Did Rapist Maniac Donald Trump Murder a 12 Year Old Girl?

Note that the previous story about Trump raping two girls aged 12 and 13 year old, Trump suggested to Girl X that the other girl, Maria, had been murdered, apparently by Trump or Epstein or both. Girl X stated that 12 year old Maria was her friend and she had also been raped by both Trump and Epstein. However, at one point, Maria disappeared and Girl X never saw her again. It was after Maria’s disappearance that Trump threatened Girl X that she “would end up like Maria” (Disappeared? Murdered?) if she talked.

I do not believe that Maria has been heard from since. That doesn’t mean she’s dead, but it’s rather creepy.

We already know that Trump is a rapist maniac who rapes 12 and 13 year old girls. Raping the 12 year old girl is also getting awful close to child molestation.

The question then is:

Is rapist maniac Donald Trump also a child molester and child killer?

Please weigh in. Is rapist Donald Trump a child molester too? Is rapist Donald Trump a child killer too? Please let us know how you feel. Thanks.


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13 responses to “Did Rapist Maniac Donald Trump Murder a 12 Year Old Girl?

  1. Jason Y

    I hope that they can prove this stuff if it really did happen. It will definitely send – at least half of the population into shock and anger. But the supporters hate liberals and the cultural left so much, they will think up some excuse for the behavior.

  2. TJF

    To Rob:

    Left leaning US and British news publications have looked into it and decided it wasn’t worth pursuing.. and the Jane Doe of the case dropped the lawsuit.






    This story and much of the “Russia affair” seem like BS… In my opinion if the press were more focused and stuck with the (easily provable) theme of Trump being a self dealing, narcissistic, and incompetent buffoon then I think they would have more traction. As it stands just about anything that’s floated is tossed against a wall to see what sticks.

    The left focuses heavily on the “muslim ban” and enforcement of immigration law but basically ignore dismantling of banking regulations and upcoming “tax reform”.


    • No, it’s a good case. They interviewed her after she dropped the case. She dropped the case because she said she had been threatened, but I believe he just paid her off. What’s good about it is that she had at least one and now apparently two witnesses to each of the times she was raped. The witnesses left statements that said that they witnessed all of the rapes and also witnessed the threats. Witnesses in rape cases are quite rare and two witnesses is even more rare. That right there is important evidence that there may be something there.

      • TJF

        To Rob:

        The witnesses left statements that said that they witnessed all of the rapes and also witnessed the threats. Witnesses in rape cases are quite rare and two witnesses is even more rare. That right there is important evidence that there may be something there.

        Read through the articles I posted – the credibility of the (anonymous) victim and witness seem quite thin. Is there any proof that the witness or witnesses actually worked for Epstein..?

        One of witnesses that stated they had procured under age women, witnessed Trump and Epstein raping a 12 year old, and then continued working for Epstein for another 6 years? Wow really – you watch two guys raping and you continue working for him..? Trump and Epstein double teaming a 12 year in front of someone else..? Are they that dumb or crazy..?

        Raping a 12 year old in front of a witness doesn’t fit Trumps MO – generally when he grabbed some ass (which I do believe happened in several cases) the women were adults and were were alone with Trump.
        And generally when he grabbed ass or boob it was a precursor to asking to getting laid – but he didn’t actually rape the women. An asshole and hyper alpha male but not a rapist.

        Trump is an egotistical, self serving, narcissistic, douche bag but personally I need more to convince me of this story.

        • Well, it looks like they paid her to shut up, so there may be something there after all. I am not sure if there is evidence that the other woman was a procurer for Epstein but she says she was and Girl X said she was also. It was the job of Tiffany the procurer to witness all of the sex acts. Now why she was told to do this, I am not sure. But her story and Miss X’s story line up perfectly. I am not sure how one might go about proving that Tiffany was employed as Epstein’s procurer of underage girls. It seems like an underground job. Surely no W-2’s.

          People who have worked with abused kids say they have heard this scenario before. They say this is a common scenario where powerful men procure the services of teenage or younger minors. It works exactly like this.

          We know that Epstein was doing all of these things. It is unknown why she would accuse Trump and Epstein. She said she saw Bill Clinton once at Pedo Island, but she said she never saw him at any of the parties. She did she gave a blowjob to Alan Dershowitz while he was standing there having a conversation with Epstein, so she is accusing him too, but she seeks no damages from him.

          I think he did it. This was 20 years ago and he was not a politician back then. He was just some rich guy. There have been stories about these rich guys with underage girls and even kids forever now. A number of kids have come forward and said they were abused by these rich men at these exclusive parties. This is not the first time a story like this has come up. I am starting to wonder if there is something there.

          Trump, as a Malignant Narcissist, is DANGEROUS. Keep in mind that a number of SERIAL KILLERS have had this psychiatric diagnosis. Did you hear me? I said SERIAL KILLERS. I am certain that Trump could rape because I know he raped his wife violently, pulling out chunks of her hair in the process. I am quite sure he could rape an underage teenage girl. He used to walk in on the Miss Teen America contestants when they were in their dressing rooms.

          I believe he is capable of threatening to kill people and he and his henchmen seem to threaten people a lot. And I believe he is capable of murdering or disappearing someone. These motherfuckers think that they can buy their way out of anything, and I mean anything, and really, they pretty much can. Trump is a THUG, a petty, no-good, downbeat, two-bit THUG. He has the personality of an Italian Mafioso.

  3. A-MAN

    Robert could you please classify me? What race would I be?

    This is my url for my pic.
    Thank You,
    Akhil Tummala

  4. A-MAN

    Trump is really racist to indians and arabs. Robert you should make a post about this.In fact, He wants indians,arabs and jews out of america. He doesnt have human manners he speaks what he wants. Trump belongs to the orange race to me lol!!!
    These are the groups he is most racist to from most to least:
    3.South Asians
    4. African-Americans
    7. Immigrants with exception of those from south asia and middle east.

    He even said he was gonna put a green card restriction on indians and pakistanis because we are really close to the middle east even though he has good relations with the indian prime minister. Also, In elections, He commented that South Asians are hard working because they have low IQS which is pretty racist.

    • Tulio

      As much as I despise Trump, if he can do something about illegal immigration and cut the numbers of legal immigrants, I wouldn’t mind that. I don’t think all illegals should be deported. Some should be given a chance to stay a path to legal residency, but this sanctuary city madness has to go. We need to follow the laws and we need to end birthright citizenship. I’m sicking of the left acting as if the border is merely an inconvenience and that anyone who stumbles in here deserves all the same rights and privileges of citizenship.

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