More Violence at Gavin Guinness Speech Last Night

Gavin McGuiness, a Canadian who has associated himself with the Alt Right, or really the Alt Lite, has a site called The Rebel. The site is more or less the Breitbart of Canada. They are not well liked with the leftwing protester or antifa types. He had a speech last night at a campus in New York, and it was disrupted by some sort of a rowdy demonstration. Whether it reached riot level, I am not sure. Cum Trumpsters  were outside yelling at anti-Trump people. Two Black women approached two White Cum Trumpster men and punched both men in the face! Wow!

This is almost getting comical. If you are Trump supporter, maybe you better just stay home.  If you so much as leave your house, you probably stand a pretty good chance of getting punched in the face. It’s like punching Cum Trumpsters in the face is some sort of a new national pastime or better yet, a sport. Think of the possibilities. We could even make it into a competitive sport with have teams of punchers, and the winner would be the team that punched the most Cum Trumpsters the hardest.

Seriously, man. Whenever I imagine myself as a Trump supporter now, I see this fist flying towards my face. I think I already have PTSD from all the political violence that I am watching every day. Someone help me, I’m addicted.


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13 responses to “More Violence at Gavin Guinness Speech Last Night

  1. Jason Y

    New York is the most unfriendly place imaginable for Trump. It would be like George Takei and his LGBT agenda going to South Carolina. I mean, who are we kidding here? Nonetheless, hats off the alt-right creep, even though I hate his ideas, for at least venturing into unfriendly territory unlike most cowards.

    • Trump did very well amongst working class New Yorkers, particularly Italian-Americans in and around New York City.

      • Pool Boy

        That is surely true, but the overarching theme for NY specifically is probably race.
        everybody except non-Hispanic Gentile Whites are afraid of Trump, and they only represent 13% of NYC.

        • POOL BOY

          Exactly WHAT is this foolish landlord with a bad approach to foreign policy and stuttering middle-school speaking style of an NYC cabbie going to do?

          Is he REALLY going to order a heavily Hispanic and Black military to intern minorities-who I am sure outnumber whites in New York in their entirety if one includes Jews, Asians, Latinos, Indians and blacks-in Rochester?

          Presuming you are not shooting police officers what is he capable of doing to you?

          His grand-children are Jewish, his wife is Eastern European and his business venture in Mexico went South, pun intended.

        • Pool Boy

          “assuming you are not shooting police officers”
          Most NAMs in general know someone who is doing such a thing, although only a small fraction actually do.
          Trump Justice Department may not press charges against a trigger happy cop who kills Cousin Tyrone.

        • Pool Boy

          I’ll put it to you in terms you appreciate;

          ‘Republican Hispanic outreach failed because Republicans attribute teh values of actual Hispanics to Injun crack whores’ (Encyclopedia dramatica)
          get it?

        • Jason Y

          Oh, that’s a good job for TRASH, even better than Mad Magazine, Encyclopedia Dramatica.

  2. I’m not sure if its the same incident but a couple of days ago he got pepper sprayed by a protester and he also punched or roughed up a couple of protesters himself. They then came into his talk and shouted so loud that no one could hear.

    • I’ve been surprised by how aggressive Leftists have been. I always thought they were a bunch of cry-baby wimps.

      (note: I consider myself a Leftie on many issues. This post is not a slur against Lefties.)

      • The antifascists and some anarchists are definitely aggressive. Different types of leftie I guess. Fact is majority of protesters are peaceful.

      • Jason Y

        They only wimps, some of them, because they are peaceful. When your peaceful, what else can you do but whine and cry?

      • Jason Y

        Calling leftist protesters, particular culturally left ones, wimps is another bullying tactic. Since they won’t punch them in the face, the right-wing types make a point to mock them as much as possible. Of course, given this abuse by the right-wing, are we surprised some leftists have advanced to a violent level?

        The basic idea of the right, but sometimes the left does the same, is keep at that peaceful protesters until they become violent, and then of course, say “Oh, look at these guys. They’re violent. What a bunch of lunatics etc…”

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