Oregon: Trump Supporter Knocked Unconscious and Trump Supporter’s Vehicle Attacked

Good news!

Violence broke out at a demonstration at Portland Airport over Trump’s asinine immigration rules. A mob of anti-Trump leftwing demonstrators noticed some Trump supporters nearby and assaulted them. One Trump supporter was knocked unconscious! Good! They knocked him out! The crowd then chanted slogans calling the man a Nazi while bystanders tried to help him. Some of the people in crowd wore black or gray and had their faces covered, which means this may be a Black Bloc action. The man who assaulted him appeared to have been one of those wearing Black Blog attire. The attackers managed to escape. There is a video at the link.

Good job boys! Keep up the good work!

In other news, demonstrators in Eugene attacked a Trump supporter driving a car near an anti-Trump demonstration. 150 demonstrators walked through the streets, disrupting a lot of traffic. At one point, they came to the car of a Trump supporter which was blocked in traffic by the demonstrators. Demonstrators ripped his Trump sticker off his car and set it on fire. Then they pounded on his vehicle and punctured a tire on his car. The attackers managed to escape.

Good work! Keep it up!


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