Jack the Ripper Strikes Again


Nope, false alarm. It was a copycat.

He killed a whore though. That’s the important part. One check. And he stabbed her. Two checks. He’s probably nuts. Three checks. But he didn’t chop her to bits. Nope. 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. It’s not an A murder, but it’s pretty good. I give him a B, maybe even B+.

I must say though this fellow has quite a sense of humor. First of all, he murders her. Then he gets a pink marker and writes “Jack” on her dead body. Hilarious! Guy should be a stand-up comic. Then he gets out a camera and takes a bunch of photos of her dead body. You like picks of dead bodies. Oh man, dude, stop, you are cracking me up. After that he goes online and researches Jack the Ripper. LOL! And then, what’s funniest of all, is he kills her in his own house after ordering her takeout from some whorehouse. That’s funny, man! Kill a woman in your own house. Ha ha, they’ll never catch you then, huh? Anyway then he flees, trying to escape. Body is found two days later, and duh, guess who is prime suspect. Mr. Jokester.

And why did he kill her? Prosecution says he didn’t feel like paying for the sex. That’s like the old joke. You know how to make a hormone? Don’t pay her! That’s pretty funny though. You buy a whore, you screw her and instead of paying her your hard-earned cash, you just kill the bitch! Think of money you could save. Ha ha! That’s a good one.

This guy’s quite a card. Looks like he’ll be telling jokes in prison for the next 30 years or so, which is where he belongs. Actually he belongs under the prison, but we can’t do that, so this will have to do.


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21 responses to “Jack the Ripper Strikes Again

  1. Jason Y

    Yep, he strikes again – and he’s on this forum !! Should we turn Trash into the police? 😆

    • JASON Y

      My Knife Is So Very Sharp. The girls all laugh at me until I cut them…and then I feel like a powerful man for killing runaways and tired prostitutes….The power and control makes me feel less inadequate.

      Actually most of the women I paid for sex were happy to let me be a repeat customer.

  2. JASON Y


    Please do not tell me that we need to invade the Middle East because Emirates need to live at the standard of the “Freeway” killers or Clint.

    Only poor rural whites on country roads or small cities who have never been across state lines would feel this way.

    Nor do I think I have exhibited much in the way of psycho-sexual deviance involving violence against girls and women.

    I’ve read plenty of angry posts and even some blurted inarticulate threats from a few Indians. Some were Islamic type threats eerily enough.

    My feeling towards the Freeway or Clint types is that they are like dog turd. You walk around it, not step in it or touch it because its appearance is offensive.

    Nor do I condemn people who love living in a 10 square mile radius their whole life. What do I care?

    If every American male voted with their feet to spend their adult life in Asia and not contributing to the economy then we would simply have no society.

    Have kids when you are 18 with no qualifications? If living on the edge of poverty for the next 25 years pumps your gonads that by all means do it. Please do not complain about the fact that welfare barely makes your ends meet because you must have 20 unprotected minutes of fun. Human beings are vain, selfish, beastly as the Great Author wrote.

    No welfare? Ridiculous, cannibalism would break out in 3 days in NYC.

    • Jason Y

      Keifer Sutherland’s character wasn’t white trash. He was more educated, along the lines of some clinical psychologist like Robert.

    • Jason Y

      My feeling towards the Freeway or Clint types is that they are like dog turd.

      You wouldn’t say that if your car broke down and only those types could fix it. Hmmmm….

      • These folks are not the ones I am referring to. By the way, being a mechanic is not a simple task.

        • Jason Y

          I’ve heard some say it is, and that people pay mechanics cause they’re too lazy or don’t want to get dirty.

        • Jason Y

          I’d say that Trash is right, though some things can be done by an average person. For instance, with the transmission, I don’t think it’s as simple as changing the oil so you’re better off letting pros do it.

          However, with a computer, it’s actually really easy to avoid computer mechanics because most people messing up their computer are downloading movies, music where companies have purposely put viruses or they don’t have some cleaning utility on their computer.

          So the whole profession of computer repairman is nearly totally due to ignorance, maybe not laziness.

        • Jason Y

          Other dumb mistakes mostly involve updates on a computer. On one I looked at, the date was set to 2007 on a recent computer causing errors getting to websites. In other cases, people don’t update browsers etc..

      • JASON Y

        The Clint who lurches drunkenly out of the bar after a patron to assault him or the tweaker is most likely not even employed.

        I spent time around the absolute poorest whites and NAMS in Phoenix and employment at $20 as a mechanic is not what they do. To begin with, this requires extensive training which costs money.

        That is sort of a stereotype. Professions do not interest me, behavior on the street does.

  3. JASON Y

    I’m not talking about law-abiding and honest people who struggle in an economy with a lower wage than the rest of the G-8 countries because the Republicans they vote for simply are too greedy to raise minimum wage under the excuse/alibi that it will create more jobs.

    These folks are hard-working and decent but just do not understand the complexities of corporate greed or its pressure on presidents to deregulate.

    • Jason Y

      The medium or upper-level military types normally benefit heavily from Republicans so they’re not just voting Republicans to be against gays and NAMS.

      Local bullies are only 1/4 of white proles and of course, they are just reaping a bad karma so nobody cares about their struggle – except for WN organizations looking from broken followers.

      • JASON Y

        Do you know how many years of trade school it requires to become a mechanic?

        Do you really believe anybody can lie on their back under an engine and fix a car? It’s not as easy as changing a tire, which some liberal elites do not know how to do either.

        Being a plumber, mechanic or even an electrician is not a skill or trade one learns in half an hour.

        • Jason Y

          Plumbing isn’t so difficult – you just show your ass-crack. Huh hah har har…

        • Jason Y

          Change a tire:

          Jack up the vehicle.

          Use some tool, usually a wrench to take out the lugs.

          Remove Tire

          Put new one on using same tools.

          So I think it’s more about laziness and unwillingness to get dirty than difficulty. I mean, liberal elites can spend hours writing really boring papers or perhaps solving complex math or science problems.

        • Yee

          What if you got some extra bolts left after the job is done?

          Every time I take apart something and put it back together, I have some extras left.

    • Jason Y

      These folks are hard-working and decent but just do not understand the complexities of corporate greed or its pressure on presidents to deregulate.

      The cultural left agenda of transsexualism and extreme gay rights, not the racial stuff, drives a lot of them toward Republicans It’s because gay stuff is against their religion. Well, it’s even against the religion of most NAMS.

      • Jason Y

        These whites are a bit frustrated with some racial stuff, but not interracial marriage, but it’s not enough to drive them over the edge. Tranny and gay stuff does though.

  4. KsytriaKhalsa

    Elephant Massage followed by swift cremation is only solution to these types of people||

  5. No Gora follows you or cares about the racial origin of your caste system inequalities. They cannot begin to grasp this message.

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