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Game/PUA: “Magic” as the X-Factor in Game

Having a killer instinct essentially means being “a force of nature.”

It is more common in men but can be seen in women as well. It is also more desired in men.

Being a force of nature can override feminine traits in how women view you, I suppose.

Oh yeah, I definitely have that, that’s for sure, lol. I have this thing that I call “Magic.” I can turn it on, and I suppose I can turn it off. But turning it on is quite difficult. Mostly it just requires a lot of work. I have to work quite hard to work myself into this state. I have to psych myself up for it, and it is not an easy state to get into. You really have to work at it to get into it, as it does not come naturally. Then you have to work pretty hard to stay in it and keep the Magic going. Also you have to control your thoughts and feelings very well the whole time you are in it. In a way what it is all about is severe control of thoughts and feelings. It’s not a natural state at all. It is utterly contrived and completely calculated. Everything you do in that state is extremely calculated. There’s no room for spontaneity when you have the Magic on.

I definitely attract way more women (and even girls still!) when I turn on the Magic than when I do not. At my age, with the Magic off I do not get much response from females most of the time.

But with the Magic on, I do a lot better. And I get a lot of those blank, robot, zombie, hypnotized stares from women. A lot of overtly flirtatious behavior.

I also get a lot of “bedroom eyes.” The bedroom eyes are related to the hypnotized stare, and they often go together.

What are bedroom eyes? Look straight ahead at an object. Now lower your head. Now raise your eyes up to the object you were looking at. In bedroom eyes, the head is lowered, but the eyes are looking upwards up at the top of the eyelid near the eyebrow. These are also called “hooded eyes.”

Bedroom eyes and hooded eyes means she wants to fuck. You’re making her horny. If you see them outside of bed or with someone you do not know well, it is very good. When you are involved in sexual situations with women, you can see them too, often right before she is getting ready to fuck. Like she looks at you, gives you the zombie stare, and then goes into the hooded eyes as she is stripping off her clothes.  It means, “You are making me horny and I want to fuck you,” or “You are making me horny and I am going to fuck you.”

It doesn’t mean she is really going to do it. I got that severely from a 16 year old girl recently on two separate occasions on the same day. At age 58! What!? I doubt if she really wanted to do it, and I certainly hope I could have controlled myself. Just because you make a woman go into “I want to fuck you” mode doesn’t mean she is really going to do it. Maybe she is married. Maybe she has a boyfriend. Think about it. Your average woman might get turned on by, how many? 10,000 different men in a lifetime? 100,000 men? So you think your average woman fucks 10,000-100,000 men in a lifetime? Come on.

Bedroom eyes are great though, just like zombie stares. If you ever get either of those, you really need to recognize what they are and consider doing something about it. Don’t be a mouse.

That killer instinct or force of nature thing is great for getting laid. I have been thinking a lot about the “X factor” in Game. I call it “Magic.” It’s not really quantifiable or even qualifiable. It’s just a vibe – the vibe or vibes you give off. And there’s a ton of psychology that goes into it.

Also has to with energy, sending out energy into the environment where it can be received by others, in the sense of that energy being an actually existing thing that is qualifiable if not quantifiable. Actually existing as in you can almost feel it in your bones. Studies that suggest that this tactile energy exists including studies about “the eyes in the back of your head.” Studies have shown that people can actually tell when someone is looking at them even if the person is in back of them or cannot be seen at all. For instance, in some studies, the people were being watched via a grill in a department store. There was no way to see the person inside of that grill. Yet nevertheless, the studies showed that shoppers acted a lot different when there was someone in that grill looking at them than when there wasn’t.

There have also been many reports of people who go on vacation, and then on the day they are coming home, the pet seems to be aware of it and even goes outside to wait for them. And many anecdotal reports of pets going to wait by the phone even 5-30 minutes before their master rings it.

All very strange, but this all operates off of psi forces, the same involved in telepathy, clairvoyance, ghosts, demons, near death experiences, etc., all five of which I am certain exist.

In other words, the Magic X-factor in Game is psychological and may even involve psi forces. For sure it involves “energy” as in the kind that science says doesn’t even exist.



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