An Example of Hardcore, Nasty, Ugly, Obsessive Antisemitism

Here are some examples of what I mean when I talk about hardcore, ugly, nasty obsessive antisemitism. It goes way beyond saying, “Jews are rude and obnoxious.” Hell, I have heard a lot of Jews and Judeophiles say that! That’s nothing. That’s just real talk by real people.

From the video I linked to earlier, here are comments of the nutball in the video.

This sort of stuff really has no place in the Alt Left as far as I am concerned. How is ugly, nasty, obsessive antisemitism an Alt Left value? I can’t see it.

The White race of today are the ‘Lost sheep of the house of the man called Israel’. Not that litter box in the Mideast. The entire connotation of the subject matter you relate to is RACIAL. Period! The Covenant was handed down from Abraham to Issac and then to Jacob who had his name changed to ‘Israel’. Duhhhhh! Got it Karen, it is about RACE. Had to write it this way to get your attention. Actually you are looking for the truth, and I just gave it to you. Have a great White racial day.

Truth is Truth no matter what anyone else says. Everyone has been going loony over this Jew/Black “Queen” of darkness, and I haven’t even gotten into the dope/opium wars with China that the “Royal Family” forced onto China. They may pretend to look ‘pure,’ but they are as evil as darkness in a cemetery.

There is no substitute for TRUTH, especially RACIAL TRUTH.

The battle is already raging all over the world and has been for hundreds of years. The clever Jews are the ones who ‘rigged’ the wars and all alliances so the White race would slaughter each other while the Jew stood aside and watched gleefully and frothed from the mouth. BUT…because of the computer with worldwide connections, the world in the past 5 – 8 years especially is waking up to the Jew menace and to what they have done and are planning to do. Stay strong…the enemy, when they fall, shall never ever arise again.

Arabs are not Caucasoids per bloodline, especially relating to the bloodline of Jacob/Israel the man.

It’s great to learn and understand the truth that has been kept from you most of your life. Communism is Jewish, and always will be. The most evil of evil.


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19 responses to “An Example of Hardcore, Nasty, Ugly, Obsessive Antisemitism

  1. GreenMan

    The Brits Royal Family is as vile as Jimmy Savile, Jews mixing in is the least of their problems. Jews like the Rothchilds have benefited from war to put it mildly. I don’t believe Jews are racially evil though, even elites are born innocent.

    • GREEN MAN Jews rose to prominence in the United States as a sheer result of timing (Industry), location (East Coast and later West Coast urban centers), intelligence and some but not much networking.

      Go to the UK and you will not be nearly as impressed by the Jewish influence. Sure, a few are successful.

      But it is in America that they possess most of their influence.

      There is a reason for this. Whites in the South were disenfranchised and a Civil War had already occurred when the vast Jewish immigration came to North America during the late 19th and early 20th century pogroms. Simple as that.

      Italian-Americans also rose to immense prominence for the same reasons. They arrived on the East Coast when it was poised to be a great urban center of trade and finance and industry. In California they did little but become wine makers along the Northern California coastline.

      Anglo-Celtics and Swedes in Minnesota lacked the regional importance because what is so hot about the prairies. Who goes there and why?

      Cubans transformed Florida from a swampy backwater because it was near Cuba. Same principle.

  2. TJF

    To Rob:

    Communism is Jewish, and always will be

    Yes, indeed Ho Chi Minh, Mao, and Kim Jon Un – all Jews.. so sneaky that they can hide their true identity.

    And yes.. I’m joking.

    • TJF

      Communism was kind of invented by Germans when Lenin and Marx jumped on the bandwagon but it had been in the beer halls long before then. Some came out Kant etc. German philosophy. Lenin was what? 1/4 Jewish?

      Considering how quickly Jews fled Communism and how harshly it affected them in Russia it is hard to imagine that this was intended as the root of their control over international banking cartels.

      Many poor Jews in the U.S. embraced Communism as exploited workers but this sort of died off in the fifties when their income reached the same level as other Americans.

      Calling a Jewish-American a communist in Brooklyn would get you a fairly hard beat-down.

      This is my one objection to WN’s. They never walk into Jewish neighborhoods and express exactly what they think and feel.

      • PinkRocket

        “This is my one objection to WN’s. They never walk into Jewish neighborhoods and express exactly what they think and feel.”
        To be fair blacks don’t show up to Klan rallies saying their lives matter and Jewish supremacists don’t show up to Nazi parties telling them to bow to their “Chosen overlords” either.

        • PINK ROCKET

          In the case of Jews, I’m not sure they want to do anything but make money. They are not even that concerned if some Iranian Muslim or Gates the Goy makes more money than they do.

          As a people, they are self-centered and wrapped up in their own desires.

          Asian-Americans on the West Coast are the same. They have no imperialistic plan to dominate whites.


    Genetically speaking White Christians never emerged from Jericho.

    Romans threw over their beliefs which spread North to the British Isles. Vikings in the far North of Scandinavia were the last whites to give up Paganism.

    Jews themselves might have distant links to their Semitic ancestors but these are so distant that Jerry Springer looks like a Brit.

    What’s my point? Racially Europeans were never lost sheep from the Arab litter box. Jews from the Diaspora sort of, but even then a great deal of Central Asian, European and Roman blood has become part of their gene poor.

    Greeks had an empire when they were worshiping Zeus and Jews were an insignificant desert tribe among many around the banks of the Eastern Mediterranean.

  4. Jason Y

    The whole WN mythology is as loony as what we see from the Religious Right. However, at the root, we see that WNs are NOT very nice people. Considering that, why should anyone follow them? And certainly, they are not approved by God. But someone massively brainwashed like say SS of world war II might really believe this stuff.

  5. Jason Y

    Some try to excuse their brutality by saying liberals are being politically correct or culturally Marxist. However, there is a big distance between being on the loony left and being on the mean spirited loony right. Well, we can easily visit DailyStormer or Stormfront to see what I’m talking about.

  6. Juanny Boy

    Oh yes, Jason.

    If you don’t unequivocally loathe those who don’t share your race….
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim

    If you think putting Blacks in Zoos as Belgians in the Congo did…
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim

    If you enjoy the Simpsons….
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim

    If you hold the door for the old Black lady at the DMV….
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim

    If you think Kmac is retarded…
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim

    If you think Blacks are 100% human…
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim

    If you think Hitler was bad….
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim.

    If you don’t look for ‘hidden messaging’ in Chex-Mix commercials….
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim.

    If you think Ted Cruz is White because his Cuban grandparents were from Spain….
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim

    If you think both NAM hypermasculinity and White hypermasculinity are BOTH distasteful….
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim

    If you think the word racism should not be put in quotes….
    you’re a low IQ uncle Tom Goyim

    This is what these mofos really believe.
    As you can see, their views are rare, so they feel they are meant to free us low IQ uncle Tom Goyim from our oppression.

    Ironically, “low IQ uncle Tom Goyim” is code for
    1.Not violently mentally ill
    2. Doesn’t go ‘mudding’ and risk dying of CO2 poisoning.
    3. IQ over 80

    • Juanny Boy

      If you think putting Blacks in Zoos as they did in the Belgian Congo is bad

      • GreenMan

        Fast forward to modern day, the Indian government is using Andamanese in much the same way.

        • Juanny Boy

          Well that’s dumb.
          Indians themselves share genetic roots to the Andaman pygmies in their “australoid” part.
          It’s not unlike the Brazilian Mestizos from near the coast that ventured inward killing off their Indian cousins in the 1600s.

        • Well even that would be consistent in regards to their separate relations with their australoid kin amongst them.

        • Andaman and Dravidian people were at one another’s throats a long time ago.

          Then came the Aryans, who conquered them both. Above the Hindi-line, at least.

          Next came a load of invaders from Central Asia.

          Next came Europeans.

          Finally the English for 400 years.

          India’s conquering races become the next victims.

          The only ones who survive are the merchants who sold and traded with everybody. The Parsi for example, manage to outlast all of these things in their comfortable houses.

    • If you don’t believe Jews gave you diarrhea last night.

      If you actually believe blacks whose African ancestors arrived in the United States 200 years before yours did.

  7. While quite extreme, the overall saturated nature of Jews in this comment as a devil-like entity as well as the victimhood approach of this comment comes off as less offensive and more desperate and disorganized to me.

    From my experience of similar comments, many anti-black in nature, the difference was the emphasis of a sub-human nature to them using effective factoids and images of their damage, much like the type of stuff like “Birth of nations”.

    You really get the sense that way that whites are pissed and are taking a militant stance.

    You really get the sense off disorganization of Arabs being mentioned out of nowhere being called “non-caucasoids”. I’ve heard arguments of “non-white”, but to say non-caucasoid is a stretch.

    Granted they, along with Berbers, probably have the highest negroid admixture due to the Slave trade but that hardly relevant seeing how he’s using a scientific term based on apparently religious genealogy of modern races.

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