Rioting at Trump Rallies, 2015


Put together by Trump supporters. Most footage from Fox News and local channels. It is said to be a compendium of video of the violence that Trumpsters have been “suffering” for about a year now.

That’s fake news right there.

Most of the video appears to be from a large Trump rally in San Jose that took place last year, I believe in the Spring. There was some pretty serious rioting at the rally from anti-Trumpsters.

Black bloc antifa are present but only in very low numbers.

Instead the rioters are regular Californians, mostly young people. Most of the rioters and protesters are Hispanics, and I would gather that almost all of them are Mexican-Americans. Chicanos in other words. I can assure you that there were few to no illegal aliens at that rally. I know how illegals look and act, and further, the language of the protesters is all or almost all perfect unaccented English. The only accent you can here is “Barrio English,” which is just a dialect of English adopted by Chicanos, almost all of whom have English as a first language. The dialect is an affectation and is not the result of interference from Spanish.

There are broadly two types of Chicanos, where Chicanos refers to mostly 2nd and 3rd generation Mexican Americans especially in California. These people have traditionally been ~70% White and ~30% Indian. The more Indian types have come in large numbers only in recent years.

These Chicanos are all native English speakers, and by the third generation, most no longer have fluent Spanish skills. So the language is going out in the 3rd generation, which is typical for any assimilating US immigrant group. These Chicanos are assimilated Americans in that they for the most part have given up Mexican culture for American culture. They retain somewhat more conservative values as far as sexual activity (favoring monogamy, especially for the females), sex roles (traditional roles are preferred), family ties (the family structure is usually very strong), and respect for elders (still strong, especially for parents).

The problem is not that Chicanos are not assimilating. It is that they are assimilating to something lousy. A lot of them assimilate to Barrio Culture. This is a subculture that is heavily gang-involved and is present in a lot of the poorer Chicano neighborhoods. However, many other Chicanos, even those who live right next to the barrios, are assimilating more or less to regular American culture, and they act little different from you, me or any other White person, which the exception of some the conservatism you see above.

This crowd is clearly a mix of Barrio types and more assimilated Chicanos. The Barrio types are mixed between overtly gang-involved types and others who are simply barrio dwellers who are not gang-involved.

Believe it or not, not everyone in a barrio is a gang member. Gangsters are only a small group, mostly young men, and most of them stay in the game for only a few years, often on the fringes, before they marry at age 18-23+, move in with a woman with kids or have kids or their own, and retire, usually completely, from gang life. Most so-called gang members are just wannabes who form their own fake sets by claiming a legitimate gang and try to say that they control some neighborhood. They are considered poseurs by the true gang members who might beat them up if the poseurs tried to claim the gang because all true sets have to be approved by the official gang in the area.

Even among the wannabes, most are not even members of the fake set. Instead they are hangers-on or so-called gang associates, who much outnumber gang members. Most of these types see almost no inter-gang warfare, do not spray much graffiti and do not victimize neighbors. They’re just trying to look hard by claiming Nortenos or whatever.

There are also quite a few of the more assimilated Chicanos mixed in with the Barrio types. Barrio Chicanos are pretty hard and tough, and you do not want to mess with them. Many have street gang experience. Beatings, knifings and shootings are quite common and Barrio Chicanos kill an awful lot of people, mostly rival gang members. Police often call these crimes as “NHI” or “No Humans Involved.” They are also referred to as “Public Service Killings.” It’s just one scumbag killing some other scumbag and doing society a favor in the process.

Most of the violence here seems to be coming from the Barrio types. These people have few inhibitions and low self-controls. They get riled up very easily. If these Barrio Chicanos ever start rioting over Trump, it is not going to be pretty. These guys don’t mess around.

There are also some militant young people there, often young White women. But these are in the minority. These are more or less university-aged SJW’s.

I was very surprised to see ordinary White SJW’s, Barrio Chicanos and Assimilated Chicanos burning US flags. I’m not sure if I have ever seen them do that before. That’s not a good sign, as a lot of these folks are pretty assimilated. When a lot of your assimilated, relatively nonpolitical citizens start burning your flag, that’s a bad sign for your country.

Some of the video also shows what looks like anti-Trumpsters blocking a highway in Arizona to try to stop a Trump rally there. This happened over the summer.

Bottom line is this is not the Left or liberals or even Democratic Party people. These rioters young people are on the fringes of active politics, if they even vote at all, and many of them don’t even bother to do that. This is more of an out and out ethnic riot between two ethnic groups, Chicanos and their White supporters versus mostly White Trumpsters. Sort of a Chicanos vs. Whites street battle if you wish. On the other hand, more or less openly ethnic riots pitching mostly one ethnic group against another is not a good sign at all. That is called ethnic strife, and it can lead to some pretty bad things, like Yugoslavia.


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    Dogs stay in the town dump even if you build a mansion there. Alligators infest swamps around Florida resorts.

    Chicano people are products of Southwestern Indian women being badly used by White men but they are the original inhabitants and have no intention of going anywhere. They view the region as their property.

    They resent the Anglo-Saxon perhaps even more than Indians from Chiapas with no historical connection to the United States anyhow.

    These are an alien race like Asians who have their own culture, language, traditions, religions.

    The Chicano is the result of base white sexual conquest and strong Iberian penile shafts being eagerly received by Red women. They are aware that a white man had quick dirty sex with primitive Aztec, Yaqui and Apache women and that they are a race of orphans.

    Much has been written about marriages between Spanish conquerors and local Aztec princesses but these were as rare as Pocahontas.

    Red women were horny for the hard rod of white desperado Andalusian men and from the desert a race of orphans bloomed.

    • Jason Y

      Red women were horny for the hard rod of white desperado Andalusian men and from the desert a race of orphans bloomed.

      Exotic outsiders who seem superior always attract attention and women. You should be well aware of that from personal experience, lol

    • jose

      I do not think they were “horny”. Europeans simply conquered the region, and the conquerors always had sex with conquered women, and even more with women of allies peoples (remember that many indigenous peoples of the Americas were allies of them). It was like this all over the planet throughout history, at least in most cases.

      In the Americas it was like this even more so because there was a huge epidemic throughout the continent that killed most people. It was probably the worst epidemic episode in human history, at least in the last 5000 years or even more (in other regions more people died due to some diseases but not as large a percentage of the total population as in the Americas, where much more than half of the population died).

  2. The Chicano is a product of the original white men and the Red women they conquered. He springs from the gonads of the European and his mother is a daughter of the soil.

    So he is has uncertain feelings and loyalties to both Indians and whites.

    Chiapas Indians are from another country and another culture. They not even speak Spanish well. They feel no connection to the Southwest or the United States.

    Their opinion is that all whites are the enemy who stole the continent from Red men. They have suffered from the cruel indifference of both the Criollo and the Mestizo.

    • Jason Y

      The immune systems of native Indians were very weak due to isolation. On the other hand, the Euros had super strong immune systems due to battling the black plague a few centuries earlier.

      Anyhow. note, regarding red Indians, I don’t agree with injustice done to them, but it was inevitable.


    Until the military is commanded by Chicano big tanks can run over the tatted sleeveless torsos of Barrio street fighters and the military can get away with in such a Balkans collapse.

    Chicano might have the logistical capacity to revolt in the Southwest or even Northwest but Red States are cold, armed and gasoline is expensive for low-riders.

    They might get as far East as North as the Idaho border, but I doubt it.

  4. Jason Y

    It should be expected blacks and Mexicans will massively revolt at having a very crude and rude white supremacist alpha male at the helm..

    • Jason Y

      But Hispanics are often the same way, so it’s basically about the fact that he’s making laws against them. As is expected, people, especially NAMS are going to side with their ethnic group.

  5. Jason Y

    Anyone thinking Trump’s policies won’t cause a race war is deluded.

  6. JASON Y in the old days in my homestate opposing ethnic groups (Blacks vs Irish or Mexican) would have to arrange to show up somewhere for a rumble.

    NAMS would have to drive into the Red States in order for such a war to take place.

    Additionally NAMS simply lack airplanes, tanks, bombs, anti-aircraft stinger missiles.

    At best they have an AK-47. Once National guards are mobilized such a drawn-out war would be impossible.

    Whites tend to avoid NAM ghettos or barrios. Riots can occur for weeks but the average GOP supporter who lives in Idaho is unaffected.

    • Jason Y

      Blacks won’t riot with actual flyover Facebook cocksuckers, but rather with the police. The flyovers will cheer on the police, and become even more radicalized in their conservative beliefs. All this will benefit Trump, but more likely, Pence in creating a right-wing police state.

      • JASON Y I’ll trash my own neighborhood with its precious supplies of natural resources like crackhouses, $30 an hour prostitutes, stolen copper wire fencing rings and dog fights.

        That is going to cause Red States an loss of sleep.

        • Jason Y

          It’s more fuel on the fire. More reason for bubba type racists to say, “I told you so. Look at them blacks and the failed liberal policies of the blue states.”

          It’s sort of like when Republicans contrast pictures of Hiroshima in 45 and now with pictures of Detroit in 45 and now.

        • Jason Y

          Ep-gah 😆 will be on the front-line with his terminator/robocop suit on. “We must battle the savages and save our race !!! “

  7. Pool Boy

    Most Blacks not in the hood don’t really care.
    They realize most Arabs really don’t like them and castrated their x-Great Uncles over there.

    Blacks in the hood may riot, but it’s not about ‘Poor Muslims’, it’s just about anger with the fact that their existence is pretty shitty.
    Some of this desperation drove Trump to do better among Blacks than most GOPers.

    • Jason Y

      Such though might not be the case with another Rodney King incident.

    • POOL BOY

      Who in Idaho cares if Detroit or Watts blacks riot?

      • Pool Boy

        TRASH It’s not logical perhaps, but flyover country Whites do care considering the “War on Cops” rhetoric.

        It contributes to a general sense of insecurity.
        and as I said the rioting is done out of desperation and not a well planned out sequence for change.

        • But what are they going to do about it?

          Take off work to drive 1,000 + miles into the ghettos and barrios to fight NAMS in the shuttered red-light areas where the only business is liquor stores and taco vendors and NAM women selling $30 BJ’s in parked cars for crack cocaine?

          WN’s are wrapped up in their “constitutional rights” and so on. I’m not even sure how many Mexicans are actually taking jobs in Idaho or Northern Wisconsin anyhow.

          The United States is too spread out for such a racial conflict.

        • POOL BOY

          Italian-Americans have killed WAY MORE cops historically than any other ethnic group in the United States. The mafia has killed cops who were dirty and about to be caught themselves, or cops that successfully prosecuted some capo or just cops that harassed them too much.

          Italian-Americans use to shoot up cops houses or blow up their cars.

          Blacks and Hispanics just plain lack the capacity for organized violence that Italians possess. When they do get there, whites will be in trouble. But generally I think their IQ is 80-90 and that is like a smart German Shepherd. There is not much you can get away with when you are that stupid.

          It is not a 21st century phenomenon.

          WN’s HAVE LOST ghettos and barrios in 40 square miles of various cities. So what? What would they do there? Buy crack? Get a $30 blowjob from a NAM prostitute who wants to buy crack? Open a Taco Stand?

          Are these ghettos and barrios situated over oil reserves?

        • Jason Y

          Flyover white conservatives have always been angry at black behavior in blue states. Note in the 1960s when all those riots were happening in Calfornia and the north, the racist types were saying, “I told you so.”.

        • Juanny Boy

          It’s not about ‘losing the neighborhood’ in the sense that the neighborhood worth having. It’s about not having the money to move to nicer neighborhoods, yet being stuck with NAM crime. Presumably, prior to desegregation a poor White could buy a shithole, but it would be in an all White neighborhood cuz the government in essence protected them from NAMs.
          Now whether or not that simply meant they paid more for their homes is in question. It could be that the segregation laws forced them to.

  8. Jason Muniz

    Chicanos are the worst, they are counterfeits and cowardly. These morons have a chance to educate themselves and actually achieve Simon Bolivar’s dream of an America free from the prejudices of those old feudal institutions like the nobility and the church as well as that stupid racial segregation mentality that is prevalent in the US. But what do they do? They either become completely Anglo or even worse they assimilate to this weird thing they call “Mexican American” or “Chicano” culture, which is just the culture of a lumpenproletariat. It neither benefits the Anglos nor actual Hispanics(like those in Latin America). So essentially they segregate themselves into a little fucking racial group and they will make up these elaborate little origin stories(which are complete bullshit). It gets to such a level of absurdity that they will start adopting the racism of the conservative anglos against blacks.

    Most of them are probably barking loud(talking a lot of shit on Anglos in the very language of the Anglos, because how much more hypocritical can you get right?) now that Trump got elected but as is typical of these pussies sooner or later they will put their tales between their legs and make piece with him.

    Or perhaps not, maybe their will be certain types who will ally with left anglos to create an Alternative America.

    • MUNIZ They are not facing deportation, some of their ancestors have been on US soil for 400 years. Why would they riot?

      Hispanic illegals are mostly Southern Indians and even Indians from Central America.

      How does it help a 10th generation Chicano if illegals swarm into his barrio?

  9. Jason Y


    • JASON Y

      When Italian-American mobsters killed cops for 30 years why was nobody concerned?

      Do you agree that over the last 50 years most police who died in premeditated executions were killed by the mob.

      Cops in New Jersey or some heavily Italian-American cities are still afraid of the mob.

      So why the focus on NAMS who are caught the same day?

    • Jason Y

      Actually, some people were concerned. The KKK, for instance, was always alarmed at Italian crime seeing as they didn’t want them in the US. In fact, the mob got back at the KKK by promoting tolerance in Hollywood, something WNs say Jews are responsible for. In fact, they got a TV show on The History Channel – The Mafia and the KKK, something like that.

      NO, A LOT of people were concerned in the 20s and so on about crime, booze, jazz, Communists, women’s liberation. It lead to a huge Klan and also the rise of Hitler in Germany.

  10. JASON Y

    Italians were killing police into the 1980’s when RICO finally took them down.

    Calling them up and threatening their families in the Precinct.

    Cops were showing up dead on New Jersey highways all over the place.

    This was not Boardwalk Empire. This was 30 years ago.

    NAMS are so disorganized and unintelligent that when they shoot a policeman in broad daylight with a loud shotgun they are caught 15 minutes later anyhow.

  11. If SONS OF ANARCHY biker gangs or Russian mafia or Italian crews had 20 times the numbers they do and they wanted to kill police or simply declare war on society than the U.S. would be in trouble.

    But NAMS lack the capacity for organization which is why they lost the Alamo in the first place.

    Which Chicano really wants to be part of Mexico so that Criollo can lump him back in the Mestizo class system as an inferior to fight with Indians over table scraps?

    Do they really want to give up their citizenship?

    • Jason Y

      Hispanics would be rioting because Trump wants to reject them as Americans, not because they want the Southwest to join Mexico.

  12. Jason Y

    Most of the violence here seems to be coming from the Barrio types. These people have few inhibitions and low self-controls. They get riled up very easily. If these Barrio Chicanos ever start rioting over Trump, it is not going to be pretty. These guys don’t mess around.

    Hispanic rioting over Trump should be in the near future.

    Some of the video also shows what looks like anti-Trumpsters blocking a highway in Arizona to try to stop a Trump rally there. This happened over the summer.

    Bottom line is this is not the Left or liberals or even Democratic Party people. These rioters young people are on the fringes of active politics, if they even vote at all, and many of them don’t even bother to do that. This is more of an out and out ethnic riot between two ethnic groups, Chicanos and their White supporters versus mostly White Trumpsters. Sort of a Chicanos vs. Whites street battle if you wish. On the other hand, more or less openly ethnic riots pitching mostly one ethnic group against another is not a good sign at all. That is called ethnic strife, and it can lead to some pretty bad things, like Yugoslavia.

    Lots of places in the US, including many parts even in the southeastern US (not just Arizona etc..), have Hispanics and Trumpsters living side by side.

  13. Juanny Boy

    TRASH you yourself left Detroit. Presumably because you did not have the money to just ‘get away’ from NAMs (and there were no segregation laws)

    • Jason Y

      How would segregation laws help? You’d simply be surrounded by poor whites who aren’t any different than NAMS. All races were screwed in Detroit.

      • JASON Y

        Those sort of whites tend to be like roaches. They are dirty and breed and spread diseases but usually do not bite anyone.

        It’s hard to kill somebody in the heart of city. Probably the most dangerous whites are in rural areas like the Thrill Killers in California.

        They are capable of committing impulsive assaults and property crime, little beyond that.


      In my time in Dubai and East Asia and Canada I have not met any NAMS or white trash because they lack the skills or intelligence to leave a 20 mile radius from their birthplace. They simply cannot travel.

      One white trash idiot staying with his oil-rigger brother STOLE A CANDY BAR and had his hand chopped off for it in Saudi. Another was a band member who impregnated a SAUDI COP’S WIFE and his and hers heads were both lobbed off in public. YOUR EMBASSY will NOT DO DICK because YOUR LIFE is not worth TREATIES or TRADE AGREEMENTS.


      NB II Dubai and other modern countries have ceased this under pressure with the U.S. You will rot until your AIDS-related death in these more lenient Islamic countries.

      You could break down internal migration patters of white proles and middle-class (My father was a doctor, my mother an architect) as follows:

      The first migrants out of NAM post-industrial areas will be young, single and college educated internal or external male migrants. Like me, these people leave as soon as they graduate from college and migrate ANYWHERE from West Coast to Australia. Like me they will be under 25. I would not call them or me “Elite” but simply employable to some degree with no dependents or property.

      They will move in with others like them in Los Angeles or overseas to share rent and leave with a suitcase. Most of the things they will do as adults like marry, buy a house or have children will be thousands of miles or around the world from where they were born.

      Second are the white-collar professionals. IT, physicians and so on with families but enough money and qualifications to live anywhere. Thirties.
      Orifice clause: Women and gays who are of average looks and socialization under 40 can live anywhere a population of surplus penises exist. Young single white women are actually the largest number of internal migrants to the West Coast.
      Fringe lowlifes fleeing felony charges. Prostitutes and junkies who are willing to sell drugs or peddle their ass on the West Coast or Sun Belt.

      Whites who remain in post-industrial NAM areas:

      HARD, HARDCORE JUNKIES who cannot stay clean long enough to ride a Greyhound anywhere.
      BREEDERS Young unskilled proles who begin families at the age of 20 and have three kids by the age of 25.
      6 figure employees in nich tech industries.
      Petty criminals constantly on probation or in custody.


      Arab men will rape anything. One French sailor was raped by 17 Arab men after he went into the desert to smoke hashish. White women are sometimes raped as well. Police take this badly though and the Arab is executed within a week. Foreigners can also be executed and your Embassy will not do shit, trust me.


      Crime in Arab countries like Dubai is unheard of except for old-fashioned brawls and domestic violence. However if provoked Arabs are ruthless enough to commit murder because life means little to them.

      If you are medium-sized (I’m 5’9 and 190 pounds, stocky average) few Asians want to rob you. Once or twice I’ve been pushed around because an Asian was bored. That is about the extent of it.

      Aboriginal Canadians are the dumbest criminals perhaps. A white stripper I knew walked into the wrong bar and a bunch of natives wandered out to her house LATER intent on beating up a white interloper and she shot one on her front yard with a 22 repeater.

      Their crimes are random and completely unprovoked.

      I’ve heard Outback aboriginals will throw a beating to a white in the remote interior as well.

      These folks seem to lack the IQ to have an economy around crime like drug distribution networks, crack houses, chop shops, stolen fencing rings, prostitution industries, strip joints, dog-fighting. They are dumber than shit.

      Both group lack the capacity for even chaotic premeditated violence and unless you are arm’s length on foot or they catch up to you in pursuit they cannot do anything. Drive-by organized violence of the black ghetto is beyond them even if they are armed.

      To begin with black criminals are not the stupidest or most unprovoked ones in developed countries. These will be Northern Ontario natives or Australian Aboriginals under the influence.

      Aboriginal Canadians lack the intelligence even for semi-organized crime like a drive by shooting or carjacking or a criminal underground economy to support such activities. If you are on foot and they can catch up to your or are within arm’s length you are in danger.

      Whites who are stuck in the NAM areas are the 1/4 who a) had children at a very young age and had to worked in low-skilled jobs that never allowed them to accumulate savings OR leave b) hopeless junkies and prostitutes although many of these whites can sell crack cocaine in Hawaii or their body in Los Angeles so they leave c) elderly whose property is worth nothing d) mentally-challenged and lunatics.

      NAMS will sometimes act out in unprovoked violence far outside Detroit. Even on college campuses they will wake up one day with 3 years of a degree behind them and decide to carjack another student or shoot a marijuana dealer.

      Apart from the North of Canada where Natives are dangerous under the influence and sometimes without it any big British-settled country in the world will be safer than the United States. Dubai, East Asia. Australia.

      You simply will not see the poverty, crime, violence or infrastructural deterioration in any other developed country.

      • Juanny Boy

        TRASH I would suspect Catholics like Irish are also stuck in now desegregated neighborhoods in places like Boston under the ‘breeder’ category, because Catholics are less accepting of birth control and abortion.
        They are also probably unemployed because of NAFTA.

        Pat Buchanan wants these people to have more children so the birthrate outpaces Jooos and NAMs, the median age lowers (more productive, in theory). What he leaves off is that due to some natural factors and some economic, these people won’t be productive and more kids makes their lives shitty.

        • JUANNY BOY NAM family with 6 children, 3 fathers

          2 in jail for life, 1 a hopeless alcoholic, 1 a junkie and prostitute, 1 sporadically employed but manages to stay out of jail, 1 a respectable college graduate.

          White prole family 4 children, 2 fathers

          1 son is a fireman or police officer. 1 son is a methhead and a junkie who is in and out of jail. 1 daughter is an ER nurse married to a doctor. 1 daughter drinks too much and has a child out of wedlock.

          Jew or WASP family

          2 children. A lawyer and a businessman.

          So Buchanan increases the wealth divide with a population pyramid.

        • samueldionisio02@gmail.commm

          1. Jews, Germans, Greeks, Arabs, Cubans, Asians, other ‘meritocratically successful’ ethnicities not in flyoverland
          2. Blue collar Italian/Irish not in flyover land.
          3. Flyover proles (typically Anglo but occasionally German, Cajun, Darrius Rucker type Black, Texican, etc.)
          4. Urban NAMs (barely above animals to TRASH)

        • Juanny Boy

          Ah, fuck delete that last one please.

      • Define mental defectives? What do you mean? Retarded?

  14. What is a white to do in a black economy? Sell crack cocaine but you will either be busted by black cops or rival dealers will kill you within 30 minutes on the street-level…pimp black women or sell your body if you are a woman….run a pawn store….corner store….gas station…fence.

    At a certain point NAM epicenters become like former Yugoslavia with a swifter death. If you are white you will simply be exterminated and since no economy exists to justify such a risk no whites enter.

    There are maybe one or two office buildings in Detroit where a tiny number of whites commute 60 miles a day to earn 6 figure salaries.

    “Deplorables” live in smaller cities or towns in the regions 50-100 miles from Detroit who have no university degree, children by the time they are 25 and lack the initiative to go anywhere. Flint is one example.

    In declining late-industrial cities such as Flint those white proles that remain are the idiots and junkies (Prostitutes if female) and petty criminals on welfare or some other subsidization, elderly, unskilled low IQ laborers with children. Their property is worth nothing and selling it would cost more than its value.

    Mexicans were never drawn in large numbers. Canadians were the foreigners crossing the border into the 1960’s for jobs.

    Some poor whites from the post-industrial Great Lake states will leave anyhow and flock to the Sunbelt for conditions no better than those of illegal aliens.

    Young women and gays, who can attach themselves to a man anywhere, will also leave.

    Under a certain age if you have an orifice you can take it anywhere and eventually you absorb enough semen to be a local.

    Skilled white-collar professionals will leave in search of the highest-paying job.

    NAMS will stay because they cannot go anywhere and lack any initiative to go anywhere. Chippewa Indians are even less likely to leave. I’ve never met a native anywhere but the reservation they were born.

    They are completely at the sheer mercy of the ebb and flow of economics.

    • Jason Y

      “Deplorables” live in smaller cities or towns in the regions 50-100 miles from Detroit who have no university degree, children by the time they are 25 and lack the initiative to go anywhere. Flint is one example.

      Only 20 percent of Americans, in general, have a university degree, much less in one that is useful.

      • JASON Y

        Probably more than 20 percent of Asians, Jews, WASPS, Irish-Catholics and South Indians in the United States have college degrees. Agreed many of these are useless but if you are gay with a liberal arts degree then a bistro job in a San Francisco coffee shop is probably better than Clint the white prole in East Texas.

      • This would be dependent on upon the region. Probably most whites in San Francisco Bay area have some sort of degree even if they are working in a fast food restaurant.

        I knew many people with a GED when I was young in Arizona and I have to admit I cannot imagine what they are doing now.

        When I was young any person in their 20’s then could have a job at a Pet Store or something.

        What is their life like at 40 years old?

        Geez, makes me shudder.

    • Jason Y

      In declining late-industrial cities such as Flint those white proles that remain are the idiots and junkies (Prostitutes if female) and petty criminals on welfare or some other subsidization, elderly, unskilled low IQ laborers with children. Their property is worth nothing and selling it would cost more than its value.

      Note, though that low IQ laborers, I mean low IQ not retarded, had decent jobs before globalization.

      • JASON Y

        Beavis & Butthead depicted an era when single-mothers could pay for a house (With MTV) and 15 year old punks worked in drive-thru restaurants.

        Can you imagine a film like REALITY BITES where college whites sat around depressed about joining corporate America being made now?

        These days it would have take place in Mom and Dad’s basement because an incredible number of young people live at home.

  15. Jason Y

    What is a white to do in a black economy? Sell crack cocaine but you will either be busted by black cops or rival dealers will kill you within 30 minutes on the street-level…pimp black women or sell your body if you are a woman….run a pawn store….corner store….gas station…fence.

    How can a woman sell her body when there is no cash flow going around? I mean, Detroit isn’t late 70s Miami.

    • JASON Y

      True, you will no longer see white sex workers at all on Detroit streets. The career street hookers actually move to the sun-belt or West Coast on the so-called “circuit”.

  16. Jason Y

    Some poor whites from the post-industrial Great Lake states will leave anyhow and flock to the Sunbelt for conditions no better than those of illegal aliens.

    How do you know the conditions aren’t better? There are some factories and whatnot, though, not as much as in the 90s.

    Isn’t it funny how they are now moving south as opposed to north when some of my relatives headed north, often to be mocked as hillbillies?

  17. JASON Y

    When I was young even 20 year old GED dropouts lived in apartments with other young slobs.

    This is not “unmanly” this globalism and the internet and its utter gutting of Western economies.

    Being my age do you remember the times back in 1999 when anybody over 20 lived at home. None of us did.

    It must be a downer trying to get laid or high when you are 24 these days because you have to sneak past Mom and Dad.

    The whole bachelor thing was part of being young in the 1990’s. From 18-22 you attended college and then you got some job where you lived like a slob for 4 years partying every night until you were 30 and bought house.

    Now 35 year old women and men have to live at home. Must be a downer if you want to be married.

  18. Juanny Boy

    Look at the banking industry.
    The banks are basically not going to give anyone with a Watts zip code a loan to put a down payment on a rented apartment in Tuscon, regardless if they have found a job selling clothes at Macy’s. It’s just not beneficial as part of the ‘devil’s arithmetic’ considering post-2008 collapse regulations.

    Such is why NAMs were hit harder by the 2008 Banking Crisis than Whites.


    I cannot speak for anything past 1999 since I left the United States.

    In those days living with two or three other white bachelor pigs was bad enough.

  20. Juanny Boy

    TRASH continues to strike me as libertarian-leaning. He believes the current system is basically 100% meritocratic. He believes in the welfare state only so the ‘dumb disadvantaged’ don’t ‘act out’.

    • point is that meritocracy is difficult.

      • Juanny Boy

        That’s not necessarily what you’ve been saying.

        You seem to indicate that ‘putting down the crack-pipe’ would solve all poor/NAM problems.

        • JUANNY BOY

          If BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD had managed to avoid meth, jail, unwanted pregnancy and VD they would still be seeking public charity.

          But when the poor or lower-middle class make mistakes today…they are screwed, done, toast, history, a memory.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t want Trash banned, but his left-wing comments are few and he seems very harsh on NAMS and poor whites.

      • There have already been some votes to ban Trash, but there were some other votes to keep him.

        Suppose I get 5 votes to ban Trash and 5 more votes to keep him. There are now 0 votes to ban Trash. Do you follow? Votes to keep cancel out votes to boot.

        • ROBERT

          That’s democracy. No quarrel. I’d be the poorest elitist on earth and my own life story is the really the realization that any white lower middle-class adult who can work overseas is better off.

        • ROBERT

          I’ve lived in a few different places-urban Southeast Michigan, rural college towns, Phoenix, Dubai, India, Philippines, UK, Thailand.

          What is shocking about posters who have never been anywhere is how narrow their perceptions are.

          Posters from the South speak of Blacks as if they have never heard of the New Jersey mafia hitter who kills 30 other Italians before he is caught.

          They do not even KNOW about other regions of THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

          Go to NYC and pay $30 in a Bronx parking lot from a Jewish street hooker if you think every Jew is Bill Gates or owns the bank.

          White proles ARE THAT IMPRESSED THAT JEWS HAVE THE MENTAL HORSEPOWER TO BE A LAWYER? What sort of IQ does that require, 110? WHOAHHHHH.

          The naivete and inexperience of people WHO HAVE NEVER TRAVELED is quite a reminder to me of how townies are crippled by globalism.

          These people literally do not know anything. How can anyone live in a 20 mile radius their entire life.

          My only argument is the Genius Jews Run Everything that other posters state. Sorry, I’m not as impressed by the Jewish IQ as I should be. I’ve met some dense ones. And poor ones.

        • Some of his stuff is funny, but some is also borderline or over-the-border vile and heartless. I doubt if much of what he says is true, though some is.

          Do you understand psychology? This prose is like this because Trash himself is a heartless fellow. This is abundantly clear in his posts. I don’t know about vile. I will pass on that characterization right now.

          A lot of what he says is true, but some of it is just wrong. It is wrong because Trash does not know as much about that particular subject as he thinks he does. Dunning-Kruger.

          So we are of the conclusion, not pointing fingers at Trash, that assholes are right about history and other things?

          Trash is apparently an asshole himself and a proud one at that. By his own admission, he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and he may well have this condition. I am not good at diagnosing Axis 2 stuff. He is seriously narcissistic, but whether he is bad enough to be covered by the diagnosis, I am not sure. You have to meet at least 5 of 9 criteria to get a dx.

          Yes, Trash’s position is that he is an asshole, and the asshole’s version of history and whatnot is correct. Trash is a mighty cynical fellow.

        • Jason Y

          OK, Robert is correct about Trash.

      • Trash is an elitist all right but he hates Trump and he hates Republicans. I think he said he voted Democrat when he lived here. I know a lot of liberal Democrats who think very much like Trash.

        As long as he is not supporting the Right, he can stay.

        See this is what happens when you talk about race realism and HBD. The only people who want to talk about it are guys like Trash. Everybody else runs away.

        • “Elites” do not care about public school because their children go to private schools, often overseas. They do not care about crime or drugs because they can afford private security and their financial analyst brings them cocaine if they wish to get high. They are not interest in the depths of misery in Red States because they can afford to live in Beverly Hills or Manhattan or Hawaii.

          Tea Party members and John Birch would be socialist the day the internet wipes their sporting good store. Some former mall retailers probably already have.

          Republicans are incredibly naive. We’d have Texas Chainsaw Massacre cannibalism in three days with no welfare.

          I’ve worked overseas long enough to know that the restaurant owner who lives in the South of France on $20,000 a month cares nothing for the guy who worked his way up to manager from dishwasher.

          Democrats are Republicans whose business went under during an economic downturn who had to sell their house to live in their car.

        • ROBERT

          I’d be the poorest elitist on the planet. I’ve managed to live overseas from poorly-paid jobs, a small stock investment, a tiny trust fund from the sale of a house owned by one grandmother.

          My birthplace represents the final economic and social destination under capitalism: no democrat or up-by-your bootstraps Republican wants to remain in Flint or Detroit and at certain point the government does not want to pay for water.

          I am realistic about those who cannot flee. Early in adult life they make bad decisions that strand them. Then there is nothing they can do.

          I’m not a John Birch Society Tea Party Republican because these people will be democrats the day the internet wipes out their Sporting Goods Store.

        • ROBERT

          Send the average Red State prole to Australia for 3 years. Let’s see if he comes back saying that America is the greatest country in the world for poor whites.

          Why are countries with no NAMS relatives cleaner and safer? Don’t get me wrong, there are ferocious Australian pub brawls where white men fight other white men and fearsome brawlers in New Zealand.

          You get the odd serial killer in every white country.

          But joggers raped by someone who happens to have an erection at the moment? Not often.

          Elitism is not quite the right word. Once you live in other countries and see that every Arab in Dubai drives a Mercedes or nobody in Australia is as poor as you are than you realize that owning the greatest number of drones to bomb Yemen weddings does not make American the greatest country in the world to live in for the average person.

          The standard of living for middle-class whites in America has really declined. How good is the quality of life for the average Red State plumber or retail worker compared to that of Australia.

          These folks will jump around saying “America is the Greatest Country” because they do not know dick having been in a 30 mile radius their entire life.

        • ROBERT

          Trump is a landlord. You cannot evict people as easily when you run a country.

          “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Hills Have Eyes” and “Mad Max” are Red States with no welfare or public funding for all the talk of “NAMS on welfare”. That is what these films are about.

          Poor rural white trash animals with chainsaws would be the ones pursuing screaming Sarah Palin Republican types down a dirt road.

          A Republican is a democrat who has not yet lost his Sporting Goods store because of the internet.

          Ghettos and Barrios have an economy of sorts. Crips and Bloods are sort of a government like the Sopranos over New Jersey Italians due to a kind of “trickle-down” from the white-collar upper-class or big business/finance.

          Agriculture is now owned by big business so Red State farmers no longer have that leverage or they might have used it on California or NYC already to get more Federal funds.

          South Texas or West Virginian cities would be the ones with Sarah Palin fleeing a huge man with a chainsaw who wanted to eat her with no welfare.

        • ROBERT

          I do not live in the U.S. and would deny everything I said in public. I’d claim my laptop was stolen and dump it.

          Juanny Boy and other white Hispanics on the blog agree with my statements: White Spaniards benefit from illegal immigration because it is shifts their race problem to White Americans.

          Such statements are neither racist nor political, they are demographic. Mexico had a race problem when Cortez invaded. It has one today. North America bears the brunt.

          Nobody is actually arguing with my statements about NAMS.

          I have learned about illegal immigration because when I was young teenagers were still doing jobs that Mexicans flood over the border to do.

          Jason agrees with me about the NAMS and poor rural whites mired in poverty and delusions. They are screwed.

          One Chinese male poster has stated that Southeast Asia “Deserves” to be run by Chinese cutthroat merchants because Malays are low-IQ. China can have them as far as I am concerned but this is raw capitalism in philosophy.

        • Jason Y

          Race realism is baloney. Environmental factors are so strong one couldn’t even begin to comprehend. Anyhow, a lot of Trash’s narratives sound like from Butthead, the guy he’s been quoting occasionally. Just a bunch of wise-ass comments drawn here and there from WN crap he sees on the web. For instance, “Oh, people are only now proud to be part-Amerindian cause of cultural marxism and the hippie movement.” 😆

          Some of his stuff is funny, but some is also borderline or over-the-border vile and heartless. I doubt if much of what he says is true, though some is.

          So we are of the conclusion, not pointing fingers at Trash, that assholes are right about history and other things?

        • Jason Y

          Some of Trash’s stuff is funny, but I wouldn’t trust it no more than something from a Hannibal Lecter / Jodie Foster dialogue. 😆 OK, so in the past cultural Marxism was less accepted, but it didn’t mean people in general were heartless. I mean, you had the NAACP, abolitionists.. etc..

          On another note, Trash is harsh on poor whites which draws Jew mockery from Robert, but his attacks on NAMS are either ignored or praised.

        • Jason Y

          I’m wondering if the percentage of Archie Bunkers was the same back in the 50s as today or if it was just the same as it is now. I’m guessing the percentage in the 50s wasn’t as high as people say. Like nowadays, you had nice decent people, not wusses mind you, and you had loudmouth jackasses. Has human nature changed? How has cultural Marxism and it’s supposed revolution over the country made a difference?

          By the way, Trash should note MOST Americans didn’t accept the hippie movement, except maybe the slightly longer hair, so perhaps the idea that cultural Marxism has ever took over the US is an illusion. Something cooked up by paranoid cultural conservatives.

          I think people have become nicer in the US since the 50s and more tolerant but to say they were influenced heavily by cultural Marxism is misleading.

        • Jason Y


          Jason agrees with me about the NAMS and poor rural whites mired in poverty and delusions. They are screwed.

          They cannot get bank loans, for sure, except maybe a title loan from some independent dealer, not a bank.

        • Jason Y

          The Reagan Revolution definitely showed most Americans didn’t really buy into hardcore cultural Marxism but rather had just accepted some mild version. However, Americans have always been somewhat nice and culturally liberal, except in some extreme regions of the Jim Crow South.

        • Juanny Boy

          Race Realism is NOT inherently baloney, Jason.

          However, many “race realists” are as Razib Khan once said “Race mythicists” (i.e. the ‘just so’ explanations).

          Think about what is correct, not who is correct.

      • Yee

        Trash is left wing enough as long as it’s Southease Asia.
        He has no problem bashing the rich and the government there, of course, he has no problem bashing anyone in general.

        • YEE

          Southeast Asia’s WORST government is WHITE-the Spanish in the Philippines.

          The Malays have only suffered under the market domination of Fuji peasants BECAUSE Amoy happens to be proximate to Southeast Asia.

        • YEE

          I’ve seen CREADERS hysterical reaction before in Chinese males and I believe it is rooted in a childhood of uncritical maternal love combined with a strict, harsh father. For some reason Chinese males react to criticism with pure rage instead of analyzing it for the purpose of constructive uses as whites will.

          The worst-run country in Southeast Asia is run by Spanish whites. Philippines. Chinese-Singaporeans actually managed to create a fairly well-developed nation state through a British framework. Huge general statements about Southeast Asia are not entirely possible but Fuji Chinese do illustrate the true horrors of pure minority-market dominant capitalism and its resulting outbursts from the surrounding population.

          Prove that I am wrong. I’m not even a cynic. I’m simply pointing out the lay of the land.

          I think you are being a bit harsh to me.

          CREADERS has called for my execution and not only my dismissal from this blog.

        • Yee

          I’m already very nice to you, Trash.

          Both you and Juanny Boy have spouted some white supremacist BS, e.g. “we invented the world” from you, which I suppose for you the world doesn’t exist until industrial revolution. From JB it’s “if White didn’t dominate, there would be no social securities” , who I suppose doesn’t know what races Japan, HongKong and Gulf State Countries are.

          Did I bring up the fact that your industries was built on the exploitation of colonies, including huge profit from selling opium to us? By the way, Roosevelt’s grandpa was an opium lord too. Did bring up the Chinese Exclusive Act to show White compassion and other mercyful quality?

          Capitalism must start with capita, where did the rich get that in the first place, have you ever wondered? The rich in your country is even more evil than the Southeast Asia Chinese, Trash.

          It’s not about minority or majority, it’s how this system works. If they don’t have some colonies to exploit, they will exploit their own people; if they can make higher profit somewhere else, they wouldn’t care people lose their jobs. The rich in your country are worse than SE Asia. You are just blind to it.

        • China invented the compass, gunpowder, long-distance seafaring junks, fueled the silk trade and might have in fact discovered America, built a wall visible from outer space, Confucius invented a moral philosophy 1,000 years before Christianity.

          Note that White Tribes did nothing around the Tarim Basin that lived in ancient times and died out in prehistoric times. Whites who LIVED in Western China CONTRIBUTED nothing.

          Portuguese in Macau CONTRIBUTED NOTHING.

          I think China would be QUITE FINE without “white supremacy”.

          Apart for Singapore and arguably Hong Kong, British did little for China and gained little from being in China since Chinese did not want them in their country and made this abundantly clear.

          Japan and Siberian tribes like the Manchus probably visited the worst crimes against China.

        • Juanny Boy

          Yee I was trying to refer to more ‘law and order’ type behaviors, not economic safety nets.

          I mean that if Blacks or Japanese had dominated the world, there would have been far more harsh treatment of ‘minorities’. They may have still created an economic security net for themselves, I really don’t know enough to comment

        • YEE

          The world we live in now owes a great deal to the Industrial Revolution but the Silk Route and Seafaring Trade with China also fueled modern globalism so I would have to be incredibly ignorant to believe that Chinese accomplished nothing by inventing the compass and gunpowder and a moral philosophy 1,000 years before Christianity.

          The West has been learning from China for 1,000 years.

          Chinese have been using Opium for many years and introduced it to white men, who soon loved it.

        • Yee

          I totally agree with the importance of industrial revolution. It’s another era from agriculture, huge advance of productivity, no question about it. You have every right to be proud of your ancestors.

          It’s just that human history is a very long one, 300 years earlier into a new era don’t necessarily make you superior. It’s very annoying to see Whites using it as proof for everything from race to religion.

      • JASON Y That is my own skewed experience anyhow.


    Your IQ is 110 or high-normal because your father was an intelligent man who puffed himself up one night to get laid, which was how he employed his intelligence in the poor neighborhood you grew up.

    Your parents marriage did not last long, if at all.

    Mom was 25 and you were 6 when she met a man who for some reason like to molest boys. He did it three times when he was drunk.

    You attended to lousy public schools with washed out underpaid teachers. Perhaps by 13 you started smoking marijuana, then meth.

    The state you lived in was a red state. Geographically you are unimportant except in swing state elections.

    You’ve never traveled and you do not know anything beyond a 20 square mile radius.

  22. Juanny Boy

    But you still think it is just (whether difficult or not), do you not.


      Poor whites and NAMS are more screwed than every before IF they pick up the crack pipe and have the baby with some hookup. Screwed, done, toast.

      More and more poor whites and NAMS are going directly to jail. Much has been written up crime declining but this is only because so many people are not sentenced so harshly. They spend their whole adult life in jail.

      Even a great many really intelligent Jewish and Anglo-Saxon lawyers had to leave South Miami when Batista exiled his best and brightest. They just were not able to integrate into the Caribbean-Gallegos culture.

      Geography and race is a factor. Culture is another factor. Life decisions a third. Intelligence probably 3.5.

      Meritocracy? Kim Kardashian is famous because her father was an unknown Armenian lawyer whose drinking buddy killed his wife.

      Paris Hilton is famous because her Danish grandfather built a hotel.

      A thousand gazillion Jews who graduate from Harvard will never be as rich as her.

      • Jason Y

        Right-wing racists probably have some excuse for royalty, considering they think a lot of people deserve what they have due to genetics.

  23. Juanny Boy

    I don’t follow you here.

    “Point is meritocracy is difficult” ? Why do you mock those who fail in the meritocracy in that case?

    It’s like mocking someone for failing a Calculus III exam.
    It comes across very arrogant.


      I would fail a Calculus exam. As much as 50% of the challenge is actually geographic, truthfully. If you are an idiot born in Tokyo or London or LA you will have a better chance of being influential than the genius who was born in a tiny Red State village.

    • JUANNY BOY “Putting down the crack pipe”

      If BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD had managed to graduate from college or trade school-assuming their parents could pay-and avoided drugs, petty crime, VD and out-of-wedlock children they would be in their late 30’s and still seeking charity.

      If you were 18 and listening to Pantera in 1994 you’d have to be psychic to anticipate your situation at 40 years old today. Or perhaps we all should have known that the day the internet was invented and half the jobs on the planet were gutted.

      I am a somewhat better of because I managed to remain overseas since 1999, never married, bought a house cheap in Thailand, have saved a little money and quit smoking marijuana in the early 2000’s.

      What’s my point? The factors are IQ, geography, income and many things besides race or hereditary intelligence.

      • Jason Y

        Definitely, the slacker bohemian lifestyle doesn’t work as it did in the 90s. Even the internet writing jobs and whatnot are few and far between with too much competition, at home and from overseas.

        Some kid listening to Pantera, hoping for the factory job or some bohemian drifter employment will have a tough time nowadays, no doubt.

    • JUANNA BOY Welfare & The Disadvantaged

      Those unemployed slaughterhouse workers in Texas did not resort to welfare did they?

      Cannibalization. It would happen in three days, probably in urban places fasted where squirrels could not be shot for food.


      Arrogant? I’m not sure if I am arrogant as just simply fortunate to have been detached from the United States at age 25 when it was at its economic peak. I would not want to see it in another 18 years if it declines this swiftly.

      I mean when I left in GED dropout in a Pantera shirt could work at Blockbuster as a Manager.

      My point?

      Internet and globalization and pointless wars have gutted the place.

      NAMS? Well they are going to be lifelong charity cases much of the time so this actually spreads the amount of money that can be reinvested into the public infrastructure even thinner.

      • Jason Y

        Perhaps the NAM and poor white government aid should be more wisely used, not eliminated. For instance, there should be strings attached.

  24. Juanny Boy

    Has worked very well for muh people in IberoAmericano. It essentially placates the Indian majorities of those countries, disguising the fact that race is the primary ‘life outcome factor’ (tokenism and a little more is utilized).
    In America it is geography, now. Many people are beginning to take issue with the fact that birth zip code determines life outcome, and there is no tokenism to placate.

    • Juanny Boy

      You’ve said before a gentile
      from NYC like Trump has better odds than a Jew from a Detroit shithole.

      Such is also the case in Latin America in that no El Salvadorans will venture outside the financial district of San Salvador or his villa.
      In America, David Brooks has never stepped foot in West Virginia and never will.

      • JUANNY BOY

        Look at Miami: Jews and Anglos (Mostly descended from Bahamian Brit colonists) fled Miami because the Gallegos exiles simply had the business and tech-savvy in sufficient numbers to simply seize political/economic control. Jewish lawyers and Anglo accountants left.

        Blacks stayed in Miami because they lack the initiative or the skills to leave and have come to resent the Cubans.

        The “Crackers” who are whites descended from British settlers who intermarried with Seminole squaws have remained in the remote areas of the state that have no value for Gallegos and they lack the skills or money to move.

        When the ship goes down only the captain stays on board. All of the talk of pride, community roots, blah blah goes the way of a Vesuvius donkey cart as Guido races from the Lava.

        Jews are mostly gone from Detroit now. We call them a “wandering race” (As Asians) because they are usually organized enough to find $2,000 to shift their belongings and qualified enough to find word when they get to another physical location. We have seen this in Europe. The economy collapses and Jews are gone simply because the financially and intellectually fittest individuals swim while the poor, uneducated, elderly simply sink with the local economy.

        To my knowledge Jews in Detroit either moved to Israel or LA with a small population in Ann Arbor.

      • Brooks is Canadian and his reaction to the United States makes some sense.


      Without illegal immigration Mexico might be more unstable.


      The Mestizo is vaguely aware that his ruler was also his father but his half-brother the Criollo’s wife was the decent respectable white mother while he is historically an object of lust or the dregs of the Spanish colonials unable to import a Spanish woman.

      So he directs his anger somewhat at white women and also at Indians, for some reason.

      Psychologically this is the basis for the control by Iberian males over Latin America.

      Cuba killed all of its Indians before it could impregnate them and had no choice but to import poor Spanish girls so I think you are referring to Mexico.

      • Juanny Boy

        “Vaguely unaware”

        That’s a big understatement. I think a system less rigid than apartheid South Africa is a culprit.

        • JUANNY BOY

          The racism was starker between black and Anglo in South Africa.

          A society of Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem whites look similar enough to Mestizos for the racial separation to be blurred by religion and language EXCEPT in Southern Mexico where the Chiapas Indians are completely unmixed.

          Criollo and Mestizos actually have been attempting to pass for one another for centuries. The son of Spanish immigrants boasts of Revolutionary Mestizo fervor like Santa Ana and the Mestizo battles it out with Indian farmers.

  25. YEE

    Colonial evils? Don’t dispute it but in the 1300’s Western Chinese barbarians killed millions in Eastern Europe and even formed a country today known as “Hungary” though these were not racially Han Chinese or even Manchu.

    Possibly the Chinese invented Globalism with the silk route and Compass and Guns-nothing to be proud of I will add.

    The industrial revolution came around AFTER globalism I should add.

    Whites IN China from the ancient Europeans in the Tarim Basin to the Portuguese have never accomplished anything IN CHINA.

    Our settlements in Tarim Basin or Macau or Hong Kong are quickly forgotten and few people under the age of 40 remember when Hong Kong was British-owned.

    In point of fact Chinese have NEVER WANTED whites in China and told the Portuguese NO THANKS.

    As for Opium, well, Chinese introduced this to whites and addicted Europeans to it for 300 years.

    • Yee

      The Huns were not Chinese, in fact they were the enemy like all other nomads groups, warred with Han for almost a century before totally destroyed in 119BC. They have since then disappeared from Chinese history, no proof that they were the ancestors of modern Hungarians. 1300s were the Mongols, they conquered us too.

      Taiwan was first colonized by Dutch and Spainish, then took back by a defeated war lord from the mainland, finally by the Manchu emperor, almost a century after the Dutch took it. Shows that you must be strong, otherwise you can say no to no one.

      • The Dutch had a trading post in Taiwan, they did not actually conquer it as completely as China. White people lacked the sheer numbers to do so.

        Whites lost that battle. True enough.

    • Yee

      Anyway, I don’t have a problem with you. You’re not too bad.

      I just hate the kind like Steve Bannon—” Judeo-Christian West are so great, let’s go back to the old days, China is a threat” blah blah blah…WTF

      • YEE

        Other civilizations obsess over China and China does not care about them at all.

        That is what you built a wall for.

      • YEE

        This is like the guy who saw a woman once who is not interested and stalks her for 10 years afterwards.

        Yes, a man who once beat up his second wife and produced some unsuccessful movies shall restore the European glories of the Boxer Days.

        “Old Days” When the Emperor told Marco Polo to please leave because he was not interested?

        When Europe was dependent upon the silk trade?

        When the Dutch were routed from Taiwan?

        Filipinos seem to prefer Chinese-Filipinos to Americans.

        Lucky for Steve, China is not interested in the United States. Not one bit.

      • YEE

        I’ve lived in Asia for years and years. One thing I know is that China did not build walls to take other countries. Nobody in China cares what Steve O’Bannon does when he is beating his wife up (Yes he is divorced for this).

        China seems to be better at doing business with Africa than whites who seem to have a problem with everyone.

  26. YEE

    The industrial era is coming to a close and has been responsible for many evils.

    Nor is there much debate that colonialism was fueled by a desire for raw materials.

    In point of fact China told Marco Polo and the British “no thank you, just leave”.

    Chinese did colonize Taiwan and apparently not all the aboriginals enjoyed it.

    Of course this is a minor footnote in the history of conquest.

  27. Jason Y

    Trump is an over-the-top wuss, which is funny cause all his solid supporters are cultural right types.

    McCain is tortured as a POW, then Trump has the nerve to call him a loser, and this coming from a guy used money to get out of NAM.

    • Jason Y

      NAM is in Vietnam.

      • JASON

        Many poster flat-out blaze profanity-laced epithets on this site. When have I ever done such a thing?

        Why do you focus on my posts in particular as vile?

      • JASON

        I’m slightly sympathetic to all 40 year old posters here who were 18 in 1994 and thought that they could drop out with a GED because Pantera would be on the radio forever and people would always need Blockbuster Managers. It is pretty harsh for late-Generation X born between 1973 and 1983. We came of age in the glorious Clinton-era when Communism had crumbled to dust and the economy was good.

        Many posters come on here blazing profanity. I merely express my own perception, perhaps skewed or completely wrong altogether.

        I’m not sympathetic to street Jews in Brooklyn drinking wine on their Bronx stoops or Jewish girls who decide to become porn stars whose Dad sobs at the sight of OG Mudbone ejaculating a half-gallon of semen on their face.

        It is like being sympathetic to the Sopranos. Sure, it is probably the life they are most familiar with and they never wanted to leave it but nevertheless its theirs and their choice.

  28. Juanny Boy

    HBD inconsistencies:

    White conquest of NAMs is okay because Whites have higher median IQs.
    But ‘ZOG’ (Zionist occupied government) despite high Jewish IQ.

    Native Americans/Hispanics are ‘dumb’ despite the fact that they are relatively more recently evolved (the stuff about the lack of mutations for intelligence is contradictory- Natives flowed over the Bering Strait throughout the ice age)

    It’s okay to hate NAMs for low impulse control, something they inherently don’t control.

    They also have a lack of understanding about regression to the mean. Regressing to the racial mean would imply there are no genes for intelligence other than racial ones (obviously nonsense)

    Just ignore these 4 products of Richard Spencer’s psychotic episodes and you get a more honest portrait of HBD.

  29. JASON

    I’m no more sympathetic to street Jews on a Bronx or New Jersey stoop swilling booze out of brown paper bags than I am of poor rural whites.

    Nor do I want to see Scotland or Northern England bombed out of some dislike for rednecks.

    But having been forced to make steep choices in my own early life-use the rubber, don’t smoke meth, work lousy jobs to graduate from college etc-I am realistic about the myriad of bad choices that lead NAMS and poor whites into hopelessness and squalor.

    Worse is that their children are given no options.

  30. ROBERT Narcissist Journey Into Self-Discovery

    Brits and even Asian can throw some impressive insults but NAM insults are really quite stupid. A man with stubble who has a penis is a “bitch”. Gee that is really hurtful. “Punkass”. Oh my, such a cut-down. “Cracker?”

    “CONTROLLING IMMIGRANTS”. The last time anybody wanted to immigrate from Scotland to Central West Virginia was 150 years ago. Nobody wants to immigrate from Australia to the United States. When do Canadians sneak over the border? American is not nearly as alluring to immigrants as people think it is. Shitpot Southern and Eastern European backwaters and Jungle Indians want to come to America.

    When you move to various countries you realize how unimportant everybody’s situation is. Nobody’s personal life or drama is of any importance anywhere else. When you move to another country you are soon forgotten and nobody gives a shit about you. That is what it is like when you “leave the building”. Might as well focus on your own interests.

    Your problems are insignificant once you leave a place. I’ve written people I had blood-feuds with in e mails from the safety of a new country and trust me, they do not remember two weeks later.

    Cholos, Hoodrats and Texas Chainsaw Massacre-level white trash cannot live overseas. The worst of them can never afford gasoline and have never been on airplane and this what is wonderful. They are trapped on rural roads or in dusty barrios or ghettos.

    Americans who believe that America has the best living standard and quality of life should travel to Dubai or Australia. They’ll be surprised.

    Women. In American I sat in bars like every other young college guy and had a few relationships. They I went overseas and starting in Amsterdam, I started using the pros. Dubai too. Many were simply willing to sleep with me for free because I was young and somewhat handsome then….My point? I would not spend another 3 minutes somewhere on ladies night when one can have porno-sex with Arab and Filipino and Chinese prostitutes. And some regular women. You stop feeling the need to say and do anything for sex in the dark when you can have doggie-style cum-in-the-mouth Porn Style encounters overseas.

    • Jason Y

      Whites in my local hood throw the same insults. It isn’t different from a NAM neighborhood except instead of CRACKER, you might here NIGGER .

    • Jason Y

      Brits and even Asian can throw some impressive insults but NAM insults are really quite stupid.

      Brit insults like Americunt or cunt are quite brutal. Asian insults are bad too, but you’ve only been in Asian nations where you’re getting your cock sucked so you don’t really know about them. Generally, they go along the lines of FUCK YOU or BIN LADEN, mainly cause that’s all they know how to say.

  31. JASON Y

    Live in Asia reason 1: moderate climate.

    Live in Asia 2: sex from women who seem to enjoy it.

    Live in Asia 3: affordable.

    Live in Asia 4: sex from women who enjoy it.

    Live in Asia 5: No NAMS.

    Live in Asia 6: sex from women who enjoy it.

    Live in Asia 7: the U.S. seems to decline.

    Live in Asia 8: Jews are not influential and nobody blames them for anything.

    Who wants to hang around week after week in the local bar on Ladies Night hoping some woman will get sloppy drunk enough every 3 months to let you be the joker to have limp sex in a room with the lights off.

    You can hit the local red light area but cops usually know why you are there and if they need to make a quota your face will go up on billboards as a “john”. Or maybe her cracked-out pimp will rob you.

    It does not get down to getting your penis sucked but this 3 of the 5 reasons to live in Asia of course.

    You grow quite immune to these things overseas. “Round eye” etc.

    • Jason Y

      Those childish opening of the eyes with the hands (to make them big) to mock a white person (round eye) are quite comical considering how bigoted a lot of Americans are in the other direction. 😆

      • JASON Y Again, if you live in the depths of the Philippines squats or Hong Kong backstreets this might be a risk. Live in the middle of a metropolis and no Chinese businessman cares.

  32. If a NAM on the street who is probably unemployable and has at least one sister who sucks the penises of beastly white men to get high on crack and is going to be back in jail soon enough called me cracker I would be unfazed.

    • Jason Y

      The insults would bug you in prison – where you’re trapped with no way to get out – like Tom Selleck on the movie An Innocent Man.

      • Actually Selleck did not give a shit about any of that. He was framed and lost his job as an engineer?

        Selleck was a big old hairy Irish dude and kinda course looking…why did the “BGF” want him to be their kid?

        If you are set up by coke junkie cops and sent to prison for 6 years AND blacks drag you into a gym to watch 30 other blacks raping one more black…”Cracker” is not the biggest problem.

        • Jason Y

          He’s pretty lucky to be an engineer. What if he had lost his job at McDonalds instead? I mean, Selleck at least has something to go back to after his prison term.

      • JASON Y

        A big old hairy Irish dude of 6’4 and 250 with a handlebar moustache comes into prison framed by coke-junkie cops who shoot him in the bargain.

        Couldn’t Jingles find a better young thing to be his bed mate?

        Would you really want the love of your life to be Tom Selleck’s hairy ass?

        • Jason Y

          I’d definitely be trying to grow a beard if I was locked up. It would be a first priority, lol.

        • Jason Y

          They’re probably so sexually fucked up they want the masculine muscle body, dick, etc.. just like a woman does. However, liking the face though, especially if it was hairy, would require even more depravation.

          Nonetheless, I’m sure some of them want effeminate guys also – cause they still like women.

        • Jason Y

          The scary thing is that many full-blown fags in prison might actually want masculine looking guys. In that case, you’re getting raped whether you’re masculine or feminine.

      • JASON Y

        When I watched that pic at 16 I was actually scared of going to a crumbling filthy jail where black men rape a guy in a gym 30 times while forcing Tom Selleck to watch.

        Jingles probably should have picked a soft young DUI rather than a 6’4 coarse-looking Irish guy with a huge handlebar stache weighing in at 270 whose pissed about being framed by cocaine-addicted cops who shoot him in the bargain and then hassle his wife.

        This guy was going to be his “kid”?

      • PRISON You deserve to be called a cracker if you end up in prison for jumping weaker white men in the Sports Bars or stealing other working-people’s stuff to pay for meth or you are a dirtbag biker.

        • Jason Y

          Maybe then you’d agree with the Phillippine president’s take on the meth problem and note he also likes Trump. I guess that’s no shock, lol.

    • Jason Y

      Sam in Atlanta, and for justified reasons, would be bothered by daily insults from NAMS, but then again, as I said before, he could move to Appalachia which is only a few hundred miles away.

      • JASON Y This is the problem for whites who are not wealthy. Live in the rural sticks where there are not jobs and no attractions that even NAMS would not go.

        Live in the city and be called a cracker.

        Move into a poor Sopranos type neighborhood full of Italians and ride the bus with “Ralphie” because blacks don’t want to be around it.

        There is nowhere to go.

        Why do you think I left. If you earn under $40,000 these days the answer is nowhere. People used to be able to move to the desert but that is filling up with Mayans.

  33. Jason Y

    How about Russell Brand – the pony tailed little girl’s – take on Trump? 😆

  34. JASON Y A British crackhead in another country who has no experience with foreign policy complaining about Trump. I’d rather have him with hands on nuclear weapons.

    Celebrity makes any idiot a millionaire with an opinion he can express.

  35. JASON Y

    I got the impression Jingles had gotten his ass kicked by a few Clint types before he was in jail and was getting back at a lone white guy.

    • Jason Y

      That could be the case, but a WN or casual viewer of the movie wouldn’t get that impression. However, that’s usually the case with racist bullies. For instance, some white punk who hates blacks was possibly beat up or mocked by blacks in the past.

      Well, actually, we don’t know who started it in many cases, but you have racist people with big chips on the shoulder, black and white etc..

  36. JASON Y

    Actually there is no escape from any of this unless you voluntarily leave the United States and live overseas and you find a job or have some money.

    This is what I did.

    • Jason Y

      There is if you’re rich or middle class. Those people still live in a suburban fantasy world.

      • JASON Y

        Did they earn this “fantasy world” by doing the Clint thing. Some assault charges, a few DUI’s, meth possession, screwing girls until you got one pregnant (Usually the guy is 5 years older and knows better), running around with black thugs, trying to act like a Whigger, high school diploma.

        The lawyer in the suburbs probably worked and went to school. He studied in his senior year. He did not smoke meth. He did not wrack up minor charges as a juvenile. Run around with thugs and losers and sluts.

        Most of these people were born into poor families with parents of modest incomes at a time when being white still mattered before PC changed the world but still, people in the suburbs follow most of the rules.

        You don’t live in the suburbs and you are not middle-class because you were having sex when you were 15 and finally got pregnant or hit a girl up when you were 20. Come now, we are not talking about 1/4 of white proles we are talking about half of them.
        You did not work lousy jobs to attend college. You figured a high school education or GED would get you through life. Agreed, that is the wrong idea.
        You got into drugs. Well, we all do. I have. But once you hit the crack, heroin, meth…you’re gone.
        You like being a redneck. Live in the woods then. Don’t expect the blacks to admire your confederate hat.
        You think that whites could “run” blacks or scare them into behaving. Where are we, Rhodesia in the British Empire?

        • Jason Y

          You think that whites could “run” blacks or scare them into behaving. Where are we, Rhodesia in the British Empire?

          Apparently deluded WNs like the commentator ep-gah think so.

          You like being a redneck. Live in the woods then. Don’t expect the blacks to admire your confederate hat.

          Yep, the blacks don’t care. It would be so comical to see these guys venture into unfriendly territory.

  37. TRASH

    “An Innocent Man” is a testament to an era when things were supposed be grim but made some sense. Bad cops were investigated and imprisoned. PC did not paint blacks in jail as innocent victims.

    Parolees could get out of jail and get a decent job.

    One note is that in those days Mexicans were still a minority in prison or in drug trades. Interesting to see the film now back when Long Beach was not so Latino.

    America has declined vastly since 1989. It is just astonishing. That film was made before grunge, or Rodney King, or the LA Riots, or PC or the huge wave of illegal immigration.

    • Jason Y

      I think some PC existed in those days, but they weren’t trying to whitewash criminals. For instance, you had shows like Different Strokes, Good Times etc.. Someone could sympathize with a black as long as it was shown that the black wasn’t a criminal.

      • JASON Y

        Not AS MANY blacks WERE CRIMINALS in 1989. If you stayed away from crack, did not have a baby at 16 and managed to graduate from college you could probably hold a job.

        The internet has gutted economics and we are not going to retrain people with an IQ under 120 to do computer coding. I’m not intelligent enough to do it and I graduated from university.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly the whole ghetto rap scene etc.. was the thing which tried to make black criminality legit in the eyes of whites, at least ones that weren’t predisposed toward racism. For one thing, you had all these white kids listening to 2-Pac etc.. thinking it’s cool etc..

    • Jason Y

      America has declined vastly since 1989. It is just astonishing. That film was made before grunge, or Rodney King, or the LA Riots, or PC or the huge wave of illegal immigration

      Blacks who were already in the dumpster – went further into it after 1989 when all the globalization started kicking in. So it’s no wonder that in rage they turned to hip-hop – making criminals heroes. Didn’t whites do the same with Bonnie and Clyde during the Depression era?

  38. Jason Y

    The whole case with ghetto crime is often abandonment. There is no real effort to change the environment. They just lock up so many and leave the rest to wallow in the hell-hole until finally someone does lock them up.

    • JASON Y

      True. Blacks are even more uneducated and feral today than they were depicted as being in the film. There was an evil intelligence about “Jingles”. Also, racism between whites, blacks and Jews-all three of whom are depicted in the jail-was not AS bad.

  39. The Sean Penn film about the Irish-American violent cop who dates a Mexican gang girl for a short time was the first instance of Gangsta Rap-ICE T. COLORS.

    That was 1987.

    What is interesting about that film was that the inmates were whites trash, Jews, bikers and blacks….but few Latinos.

    Today the prison would be run by them.

  40. Jason Y

    I’m thinking a lot of the crew at the McDonalds near my home, not being mean or mocking or condescending, though, are possibly living incredibly hard lives and many have struggled with drugs etc.. They cannot be living good lives because the income is so lousy. They must be miles aways from the lives of doctors, lawyers etc.. living in the suburbs of some larger urban area.

    • JASON Y

      SONS OF ANARCHY and SOPRANOS (These wary Sicilians were smarter and did less jail time) are exaggerations but the point they make is valid.

      Italians can work in sanitation and Charming’s white trash can work at McDonald’s. Follow the rules, pay parking tickets, never have a conviction, never take a single drug, never do anything illegal.

      They will earn nothing an hour and have nothing but a ratty apartment full of old furniture and cheap clothes. Maybe they can pay for an old car.

      Cops will harass them anyhow. How you doing, crossed the white-line, any drugs in the car so we can make a quota tonight?

      Crackheads or meth addicts will sometimes bother them anyhow. Maybe steal something out of their car.

      Poor white trash thugs and blacks and in New Jersey the mob guys will push them around anyhow.

      SOPRANOS “Crew” and “SOA” mostly live to their 30’s or 40’s instead of toiling away at minimum wage to die at 60 in poverty outside social security offices.

      If they do not follow the rules and go to prison…they can still get out and have the same job, can’t they?

      The people that work in McDonald’s who were 15 in the most prosperous decade in the history of the U.S. in 1994 did not envision they would not be a foreman like their father. They assumed that one did not have to learn computer code to live above the poverty line. Everybody was smoking pot in the 1990’s (I did in college).

      The wages are so low in the U.S. that there is no incentive anymore. So you end up off the street in a nice cell instead of a ratty apartment.

      • Jason Y

        isn’t computer coding threatened from India?

      • Jason Y

        SOPRANOS “Crew” and “SOA” mostly live to their 30’s or 40’s instead of toiling away at minimum wage to die at 60 in poverty outside social security offices.

        So is early death worth the increased standard of living? What about the after-life? 😆

        • When do these folks go to church?

        • Jason Y

          Maybe they do go to church. Wasn’t Denzel Washington on American Gangster noted for taking his mom every Sunday to church and he had no problem with a church wedding? I wonder how these creeps can justify all the evil they do, yet feel like they have it good with the almighty. Well, in the case of Denzell, he thought cops were evil cause they lynched members of his family so I he figured that justified his crime.

          But Denzell isn’t an Italian mobster, but it sort of rings true with mobsters or even 2-Pac who thought he was Jesus Christ.

        • Jason Y

          Basically, the whole process of rewriting bad as good basically begins with the criminal seeing those in authority as evil, so if authority is evil, then the criminal has a green-light to do crime. That seems to be the jusitification behind hip-hop which you claim has sunk the African-American community etc.. since 1989.

    • JASON Y

      Higher drunk-driving accidents. Police coming in an out of the neighborhood, sirens on. Property missing because tweakers steal it.

      Every bar a potential fight or even walking past it. NAM thugs hanging around looking for white women to pimp or simply to get laid. Mexican drug dealers.

  41. I’m talking about the whites bro.

  42. Juanny Boy

    Trumpenproletariat was exactly that; a proletariat.

    Most of his supporters were by and large not exposed to large populations of NAMs, except in perhaps Michigan. Trump did just 1% better among Whites but around 9% better among NAMs (as compared to Romney) because they are generally poorer.

    The actual percentage of ex-factory workers stuck in Black majority areas (because most of their White brethren, unlike them, had the ability to leave) is no greater than a few million and clustered in a few dozen cities like Baltimore, Flint, etc.


    Whites who remain in NAM neighborhoods have the worst trouble-though anybody will anyhow-because they are the whites who are more likely to be less educated, less familiar with other cultures, less bright, less financially secure, less socialized…etc.

    Skilled whites in white-collar jobs will leave. So NAMS interacting with those whites who simply lack the education or the resources or the plain initiative to leave.

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