Schoolteacher Attacks Trump Image On Blackboard in Front of Her Class of Cheering Students


An image of Trump from a projector is being played on the board in front of class. The cute young teacher charges the image and sprays it multiple times with a squirt gun,screaming, “Die! Die!” as students cheer her on.

Good job!

Let us praise this teacher for a job well done and a teachable moment.



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2 responses to “Schoolteacher Attacks Trump Image On Blackboard in Front of Her Class of Cheering Students

  1. Jason Y

    And where was this located? Possibly another cowardly act, mainly in a blue state where real opposition will not be encountered. Note also we have a captive audience here.

    However, the right-wing does the same thing in red states. Probably some teacher in Alabama has students throw tomatoes at Obama pictures or something.

    Myself, I disagree with Trump but I don’t think teachers should bring up politics with kids. It’s unprofessional. and kids don’t have the brains to make real adult judgement.

  2. Jason Y

    The lecturing to high school students can get out of hand. Like this freshman high school English teacher I had, a right-wing Christian, who lectured us in class on how the peace sign was an inverted mockery of the cross and suggested, like Trash the commentator on here, that the kids were deformed from parents smoking pot.

    I mean the nerve !!! Of course, nobody would challenge what he was saying. Everyone one was stone cold afraid of him. So they just sat there like goldfish in a bowl. 😆

    Note, I can see where the guy is coming from, but it’s not really what he was saying but how he was delivering his message.

    Like he made this dorky statement one time, “Not one puff of marijuana smoke came from these lips.” Of course, a few students made fun of him once, posting a picture of a naked woman on his desk, and his response was “This is so immature.”.

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