Trump’s First Days in Office Have Been Objectively Very Racist and Bigoted


Technically, Trump is not a fascist. Yet. But he’s close enough for me. I believe that Trump is the most fascist president this nation has ever had. We have never been this close to fascism before.

Trump is a Proto-Fascist or Pre-Fascist

Experts on fascism say that Trump is a rightwing populist. But when you go further right from rightwing populism, the next stop is overt fascism. Rightwing populism is just a way station on the Fascist Highway. Others have called him a pre-fascist or a proto-fascist. All fascism experts agree that Trump shows a number of fascist characteristics in spades. There’s just not enough to make the full diagnosis. But as he cements his dictatorship, his underlying  brown t-shirt may become increasingly clear. Anyone who cannot see the fascist elements in Trump and for that matter, the criminal organization called the Republican Party does not know the meaning of the term.

Trump’s Objective Racism and Bigotry against Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims

Trump has been quite hostile to US Blacks, and the recent Holocaust Memorial statement was odd towards Jews. Trump got sued for housing discrimination against Blacks. His father engaged in housing discrimination against Blacks for decades. His Dad was also a White Supremacist, worse, an out and out Nordicist. Trump’s father was a member of the KKK and participated in anti-Catholic and anti-Italian riots in New York in the 1920’s.

Trump has nominated a very racist man, Mr. Sessions, for Attorney General. His hostility to Blacks has been palpable his whole career. The mere act of nominating Sessions as Atty General shows extreme hostility towards Blacks.

Trump called a Black man at one of his rallies a thug and told supporters to throw him out. Actually he was a Trumpster himself.

Trump got into a huge fight with John Lewis the civil rights icon soon after his election. On Martin Luther King Day of all days, he sent out tweets bashing Lewis. He also declined to make a statement about MLK as is usual or to pay a visit to the MLK Museum. The symbolism is not hard to figure out.

Trump is obviously extremely hostile to Muslims bordering on the fanatical.

Trump seems to be displaying an awful lot of racism against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. He called them criminals and rapists in his speeches.

Trump’s right-hand man Bannon took over the Breitbart website and soon turned it much more racist. There were articles celebrating the Confederate flag and there is a section of the site called “Black Crime.” Bannon openly stated that he wished his site to be the flagship of the White Supremacist Alt Right. Under Bannon’s tenure, the site became much more racist against Blacks and hostile to gays and feminists. A Jewish former editor said the comments section became overrun with open Alt Right White Supremacists under Bannon’s tenure. Bannon stated in the past that we should restrict voting to property owners only. He noted that this would considerably reduce the Black vote and Bannon said that would be a good thing.

The Alt Right, of which Bannon says his website is the flagship website, is an actual fascist grouping whose end goal is indeed fascism, the real deal. So Bannon has lined  himself up with actual fascists with a fascist project for the country.

I am dubious that Bannon is actually an out and out White Supremacist, and I think a lot of the Left’s charges against him and Breitbart are idiotic.

Trump’s cabinet is almost 100% White men. There are not even many Jews.


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10 responses to “Trump’s First Days in Office Have Been Objectively Very Racist and Bigoted

  1. Jason Y

    Hopefully, Trump’s economic enemies will trash the economy (stock market). However, if he tries to unite the corporations with the state as with Hitler we might not be so lucky. What are the odds Trump can make that happen (with the corporations)?

  2. Jason Y

    I’m guessing the cultural left (some whom are justified and others are just outright weird freaks) will keep protesting until Trump shuts them up. However, shutting them up is bad news for the alt-left or left in general.

    • JASON Y

      “Elitist” perspective comin’ at ya:

      Alt-Left protesters are in middle age but look like they were frozen at a Cypress Hill concert in 1994-dreadlocks, scruffy black clothes, dyed black goths, old hoodies.

      Its a “Greenday” reunion.

      They have not put the bong down for 20 years and forgot that Kurt Cobain died.

      The women look like high school goths from 1995 with lot’s of piercings, unshaven pubes and dyed black hair.

      Common denominator for standing in the freezing cold is no money, no job, no property. Nothing better to do.

      Trump, his minions, his Wall Street Wolves on Wall Street with their office orgies etc. do not give a bloody shit if some old hippies, crusties, anarchists, feminists and blacks stand in the road waving signs.

      Neither do the people who voted for the man in the Flyover 1,000 miles into the interior.

      They spent their high school years beating up Deadheads and hassling “college boys” who made the mistake of stepping into their Sports Bar. They make “n888er jokes” and “Jewish American Princess jokes” and like watching porno made my Jews of big black males with huge penises in the mouth of a skinny blonde from a Flyover state like theirs who was molested too many times as an adolescent girl and went out to Hollywood because she saw PRETTY WOMAN.

      They DO NOT GIVE a shit if “college boys” who are still trying to pay off student debts at age 36 stand in the cold streets with their arm around a black woman holding a BLM sign. Their votes outweighs these people.

      Some of these Trump supporters are police officers, military or national guard, white-collar workers, real estate pushers, finance or banking drones. They never toked up before a Political Science lecture in college. If they attended college they spent it in Frat Date Rape house drinking beer kegs and “tailgating”.

      • Jason Y

        There might actually be a resentment of Trump against the college educated, seeing as his style has always been about buying and selling as opposed to working for other people.

        • JASON Y Trump personally? He’s a rich kid with dubious qualifications.

          He does not have personal feelings towards the Alt-Left. They are simply dirty, smelly hippies and women who never shave their vagina. That is all any of them are too him. He understands that they have no money, no institutional power except as glorified school teachers in universities.

          He may dislike the media and by extension Jews, but these folks too are not people he personally disdains. Their Dad was an accountant for his Dad.

          His rich. He does not have to give a single solitary shit.

  3. Jason Y

    I think the end of the first Ghostbusters movie is upon us. So we better make drastic plans !!!

  4. Jason Y

    Trump likes Robert Kiyosaki, the Japanese real estate guru, wrote a book with him. So Japanese are an exception. 😆

  5. Jason Y

    Ron Paul is expecting an economic collapse, so is Kiyosaki. But these guys are fringe nutcases, right? Will we be lucky to see it happen on Trump’s watch? But what if he is super-Hitler and pulls the US out of it, and then he becomes the sun emperor?

  6. Jason Y

    Though this is a conspiracy theory link, it’s got a lot of true facts on Trump:

  7. xoinosuilleabhain

    “I am dubious that Bannon is actually an out and out White Supremacist, and I think a lot of the Left’s charges against him and Breitbart are idiotic.”

    The problem is, we don’t have any time left for careful, considerate, calculated deliberation when it comes to assessing characteristics of Trump cabinet members. That ship has sailed–they have the nukes!

    The smartest thing to do now is to assume the worst of ALL of them as far as the type of people they are in private. But that’s not going far enough-you have to assume the worst about their goals, intentions, and what they may be willing to do to achieve them as well. As I’ve stated before, Bannon is particularly worrisome and we should war-game the worst possible outcomes as far as his “storyline” is concerned with particularly urgent priority…one possibility is that he is using Trump as a sort of ballistic pawn to “clear the way.” Many have probably already had these thoughts but I’m saying that a superlative amount of venom, cunning, and ruthlessness should be assumed of the Bannon “character” and his confederates.

    I’m not saying this should lead to anyone arousing public hysteria or panic. But it is smartest and safest to quietly maintain these convictions and allow them to imbue our actions with the correct and required level of pungency so that we may have the best chance of preventing the scarier outcomes of this de-evolving mess.

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