboard house in a Red State in the Bible Belt, really.

  13. Pfrnr

    You should change your life. You can take up Christianity, but not any crazy branch. Chistianity and faith will soothe you. Or you can go to India, find a poor Dalit woman who would be ok to marry you. Or you can go to a Muslim country and basically buy a woman. In Pakistan there are poor people and they would let you buy a wife. Move to a poor country when you will fit in a community and they will help you. Maybe it’s not good for you to live in America.

    Sex isn’t a given thing. Not all people have sex. Not the first man in history who will not have sex. You live in nature, sex is an issue of nature. You must meet criteria to have sex. Stop thinking about sex, you’re obsessed. You are not entitled to sex, only some people have sex. You can masturbate. Move to a community without women. A male monastery. Take up a hobby. Do some service to people, that will make you feel good to make service. Move to a Muslim country. Women are quite hidden there, so you will not think about them often. In America, there is sex everywhere around you, so no wonder it makes you depressed. Change your lifestyle, don’t think about women all the time.

    • Or do what I do and pay for sex.

      “Buying women” is a bit offensive. This has stone-age connotations.

      Pay for a woman’s time to rent her vaginal or anal cavity. Many women of any race will be willing to, happily.

  14. Real success is based on the respect and adulation you receive from others. It’s why “material” success tends to be a ghost success.

    If you get no positive feedback and everyone thumbs their nose at you, you’re gonna turn into a mean snake. But once you have some successes, all those bad feelings about yourself tend to fade away.

    The key is not to fall into prolonged droughts alas Depression and avoid long bouts of social isolation. It’s a killer.

    At my worst, I want to climb a tower and start sniping and killing people. At my best, I passionately care for people I love and respect.

    The great thing about personalities, particularly if you have a healthy one, no matter how far the pendulum swings towards minus scale, just a few positive ticks and it swings back to your base/core at equilibrium level. If you have one big tick, it can swing back like a snap of the finger.

    Speaking from experience.

    • Sounds Bi-polar to me but I am NPD and unless I am getting some money or advantage out of someone else I could care less if they think I take it in the ass.

      You can sit in a bar on a Saturday and people will tell you they would take a bullet for you but if you applied for a job through them on Monday they might not hire you.

      Most of the time your best advantage is geography and the economic mood of your location. Is it in a recession? Would you feel better somewhere else?

    • Ghost success. How can you eat adulation and respect if it does amount to material gain?

      I have a great deal of adulation and respect for the goth woman who gave me a great BJ back in 2001 at her house but we parted ways and I hear that now at 39 she is a bus driver.

      Alot of dudes probably had adulation for skills. But they are not around now, like I am not around.

      High school tough guys get real adulation and respect at 18 and 5 years later they are often the guy who earns the least amount of money.

      Being respected and adored does not pay rent, buy a house or anything else.

      Landlords like our President are often regarded as bastards by renters. So are judges, lawyers and businessmen.

      But they do not have to send their kids to dangerous public schools, have their neighborhoods and lives disrupted by crime from the latest street drug craze, deal with police brutality, worry their daughter will get pregnant or just plain how to keep the lights on.


    You cannot eat respect and adulation unless it leads to a job at the corporate level or some rich Uncle Harry leaves you his $400,000 house because he admired your Football playing skills in high school.

    Trish was the name of the young woman who gave me a BJ when she was 24 back in 2001 and I had a great deal of adulation and respect for her but we parted ways. I’m sure a great many young men of that era have a great deal of respect for her.

    I later heard she was laid off from her job as a bus driver and she would now be 39 or 40 years old. The young men who cherished her charm and ability to take penises deep down into the bottom of her throat probably left town, married other women or simply aged out of the party scene that revolved around her parent’s house.

    How can she bank this?

    You meet alot of Yesterday’s Badasses in middle-age who awed people with their toughness and ruthlessness and angular rugged sex appeal in high school or early twenties.

    But in middle age nobody knows and nobody cares-they just seem some guy in his mid-40’s with a minor record and a lot of tattoos.

  16. BRELEX

    Does anyone believe he is unsuccessful with the opposite sex due to his problems? Or do you think it is personality, strategy, or looking in the wrong places?

    Women in particular, would you date a man who had these types of issues?

  17. PHIL Bigger Picture

    If men were not wired for sex and willing to put a great deal of productive energy into getting it society would look like Orange Is The New Black series-women would be starving, homeless, unemployed, crazy and ruthless Lesbian Dykes would rule the roost.

    Males, if all were gay, would be fine. They would have lots of sex and be happy all the time (Gay in the other sense). There would be less rape. Less crime. Less unhappy youth gang members of abusive single mothers. Less welfare.

    I’ve made my point.

    • “If men were not wired for sex and willing to put a great deal of productive energy into getting it society would look like Orange Is The New Black series-women would be starving, homeless, unemployed, crazy and ruthless Lesbian Dykes would rule the roost.”

      You seem to have not read what I said. I didn’t deny the point of sex and child raising in the two groups, what I said was that the importance of the two things are to the extent of it both being monolithic in the strength of the instinct.

      • PHIL

        I read the part about outliers and I agree.

      • PHIL

        I’m responding to Alpha Unit’s statement about guys thinking with their penises and being obsessed with sex.

        I’ve heard this many times from women and my own response is to ask them how they would like a world that was the same as Orange Is The New Black where sexual favors had no value and violence was the only commodity.

        Women who believe a world without men and male sexuality would be much better can spend a night in a women’s prison where sex will get you nowhere and the biggest most ruthless lesbians rule the roost.

        • Alpha Unit

          What? I didn’t state that “men think with their penises” and are obsessed with sex. You don’t know how to read. I’m telling you that sexual pleasure for women isn’t all about penis size. Why is that hard for you to understand?

  18. ULTRA COOL I meant.

    Indeed many women seem to value oral sex skills over penis size (White, in my experience) while Spanish and Arab women seem to have orgasms after vaginal sex when the penis is in their backside-they do it in this order and I suspect it has something to do with the G Spot.

    I agree, all women are different, and cross-culturally women’s sexual behavior is different.

    White males tend to roam the planet having sex with a variety of local women of various cultures and religions more than other races. So we do have experience cross-culturally and I agree, women are different in what they desire.

  19. Tulio

    This guy is Indian and like many Indian guys he put white women at the top of his hierarchy. Then he is frustrated that they don’t want him back. The internet is rife with Indian incels in the West that don’t want to date Indian women, but are hypocritically perplexed when white women don’t want to date Indian men. They will only start opening themselves up to other type of women when it dawns on them that there’s a very slim chance they’ll have a wife that looks like a Norwegian bikini model.

    I feel bad for guys who end up at the bottom of the ladder for genetic reasons, i.e. short height, ugly features, deformities, etc. Nature is unfair, and nature can be downright cruel from our perspective. But nature is neither, it’s simply cold and indifferent. By random chance his parent’s DNA combined in such a way that uniquely produced what he is. The fact that women don’t want to touch him is simply Darwinism at work. The finest genetic specimens have the greatest chances at reproduction. Always has been that way and always will be for all types of life. The least fit will have few if any opportunities. That’s why we are are no longer dragging our knuckles and smashing rocks. Evolution is about improving the specifies a generation at a time and the the fittest genes will have the best opportunities. It sucks shit if you’re at the bottom, but the alternative to that would mean humans would never have evolved as we have. Life has survived for billions of years against all odds because the least fit to reproduce get weeded out.

    I’ve had my struggles with women as well, although I’ve had vastly more experience than this guy. But I was incel all through high school as well so I can relate to how much that scarred him. I had girls that liked me, but I was too shy to do anything about it. I also didn’t feel like the girls that did like me were pretty enough and I would only be attracted to girls out of my league. After awhile I got tired of not getting any and just decided to bang the next girl that was attracted to me just to lose my virginity and get that stigma off of my shoulders. I didn’t care if she wasn’t pretty(which she wasn’t), I just had to get it done. And so it was.

    Most incels will not be as bad off as this guy. Many not so attractive guys with some work can at the very least bring themselves up to average. Get bad teeth fixed, workout and get in shape if you are overweight or skinny, maybe plastic surgery if you have a fucked up nose or something, get a nicer haircut that compliments your features, wear fashionable clothes. Fixing all of those things would at least turn a repulsive guy into an average guy who might have a 50/50 shot. The only thing that can’t really be fixed is height, and if you are 5’4″ it’s going to really be tough for you. There are guys that height that do well, but you have to have so many other things going right for you to make up for it. Prince was short, Tom Cruise is short, but obviously they have stardom going for them so it doesn’t matter. But not all incels are short.

    This guy shouldn’t give up a hope. I know a guy that was incel and virgin at 39. I thought he would become a 40 year old virgin. But he managed to snag a girl who was still in her 20s and lose the v-card before turning 40. You never know when things will instantly turn around.

  20. Stealth

    This story is more than a little dubious. There’s a lot more going on here than this guy’s failure to attract positive female attention. It seems that literally everyone he meets is not only revolted by his appearance, but also by him as a person, and I have trouble buying it. Wouldn’t someone have compassion for this man that isn’t born of pity?

    I think this guy has serious mental problems.

  21. Tegan

    Can I see a picture of this dude? Please? It can’t possibly be as bad as the story makes out! Show me a pic??

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