Warning about Attending Milo’s Tour

She’s in Parties: Alt Right types going to see Milo talk. Is this regarding Milo Yiannopoulos?

Milo’s Dangerous Faggot Tour is going around the US right now, mostly at universities.

You guys better watch it if you want to go see him. Antifas are trying to shut down all of his speeches because according to their political theory, Milo is a fascist. A lot of them are getting canceled for security reasons. And when he does talk, antifas sometimes have huge demos. And lately the demos have been getting violent. In addition, guest speakers and even film crews are getting assaulted. These antifas mean business and they don’t mess around. This shit is starting to get pretty serious real fast.

Bottom line is if you go to see or cover Milo’s talks, you might just get hurt. I would advise against it. I’m not going to cheer this stuff on or even support it. I am just putting this out there as a warning to any of my readers who might want to go to see or cover him. Unless you like street-fighting, you could be wading right into a war zone. I don’t want to see my readers get hurt, especially for a dumb reason like that.


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12 responses to “Warning about Attending Milo’s Tour

  1. Tony Swagger

    This faggot Milo is strutting people and swindling scheming people just like his tribe. He thinks he take the goy for a ride when almost everyone in the alt-right sphere knows about the diseased perverted fag.
    Angin had lot of articles on this cunning hebe, you can check it out

    • TONY Oh this weird-looking felch-breath nebbish is really going to be the next Mussolini of public opinion. He won’t even be Charles Manson.

      Who has time to follow these types?

      Sure, I saw him on BBC. The whole world saw him on BBC.

      This is what happens when a country turns into a Banana Republic. You have the IRA, the Real IRA, Sinn Fein etc. Splinter groups who cannot agree on how to lead the revolution.

    • TONY Oh I’ll read that book. Everybody in China will read that book.

  2. I have no plans on seeing him. I posed the question because I never heard of this guy until yesterday. LOL. I was reading up on mass/spree killers and I came across one of his articles on the topic. The name Milo was fresh in my mind.

    He reminds me of Stefan Molyneux. Bad news.

  3. Jason Y

    If Milo goes along with the alt-right then he’;s one of them regardless of sexuality or being Jewish. Same goes for Stefan Molyneux. All these creeps are scum so let them rot with their WN brethren.

  4. Juanny Boy

    afaict Milo mainly talks about ‘dumb feminazis’ and that sort of thing, not race/ethnicity/nationalism at these events.
    He says stuff like ‘there is no such thing as lesbians, it’s just women too ugly to attract a man’ 😆

  5. Jason Y

    Jews have just as much capability for being extremely narrow-minded social conservatives as WNs. It’s not something that is beyond them (certain Jews). Also, they might be some self-hating thing going on.

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