January 30, 1933

Yesterday in 1933, Adolf Hitler was made chancellor of Germany.

Although he hasn’t killed any Jews or started any wars yet, Trump-Bannon are very much cut from the same mold – not only fascists, but racist fascists to boot. Another word for a racist fascist is a National Socialist or Nazi.

So yeah, this time the Godwin Rule actually makes some sense.

Have fun with your dictatorship, Trumpsterfires, or Cum Trumpsters. Which is better,  Cum Trumpsters, Trumpsters, or Trumpsterfires?

I rather like Cum Trumpsters. Reminds me of Teabaggers. Similar acts, both associated with fellatio. And boy are the Trumpsters fellating Herr Donald! Whew. If they don’t come up for air soon, they may suffocate. Wait. This is bad?


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4 responses to “January 30, 1933

  1. Jason Y

    Scandals could get Trump, but then you only have someone even worse, Pence coming in.


    Trump would have to start with his his grandchildren who are themselves half Jewish.

    Does the United States really have the money for more wars? How much would wars against Iran and Syria really cost? Who would show up for them?

    Trump can build a wall and talk tough to Australian Prime Ministers over a few hundred refugees languishing in a camp.

    The Supreme court just turned over his refugee ban.

    What is Trump really going to do besides stand in front of an audience with empty braggadocio. Tax remissions on Latin payments. Sure okay, that will build a wall.

    • Pool Boy

      TRASH Donald Trump has strong genetic and cultural ties to Jews, it is said these are self-serving, but everything is self serving, really. (#autright). Plus he still had not divested his business interests so he has motivation to keep Jooos happy.

      I would suggest Robert just treat the alt right as the 14 year old Aspergers that they are.

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