Video of the Shooting at the Milo Protest at Washington University on January 20


Video of the Washington University shooting. Looks like a general meelee with the crowd formed into two opposing factions, antifas, etc. on one side and Trumpsters on the other. They start to converge on each other and then the antifa who got shot charges the Trumpster in the yellow hat. The antifa has a shaved head and goatee and is wearing all leather and spikes. Looks like a tough character.

The antifa runs up to the Trumpster and clocks him hard with a solid punch to the face. The antifa then grabs the Trumpster and looks like he has some sort of hold on him. They stumble through the crowd and the antifa looks like he is pummeling the Trumpster as they careen through the crowd. At one point, the Trumpster breaks free and starts to stumble away, half falling down as he does so. The antifa stumbles towards the Trumpster in hot pursuit, arm drawn ready to land another punch. The antifa converges on the Trumpster at some point and they locked into some sort of combat.  At that point, the Trumpster pulls a gun very fast and shoots the antifa, stumbling backwards as he does it.

The Trumpster said he thought the guy attacking him was a White Supremacist, but that is a lie. The only White Supremacists in the crowd were with the Trumpsters. The Trumpster had complained earlier that the antifas had stolen his Trump camp and sucker-punched him. This was about an hour before the shooting. It looks like the Trumpster went back for more after he got hit and manhandled. I am not defending the Trumpster, but it looks like he was really goading the antifas on and trying to provoke them. He knew who they were and they knew who he was. He was probably yelling things at the antifas because the antifa suddently charges enraged from 20 feet away. Something must have ticked off the antifa, no doubt something the Trumpster said.

The antifa was hospitalized in critical condition at first and for a while, people were not sure he was going to live, but he did survive and was released. He did not with to press charges against the shooter. The police detained the Trumpster but released him when they determined that he fired in self-defense. The shooter was a 29 year old Asian student at the university. The victim was a 34 year old computer security worker from the local area.

Don’t know what to say to these antifas, but if they keep running around beating up Trumpster supporters, some of these guys are going to fight back and they might just shoot you. I would be careful if I were an antifa to take care not to get shot.


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9 responses to “Video of the Shooting at the Milo Protest at Washington University on January 20

  1. Jason Y

    No offense Robert but you seem to be sympathizing with Trump supporters when before you were praising all acts of rioting and other mayhem directed at Trump. Note, these anti-fas are just playing by your playbook and, of course, it is to be expected cause Trump is so infiltrated with WNs that it all seems like fair game.

  2. Jason Y

    I’m sure these radical anti-fas punks are armed to the core, not like the John Lennon peace protesters. These radicals know WN Trump supporters are very violent, as WNs are generally violent types, so the anti-fas are always prepared.

    • Armed with in granola bars and shielded by dreads with the fumes from the unshaven and unwashed pubes of the Feminine auxiliary protester core gassing the police WN’s.

      Personal pity for these students who were babies and kindergartners when I was at the peak of my pothead college youth in 1996 or 1997 during those Golden years of the Clinton administration.

      College in the dawn of the PC era when an Arkansas hippie draft-dodger was president were a good time to be young.

      Jason Y, who may have been born the same year as I in 1974 or 1975, might reflect similarly.

      It’s a lousy time to come of age.

      • Jason Y

        WNs, Republicans etc. love college campuses because they’re the only place where the “oppressive left” they pretend exists actually does exist. Name any other place, at least in a red state, where average Americans are not the norm. In fact, even in a blue state, the people are fairly average outside of a college campus.

        • Jason Y

          College campuses – the zoo of the weird cultural left. The politically correct Indian reservation or PC army base.

        • Jason Y

          The might as well be the Village people at the gate directing traffic into a college campus. :lol;

          “Sorry sir, this place is a no go. It’s for the ultra-weird only. Please get in your vehicle and go the other direction. Have a nice day.” 😆

  3. JASON Y

    Milo himself probably hired several professional agitators to drum up press coverage.

    He might even have engineered it.

    Typical self-promotional con. Some of the protesters who get air time will be on his publisher’s payroll.

    Thus ensuring his vague association with Donald Trump and greater sales revenue.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah but there are black-bloc ant-fas that hate Trumpkins. Possibly Milo brought them in, not by actually inviting them, but by setting things up to increase the chance they would come.

  4. JASON Y

    Probably in the hopes that Trump would be moved to publicly comment which acts as a promotion tie-in comparable to movie cups at a McDonald’s.

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