Did Donald Trump Disappear and/or Murder a 12 Year old Girl?

Trump’s Violent Rapes, Death Threats against, and Possible Disappearance or Murder of a 12 Year Old Girl

From the previous post, we know that girl who was 13 years old in 1996 charged Trump with raping and beating her and a 12 year old girl named Maria at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in New York. The woman had a witness who saw the beatings and all of the rapes. The witness backed up the woman on all details. Witnesses in rape cases are quite rare, so it is shocking any time you get a rape case with a witness. A rape case with a witness is much better than a typical rape case.

Maria later mysteriously disappeared and has not been seen since. Trump then used her disappearance to threaten the other teenage girls, telling them that if they did not cooperate and have sex with him on demand, they “would end up like Maria.” The woman accusing Trump of this took that comment to mean that Maria had possibly been killed or disappeared somewhere.

So the question of the day is: Does Donald Trump disappear and murder little girls? We already know that Donald Trump beats up and rapes little girls. How much further of a step is it to disappearance and even homicide?


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7 responses to “Did Donald Trump Disappear and/or Murder a 12 Year old Girl?

  1. GreatfulDeath

    Elites think they can do want with the common folk and dispose of them like trash.

  2. Jason Y

    The Clinton Family also did the same things ever since they have had power, even back in the 80s. As another commenter noted, those in power behave as Roman elites on Spartacus killing and harming whoever they want because they have the money.

    Note, a lot of Republicans brainwashed by the right-wing ideology of Breit Bart or Rush Limbaugh simply will not accept Trump can do such things, or perhaps they ignore or repress the idea. They figure the scary alternative to Trump, a culturally left and economically left democrat, is more important than justice.

  3. Jason Y

    I mean the overall evidence that Trump is a total scumbag – actually even fitting antichrist prophecies – is over-the-top. However, Fox News and the like, though cynical during primaries, will not against the chosen one now that he’s elected – no way.

  4. Jason Y

    On the lighter side, 😆 Trumps “ga ga goo goo” baby talk might be more than what meets the eye.

    Ever notice he talks like a child and acts like one?

  5. JASON Y GOP Parallels Bush and Trump

    Both inherited a great deal of money and were never hired by anybody. Bush was but he could not hold a job because he was an alcoholic for 20 years.

    Both evaded the draft. Trump through the usual rich-kid strategy of college deferment while Bush through National Guard duty.

    Both appeared to HAVE NO JOB for long periods of time.

    Both had early adolescent developmental difficulties and were discipline cases.

    Both had little experiences with international politics.

    Both were elected primarily by white proles who felt alienated by an ill-defined “Liberal elite”.

    Both were detested by blacks, Jews, the media, the West Coast.

    Both created tension between Red and Blue States.

    Both were despised by other nations. Trump’s OWN GERMAN RELATIVES have publicly disowned him; his Scottish Aunt refuses to discuss him.

    • Jason Y

      Of course, WNs are calling the Berkely protestors white pussies who live in their mom’s basement while Der Leader wussed out of Vietnam.

    • Jason Y

      W. Bush, for all the negative stuff against him, was not a racist like Trump. He doesn’t even compare to Trump in evil. Bush is simply an economic right-winger and a fundamentalist Christian of the Billy Grahm variety. Sure, he got the US into all sorts of war etc.. and that was bad, but he just wasn’t a WN. Possibly, in some strange way, he probably believed in tolerance as much as liberals, much as John McCain does.

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