Is It OK to Punch a Trump Supporter at a Political Rally or Gathering?


Jason Y: No offense Robert but you seem to be sympathizing with Trump supporters when before you were praising all acts of rioting and other mayhem directed at Trump. Note, these anti-fas are just playing by your playbook and, of course, it is to be expected cause Trump is so infiltrated with WN’s that it all seems like fair game.

Riots are just fine. I do have some issues when it comes to people getting hurt, and these Trump supporters, let’s face it, they boil down to the definition of innocent civilians. I didn’t like the fire bombings of Germany or Japan either. You can’t kill civilians just for supporting a regime.

Well I have nothing against some property damage, but it does rather bother me to see even these Trumpsters getting beat up or even punched out. I have some real mixed feelings about it. I say they deserve it, but when I see it happens, it bothers me. Also if we see it’s ok to assault them at their gigs and if they show up at ours, they get to come to our demos or see us at their demos and assault us on sight too. I don’t really want to get beat up or even punched. If it’s ok for us to hit them, it’s going to be ok for them to hit us.

I am currently having an ethical dilemma about this stuff. Sure, I say I don’t care about them, but then I see them getting beat up and I want to run over there and shield them to keep them from getting hit anymore. Part of me says it’s ok for them to get clocked once or twice but I definitely do not want to see them get suffer long-term or permanent damage. A little temporary damage might be ok, but I am not sure about that either.

I don’t care if they clock Richard Spencer. If anyone is asking for it, it is him. But I also don’t care if they never hit him again. I disagree with the antifa that guys like Spencer are the problem. I mean Bannon, Pence, Price, De Vos, Sessions, those guys deserve a punch in the face 1,000 times worse than Spencer does. Or worse. They are actually doing some very serious damage and harm to lots of human beings. A lot of people are going to die and a lot more are going to get hurt, and it’s all going to be done by these people.

These supporters are just cheering on the attackers and killers, which I am unsure is such a serious offense.

Compared to those names I listed, what damage is Richard Spencer doing? Shooting off his mouth. If you are going to assault someone, hit someone who is actually doing some sort of concrete damage, not just flapping his gums.


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20 responses to “Is It OK to Punch a Trump Supporter at a Political Rally or Gathering?

  1. Yee

    Of course you shouldn’t.
    One’s body is a precious gift from his parents. You hurt him, you hurt his parents more. You shouldn’t do that deliberately.

    Break some windows if you must, though it’s useless, but it only hurt the insurance company.

  2. Jason Y

    Well, I would also have sympathy for some German Hitler supporter in 33, especially if they had been thru the hyper-inflation of the 1920s. Nonetheless, at some point, you get to where you don’t feel sympathy. For instance, was there sympathy for the victims of bombs dropped on Germany, especially after considering so many turned the other way while Hitler did his anti-Jewish persecution?

  3. YEE

    You have a point in fact. If you look at Southeast Asia there are occasional flare-ups from Malays at Chinese economic domination but when the fires burn to ashes and the smoke clears these folks are back to rebuild the economy again.

    • Yee

      I’ve already said this before, if you don’t have at least one of the following—CIA help, money, military backing, workers and farmers joining, then this kind of struggle will not succeed. Since it’s useless anyway, why hurt people?

      • YEE

        Actually the Malays hurt themselves with bad PR since they do nothing to defend Chinese-Filipinos.

        In general if the United States supports the leader of a country they will continue to support them no matter what. When finally they are overthrown like Marcos they are then transported to a U.S. destination of their choice at the American taxpayers expense.

        CIA is overrated. If America could overthrow every single country it wished to then North Korea would be Guam and Cuba would be a state.

  4. Bernardista

    Is it okay to punch Madonna (asking for a friend)?

  5. I can’t avoid recognising that many of these people probably don’t know much about the alt-right, don’t really take much heed of what the media rabbit on about, and support Trump because they want a better deal, which lets face it, has been rotten.

    Some guy whos living paycheck to paycheck sees an opportunity to possibly win instead of it all going to the investor class and Wall St, may be tired of being classed as a backwards deplorable bigot, goes to a rally to do nothing more than show support for a party which has been in American politics for generations, and gets smacked for it.

    Similar things happened in Australia. A senior citizen may get clocked for going to see a politician, or standing with people for a Nationalist political party. These thugs have hospitalised people in their 70s, just for being in the wrong crowd.

    This person will only learn one lesson. That these guys who attack are violent thugs, and that more should be done to protect guys like him from them. ie, more authoritarianism.

    Most people don’t understand what these Black Bloc/Anarchist types are trying to do. They just see senseless violence, and I do too. And my guess is, that it will just move America towards greater authoritarianism. It’s almost as if they WANT the fascist state and want to provoke it into existence.

  6. Polly the Right-Wing chip shop owner was intimidated into silence back in the late 80’s when she was sort of a proto-Trump.

    Turns out she was right. Perth became Vietnam. I’m not sure where the Lebanese and Turks slide into the social scale of bad to good.

    • @TRASH,

      She was actually right! Hell, I’ve worked with Phillipinos who had sympathy for how she was treated, almost support of her, and very much against Chinese influence here. They’ve experienced its ill effects first hand. One I work with constantly tells me how Australia is going to get screwed over and how dangerous Chinese investment in Australia actually is.

      White Australians can’t work out why someone who isn’t Anglo-Saxon would support Pollie, or Trump. They just can’t get it through their heads there are other considerations than mere obsession about “racism”.

      Whites are the dumbest of all. Your average White person has no clue about realpolitik. As much as I’m against mass immigration, its always refreshing to speak to someone of a non-Western, or at least Eastern European background who GETS how the world works, instead of some insular, WIERDo who thinks the world works the way it was explained by their professor at college.

      I think this idiocy is in part fuelling civil war II in the USA.


        I lived in the Philippines and there are several differences:

        Chinese in Australia cannot own businesses or the police or the military or politics SO they cannot set the wage.
        If they OWN 90% of these things and can bribe the government than people have no choice but to work for wages that are slave-level.
        The big businesses in Australia will probably remain in white hands. Telecommunications, banks (Though they will open their own and probably already have done so), military-industrial complex etc.
        They cannot deal drugs with absolute impunity as they did in the Philippines where eventually 20% of the adult populations became drug addicts. Chinese, given a chance, will operate drug cartels with impunity.
        Spanish-Filipinos are another powerful group who had already marginalized Filipinos when the Chinese-Filipinos arrived

  7. Jason Y

    In all fairness to Assembly line though, the right-wing skinheads harass, sometimes violently, NAMS and liberals in Australia. Sort of like on that movie about them with Russell Crowe.

  8. JASON Y

    …The Vietnamese actually won in the end when they retaliated with maniacal violence. Partly because THEY HAD MONEY AND JOBS while the whites were choosing career-unemployment and drugs.

    • Jason Y

      Yep, again we see the invaders are not doing them in, but a lot of the whites are doing themselves in. So now they say want immigration laws so nobody can threaten their jobs, jobs they would piss away anyway by choosing drugs etc..

      • JASON Y

        You’re forgetting the 1990’s and “McJobs”. Rebels back then CHOSE not to work as a sign of rebelliousness and individuality.

        One of the whites joined the Navy and was jeered out of the neighborhood by Russell Crowe.

  9. TJF

    To Rob:

    In my mind, things like the effective boycott of Uber which compelled the CEO to resign from Trump’s business council are much more effective than raising a ruckus in Berkeley.

    Boycotts that cost Trump and his supporters substantial amounts of money, targeted lawsuits blocking legislation, and effective voter registration campaigns especially in battle ground states are less exciting than riots but in the long run markedly more successful.

  10. The only thing it achieves is to allow Trumpsters to say ‘look how the left behaves. They are the real fascists. Totally intolerant. Can’t stand anyone having a different view ‘.

  11. Hairy, smelly dreadlocked hippies, pale bitter-faced feminists with the look of a date-rape victim the day afterwards, spoiled frat boys in Che t-shirts and some older crusties who have been stoned since Nirvana was singing Nevermind in their college dorm who have not been students since Clinton was president but hung around somehow.

    This is the impression Red States get of the protests.

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