Why Should I Care What Happens to My Enemies?

Regarding Trump supporters, Alt Right types going to see Milo talk, etc. getting assaulted by antifas. At first this bothered me a great deal. They struck me as innocent people guilty of little more than thought crimes, saying the wrong things or voting wrong.

But now I have changed my mind. I will not support this sort of thing, advocate it or cheer it on. But I don’t care anymore. I will just say that I don’t care what happens to Trump supporters from now on. Anything that happens to them, good, bad or indifferent, it makes no difference to me. So if they get beat up by antifas, I will just shrug my shoulders and say I don’t care. Why should I care about Trump supporters? Why should I care what happens to them? Why should I be bothered if bad things happen to them?

Honestly, if all 63 million Trump supporters dropped dead tomorrow, I would not even care. Actually I might even cheer. I simply have no human feelings for these people anymore. If you support Trump, you are my enemy, my personal enemy, and you will be treated as such until you come to your senses.

Am I right or wrong for turning somewhat sociopathic like this? Actually I have sort of been this way most of my life, but my heart went soft for a bit there but now it hardening up again in middle age as it should.

Why should we care if Trump supporters get hurt? Give us a reason why we should care about this.



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  1. Alt Right types going to see Milo talk. Is this regarding Milo Yiannopoulos?

    • You better watch it if you want to go see him. Antifas are trying to shut down all of his speeches and a lot of them are getting cancelled for security reasons. And when he does talk, antifas sometimes have huge demos. And lately the demos have been getting violent. Bottom line is if you go to see Milo talk, you might just get hurt. I would advise against it.


    Note: Trump is dealing with the damage an alcoholic bum did to Iraq and the huge number of refugees who probably feel that since their country is a pile of gangster-run rubble they should have entry.

    It’s kind of like some drunk friend trashes your neighbor’s house in a brawl and the next day your neighbor wants you to pay for the glass table that was broken and you say no way.

    Saudi real estate investors, Egyptian doctors and Iranian students will take their business and money to Canada. What do they really care? Probably not as much as the average Red State voter believes they do.
    Red States become more of a backwater as they want nothing more to do with the rest of the world. Those that are not oil-rich stay poor. So what?
    Muslim countries cancel U.S. investment and Egyptian middle-class tour guides or hotel staff are unemployed and more at risk to radicalization.
    JOOS retain a slightly tighter influence all-around with rich Arab competition so there own skewed politics hold a greater sway over the United States.
    Arab-Americans are angered in their very small ghettos of New York or Detroit.

  3. Tony Swagger

    Its only because of gullible goys like TRASH and JASON Y, a degenerate filth like Milo is even in the news. Else this faggot would be confined to his kike ghetto.


      I’ve spent many Jew-free years in Dubai. Muslims who have something to spend on real estate or medical school will take their business to Canada. Trust me, they won’t roll around to upset that its Sydney instead of Oklahoma.

      1930’s America seemed great when our ancestors got there. But which Muslim is heartbroken he cannot immigrate to the place now. It’s the past and Asia, Australia and a few other places are the future.

      Even if you are anti-globalist you should travel to see that Asian and parts of the Middle East have a far higher standard of living than Kentucky or West Wisconsin or Alabama.

      They are not that devastated about never going to the U.S. like my old city of Detroit. Nor is KFC so important to them that slashed ties with Indonesia really matter.

      Can’t really blame some Iraqi who believed an alcoholic bum and ended up an unpopular citizen-refugee should like to be relocated to Texas since the dude destroyed his country.

      Remember when Salem’s Lot became deserted after the Eurofag vampire wiped the place out. And nobody cared.

      Same principal.

    • TONY

      If you think America is really so great that Muslims want to pour out of Dubai to Red States where nobody has a job and anybody with a 2 year degree is an INTERNAL REFUGEE then you should fly to Dubai or anywhere with oil sometime soon.

      My life has not been affected by Jews because none of them overseas and I assure you that Muslims are not that disappointed about going to the United States.

      As far as they are concerned, it is run by Jews anyhow and Trump is merely their tool.

      U.S. has been economically in the toilet for a long time anyhow. The world knows this.

      No probs, Arabs will take their money to Canada or Australia or maybe even China.

      Those people do not care and did not vote to fight unpopular wars that waste trillions of dollars just to ban the refugees from the countries that are now even bigger toilet bowls because King Shit gangster Hussein or Ghaddafi was deposed.

      • Jason Y

        With all fairness to Trump, though I really hate what he’s about, he didn’t support the Iraq War at all. Maybe the Afghan one, I’d have to look it up.

    • Oh I’ll read his book. My whole family will read his book.

  4. Remember when the town of Salem’s Lot vanished because the Eurofag vampire showed up? And nobody cared? Except hippie liberal David Soul who intruded on others lives and was detested anyhow.

    Son of Irish immigrant alcoholic Stephen King who grew up poor in Maine had a point.

    So a bunch of borderline-alcoholic people with dubious educational qualifications and a dull resentment towards Jews, Asians and East Coast WASPS who vote/show up for unpopular wars that result in trillions of dollars wasted and antagonize unmanageable NAMS drop dead.

    Some Sports Bars are deserted. Young children do not require government subsidization. Jails are empty of the wife beaters, brawlers and meth addicts.

    Mexican cartels sink as narcotics diminish in popularity.

    If we got rid of Asian-Americans bio-tech firms and Jews and even hipsters selling Day-Glo rubbers from Gay Boutiques it might have an effect on our economy as Robert’s State of California already represents a massive percentage of productivity good or bad.

  5. Jason Y

    I don’t care what happens to Trump supporters cause they’re mud people. 😆 They’re the beast of the field

    Gosh, it really sucks when your not viewed as human isn’t it?

    • Jason Y

      No, I don’t advocate the assassination of Trump. That would get cops hanging around my place. No, I’m just joking har har, ha ha. I’m such a card !!

      Anyhow, WNs advocate the death of WNs and NAMS all the time but it’s no crime in the US.

      • Jason Y

        Anyhow the whole idea of ridding someone of Trump won’t get rid of his ideas. I mean, they got rid of Hitler but now millions of WNs are around the world at the present time.

      • JASON Y

        That would cause a revolution and drive Red State poor whites to shoot any hipster with a long dirty beard and his lesbian girlfriend.

        Trump wants to build a wall to keep out illegals and stranded some Muslims for a day in the airport.

        So what?

        • Jason Y

          I don’t really care, but you know, these groups are very sensitive. They will get angry and there will be a race war.

  6. JASON Y

    “I have kids!” bellows the 35 year old woman whose teen years were spent screwing Clints until finally at 20, then 22, then 24 she had a quick succession of children with beastly men who had a job but just did not give a shit.

    “But I was hooked on meth for 20 years and now 14 criminal convictions on my record,” howls the 40 year old who started smoking weed in 1990 at 14 and graduated to crystal meth at 17 and was jailed again and again until 30.

    “Iraqi refugees want to come here,” bellows the man who thought destroying their country would not lead them to seek refugee status in Texas when he voted for Bush again in 2004.

    “California and New York have 8x our economy!” Of course they do.

    Yes, compassion is good. But what to do, Jason?

    Teachers, grandparents, concerned friends all tried to get through to these folks back in 1995.

    • Jason Y

      Right wingers are always destroying the third world causing their weird, dangerous, and parasitic cultures to come to the US. But Nazis and Republicans just don’t get it.

      “I have kids!” bellows the 35 year old woman whose teen years were spent screwing Clints until finally at 20, then 22, then 24 she had a quick succession of children with beastly men who had a job but just did not give a shit.

      But again, and this is your words, it’s only 1/4 of the white prole population.

      • The other 3/4 are suffering economically, I am sure. There is an internal brain drain as those with college educations and Leftist views out of these communities.

        All poor rural whites, no matter how law-abiding, have taken the decision to marry young and have children and leave school earlier.

        I agree that welfare and job creation should exist.

        But what is California or Boston or Chicago supposed to do with them. Implant bio-tech information technology into their brains?

        Truthfully, the gays, the college graduates, the lesbians, the hippies, the left-wing will all drift out of these places anyhow.

        • Jason Y

          I think the 3/4 are law-abiding, but as you say, they are dependent on factory jobs etc.. which have driven out, and of course, the liberal elite shits on them all the time.

      • JASON Y

        The poor Iraqi who owned a shoe store and had a government that left him alone now has a pile of rubble.

        He probably figures he should be able to go to Texas where some uncle is a doctor since the Governor destroyed his country.

  7. JASON Y

    The liberal elite does not shit on them. Felch-Breath gays are not breathing hostlie fumes in the faces of Red State towns where the steel mill or coal production shut down.

    It is more a matter of following 21st century patterns of behavior. Delaying child birth until 30, stomaching education until at least 25, avoiding street drugs that are more destructive than tobacco or weed or wine, small nuclear families.

    There is ALREADY A WALL with Canada.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, but childbirth at a younger age isn’t a big deal if there are Fred Flintstone or Homer Simpson jobs around.

      • JASON Y

        That is why more people were prosperous in the fifties when Asians were still dying of famine and Irish were the big immigrant threat to California who did a wee bit of fightin and drinkin.

        • Jason Y

          Do you think the Simpson’s mockery of Homer Simpson was a put down on the white working class? I mean, the writers didn’t like Christianity either.

  8. JASON Y

    Trump would have to sign a Luddite Bill.

    It would be wonderful to pretend that technology was not a factor and only greedy CEO’s living in the South of France to suck money out of American consumers from the sweat of Asian coolies were the problem.

    And they are.

    But equally the internet has gutted downtown. Globalization is only half the problem.

  9. Yee

    “As far as they are concerned, it is run by Jews anyhow and Trump is merely their tool.”

    The truest line you have ever written, Mr. Miller.

  10. YEE

    I have spent half of my life in Asia, in many different countries in Asia than most Asians travel or live.

    What’s my point?

    I’m not an American drunk in a bar somewhere in the United States whose only visit to the outside world was a Hong Kong happy massage parlor when he climbed of a ship.

    My perception is not based on anything but what I have experienced myself. What I say about Chinese-Filipinos, or Arabs, or poor whites is firsthand experience.

    • Yee

      You have some keen insight, I’ll give you that. But also lots of BS.

      • YEE

        I don’t believe, for example, that China really cares about the rest of the world as much as the West believes it does.

        This has been your success while other empires have come and gone.

        From what I’ve observed in interacting with Chinese, they wish to be left alone, and that is the extent of it.

        The West would believe China wishes to colonize Africa or Philippines. Personally I think most Chinese do not want to stay in Philippines longer than it requires to receive a single paycheck.

        • Yee

          Globalization is really a new form of colonization, less brutal and a little fairer, but only a little. What used to be guns and cannons changed to investment and trade deals, but still aims to exploit.

          The US makes the rules of the world for your own exploitation, we learn fast, that’s all.

        • Historically, China has never really been interested beyond its immediate neighbourhood. I don’t think that will change any time soon.

          The idea that China will dominate the world is Western people projecting their mentality onto the Chinese. After all, if there was a Western nation will over a billion people unified under a strong state, they WOULD have taken the world over by now. So why, we ask, have China not done this yet? Maybe they are planning to do it soon?


      • YEE

        One reminder though. I know overseas Chinese Merchants and long, long-settled Yunnan Chinese in Thailand. This is far different from knowing anything about China.

        If you do a minor amount of business overseas, you develop some insight.

        Unless you actually have to make a living somewhere for period of time and your interactions are based upon some sustained interaction…you really do not know much about a country.

  11. YEE

    Peasants everywhere will believe anything and everything and nothing.

    One point you made about rural Chinese women is that they are so rough and rude that it is harder to get worked up in a passionate frenzy over the hole they end up in with their unprotected sex and their crude tastes and their drinking and rough manners and violence than it should be.

    Much of their life circumstances are purely bad breaks but they are so fundamentally unlovely that it is harder than it should be to show compassion.

    Actually, it is no more true than the perception that Chinese live in Buddhist Temples in robes.

    Nor are Jews great business people with half the capacity for cunning and deception that thousands of WN’s believe them to be.

    Or 1/1000th of Arabs visitors interested in anything but a job, an education or real estate.

    • Yee

      Well, I have compassion for unfortunate people, I just remind myself never lose wariness and put myself in danger.
      For example, I don’t see the point getting raped and killed when feeling sorry for refugees? Donate money and stay away from desperate people, they’re always dangerous.

  12. YEE

    That is a moment of sense.

  13. YEE

    Chinese really are not globalizing.

    They are selling things people want to buy or buying things people want to sell.

    I do not believe you wish to import foreigner workers. Or colonize Siberia. Or have open borders with Philippines do billions of them flood into the job market. Or have thousands of African prostitutes flood the streets.

    • Yee

      We’re over populated already…. But there’re foreigners work here, just not enough to threaten the locals.

      Occupying another country is no longer possible or necessary, you just want to make money, trade and investment work fine, at least for a period of time. When situation changes, you can always change the rules, as long as you’re powerful enough. Let’s see how the US govt change them.

  14. To the credit of the Chinese, apart from Taiwan, they never colonized anybody and invented globalization 1,000 years ago at least.

    Zheng He did not blast Africans or Arabs with cannons, or American Indians with whom he may have traded as well.

  15. Juanny Boy

    I’m very taken aback at your out and out hatred of trump and his supporters, Bob.
    I did not vote for Trump of course, but I would encourage you to visit flyoverland and see who did it and why.
    They’re not all fash or right wingers.

    • Jason Y

      Robert understands why they voted for Trump. I mean, it was pretty obvious also why ordinary Germans voted in Hitler. However, the fact remains that a sizeable portion of Trump’s group are alt-right and they will probably infect ordinary Americans with their poison.

      • Juanny Boy

        Trump is not Hitler………
        and even if he was Robert probably mocked Super-Jews for hating ALL Germans over Hitler.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t blame all Germans for supporting Hitler but enough of them eventually bought into it to justify Dresden or Hiroshima, though the latter happened to Japan instead. It’s called the covenant idea and is also Jewish and from the Old Testament.

      • I know why they voted for him, but I don’t care.

        I don’t care if they voted for him. We all make mistakes. Let’s let bygones be bygones. But they need to renounce their support of him completely otherwise they are my enemies and they will be treated as such. Sorry.

        • ROBERT

          Being from solid East Coast New England stock a renewal of Anglo-Sphere Imperialism between a Brit and the son of a Brit-May and Trump-that puts the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement with Mexico on the Shelf (Which Canadians never wanted) does take some emphasis of the importance of La Raza.

          A landlord knows nothing about politics or how to run a country. Yes, this is true.

          But if he looked East across that short span of Atlantic between New England and Britain at least Anglo-Celts from Iowa to Yorkshire regain some numerical importance through trade.

          Let’s be honest, here. Americans who are white have nothing to do with Africans or the descendants of Spanish soldiers impregnated Red Indian mistresses or even Jews descended from roaming Arabs who intermarried with white or Central Asian women.

          Americans only share a culture with a tiny island off France. You yourself claim some French, Indian and Central European blood but this is tiny.

          Anglo-Celtics are galvanized by Mid-Atlantic trade.

        • Jason Y

          Huh, what’s the odds of them repenting?

        • Jason Y

          “I’m not repenting n – word” (addressed to Jason Y.) huh hah har har 😆


      Actually these people voted for Clinton in the 1990’s.

      They would vote for anyone they believed could improve their economic condition.

      I’m not sure that he will or could.

      • Juanny Boy

        well it was falsely believed things like NAFTA would help.

        Grocery stores in Appalachia do get expensive simply because there are so few options to choose from (more monopolistic)

        So…they may have thought Billy Boy could bring foreign markets/competition to them.

        But it didn’t.

        Now, they’ve swung so far the other way it’s worrisome.

      • Juanny Boy

        yes I do believe this people are a-ideological.

        But ‘what’s in your best interests’ if you’re poor is inherently left-wing?


        • JUANNY BOY

          Comes and goes with the mood, swing votes.

          Clinton was from a poor rural background and poor rural whites loved him. They could identify with him. His affairs, his marijuana, his screwed-up marriage.

          If Gore had been elected, things might have been different in the 2000’s.

          One of the realities for the Red States is that they are partly screwed by geo-political changes but partly by their own orientation.

          Liberal “elites”, if such a term could be applied to hipsters living in urban poverty in San Francisco two-room apartments, are not as directly affected.

        • Juanny Boy

          Well the Princeton Poli-Sci prof that predicted this election result did so without even examining the candidates.

          He looked at, as you said ‘mood’ and found
          a. Obama had failures, or at least actions that were unpopular in the short run.
          b. The democrats had been in power 7 years and people were getting antsy for change.

          It’s that simple.

        • JUANNA BOY Left-wing and the Poor

          In the case of Trump, it is mostly racial. He and May are interested in the Anglosphere. This makes sense for poor rural whites on both sides of the Atlantic. NAFTA is out-of-style and it is back to the old days of Rule Britannia and the States.

          Poor rural whites have the following problems.

          I disagree. Poor whites will vote which way the winds of the era blow. In the 1980’s they supported Reagan but felt ignored by his trickle-down economics.

          In the 1990’s, totally sick of war and self-focused on their own decline, they voted Clinton into office because he was from a poor rural white background.

          Trump has come into office because the poor rural whites who never travel thought a “foreigner” and “African” was running their country.

        • Juanny Boy

          May was installed because as Home Secretary she took a no-nonsense policy with Radical Wahibbis (deported them).

          Proles could at least sink their teeth into that, while the elites don’t have to deal with Boris Johnson destroying the country.

  16. Jason Y

    The liberal elite hate is quite viscous (Jesus Get’s Revenge – Saturday NIght Live Skit):


    • Jason Y

      Anyhow, I didn’t particularly like Django Unchained either. It mocked a very sensitive time in African American history and was uncalled for. However, 12 Years a Slave, though biased, wasn’t doing the same thing.

    • Juanny Boy

      Apparently 4chan joked that movie “American Sniper” was about Michael Brown Cop Darren Wilson (or should’ve been)
      Nazis are goddamn funny.

    • JASON Y

      This is one reason why they did vote for Trump. Their beliefs and way of life have been mocked for decades.

  17. Tulio

    I’m in a bit of a quandary on how I should deal with people who voted for Trump. There is a lady I’ve known about a decade now who I’m friends with. Really good-natured, sweet and caring woman. She voted for Trump. Another friend of mine who I’ve known since childhood but don’t talk to that much as of late, I suspect that he voted for Trump. I’ve not actually asked him because I don’t even want to know.

    I think Hillary was right about the fact that about 50% of Trump’s supporters are a basket of deplorables. These are alt-righters, the rednecks, the types that cheered for his bigotry. This also means 50% are not in that category and some of them take Trump at his word that he’s going to get out of these trade deals and bring all these good paying manufacturing jobs back home and such. To most people, your livelihood is the number one issue ahead of anything else. Should I hate the latter group of Trump supporters? As angry as I am at them for being so gullible, it’s not really constructive to hate them. Now the alt-right section of Trump supporters, the Richard Spencers and such, no problem hating them, those people are demons. I just don’t think all Trump supporters are alt-right or care about any of that stuff.

    I think at a certain point, a good number of the more moderate Trump voters will have buyer’s remorse when they see the results and those people could possibly be persuaded to vote a different way next time. We should be willing to bring them into the fold when they wake up. But as for the deplorable alt-right, well fuck them forever. They are irredeemable.

    • Jason Y

      think at a certain point, a good number of the more moderate Trump voters will have buyer’s remorse when they see the results and those people could possibly be persuaded to vote a different way next time.

      It might be too fucking late once you got a Dresden or Hiroshima on your hands. At the end, you’ll just see all these small-town folk clearing out rubble just to make enough to eat.

      • JASON Y Trump’s enemies are incapable of that. Muslims will not race through Iowa swinging scimitars and Liberal elites cannot build bombs.

        Hippies will demonstrate, punch Nazis and blog furiously. The media will continue to detract from him.

        Muslim countries will complain.

        None of this will matter.

  18. Jason Y

    I’m wondering how many Germans could have predicted Germany would be in ruins around the time of the 1936 Olympics.

  19. Juanny Boy

    Clinton and Obama were not economists. They took advice of others.

    Now, by Obama’s day he should’ve known better economist or not.
    and Bill is such a sociopath it makes you wonder.

    But “the buck stops with the President” is an oversimplification.


    To be completely fair, Obama was dealing with excesses of the Bush era. Long, unprofitable wars. The Great Recession. Housing crunch. Syria. On and on.

    Some of these problems were Bush’s fault of course. The refugee crisis and Syria were partly the result of the war.

    Clinton served in office during a good decade.

    Sociopath? Sure, the guy had few scruples and was neither right nor left. His biggest contributions were actually Right wing. Three Strikes Laws etc. Welfare slashes.

    • Juanny Boy

      Obama is supposed to be a real a-hole in person but all in all was a pretty good President.

      TPP was essentially ‘self preservation’ in that the Chinese already own us with them buying tons of our bonds.
      It was designed to foster competition against China and weaken us.

      Unlike NAFTA, I do not think Obama was intentionally selling out his supporters.
      But unfortunately the effects to the American worker are the same.

      • JUANNY

        What’s an asshole in private? Clinton cheated on his wife, who apparently was a swinger at one time anyhow. Reagan supposedly abused his family. Obama was a chain-smoker whose wife disliked white people.

        I mean on some level if your private passion is visiting glory holes in male toilets but you balance the trade deficit and the streets of Chicago are safe…who gives a shit?

        Most ambitious people have rampant vices. Obama was a chain smoker (A fairy minor vice). Clinton and Kennedy sex maniacs. Reagan a narcissist and a compulsive liar in private. Nixon a hardcore alcoholic. Bush an ex-alcoholic and ex-chain smoker.

        • Juanny Boy

          TRASH, he once bragged that his IQ was 150 (a 10-20 point overestimate)

          He wrote multiple books about himself before he was even famous.

          He went ballistic on a doe-eyed John Boehner staffer during the 2013 budget crises (a bully)


        • Juanny Boy


    • Juanny Boy



      he was a neo-liberal barely to the left of the Clintons and supported Thatcherite monetary policy ……

      yet the half country thought he was a socialist.

  21. Juanny Boy

    Keep in mind Bill did not campaign on NAFTA.
    He brought in a consultant after the failed Healthcare Bill to win him public support.
    This drove him to the the right.

    It’s not like Bob Dole was campaigning to revoke it in 1996. Once again the proles get screwed.

  22. Juanny Boy

    Poor Whites identified more with the Arkansas Hick than the son of a Kenyan Economist, even if the Hick’s policies fuck them more than the Kenyan.
    Or the crass NYC businessman versus the Jewish hippy.

    This is a sad testament as to the shallowness with which people vote.


      It’s further to San Diego from the East Coast than London. What’s my point?

      Out goes NAFTA and in comes the 13 Colonies Anglo-sphere revival between May and Trump for poor Anglo-Celtics on both sides of the Atlantic who are tired of immigration, tired of being jobless, tired of globalization, tired of being ignored as white trash, tired of PC.

      Hispanics and other minorities forget one thing. Trump is born in the UK and American whites view themselves as colonists, essentially.

      Cuba and Spain are so far removed that nobody in Madrid regards it as anything but an ancient lost colony.

      Britain and the USA are Anglos in an Anglo-sphere.

      • Juanny Boy

        Well, she has been strong-arming him for a bilateral trade deal.

        I’m more pro-Trump than most of you here but in this sort of genre I daresay her IQ is dozens of points above his.

        • JUANNY BOY In general Anglo-Celtics who remained in Britain have higher IQ’s. The idiots tended to leave.

          The same was true of Cuba. The dregs of Spain chose to stay in Cuba after the Spanish revolution. Of course Franco also chased out some fairly intellectual Spanish dissidents.

          But in general the IQ of the New World is lower than the IQ of the old world.

          Scots have expressed total shock to me at how unintelligent Appalachians in West VA are. One guy was even related to some and he was still shocked.

        • Juanny Boy

          Yes, Lower IQs and the inherently multi-racial character of the U.S. also fostered resentment which would make a European style welfare state impossible.

        • Jason Y

          Scots have expressed total shock to me at how unintelligent Appalachians in West VA are. One guy was even related to some and he was still shocked.

          Are you sure townies from where I live are really THAT DUMB?

        • Jason Y

          JUANNY BOY In general Anglo-Celtics who remained in Britain have higher IQ’s. The idiots tended to leave.

          HA HA. Maybe it was the pussies who stayed. I’ve heard that argument too.

  23. Juanny Boy

    I really DO NOT have much sympathies for Brexit.

    The ‘featherbed of Europe’ is all that saved the UK from looking like the U.S.

    May’s last hope is that Americans are so ridicolous as to like being raped by the British on trade better than being raped by Chinese cuz ‘muh master race’, cuck.

    I daresay she’s probably correct.
    I don’t have much faith for this country.

    • JUANNY BOY Putting it this way.

      Chicano people in the U.S. feel kinship towards and have relatives in Latin America.

      Anglo, every single one of them, has kinship to and familiarity with the U.K.

      As one Mestizo pointed out, Yankees are Europeans.

      • Juanny Boy

        Yes, I’m sure Theresa May is smart enough to realize this.

        Perhaps it is a very bizarre expression of Ethnic Genetic Interests.

        I should ask pumpkinperson if he agrees.

        • JUANNY

          Latinos seem to have very little relationship with Spain. Most of you know what province your Spanish great-great grandparents are from but that is about it. There’s really no political connection.

          Older Cubans like Castro ARE THE KIDS of Spanish immigrants. But Spain expressed little interest in Cuba.

          Mexican whites trace their roots to Andalusia but that is about it.

          Colombians and Puerto Rico whites to Catalan, Spain.

          My point is that for all talk about Latin languages and Catholicism, Latin Americans have a very tenuous relationship with Spain. No trade deals, nothing.

          Brazil is even more distant and I asked a Portuguese white Brazilian why to which he replied: my Portuguese grandfather was a defrocked priest, my grandmother a whore.

        • JUANNY BOY Yes and she also realizes the political capitol of the United States is in “New England” and that Trump is the son of a Brit.

          What will happen is that the Southwest will simply fall out of focus reverting to a dusty backwater in the desert. NAFTA will be forgotten.


      Britain has had a long relationship with India and Pakistan. They were colonies for 400 years.

      Africans are just blindly headed for Italian shores because Libya is no longer run by a lunatic.

      This, like Iraq, is what happens when the abusive father of a dysfunctional family leaves. The kids will behave worse around the neighborhood because Dad is no longer around to beat the hell out of them.

  24. Juanny Boy

    If only America could be like Britain.

    Have some badass like Trump/Farage make the big breakaway from normalcy but then install someone competent to reorganize things.

    Cuz Trump & Farage..
    gimme a break, nigga

  25. JASON Y

    You’re a real macho man compared to a “Eurofag” when you can live at a far lower standard of living. When you have no pot to urinate in. Etc. Etc.

    Sure, the military loses expensive wars but so what? What does this do to help a single person in the vast poor stretches of the U.S.?

    The roads are crap. The infrastructure is crap. The car they drive is crap. Their life is crap. Their prospects are crap.

    Man on the road is not benefited from being a Superpower.

    The U.S. has a far lower infrastructural standard, educational standard, quality of life than any other Anglo-sphere country.

    And I am referring to poor rural whites. Not blacks in Chicago or Natives on reservations.

    Bit of both, I suspect. But who has a higher standard of living today?

    If the U.S. were such a great place to go why end up so much poorer than your distant cousins?

  26. JASON Y

    Living in a poor place claiming that you are free and brave when you have no job and the potholes around your town make it look India really does not make it so.

  27. Our country (and the whole world) sure would be a better place without them. Hillary was right — the vast majority of them are deplorable.

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