Are Jews More Likely to Be Rude Loudmouths?

Here’s my token “anti-Semitic” post for the day. Enjoy.

I am running into the phenomenon lately of running into Jews, all males, who all fit the stereotype of obnoxious, rude, combative, know-it-all who know nothing, arrogant, cocky, condescending, belligerent loudmouths. I am talking about the sort of person who when they talk to you, seem to be asking for a punch in the face. It’s that style of verbal engagement.

Now obviously a lot of Gentiles, especially Gentile men, act this way too. We run into them all the time. But I can’t help notice Jew after Jew after Jew after Jew after loudmouthed Jew.

Obviously, both Jews and Gentiles (especially males) engage in this behavior. But I am wondering if Jews are more likely to act this way than Gentiles, statistically?

Am I hallucinating  here or am I onto something?

Footnote: I have actually been noting this most of my life, but earlier I was such a Judeophile that I blew it off.

Here are some remarkable recent comments from a Jewish commenter, Aaron, which seem to be saying that I am indeed onto something here and I am not hallucinating.

I would like to thank Aaron for these remarkable comments which are incidentally also very well written. Aaron is one of the best writers and especially thinkers on this site and we are honored to have him.

Aaron: The dirty little secret is that people who dislike Jews do so because they’ve had too many bad experiences with Jews, and for that you can’t be White trash in flyover country where there are almost no Jews. People who have never interacted extensively with Jews tend to have an idealistic attitude towards them.

I’m Jewish, and I have to admit that most of the antisemitic tropes about Jews are correct, broadly speaking. Jews tend to be extremely envious, competitive, full of anger, hatred and contempt towards others, and obsessed with money over all spiritual or aesthetic values. They are backstabbing and unreliable, even among friends.

Living among Jews is like living in Renaissance Italy – which is an early training for gaining and keeping power. Whats more, you begin to realize the Jewish reputation for genius is just self-promotion. Jews tend to be mildly intelligent mediocrities who are obsessed with success and money and achieve it using dishonest means and through obsessive self-promotion and marketing, which in a democracy, naive people don’t realize how effective it can be. As Wittgenstein, himself a Jew, said – at best Jews can have talent, but are never geniuses. All honest Jews eventually realize this.

Growing up Jewish, I thought our behavior was normal and everyone acted like this. It was only by leaving the community and traveling extensively did I realize that we Jews are actually very different and are actually in fact insane. When I tried to tell my Jewish friends that most people don’t act as bad as our community does, they insisted it’s just human nature and other people are the same or worse.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think its “genetic.” It’s a product of a very pathological Jewish culture, and Jews are themselves the first victims of all this. We grow up incapable of feeling happiness or love and with a burning obsession with success and money as if our very lives depended on it. Which, in a sense, is true, as our egos are so fragile we feel we will collapse and die if we don’t achieve “success”.

Is it any wonder that the Jewish country, Israel, has a reputation for coarse rudeness and a pathologically aggressive interpersonal style? And I’m not talking against Arabs but against fellow Jews. Israeli bosses are notorious for withholding pay – you have to fight them for your money. Yet this is exactly what Gentiles have been complaining about Jews since forever! Tell me, why isn’t Sweden or Norway renowned for bosses who withhold pay and for a crazy confrontational style?

If you look into the biography of antisemites, starting with Voltaire, you will find that they’ve been cheated again and again by Jews, and at a certain point couldn’t avoid pattern-recognition.

I say all this not to spread hate against Jews – Jews are as much victims here. The problem is the pathological, materialistic, neurotic obsessed culture Jews grow up in that produces psychopathic behavior inevitably. This culture needs to be addressed within the Jewish community itself, or we will continue getting into trouble and wondering why everyone hates us. But I don’t see much hope of that happening – we prefer to blame others.

Right, WN’s are taking a page from the Jews. Often they are quite honest about doing so – Jews are not that smart, but over the centuries they’ve developed amoral and ruthless strategies that help them gain and keep power. If your goal is simply power and nothing else – not creativity, not art, not philosophy, not civilization – you can go to no better school than the Jews. Of course, these tactics are parasitic, and if everyone does them society collapses, but I don’t think WN’s figured that out yet.

And you’re right about NE Asians too – the “new” Jews. Pathological ambition also infects this group.

Renaiissance Italy did not, after all, flourish for very long. These kinds of behaviors undermine societies.

Donald Trump was mentored by Roy Cohn, a Jew of course, and Trump’s behavior is obviously Jewish in tone and affect to anyone who grew up in NYC. Trump is simply a symptom of Jewish tactics making their way into the Gentile world – and this was inevitable, but it’s tragic all the same.

But if you read Alt-Right and WN websites like Occidental Dissent they are quite explicit about using Jewish tactics. Kevin MacDonald writes extensively about Jewish tactics and how whites should adopt them.

Well, they are, and it’s just going to get worse.

Corporate Jews and “intellectual” academic Jews have a strong thuggish element to them – read some bios of these types. It comes from the upbringing – the way it woks is, an unbelievably intense pressure is created for you to “succeed” so that failure seems like a fate worse than death. This generates the psychic energy that fuels an insane amount of anger and an insanely tenacious clinging to whatever it is your doing. Your life – your psychic life – is literally on the line for every small victory, and the waves of sheer panic and self-hatred that begin to emerge at the prospect of even the tiniest defeat is huge motivation.

It’s a terrible way to live for everyone involved.

Cooperation and altruism can be very effective survival strategy. Psychopathy is very self-undermining – I’ve been stabbed in the back out of sheer envy when I could have been a useful ally. But the psychopath cannot handle it if anyone else has anything good. There is nothing adaptive about this.

And in the long run, this kind of behavior rebounds on you. Look at what happened to the Jews in Germany. Yet it didn’t have to go down like that. The Germans were insane, yes, but if the Jews didn’t do their usual thing do you imagine it would have went down quite like that?

And look at how Jews are busy undermining their own position in America by supporting Muslim immigration out of hatred for Christians.

Psychopathy has its own set of motivations and imperatives that have very little to do with maximizing success and fitness and a lot to do with satisfying pathological emotions that undermine you in the long run.


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  1. Jason Y

    Would Jerry Seinfeld fit this image? What about Woody Allen? How about the character George on Seinfeld or the one with wild frizzy hair?

  2. Jason Y

    Actually, a certain portion of the population, call them cool, call them alpha-male, are definitely rude loudmouths. In some cases, it doesn’t bother with their future, but in others, as with the type Trash describes so often, it comes to bite them in the ass around age 30.

  3. JASON Y

    Jews call these Jews “Beatie Boys” or “NOFX”. These are their under-achievers who are either crusties with a bad attitude who start fights in punk concerts or hang out on Brooklyn Streets pretending to be black, dealing a little coke or weed, drinking Mickey’s Malt Liquor (Jews of this type like this booze or used to) and generally being anti-social fools.

    Most come from middle-class families.

    • Jason Y

      Well, actually I wasn’t referring to Andrew Dice Clay Jews but rather white proles, but I should have indicated it in what I was saying.

      Yeah, there are some Jewish bad boys.

      • JASON Y

        As depicted in the Sons of Anarchy seen when Fat Elvis was chased away from his house, Jews really marginalize these types. Nobody thinks they are heroic. Asians even more so.

        It’s a TV show starring an English actor who became famous in the UK for playing a homosexual schoolboy. Fiction. Jimmy Cacuzza is portrayed by an English stage actor named Jeff Wincott.

        One thing noticeable about SONS OF ANARCHY that IS probably true is that the Asian, Italian and Jewish gangsters were rogue males regarded as dead men walking by their own communities.

        Jax and the other whites actually had families, interacted more with a community (Destroying it) and generally being a burden on other whites-some of whom were killed simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        Jews and Asians do not drag their entire community down when they grow up to be druggies or assholes. They are simply written off as rogue males or whores and that is that.

  4. Bernardista

    Most groups have these outlier loudmouth types, not just males either.
    There’s probably even a blowhard Finn out there somewhere.

  5. Better believe it. I would not GO into a Finnish bar. They are rugged people, believe me.

    Jews can be loudmouths but rarely violent. The violent ones are doing it for a living, too. Loan sharks, gangsters, Fat Elvis types from Sons of Anarchy.

  6. Bernardista

    Now I’m thinking of the pancakes guy in Fargo.

    • They exist in the Upper Midwest, believe me. Native Americans are nobody you want to get mixed up with in a Minnesota bar either, I should add.

      None of them are small, to begin with.

      Joe Pesci is scary with a gun in his hand. The average Italian or Hispanic is about 5’9 and 160 pounds. Unarmed and alone, who are they going to intimidate?

      Sopranos might scare people in a few New Jersey neighborhoods where they have 50 soldiers on the street.

  7. I always, since a young adolescent, struggled with the “Jews have been made scapegoats for no reason for hundreds of years” argument. How can it be, that for so long, in so many places, a singular group of people were consistently chosen, for no reason?

    Now, part of the explanation is that Jews have been a prominent minority in many Western countries for quite some time, and as such, available targets. But is this all there is to it?

    Henry Kissinger once said “any people who has been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong.”.

    I can see the next progrom now. An Islamifying Europe (ironically partly the result of pro-Immigration sentiment espoused by Jews), is increasing the number of people in Europe who have attitudes to Jews that even many White Nationalists would think go too far. Even now, Jews are starting to leave certain areas due to danger. And yet so many of them are pushing for open borders. Why? Why do this? Is this was Kissinger is talking about?

    • Jews never had the impact in Australia that they did in the United States. To begin with, far less of them chose to immigrate there.

      • That is correct. There are a small number of quite prominent Jews, mostly businessmen, and they are without exception incredibly pro-immigration.

        Aarons comment was excellent. He noted something I’ve noted, but few have written about. NE Asians are quite similar to Jews, and are also very, very ambition oriented. We have a lot of Chinese, and this description, trying to gain success, for the sake of success describes it perfectly.

        This creates a bit of conflict, as Australians are somewhat laid back and the Chinese fight hard to gain position (in particular geographic position) which Australians traditionally didn’t have to worry about too much.

        As a result, many suburbs are becoming Chinese enclaves, often centred around desired schools which have a good reputation, and Australians can’t compete because Anglo-Saxon Australia tends to be quite individualistic, whereas other immigrant groups will band together to secure resources.

        • Polly the Chip Owner was LOVED by American “rednecks” in the eighties. If she had been a billionaire and run for American office, I have no doubt that American whites would have elected her. She eventually discredited herself, however.

          Australian immigration has focused on “wogs” to begin with: those Greeks, Balkans and Italians in tough Melbourne suburbs who were a menace to society in the 1990’s.

          Vietnamese and Chinese have their smack freaks and their extortion rings and massage parlors but these are in 4 square kilometers of Perth or Sydney.

          Lebanese and Turkish immigration welcomed by Jews in Australia? Well this was there mistake, in my opinion.

          But as I said overall Muslims far outnumber Jews in Oz.

        • Jews and Anglo-American elite to some extent buffered the United States from cutthroat Indians trying to get into finance off the boat and abuse the shit out of the system.

          It is much harder for Chinese to buy up real estate or businesses because of them. U.S. xenophobia counts for something.

          The same could be said for Lebanese, quite well-behaved folks in the United States. Try raping a Jewish girl on Brighton Beach New York and see what happened to you. It would be more than a beach brawl.

          In all fairness you and I do not intend to assimilate into the actual aboriginal culture ourselves. Chinese feel the same way. They despise whites as interlopers, cunning, creative, formidably physically tough on average (I know all this from being in Asia half of my life).

          They would like to do to us what was done to Aboriginals or worse, to Taiwanese Polynesians, which is simply see us in some remote interior drinking ourselves to death.

          Italians and Greeks and Balkans people have also not always behaved themselves…America’s 1990’s crime news was filled with accounts of their excesses in Melbourne and most of them like Dino were dead at 25.

        • ASSEMBLY LINE Anglo Marginalization in Australia

          “Wogs” Greeks, Italians and Balkan who clustered in Melbourne are more ruthless criminals and sort of killed off the old-fashioned white Australian villain. The U.S. papers were full the 1990’s Melbourne madness of Dino and Ivan and those other nutcases. Even Chopper Reid though they were excessive.

          2, Lebos. These folks are sort of the permanent underclass of Australia, so the old-fashioned Bogan like his redneck cousin is getting chased out of King’s Cross. There’s that vague Muslim extremist tendency, though not terribly pronounced. Some Lebanese are even becoming bikers.

          Asians. Chinese want to see Anglo people do what aboriginals do, which is drink themselves to death in some remote place in the interior. Vietnamese and Chinese historically hate one another, which is one reason why they have not combined resources to completely disenfranchise Anglo people.
          Indians. These folks go into positions of petty authority or finance because Australians have always been distrustful of authority-that’s my theory. Jews in the U.S. block this attempt to grab finance to an extent. They are stuck being IT coolies, which they do not really like, and return to India eventually.
          Aboriginals/Native Americans. Aboriginal people do not seem to be as capable of assimilating as Native Americans-basically another Asian group for all practical purposes. I cannot see them running casinos.

        • Yee

          Chinese have a very long history of value education and hard work.

          Because intellectuals would get power which in turn gets status, wealth, land, women, for 2000 years. Education is almost a religion. As for hardwork, well, we never had an easy life throughout history. If you don’t work hard, you’d starve to death, taking your children and elderly with you.

          What you call ambition, is just survival lessons we accumulated over thousands of years.

        • Yee

          I think the most distinct characteristic of Whites is that you’re some kind of religion fanatics, always have a desire to convert the non-believers, be that Christianity or democracy.

        • Santoculto

          The problem is when this “guide about how to survive in threatened or challenged environments” become a incompatible tick to the more “fair play” society.

        • Yee

          You mean the “have fun at school age” and “work as little as possible” society?

          I suppose it’s indeed incompatible. But that society also believe in education and hardwork. I think that is the TRUE problem.

        • Santoculto

          Greedy, lack of honest principles (ethnic genetic interests?) and/or pragmatism, the dark side of your people.

        • Yee

          Greed? I thought that was one of the sins of the Christians too. I must have mistakened, it’s just the Chinese.

          Dishonest? I don’t believe the Chinese could be both characteristic dishonest and trade with foreigners for a thousand years. How stupid foreigners could be, coming to China to be cheated for these many years?

          Pragmatism I’ll agree to. Because unlike Christianity and Islam, there never have been any laws set by the higher spirits for us. Therefore we haven’t developed a habit for rigid rituals. I suppose pragmatism could be a “dark side” for the Christians and Muslims.

        • @Yee
          Regardless of your opinion of Australia, it is the Chinese who are coming to Australia in droves, to go to Australian schools and universities, to live in Australian suburbs and take part in the Australian lifestyle. There are probably millions more Chinese that want to come here. So yes, the Australian attitude must have something going for it. Australia was better in the 80’s and 90’s, no doubt.

          A strong focus on education doesn’t necessarily result in technical and social development, if the subject matter is wrong.

          I hear a lot of immigrants who disparage Australian and Australians, but don’t see the irony that the very people they disparaged created the country they prefer to live in.

          @ Trash. Indians are often in low level security jobs

          As for the “wogs”, there were quite a few where I lived though it wasn’t a tough suburbs. Greeks were about as exotic as you got, and at least in my area, there wasn’t trouble. It was a great time and place to grow up, now going fast.

        • Yee

          Assembly Line Human,

          I’m sympathetic to you. Nobody like their homeland and resources taken. I don’t suppose Native Australians liked wave after wave of Whites coming to their land either. But at least Chinese didn’t blast their way into Australia, they paid an entance fee. And who knows what future Australians a few hundred years later would say about their country-builders.

          You’re right that education may not be a good thing. In fact, looking back at what ancient Chinese spent all those time studying, 99% were useless. But if the world believes in education, what can you do but adapt to it? We don’t make the rules of the world.

          Human world really hasn’t changed that much in 2000 years. Everything happening today, you can find similar things happened in history. So don’t get angry, it’s pointless, just live your life as good as you can.

        • @Yee
          Lets say in the future Australia demographically does change significantly, then the fact that these different people belong to an administrative entity called “Australia” doesn’t mean that much to me. If Australia is no longer what made me what I am, then its not the same entity. Unlike most patriots, I don’t rally around a flag, or a government, or a system, or a state. My nation is the people who share my heritage, my culture, the people and the culture which made me and the world I live in.

          It’s not that I have any personal issue with all the others arriving in Australia, or see them as inferior, that’s irrelevant. The issue is that changing my own sense of nationhood, my own sense of self and what I am, simply because some people are relocating to get a better job, or live in a better area, or protect their money from the CCP’s sticky fingers, doesn’t make sense. When I walk down Melbournes city centre, and its signficantly non-European, I just don’t feel its home anymore. It may not be a horrible place, it may be interesting in some ways, but its just not home. Multiculturalism seems more to be about some economic utility (which mostly benefits a minority), than about creating a strong sense of home and community.

          This is how people are. One doesn’t need to be an obnoxious prick when dealing with this question, as some far righters may be,but it is what it is.

        • Yee

          Assembly Line Human,

          I understand your sentiment. And don’t think this situation is unique to you or to the Whites. It happens to a lot of places, including my city.

          My city, Guangzhou has a population of 14 millions, less than 7 mil of them Cantonese, which means more than half of the people are Northerners who look different, speak different language, eat different food to the locals. And Cantonese historically despised Northerners. You can imagine the locals 20 years ago were at least as angry as you are now, perhaps more. Our city, our culture, our language all that stuff.

          CCP conducted propaganda urging people to keep an open mind, to judge people by their contributions to the city, not by their difference to you.

          And they were right. The city has flourished in the last 2 decades. And I don’t feel I’m living in a Northern city (I have travelled to a few), although there’re a lot new restaurants selling spicy food and bathhouses are introduced to the Southerners as well. A lot more choices, that’s about it.

          This is the story of my city. If you feel it’s a horror story worthy to elect a right winger, that of course is none of my business. I have no intention to move to a foreign country to wash toilets.

        • @Yee

          As someone of a Nationalist bent, I have no issue with anyone around the world, wanting to protect their national character (though I’m not a cultural conservative, culture must be allowed to change). It’s just human nature, and most mammals have an innate kin selection. It seems that a preference for our own people isn’t learned, but inbuilt. Studies seem to indicate despite our external culture and professed morals, we still fundamentally tend to react more favourably, and more comfortably among those genetically (and culturally) similar. Therefore optimal social conditions would accomodate for that, rather than obliterate it.

          Unlike most others who feel this way, I DON’T want the right to take up this issue, as they’ll botch it up. My wish would be for the more left leaning parties to realise that mass intake of people is unpopular amongst most people, doesn’t help workers much, or at all, and is mostly used by a small elite with money to engineer society, engineer the labour market and generally treat human beings like fungible assets. If they could push it (and I know people who are more or less left leaning who definitely DO), then this would disarm the right. It would mean for many, the right is not the last resort.

          But they’re mostly not that progressive, and seem to be more concerned with the abstract moral case of ‘inclusiveness’ over the more pragmatic moral issues of ensuring that the people who support your nations are unnecessarily outcompeted for jobs, homes and social niches.

        • Yee

          Assembly Line Human,

          I already said I understand your feelings. Such issue is more common and older than you may know.

          You only aware of it now when it’s happenning to you. But as Chinese, we have watched Malaysia and Indonesia went through similar sentiment half a century ago. All you’re saying is just Australian version of “Malaysia is country of the Malays”. This was the actual words of the politicians.

          I just hope Australia won’t become another Southeast Asia with so many Chinese being killed.

      • Santoculto

        ”Greed? I thought that was one of the sins of the Christians too. I must have mistakened, it’s just the Chinese.”

        I don’t said only chinese who are more prone to be like that, i said*

        Christians or western white christians are usually quite hypocrital.


      Polly the famous Chip Shop owner and racists did not go as far as Trump. She was later written off as a nutcase but for a brief moment in time white Australians-English and Irish since Italians and Greeks were regarded as Wogs-

      I’d compare the Jews to the Vietnamese in Australia. They’ve done well in the U.S. and some have great purchasing power.

      At the bottom of it, probably, is that life is to an extent an IQ test. Poorer rural whites tend to trip themselves up early in life: there’s drugs, petty offenses, alcoholism, a disdain for university, a young marriage and early parenthood, broken homes.

      The Asian or Jew can almost expect that if he himself does not get stuck in these ruts the white competition falls off by itself.

  8. Santoculto

    …germans was insane…

    …it’s not genetics…

    …jews are the first victims…

  9. Santoculto

    People already have associated reptilian brain syndrome with psychopathy? And with this ambitious Jewish and east Asian (Chinese) attitudes??

    Whites tend to be slightly more on neo cortex than other human populations?

    • SANTOCULTO Jews commit far fewer street crimes even then Asians.

      • Santoculto


        En masse immigration and new left ideologies are crimes too, but via indirect way.

      • Santoculto

        I doubt they commit far less street crimes than ”asians”, what asians you are talking about*

        • SANTOCULTO

          Maybe if you walked through the poorest section of Koreatown or a Chinatown alley known for heroin addicts AND $50 bills were strategically poking out of your pockets…Maybe you would be mugged.

          On strictly U.S. soil less East Asians will be roaming Brooklyn streets stealing out of cars to feed a crack habit or Coney Island drunks or a few in organized crime. This is more a matter of relatively large numbers of Jews in specific population centers.

          There is no “Leave No Jew Behind” policy in the pits of New York City or New Jersey. Maybe 10% of their population are wretched criminals and addicts but you would have to be way in the depths of Brighton Beach to run into them.

        • Santoculto

          What i said. bad apples there are in all groups who are aglutined via vague or heterogeneous common-traits, just like ”christians” or ”chineses”. But in terms of indirect criminality, jews are very specialized, or there are overrepresentation of gifted criminals among them, those who commit crimes Without being caught red-handed.

          What ”they’ are doing to the west is one of the biggest crime of all. And this is not their only-one biggest crime…

          again, they use their power and verbal astuteness to deceive people about their disturbing psychological reality, even many them, even most them, just like 80% of jews, are not that bad apples, the bad jews are criminal gifted and extremely dangerous.

        • When you say Jews are criminals, you mean they are white collar criminals, right? Because Jews do not commit much thuggish street level crime. They sure commit a lot of white collar crime though, that’s for sure.

        • Santoculto

          Who helps to create ethnic ghettos in american cities*

        • Santo, new policy is all regular commenters have to donate to the site. Minimum donation is $10 for unlimited commenting. I know you live in Brazil and it is a low income country. If the donation is a hardship to you, email me and we will try to work something out.

          I let you back on because you decided to abide by the Comments Rules. I am very glad you came back. You are one of my most perceptive commenters, especially in the area of human psychology. You are almost a genius in that regard. You also have a lot of wisdom, which is nice.

        • GreatfulDeath

          In a room full of protected minority groups, the white collared Jew seems most out of place.

  10. Heidi Beirich


    Also applies to Pakis. A nasty and sneaky race who parasite on White People.

  11. YEE

    That is white naivete that only Americans in the middle of the country with no exposure to any outside influence believe-that Asians or Arabs or even other whites care a bit about some Greek political system of governance that allows mobs to elect a rich landlord to president.

    This is the horror of anti-globalist people: they’ve never been anywhere and believe that their own squalid life or environment is the best in the world because they have lived their entire life within 50 square miles…no 15.

    Jews, who are white to the eyes of Asians, have absolutely no interest in converting anyone to their religion. A few ended up in China during the days of the silk route from who knows where. None have showed a calorie of interest in converting fellow Chinese. No Jewish missionaries exist.

    One reality of Christians is that many of them are not that bright, not that well-informed, not well-traveled.

  12. YEE

    This is true of Americans only, who are really stupid compared to other whites.

    Italians and Jews have been trading in China since the beginning of the silk route and few of them expressed a desire to convert the Chinese to their political systems or beliefs.

    It is merely the fantasy of American peasants from the middle of the country.

  13. YEE

    The opposite however, is true. Ancient whites ended up in Western China, probably early Greeks. Jews ended up in Shangdong somehow and clearly married locals because their ancestors are almost identical to Native Chinese. Italians have been hanging around since the Silk Route, they have a community to this day.

    Nobody who goes to China converts people. They are gradually absorbed.

    • Yee

      There’re Christians in China, churches too.
      I’m not saying it’s wrong to convert people, just that you have this desire in your blood.

      • YEE

        In all fairness to Chinese accused of not assimilating in the West none of the ancient Europeans around the Tarim basin or Portuguese in Macau or Jews in Shangdong have bothered to assimilate to Chinese customs or religions. Nor does China seem to believe that they would.

        I’m under the impression that Jews, Portuguese and the ancient Europeans who live around the Tarim basin never entertained some notion that they were going to change the Chinese political system or convert Chinese.

        Only American missionaries who do not realize just how ancient China is as a civilization believe this.

      • YEE

        Whites have ALWAYS been individualistic in China. Portuguese are a separate group in Macau to this day. Ancient Europeans lived around some sort of oasis in the Tarim basin. Jews live in the Shangdong province (I doubt they try to convert).

  14. YEE

    White Americans are a naive strain of Anglo-Saxon with a lack of exposure to the rest of the world. Italians living in the age-old Italian community of China are not trying to convert people. Jews in China must have married in because they look identical to Shangdong people today. How they got there nobody even knows. Greeks are technically the first whites who reached China but even they did not believe they were first. Some mummies in Western China indicate that probably whites from Russia were there in the ancient times.

    Portuguese are now absorbed into the Macau population.

    • Yee

      Portuguese in Macau speak perfect Cantonese, although many of them don’t marry Chinese. It’s very funny to hear complete foreigners speak our language without accents.

      • YEE

        My point is that a) Whites have been getting absorbed into China since those ancient Europeans around the Tarim basin who came who knows where b) China absorbs whites and not the opposite no matter what the American missionary would like to believe and c) Jews, Greeks and probaly the Europeans who migrated to the Tarim basin 2000 years ago were less naive than Americans.

      • YEE

        I harbor no belief that Chinese in Thailand wish to be converted by me or would care for me to bore them with a Greek political system they do not care about.

        As cynical as you that I am after an adult lifetime in Asia you probably don’t think that I spend a great deal of time trying to convince my neighbors of the glories of Western thought.

      • YEE Europeans from somewhere lived around the Tarim basin in ancient times. Nobody has any idea why they migrated their or when.

        • Yee

          Someone always got left behind in long distance travels.
          I read somewhere that there’re a village of Blacks in Africa that insist they’re descendants of Chinese.

        • To Yee, where was it? Possibly SE Africa as there was interaction there in Trade, but the only lineages I know if from Asia were South Asian ones, likely from Indians who went there.

          Otherwise possibly a group that is really a mixed group from Colonial days.

        • Yee


          An offshore island east of Kenya named “Partai(?)”. I have no idea how to spell it because the story doesn’t give it in English.

          They are very specific that their ancestors were some sailors of Zheng He’s fleet, a few dozens who survived a shipwreck

      • YEE

        Portuguese in Macau have not assimilated either. I doubt that they ever will. British expected Chinese to assimilate in Hong Kong. Spanish have hung around Philippines not assimilating as the top 5% of the racial pyramid-that’s about 5 million. They probably never will.

        Come to think of it, I HAVE NEVER ASSIMILATED. On a blog I write anonymous bile about Chinese-Filipino co-workers who once threatened me 7 years ago in a society where they were more powerful than I was. One Chinese commentator accurately summarized my status as a white deadbeat who lives meagerly off his savings with a Chinese woman, though I support both my family and we have a house and go to school.

        I used prostitutes for 10 years before I was married in Asia, I should add. I was not only a prostitute-club member, I was the president. It is foolish to suggest I USED women my age or older than I who calmly and firmly established rates and rules. It is ludicrous to suggest white men EXPLOIT grown Asian women. Some of probably mildly found it arousing, though I do not convince myself they would do it if they found a better-paying job.

        No Asian of course know what I privately think-good or bad, informed or ignorant. Probably they assume white people to be so uninformed as to not have an opinion. A few like Creaders get quite angry when I reveal my insights. A sign to continue appearing ignorant on the face of things.

        Chinese as you say have paid the entry fee to Australia. Its like hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ninety percent are solid citizens with well-behaved children though you get the odd 5% who are career prostitutes and heroin kingpins of course, with the other five percent being hopeless gambling junkies or loan sharks mixed up in casino misery.

        • Yee

          Given enough time, everyone assimilate, even the ancient Jews in China. They were not in Shandong, by the way, but in Kaifeng city, Henan province. And they called themselves Israelis not Jews.

          And yes, I know you’re a Henry Miller without works published, or maybe you have, I don’t know. Yankee with years of wild life in another continent, likes to write, cynical, sex, various jobs, not rich, I think fits quite well.

    • I think the Scythians owned northern China at least from what’s now fraudulent Mongolia right through Siberia to Ukraine? Largest braincase too as a region. Scythian mummies wore tartan. I have Stuart blood. Kewl. Let me entertain you and I have a quick query.

      I think the herb I’m working with, oplopanax came from right there. North China. The Scythians were advanced enough to genetically splice it. I’m learning whether they were Atlantean/Magi or not; maybe you can help.

      Some of the oplopanax DNA they used at any rate is absent elsewhere in the world. The plant was moved from north China to Ontario and cultivated for 2,000 years. It doesn’t spread well at all by seed and it is genetically unstable too, so the plant was cloned. After 2,000 years, maybe as the coast climate yielded to the zone 5 wet belt required, it was brought to BC, Oregon and I think Alaska to be planted all over the region and cultivated for 2,000 years more. By the Na Dene too, who uniquely did not arrive via the land bridge by the way and are actually of direct Siberian origin from the same area, but spliced early on with Amerindian in Siberia before being moved out to Alaska.

      The Alaska diking for the farms is the northern Russian coastline too. It still runs for thousands of miles and it’s mostly intact. Seasons and sea levels were good enough for gardening until the nuclear winter of 563 A.D.

      After 2,000 years of cultivation up and down the coast for commodities trade the plant was moved again to Japan to be GMOd into Japonicus.

      Scythians were pretty smart, perhaps indeed “shining”. The Oregon indians and Paiute have oral history of chopping the last of them up, each in their own region. The long-heads taught the populations Welsh and directly oversaw the plantations. They would not crossbreed for the most part. Slavery could not enslave the bound-headed babies in case they might be halfbreeds with the demi-gods, which brings that real long braincase of theirs into the question. Scythian or really Atlantean? They ruled at any rate, for a long time and all over the world. I doubt the Bering Land bridge had much to do with it.

      I came on this site though for clues that might lead me to think breeding up with the Amarna dynasty might have led to increased intellect. My family’s pretty smart so it may have a genetic component; we’re part of the Amarnas through Meritaten, already had monarchy blood so it goes through early Egyptian Pharaohs too, and got Meri’s Scythian prince shinin’ boy’s blood might have helped even some more. So we have a relatively careful concentration of all kinds of “royal” genetic from across the northern hemisphere; however, as you know there are an awful lot of “chiefs” in every culture. In Victoria, pretty much dragon country if you follow, I thought everyone had above 120 IQ; I was always surrounded by it. Mine’s 151. But I’m not a long-head; my hat’s only 7 1/8.

      Some of the commenters on this list are brilliant so might have some revealing things to say. I don’t have a plan to use it for anything; I’m retiring now. Too bad we’re not prepared just yet to get the world back from the illuminati, so set the stick a bit lower for today at least….

  15. YEE One Interesting Fact.

    No Chinese have ever tried to convert me though of course I have read Confucius like most whites who live in China.

    None of my neighbors, all small businessmen, have ever asked me what I do or why I do it or who I am.

    Whites actually do not have to ASSIMILATE into your culture. They are simply ignored. Some intermarry and after three generations-like Chinese Jews-nobody can see any Caucasian blood in them anyhow.

    Chinese do not really complain that whites fail to assimilate. They really do not care if we have our schools, our own religions, our own communities IN CHINA.

  16. YEE

    Chinese sailors married and stayed in African cities who traveled with Zheng He when he was trading extensively with East Africa. This is in Kenya, I think.

  17. YEE

    I was left behind. Unlikely I would return to have a family with a white woman now, at 42 with nearly grown children.

    Since these children will probably marry Thai-Chinese people it is likely that my great-grandchildren would not look very Caucasian.

    Bruce Lee’s grandmother, for example, was German.

    • Yee

      Chinese children are required to take care of their parents in old age. I’ll say you’d have less to worry about when you grow old.

      • YEE

        I would not really call my children Amerasian. They have never been outside of Asia and my assumption is that they will remain here.

        My wife is not a poor Thai-Chinese and has never wanted to visit America. She owns a house and some land. She has expressed zero interest in living in America as her living standard in Asia is about the same.

  18. Santoculto

    The problem is never be callous or nasty… But to be with wrong people, seems a common place.

  19. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    All my contacts with Jews have been superficial, except for 2 men. One was a co-worker. He was unfailing polite, restrained, self-deprecating, and frustrated because he didn’t reach a very high position and was too old to ever reach it.

    The other was a fellow club member. We were both part of a small association for 12 years. He also was very polite, low-keyed, certainly not boastful and totally honest. He too felt frustrated because he was an assistant professor with little prospect of gaining tenure.

    As to my superficial contacts with Jews, they didn’t irritate me more often than Gentile whites. The only ethnic group that is very likely to irk me are Jamaicans. The probability that a Jamaican male will annoy me is over 50%.

    Regards. James


    Chinese and Vietnamese are not really antagonistic to whites. They have no feelings about anything but self-gain.

    Australia stopped immigration anyhow. Easy to do because you are an island.

    A FEW Greeks, Italians and Balkans youth in the suburbs became notorious criminals: 1% of an entire population, maybe. None of the famous ones like Dino lived to even be 30 years old. And I think the drug crazes they capitalized on like cocaine and ecstasy are sort of out of style now anyhow so the profits are not there.

    In the future we will probably miss these SCARFACE-loving Al Pacino wannabes from Melbourne.

  21. YEE

    I hold the same argument myself about my pre-marriage Asian prostitute addiction, now long since past.

    It is LUDICROUS to suggest white men EXPLOIT grown Asian women in their country who are their own age or older as some were when I first arrived in Asia. Likewise, 1000’s of economists have studied the feasibility impact of allowing a new Chinese middle-class into Australia.

    Asian prostitutes calmly and firmly explain rules and rates to White males, who knowing pay in advance and obey these. Both feel they are getting the most out of their time. A Chinese immigrant will spend at least $100,000 by the time he and his family have Australian passports and that is before they buy a house, pay for schools, perhaps by a business.

    Perhaps a few Australians wish they were not rented out their body space to a foreigner. Other Australians find it culturally stimulating as Chinese women-especially seasoned older Northeast women of 35-45-find it mildly arousing to be with white males under 35 and they would never do any other job for the same amount of money you offered them.

    Once in a while the Asian woman gets an obnoxious drunken customer or something. Australia gets the occasional Chinese heroin smuggler or career Mama-San or gambling addicts who fuel a tiny a bit of organized crime that, as a whole, never affects whites (Chinese Triads in New York have been known to mercilessly kill American-born Chinatown addicts who mug a white person and bring police into their district).

    This is an obscene metaphor.

    But you see my point.

  22. YEE

    I’m not novelist by any means but any white WHO LASTS in Asia is not completely stupid or evil. The bad foreigners wash out of China, believe me.

    It is a hard scramble for immigrants: I can expect no welfare for my wife or children and my house is thankfully paid for anyhow. Chinese in Australia cannot get welfare for years until they are full-fledged citizens and most do not want to accept it.

    I am convinced Chinese in Australia have felt intimidated by locals just as I was once intimidated by Chinese-Filipinos who fumed at a foreigner doing a not very prestigious job. Like me, they probably fear the power and connections of that white and keep silent.

    On this note a few Chinese officials have made me feel humiliated that some uneducated man in a uniform could needle me-I am convinced that Chinese professionals who have to get past the gatekeepers in the West feel the same way. I would remind them that this man or woman has less in their own country than the Chinese professional will earn in his first year and probably the know it too.

    Having once been chased out of a hotel lobby by a drunk emerging from the bar my own opinion is that a Chinese person in Australia should stay away from cheap bars that drunks frequent.

    Locals of any color who threaten or insult foreigners are always the losers. No Chinese actor, politician, lawyer, doctor or businessman does this to a white and I am sure the same is true of whites.

    • Yee

      Well, except in China. Foreigners here are super citizens, much to my annoyance. The authorities treat them better than me.

      If I report my luggage stolen, police would log in the book and forget about it. If a foreigner report his stuff stolen, they would go out and find it. Penniless Eastern Europe backpackers got pickup by the police get free train tickets to their next destination, I would have expected them drop me at the highway exit. Really annoying.

      • YEE

        Foreigners in China run into trouble because they are idiots, most of the time. I’m sorry but it is true.

        Embassy. These folks really get bored of their idiots too. If you are in jail for drug smuggling or having sex with children they simply will tell the police they are not willing to get involved at all. Period.

        Western governments truly frown upon foreigners who end up needing the Embassy to fly them home. You’ll probably lose your passport for a few years and have to pay the government back. I cannot speak for Eastern Europe but if Chinese Immigration call your embassy to inform them you have been found penniless they take a real offense to you. This is only my experience as an American.

        If you are a black or white male and you must have sex with a Chinese woman than you should do it with women doing this as a job. She will politely and firmly tell you her rules and rates which usually come down to the obvious “don’t touch my asshole”. Local males will not beat you up for entering a prostitute hotel. They will view you as pathetic and lonely and might make a comment as you enter a “barber shop” but they will not stomp on your head. No pregnancy or hurt feelings either.

        Likewise the odd rape of a white female in Hong Kong usually involves being totally drunk on a beach in a string bikini or being publicly drunk in a cheap hotel where Chinese males of the roughest sort crowd around.

        White women who become hostesses or high-priced prostitutes ARE GOING TO MEET GANGSTERS IMMEDIATELY. Once in a while when one is killed simply for being so deeply involved with a gangster, usually she is an addict as well. Casinos, entertainment bars are havens for gangsters and any white woman selling her body will be a target because she is vulnerable and alone in Asia. Some American women who have seen too many John Woo films find Chinese gangsters exciting. They are really stupid.

        Robbed in a poor rural town? You don’t say. Ride first class with the white-collar commuters. You’re really asking for it to stay in hotels in poor rural areas of China. Some people are so unintelligent they should not be allowed to travel.

        Selling or smuggling drugs? This is the most clever thing you can possibly do in China. To begin with all foreigners are watched constantly and secondly your Chinese supplier has usually made a deal with a Customs agent or police to get a bust in order to stay in business himself. Your Embassy will not return your phone call in jail, by the way.

        • Yee

          You definitely ARE a novelist….
          True experienc, things read about, active imagination, all blend together. Not bad, Mr. Miller.

      • YEE

        Henry Miller is kind of an exaggeration and wild excitement is an exaggeration.

        I have been an editor for English language publishing companies.

        While it is true that many White men are are overly active sexually in Asia these are grown women who have agreed to sex out of boredom and money.

        White women are uncommon in Asia. Problems of sexual exploitation, pregnancy and neglected children is almost zero. A few white women are foolish enough to work as prostitutes in Hong Kong or they think gangsters are exciting because they watched John Woo and are trafficked. This is rare and you hear about it once every 10 years, if even that.

        White males will always end up marrying some plain Chinese woman and keeping as quiet as possible.

        Few of us actually last, to be honest. If you are 45 and marry a 20 year old Asian woman the relationship will rarely work. Other white males simply cannot find a way to maintain the lifestyle they like in Asia so they leave. Some drink themselves into oblivion.

        • Yee

          You might get homesick when you grow older. People usually do. You’d better take up a hobby if you think you can’t go back to live in your country. To take your mind off homesickness in the future.

  23. YEE Advice from a White in Asia for Chinese Immigrants to Australia

    MY WORK EXPERIENCE HORROR STORY: A Chinese-Filipino working for a white-owned company I in Philippines HAD to be fired for drinking and shouting at people. I was not the white who fired him but he turned on me and told me he was a powerful man (This is actually sort of true) who could kill me and every other white or have us beaten up (This is also true) or that he would do it himself (He was about 6’2 and 210 pounds of muscle, true).

    I chose to keep silent and did not defy him.

    Westerners will sometimes act the same way. Always it will be a male, feeling his territory is being intruded upon, who is too scared to threaten another white but knows a foreigner is slightly more timid.

    1) It is smart to avoid staying in hotels with cheap bars or entering cheap bars where drunks frequent. I once stayed at hotel and was followed into a parking lot by a drunk expressing his anger at a stranger passing through.

    2) Invariably lower-income members of any society will object to foreigners but NO white-collar professional will and nor will politicians, film actors, lawyers, millionaires. It will be the drunks, failures, desperate addicts, mentally ill on the street. Owning a car and simply avoiding the poorest areas is important. If you do not have enough money to live anywhere but a slum whether white or Asian, you should reconsider immigrating.

    3) For any immigrant it is a hard scramble.

    4) Officials want to see politeness and fear. They do not want arrogance or sarcasm. Their uniform is their symbol of power and you are expected to fear it. What they want to see, yellow or white, is unquestioning obedience. Give it to them. Act more afraid than you actually are-they like that.

    5) If you intend to marry a white woman, it is better to seek out one who already owns a house and is not totally destitute. This way you have a place to live when you have to support your family. I’d never be able to pay for a house AND support my children and wife if she did not own a house.

    6) Once married, you cannot have outside sex. This is where many white men lose everything in Asia. Stupidity, a child on the side with another woman, sex in the office with a co-worker (Totally scorned by employers).

    7) Foreigners who smuggle are really stupid. You will be caught whether you are a white guy smuggling watches into Hong Kong or a Chinese woman smuggling heroin in your vagina. The authorities will throw the book at you as the foreigner who is the source of a scourge. You’re done. Deported, bank account seized, passport revoked.

    8) Careful ladies, I’ve heard some bad stories from Asian women who entered Australia as prostitutes. Business owners apparently charge enormous fees. Also Chinese thugs will extort and threaten so-called “freelancers” who they know are women alone and vulnerable on foreign streets.

    9) Visa fees are intended to make the government money. You will have to pay them. Lawyers of any race will tell you about this loophole or that but what they are actually doing is charging YOU MORE than you would pay if you simply follow the rules.

  24. YEE

    I’ve held demanding jobs in Asia. Making enough money to support your wife and children is a challenge for a white man because the government is not going to assist you. Life in Asia has not been boring.

    As for the old complaint about white men being sexually overactive in Asia? This is true of many whites men in Asia with grown women who are 25 or 35 or 40 years old, bored, want money and have nothing better to do. The same is true of Asian males who cater to white men who happen to be gay, though I agree with the government of China that these does spread AIDS.

    It is not as if white men are racing through Asian streets nude with hard penises.

    • ChefWong

      “white men are racing through Asian streets nude with hard penises” The Asian equivalent of the Running of the Bulls.

      • CHEF WONG

        White women are more likely to give it away free in Asia to Asian males or even occasionally PAY THE GUY.

        I’ve lived in Thailand where this is often the case. The Western woman is screwed by the towel boy, the hotel manager etc. Soon the whole beach is abuzz with all the local males who have used her.

        In these instances I shudder at being white and reflect on the fact that marrying an Asian woman who owned a house already was probably a wise decision.

        I have not missed America for one day and would not return. A few times my parents have visited me.

    • Yee

      Whites are not a problem. They’re quite sophisticated, know where to get what, rarely bother ordinary girls unless they’re interested in a relationship. Whatever reputation they developed, it is restricted to a certain circle, not out on the street. Blacks haven’t learned this.

      • YEE

        The only African I know was married to a woman who owned a cake shop. He was arrested for selling cocaine and went to jail for years before finally being offered the opportunity to leave the country if he could pay a fine of $5,000. He convinced this poor woman to sell her business and pay for his legal fees.

        He was sent right back to Africa and she never saw him again. She had to find work as a laborer and later lost her car.

        My wife tried to talk her out of it.

        She failed.

      • YEE

        How different are English people than Chinese? Ancient civilizations with ancient laws about marriage and the importance of parents and similar histories of statecraft etc. Religions emphasizing priests or monks foregoing common pleasures. Confucius, the Ten Commandments, so on and so forth.

        Huge deviations exist, but because of the straight line from East to West along a certain latitude from the equator Asian and Whites more or less developed similarly.

        Africans and Arabs and Taiwanese aboriginals developed outside this Axis.

      • YEE

        Same reason Chinese don’t lynch white men like me in China or Chinatowns. They own everything ALREADY.

        Whites ARE TO BLAME. They chose to import Chinese-sometimes forcibly-as merchants and workers. Then they left suddenly, having stripped the Malays of any organization or political authority.

        Spanish hung around in the Philippines which was worse. Filipinos have been landless for 400 years. It’s all owned by white people with dual Filipino-Spanish citizenship.

        Australian whites own the economy and the banks and the military and the police and the political system. Chinese cannot bribe their way into the graces of any nutcase dictator or the police.

        Finally, Malays are dull, promiscuous and have lousy character.

        Chinese arrived in Philippines at a good time in the 1950’s when Malays were still living on the margins of a few Spanish sugar plantations (These folks are really to blame) and found customers for shoe marts.

        • Yee

          That’s right, Chinese can’t bribe in Australia, only Whites can do so. I suppose that’s the reason Australia has more corruption than Singapore.

  25. YEE

    Homesick? I left the United States in 1999 when I was 25 years old.

    The trends of my youth are gone anyhow. I’ve noticed that since then Asian youth no longer have to watch the latest Western film, follow the latest Western trend, listen to the latest Western music. Technology and talent is a level playing field. The old days when Tom Cruise’s cheesy smile was on every video store are gone.

    STARBUCKS was not really immensely popular until I had left the United States.

    My family likes KFC once in a while. I’ve grown accustomed to Chinese-Thai food.

    In terms of quality of live China and the rest of the Asia have caught up.

    American quality of life has declined slightly.

  26. YEE

    Chinese Singaporeans started the riots and the source of their anger was being brought their by the British. They’ve made the best of being descendants of slaves of whites though of course Chinese seem to like Anglo-Saxon colonies like Hong Kong and Australia so much that others have chosen to immigrate.

    Chinese cannot set the wages in Australia even if they owned the economy. If Malays worked for 5x the wage they do now than there would be no riots.

    It is the same reason Chinese do not riot against whites in China. We are not going to OWN anything. The banks of China, its military, police, financial systems, politics are all owned by whites for 400 years before Chinese started immigrating.

    A few bad apples get in. Some drug smugglers, human traffickers, career prostitutes. They are all busted by white authorities in Australia anyhow.

    • Yee

      Work for you, pax tax to you, serve your military, don’t mean they won’t get lynched or shot by you.

      • YEE

        Fuji Chinese are not afraid of whites in Philippines or Malaysia today.

        The only time I had to fire one-a barfly-he threatened both me and the English boss.

        He was a big guy of 6’2 and 210 pounds. I’m 5’9 and 170 pounds. My English boss was smaller.

        Believe me we were intimidated he was going to deport us.

        • Yee

          No Southerner can grow to 210 lbs, even more impossible in a tropical country…..

          Most of us will embarrass the country if a UN hungry index survey pick us for example, that include myself.

      • Raymond was a strong drinker and we did not want to fire him because his family in Cebu was well-established. He was AT LEAST 6’2 and 200 pounds of solid muscle as well.

        He shouted at the English boss-about 5’6-YOU’RE F*CKING WITH ME! in front of the staff.

        The boss MADE ME fire him because he was scared.

        Raymond let me know he was a “powerful man” which is code for “I’m a Chinese-Filipino and my family cartel will back me up.”

        But he did not care after a week because he got a better job.

        Fuji Chinese in the Philippines are 6 foot on average while the women are 5’7 and weigh about 130 pounds. Generally they are heavy-framed. They come from country stock and are built like an ox.

        Jeremy Lin is something like 350 pounds and nearly 7 feet tall.

  27. YEE

    Alas it is the opposite. Chinese have sometimes rioted in Canada, Malaysia or Singapore and its possible that such a thing could happen in Australia.

    This is because Whites own the economy lock, stock and barrel so there is no way for Chinese to really rise into finance, banking, the military, politics, big business, telecommunications.

    “Glass ceiling” is the word Chinese use. Whites own everything already, so there is little choice but to work for white companies, serve in white military, pay taxes to white people.

    • Yee

      Then why they’re repeating what the Malays had said?

      Australia doesn’t even make top10 countries of the largest number overseas Chinese, the only White countries on it is the USA and Canada. Over 70% overseas Chinese are in Southeast Asia, even Peru has more Chinese than Australia.

  28. YEE

    The first whites in California believed that Chinese fleets had been there first as traders with Native American tribes.

    Chinese have been in California for 120 years. Longer than perhaps 50% of white Americans.

    They were later to Canada and went by way of Hong Kong when both it and Canada belonged to Britain.

    This is kind of an irrelevant argument, isn’t it?

    • Yee

      There’s no record in Chinese history that we’ve been to America continent in ancient time. So any such new theory is treated as false by us.

      First Chinese in America were practically slaves, desperate peasants signing pre-paid contracts for hard labour to save their families. Of course it’s difficult for them to seaze any kind of economics. I don’t know why you bring this up.

      • YEE

        Evidently Chinese junks may have traded along the Western Pacific. Possibly South America too.

        What’s my point? Chinese have ALWAYS been in America so there is no anti-Chinese feeling.

        Unlike Malays there are many groups that are clever in the U.S. (Jews, Germans, Arabs, Japanese) at business so there are not going to be anti-Chinese riots in LA or Vancouver.

        Blacks focused their anger towards Korean-Americans leading up to the famous murder when a black girl punched a Korean woman in the face and the Korean woman shot her with a gun hidden under the counter.

        This DID result in a riot and Korean-Americans left the black ghetto. Today those businesses are owned by blacks.

  29. YEE

    Jeremy Lin is about 7 feet tall and 300 pounds.

    Raymond was not that BIG but he was over 6 foot and 200 pounds which meant that he towered over me.

    Many Fuji Chinese are built like an ox no matter what their height is and Chinese-Filipino men are about 6 foot on average.

    The women tend to have thick strong legs and calves, also.

    I’ve seen some HUGE people in China.

    • Yee

      Which Jeremy Lin? The basketball player? He can’t be 7 feet tall. He would have been a Centre instead of a Point Guard if he was that tall.

      Huge people in China are Northerners, they can grow to 200 easily. Fuji are Southerners. But I suppose there can be a few exceptions.

      • YEE

        The average Chinese-American is 6 foot tall.

        When Chinese in America or Philippine grow up eating pure beef they get large and muscular.

        • Santoculto

          Pure conjecture. It’s likely they eat more than their parents in Chinaland and not exactly protein/beef.

          How exactly larger and muscular? At the same height of Caucasians and blacks?

      • YEE

        On a diet of pure beef and protein in the United States or Philippines Chinese men grow to AT LEAST 6 foot and 190 pounds.

        Fuji-Chinese at any height are built like an ox with shortish legs and a large muscular torso.

        Bear in mind, however, these were sturdy country people to begin with.

      • YEE

        As you stated, these folks were peasants. On a diet of pure beef they grow quite large.

  30. YEE

    My wife is a solid 80 kilograms. Granted we have now had two children and 10 of it is fat.

    • Yee

      Alright, at least she wouldn’t embarrass the country. I narrowly escape malnutrition.

      • YEE

        Asian-American teenagers in Koreatown are large enough to OVERPOWER AND ROB adult whites, which they are known to do. Chinese-Americans generally are law-abiding people but in bad parts of LA Chinatown they are large enough to MUG blacks and whites.

        These are a small percentage of Asian-Americans of whom most are very good citizens AND the white people are usually foolishly wandering trough a bad part of Chinatown or Korea Town but Asian-Americans raised on pure beef and protein are MUCH MORE POWERFUL and larger than their parents or grandparents.

      • YEE

        It is usually the peasants who immigrate from China (They develop a sort of peasant cunning about business, however) to Thailand or Philippines from Yunnan or Fuji province. These are usually farm people.

        • Yee

          That was the old times, now it’s students and middle class invest their way into US. Students can be from poor or rich families. Poor ones try to stay, rich ones come back to work for Dad.

  31. Pool Boy

    I was under the impression that East Asians were shorter because they were lactose intolerant (no enzyme to break down lactose/tate/whatever).

    Rushton said that height had a quite strong correlation to Head size, and hence he would expect Asians to be tall. But the lactose intolerance thing throws it off. As for Chinese-Americans it may be that they are smarter than the people back home and hence that correlates to a higher average height.
    But I’m just speculating.

  32. POOL BOY

    America whites, Asians and blacks were often the peasants of the Old Country population sought after as laborers and strong arms. Africans of course not of choice and Europeans completely out of choice but the bottom line is that a subset of laborer-class became Americans.

    We whites observe this when we return to our ancestral countries. We are are usually sturdier than many Europeans who share our genes.

    NAMS are also a bit bigger than West Africans.

    Same principle in the past would apply to Asian-Americans. The laborers who arrived.

    • Pool Boy

      Okay, interesting points, but here are my responses;
      1. 74% of Asian-Americans were born outside the U.S.; so the 1880s intercontinental railroad ‘brute’ argument isn’t too strong.

      American Blacks may have been bred for brawn in the U.S., that’s true. But the notion that the strong ones came from Africa seems far fetched. These people did have Agriculture and would’ve snickered as they didn’t give the Anglo Slavers the less strong slaves. A bunch of relatively low IQ Scots-Irish grunts were eager to ‘get in and get out’ of a swampy West African hellhole and they weren’t going to gnit-pick which slaves they received (and note, the Spanish contracted out much of their slaving activity to British ‘middleman’ as part of a treaty ending a war. The British probably didn’t give a damn about what slaves they were given to take to all America but the U.S.)

      • Pool Boy

        2. American Blacks

      • Yee

        Recent Chinese immigrants would be smarter than the old country, but not so 30 years ago. Back then they were indeed mostly peasant stock.

        Earlier immigrants always came back to the old country to get married. Since their connections were mostly to their old villages, so those they married usually were peasants too.

        Smarter immigrants might have started 10 years ago. Because everybody with a half way decent upbringing has a degree since then. Though peasant kids are not doing as well.

        • Hong Kong businessmen do not even want to live in Chinatown with the entrenched descendants of pigtails who roam around in gangs calling themselves the “dragons” and robbing white tourists.

          You are quite right. Recent Chinese immigrants actually do not immigrate to Chinatowns. They live far away in the suburbs and work in downtown offices.

          It is the American-Chinese peasants whose Chinatown clusters around the old railways where their grandfathers worked who are still mired in poverty, vice, gangs and drugs.

        • Yee

          No, gangsters most likely be illegals.

          Even children grow up in Chinatown would do well in school. It’s in our blood to get an education, peasants included. It’s some of those arrived too old to go to school that live rough life, of course, illegals too.

  33. YEE

    China makes being a violent criminal really difficult so no surprise these people become super-criminals in a society whose legal system is not as ruthless.

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