Alt Left Statement on Antisemitism

The Alt Left is free to discuss the role of Jews in society as we are free to discuss anything about any race or ethnic group. The Alt Left is willing to put all nations, tribes, ethnic groups, religions, of course cultures, and even races under the magnifying glass. Being critical-Semitic or critical of any group, is ok. It’s ok to be Jew-wise too. It’s important to understand the cultural behavior of any ethnic group so you understand their behavior.

On the other hand, at some point, criticism of Jews just passes a certain nasty little line, and past then you get into the ugly stuff, the real antisemitism. It also typical has an obsessive and conspiratorial nature as well. I don’t have to describe for you what the real deal looks like because I am sure you know it when you see it. Real antisemitism is a nasty thing. Many completely innocent Jewish civilians have been horribly murdered by Jew-haters. The Alt Left will always protect Jews from real anti-Semitism and will try to make sure that another genocide of Jews, or another group ethny, happens again. Genocide is not an Alt Left value. It’s hard to understand how it would ever be ok.

A poster in my group made quite a few strange posts in here about racial solidarity. However, fascist symbols like fasces could be seen. I finally broke and went and watched one of his videos. The man is James Wickstrom and his site was spammed in each post. The racism is hidden under a false message of all races having solidarity with each other, while underneath it is just the same old White Supremacism we know so well.

As you can see if you can wade through this crazy video, Wickstrom is a hardcore White Supremacist “White church of Israel” type (look them up) and a very nasty anti-Semite to boot, as all such types are. There is no room in the Alt Left for obsessive, hardcore, ugly anti-Semitism.


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101 responses to “Alt Left Statement on Antisemitism

  1. Bernardista

    The Alt-Left and Alt Right are like neighboring countries whose borders are porous in some places, resulting in in anti-Semitism seeping in from the right flank.
    IMO it seems that some people have internalized this paranoia to such a degree that it actually becomes part of their identity.


    Jews have never been a buffer against waves of Islam extremists.

    Islam extremists would have to war with equally fanatic Jews for U.S. soil who have nowhere else to go but Israel, unlike Hispanics or Italian-Americans.

    As a result, they are yet to march through Brooklyn or Miami.

    Pale Spanish elites fought Islam in Granada and they regard the Arabs with ill-humor as well.

    Sicilian-Americans also fought the Arabs, were enslaved by them, raped by them (Let’s have some truth).

    • Bernardista

      In the anti Trump hysteria which is currently gripping much of the nation, Jews are certainly not the only ones promoting an unstemmed tide of immigrants from the Middle East.

      Wimpy fake Italian American Bill de Blasio (aka Warren Wilhelm) is all for letting every immigrant into New York who wants to come here, even though homelessness and housing shortages are at an all-time high. This is NOT because he is a puppet of a Jewish conspiracy. It is because, like many ‘good Democrats’ , it is a bandwagon he cannot resist leaping onto to show what a nice liberal he is.


    Trump would be better off changing refugee laws.

    But stranding rich Arabs in an airport is not going to really do much. These folks have come to the U.S. to spend money, buy real estate or simply go to Disneyland.

    Syrian and Iraqi refugees sort of have a point. The U.S. after all reduced their countries to toilet bowls with no functioning government at all. This is worse than have a monster run a government.

    Some of them, of course, wonder why they cannot come to the United States since for 8 years the U.S. carted oil out of their country.

  4. Bernardista

    Could you expand on how you think he could change refugee laws?

    BTW I am also torn both ways about letting Syrians in because their country is now a dumpster fire due to our interference and it seems harsh to forbid them entry here. Especially since Saudi Arabia should be the first country on the list, and it’s not on it at all!


      Two reasons:

      Saudis are not poor, or at least not poor enough to live in the U.S. on food stamps. Syrians, Iraqis especially and perhaps a few other Arabs are.

      Arab-Americans have actually replaced Jews in jobs or businesses they used to run in the ghettos.

      Saudi oil money is vast and the U.S. cannot extract enough oil out of its own ground to off-set the sheer economic grip the country has on us.

      Much is made of the Arab 84 IQ but Saudi’s businessmen have invested so wisely on U.S. and European soil that their economic impact is considerable.

      Trump himself has been selling real estate to Saudis for years.


    Who buys real estate from Trump, his account Hyman the Orthodox Jew or Sheikh Abdullah of Shell Petroleum, Riyadh?

    Who rents his condos, the poor Iraqi interpreter who hoped to get a Greencard to drive a taxi someday in Nashville?

    Who loses $1,000,000 in his casino for fun? Saul the West Bank farmer?

    Do you think Israel is the richest country in the Middle East?


    If Saudi Arabia did something really anti-social with gasoline prices the U.S. economy would crash into the gutter.

    Of course the United States could withdraw all military funding/training/support and then ISIS would be in their oil fields next week.

    Not to mention Emirates and Saudi Arabians love spending U.S. money in the U.S.

    Abdullah the poor Iraqi interpreter who wanted a job in Texas as a cab driver just doesn’t spend much money at a Trump casino or renting at Trump towers.

    Now the Saudis and the Emirates spend money. And will continue to in the United States.

    There will be a brain drain of sorts as the smartest Iranian doctors and scientists take their knowledge back to Tehran.

  7. Juanny Boy

    Bernadista is just a dumb goy.
    I estimate his IQ is 50 points below muh sooper smrt aryan brain.

    He has been controlled by Zion, yet he does not know it.
    Despite his actions Trump hates Jews but is okay with Muslims.

    • Juanny Boy

      The alt-right has made me into a Judeophile.

      Their sheer idiocy makes me think “save us, Jews”


        I lived in Dubai and most Emirates love America. They no longer have oil and diversified their economy 40 years ago.

        Mom loves to shop and the kids go to Disneyland. Dad stays in Trump Towers with some strippers he pays $10,000 for one night with.

        The Iraqi interpreter who worked for some alcoholic bum whose big oil scheme failed to go anywhere will go on Food Stamps and live in a poor apartment. His kids will grow up in poor New Jersey and be tempted by radical Islam. At best, he will be a solid citizen who works for another Arab in a corner store.

        Some Iranians are bright and some become rich but this is on U.S. soil. Worse, they are smart enough to grab a share of the economic pie. Kind of like Jews, who I know for fact hate their guts out in California.

        Now the Saudi and Emirate is fast money, big spender, not seeking anything in the U.S. but to buy, spend, buy.

  8. Juanny Boy



    autistics are known as trusting people. They’re too socially impaired to comprehend lying or manipulation on the part of others.
    But when they’re ready to hate people, Jews are an easy target as they have always been. So, they just listen to Kmac and because they’re too autistic to come up with their own theories, they parrot him verbatim.

    This could be part of why their theories seem so outlandish.

    • I’m no genius and this obvious to me.

    • JUANNA BOY Imagine if Alt Right people possessed the finance to make films.

      Think of the utterly paranoiac mania they would spew.

      I can see it now. HYMIE the DELI OWNER hatches an evil plot to turn them all into black men by poisoning the water…but with small penises.

      CONEY ISLAND HOTDOG STAND MASSACRE Orthodox Jewish cannibals rape hapless rednecks and chase them with huge black dildos.

      THE GHETTOS HAVE EYES…A family of 8 foot blacks living in the ruins of Detroit stalk and kill a family whose car breaks down.

      THE IMPOSTER A Left-wing liberal Jewish politician dons a KKK outfit to run around stabbing people with various weapons.

      • Hotdog

        BROKEBACK APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS A senile jewish sex tourist captures a flyover seperated from the herd on a college campus only to discover Anglo-Celtic assholes are the tighest and taste like gifilte fish.

        • Jason Y

          Is someone suggesting Trash pays for sex with disadvantaged flyover proles? That’s pretty disgusting.

        • Juanny Boy

          JASON it appears so.

          HOTDOG is both criticizing TRASH’s ‘elitist views’ while at the same time provoking even cucked Whites to yourself to action by portraying your kin in such a way.
          But of course he says TRASH is Jewish and senile, but he is neither.

        • Jason Y

          You’re convinced I’m a white Uncle Tom? Didn’t I mention that Trash said only 1/4 of prole whites actually belong in White Trash in White Trash Land, yet makes it seem like they ALL belong there?

        • Jason Y

          Why is someone a white uncle Tom just cause they believe in peace and love etc.. rather than a competition with other races?

        • Jason Y

          Whites who are too proud of their own race eventually had to witness Dresden. Just a lesson from history.

        • Juanny Boy

          They’ve set up a broad definition of cuck. I say we embrace it

        • HOTDOG


          A WN discovers that Jews and Asians are slightly more successful because their IQ is bright-normal on average and their homes tend to be less broken on average and their communities more supportive with less drug abuse, poverty, single-parent families, domestic violence, alcoholism, unemployment.

          Worse yet, the WN discovers that because NYC and LA are gateways to oceanic trade-gasp-these entry ports of culture and finance and trends will always have more geographic importance than Red States.

          He realizes the ghastly truth-Jews and Asians live on the coast because the industrial and financial trickle-down is greater.

        • Jason Y

          Eventually, I knew history would come down to this. Certain white proles would become so angry at other races and globalization that they would become hyper-tribalistic calling anyone with even mildly tolerant views a wuss.

          Oh, anyhow, doesn’t the sex trade thrive to taking advantage of disadvantage? Of course, it does, and the toughest most studly meat out there would be from the ghetto or trailer park. ha ha ha…

        • AN INCONVENIENT DOUCHE WN in the Flyover who thinks Jews run the country because the only lawyer and dentist in his local yellow pages have Jewish names discovers…Indians and Asians have even more money and prestige and political clout on the West Coast because….gasp….they are even smarter than Jews on average and less likely to grow up in poverty…gasp.

          Not Jewish or a senior citizen by the way. I’m a German-American from a lower-middle-class Northeast (Detroit) background who moved overseas 18 years ago.

        • Jason Y

          Hey, just for laughs, what are some good names for some gay Appalachian porn?


          Poor WN of the John Bender (Wait Judd Nelson’s a JOO) Breakfast Club type finds himself in a West Coast high school detention on Saturday.

          He realizes the other 16 year old Asian, Jew and Irish-Catholics don’t come from broken homes, aren’t getting high in the 9th grade, study harder instead of rolling joints on their skateboard and have parents who intend to pay for college IF the kid works hard enough to be accepted into a decent one.

          John Bender then decides not to try crystal meth or become a functioning alcoholic.

          As a result he attends college instead of hanging around his neighborhood and impregnating a 20 year old girl when he himself is 19.

          Upon graduating from college John Bender decides to travel for a few years instead of starting a family.

          By the time he marries at 30 and begins a family he’s had his time with drugs and clubs and is ready to settle into a staid suburban wife.

          …If not for that day of seeing how Micks, Hebes and Slants make it, he might have spent his life running from Dog The Bounty Hunter.

        • Jason Y

          I doubt if HotDog cares about Jews in his area. It’s just a thing where they go on some WN website and they get indoctrinated in anti-Semitism. Actually, outside bigger cities like Atlanta, I don’t any major Jewish communities in the south. I mean, unless someone is indoctrinated with anti-Jewish thinking from websites etc. then generally most people don’t give Jews much thought, but there are prejudiced against NAMS and liberals.

        • Jason Y

          Oh, wait, I don’t know if HotDog is from the south or flyover country in general. I think more anti-Jewish sentiment is common in the northeast where more Jews actually reside. Possibly there is more in the mid-west.

        • Jason Y

          That’s odd you include Micks in there. Weren’t the Irish once a despised group in the US similar to Anglo-Celtics? How did they dig themselves out of it?

        • Hotdog

          JB jews often take pride in that small percentage of jewish ancestry. If they’re not anti-White or more generally anti-goy, I could care less.

    • Santoculto

      Do you think it alone?? Piece of garbage!

      People who accuse others to be autistic usually don’t know what autism is and it’s likely to be “naive autistic” they accuse others to be.

      Alt right hate Jews?? Yananananapoulos is hated by alt right?

  9. Juanny Boy


    As you said it is worth noting Saudia Arabia should’ve been, but was not on the list. 15 of the 19 9/11 hijakers came from Saudia Arabia.


    • Petroleum probably comes first. The Saudis jack that price up to the late 2000’s and we will probably face another economic downturn.

      Plus, they come to the United States to buy things. Trump real estate. Go to Disneyland. In effect, enjoy all the great things money buys in America.

      Now the poor Iraqi interpreter will go on welfare for 3 years before he gets his cab license or some other Arab hires him to stock haram bottles in a corner store.

      Nobody remembers the alcoholic bum he worked for and the oil contractors left Iraq ages ago. Nothing more will come of that place. So to hell with green cards and food stamps.

      Emirates will not end up on the black list either. They no longer have oil but spend a great deal of money.

    • Bernardista

      Egypt is not on the list either, and it was the birthplace of Mohammed Atta who was the pilot who crashed a hijacked plane into the WWC North Tower.
      Currently, ISIS is said to have a strong presence there.


    I never claimed to be a genius but Trump would ban Israelis before he did a thing to Saudi Arabia.

    It’s the difference between the brainy chick with whom you have wonderful conversations about life and engage in a little petting versus the less brainy chick who sucks your brains out through your penis with a glorious BJ.

    Who do you have more time for the former but your time with latter is more urgent, even if short-term.

    Saudi is the quiet girl who is the BJ queen. The world needs something from her, while lectures on the holocaust are kind of a second option.

    Even watching the latest garbage from Hollywood from a studio with an Orthodox Jewish CEO who’d like to see every Arab shot and burned is tertiary.

    Petroleum and the assets in hard cash Saudis have felt like buying is far more important.

    • Juanny Boy

      Yes, this is correct.
      But Trump’s SOS appointment wants to do business with Russia in oil to break that stranglehold.
      We’ll see what happens. Putin is a tyrant that stole $70 billion from his people, but according to the aut-right he is a great savior of the White race.

      This is going to be a fun 4 years.

      • JUANNY BOY

        Throw over ARAMCO’s headquarters in Saudi and all the money/real estate Saudi Arabians own in the U.S. and their shareholders for a creepy narcissistic ex-spy whose biggest export is mail order brides and vodka?

        An alcoholic bum always trashes your neighbors place in some brawl and you are always reluctant to pay for it in the cold hungover light of next morning. Syrian refugees and Iraqi interpreters who wish to soak up loads of welfare and Food Stamps is the issue.

      • Jason Y

        Putin has now made a speech recently where he claims to be this anti-global fundamentalist (well probably more Eastern Orthodox) Christian. ha ha ha… Will save him from HELL?

  11. Juanny Boy

    I’m actually fairly anti-semitic by normie standards.
    But anyone who thinks a Chex-Mix ad is prime social commentary and models their behavior after it, deserves to be abused.


      Good news, then. America needs gasoline and Saudi money much more than it needs lectures about a 70 year old war or garbage like Transformers 10 so Jews and Rednecks alike can moan about how unfair it is that Saudi kids are allowed to enjoy Disneyland while Dad sneaks off to a strip bar to drink Haram Jack Daniels (Arabs LOVE Jack Daniels by the way) and mistreat a stripper. Mom can buy things at Macy’s.

      Jews might complain a bit but when it comes down to it their leverage is in the media or print journalism which nobody gives a shit about compared to Petro-dollars and gas prices.

      Listen to Jews complain about Saudi…or face a gasoline hike to $2.50 a gallon?

      • Juanny Boy

        It comes down to Jews being smart.
        Jews realize they can not allow everyone to pay sky high gas prices because of our counter-productive alliance with Israel.

        In the WN fantasy world Jews are callous rulers who brutally suppress complaints over this, but it’s not true.

        The complete WN detachment from reality, while simultaneously complaining that non-WNs are detached from reality is really scary

        • JUANNY BOY

          It comes down to Jewish interest not being WORTH IT to the 90% of the American population who have little concern for Israel because their GNP in America is lousy movies, screeching left-wing print journalism and law bills.

          They export nothing of any necessity to the U.S. Doctors, lawyers and journalists can complain and or community organize but this means little to the actual cost of gasoline.

        • Left-wing Jews do not have THAT much of an influence. They make lousy movies and some governors are left-wing types. Their influence is not a commodity or necessity…IT’S AIR.

  12. More Alt-Right Films

    HUNG HEBREW SLEEPOVER MASSACRE Ron Jeremy escapes from a porn set to a sleepover party in order to rape blonde teenage girls to death with his huge circumcised penis.

    THE RIGHT WAR Blue State Jews and Blacks and Hispanics parachute into a Red State intent on taking it over and burning down churches to build temples and mosques (Never minding of course Jews and Arabs dislike one another).

    RED LAWN Arabs parachute from airplanes and take over a small Midwestern town swinging scimitars.

    DELI DELIVERANCE Alt-right WN’s are trying to find Trump towers on a sight-seeing tour when inbred Jews from Brooklyn sodomize them and hunt them down in the back alleys of NYC after they stop at skeevy deli.

    BRAIN DAMAGE Evil Jews invent a new form of pornography that causes the Alt-Right Red State women to deliberately seduce and be impregnated by blacks while the male viewer’s head explodes.

    SICKLE CELL White blonde women jailers in New York are accidentally locked into the NYC jail with blacks and Hispanics who rape them. They are aided by a sympathetic Italian who helps them escape at the cost of his own life.

  13. JUANNY BOY I don’t get the joke?

    Is the Alt-right really this stupid?

    I’ve never spent much time in Red States except Arizona for 10 months.

    I can understand how easily they are manipulated, how their economy will never diverse because their IQ reduces them to not much more than a pair of arms, why they have kids at 20 with no degree or skilled trade.

    They are not very bright, are they?

    • Juanny Boy

      there is a reasonably intelligent subset that blames the Jews for not getting into Harvard although their SAT score was 1200-1300 (about 200 points below Harvard material)

      they also typically are mentally ill as not to hold down a job with their NYU degree or whatever.

      This is the intellectual wing.

  14. Juanny Boy


    -above average IQ (100-125)
    -grew up with some form of social disorder and was bullied by NAMs for it.
    -Can’t get laid
    -Puts all their self esteem in academia, but aren’t quite super geniuses. They delude themselves into thinking their IQ is 20-30 points above what it really is. When they don’t get into Harvard they blame “Jewish nepotism”
    -When they reach adolescence their social disorder becomes exacerbated.

    I fit into some of these categories so I say this out of sympathy.


      All of this describes many Jews, except for blaming Old Money Protestant anti-Semitics and Affirmative Action programs, which some do.


      You summed it up in one post. At 30, these sort of whites wise up. But they have some arrest convictions behind them, their education ended at 17, they have been into hard drugs, have a child too young. With all of these crucial life decisions made, there is little they can do. The doors are closed to them.

      It’s not so much a Zionist conspiracy as it is that Jews and Asians have usually not made these sort of decisions.

      Its tough being intelligent and sensitive in a rough environment. Asian-Americans and Jews are somewhat insulated to an extent. Their nuclear families and earning power usually puts them in decent suburbs where violence, drugs, dropouts, alcoholism and racial attacks are not the norm.

      Whites are more likely to emerge from broken families, live in poorer areas, parents are often younger and less well-educated, they live in rural areas where there is little connection to centers of industry or finance or opportunity.

      What is a poor white with an IQ of 125 who was raised by a single mother in a poor rural community going to do? He’s attended public schools that are not college prep, his parents are divorced, he’s exposed to drugs young.

      • Jason Y

        What is a poor white with an IQ of 125 who was raised by a single mother in a poor rural community going to do? He’s attended public schools that are not college prep, his parents are divorced, he’s exposed to drugs young.

        He will become Charles Manson.

        • Juanny Boy

          Lol well that backstory pretty much describes me.

          Where I lived by the time I reached adolescence there were some new arrivals (typically traveled East to work in cities like Frederick) which curtailed my exposure to drugs.

        • Jason Y

          No, he will become Russell Brand. 😆

    • Santoculto

      I think you are talking about yourself. And working for your ethnic genetic interests isn’t sombrero boy?


    There are many intelligent anti-Semites.

    Most of the actual off-the-cuff geniuses who alter the course of history are not Jews or Asians. These groups are smart and good at following the rules.

    The rogues who actual alter the course of history are not often Jews or Asians, from Bill Gates to Christopher Columbus.

    Jews and Asians keep their opinions to themselves.

    Intelligent whites blare Jewish conspiracy theories to everyone.

    Half of these folks would drink too much beer, pledge frats and simply fail to maintain a C average at Harvard anyhow. Too much time in the rowing club.

    Cambridge is equally rigorous and its pupils are probably Anglo-Saxon.

  16. Jason Y

    You summed it up in one post. At 30, these sort of whites wise up. But they have some arrest convictions behind them, their education ended at 17, they have been into hard drugs, have a child too young. With all of these crucial life decisions made, there is little they can do. The doors are closed to them.

    It’s not so much a Zionist conspiracy as it is that Jews and Asians have usually not made these sort of decisions.

    In the case of Beevis and Butthead types, 1/4 of white proles,that would be the case. However, the other 3/4 may have really gotten the screw from globalization. However, that 3/4 is able to manage better than the 1/4 anyhow because they’re not out doing drugs etc.. probably go to church etc..

    • JASON Y

      1/4 of these people are not poor. They earn over $100,000 a year. They attended the prestigious state college.

      Dentists, doctors, architects are not screwed by globalization.

      In the middle you have the people that are.

      • Jason Y

        So it’s half screwed only by globalization, 1/4 done in by thier own foolishness, but also cause bad environment cycle, and 1/4 are technically rich.

        • JASON Y

          Jews do not live in Appalachia or the south as you mentioned and somebody has to be the local divorce lawyer, psychologists, physicians, dentists.

          If Jews had the sheer level of influence that WN’s purport they do then 4/4 of everyone would be living in poverty.

          Probably they would direct the real focus of their efforts at both Iranian-Americans who seem to do well in science and business as well as Asian-Americans who have been doing better than Jews for a long time.

        • Jason Y

          Nowadays in the south USA, most physicians seem to be high caste Hindus. In fact, you might find one or two Jews only as college professors. I’m not sure about lawyers or dentists, but they seem to be WASP as far as I know.

  17. Jason Y

    By the way Trash, you’re so hard on the 1/4 white proles, but is it really their fault they grew up in lousy environments? It seems like the same argument liberals use about NAMS and how they cannot help being hoodlums.

    • JASON Y

      How many WN’s gave their son a strong chance when he was born while they were in jail at 21?

      How much money have they set aside for this child to go to college?

      Does he attend private schools?

      I suppose WN’s would like to blame this on Jews but the reason that Jews and Asians sped forward in the 70’s and 80’s is that Anglo people spiraled downwards into debt, divorce, drugs, depression.

      Anglo people rely too much on the system. Jews and Asians try to stay away from it. They do not rely as much on what public schooling or the government can do. Because what it can do is little.

      In terms of NAMS if they were subtracted from the U.S. than the country would still have a permanently bogged-down white underclass but more public resources could be thrown at it and enough of them have an IQ of 125 that the overall condition would rise.

  18. Jason Y

    Youth in a lot of nations outside the middle east hate America, however, they won’t be banned, especially not the rich ones. South Koreans were cheering 9/11, despite those who died. Even years later, they still hold 9/11 as a holiday, but not as a memorial.

    • JASON Y

      I find HOTDOG funny, but I can picture him. The old Greenday tattoos, the chain-wallet, black pants, doc martins, Black Flag albums he listens to in the small den of his one-story tract house. The beat-up skateboard he spent his 90’s youth rollin joints across. The Sports Bar with scuffed pool tables where he drinks beer on $2.00 low-price Special nights.

      Illinois maybe.

      Answering your Irish-Catholic question.

      Irish-Catholics actually dug themselves out of poverty before Jews.

      Jews were still relatively poor or working-class until 1950. There were exceptions, of course.

      Italian-Americans did not get above the poverty line until the sixties.

  19. Jackilb

    Alt Left? Alt Left? And meanwhile, whilst the left splinters off into sub groups crying about Jews, or Transexuals, the far right railroads on picking up more followers whilst bunch of fuckwits delay and confuse any leftwing action. Twats!


    Since Reagan crushed the unions the Left has not had any power in the United States.

    Much is said about the liberal U.S. media but without it, left-wing people would have no voice at all.

    In terms of actual financial or industrial influence, no they have nothing.

    • Juanny Boy

      TRASH that’s half of it.

      The other half is the 12 years of executive control and shameless gerrymandering paved the way for Republicans to control Congress from 1995-2007 and 2011-present.
      When they from 2011-2017 they shamelessly obstructed.

      Liberals (any type, including neoliberals) tend to be generally weaker personalities and hence don’t do as much with Presidential or Congressional control.

      • Juanny Boy

        The redistricting commissions are a big issue.

        They’re not even pretending to be fair anymore, last I heard they’re being stacked with Republicans.

      • Jason Y

        If Republicans controlled Congress during Obama’s tenure, then no wonder he seemed like a bad president who couldn’t get anything done.

    • Juanny Boy

      STEFAN MOLYNEUX’s boys claims Liberals are r-selected party types while they’re sooper smrt.

      They only reason that’s the case is the NAMs. White liberals are often times Nerds now adays.

      They’re less charismatic and can’t sell ideas or feelings to Middle America like Ted Nugent can.

      • JUANNY BOY

        In my opinion this is because Middle America, or more specifically whites, are simply rubes. Clinton was the last liberal to appeal to them and gradually his wife discredited him in addition to his stupid affair.

      • Jason Y

        Seems like starting with Adlai Stevenson (who was against Eisenhower), nerds cannot get into the white house, and of course the ultimate was Dukakis.

      • What a fucktarded moron! In the West, the Left tends to be made up of K selected Whites. In the West, it is conservative Whites who are more R selected.

        Sure elsewhere it’s R selected, but that’s because the proletariat and peasants tend to be rather R selected. Anyway, R selection is going out.

        Elites tend to be more K selected and the common people tend to be more R selected. So what? Any popular democratic movement is obviously going to appeal mostly to R selected folks.l

        • Juanny Boy

          Well I mean as much as they loathe ‘White libs’, White libs really blow White cons out of the water in things conservatives hold dear (like IQ, etc.)

          The cherry-picking of “red pilled” facts is someone amusing.
          They’re still blue pilled to me.

        • Juanny Boy

          somewhat amusing

    • Jackilb

      Exactly TRASH. The left needs to galvinise itself. You need to be strong and stick to a platform on a few, but very strong values and policies that give social strength to workers and the vulnerable. Forget the race arguments or the sexual reassignment arguments before you disappear up your own asses and become a laughing stock.

      • Jason Y

        Race is still a big matter cause much of their voting block is non-white. However, they’ve never really needed fringe groups like gays or transsexuals.

      • We have the majority yet. We won this last election in the popular vote and in the Electoral College.

        Forget the race arguments or the sexual reassignment arguments before you disappear up your own asses and become a laughing stock.

        Why do you think the Alt Left was created in the first place.

        • Jason Y

          The cultural left is the curse of the bigots on the left and right. They created the cultural left with their normie overkill.

        • Jason Y

          Note, with Homer SImpson (handicapped), santo-culto (gay – mulatto), numerous people in my own family, and who knows maybe even Trash (does he have a peg leg? 😆 ) we see a load of self-hate from the alt-right or anyone opposed to the cultural left. These people are going to lecture us on what is normal? Please…. The hypocrisy is beyond comprehension.

        • Jason Y

          And the argument homophobes hate homos because they’re homo themselves doesn’t always ring true, but I bet something else is wrong with homophobes. It’s ALWAYS the case it seems like. I’ve already brought up tons of examples. Of course, this idea can be expanded to the alt-right and cultural right in general.

        • Juanny Boy

          At first glance it appears the SJWs the ones fucked in the head, but are reasonably intelligent, while the alt right is just dumb but not crazy.

          In reality it’s vice-versa.

        • Jason Y

          The alt-right etc. have some serious self-hate/self-loathing going on. If you pick any from a crowd, you’re probably looking at 5 out of 10 or more. Like one member of my family who is this skinny guy who couldn’t fight his way out of a paperbag, yet posts culturally right-wing stuff on Facebook. Saying, “Yeah, women need to be in the kitchen.. blah blah blah.., Lesbians are ugly and don’t shave thier pits…”

  21. Juanny Boy

    this is why I’ve said “fuck ’em” with regards to the HBD crowd.

    The cherry-picking of facts is beyond anything I’ve ever seen ever.

    They literally use the same logical fallacies against things they don’t like which they complain mainstream liberals use against them.

    It’s the Dunning-Kruger effect on the most massive scale I’ve ever seen.

  22. Juanny Boy

    research the Dunning-Kruger effect.
    I wouldn’t say it is so much self-loathing as much as this (note, I do not think this applies to Santoculto as he is fairly intelligent)

    • Jason Y

      No, santo-culto is a massive self hater and also the Dunning-Kruger effect is in place as his take on science etc.. is hightly biased with double-standards.

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