Are the Gays Pushing Their Luck?

It’s already been reported hundreds of times as gay male pornography, but Youtube won’t take it down. This crap should never be on Youtube in the first place. Put it on Adults Only X rated sites. That’s the only place this crap belongs.

A lot of the comments are saying that the gays are going too far, pushing their luck, trying to get us to hate them, etc. To say the comments are anti-gay male would be an understatement.

There’s a lot of pretty crazy sexual stuff portrayed in the video. Gay Identity Politics always lies and says that says other than the PIV sex, gays and straights are the same. I guess gay men and straight men are the same. But we are not. If you bring up all the crazy, perverted crap they do, they say, “Well straight people do it too. Straight men do all those things.”

I am sure we do, but not nearly as much. And the number of straight men who like getting fisted must be extremely low or getting pegged with a strap-on period. Most straight men do not like to get fucked in the ass with long, penis shaped objects, even if your girlfriends is the one who put it on.

As far as the other stuff, I believe 37% of gay men practice S/M, B/D and they get pretty hardcore about it too. Most straight men are not into hardcore B/D, S/M. It’s a fringe subculture. If you live or work around the gay subculture in any major city, you hear about “accidents” involving gay men in S/M, B/D sex are very common. It’s not unusual at for deaths to occur in this activity, probably because they are so hardcore about it. Gay men present to emergency rooms all the time from injuries received in this kind of sex. You also see cases of gay men presenting with some object stuck up their ass that cannot be retrieved, and these cases are more common than you would think.

You also read a lot of stories about police finding some gay men tied up in room somewhere, screaming for help. Or a gay man found bound and gagged in some alleyway, unconscious, with a dildo shoved up his ass. Nope, he didn’t get victimized by criminals at all! His circumstances were a result of consensual gay sex gone out of control. The police are often dumbfounded in these cases and are often not sure if some bound, gagged and beaten gay man was victimized by a criminal or if he was just having some fun.

In fact, sexual sadism is so common in the gay male community that some suggest that is the reason why gay men are vastly overrepresented among serial killers. A gay man is vastly more likely to be a serial killer than a straight man. On the other hand, serial killers are extremely rare, so the odds that any given gay man is one must be extremely small. But this goes to show you what might happen if S/M, B/D ever catches on big-time in the straight community. We might end up with a lot more serial killers. I don’t think I’ve ever had a straight male friend who was into sexual sadism heavily.

I had a fag hag girlfriend in Hollywood once. Her idea of a good time on a Friday night was going to a gay bar and hanging out with her gay male friends. Most of her friends were hardcore gay male masochists. Once she told me about her masochistic gay male friend, “He’s not satisfied until the welts are this big.” She held her hands up with eyes bugged out of her skull. I think I said, “That guy is a sick fucking perverted asshole. Why the Hell do you associate with him?” I am not sure I would say that now, but that was in 1983. I’ve never known one straight man who liked to get beat up like that or who even practiced serious sexual masochism period.

Fully 37% of gay men engage in fisting in the past year. The % for straight men must be vanishingly low. This is actually quite a risky sexual activity, and my understanding is that you can really injure or damage your anus by doing this stuff. Also, it’s a dirty little secret, but a lot of the Hepatitis C epidemic is coming directly from this activity, often done at an orgy or group sex scene. There’s a reason for that, but I will not go into it now. Gay men keep insisting that if done properly, this activity is perfectly safe, but that can’t be true.

Sure some gay men fuck women in the ass, but it’s not a common sex act. I’ve only had a few girlfriends who even engaged in this sex act, and I’ve barely done it myself. I don’t think most straight guys are fucking women in the ass all the time. It’s just not happening.

Anilingous or rimming is when a gay man licks another gay man’s anus either on the outside or with the tongue, inside the anus. 62% of gay men engaged in rimming in the past year. This is almost a standard activity in gay porn, and it seems like this sex act is a regular part of many gay men’s sex lives. And from the few peaks I have had at gay porn, they really go at it, plunging their faces in like they haven’t eaten in days. You are supposed to wash up before you do this sort of thing, but gay men either don’t wash up or they don’t do it well enough.

Another dirty little secret that no one talks about is that this sexual act alone is responsibility for a number of diseases in the gay male community. Hepatitis A is spread only this way, and Hep A outbreaks are recorded in gay communities on a regular basis. In addition, the parasites, shigella, giardia, and ameoba are spread this way, causing shigellosis, giardia, and ameobiasis. The last one if amoebic dysentery, a disease endemic to 3rd world countries with terrible sanitation. As many as 20% of gay men test positive for at least one of those bugs at any time, and outbreaks of shigellosis, giardiasis and amoebiasis are quite common in gay communities.

Straight people definitely engage in this activity too, but a lot of of straight women refuse to do it and few volunteer from my experience. It doesn’t seem to be #1 on your average straight woman’s favorite sex act list. Still you do see this in straight porn. The odd thing is that any given group of 50-100 usually tests 0% of the presence of those parasites which are endemic among gay men. There have been several cases recorded in straights. The fact that straights seem to get away with rimming is probably because these pathogens are probably at very low levels in straight society. With gay men, on the other hand, what we call the disease reservoir is seriously infected with these bugs at a near epidemic level. The concept of disease reservoirs is very important in contagious disease but little discussed.

Water sports. Yes there are straight men and women women like to piss on people or get pissed on. It doesn’t seem to be very common. Ask one of your girlfriends if she would like to be on the receiving end of this act, and most women act like they are going to punch you in the face. Once again, doubtful that this is a top 3 sexual activity with straight women. Fully 16% of gay men engaged in water sports in the past year. I doubt if the figure is 2% for straight men.

Coprophilia. That means getting shit on or even better yet, coprophagia, which means getting shit on and eating the shit. You wonder why any human would do such a thing but it actually goes on a fair amount. Fully 8% of gay men engaged in coprophiliac activities in the past year. I doubt if the figure for straight men is 1%.

So you see, gay men are far more perverted than straight men and this is reflected in emergency room admissions, police calls for sexual activity, deaths and injuries during sex, injuries to the anus, not to mention several sexually-transmitted viruses and parasites which nearly absent in straight men.


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28 responses to “Are the Gays Pushing Their Luck?

  1. Jason Y

    No doubt radical gays have been pushing their luck, creating massive hate against them, as well as other cultural left groups who don’t deserve it as much. I’d go so far to say gays and trannies have totally smashed Martin Luther King’s dream.

  2. Jason Y

    Honestly though, how is doing meth (look at their teeth and their fucked up aging process) less depraved than being gay? Seems like any sort of drug or sex addiction is looking for the bigger rush, no matter how degrading it is to get it?

    • JASON

      James my friend at the publishing company was a gay man whose gay boyfriend Ramon and his gay friends did so much meth that his colon was perforated and he had to go to the hospital.

      Core differences.

      Other gays do not get gay date-raped like women.

      Gays don’t have kids or produce kids with stupid drug addicted women who just don’t care whether they wear a rubber.

      Gays are usually self-employed. Close the interior decorating store on a Monday or the hair salon to sleep it off.

      Gays are often charging other men for sex if they need to pay for drugs so they do not have to steal their brother’s leather jacket out of his closet.

      Gays live in gay districts police do not care about (See “Cruising”) so they do not get busted as often because no women, elderly, children live there anyhow.

      Gays seem to be better-educated than the average straight so they manage their drug addiction better.


    Al Pacino’s CRUISING about the hellish nadir of the poppers-fueled tail-end of gay 70’s NYC night-life summed it up almost 40 years ago.

    With no children and no wives gays are free to spend their time doing drugs and having sex.

    Andrew Cunanan, who once raped a 72 year old man in his house and then drove a car over his face (I am not kidding read the old news). Heavily into S&M.

    Jeffrey Dahmer we all know.

    Dennis Nilsen, 16 victims, raped the bodies.

    I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few gay serial killers.

  4. I can’t believe I watched that last bit. Absolutely disgusting. Just the shit coming out of his ass….how can anyone like that? eeeeee

    There needs to be some standards in what can be shown to the public and youtube definitely need to take that down.

    • STEVE

      They don’t reproduce and most of them are dead from violence or AIDS at 40, 50 anyhow.

      Sure it is disgusting but women and children are not affected.

    • STEVE Society and the anus.

      Thug-life Bros, Cholos and Necks are the ones laying the seeds for the next screwed-up generation, however.

      I knew a few redneck tweakers with kids in the late 1990’s who were terrible parents in an Arizona complex. They snorted coke and meth in front of their kids.

      These kids would now be 18 years old or older. I’m sure they vandalized, got into drugs themselves, stole, brought down the level of their classrooms and generally made life miserable for the next generation.

      Gays do not get stupid drug addicted women pregnant. No welfare has to go to their illegitimate children.

      Society is not filling up with the out-of-wedlock children of depraved gays.

      This only happens when some thug, cholo or redneck blows his beans in the vagina of a woman who is usually not bright enough to care or perhaps a criminal herself.

    • STEVE I miss the days when you had to visit sex stores to lay hands on this stuff and gay dementia was underground instead of corrupting the minds of children.

      Everybody’s sex life is in everyone else’s living room. Even if you are not interested in sex you’ll accidentally see some horrible stuff on the net.

      • Jason Y

        Well, there is always programs to block out porn on a computer. However, I bet a lot of parents, considering the massive low standards they have, don’t install such stuff. So some teenage boy, and I wasn’t so lucky cause the internet came out when I was in college, can look at all the porn they want.


    Why do we act surprised that gay men die young of various diseases or that of 1,000 partners one turns out to be Jeffrey Dahmer?

    Gays want some sort of “awareness”. Yes, pushing the anus past its point of design will result in diseases that a well-lubricated vagina does not possess.

    Yes, random pickups of sinister bearded men on the street like the seedy-looking SONS OF ANARCHY man will eventually lead to meeting some nutcase.

  6. Jason Y

    All the cultural left is not the same. For instance, some guy suffering racial discrimination isn’t the same as someone having a dildo stuck up his ass. I would be concerned about the first, but not the second. Also, someone disabled is not the same as somebody complaining they can’t have a gay parade in Mayberry.

  7. JASON Y Probably does not want a black dildo in the anus.

  8. jose

    This is one of the most insane fucking disguting videos that I never saw (traumatized me more than videos about beheadings for example). I’m not against homosexuals/bisexuals but this has provoked me a natural reaction of repulsion from the begining with the guy licking ice cream. Not to mention the rest.

    And this don’t have to be in Youtube, it’s for a pornographic site.

  9. Do gays ever wonder why they lead rough lives? Some bearded wild-eyed guy picks you up on the street and shoots a load.

    Being fisted?

    Of course these guys get AIDS or meet Dahmer.

    • jose

      Well, for a pornographic site it’s fine, but not on Youtube.

      And I think that shit in someone’s face it’s not normal in no one sexual orientation.

  10. JOSE Is it any surprise gays die young of disease?

    How many women want to participate in such an activity?

  11. ROBERT

    Gay men probably have a higher sex drive than most straight men and Lesbian women have a lower sex driver than most straight women.

  12. ROBERT

    60% of Lesbians are women who have had a horrific experience with male sexuality and really do not like men very much.

    30% are hormonal freaks who look half male to begin with.

    10% are simply sexually adventurous.

    But the bottom-line is that with no penis sex is not that exciting possibly.

    • Jason Y

      Gosh Trash, according to college Republicans 100 percent of them look half male. 😆 And the good looking ones on porn must be bisexual.

  13. Tulio

    The video is banned as of now.

  14. Bruno

    Where do you get you stat from ? Like 8% of gay eat shit pro year ? That seems insane

    • I think it is either play with it or eat it.

      I am not sure if it is ever or in the last year.

      In one survey it was 4% and in another it was 8%.

      Those studies go all the way back to the late 70’s and mid 80’s, and there have not been any since.

      They were in the USA.

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