Even the Secret Service Is Rebelling


Secret Service Looking at Agent Who Suggested She Wouldn’t Defend Trump from Bullet

Good God, when your very own bodyguards start rebelling against you, you know things are hotting up big time. Bodyguard rebellions are very bad news. They can even be fatal. Remember Indira Gandhi?


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9 responses to “Even the Secret Service Is Rebelling

  1. Jason Y

    You cannot destroy an idea. Hitler is as dead as Elvis but still millions around the world are WNs. It’s sort of the same stupid crap they were saying about Bin Laden. Oh, if we just kill Bin Laden, then that will stop radical Islamic terrorism.

    • If humans are wired to respond in general, in predicable ways to particular pressures, then you might see fairly routine social responses to internal and external pressures.

      And guess what!

      If humans are going to naturally respond to perceived threats to their ingroup through an increased distinction between ingroup and outgroup members, and be more robust to secure their group, guess what, they’ll tend towards parties which fulfill that goal. The only people who are insane enough to be outright and unequivocally against immigration are??? Bueller?

      I’ve travelled all through Europe. So, so many people aren’t happy about the immigration issues they have. But they’ll only confide if they trust you. They don’t like the far right, but a few reluctantly might vote for them. The more diverse society becomes, and the more prominent issues resulting from this become, the more society will lurch rightwards.

      It’s almost mathematical.

      What is happening with regards to the rising far right, is in my opinion, predictable. I can’t understand the surprise, it must be peoples internal models of how humans think is biased by their politics (ie, how they WISH people thought). The problem is, we deny the mechanistic nature and thinks its just a matter of particular trouble makers.

  2. ASSEMBLY LINE HUMAN I can understand the rationale of Iraqi and Afghani refugees.

    For nearly 20 years the United States has been keeping their country in a state of complete war.

    Why wouldn’t they feel the need to maybe go over there where there is running water.

    • Jason Y

      I gotta an idea 😆 Let’s give the Iraqis and Afghans their own Amerindian reservation HA HA HA har har har….

      As a bonus, we can add a few liquor stores. Oh wait, though, they might get rich on casinos. Gosh, these plans never work!

    • Well, people are going to go where they are accepted, which is Western nations.

      • Australia is sort of weary of this, I think.

        First you got the Italians and Greeks and Balkans folks, who did bring up the crime rate ever so slightly with their Melbourne mafia and under-the-table corner-cutting and corruption.

        Then came the Lebanese, who seem to be quite tough to assimilate.

        Vietnamese and Asians bought real estate and money but they also brought kidnapping and their vices of heroin, gambling, loan sharking etc.

        ….Now will come the American leftists. Good citizens and Anglo-Saxon, but coming with their PC madness, a good many gays, radically anti-Conservative.

  3. Halal Butcher of Lhasa

    Bismullah Iraakman Iraakhim..

    Its obvious Trump recruits for Allah. But how would jihadis fit in Allah’s grand scheme? I suggest a Grand taqiyya for Sunni Muslims in the Middle East:

      Convert to protestant evangelical Christianity or

      Fake faggotry and outing and appeal for ASSylum in USA (United States of America) as ‘mail-order bridegrooms’

      or BOTH, and budget permitting, get some skin bleaching treatment to look ‘Whiter’.

      By whatever means, move to US, revert back to ISLAM after getting citizenship and make USA (United Sultanates of America) a reality by outbreeding the rest.

    • HALAL

      Bangladesh and India are already proof that the male who screws the most does not rule planet…he just has more poor kids with a bunch of human cows.

      Muslims outnumber Parsi, Brahmin and Gujarati Baniya 500 to 1. Whose running things? Your family. I doubt it.

      You’ll never rule the world by being the human cockroaches scurrying around poor and ignorant outside the walls were the few live.

    • HALAL

      This strategy always worked in your countries where a load of Muslim poor with 8 kids outnumber 3 Brahmin who own everything, or Persian vulture-worshipers or whoever.

      You’ll simply end up in the same ghettos as other tropical and desert people who do the same thing, cannot feed all their children and have to ask the white man “Daddy, Daddy give me something”

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