Is Part of Bannon’s Project “Make America White Again”?

Subir: I don’t think people here appreciate the driving force behind the Bannon-sponsored immigration orders.

Bannon wants to reverse the demographic changes that have occurred in this country after the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act was passed. This is about making America White Again. Very literally. Secondarily it is about Making America Christian Again.

That’s why the white-supremacists love Bannon and Trump. They want a separation of races and religions.

I will have to do a diary about this because people keep assuming this is about illegal immigration or employers or some other shit like that. It’s not. It’s about racial purity, plain and simple.

Ellid: We rarely agree, but I think you have a point on this. Bannon and the other racists do not at all like the idea of America becoming browner, even though demographically it’s inevitable.

These superb comments were taken from Daily Kos. I actually had never before thought of Bannon’s project in this way, but this may indeed explain his goals in part, and it also explains why he is such a hero to the Alt Right.

Some feel that Trump’s right-hand man Bannon has a “make America White again” agenda of reversing the White demographic decline after the 1965 Immigration Act and years of illegal immigration. There does not seem to be any sense to all of these anti-immigrant decrees except to attack immigrants solely on the basis that they are largely non-European. If immigrants were mostly Swedes and Italians, these anti=immigrant projects would not be underway.

Even the illegal immigration project is mostly about race and culture. If we had 11 million Norwegians and Portuguese illegal aliens living here, no one would care. In fact, there would be a clamor to legalize them.

This is why the White Supremacists on the Alt Right are so ecstatic about Bannon. These people also want to halt White demographic decline and even reverse it if possible. This is actual one of the Alt Right’s Number top projects, if not the top project. It is only in looking the demographic changes flowing from Bannon’s anti-immigrant decrees that these executive orders start to make sense. I believe that Bannon may indeed be on board with the White Supremacist project to halt White demographic decline and even reverse it if possible.


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38 responses to “Is Part of Bannon’s Project “Make America White Again”?

  1. Jason Y

    Actually immigration, except from Latin America, isn’t making America non-white. However, such immigration was not the cause of the 1965 act which wasn’t a bad thing, but rather NAFTA and other free-trade deals.

    • Jason Y

      Sorry meant to say

      Actually immigration, except from Latin America, isn’t making America non-white. However, such immigration was not because of the 1965 act which wasn’t a bad thing, but rather NAFTA and other free-trade deals.

  2. Jason Y

    Most of the white population decline can be placed on modernization. Even the white proles with criminal records who bother to have kids at a younger age don’t have enough to change the tide.

    I did hear an interesting thing but probably dumb from a La Raza website. It blamed white population decline on homosexuality. Is there any truth to that or is that just a bunch of hate from them?


    A small 10% minority of Charlie Sheen Spaniards drive expensive cars through throngs of Indians and slightly better-off Mestizo vendors in Latin America.

    Welcome to LA RAZA’S North America.

    A smaller proportion of whites behind the walls of subdivisions and more in rural areas too cold and remote for NAMS to want to live far from the everyday hustles of the city that fuel their Third World economies-sex, food, low-level service jobs, fencing rings, casinos, drug commerce, ethnic cartels.

  4. Tulio

    No reversing white demographic decline. Even if all immigration were frozen tomorrow, non-whites have more kids and Asians and Hispanics have a high intermarriage rate with whites which will eventually dilute white people. Immigration isn’t even the biggest factor in white demographically decline. It’s low fertility rates that’s directly tied to the way feminism has redefined the role of women. And I don’t see women going back to the kitchen and bedroom after the long stretch of freedom they’ve been used to.

    Just face it, the future of the US is Brazilian in appearance. A lot of people will be mixed and “white” will look more like Mariah Carey than Kate Upton. Of course there will always be some pure white people around that live out in the middle of nowhere. And just like in Latin America you’ll likely always have a wealthy elite of endogmous whites that stay in their circles and don’t mix with others.

    • TULIO I’ll actually elaborate on the new racial pyramid of America, which will resemble the last.

      Eurasians. Jews will stay toward the high-middle. East Asians.

      White males or females from the working class married to Hispanic Mestizos whose kids look like Al Pacino. They will be in the same category as Italian-Americans once were so no real difference there except maybe 12% Amerindian blood so far back in the gene poor the Mexican grandmother doesn’t know what tribe.

      Mulatto. These will mostly be from poorer white women who marry black males. They will be poorer.

      Blacks. Hispanics of Indian ancestry.

      Rural whites like Native Americans will exist in population centers in more remote and colder places. But even this will be a rule with exceptions.

    • “Just face it, the future of the US is Brazilian in appearance. A lot of people will be mixed and “white” will look more like Mariah Carey than Kate Upton. Of course there will always be some pure white people around that live out in the middle of nowhere. And just like in Latin America you’ll likely always have a wealthy elite of endogmous whites that stay in their circles and don’t mix with others.”

      Well, while ethnic dichotomy will look different, due to more opportunities of mixing, I wouldn’t quite say Brazil.

      Even then The Highest “mixed” subgroup would be more akin to White-Hispanic marriage versus any others, so if anything dramatic is to expected then that would be it.

      However, a “mulatto phenomenon” is more common in Britain whose black population has a higher portion of African/Carribean immigrants.

      The highest rate I’m aware of in the U.S is the Southeast IIRC, which is probably due to the number blacks there to begin with.

      I think a better representation ethnically would be Venezuela if we are just going by broad ethnic categories of Black, White, and Mestizo.

  5. Juanny Boy

    White has a transient definition. Italians and other European subgroups were not accepted prior to 1965, they’ve since been integrated because Anglos care more about NAMs.

    There is not much of a ‘European culture’ anyhow. Norwegians and Portuguese are vastly different although there are some general overlapping themes.
    ‘Ideal immigrants’ by alt right standards;
    Anglos, then other NW euros, then other euros, then Asians/Latinos and Urban Africans then Muslim Arabs and rural Africans


      I have nothing against Arabs but you can see the line through Italy and Spain where the people clearly possess Arab DNA.

      It is actually exaggerated in Southern Spain. In my opinion Sicilians and Maltese probably have more Arab blood than any other Europeans.

      • Juanny Boy

        TRASH you are making my point for me.

        Sicilians may be Arabs but when they have a christian culture and European way of doing things then nobody really cares.

        • Juanny Boy

          A Christian Culture and European way of doing things relative to Arabs, NAMs, etc. I mean.

        • Sicilians really aren’t genetically. As far as I know they are a combination of Ancient Italian Mediterraneans descended from european neolithic expansions, probably similar to Pre Italic-speaking populations at least genetically, and Greeks.

          They may also have an Alpine element that is noted in Southern Italy as well. Italy

        • Good God! Trash is not only a racist White elitist, but he’s also a Nordicist! Appalling, Trash, just appalling.

          A NORDICIST. Good God dude, get your bearings.

          Oh well what do you expect from a Kraut, eh?

        • Sicilians may well have some Arab blood, but it would be nice to prove such things. Actually the blood may more properly be Berber than Arab per se. Some populations in Northern Spain such as Cantabrians are up to 40% Berber!

        • Juanny Boy

          Bob, I think you mean “(((Kraut)))”

        • To robert,

          True, though of a likely different cluster, North Africans are part of the neolithic expanison of Mediterranean types similar to those in Southern Europe.

  6. Juanny Boy

    It’s only in America that this stuff is purely race based.

    In the UK the main concern is Eastern Europeans and Meds.
    Because of the open borders within the EU, there are absolutely no checks on other Euros immigrating to the UK.

    This has allowed vast amounts of scab labor Slavs, Portuguese, and South Italians. These people are White but DO NOT share a common culture.

    These aren’t preferred to UKIP as opposed to a hyper selected Anglophone elite of Kenya or Nigeria, and it just makes sense.

    See how it’s not always about race? Who’s more of a threat to ‘culture’ a Portuguese alcoholic construction worker or Barack Obama Sr.?

    This is where the WNs become ridiculous.

  7. Juanny Boy

    Okay, but Robert you really should familiarize yourself with Pence. I’d take 10,000 Trumps to one Pence.

    We’d be at war with Iran in months with Pence.

    • Juanny Boy

      and, YES I’m sure he could sell it just like Dubya did.

      • JUANNY BOY

        I’m not sure that one could be sold to young people who grew up cynically watching the Iraq War turn into a long unprofitable expense that America has been paying for since the withdrawal years ago.

        Social media has replaced the sheer influence of television.

        If there was a draft, nobody would show up for it. Poor whites are bitter and rich ones do not have expendable family members. Young NAMS despise the government anyhow. They seem to be protesting for the rights of Arabs at the moment.

        Good luck to Pence. I’m sure Iran is the place many young NAMS wish to die in gratitude his leadership.

        • Juanny Boy

          TRASH Vietnam was popular among the segment of the public who’s sons didn’t have to go.
          Such may also be the case with Iran.

      • An alcoholic bum could never have sold such a war today. I’m not even certain that Bush would get into office today and if America had the election over again they probably would have voted for Al Gore.

        Social media has replaced the print and electronic mass media giants of yesterday. Young people watch what they want to watch, not what a few studios or newspapers or television stations want them too.

  8. PHIL

    Saracen Arab, to be specific. Phoenician to a smaller degree. Of course Sicilians are more Caucasian than anything else. However Arab is present in their DNA.


    I have never been wealthy enough to be elitist. Actually I was quite a loser as a young man who barely graduated university because I loved marijuana. In the 1990’s you would have referred to me as a “slacker”.

    Because I was a penniless hippie as a very young man I was not attractive to girls and did not have a family young.

    This was kind of choice that freed me up from responsibility.

  10. ROBERT

    I’ve never been wealthy enough to be considered an elitist.

    I was a pothead and a loser in university and graduated with poor grades from a rather middling university.

    Such a loser that I did not marry as a young man as women were not interested in reproducing me.

    My marijuana obsession was supplemented by a love of prostitutes.

    So I remained single long enough to focus on a rather insignificant career, sort of.

  11. Juanny Boy

    you overestimate Presidential accountability.


      I’m not sure there is money in the budget to launch such a war. The United States is still trillions of dollars of debt from the last one.

      I just do not see a draft.

  12. Juanny Boy

    TRASH I pray you are correct, but people are so fucking ridiculous sometimes.
    The hatred of Muslims and love of Zionism is off the charts in Flyover proles (nobody with an IQ above 60 believes Trump represents a credible threat to Zionism).

    I think Pence could cast “anti-semite liberals” as rabble rousing hippies who don’t want to defend our great ally Israel. Granted, of course, that he doesn’t draft Cletus’ son, but fatherless Tyrone.


      I don’t think most JOOOS like Trump. They seem to detest him.

      The media does.

      Iran? Trump appears to be a bit of an isolationist. I do not see him eagerly entering another war.

    • Jews are already howling at Holocaust Speech. Sure, they love him.

      Flyover Proles at best are indifferent to Israel with many just plain detesting the place.

      Tyrone is in the street with a BLM sign. He simply would not show up for a draft. So you would have millions of NAMS in jail for correctly protesting that it was a rich white man’s war.

      I just don’t see Trump behaving THAT stupidly.

      • Jason Y

        There’s an interesting point. If Trump disrespects NAMS, then they will disrespect him by not fighting in his wars. I mean, at least W. Bush pretended to like Martin Luther King day.

  13. JASON Y

    Bush was the last leader with total control over the media at a time before YOUTUBE, social media, cell cameras, twitter etc.

    Partly due to a better economy and less of a police state-mentality blacks were not quite so divided from the rest of American society at that time. He was elected before BLM, before so many black soldiers died in Iraq, before it became obvious that overthrowing gangsters in the Middle East simply creates more refugees blah blah.

    So it is a volunteer army.

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