Schizoid Personality Disorder Vs. Asperger’s Syndrome

Ultra Cool: Is Asperger’s not the same as schizoid? They do seem to be VERY similar, at least on a superficial level.

Apparently quite a bit different, though the last DSM seemed to be saying that they are the same thing.

Schizoids do not seem nearly as weird and out of it as Aspies do. Schizoids seem like perfectly normal people who just want to be alone all the time and are perfectly happy that way. I don’t get the impression that they cannot read social cues or act odd or strange, etc. Also schizoids are rather muted emotionally, while Aspies are commonly wildly emotional to the point of frequent temper tantrums.

There is something really weird about Aspies. On some level, they just don’t get it. You do not get that impression with Schizoids at all. They seem absolutely sane, other than just wanting to be alone all the time. Also, Schizoids do not react much to either praise or criticism. If you come down hard on an Aspie, they might flip.

Aspies sometimes strike me as resembling retarded people in some ways. Now, they are typically much smarter than retarded people, but I have seen quite a few Aspies with that “retarded person” look on their faces like they are completely out of it and have no idea what is going on.

Schizoids are almost excessively rational and cool. If you go to their forums, you would be surprised at how shockingly sane they are.

Schizoids could change but don’t want to. Aspies usually have no idea that anything is even wrong with them. Studies have shown that Schizoids tend to cluster a lot more with other personality disorders than with forms of autism.


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3 responses to “Schizoid Personality Disorder Vs. Asperger’s Syndrome

  1. I was dx with Schizoid Personality Disorder back in 2013, as well as Manic Depression and Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. I’m perplexed by SPD diagnosis.

  2. I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome in childhood. Though I agree with much of what you said here, I have to say I disagreed in other places. To start off, the temper tantrums are not frequent. They are occasional, perhaps once a month, and arise out of confusion and intense fear due to unexplainable conflict in the environment around us. It is the same sort of feeling one may get when driving behind someone who is extremely slow, constantly breaking, and blowing their horn needlessly. That sort of feeling.

    Secondly, I understand what you mean by the retarted resemblance. I’ve seen that in both myself and others. This is because, though we may be thinking one thing, we are unable and unaware to project that “thing” onto our faces in social formats understandable to others. We try, desperately, but it just never comes out the way it’s intended. Oftentimes we get opposite reactions, and this causes a further negative reaction from others. We know what’s going on entirely, just from a specific, detail oriented perspective. Everything is broken up into details, and we can only focus on one thing at a time in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

    Lastly, many of us are fully aware there is something wrong. I’m often trying to improve myself because I do care about how others view me and I don’t want to be troublesome to others, or cause more trouble than necessary for myself. Often, through rationality and logic (I have to be sure not to fall into a limited fallacy loop however) things gradually start to make sense to a point where I can function in a social setting. We are very much in tune with our environment, so much so that we experience things in varying intensities, and we have to focus on and process each of these different intensities.

    I hope this helps clear things up.

  3. The differences between SPD and ASD are often unseen and misunderstood by outsiders. This misunderstanding leads to a lot of Schizoids being diagnosed as Aspies and vice versa…

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