An Opposing View: No, the Alt Left Should Not Ally with PC/SJW Left


Ryan England in a new column rejects my proposal for an alliance with the SJW’s of the PC Cultural Left. He has an excellent argument, which I will however disagree with.

But he’s correct that the SJW’s have destroyed the Left and they destroy it more and more with each passing day, I believe. They are a toxic force that derails the whole movement into insipid elementary school age squabbles about whose oppression is bigger and whose is smaller. I think it’s mostly just idiocy, but Ryan notes that if you go to Sargon of Akkad’s videos, you will see comment after comment of people saying, “I used to be on the Left, until…SJW SJW SJW (various complaints about SJW’s and the Cultural Left).”

For that matter, on videos of recent Leftist violence against Trump supporters mostly committed by Black Bloc anarchist Leftists, you see the same thing, person after person saying, “I used to be on the Left but I left because of stuff like this (antifas assaulting opponents in the streets.” So perhaps antifa violence may be driving people away from the Left too in a similar fashion as SJWism does.

Anyway, both the possibility of an Alt Left-SJW alliance and whether antifa violence helps or hurts the Left should be reasonable topics to debate. Let the discussion begin.


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8 responses to “An Opposing View: No, the Alt Left Should Not Ally with PC/SJW Left

  1. I”m not really in opposition of an alliance, I’m just very pessimistic.

    It basically comes down to the conditions as you stated before, that being IF they accept “US”. That’s a big “if” seeing how we approach social matters even if we ignore HBD, at best with that measure we could snag some moderates of the Modern left who don’t associate with them but they’re not as influential in terms of resources.

    When you get down to it, the “left” that binds us is essentially nominal in nature. As said before on this blog, anything remotely Marxist economically with them is always relevant to the demands of identity politics, so the personal interests are skewed from the start.

    But for argument’s sake, say we have a coalition that served it’s purpose, then what? Unless something changes in the dominance of the Culture war for at least the reign of what are currently modern moderates (if even feasible) then thing will return as usual.

  2. Juanny Boy

    Robert,um, I still don’t see how Ryan is wrong.

    If you burn your hand on the stove you don’t next stick your hand in the oven.
    This is not good for the left “splintering” be damned.

    I understand 100% the need to ‘stop’ Trump (I’m “Mexican”, after all) but it’s futile to go about in this way.


  3. GreatfulDeath

    Anyone can be violent, antifa are disorganized at that. Avoid them like the plague. SJWs are as irrelevent as their issues.

  4. Jason Y

    Blacks might have legit grievances due to poverty and the fact so many are in jail. The disabled and mixed race block would have legit grievances, but normally stay low-profile. However, the radical gays and trannies have no legit anger and are throwing it in everyone’s face, kind of like, well, you can get an idea by looking at George Takei’s FB page.

    I just don’t think all Cultural Left groups are the same. That seems to be the mistake the alt-left is making.

    Going back to the blacks, the anger is legit and in your face, perhaps though they still need to tone it down cause it’s causing a backlash that isn’t helping them out.

    Feminists? I don’t think they’re making as much an impact as the gays and trannies, at least in making people angry. Some of their arguments are legit but others are overkill like making a male’s normal sicko sex drive a crime or making it to where women are going to parties, being whores, and then accusing men of date rape.

    • Jason Y

      Definitely, radical gays and trannies are destroying the Cultural Left which in turn is destroying the left in general. In regards to other oppressed groups, average people are more likely to take their side than the gay and tranny side.

  5. Early experiences with proto-SJW’s pushed me away from the Left too. “I used to be Left until I met…” is my story, but 20 years ago. They attacked too easily, were offended too easily, especially if you didn’t “get” their version of Leftist or anti-racism.

    The same is true today. These fringe-dwellers have very, very specific ideologies, and the alt-left is far from it. Put it this way, I would be wary of discussing what I freely discuss here with someone who is antifa or a street activist. I couldn’t trust them unless I knew them well first. Am I a racist for even entertaining discussion of race realism? It would feel like discussion the merits of the bible with an inquisitor.

    I’ve met a limited few moderate SJW types whom I feel comfortable to discuss any topic freely, who are rational and accepting of difference, and others who look for reasons to attack you. I’d need to know which is which first, careful vetting.

    I agree with Ryan Englands position.

    • Australia was a trend-setter in some ways, beginning with Polly the Chip Shop owner and continuing through the Lebanese rapes on the beach.

      Polly was a Proto-Trump who fizzled out but she was on the forefront 20 years ago.

      Because so many diverse immigrants entered Australia PC was necessary as Anglo-Saxons dealt with one wave after another of Vietnamese, Lebanese, Turks, Africans. They brought their social problems-heroin, prostitution, radicalism, poverty, under-the-table corner-cutting.

      Finally, aboriginals had a difficult time and this had to be coped with more urgently than American natives who are simply Asians.

  6. SJW will reject the alt left so its irrelevant.

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