Berkeley Riots Escalate Dramatically Overnight

Amazing footage shot sometime in the past few hours in the early morning of Thursday, February 2.

Above, footage of the riots occurring while Milo was speaking. A huge crowd is gathered outside the venue. Antifa throw Bricks, rocks and fireworks at the first and second floors of the building, attack police are attacked with bricks and rocks, and dismantle police barricades. Later in the video, on Telegraph Avenue, an antifa assaults a Trump supporter and wrestles him to the ground. Several come to the young man’s aid and pull the two of them apart. The man who was attacked gets up and walks away.

Above, rioters attack pro-Trump people with flying objects and a flagpole. The girl early in the video is hit by a flying object. At :14, an antifa beats a Trump supporter with a flagpole! The Trump supporter somehow gets up and fights back. Later in the video, a bleeding Trump supporter is interviewed.

Incredible video. A journalist interviews a Milo fan wearing a Trump hat. At the end of the short interview, he thanks her and they part. Almost immediately, an Antifa attacks the young woman with pepper spray!

This video appears to be taken on Telegraph Avenue after the campus riot ended. A large group of demonstrators and antifa seem to be attacking and assaulting Trump supporters. The Trump supporters run away but the Antifa chase after them and attack them with poles and iron rods. One Trump supporter lies in the street, possibly knocked out cold. Others are run down and beaten to the ground.

After the riots at UC Berkeley were dispersed, demonstrators made their way to Telegraph Avenue. At some point, more rioting occurred. Ready tellers were smashed at several banks and some banks had most of their windows smashed. Mechanics, Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America branches were all vandalized. There were reports that at least four banks had been vandalized.

Above, rioters smash ATM’s in Berkeley.

Several fires were set in Telegraph Avenue. At least two banks were on fire near Center Street and Shattuck Avenue.

Graffiti was painted around. Slogans included “Antifa” and “Liberals get the bullet too.” So you can see these are radical Leftists who do not like your average Democratic Party peaceful Women’s March protesters at all.

A Starbucks was attacked by having its windows smashed out with iron bars. Rioters then went inside and looted the Starbucks. They distributed the looted property to people in the crowd. Robin Hood, I guess.

Most of the crowd appears to be just looking and cheering them on. There were a surprising number of young women in the crowd. Call me old-fashioned, but I would say, “That’s no place for a woman to be.”

The scene in that video has an air of menace. That looks like a very dangerous place to be right now. I would not want to be in that crowd. Perhaps they might turn on you. There is an undertone of anger and menace there that I would not want to be around.

When people get like that, they are like sharks who smell blood. You are in the middle of a dangerous, violent riot with some seriously unhinghed people around and there’s no guarantee that they won’t come after you too. These dangerous scenes are unpredictable. The rioters are getting amped up by destroying things, looting business and perhaps assaulting other people earlier. There’s no guarantee that you will be safe if only you appear to be on their side. It’s sort of like being trapped amidst a gang of criminals, but it’s not nearly that bad. But still, the vibe is the same.


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63 responses to “Berkeley Riots Escalate Dramatically Overnight

  1. Themaker75

    I’m curious as to people’s opinions as to why the police are basically allowing this to happen. This seems like a prime opportunity for roided up cops to smash the fuck out of people en mass. We’re not talking about strong, young, black men here that even cops on power trips are hesitant about dealing with. These are pussy white boys with pepper spray and rocks attacking women and windows that crawled out of their moms basements.

    It seems to me orders are coming from up top to let this happen, that means there is a higher up level of collusion here.

    • Jason Y

      This stuff is one justification for the police state, but the situation wth a possible black riot or Hispanic riot that could come in the future will be far more serious cause the protesters, as you say, are not wimpy intellectual types. Well, I don’t think they’re wimpy. They’re heroes, assuming they don’t attack innocents.

    • You summed it up. Young unemployed unkempt young men rioting over obscure British journalists in a minor venue of a “Beserkley”-a college famous for its radicalism anyhow.

      Most have grown up in the suburbs their Jewish or WASP parents worked hard to pay for in order to shield them from NAMS, poor rural white trash, urban squalor or anything rougher than a scraped knee at a soccer game or a slap from their father.

      They have never served in the military, spent time in jail, been mugged or even boxed or wrestled in high school.

      To the financial-industrial complex they are trivial and unimportant. Some of their parents are even low-rung cogs in that machine itself who have been dedicated slaves to the system and its owner.

      Sad to say but they are not taken very seriously.

      • Jason Y

        But Trump is still evil, these wimpy kids are weak but still have a good feel for the truth. Anyhow, the real deal will come when blacks and Hispanics start rioting.

        • JASON Y

          Blacks and Hispanics will then discover how little importance their lives are too those living in the Red States.

          Nobody in Wyoming cares a whit if cholos smash burrito vending carts along the East Los Angeles roads or blacks burn down Chicago.

          The military industrial complex will wagon circle to contain the violence in the barrio or ghetto 1,000 miles away from Idaho or West Virginia.

        • Jason Y

          They do care. They will demand a police state even though a burned up Chicago doesn’t mean nothing to them. Look at all the red state bitching and moaning during the Rodney King riots. It happened in my community also. It’s cause of all the media coverage and now we even got social media and blogs etc..


      Some of the protesters are children of lawyers or other cogs in the liberal elite machine.

      Others are children of cogs in the financial-industrial complex.

      Chaotic amateur violence among blacks is a more serious civil matter. But these folks have never fired a gun in their life, or changed a tire, or oil for a car, or served in the military or done anything but hang around student unions drinking refills of coffee.

      As revolutionaries they are amateur-no IRA provisional soldier has taught them the finer points of guerrilla warfare in a Middle Eastern training camp.

      • Jason Y

        Something about tough guys that blinds them to how evil Trump is. However, wimpy types totally understand Trump. At least that’s the case among whites.

        • JASON Y

          Likely they admire power in man and machine. This is one reason why a small minority of police officers go to work for the mafia or SONS OF ANARCHY type biker gangs as informants, double agents or even an assassin.

        • Jason Y

          But they don’t like cuddly loveable Obama !!!

    • JPW

      They weren’t elected to protect the free speech of conservatives.

    • TJF

      To Themaker75:

      It seems to me orders are coming from up top to let this happen, that means there is a higher up level of collusion here.

      Doubt it very much – riots in Berkeley are very common. Hell they had a riot with over 600 people over the construction of a park:

      As long as these things stay relatively contained (not on the Berkeley campus, not in the rich areas, and no major arson..) the cops are usually hands off.

  2. Jason Y

    Oh, and you don’t think Trump won’t do something about this at some point? The backlash will be one reason that opponents should either brace for war or get out of the nation.

    Anyhow, all of this could have been avoided by just nominating boring old Mitt Romney. Anyhow, note, Trump is basically the devil to these people even a million times more than Bush. Mainly cause he’s basically just a white supremacist, or at least the closest the nation has gotten to it in the last 100 years.

    • JASON Y

      We return to what exactly they can do besides chaotic amateur violence. They have not served in the military or spent 5 years in a Middle Eastern training camp learning the finer points of guerrilla warfare from IRA vets.

      • Jason Y

        But rest assured right wingers on Fox News, social media, blogs etc. will bring up this stuff as justification for a police state, even if over-protected hippies doing it.

    • JASON Y

      “Get out the nation”. I can tell you that is difficult because I did it 18 years ago.

      You will need a job. You probably will never have citizenship unless you can convince a local girl to marry you.

      You will need money every month unless you intend to be homeless.

      If you do run out of money or over your visa you will be deported. After a stay in jail.

      Canada and Australia are not sympathetic. Mexico and Southeast Asia are dangerous with no job opportunities.

      I’ve been out of the United States for 18 years watching the place spiral down the toilet since Bush was elected.

      It is a hard scrabble staying overseas.

  3. Jason Y

    All it takes for another Rodney King thing is for some mishap with the cops to come up again and there are all sorts of opportunities for riots to ensue among Hispanics. It’s all just a matter of when.

  4. JASON Y

    In the barrios, yes. Possibly in the greater Los Angeles area. This is far from the Flyover or East Coast dominion of Trump or his Red State backers.

    • Jason Y

      True, but red staters will bitch about it, and they will demand and totally support a police state to stop it.

      • TJF

        To Jason Y:

        True, but red staters will bitch about it, and they will demand and totally support a police state to stop it.

        But police control is very local so I don’t see (for the moment) a lot of change coming to places like Berkeley – what this does however, is portray a sense of instability in “Left” areas that flyover voters will strongly reject. Riots in Berkeley, Baltimore, or LA mean more votes for Republicans in flyover land and rural parts of Blue states.

        • TJF

          This is true. Leftists will not even seek to do a “Beserkley” at a Red State University in Flyoverland. Rednecks would stomp them Local police would fire tear gas, dance with batons and jail them for 1 year.

          On the West Coast corridor this is to be expected but as far as Trump supporters are concerned this is a “Lost Colony” anyhow and the GOP is also aware that Blue State officials are not going to secede anyhow in part because there is so much U.S. money wrapped up in LA.

          So hippies will smash car windows until they get hungry and then go home to eat granola bars. Maybe they will smoke a bowl.

          Left over 30 have too much too lose-the job, the gay hair salon, the apartment-so no Democrat above college level will participate which restricts it to a few campuses.

          Trump of course knows everything in the world requires an economy to stand on-he’s a terrible politician and a worse diplomat and could not find Zanzibar on a map but he understands the value of the almighty buck.

  5. JASON Y

    Red States are already a police state for lack of a service sector economy which leads many young people into the police or prison-industrial complex who are lucky enough not to become addicted to meth in high school and rack up convictions.

    It is unlikely that Beserkley rioters would congregate there.

  6. Jason Y

    Possibly weak types are into social justice cause they have time to read and aren’t pressured in environments where they have to conform to hypermasculinity. However, are they right? Usually, these sensitive wusses are right on the money about things. They are normally the types who are abolitionists, civil rights workers etc…

    • Apples and oranges Jason.

      were they more sensuous on average, sure. However their psychology was different in how things were handle, point being, on case at a time that dire versus SJ types going after any little thing without even thinking.

      • Jason Y

        They can be a bit naive like Miley Cyrus, the pampered actress, crying over Trump.

      • Jason Y

        Wasn’t there a comedy with Tom Green where he was a 30 something-year-old Seattle type living in his parent’s basement? I guess he would one of the protestor types.

        • JASON Y

          Yes. These folks are not unintelligent either. Most are college educated.

          But the upper-class right wing represent the financial industrial complex while the white working class represent the police and military.

          This leaves them with no money and no arms.

          BLM protests have stretched on for five years since Martin was killed. It has not prevented Trump’s election or Missouri or anything that followed.

  7. Jason Y

    Despite the sissy nature of the protestors, what they’re saying is right on, “This Is War.”, “Become Ungovernable” Basically, they totally understand the whole situation in the broad and total context.

  8. Juanny Boy

    Lots of the civil service is in dissaray (obviously not the cops) no one wants to see a lifetime of work reversed by this guy. Trump wants to be careful or else things could devolve into a full out inner-government revolt.

  9. JASON Y

    How long before the hostage-takers need food and water? They have no hostage. They will simply get hungry and walk home to sleep in their dorm or parent’s basement.

    • Jason Y

      Maybe Che Guevara will ride in on his motorcycle to save them. 😆

      • JASON Y

        Tom Greene types lack the discipline to mount a genuine insurgency.

        “Where’s my next joint coming from?”

        “Where’s the hot water?”

        How many of these Leftists want to see a hairy Spanish madman blow up their parents house in the suburbs?

        NAMS are a different matter.

      • JASON Y

        As I predicted Trump threatened Federal Funding which will dry up the intelligentsia.

        The Leftists-hippies, hipsters, anarchists, intelligentsia-also fit into categories.

        The top 1/4 are white middle-class humanists concerned for the greater good of society. These people do not intend to have a felony struck on their record.

        The middle are radicals. Feminists fit into this category. Most hippies. Anarchists. Greenpeace activists. SJW’s. Educated NAMS.

        The upper quarter of the 1/4 are not students. They are punks “Crusties” from the lower middle-class with a GED or high school diploma. Tthey are more violent, more anti-authority.

        The bottom quarter are NAMS with quasi-activist tendencies. Street people. Homeless. Druggies.

        I’m generalizing a huge amount but in the 1990’s these were the folks you met in college.

  10. Juanny Boy

    Pubic Enemy did it better.

    • Trashing an Italian pizza parlor and then coming back the next day to demand your paycheck?

      Is that doing the right thing?

      Curiously Spike Lee was obsessed with Danny Aiello’s dubious whiteness, telling his son he could pass for a mulatto.

      What was the outcome of the mini-riot?

      • Juanny Boy

        I thought all the Whites around NAMs were lowlifes anyhow?

        • NAMS have bad experiences WITH WHITE LOWLIFES.

          Black middle-class kids who grow up around middle-class lawyers and dentists in the suburbs are going to have a better opinion of whites than those whose exposure boils downs to white addicts and johns with the occasional criminal mixed in.

  11. Juanny Boy

    Trump’s fundamental incoherence is in
    “Isolationism”, “no more (((wars)))” but then “make ’em respect us” and “muh Israel”.


      Less people want to immigrate to the United States than he might imagine. If you had the choice between Australia and United States, you should chose the former. Higher wages, lower crime, free health care.

      Only poor rural whites who never traveled anywhere imagine that the U.S. is irresistible.

      Maybe too poor from developing countries but it is doubtful that many Canadians, New Zealanders or inhabitants of Northwest Europe would wish to immigrate.


      “Isolationism” Developed countries do not care. Arabs with money will continue to go to Disneyland or buy up U.S. real estate or purchase Black Stallions. There is a reason why Saudi, Egypt and Qatar are not on the list. As for the poor Iraqi interpreter who risked his life to maybe drive a cab in Dallas. Sorry, bro, its all about the Benjamin baby.

      “Make em respect us” It is doubtful than any other nation would mount an invasion. I’m not even sure they would want our world-famous NAMS.

      “Muh Israel” Gee, Jews do not seem to love Trump. Not a bit. I see a rocky relationship ahead….Maybe he will tell them he is “Swedish” like his German father and they will like him more.

      • Juanny Boy

        explain the appointment of David Friedman (one of the few to openly bash the two state solution), as Ambassador to Israel.

        As well as uselessly including Iran on the terror ban.

        Why have David Brooks, Bill Kristol, etc. warmed to Trump even after endorsing Hillary?
        They know Trump can be easily controlled by their co-ethnics.

        Trump is smart but anyone who believes he’s smarter than the “Neocon lobby” probably needs their head examined.

        • JUANNY BOY Trump will have to appease this lobby and also the black one and also Saudi Arabia.

          However I do not believe he is a pawn of Jews.

          As far as Friedman is concerned he probably wants to throw them a bone after Obama. This advice will be from his Christian cabinet members and VP.

        • InsideMan

          Neocon Lobby- Blatantly pro-Israel. NAACP Lobby- Founded by wealthy Jews. Saudi Arabia- Has a covert alliance with Israel.

        • Juanny Boy

          Fox News’ propaganda on the Obama administration-Israel relationship has made me think they should’ve changed their name to “Oy vey impeach the antisemite schvartz”
          Obama/Susan Rice blocked the two state solution several times.

          Obama asked Israel not to invade Pallie land and then call defensive measures against them “terror”, and he only did this as a lame duck, not before.

          Obama refused to pass up the opportunity of Iran electing a moderate President for diplomacy (which was best for Israel, Netanyahu is just a political hack)

          Obama was a Judeohpile and was very upset to be cast an Antisemite.


    This could be true but I am unconvinced that Trump is a pawn of Jewish interests. They appear to despise him and his richer than any Jew on earth anyhow.

  13. Tony Swagger

    Further proof that the cultural left antifa faggots are repugnant. All this for a homosexual Jew boy? God save America from these faggots. UCberkeley has always be a multicultural shithole so it must br a good beginning to illustrate how multicultural society will remain a utopian dream and antifa idiots are a menace

  14. Juanny Boy

    Trump won just a tiny fraction of the Jewish vote (24%), but it’s really the Jewish elites I’m talking about.

    Broad City Girls have nothing to do with a great neocon shenanigans.
    It’s just a few hundred intellectuals and civil servants, almost all republicans.

  15. Juanny Boy


    Mass immigration- yes, As the number of NAMs increase it makes it easier for groups like the Jews to blend in with the ‘hegemony’ i.e. Whites. SO the end goal is not to kill off Whites
    BUT they are joined in this ‘benefit’ by Italians, Greeks, etc.

    Foreign policy- A small group of Jewish elites advocates for wars who had a primary or secondary purpose of helping Israel. But most of the general population of Jews are against this.

    Finance- Jews are over-represented in this field but do not use their power to hurt the Gentiles only. Profit is simply the motive.

    Law/Philosophy- Jews were just carrying on the inevitable. Humans went from small hunter gatherer tribes to towns to cities to Empires. We become more ‘Universalist’ as time goes on. Jews may have been on the forefront of this because of high verbal IQs.

    • Indians escaping the white supremacy of Criollo officialdom in Central America will struggle. Cuban Gallegos don’t struggle.

      West Coast Japanese-Americans have a great interest in ties with Japan. Japan owned several U.S. companies in Hollywood at one point. Israel is not the only staunch ally that the United States has to prop up.

      One could blame the Jews for being at the forefront of the sexual revolution and porn, but this has not devastated Korean-American families. It has affected Anglo-Saxons because their IQ is 105 instead of 110-115.

      One could blame Mexico for drugs but it is the blacks and Anglo-Saxons who are most affected, which is also possibly a lower-IQ life choice.

      Bad choices and mean IQ seem to go hand-in-hand. Blacks are most likely to emerge from single-parent families, have children young and financially unprepared, go to jail, be drug addicts, have run-ins with the law. Anglo-Saxons display these tendencies as lower rates and Asians far less than that (Though every Chinatown in America has its needle freaks and gambling addicts).

      There is not much you can do with a high verbal IQ but shove scripts to television producers, become a lawyer or write for a newspaper. Or run Ponzi schemes. This comes as no great surprise.

      • Juanny Boy

        “There is not much you can do with a high verbal IQ but shove scripts to television producers, become a lawyer or write for a newspaper. Or run Ponzi schemes. This comes as no great surprise.

        TRASH it allows for them to become Philosophical and cultural leaders,etc.
        this has more effect than one would think.

        But much of the groundwork was laid by Gentiles (even Santo-culto admits this).

        • JUANNY BOY

          What does it say about Anglo Saxons that the redneck in his bolo tie must cope with the fact that his daughter is pregnant by Tyrone the Thug because she watched a cereal commercial?

          Jewish fathers do not get the phone call from their daughter that some thug on the college football team who got his daughter pregnant has gone to jail for robbing a Campus marijuana dealer and will be in jail ten years so he must raise these Mulatto grandchildren in his house because his daughter was only 20.

          Jewish and Asian-American fathers do not hear that their daughter was picked up as a truck-stop prostitute for the third-time because they became stoners in high school and it lead from pot at 15 to LSD at 16 and finally to crack cocaine at 18.

          Less cultural impact on Americans of East Asian or Cuban descent than you might imagine. Indian-Americans as well.

          I have not heard Iranian-Americans complain in their own successful community in the heart of LA and some even pick up work as Hollywood extras in anti-Arab films.

          Edison and Pulitzer were not Jews.

          Doubtful that Tele-Evangelism ever was run by Jews.

          Nor can Hollywood Jews be prejudiced against Irish-Catholics or Italians and stay in the business a single day.

        • JUANNY BOY

          My own experience in print journalism bears this out. I also wrote some advertising copy and observed that many people in the business were Jews.

          But cannot ignore the desires of the Board or the CEO and simply write or produce whatever they want.

        • JUANNY BOY

          Photo-journalists in my professional experience are NEVER Jews. I’ve worked in newsrooms and advertising agencies as a copywriter.

          Even in regionally obscure media outlets the photographers are NEVER Jews. I was one of the few Christians writing ad copy.

      • One could blame the Jews for being at the forefront of the sexual revolution and porn, but this has not devastated Korean-American families. It has affected Anglo-Saxons because their IQ is 105 instead of 110-115.

        Incorrect. Anglo-Saxon IQ is ~100 probably and Korean-American IQ is ~105.

        • Jason Y

          HA HA. That’s a joke. Look at all the prostitution in Korea. Note, the sexual revolution hasn’t devastated Koreans cause they tend to have an American 50s mentality with the limit of “badness” being booze and prostitution. They don’t do drugs at all and, well, they might look at porn, I know the Japanese do, but it hasn’t done much to them.

        • ROBERT

          East Coast Puritan families like your own have been eugenically bred for intelligence over the generations since they arrived as the disaffected intelligentsia from England.

          I think the IQ of New England blue-bloods is higher than 100 in Boston or NYC.

          The internal migration to California in the 1940’s from the East Coast or Midwest also brought many intelligent WASPS to California for business.

        • ROBERT

          East Coast Puritans have been eugenically bred for intelligence like yourself. This cannot be denied. The disaffected intelligentsia of England were your founding stock and the internal migration to California in the 1950’s also brought the higher IQ opportunists.

          I suspect that WASPS in Boston or LA have a FAR HIGHER IQ than 100 on average.

        • You will need to prove your IQ statements, Trash. My understanding is that White IQ does not differ much from state to state. I thought Southern Whites were dumb as rocks, but they are apparently about as smart as the rest of the Whites. There is a bit of a difference with Blacks. Minnesota Blacks have IQ’s of 89, 4 points above average, and I believe some of those Southern states may have Black IQ’s ~81.

  16. TJF

    To Rob:

    The scene in that video has an air of menace. That looks like a very dangerous place to be right now. I would not want to be in that crowd. Perhaps they might turn on you. There is an undertone of anger and menace there that I would not want to be around.

    You may have heard about this but at another Milo even in Seattle an antifa guy was shot by a Asian (Supposedly) guy who claimed he thought the antifa guy was a White Supremacist:

    • I believe that he is lying about that. He is a Trump supporter and he claimed that antifas had stolen the Trump cap off his head and sucker-punched him.

      So it sounds like he had a violent confrontation with antifas and pulled his gun in self defense and fired on them.

      Damn these antifas sure love sucker-punching, don’t they. Seems to be their favorite mode of attack. Dirty guys.

  17. Jason Y

    I’ve not seen that WNs play fair either as was witnessed, though this does sound like sentimental cliche stuff to some ears, by years of blacks etc.. being lynched. Note, now there is not lynching but a lot of verbal lynchings going on, but of course, sensitive wusses cannot take it (mocking crying face). 😆

    Anyhow, it’s all war and nobody fights fair. Look at Vietnam or the American revolution where rebels would shoot from behind trees.

  18. Jason Y

    Politics is a dirty game. Those involved in the left and right always play dirty, act hypocritical…

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