Alt Left Positions on Gays, Transsexuals, Non-Whites and the Disabled

Jason Y: The part about dumping gays and trannies might gain some sympathy, but action against non-Whites and the disabled makes the Alt-Left seem too hateful.

We are not dumping gays and trannies, we are just with to lessen the celebratory rhetoric about these people that ends up treating the abnormal as normal and the normal people as freaks. Face it, it’s not normal to be a transsexual and fully homosexual. It’s abnormal. So is being left-handed or having green eyes, but if everyone was left-handed or had green eyes, we could deal pretty well. If even 20% of society was gay or tranny, the consequences to society would be catastrophic. Since gays are only 3% and trannies are maybe .15% of the population, it’s no great shakes to deal with them, but even with those low numbers, transsexuals and homosexuals still cause a lot of societal problems, so these are not exactly positive things society-wise.

On the other hand, I think the Alt Left in general wants full rights for gays. That is, we support most if not all of the political causes that the gay community is pushing right now. I personally participate in gay political campaigns, which is why it’s a bit rich that I keep getting called homophobic.

We support basic minimal rights for transsexuals. I am not sure about the transsexual bathroom issue. I doubt if it will be much of a problem if we implement this, but it’s not a very important issue either. Perhaps the Alt Left will go neutral on the transsexual bathroom issue.

I believe an employer ought to be able to discriminate against gays or transsexuals if the person looks noticeably odd like a lot of transsexuals do or if their homosexual behavior is blatant and flaunted. For jobs involving meeting the public, an employer ought to be able to say, “Hey, this person’s going to scare customers away.” In that case, the flagrant gay or transsexual still ought to be able to get a job say in the back room somewhere where they are not serving as a front to the business with the public.

I think transsexuals are generally mentally ill, but mentally ill people generally deserve full rights, and their mental disorder is not dangerous to others.

What sort of action does the Alt Left advocate with regard to non-Whites other than reducing legal immigration, stopping illegal immigration, ending birthright citizenship and restricting the abuse of work visas such as H-1B’s?

The Alt Left opposes all discrimination based on race, ethnicity, etc.

Furthermore, we believe that the Voting Rights Act needs to be put back in, strong efforts to curb Republican efforts to keep Blacks from voting (similar to Jim Crow).

We would like to see the Housing Rights Act much better enforced. As it is, there is still a lot of housing discrimination against Blacks because there is little enforcement of this act. Black people need to be protected against all forms of discrimination, not just employment but also in voting and housing.

On the other hand, the Alt Left opposes Black Lives Matter. Rather than evil, I simply see BLM as idiotic, absurd, unnecessary and counterproductive.

And how is it that the Alt Left is advocating any harm for the disabled at all? In fact, we very much support the state’s disability programs and would even like to see them expanded and liberalized, believe it or not. For instance, in the UK, people on the equivalent of SSI can make as much money as they want. They usually do not make much due to their problems, but still.

And SSDI will let you work quite a bit. I knew a guy who worked 28 hours a week on SSDI. He said they just deducted his check. And if you are making good enough money on Disability, just cut the check to zero dollars and let them keep the medical care. If they become ill again and have to cut back or stop work, bring back the check in some form, but don’t throw them off the program. If they are disabled, they are going to have some serious health care needs for as long as they are disabled, so it is important for them to keep health coverage.

What’s so bad about that?

Jason Y: Anyhow, note, if there are certain bozos drifting off toward Trump from the left, then good riddance !!! Who needs them anyhow? I mean, they know who Trump is and what he represents. It’s not like they were lied to.

I disagree. We should take any people leaving Trump or heading his way that we can. If they renounce support for Trump and the Republicans, they can join our movement. Better to have them with us on the Left than over there on the Right causing chaos.


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9 responses to “Alt Left Positions on Gays, Transsexuals, Non-Whites and the Disabled

  1. Jason Y

    I’m not trying to sound oversensitive but when I was growing up in Tennessee I saw zero indication that the abnormal was celebrated, it was just constant bashing of gays, mixed-race people, the disabled etc.. I guess the whole cultural left was on some other planet than where I was at.

    • GratefulDeath

      Where I work they are outsourcing jobs, workers can stay but their pay will be cut in half along with many other negatives. Don’t worry though, they still had money to make all the bathrooms gender nuetral…

  2. Jason Y

    Possibly the only place you’re going to see the bashing of the normal, but even there it’s an exaggeration, is on a college campus. But, I mean, come on, years of bashing the abnormal have brought on the “get even” attitude.

  3. A basic moral axiom I subscribe to, is that one should never attack someone or hold someone responsible for, something they were born with and have no control over.

    Therefore, regardless of what homosexuality or transexuality does, its our obligation to work with it and make a place in society for them.

    • Jason Y

      That’s what many in the alt-right, alt-left claim, but I doubt if they practice it.


      The worst LGBT do is get the police called when two Butch Lesbians are fighting, which they do more often than their male counterparts.

      We have all known Gays and Lesbians who lead totally debauched lifestyles. So they do not reproduce. Is this a tragic thing? They keep the population down.

      In terms of whites being out-bred I cite another white’s checkers vs chess analogy: 6 kids between age 15 and 40 to a NAM mother whose parents have to raise the children. Two go to prison for life, two become hopeless junkies/prostitutes, one floats by on odd jobs and food stamps and fortified wine, one goes to college.


      Men seeking to shack up with other men is not much of a social problem.

      So far as I know, they actually make more money than straight people: both partners work, no dependents. Look at how they clean up a bad area when they move in and GENDER-FY it.

  4. Tulio

    I used to be opposed to BLM, but now I feel better about them since entering the Trump era. I think if nothing else they are street soldiers in the fight against right-wing authoritarian government. They have the ability to mobilize large numbers of youth and fight the power. So that can’t be a bad thing. I don’t subscribe to all their beliefs, but can’t complain about them protesting against police brutality. I guess I’d say I’m now neutral on them rather than negative.

  5. Jason Y

    Darth Vader in Drag 😆 HA HA That’s funny.

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