Donald Trump, Menacer, Batterer and Rapist

Trump Violently Raped and Beat up Ivana

Ivana Trump, Trump’s first wife, claimed that he raped her forcefully and violently once, and on another occasion, he went into such a fury when she changed her hairstyle that he pulled some of her hair out by the roots. The charges were rescinded after he apparently paid her a large sum of money, and she now says these things never happened.

Trump Violently Raped, Beat up and Issued Death Threats against Two Girls Aged 12 and 13

There was also a very convincing accusation of Trump raping two girls aged 12 and 13 around 1996 at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. There was an actual female witness to both of these rapes who backed up the now-grown woman on all of the charges. Trump threatened to harm or kill both girls and their families if they talked. The 12 year old, named Maria, later vanished mysteriously and was never seen again.

The woman continued to pursue the charges, but she dropped charges right before the election, saying that she was receiving a lot of threats from unknown persons, possibly Trump or his capos. She said that the threats intimidated her into dropping the charges. However, what probably actually happened is that Trump paid her a large sum of hush money to drop the case.



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2 responses to “Donald Trump, Menacer, Batterer and Rapist

  1. GreatfulDeath

    I believe Trump visited Epsteins sex slave island once. Bill Clinton practically lived there. It’s most unsettling when people just disapear, like non-elite are just disposable cattle.

  2. charles denize

    how can he Donald Trumpo as bill clinton contimuously get away with these? hush money can’t be more coercing than the hands of the law. oubting this accusations to be true.

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