Trump Declares War on Syria and Russia


Lots of morons think this is a good idea because hurrrrrrrrrrrr fewer refugees. Thing is, those zones are not needed. There is plenty of room in the surrounding countries for any refugees, and if you want to be really safe, just go to Syrian government-held territory. There are lots of Syrian government-controlled areas that are very safe.

This whole thing is a scam by the Saudis to occupy Syrian land and protect their jihadi pals like ISIS and Al Qaeda. By doing this, we are supporting ISIS, Al Qaeda and all the rest, but we have been supporting them since Day One anyway.



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3 responses to “Trump Declares War on Syria and Russia

  1. Juanny Boy

    They’ve tried to say that Hillary would’ve pretty quickly entered into an all out war with Russia over muh no-fly zone, but I’m skeptical.

    Obviously we could roast Putin over a fire in combat if push came to shove.
    He may have just backed off.

    • JUANNY BOY America is still recovering from Iraq and half the world is torn up over that lovely war.

      Which young person wishes to volunteer for such nation-building? People in the National Guard would desert before active duty, no draft would be successful.

      Kids now 18 or 20 born in the prosperous middle-late nineties have watched the country go down the tubes.

      Not this generation of cynical social-media folks.

      Young people born from 1980-1985 were the last generation who could be convinced to enlist in a war.

  2. Jason Y

    I thought Trump was a Russian puppet.

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