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Richard Spencer Threatened Again

In response to the Trumpster mass shooting at the Quebec mosque that killed 6 Muslims and injured 19 more, Spencer tweeted a couple of tweets that were seen as nasty and insensitive. One tweet asked why there was a synagogue in a White Christian place like Quebec in the first place. The other said this is a good reason why Muslims should go back to Muslim lands, because when they come here, nutcases try to kill them! Wow, talk about blaming the victim.

The tweets set off a firestorm of criticism. A flurry of new threats against Spencer appeared on social media.

The other day, Spencer traveled to Philadelphia for some reason. When he was there, antifa made posts on social media telling people that he was in Philadelphia and urging people to assault him.

Word is that antifa are tracking his movements somehow, possibly via intelligence gathering operations. I doubt if he will be able to go much of anywhere without having his whereabouts known. Looks like he’s pretty locked down. I suggest Mr. Spencer invest in some bodyguards. It would not bother me if no one hit him again, but it looks like the antifa have got it in for him. Spencer will surely continue to be threatened and followed and may face even more violent attacks in the future.


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Massive Riots at UC Berkeley Over Milo Yiannapoulis Visit


Milo Yiannapoulis was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley as part of his Dangerous Faggot tour.

Many of his tour stops on campuses around the country have been disrupted by rowdy demonstrations and even riots. His appearances are being canceled in many cases due to fear of riots. After the election of Trump, the demonstrators have gotten much more violent and rowdy.

At the University of Washington recently, there was a huge riot at a Milo appearance. People coming to see Milo were assaulted by demonstrators, who attacked them with fists, object and paint bombs. Some Milo fans were injured in the meelee. I am not sure if the speech got canceled or not. Antifa and Black Bloc elements present were probably causing most of the violence. At one point, fights broke out between antifa and Trump supporters. In the midst of one of these fights, a Trump supporter drew a weapon and shot an antifa. The antifa was badly wounded in the hospital but may have survived.

Just tonight, Milo was scheduled to speak in the Student Union at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, California. A huge crowd of over 2,000 protesters assembled. At first the demo was peaceful, but later, a smaller group of antifa Black Bloc types broke away and began engaging in violence.

There were shouting matches and fistfights between antifa and Trump supporters. In one case, an antifa threw an object at a young woman Trump supporter, hitting her in the face. She charged the man with fists and returned blows at her attacker. I don’t like the idea of beating up women, even if they are Trumpsters. I couldn’t do it myself. If a woman wants to take her on, fine, but men assaulting women even in political demos leaves me cold. Men should fight men and women should fight women, sorry. I guess that’s that horrible, evil Alt Left conservatism of mine that makes me such an vile scum according to the Cultural Left. Isn’t it horrible that I want to protect women from violent men? Disgusting! I believe in chivalry. Is that scummy or what?

Large amounts of fireworks and smoke bombs were set off, most of them being thrown at the building where Milo was speaking. People charged police barricades and tore them down. They then used the barricades to smash the windows of the venue where Milo was speaking. People set fires here and there, including a large bonfire. At one point, the mob charged the building, smashed open windows using police barricades and managed to breach the first floor of the venue where Milo was speaking! Wow! I wonder what they would have done with Milo if they got their hands on him. They might have lynched him. Security at the speech panicked and the speech was canceled. For a while it seemed that Milo was trapped inside, but officers managed to escort him to safety.

Police had to resort to tear gas, pepper spray and even rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. Police gave orders to disperse, warning that anyone who did not leave would be arrested.

This was probably the most serious riot at UC Berkeley in quite some time, but of course, in the 1960’s and 70’s, huge demonstrations and even riots rocked the campus on a regular basis. Governor Ronald Reagan even called out the California National Guard to restore order on California campuses.


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Is Donald Trump Abusing His Wife Melania?

I would say that he treats her like dirt, shit, crap, garbage, whatever metaphor you prefer. He barely even acknowledges her presence. He walks ahead of her in public – this, according to my mother, is a telltale sign of contempt and it is a very bad thing. Ladies any time you are with a man who keeps walking ahead of you, get rid of him. He is doing this because he is embarrassed to be seen with you!

I agree that she displays all of the behavior of an abused woman. He seems to treat her roughly, twisting her finger and apparently ordering her around. He often appears terrified of him. When dancing with him, she looks tense, stiff and fake. But when dancing with a soldier, she comes alive and shows her humanity is yet intact.

Their body language when they are together speaks volumes. It seems like there is a wall of solid frozen stone between them. He never lets her respond and. always talks over her. Even when a question is directed at her and she starts to respond, he cuts her off immediately and takes over the answer. She looks angry when he does this. When discussing what makes him angry, she becomes noticeably nervous and says he likes everything to be done correctly just as he ordered it to be done and gets mad when people do not do their job perfectly.

That he is emotionally and psychologically abusing her is beyond argument. Whether he verbally abuses her or not is more up in the air, but when she is not around, he talks about her in a condescending and insulting way. We also do not know if he is physically abusive to her, although his first wife Ivana charged him with raping her and beating her up on two separate occasions.


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Donald Trump, Menacer, Batterer and Rapist

Trump Violently Raped and Beat up Ivana

Ivana Trump, Trump’s first wife, claimed that he raped her forcefully and violently once, and on another occasion, he went into such a fury when she changed her hairstyle that he pulled some of her hair out by the roots. The charges were rescinded after he apparently paid her a large sum of money, and she now says these things never happened.

Trump Violently Raped, Beat up and Issued Death Threats against Two Girls Aged 12 and 13

There was also a very convincing accusation of Trump raping two girls aged 12 and 13 around 1996 at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. There was an actual female witness to both of these rapes who backed up the now-grown woman on all of the charges. Trump threatened to harm or kill both girls and their families if they talked. The 12 year old, named Maria, later vanished mysteriously and was never seen again.

The woman continued to pursue the charges, but she dropped charges right before the election, saying that she was receiving a lot of threats from unknown persons, possibly Trump or his capos. She said that the threats intimidated her into dropping the charges. However, what probably actually happened is that Trump paid her a large sum of hush money to drop the case.



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Did Donald Trump Disappear and/or Murder a 12 Year old Girl?

Trump’s Violent Rapes, Death Threats against, and Possible Disappearance or Murder of a 12 Year Old Girl

From the previous post, we know that girl who was 13 years old in 1996 charged Trump with raping and beating her and a 12 year old girl named Maria at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in New York. The woman had a witness who saw the beatings and all of the rapes. The witness backed up the woman on all details. Witnesses in rape cases are quite rare, so it is shocking any time you get a rape case with a witness. A rape case with a witness is much better than a typical rape case.

Maria later mysteriously disappeared and has not been seen since. Trump then used her disappearance to threaten the other teenage girls, telling them that if they did not cooperate and have sex with him on demand, they “would end up like Maria.” The woman accusing Trump of this took that comment to mean that Maria had possibly been killed or disappeared somewhere.

So the question of the day is: Does Donald Trump disappear and murder little girls? We already know that Donald Trump beats up and rapes little girls. How much further of a step is it to disappearance and even homicide?


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An Opposing View: No, the Alt Left Should Not Ally with PC/SJW Left


Ryan England in a new column rejects my proposal for an alliance with the SJW’s of the PC Cultural Left. He has an excellent argument, which I will however disagree with.

But he’s correct that the SJW’s have destroyed the Left and they destroy it more and more with each passing day, I believe. They are a toxic force that derails the whole movement into insipid elementary school age squabbles about whose oppression is bigger and whose is smaller. I think it’s mostly just idiocy, but Ryan notes that if you go to Sargon of Akkad’s videos, you will see comment after comment of people saying, “I used to be on the Left, until…SJW SJW SJW (various complaints about SJW’s and the Cultural Left).”

For that matter, on videos of recent Leftist violence against Trump supporters mostly committed by Black Bloc anarchist Leftists, you see the same thing, person after person saying, “I used to be on the Left but I left because of stuff like this (antifas assaulting opponents in the streets.” So perhaps antifa violence may be driving people away from the Left too in a similar fashion as SJWism does.

Anyway, both the possibility of an Alt Left-SJW alliance and whether antifa violence helps or hurts the Left should be reasonable topics to debate. Let the discussion begin.


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Oregon: Trump Supporter Knocked Unconscious and Trump Supporter’s Vehicle Attacked

Good news!

Violence broke out at a demonstration at Portland Airport over Trump’s asinine immigration rules. A mob of anti-Trump leftwing demonstrators noticed some Trump supporters nearby and assaulted them. One Trump supporter was knocked unconscious! Good! They knocked him out! The crowd then chanted slogans calling the man a Nazi while bystanders tried to help him. Some of the people in crowd wore black or gray and had their faces covered, which means this may be a Black Bloc action. The man who assaulted him appeared to have been one of those wearing Black Blog attire. The attackers managed to escape. There is a video at the link.

Good job boys! Keep up the good work!

In other news, demonstrators in Eugene attacked a Trump supporter driving a car near an anti-Trump demonstration. 150 demonstrators walked through the streets, disrupting a lot of traffic. At one point, they came to the car of a Trump supporter which was blocked in traffic by the demonstrators. Demonstrators ripped his Trump sticker off his car and set it on fire. Then they pounded on his vehicle and punctured a tire on his car. The attackers managed to escape.

Good work! Keep it up!


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