Is Donald Trump Abusing His Wife Melania?

I would say that he treats her like dirt, shit, crap, garbage, whatever metaphor you prefer. He barely even acknowledges her presence. He walks ahead of her in public – this, according to my mother, is a telltale sign of contempt and it is a very bad thing. Ladies any time you are with a man who keeps walking ahead of you, get rid of him. He is doing this because he is embarrassed to be seen with you!

I agree that she displays all of the behavior of an abused woman. He seems to treat her roughly, twisting her finger and apparently ordering her around. He often appears terrified of him. When dancing with him, she looks tense, stiff and fake. But when dancing with a soldier, she comes alive and shows her humanity is yet intact.

Their body language when they are together speaks volumes. It seems like there is a wall of solid frozen stone between them. He never lets her respond and. always talks over her. Even when a question is directed at her and she starts to respond, he cuts her off immediately and takes over the answer. She looks angry when he does this. When discussing what makes him angry, she becomes noticeably nervous and says he likes everything to be done correctly just as he ordered it to be done and gets mad when people do not do their job perfectly.

That he is emotionally and psychologically abusing her is beyond argument. Whether he verbally abuses her or not is more up in the air, but when she is not around, he talks about her in a condescending and insulting way. We also do not know if he is physically abusive to her, although his first wife Ivana charged him with raping her and beating her up on two separate occasions.


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18 responses to “Is Donald Trump Abusing His Wife Melania?

  1. Noneofmany

    Just imagine the how awesomely fun it would be if Ivanka killed Donald in the White House.

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      Really enjoy your stuff on here. You’re pretty damn smart and perceptive.

    • Beach girl

      they do not interact as a happily married couple. they obviously do not believe in their marriage vows or the intuition of marriage, Donald does not wear his wedding ring Melania does , probably bcuz he has told her to. Want some interesting insight into the Donald/ read James Patterson’s book Filthy rich extremely thought provoking.

  2. Tulio

    She’ll inherit all his money when the bastard croaks. she’s willing to put up with that slob for now.

  3. If you look at the picture of the Obama’s on the steps in the 2008 inauguration, they displayed the same nervous body language as the Trump’s did this year. They had their hands by their side while George and Laura Bush looked relaxed.

    I didn’t see her pull her hand away fast when he supposedly twisted her fingers. The motion looked quite gradual and relaxed to me.

    I didn’t find the video very convincing overall, although nothing would surprise me.

  4. You realize that psychologists who are relationship experts say she shows all the signs of being a battered woman, right?

    • I just dropped you ten dollars. I may as well, been reading the site long enough and its not so different to frequenting a newspaper site I guess.

    • Rich and twice-divorced to women who were more than happy to leave all the money and fame behind.

      Trump cannot be that fun to live with.

      • I heard he was on good terms with his exes. Is that bullshit? I read that in an argument that he’s merely a narcissist rather than a sociopath.

        • Malignant narcissist. Narcissist on the way headed to sociopathy. But MN’s can be very bad also. Ted Bundy was one and a couple of other serial killers were too. Malignant narcissists are bad enough. BAD ENOUGH TO BE SERIAL KILLERS.

          One thing you need to know about Malignant Narcissists is that they are DANGEROUS. Now they might go their whole life without committing a serious act of violence or spending an hour in jail, but the potential for danger is always there.

      • Yee

        At least it wouldn’t be as bad as a Muslim wife’s life.

  5. STEVE

    Self-love is as common as table salt. Clinical narcissists seem to have horrible core self-esteem issues. Trump does not appear to. He has not stalked his ex-wives.

    Sociopath? How many users have all of us met in our lives who really only care about themselves, their own bank account, their own sexual gratification, their own interests? Most of them become charming to get these things if they are white and middle-class while poor minorities rely on violence and muscle.

    • There’s a big psychological difference between an average person and a sociopath. Even though most people pursue selfish goals, most people at least care deeply about their immediate family members and have some sense of decency and honesty. Some people even have a high degree of empathy for strangers. Sociopaths are selfish and callous, disloyal and dishonest to an extreme. They have their own unique patterns of behaviour and thinking.

      Trump is clearly way more narcissistic than average. Its a spectrum really.

    • hossandfeffer

      Haven’t been here for a while – I like this site because it seems to go where logic takes it, regardless of politics. That is, until a democrat is not in office I guess.. Good luck with the Trump bashing – too cliche for me.

  6. Reblogged this on Lucky Otters Haven and commented:

    What we’re all thinking.

  7. this is so sad. :/ I feel bad for the lady. Although I am still contemplating why was Trump a winner at all.

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