The Alt Left Is Not a Harmful Left Splinter Movement

Alt Left? Alt Left? And meanwhile, whilst the Left splinters off into subgroups crying about Jews or Transsexuals, the Far Right railroads on, picking up more followers whilst bunch of fuckwits delay and confuse any leftwing action. Twats!

First of all, the Alt Left is a tiny movement right now. Most people have never even heard of it. What everyone thinks is the Alt Left is not the Alt Left at all. In fact, it is just the Left in all its Cultural Left SJW glory, with an emphasis on the more left elements like Sanders.

The Alt Left doesn’t talk much about Jews or trannies these days. To the extent that we do, it is only because these are interesting topics of discussion. There’s nothing much to be done with Jews or trannies or any similar entities politically anyway. Neither are going to change or go anywhere. They will stay right where they are doing just what they do.

The Alt Left is not splintering away the Left. It has extremely limited appeal on the Left anyway. Most of its adherents seem to be splitting off somewhat from the Right.

It’s a great new movement with a lot of potential. It’s not bad for the Left at all. In fact, it’s great for the Left. It doesn’t matter anyway as most of the Left thoroughly rejects the Alt Left.

Right now, the Alt Left priority is fighting against Trump and the Republicans in the US. In the UK, the Alt Left should be fighting against Cameron’s ultra-Thatcherism and the growing fascistization of your land. It should be the same in most places. The primary enemy of the Alt Left is the Right, all around the world. We do argue with some of the Modern Left because they think the Modern Left has gone insane, which is true, but the Cultural Left is not our primary enemy at the moment. They are mostly just annoying foolish morons.

Although we do not like the Cultural Left, we will make alliance with them against Trump and the Republicans if they will ally with us. Right now the Alt Left is supporting the protests against Trump, even the violent ones. We are supporting the riots, the antifa and the Black Bloc. We believe non-peaceful protest should be an option.

The Alt Left are “conservative Leftists.” We are Leftists who are somewhat socially conservative. We are also nationalists. We are similar to the Old Left in the US before the early 1960’s. We are also similar to the ideology of a lot of older Communist regimes.

  • I am having a very hard time seeing how the Alt Left harms the Left at all. They don’t even like us anyway. Someone needs to explain to me how the Alt Left hurts the Left. I am just not getting it. Basically we are grabbing people who are drifting towards Trumpism and the Alt Right and shoehorning them into a corner of the Left. Our intention is to grow the Left, not shrink it.


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13 responses to “The Alt Left Is Not a Harmful Left Splinter Movement

  1. Jason Y

    I am having a very hard time seeing how the Alt Left harms the Left at all. They don’t even like us anyway. Someone needs to explain to me how the Alt Left hurts the Left. I am just not getting it. Basically we are grabbing people who are drifting towards Trumpism and the Alt Right and shoehorning them into a corner of the Left. Our intention is to grow the Left, not shrink it.

    The part about dumping gays and trannies might gain some sympathy, but action against non-whites and the disabled makes the alt-left seem too hateful.

    Anyhow, note, if there are certain bozos drifting off toward Trump from the left, then good riddens !!! Who needs them anyhow? I mean, they know who Trump is and what he represents. It’s not like they were lied to.

  2. Jacki

    Here in the uk the left has splintered off into the Greens, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and now some fucking Womens party. So whenever there is a general election, the main left wing party, namely the Labour Party gets screwed over by lefties who want a slightly different left. Meanwhile the right wing party the Conservatives, has only the sub group Ukip to take votes from them. For fucks sake. Its not rocket science to work out how dumb a left wing alt or sub group is.

    • JACKI

      Things have to really disintegrate under a Thatcher for working-class people for a Blair to come into style.

    • Now now be nice. Don’t attack my glorious movement, or I will ban your hot little ass, honeybuns.

      At the moment, we support the Democratic Party out of necessity or at least I do.

      • ROBERT


        He’s not going to fight off the Left for very long, including senators.

        If he EVEN LASTS A SINGLE TERM it will be a miracle.

        For TEN YEARS OR SO it appears that HE HAD NO JOB.

        What sort of genius does the public expect from this man?

        He’s not a lawyer like Clinton or Obama who at least grasp the basics of law.

        He did not study Political Science.


        • Jason Y


          Maybe SELF-MAD but not SELF-MADE.

          Oh wait, some have claimed he took his dad’s money and doubled or tripled it, something like that.

      • ROBERT I agree with you. The man is a landlord, not even a middling lawyer like Clinton.

        Senators seem to be at him and the media. No, I do not think he will make it to two terms.

  3. Jacki

    Like i said before in your other thread, the left needs to stand its ground with just a few strong policies. Policies that protect workers and the vulnerable. A strong simple platform is the best way forward.

    • JACKI

      This happened after 17 years of Thatcher-Major being her mere coattail-BUT things have to really get harsh for the left.

      Police, Finance, Military. These institutions of money and power are always Right-Wing.

      Trump, like Thatcher, has come out of an era when the Right-wing was boiling over perceived Socialism.

      They are going to be around for a while in the United States.

  4. JACKI

    I was 5 years old when Thatcher was elected but I remember it was because poor whites in UK were complaining that Britain was a Half-Sovietized by socialism. There was even an allegorical film made about with Hoskins as real-estate developing gangster at war with terrorism who finally gets kidnapped by Pierce Brosnan’s IRA member.

    What happened was that the working-class who hoped Thatcher would make UK great again bore the brunt of this. Unions were dismantled. The religious right clamped down on Video Nasties and SOHO. Industries simply gotten rid of. Irish on UK soil harassed by police and the government and the ISIS of the British Isles was at war. Minorities who offered nothing anyhow suffered, a few like Sikhs and Chinese rose to heights of prosperity.

    This was all at the expense of white proles who owned nothing but their council house.

    Finally, after 17 years of it, Blair came into office and even they wanted some degree of compassion from the Left.

    Thatcher did improve the economy of the UK. Watch old British 70’s films. The place was nearly third-world. Ten years later it was Cool Brittania.

    But, like I sad, either way the working-class bears the brunt.

    Like Thatcher, Trump will alienate his own working-class base when his deregulation and lack of concern for the poor becomes too much of a burden for them to bear. Sure, Trump like Thatcher is good at creating jobs for stockbrokers and privatization.

  5. Jacki

    This is so apt. It evens demonstrates the idioacy of how sub groups attack eachother rather than their opponents! doh

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