New Facebook Group – The Original Alt Left

I just created my own Alt Left FacebookThe Original Alt Left – group, not out of vanity but because one of my comrades asked me to form my own group and offered to be the moderator.

The Alt Left has become a brand name now, and most of the wings are getting pretty far away from the original values and manifestos as written by Rabbit, me, Ryan England and a few others.

They are either full of conservatives, spending all their time fighting SJW’s, or worst of all, somewhat less insane versions of SJW’s. A lot of others have taken a very hard line against Left economics and are proposing Keynesianism and social democracy instead. Nothing wrong with that, but the original idea was that the Alt Left should be open to consider all forms of Left economics. We are not anti-Communists! Leave that crap to the Right.

The original Alt Left was also quite a bit more socially conservative that most of the present wings.

In addition, the Alt Left as envisioned by Rabbit and me was to be a place where anything could be discussed and any sacred cows could be gored. As such it was race realist, gender realist or red-pilled, sexual orientation realist, gender identity realist, etc.

Almost all present wings have abandoned race realism as too much of a hot potato, but this group will continue allow discussion of racial differences with a Left viewpoint.

Any of my readers are certainly welcome to join.

Here is a description of the group that I wrote:

This is an Alternative Left group created by me, Robert Lindsay, who, believe it or not, is the person who actually created the Alt Left. However, now that the Alt Left has become a name brand with more wings than a flock of geese, many of these wings have gotten seriously away from the original intentions of me and some of the other early thinkers.

The main way they are diverging is towards conservatism. We are not conservatives! I do not know how many times we need to shout that from the rooftops. We are people of the Left – liberals, progressives, Leftists, socialists, Communists and anarchists. Now granted we rather weird and dissident Leftists, we are nevertheless of the Left. While social conservatives can stay, all other conservatives will be banned on sight. No supporting the US conservative movement, the Republican Party or Trump.

Another way the Alt Left has gotten away is that some wings are simply less insane versions of SJW insanity. We are anti-SJW and anti-PC to the core. Nevertheless, we still support the basic goals of all these liberation movements when they began. Our motto is, “We signed up for Liberation, not insanity!” We are for equal rights but against weirdness, insanity and the general Cultural Left Freakshow.

We are pro-civil rights and against real racism. However, modern anti-racism has gone insane. MLK would not recognize this clown car. 80% of what is called sexism, racism, homophobia or antisemitism is nothing of the sort. It is just real talk by real people. Nevertheless there are ugly racists, nasty antisemites, misogynistic men and women who hate men. These are the real forms of prejudice, and we will oppose those all the way.

A third way the Alt Left has gone out of control is that it spends most of its time attacking SJW’s and says almost nothing about the menace of Trump and modern Republican Party who are imposing a proto-fascist dictatorship on us.

All women are welcome to join! Please do!

Black people are more than welcome as are those of any other race! Come on in!

Sexual minorities are also welcome though they may dislike the tone.

Of course, socially conservative Leftists are more than welcome! You are the whole reason for this movement.


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13 responses to “New Facebook Group – The Original Alt Left

  1. jose

    Why the picture of Perón? I am surprised about it (how an American put it in a important place apparently).

    • Well socialismo de la patria. Socialism for the Homeland. Homeland Socialism. We are socialists and we are nationalists also.

      Also my Alt Left is for the los descamisados – the shirtless ones. This is a Left for the regular, normal man or woman of the street, the regular person that you meet on the street, the regular guy next door. We are Leftists who hold rather traditional values on race, gender, homosexuality, transsexualism, etc. For instance, you said if a man called you gay to your face, you would hit him. Apparently in Argentina this is just normal. It’s an affront to your honor. The Alt Left says that’s ok. It’s ok to be masculine. It’s ok to be traditional. It’s ok to feel that being called homosexual is one of the worst insults of all.

      Now in the modern Cultural Left, if you did that, you would be thrown out of the movement and called homophobe and all sorts of other BS.

      See what I mean? “Alt Left – The Left for the regular guy and regular gal.”

      • Juanny Boy

        This is very good.
        I do think the Democrats have become the ‘suicide left’.

        The matter of who to vote for in W.V. was not even worth any amount of thought to be most West Virginian-s this year.
        They were at least willing to hear Obama out.

      • jose

        Perón followers are a very heterogeneous group, you can find from nazis to communists. The movement has a left wing and a right wing. The last one hate communists deeply. The first one support leftists like Che Guevara for example, and have criticism from left political parties (Trotskysts mainly, that criticize everyone who is on his right by the way) but have support from many socialists and traditional communists, that prefer a more left movement but still support left Peronists because they try to not commit mistakes of the past, and since the last 17 years or more (seeing how hard capitalism was destroying the country), they will support always the more leftist possible movement, even when clearly is not socialism. but at least try to construct a more regulated capitalism.

        About Perón, there is much mistery. In 40’s and 50’s had good presidences, but when he returned, he fucked it up really bad, filling his movement with quasi fascists and right wing people that hated leftists really bad. After all, he had a military formation, and historically here, at least during 20th century, our armed forces always were filled with anti leftists (from supporters of liberal capitalism -I am not referring to the “liberals” that you know in United States, that are more or less leftists- to fascistsm right wing nationalists and nazis). In 1943, he was one of the founder members of the G.O.U. (Grupo de Oficiales Unidos -United Group of Officials-), that was a secret movement into the Argentine armed forces conformed by nationalist military officials.

        During te 30’s, there were authoritarian governments (the first of that decade was a dictatorship that ousted to a democratic president called Hipólito Yrigoyen in 1930), that won elections by fraud, that took off Argentine pants with United Kingdom (making some commercial trade agreements very damaging to us) and, with the fall of agroexport, managed to continue protecting to our powerful landowning oligarchy (ensuring that they continue to make profits), that lived from the primary sector. Due to the war, Argentina was obligated to start a industrialization, that was acaparated by the same oligarchy and foreigner big businessmen associated with it. This, associated with bad conditions in rural workers and the fall in employment of primary sector of economy, provoked the begining of the big internal migration from countryside to towns and especially cities, and from towns and small cities to mid-sized and big cities (in that time, the unique really big, with more than a million of inhabitants, was Buenos Aires). That’s when started the big migration of people from poor provinces of the north, to cities like Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario. This northern people were more Amerindian (also many were very mixed whites), and were called “cabecitas negras” (little black heads) in a pejorative way (that’s ona of the denominations a style of bird that in English is called hooded siskin, andhere was a bird that arrive in big waves to some regions during some weekends, so that’s the reason of the mock, combined with the racial slur of the obvious darker skin and hair of those northern immigrants). Their were unemployed workers that went to cities for work in industries, but their work conditions were really bad. So, social situation of the country was very agitated, and left parties were grewing up due to this, and that’s why nationalists, in the 40’s were afraid that this new industrial working class (now in cities and more in contact with leftists), turned to socialism or communism, and that’s why they decided that this authoritarian governemnts had to end, and put Perón like their leader.

        I’m not really into the subject to give you an accurate analysis, but i read that some of the achievements of his first presidencies, were just “stolen” ideas from socialists put into practice. Also I read sometimes that he was very demagogue precisely to attracit poor people and working class in general and prevent to their possible turn into leftism. Also, left political parties made his own work in make situation worse, and sometimes protested along with right wing conservatives (that represented middle and upper classes) against Perón. And, in this moment was when Perón started to his persecution of opponents (communists for example), that many were jailed (his rich conservative opponents were very powerful and were very far from being a constructive or, at least, respectful and ethic opposition, and used all sort of dirty tactices). At the same time, many afiliates to left parties, abandoned them and joined to Peronism or, some years later, started their own left political parties without those elitist leaders. Also some historians criticize him because they say that his industrialization was wrong and ended in few years with the close of many of those industires.

        His wife, that probably did not have much idea of politics, was much more “human”, and was concerned only in help poors and working class in general (that’s why she was not well accepted even by many right wing Peronists). And she was who said once that she was more afraid of the new oligarchy that born into Peronism than the oligarchy that Peronism defeated before.

        At the end, I think that balance is positive in his first presidencies, not the last one. Che Guevara said once that, if well he did not agree in many points with Perón, at least he was another warrior against American imperialism. Perón thought the same about Guevara, at least before 70s, when he arrived again to Argentina and did not like his left wong followers there, that some conformed armed movements against 60s dictatorships.

        • jose

          In the last lines, when I said that Peron did not like his new left wing followers in Argentina, I was talking about Peronist left wing followers, not Che Guevara ones (in my comment this can be confused), who were in “illegallity” and with whom Perón did not make an opinion or made contact.

  2. See here on the context of the data

    and here

    Now, to save an unnecessarily lengthy thread, I’m quite familiar with Blacks and racial differences.

    Word of advice, you are only feeding the types who criticize the Alt-Right (like commenter Juanny Boy/ Barrack Thatcher) by posting something this specific when that barely has anything to do with the contents of the article.

    To be frank, it’s kind of Jewish

    • Juanny Boy

      Well it’s just an endless shtick.
      What you’re going to see in Europe is the people are going to elect these ‘far right’/Alt-right sympathizers and then lose a lot of the European safety net.
      It’s partially because these people don’t seem to chime in on economic issues other than a few sound-bytes on ‘no brainer’ topics (i.e. NAFTA- type trade deals, H2B visas, etc). They spend all their time on this sort of thing.

      And btw…I just can’t wrap my mind around 0 Black women raped by Whites. about 4400 non-Hispanic Whites were charged with rape in 2015. NOT ONE of them was against a Black woman?
      I doubt.

      • Juanny Boy

        FBI uniform crime reporting is the source.

      • Juanny Boy

        Crime is a big thing though.
        It’s a big motivator, just look at this election.

      • The article that Tulio link said that kind of interracial rape was more common in prisons, which is weird when you think that Black women in Prison would be considered “apes” by others.

        At the same time, we need to consider the type of character guards are as well.

      • Yeah, if you read people hard enough, you can distinguish those who hate blacks just for the sake of it relating to blacks or are pissed at the crime itself and how it relates to blacks.

      • JUANNA BOY

        I can wrap my mind around it easily.

        Poor blacks, who grasp base tribal territoriality, avoid exurbs and rural areas where the poorest whites live. They won’t live there. Period.

        If black hood rats did live down the road from the Texas Chainsaw family or Papa Jute from the Hills Have Eyes in the absolute barren middle of nowhere, perhaps she would be.

        Going into a black area to rape a black woman is dangerous for a rapist.

        I’ve heard that most customers of black female prostitutes are white and this constitutes a sex crime of some sort.

        But rogue whites leaping out to rape black women seems unlikely.

  3. Hoff, I am banning you, pal.

    Reason: Supporting Donald Trump.

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