Who Are the Antisemites in America?

Trash: Why are proles obsessed with Jews?

TJF: To Trash:

To the best of my knowledge your average White prole is not obsessed with Jews at all (and generally supports them especially if they are evangelical Christians..). In polls White gentiles have a better attitude towards Jews and Israel than Hispanics and Black… But, WN’s are definitely obsessed

Total Jew Face is absolutely correct. Your average prole in flyover country knows nothing whatsoever about Jews and cares nothing about them. Some of the fundamentalists may dislike Jews for not being Christians, but that’s not common at all.

The Whites who hate Jews are almost all the White racist types, especially the more extreme ones. The whole spiel about Jews programming us via the media comes from the White nationalists, Nazis, or whatever you want to call them.

I have no idea how people in cities feel about Jews either. Traditionally Old White Protestant money has disliked Jews.

My mother grew up around these people and every time I mention rich Whites and Jews, she says, “I know those people. I grew up with them. They don’t like Jews.”

She said the rich Whites mostly did not like Jews since they weren’t Christian. There was also a more rational attitude that Jews lie, cheat and steal and cannot be trusted.

There is very little antisemitism, organized or otherwise, in the US.

Now I am talking about the real deal antisemitism, the nasty stuff. I don’t have to describe it for you. You know it when I see it.

Of course Jews are paranoid victim addicts who are continuously scanning the world around them for signs that people hate them. Or dislike them. Or look at them wrong. Or think bad thoughts about them. Or whatever. Probably 80% of what silly Jews call antisemitism is nothing of the kind. These people are similar to those humans who always think everyone is out to get them even when they are not.

The notion that poor Whites or proles in rural areas, small towns or flyover country hate or even dislike Jews is very mistaken.

This notion of the commenter that poor trailer trash Whites hate Jews probably stems from a huge lie that the Jews themselves push:

Massive Jewish lie: The Jews say that everyone who hates or dislikes them in America dislikes them because they are losers. They are poor people who never went to college. They live in trailer parks. I remember when I was on Usenet Jewish and Israeli groups, all of the Jews believed in this lie 100%. This lie was made up by the Jews to trash their opponents as poverty-stricken losers and failures who blame the Jews for the failures in their lives. The Jews made up this stupid lie so they could feel better about themselves. Proof that most Jewish people are at least somewhat delusional lies in the fact that almost 100% of Jews actually believe this bullshit.

What’s the truth? Yes a subsection of White racists, mostly White nationalists, hates or dislikes Jews. But there is no evidence that White nationalists are poor, losers, failures, or anything like that. In fact, my perception after hanging out on American Renaissance for a long time was that White nationalists apparently all believe that they are rich and they think all other Whites are rich too. A number of them did seem to have some money or property. It was not unusual to see professors, schoolteachers, policemen, attorneys or physicians on there. You would be surprised at how many successful people are White racists and even White nationalists. There was also a very strong contempt for working class Whites on there. The hatred was so thick you could cut it with a knife. There was one guy on there named John Engleman who was pro working class. I believe he grew up in a coal mining family in West Virginia. He is widely hated on that site and the attitude there is extremely anti-worker, anti-union, anti poor Whites, etc. The mindset of White nationalists in the US is actually very elitist. It is not too different from commenter Trash’s own elitism.

These moronic anti-racists who peddle some retarded version of the Jews’ big fat lie need to go back to the drawing board. Most White racists in the US are not that way because they live in a trailer and have failed in life and want to blame someone. I would imagine that they have average to even above average incomes. Nor did most White racists learn their racism at their mother’s breast. Whites in the US seem to have become racist due to their experiences in life with Blacks and to a lesser extent Hispanics. Mostly they are appalled at the behavior of these groups, in particular the former.



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  1. Jason Y

    There was also a very strong contempt for working class Whites on there. The hatred was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

    It sort of makes sense, though I don’t agree with it. See, once they start feeling pity for poor whites, then they might feel pity for poor NAMS, then maybe next gays. Soon a rainbow pops in the sky and it’s like the end of the Scrooge story.

    Anyhow, basically I cannot really see a difference between the white racist mentality and typical libertarians whom I see post in Facebook all the time. Basically, these are guys who despise any type of government help thinking it means they are wusses and cannot stand on their own two feet, as Tulio commented once. In fact, the only thing they want the government to do for them is give them special benefits for being war veterans. However, if your not a war veteran, then they don’t think you deserve anything.

    Basically the majority of WNs advocate the most harsh form of libertarian thinking, while on the side, thinking wiping out Jews will somehow make it work.

    • JASON Y I’ve known few Jews in Asia or the Middle East.

      Having no Jewish dentists or lawyers does not automatically ensure your society will be a sudden utopia.

      • Jason Y

        True,no jews in India that I know of.

        • JASON Y

          The husband of an Indian singer I knew was her half-baked manager and a Jewish man from Ohio.

          Armenian and Iraqi Jewish have small communities, there are some Yemeni Jews in Kerala. None of them have set the economy on fire.

          Only in the United States do a variety of white nationalists complain of media programming by Jews.

          The foreman of a shellfish factory in Philippines was a Jewish alcoholic from Long Island. His family were poor white trash NY mofo’s.

          In fact Jews are rarely seen overseas, period.


  2. ROBERT Explaining a distorted view

    Elitists don’t do hard drugs until late adolescence. One thing about working class people is their adult habits come early. Sex, drugs, leaving home. Especially drugs.

    They get into shitty hardcore no-hope drugs. “Crack is ravaging the working-class” 80’s newscasts turn into “meth is an epidemic among poor whites” and then ‘Oxy is the new menace”. Why not just smoke a joint. Perhaps an LSD trip for wisdom. A hit of nitrous or two.

    Elitists attend college and work part-time while studying. Most working-class people just would not have the discipline to work and attend school simultaneously as young people. Maybe when they are 30, 40. It takes discipline.
    Elitists use rubbers/prostitutes. Sorry, but working-class people end up that way partly because they have children young and without much forethought. If your baby is born when you are 19, chances are it will have a hard go of it.
    Elitists believe in a nuclear family. You should enjoy life a bit. Screw around. Do some drugs. Be young. But don’t do it with your 2 year old in the other room. Wait until you are thirty years old or so.
    Molestation. What is it with working-class and touching little girls genitals? It’s produced a bunch of hyper-sexual man-hating dysfunctional sluts.
    Travel. Go somewhere and live for a few years. Understand the sheer size of the planet. At least travel to other states. Spend a few years in Mexico, Canada at least.
    Stop mouthing off to NAMS. Just sit quietly around them. Smile. Avoid their bad areas. Let them insult you. Their insults are childish anyhow. “Bitch”, “Cracker”. Nothing is to be gained from fighting them on the street…No, none of them will ever return to Africa.

    I’m in agreement about unions. But a law preventing off-shore investment would have to be implemented or indeed union workers lose their jobs. This does nothing for humanity when thousands of people are out of work and roam around Flint or Ohio Steel Mill towns penniless.

    • Jason Y

      But, what about FUCKING COMPASSION? 😆

      • JASON Y

        Yeah, I think we can all sympathize with the son of Clint. He ends up being a poor white trash motherf*cker.

        He’s conceived in a car during a beer bust between Clint and a high school girl of 18 when Clint is about 22 and still hanging around pummeling younger dweebs.

        Clint hangs around a few years but eventually drifts out of the boy’s life.

        Paying child support is difficult and Clint then discovers meth and does some jail time.

        His mother meets another guy whose loser friend comes over drunk one night and molests him.

        The kid grows up poor, sometimes raised by really weary grandparents about our age in their forties, in lower-income areas where he has bad experiences with some NAMS.

        There’s little money in his house. He discovers drinking at 12, drugs at 13.

        Compassion is wonderful but it does little to change what will probably be the course of the kid’s life.

    • Jason Y

      WNs and other condescending elitists have a solution for poor whites, NAMS etc.. It’s genocide. That was what the Nazis wanted to do. At some point they get tired of telling the poor to “get with it” and :get off thier lazy ass and work” so the only solution is to clean out the TRASH, pun intended.

      • JASON Y

        Elitists are generally soft, physically. Poor whites sometimes fight for fun.

        Genocide is pretty unlikely.

        There is no work, that is the problem. If there is, it is the sort that teenagers used to do for pocket money.

        I grew up in a union town, whatever my views. How can a grown man do a teenager’s job and pay his mortgage and support his family? He’s not trying to buy a bicycle or a new stereo or take his girl to the prom.

        • Jason Y

          It’s difficult to say if elitists are soft, maybe some of them are. But I don’t think a lot of them are. However, they are psychopaths obsessed with competition, regardless of frail appearance.

    • Jason Y

      I blame a lot of the condescending bullshit coming from WNs, libertarian types, politically correct Yuppies etc.. on religion. Religion is telling people they have to evolve into a higher being or be superhuman. Also, I think the “American Way” is to blame, as it’s about winning and losers or those not competing are despised.

  3. The dirty little secret is that people who dislike Jews do so because they’ve had too many bad experiences with Jews, and for that you can’t be white trash in flyover country, where there are almost no Jews. People who have never interacted extensively with Jews tend to have an idealistic attitude towards them.

    I’m Jewish, and I have to admit that most of the anti-semitic tropes about Jews are correct, broadly speaking. Jews tend to be extremely envious, competitive, full of anger, hatred and contempt, towards others, and obsessed with money over all spiritual or aesthetic values. They are backstabbing and unreliable, even among friends. Living among Jews is like living in Renaissance Italy – which is an early training for gaining and keeping power. Whats more, you begin to realize the Jewish reputation for genius is just self-promotion. Jews tend to be mildly intelligent mediocrities who are obsessed with success and money and achieve it using dishonest means and through obsessive self-promotion and marketing, which in a democracy, naive people don’t realize how effective it can be. As Wittgenstein, himself a Jew, said – at best Jews can have talent, but are never geniuses. All honest Jews eventually realize this.

    Growing up Jewish, I thought our behavior was normal and everyone acted like this. It was only by leaving the community and travelling extensively did I realize that we Jews are actually very different and really, insane. When I tried to tell my Jewish friends that most people don’t act as bad as our community does, they insisted its just human nature and other people are the same or worse.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think its “genetic”. it’s a product of a very pathological Jewish culture, and Jews are themselves the first victims of all this. We grow up incapable of feeling happiness or love and with a burning obsessing with success and money as if our very lives depended on it. Which in a sense, it does, as our egos are so fragile we feel we will collapse and die if we don’t achieve “success”.

    Is it any wonder that the Jewish country, Israel, has a reputation for coarse rudeness and a pathologically aggressive interpersonal style? And I’m not talking against Arabs, but against fellow Jews. Israeli bosses are notorious for witholding pay – you have to fight them for your money. Yet this is exactly what gentiles have been complaining about Jews since forever! Tell me, why isn’t Sweden or Norway renowend for bosses who withhold pay and for a crazy confrontational style?

    If you look into the biography of anti-semites, starting with Voltaire, you will find that they’ve been cheated again and again by Jews, and at a certain point couldn’t avoid pattern-recognition.

    I say all this not to spread hate against Jews – Jews are as much victims here. The problem is the pathological, materialistic, neurotic, obsessed culture Jews grow up in that produces psycopathic behavior inevitably. This culture needs to be addressed within the Jewish community itself or we will continue getting into trouble and wondering why everyone hates us. But I don’t see much hope of that happening – we prefer to blame others.

    • Jason Y

      Actually, WNs are elitists like Jews. That’s their problem. PC Yuppies who watch the home and garden channel, WN elitists, libertarians, Jews, A lot of Northeast Asians, etc.. are obsessed with achieving goals and power. They’re obsessed with rising to a higher state of being.

      • Right, WN’s are taking a page from the Jews. Often they are quite honest about doing so – Jews are not that smart, but over the centuries they’ve developed the amoral and ruthless strategies that help them gain and keep power. If your goal is simply power and nothing else, not creativity, not art, not philosophy, not civilization – you can go to no better school than the Jews. Of course, these tactics are parasitic and if everyone does them society collapses, but I don’t think WN’s figured that out yet.

        And you’re right about NE Asians too – the “new” Jews. Pathological ambition also infects this group.

        Renaiissance Italy did not, after all, flourish for very long. These kinds of behaviors undermine societies.

        Donald Trump was mentored by Roy Cohn, a Jew, of course, and Trump is obviously Jewish in tone and affect to anyone who grew up in NYC. Trump is just Jewish tactics making their way into the gentile world – and this was inevitable, but its tragic all the same.

        But if you read alt-right and WN websites like Occidental Dissent they are quite explicit about using Jewish tactics. Kevin MacDonald writes extensively about Jewish tactics and how whites should adopt them.

        Well, they are, and its just going to get worse.

    • Jason Y

      Of course, in a world of high competition, psychopathic behavior would be the norm. it’s sort of like being on the movie American Psycho about the fictional 80s Wal Street yuppie who hacks up hookers.

      • I can’t agree with that, Jason. Cooperation and altruism can be very effective survival strategy. Psycopathy is very self-undermining – I’ve been stabbed in the back out of sheer envy, when I could have been a useful ally. But the psychopath cannot handle it if anyone else has anything good. There is nothing adaptive about this.

        And in the long run, this kind of behavior rebounds on you. Look at what happened to the Jews in Germany. Yet it didn’t have to go down like that. The Germans were insane, yes, but if the Jews didn’t do their usual thing do you imagine it would have went down quite like that?

        And look at how Jews are busy undermining their own position in America by supporting Muslim immigration, out of hatred for Christians.

        Psycopathy has its own set of motivations and imperatives that have very little to do with maximizing success and fitness and a lot to do with satisfying pathological emotions that undermine you in the long run.

        • AARON

          I’d say in France this has been more of a blow back. But Muslims FOLLOW Jews out of North Africa, Egypt etc. when they do immigrate to Western Europe.

          Arab-Americans and Jews lived side-by-side in Detroit, Los Angeles.

          The anti-Semitic feelings are quite low, surprisingly.

          Arab-Americans seem incredibly successful per population and so are Gujarati Indians.

          They just do not seem that concerned on U.S. soil with Jews.

          U.S. terrorism attacks have not been focused on Jews, in particular.

        • Jason Y

          It’s ironic Jews would support Muslim immigration when Muslims viscously hate Jews.

        • Jason Y


          I’d say in France this has been more of a blow back. But Muslims FOLLOW Jews out of North Africa, Egypt etc. when they do immigrate to Western Europe.

          Arab-Americans and Jews lived side-by-side in Detroit, Los Angeles.

          The anti-Semitic feelings are quite low, surprisingly.

          Arab-Americans seem incredibly successful per population and so are Gujarati Indians.

          They just do not seem that concerned on U.S. soil with Jews.

          U.S. terrorism attacks have not been focused on Jews, in particular.

          Foreigners who hate America, and there are a lot of them, might occasionally mention Jews, but they primarily hate US citizens and government. Unlike Sam, they don’t try to blame the American population’s crap on the Jews.

        • Juanny Boy

          It primarily stems from our meddling in their politics and existence for oil. Israel is just a footnote. The Arabs (mainly Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon Palestinians excluded) fucked themselves with useless Ba’athist invasions.

          Why are Saudi Arabia/Gulf States so great? They took responsibility for themselves and didn’t blame the Jooos (joking, joking)

    • AARON

      Agree about the anger. If you’ve been around tough street Jews they are the kind of guys that always talk in a scary calm-before-a-tornado type of voice like they are about to kill you. You don’t really want to be around them.

      My own experience with Jews around Detroit was not the fabulously successful Nassau Island types. And to be honest, Jewish thugs can be scary.

      Irish-Catholics and Italian-Americans whom Jews in the Northeast have to interact with can be pushy, too.

      They can be pushy with Jews, especially Italian-Americans whose own attitudes about Jews formed like 1,000 years ago.

      Are Jews egocentric?

      Yes, but more so than the average black? I’m not so sure.

      • Corporate Jews and “intellectual” academic Jews have a strong thuggish element to them – read some bios of these types. It comes from the upbringing – the way it woks is, an unbelievably intense pressure is created for you to “succeed”, so that failure seems like a fate worse than death. This generates the psychic energy that fuels an insane amount of anger and an insanely tenacious clinging to whatever it is your doing. Your life – your psychic life – is literally on the line for every small victory, and the waves of sheer panic and self-hatred that begin to emerge at the prospect of even the tiniest defeat is huge motivation.

        It’s a terrible way to live, for everyone involved.

        • AARON

          This is true about small victories.

          Coming up in the streets of New York will probably create that persona: Gene Simmons did not have the benefit of a long Ivy League pedigree or a Trust Fund.

          Jewish fathers can be strict with their sons too. Not physically but mentally tough. There’s not as much love in their treatment of their sons.

        • Jewish men are tough on their sons, this is true.

        • Hotdog

          “That’s what Gentiles are for[the dirty work]” Gene Simmons

    • AARON

      Agree about the anger part. Some Jewish tough-guys in my neighborhood always seemed like they were about ready to kill you when they talked in a real quiet voice.

      Being a small German-Catholic surrounded by bigger tough Jews, the gentile comes to actually learn some of their habits in order not to be picked on.

      Please remember my Northeast neighborhood was not Nassau.

      Also, Irish-Catholics and Italian-Americans can be pushy towards Jews.

      If you are Jewish and grow up in New York City or Boston, why wouldn’t you be pushy?

      Sad to say I kind of like the Jewish people for all their faults.

      Sue me.

  4. Jason Y

    Robert’s mentioning of the Arab world as an ideal paradise where people were not obsessed with money was touching. Oh, how that compares to the yuppie PC land or Jews at Harvard or WNs and libertarians on social media bitching that everyone around them are effeminate parasites.

    • JASON Y Dubai Memories

      Most importantly to me nice is that Arab ladies take penises in their butt. This of course is one really attractive aspect to life in Dubai. Prostitutes and regular Arab women who take in in their butt.

      I don’t have a problem with Muslims. You are less likely to encounter drunken louts in the road, see crack whore prostitutes chasing out businesses and pimps slapping them around, hear about meth or oxy epidemics or get mugged for that matter.

      One reason of course is the windfall of oil. Arabs build schools. They give every family a house. A Lexus. A job, if they want it.

      Never was mugged by Arabs in Dubai. Unlike NAMS they do not seem to want to hurt other people if you mind your manners around them. If you don’t mind your manners that is a bad situation.

  5. Jason Y

    I think the bottom line is that those ethnic groups obsessed with competition are idolaters. They idolize power. That’s why they spend countless hours trying to dominate in higher education rather than just go get some average job which would be more than enough for a family, but no, they have to be a greek god.

    • JASON

      I can remember when anyone with a GED could get an average job. Wants an economic bubble collapses into a pile of complete rubble the average jobs disappear.

      The problem with the Flyover is that there is no diversified economy. One state makes cars for example.

    • Jason Y

      So do you agree with Ron Paul that we headed for another economic crash and that 2008 was the prelude, or this is supermarket tabloid conspiracies?

  6. JASON Y

    There were a couple of factors no longer relevant.

    America had been in an expensive war for 5 years by then.
    Gasoline as a result was $140 a barrel as a result of Arabs gratitude.
    People cannot get credit as easily.

    I do agree that if every manufacturing job returned to U.S. soil that possibly this would be somewhat helpful.

    However one problem, never to go away, is that the internet has dissolved all the service-sector jobs. Retail, travel agents, real estate, etc. etc.

  7. Juanny Boy

    Nigga do you still read the Shamren comments section!?!
    There are a few intelligent people, sure, but many fail to even understand how an average or median work. They also believe in Soultrean craziness and think that some combos of different races of humans are too far apart to breed.
    Phil says “don’t lose it for the wogs” the problem is that these people ARE the wogs. Wogs are the norm.

    Now that being said I am very found of John Engelman. He seems to be a rational man. However the commenters hate him because he’s moderate. He’s said “the holocaust was a great loss to humanity” (lots of already smart Jews killed) “if I hated ALL Black people I’d go to stormfront”, etc. so they call him a cuck.

  8. Juanny Boy

    AmRen is overrated, hence why I call it ShamRen. Just because the authors don’t gratuitously use racial slurs it’s supposed to be the greatest thing since slices bread.
    What does it contribute? Copying and pasting crime stats from the FBI?

  9. Santoculto

    Why aidetics are so obsessed with AIDS*

    I don’t know…

    Why the prey are so obsessed with their predators*

    Someone tell me, i don’t know why.

  10. Santoculto

    ”The Whites who hate Jews are almost all the White racist types, especially the more extreme ones. ”

    The most instinctive.

  11. Juanny Boy

    I’m skeptical that experience caused most WNs to becomes WNs. If so, wouldn’t they be more open to opposing views? People who have had bad experiences with Blacks only tend to outgrow their views. I have known these people, once they are removed from the situation they revert to their original anti-racist ways.

    This is just another big WN lie; “we’re all sooper smrt”
    What smart person could delude themselves into thinking “muh race is the center of all good in the universe”?

    • JUANNA

      In YOUR OPINION why do Australia and Canada and other British-settled countries/former colonies have lower crime rates than the United States?

      Why are Cubans in Miami more successful than Mexicans in Southwest U.S.?

      • Juanny Boy

        It is surely NAMs.

        I have come up with a “crime index”
        Hispanics- 1.2
        Whites- 0.6
        Asians- 0.4

        Multiply the % of each race in an area by their index to find a total. 100 is the average for the U.S.

        DETROIT: 84% Black, 11% White, 3% Hispanic, 2% Asian

        84×3.3 + 11×0.6 +3×1.2 + 2×0.4= 288.2

        Detroit should have 2.882x the crime of the average American place.

        • Juanny Boy

          2.882x the crime rate of the average American place.
          But there are many other factors.

        • JUANNA BOY

          I’d add that Italian-American cities will have slightly higher crime rates than other white ones. Slightly.

        • JUANNY BOY

          Why does violence in Italian neighborhoods ONLY involve males. Brutal as it is, sickeningly brutal, there are rarely kids or women killed in the crossfire.

          Children are not shot in drive by. Women are not raped.

          But males die often in middle-age.

  12. Santoculto

    ”There is very little antisemitism, organized or otherwise, in the US”

    Specially because jooos organize society to prevent ”anti-semitism”, i mean massified and possibly inflamable awakening about a mountain of lies they are capable and fanatically engaged to produce and to force other people to live.

    Social/cultural engineers act like ”God” creating the environments AND the rules of this/their environments, they are naturally adherent to be succesfull. They are the creators of this games.

    Before jewish order in american life ”anti-semitism” was mainstreamed but not progromlized as in eastern and central Europe, the so-called ”common sense”:

    [all] blacks are savage
    [all] homos are mad
    [all] jews are liars and sychos
    [all] women are incapable to live without the protection and rules of the men

    This wasn’t just a american characteristic, in Brazil for example, lack of discrimination against jews would happened because little jewish population and little intimacy, the otherwise in central and east Europe, gentiles lived among big jewish population and all the time they was interacting with them, even in rural communities.

    Intimacy is something most jews don’t want to have with gentiles, namely those who are like that, clever, paranoid, astute BUT morally correct.

    Intimacy make us understand the real-self of people, the metaphor of pigs thorns by Schoppenhauer.

    More and more people really know the, seems, disproportional patterns of anti-social/dishonest/particularist attitudes of jews or any other similar group, gypsy roma for example, more they become anti- this people.

    they are wrong*

    Capitalism with globalization creates the necessity to be tolerant…

    and we know for what*

    to increase $$$ to the tiny minority of more ambitious/sociopathic individuals in the society.


      Globalism has been around a long time. I think you give Jews far too much credit.

      Sam Walton would never have sent his factory to China if it had not been for the Jews.


    • Jason Y

      Before jewish order in american life ”anti-semitism” was mainstreamed but not progromlized as in eastern and central Europe, the so-called ”common sense”:

      [all] blacks are savage
      [all] homos are mad
      [all] jews are liars and sychos
      [all] women are incapable to live without the protection and rules of the men

      But your a homo. Also, whose to say that women cannot live independently AT ALL? I can see they can go to college, drive a car etc.. Also, as for blacks, lots of sympathy existed for them in the past. That’s why you had abolitionism, the NAACP, the old Republican party, and a host of other things sympathetic to them.

      • Jason Y

        Women are not interested in being slaves to men anymore. That’s all. End of story. Who can blame them?

        • Santoculto

          ”Women are not interested in being slaves to men anymore. That’s all. End of story. Who can blame them?”


          where i said otherwise*

      • Santoculto

        ”But your a homo.”


        I’m talking about past context, in the past it was the common sense, period.

        ”Also, whose to say that women cannot live independently AT ALL?”

        Older conservatives, church, hello**

        • Jason Y

          What an idiot who thinks women cannot live independently when they’re doing so all the time. Only WNs and morons in Saudi Arabia could possibly believe that.

        • Jason Y

          I’m talking about past context, in the past it was the common sense, period.

          Why would so-called common sense which is really bigotry be correct? Because everything in the past was always better? Well, that’s highly debatable. Note, really harsh capitalism was also common in the past.

    • Jason Y

      Social/cultural engineers act like ”God” creating the environments AND the rules of this/their environments, they are naturally adherent to be succesfull. They are the creators of this games.

      Well, how would that be different than Nazis breeding humans?

      Anyhow (regarding liberal social engineers), what is so unnatural about giving non-whites and the disabled a better chance at life? Why should everything be based on Darwinian models? Human beings are not in the wild, but are civilized.

      OK, so obviously you would heavily disagree with Robert’s leftist leaning thinking. In fact, Robert is all for social engineering, at least in the economic sense.

      • JASON Y

        Social engineers would have a hard time maintaining a level playing field.

        Asian-American and Jewish populations simply bar rogues and psychos from reproducing. Koreatown and Queens are full junkies, criminals and the crack ho.

        They remain childless loners, however.

        • Jason Y

          Asian-American and Jewish populations simply bar rogues and psychos from reproducing. Koreatown and Queens are full junkies, criminals and the crack ho.

          They remain childless loners, however.

          They don’t if they marry outside their race.

  13. Santoculto

    I don”t know precisely how to define ”i hate that people”. Look little bizarre you hate everyone of this group, hate a group, look too abstract, specially when we no have a universal condition, for example, if all blacks are thugs and i hate thugs so i hate all blacks…. but in the reality we know that is not all blacks who are/act like thugs and it’s not all thugs who are blacks, and many times, some or many blacks will be more similar to you than most whites or your people could be.

    I look for patterns, only, and firstly, and all patterns converge precisely to the ”anti-semitic” ”version’ of the reality, with one or other debatable point.

    My great doubt is

    when we are talking about THE jews, what is the precise fraction of them who are perfectly attachable to this correct stereotype* : astute, extremely dishonest with non-jews, fanatical, materiali$t== basically a kind of sociopath or other disturbed soul.

    By now almost jews i ”know” in the hbd or other-sphere has been, in the very end of the day, or pro-Israel and/or against ”anti-semitism”.

    Bear in mind when people talk about racism, homophobia or anti-semitism they are also talking about clannishness attitudes, but directed to the identity groups and not exactly to the ethnic groups, specailly in the case of homophobia.

    I know a mulato homossexual here, a very special person with a sad personal history but very happy, kind, very well articulated about your area of expertise (nursing) instead your clear lower verbal intelligence (abstract verbal intelligence, that is measured by IQ tests). So he said that ”homossexual people are more careful about sexual preventions” and ”there are much more heterossexual people with STDS than homossexuals, the difference is that it’s don’t show in statistics”. I argued that at least 20% of american homossexuals will take AIDS at the half of this century and seems impossible the same/ or similar % to the heterossexuals. Clearly he try take responsibility and guilt from homossexuals or minimize this scandalous scenario.

    We are talking about three group of people that, on disproportional avg, instead assume their own fails, individually and collectively speaking, they prefer and they incentived to blame others, circunstances and namely the ”dead dog”, white people.

    There are three but possibly only two scenarios for this kind of attitude:

    sociopathy/psychopathy/anti social personality
    immaturity generally associated with

    And yes, most hbd-hardcores, many them who are jews, also love to take responsibility of their/ own atittudes from jewish ‘people’ or at least jewish intellectual elites.

    • Jason Y

      I know a mulato homossexual here, a very special person with a sad personal history but very happy, kind, very well articulated about your area of expertise (nursing) instead your clear lower verbal intelligence (abstract verbal intelligence, that is measured by IQ tests).

      Is his appearance ugly? I bet he is (sarcasm).

  14. Santoculto

    Seems so many people who have huge deficit to understand and internalize statistical stuff.

    Usually we tend to have three type of people


    unclannish / at least the traditional type

    and ”pure” normies

    clannish over-enphasise differences among groups and of course they are over-related to their own group

    unclannish, generally those who fail to adapt to their own clannish or tend to be outsiders, tend to re-create groups by common-core associations, because what they don’t find in their own ”kind”, they will search in other groups or by other ways, criteria for association, ideological for example. Many unclannish also tend to have some organic disorder that prevent them to be more clannish. Sometimes pure manifestation of human virtues only happen with paradoxal combination with organic disorders, when the animal instinct is disconnected but not to the point to the complete ill functioning.

    My example of my mulato homossexual friend show for us that clannish feelings Continue to exist in many unclannish, specially when we have this fail to the golden rule, over-praising, over-protecting your own group.

    ”Pure” normies tend to be a amalgamation of this two types, because they tend to be clannish enough to be more likely to socialize and reproduce with people of their own racial/ethnic kind, but they tend to be less strongly in-group than typical clannish people.

    And among outsiders we have the surplus people who tend to have at the same time, a privileged existential/ and biological perspective and ungrateful. They can see the fails of both three usual human groups: clannish, normies and unclannish, but because they tend to be so rare and little related with both three, they tend to be perfect candidate to the loneliness.

    • I live overseas and do not observe these things.

      Outside of the United States, Jews are absolutely nothing. Blacks and Mexicans are never employed overseas or seem to be able to live off their skills so they are rare. I’ve met maybe 2 or 3 in 20 years overseas.

      Nobody overseas really is interested in American media programming and Americans themselves lose track of it. You really have to give a shit to stay in touch with popular culture in America if you live overseas.

      I don’t.

    • Jason Y

      clannish over-enphasise differences among groups and of course they are over-related to their own group

      Really? Look who’s talking?

      • Santoculto

        ”Really? Look who’s talking?”

        only two possibilities

        you are functional illiterate


        you are joking with me.

        Often i believe both is likely to be true.

        i will not say again that i’m not white, on the left (ASS YOU), on the right, on the fucking whatever place moron people like to see themselves, i’m not nationalist [ if i live in decent country, ok, but not], i’m not cognitivist [ absolutely or predominantly pro-cognitive class you are/ i’m belonging], i’m not either globalist, specially this retarded and evil globalists… i’m not familiar exclusivist, i’m very critical about my own parents and relatives.

        My clan-leaning

        rational and/or wise people [where they are* do you tell me where they are*],
        vegetarians and or vegans [even most of them are very left-leaning, so…. i’m not exactly CLAN about/with them, i just share common moral attitudes,
        homossexuals [ most of them who are left-leaning or just normies with extra-challenges in their lives].

        next, try elaborate your ”argument”…

        i no has any problem to say ”i’m clan f**ck you zombie”


        this is not true, derstand now*

        • Jason Y

          I am not functionally illiterate. You just don’t like what I’m saying so you’re bullying me by making up false accusations. But, huh, that’s common in politics, discrediting an opponent.

          In addition, you purposely go after me cause you think I’m dumb or weak or something. I mean, you could go after Trash, he’s made a lot of anti-WN statements. All this is just pure bullying, so you’re the creep, not me.

          Why not go see a psychiatrist about your self-hating/loathing situation, being a mulatto gay person? 😆

        • Jason Y

          Anyone who makes random comments calling mulattoes ugly on average as well as other outlandishly rude and cruel things is DEFINITELY, an ASS. But WNs like that are a dime a dozen, but coming from such a self hater/loather (black mulatto gay) it’s so comical.

        • Jason Y

          WNs like santo-culto need to be eugenically driven out of the human race, not cause of the mulatto or gay thing, but cause of the pseudo-soul they have. They make like horrible for others. Bullying people due to insecurity cause they themselves are self-haters and self loathers.

        • Jason Y

          Look at how I’m called a functionally illiterate moron by Princess Priss-Face who lusts after uniformed SS officers and homoerotic Nazi propaganda movies, while Trash never has any sources for ANY of the comments he makes about science or anything.

          What Princess needs is a strong slap like a lot of girls need. That’s a part of anti-feminism I agree with. :lol; HA HA

          Shut up GIRL. JUST SHUT UP.

        • Juanny Boy

          Santo- Long time no see.

          I too have voluntarily banned myself from PP’s blog (it came after ‘the Philosobator’ claimed Rome was an “ethnostate” it is the EXACT OPPOSITE of that).

          I assume you have as well.

        • Juanny Boy

          the way you fight WNs is you take a leaf from their own book.

          I for one am awaiting the book “Rednecks in Redneckland” (like Negroes in Negroland) co-authored Hillary Clinton and TRASH.

          It will take eyewitness accounts of ‘explorers’ in Trump rallies.

        • Jason Y


          Interesting indeed because Santo-Culto’s self hating / self loathing equals Michael Jackson’s condition.

        • Jason Y

          SANTO-CULTO VS. JASON #2

          Michael Jackson’s (on your image) and Santo-Queero’s hating and loathing are definitely something in common.

        • Jason Y

          I mean the self-loathing, self-hating of MJ is over-the-top like Santo-Queero. I mean you had the bleached skin, plastic surgery, debateable sexuality, anti-Semitism (MJ once hired a black magic priest in Africa to finish off Steven Spielberg whom he hated.).

        • Jason Y

          Oh, and social concern, for all of Santo-queero’s warped and evil mind, he does seem to have opinions on social justice, sort of like Michael Jackson and his save the world thing he had going on.

  15. I’m willing to bet that Italian-American cities like New Jersey have slightly higher crime rates regarding males settling issues and Cubans have a LOWER crime rate than Mestizos.

  16. markus

    Many Hispanics (especially mestizos from Central & South) work, or have worked, for Jews (a lot of them Orthodox), and there is certainly a big resentment towards them; the common complaint is that their bosses are stingy and ruthless. It’s not uncommon to hear a mestizo say “I’ll never work for Jews again”.
    Now, it’s easy to say they just jumped on the “antisemitic bandwagon”, but the mestizos that have never stepped out of their home countries know very little about Jews and have a neutral opinion towards them.

    • MARKUS What job does a newly-arrived Hispanic do for a Jewish dentist or lawyer or doctor.

      Clean his office space?

      And the Jew doesn’t pay him for that?

      Where do these newly-arrived Hispanics work for Jews?

      • markus

        Clean his office space?
        Yes,and houses for the enormous orthodox families

        I saw this in NYC

        • MARKUS

          Jews are more abusive to their Hispanic employees that Irish-Catholics in New York or Italian-Americans?

        • MARKUS

          I’m no defender of Jews but I think that if 5% of them run America than the rest of the population has to be pretty dumb.

          I don’t believe this anyhow because Irish-Catholics and even some Germans like Trump have enormous wealth in NYC. Asian-Americans are a force to be reckoned with too.

          I’ll never understand why White Proles from the Flyover States believe it is Jews-not Irish-Catholics, not Asian-Americans or South Indians, who focus on Jews.

          Nor am I really able to understand why Jews would benefit from the Brazilian America of fatherless mixed-blood orphans. Why aren’t Japanese pushing such an agenda since they are clearly a minority? Arab-Americans?

          What gain do Jews have by removing Anglo-Saxons from the United States, exactly? Asian-Americans and Irish-Catholics and Cubans are still going to be fearsome competitors. More so perhaps, with the old Protestant elite out of the way.

  17. There are generally two types of “racist”, that I’ve observed.

    Reactionaries who are generally working class, don’t have an ideology, and just have a superficial reaction to the concern du-jour, whether it be Islam or Refugees. They may have negative attitudes towards some immigrants, and positive towards others. In Australia, there are many who have very hostile attitudes towards Muslims, but have Asian wives. These people are generally not anti-semitic, hostile to anything left wing and left wing economics.

    Ideologues who tend to be middle class or higher, have ideology and their reaction to the concern du-jour is more an attempt to recruit people rather than a limited concern. That is, they might appear anti Islam, but that will be more to grab the reactionaries and bring them to an ideological stance. They will be sceptical of immigration in general. These people generally do hold view against Judaism, or at least, against phio-semitism, and although they state they are hostile to Leftism, they can be in practice left wing environmentally and economically (though this is mixed). These are the AmRen types. They need the reactionaries for the numbers, but generally don’t think highly of them.

  18. Juanny Boy

    The TRASH presidency.

    President TRASH is embroiled in many scandals during his first year in office. President TRASH is attacked by feminists for his remarks on Dravidian prostitutes. President trash then calls them hippies who don’t control anything but the granola bar industry.
    President trash calls his predecessor a ‘dumb landlord’. President trash’s first state of the Union is the iconic “honey, you might be a 95 IQ redneck”. President trash nearly assassinated by alt rightist but the alt rightist was high on painkillers and his aim was off.

    • JUANNA My Trashy Administration

      PRESIDENT TRASH does interviews with feminists describing his sexual experiences with prostitutes around the world. Only subject is the vaginal cavity size of Filipinos and Asians vs white females and the women whose blowjob enthusiasm is greatest per prostitution capital.


      All Cuban Minority Affairs Reps are DNA tested and re-grouped with Irish-Americans as Celtics since Northern Spain belongs to the League of Celtic Nations anyhow (This in fact is true, including Castro’s father’s province)
      Sicilian-Americans DNA tested and re-classified as Arab-American.
      Poor Whites tested for Native American blood who claim to be “Nordic”!


      All poor low-education white women who have babies with black thugs who require welfare or AID to Dependent Children forced to kneel in the welfare office while a Huge Black Penis shoots Gobs of Semen into their open mouths. Picture then distributed to over-18 low white income girls who watch MTV and want to have babies with thugs.
      All white males arrested for prostitution in red-light areas forced to pay for tickets to the Philippines and remain there for 10 months on their own savings.


      Three Strikes Law abolished for drug dealers and petty shoplifters.
      All young white male offenders convicted of aggravated assault must serve a minimum of 1 week in black prison tiers and then immediately released scared and emasculated by the experience.
      Nazis must parade through Brooklyn with Swastikas displayed and no police protection.
      All Black thugs must be forced to live the house of Leatherface and his family in Texas.


      All welfare receivers must agree to sterilization/vasectomy in exchange for free living all their lives.

      • Jason Y

        All poor low-education white women who have babies with black thugs who require welfare or AID to Dependent Children forced to kneel in the welfare office while a Huge Black Penis shoots Gobs of Semen into their open mouths. Picture then distributed to over-18 low white income girls who watch MTV and want to have babies with thugs.
        All white males arrested for prostitution in red-light areas forced to pay for tickets to the Philippines and remain there for 10 months on their own savings.

        Most white women who date blacks are not dating thugs, that’s probably a WN myth.

        • JASON Y

          True, but often the black man simply loses interest in the child.

          Grotesque generalization, mind you.

          Young girls who get pregnant are on the margins of society to begin with. They are more likely to come from poor families. Be unskilled. Uneducated. Dull. Anti-social.

          These are the reasons, not race, that children from single-mother families face such awful adversity.

          Low intelligence young women are more likely to get pregnant in the first place. College girls are screwing their heads off but are on the pill and make the hookup wear a rubber in the bargain.

          It is the young girl who likes bareback and just does not care if the kids ever have a chance in life.

        • Jason Y

          Young girls who get pregnant are on the margins of society to begin with. They are more likely to come from poor families. Be unskilled. Uneducated. Dull. Anti-social.

          A bit of misleading words here. Yeah, of course they’re poor. Look what globalization had done to them.


      I would not live in the United States for 4 years. It sucks. I’d have to serve my time from Asia.


      TRASH serves from Asia:

      George Bush’s savings redistributed to European countries Iraqi refugees.

      He is referred to as “alcoholic bum” by TRASH.

      Media is glutted by films depicting the 90’s in a nostalgic halo where teenagers still worked at drive-thrus instead 40 year old men and the homeless were drunks or addicts.

      Cuban-Americans re-classified as Celts and lumped together with Irish-Americans whose DNA is pure Gallegos Spanish.

      Sicilians-Americans DNA tested and re-classified as Arab-American.

      Members of “Nordic” organizations tested for Native American blood.

      Feminist interviews restricted to subject of which foreign women enjoy anal sex, vagina firmness and diameter per prostitution group in Asia, blowjob experiences per country (Bangladesh my vote).

    • ALT-RIGHTIST ASSASSIN: I’d do my presidency from Asia. Poor white trash and NAMS don’t travel.


      All Alt-left college educated single Americans with no criminal record shall be issued passports from the British Commonwealth country of their choosing under the understanding they renounce US Citizenship and do not return.

      …That would include President TRASH.


      I’m going to have to refuse the appointment as President because I cannot carry it out from Asia, where Cholos and poor whites and hood-rats are unable to live or come near me because they don’t travel.

      A dumb landlord whose father once told his Jewish renters he was Swedish! will continue to his second-term without me.


    JUANNY bear in mind I will not leave Asia.

    Some further policies, bills, signatory decrees:

    Alt-Leftist Anarchists who vandalize and black looters run over by tanks and shot Tieneman Square style.
    Three Strikes Law lifted, however. Drug dealing lessened as an offense along with other petty crimes.
    No protection in jail for police who break the law.
    Young unmarried mothers who apply for welfare forced to kneel in Section 8 or Social Services offices while penises ejaculate gobs of semen into their open mouths. Photos put on public billboards.
    All Hispanic immigrants will be DNA tested to determine Spanish ancestry and family ownership verified in Latin America. No Central American Indians. Argentinian or Uruguayans of Italian ancestry receive immigration incentives.
    Minimum wages by $5. Manufactures offshore heavily-taxed.
    All men convicted of prostitution in poor red-light areas court-ordered to fly to the Philippines for 10 months.

  20. Juanny Boy

    what are your opinions on our “dumb landlord” “sending in the Feds” to “end the carnage” in Chicago?

    Would a President TRASH support such a measure?


      A bit more street anarchy so the law-abiding citizens and decent non-violent criminals like dealers or prostitutes or hustlers appreciate the presence of police.

      By May, BLM will give way to make our community safe again.

      National Guard is a BAD MISTAKE. This then brings out the revolutionary we are occupied by the government which is against us. This will be turn into a permanent state of affairs.


      Police in Philly gave up trying to stop the Italian mob wars to simply keep streets safe and taxes devoted elsewhere.

      What happened?

      Italian soldiers thinned themselves out to extinction. Sure, lot’s of Italian mothers wept at what a good boy Guiseppe was when he was shot at 40 after dismembering 14 guys with chainsaws.

      There is a difference here in that blacks will also go after white civilians. Women. Children.

      But perhaps they should thin themselves out a bit more.

    • JUANNA Soprano, Scarface and Boardwalk Empire Era Lessons

      SCARFACE and SOPRANOS and BOARDWALK EMPIRE depicted the reality that these thugs simply thinned one another out in a zero-sum game until there were almost none.

      The surviving ones aged out and washed-up.

  21. JUANNA BOY President Trash

    Let the BLM enjoy another few months in a police harassment free zone.

    It is sad for the kids with good inside them and women and elderly but even some of them drug dealers and prostitutes will appreciate law and order by then.

    By August, they will be thanking President Trash for using entirely black police forces to reduce gun violence.

    Among the black police presence that appears at that time there will be the usual corruption and rackets but the actual street violence will be reduced.

    National Guard is a mistake because then they will become an occupying army which we cannot afford.

  22. Juanny Boy

    PRESIDENT TRASH is more open to Arab immigration because of his positive experiences in Dubai. He revokes the ‘dumb landlord’ ‘s policies.

    Rudy Giuliani goes on Fox News to criticize President TRASH.
    PRESIDENT TRASH refers to Giuliani as “a dumb Guinea who doesn’t even know he’s half Arab”.
    PRESIDENT TRASH defends his remarks on 60 Minutes by comparing Meadow Soprano to King Farouk’s Wife.

    PRESIDENT TRASH learns from his intelligence agencies that the remnants of the Italian mafia is now planning a hit against him.


      Newly formed Latino PR group bans Hollywood from casting Italian-Americans and Jews (Pacino, Bauer) from playing Hispanic gangsters or Hispanics (Garcia, Leguizamo) from portraying dick-grabbing Italian-American lowlifes from Queens.

      • Juanny Boy

        Well I do know Andy Garcia played in Godfather III (Michael’s illegitimate nephew).

        Martin Sheen (Estefez) regularly plays ‘Good ole’ boys’ which is amusing (half North Spanish half Irish). Charlie sheen in his bat shittery also plays a variety of characters from varying ethnic backgrounds.

        • JUANNA BOY

          Carlos Estevez (Charlie Sheen) looks the most Iberian of all of them to my way of thinking. If you visit Spain, you will see a load of males that look like him with the jutting jaw and dark eyebrows.

          He bears a passing resemblance to the current Mexican president and looks like an old-money layabout Criollo.

          To my knowledge, he’s never played Hispanics however.

        • JUANNY BOY

          Gallaecia does belong to the League of Celtic nations, from where Sheen’s father (And Castro’s and most Cuban whites) trace their roots.

          These people are genetically indistinguishable from other Celts.

        • Juanny Boy

          Got anything on Asturias? My great-great Grandfather came from Asturias in 1892.
          His descendants up to my sister typically had green eyes (my dad’s generation was the first not to)

    • JUANNY

      I’m more open to Saudi businessmen buying real estate than Central American Indians, come down to it.

    • JUANNA

      Northern Spain is the far South of so-called Celtic Crescent that winds up through Atlantic Spain, Western France, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

      Broadly speaking French-Canadians, Irish-Americans and Gallegos Cubans in Florida share DNA.

      • Jason Y

        So basically, Spaln and France are Celtic with some infusion of other blood via invasion by Romans. Correct? It does seem like the French look sort of similar to people in the south USA and also in Boston more so than Germans or Russians.


    I’d be curious on average which group of immigrants is most likely to endanger the public.

    My presumption is that it would not be Arabs.


    Arabs in Persian Gulf States are usually far wealthier than most Jews and not terribly concerned with their influence or power. More or less, they do not give a shit about them.

    Jews are really only successful in the United States and Russia. Even in Australia or Canada they’ve never soared to the 33% of the Forbes list equivalent.

    Exactly why they managed to distinguish themselves in business in the United States but not Australia or New Zealand or Britain is anyone’s guess.

    I suspect that the mean IQ of white Americans is lower than that of our fellow whites in Australia, on a vast general average. Or perhaps Jews arrived in New York City at a time when it was poised to be a center of power and influence where their particular aptitudes were valuable.

    Arab countries. Lebanon, Syria and Palestine are on the Eastern Mediterranean nearer to Italy than Dubai as it happens.

  25. Juanny Boy

    TRASH the more cynical angle is that America is such an ‘individualist’ country that it caused other Whites to be fractured while Jews were nepotistic.

    Some have even gone as far as to say Ayn Rand made up Libertarianism just to get Goys to be more individualistic while Jews practice tribalism.

    I for one note that Jews are on opposite sides of issues/conflicts hence meaning they could not be nepotistic (even if it’s all fake, hiring ‘enemy’ Jews would expose the scheme).

    I.E. David Brooks is not going to hire Milo Y to write for the NYT.
    No, they would sell each other up creek in a heartbeat.

    This is what WNs don’t get.


      Individualism: As a group, Anglo-Celtics have a sheep-like lemming quality in fact. When MTV made bisexual women popular in the 1990’s an entire generation of girls group up kissing other girls. When it became chic for white women to date black men with poor prospects, they did it. When Mexicans pushed crack, then meth into their exurbs and small towns they got hooked. When porn hit the internet and they no longer had to do the walk of shame through a Blockbuster Aisle or risk getting mugged in bad red-light areas to enter sex shops through a back door, they become addicts.

      Considering how quickly Iranian Muslims took over LA’s formerly Jewish haunts or Cuban Batista-era exiles moved out the Jewish hotel managers and gangsters and lawyers I’d say that this Russian woman forgot to put a disclaimer in the preface for Jews not to read the book.

      If WN’s were as good at networking and making money as they are at Jewish theories minorities would be in trouble.

      Outside of the East and West Coast collectively all Anglo populations depend upon a single material resource for their economy. Oil, car manufacture, tourism in Florida etc. Blue states tend to have diversified secondary economies for secondary economies. In Detroit or Flint, once the one industry vaporized the place was of no value to anyone. Part of this is education and intelligence, I suspect.

      Jews are not trying to “take down” Bill Gates. He didn’t care about them and it is doubtful they dislike his “Gentile money”

      White Nationalists cannot accomplish anything because not enough of them are educated, own means of production (Marx would agree here), wield financial power or possess in ability to influence any politics except in their voting capacity.

      Certainly Jews lacked the nepotism to prevent Trump from being elected. They cannot get their own politicians from getting bounced as loonies or scandal-fodder: Weiner’s sexting adventures, Spitzer’s call girls, Lieberman’s lack of any charisma.

      ATLAS SHRUGGED. Oh sure, every Appalachian and French-Canadian in Vermont read that book. The entire Irish-Catholic political machine of Chicago in the fifties threw over their networks and unions and under-the-table deals over an obscure Russian broad.

      Today perhaps 1 in 500 Anglo-Saxons have heard of her of Polish-Americans in Chicago.

      Not to mention the Chinese-Americans.

      White Americans share no common culture. French-Canadian Catholics in Vermont have nothing in common with Appalachians or with Indian-blooded whites in Oklahoma. No religious or cultural bonds. I doubt that they ever did.

      Jews are also blamed for inventing Communism, which all of them fled as soon as the Bolsheviks were in power simply because Lenin was 1/4 Jewish. You’re reaching for things here, I fear.

      How many Anglo-Saxons regard an obscure Russian woman as the centerpiece of their library to the extent that these people can even read?

      I’m sure the Irish-American center of power in New York City or the Italians running the unions all decided to throw over their under-the-table deals and long-term relationships because some Russian broad that maybe 1/1000 of the Anglo-Celtic population in America has heard of.

      I’ve seen Jewish winos and addicts in my neighborhood out on freezing cold winter nights because the Rabbi would not let them into the Temple.

      Jews are not terribly altruistic to other Jews, but I agree they clump together in particular industries.

      • Jason Y

        When it became chic for(Ango-Celtic) white women to date black men with poor prospects, they did it.

        Are u sure that isn’t really just getting back at parents and letting go of repressed feelings?

  26. Juanny Boy

    there is no unified conspiracy.

    White collar Jews will destroy enemy Jews when given the opportunity.

    Marcia Clark STILL hates Bob Shapiro.
    Al Franken brags about beating Norm Coleman by 300 votes.
    John Kerry would’ve blackmailed Netanyahu if given the opportunity.



      Dan the redneck came to the Philippines to run an airplane factory. He was a loud redneck and former Air Marshall who believed that Americans were important in Asia. He wore cowboy clothes and had an ample belly over.

      He began taking the usual liquid lunches at the local white beach bar. He fell in love with a poor Filipino girl who was his secretary.

      …Other whites, mostly American but some Aussies began to take bets on how long he would last in the Philippines.

      He lasted much longer than we thought: he could not get back home. When he lost his job in the factory he sold his car to open a sari-sari corner store with his wife’s family. They turfed him out, realizing that he was now a dry well.

      Dan began to live cheaply and eat at Rice Buffets. He cashed his severance ticket home. He spent this and was homeless.

      Finally he ended up homeless in the Philippines. He’d been a big strapping redneck but lost weight quickly scrounging rice.

      Finally, he had nothing.

      He managed to convince Chinese-Filipinos who sort of felt sorry for him to ship him back to Guam.


      Word on individualism and elitism.

      If you want to haunt Wal-Marts and get cheap Tramp Stamp tattoos and act like a Black Crip and drink in Sport’s Bars and never travel and leave school with a GED or attend community colleges so you can hang around your living with your parents that is your choice.

      Cholos and blacks do the same thing.

      Probably Blue States liberal “elite” will continue wanting absolutely nothing to do with you and drinking wine or smoking marijuana in their studio apartments and listening to obscure Black Flag recordings.

      They will remain childless transients who have no idea what it is like to have to support a family at 22 on minimum wage. You cannot make them or those folks like me who simply leave the United States for their entire working life give a single solitary shit about your miserable rental house where you struggle to make bills because you have three kids in your twenties.

      If you chose to get hooked on meth and “level out” with the oxy this also your choice. Ramon the Criollo white Mexican from the wealthy Spanish family will continue to have his soldadas feed your addiction and fly around Mexico City in a helicopter.

      Oh and he supports illegal immigration so Red Indians do not remember how badly 10% of the population of Latin America that look like Charlie Sheen ignore them.

      Blue State elitists know all these things, by the way. They are cynical and decadent. They laugh at the pointless wars, the alcoholic bums controlled by oil companies that end up WITH NOTHING, China’s economic expansion into profitable resource-rich Africa while America fights 15 year old wars that transform the countries of their fellow whites in Europe into refugee camps like the one in the beginning of SCARFACE.

      We know all of this comes down to the stone naivete and ignorance of whites from States in the Flyover who know absolutely nothing but what appears on the screens of the television. They have never read a book about history or economics in their life. They have never left their states. They are from broken homes. They can be lead to believe that Arabs with Scimitars will leap off boats swinging swords if Bush does not give contracts to the oil companies he worked in Iraq. They’ll believe anything, like the Lord providing for as many children as they can possibly shove out.

      All they have is a vote: they employ to elect one disaster after another while hippies and yippies and hipsters in San Francisco lofts who are sucking one another’s penises in 69 positions ignore them.

      • Jason Y

        If you want to haunt Wal-Marts and get cheap Tramp Stamp tattoos and act like a Black Crip and drink in Sport’s Bars and never travel and leave school with a GED or attend community colleges so you can hang around your living with your parents that is your choice.

        But only around 20 percent of all Americans have a college degree and many of them don’t have a useful one.

    • PRESIDENT TRASH on the Alt-Left

      Feminists with huge unshaven hairy pubes who will never suck a penis anyhow can protest me all they want. What do I care? I’m never going to get any sex action from them, am I?

      Unlike gay men, who still have a sort of masculine initiative that transforms rough working-class neighborhoods into clean, neat gay districts the Feminists do nothing but dress like truck-drivers and sit around with other women in Lesbian bars listening to the Indigo Girls and talk about the time they were raped, for the most part.

      If that is their happiness, well, I support freedom.

      As for Chicago, I’d let the black urban guerrilla warfare stretch on a bit longer. Another year until black communities leaders are pleading for police to intervene. Thin them out a bit.

      Then the felch-breath gays can come in and gentrify those areas.

      Latin American policy should be aimed at financing Indian revolutionary Marxists in the rural areas and creating friction between Red and White man below the border. Likewise, promote incentives for Italian engineers from Buenos Aires to immigrate and get phot-ops with me in a press conference. I’m supporting LEGAL immigration from Latin America see.

  27. Jason Y

    Trash has mentioned the US going down the tubes. However, note Latin America was already like that in the 90s, while the US was prospering. That’s why they were all wanting to come here.

    • Jason Y

      Now Americans are the bitch. It’s sort of like on Hostel where at the end the hooker mocks him as he goes in the torture chamber, saying “Whose the bitch now?” 😆

      • JASON Y

        It HAPPENED fast. In the 1990’s the United States was still the envy of the world where teenagers worked at Fast Food drive-thru and the homeless people were winos and addicts.

        Europeans wanted to immigrate and Americans were loved everywhere.

        Look at it now.

        Moreover the distinction between the so-called liberal elite and left: those Americans with no credit card debt or children living in Blue States and the sort of people that want Sarah Palin to be President is huge. Enormous.

        Economically it is huge. If you live in a Red State you are much more likely to be alcoholic, marginally employed, married young, have many kids who live at the poverty line, be addicted to some really destructive narcotic.

    • Latin America has always been sort of a mess but the drug wars were not tearing Mexico apart to quite the same extent as they are now.

      Possibly more Americans are seeking drugs than the 90’s because they are dealing a bleaker existence.

      But this is mere speculation.

    • JASON Y

      Americans are using more drugs, which fuels a drug war. Instead of beer and marijuana it is narcotics intended to dull the user’s perception of miserable existence.

      White Americans who would have toked weed in 1995 are into heroin for a reason. They have a bleaker existence.

      Of course this fuels competition in Mexico for the veins of North America.

  28. Juanny Boy


    A Cuban in his early 70s that owns a roofing business is murdered in his home. His safe stolen.
    His neighbors they say a Black man snooping around his house.

    The Homicide team consists of 3 Cubans, 1 Italian.
    The two cops that rope off the scene are WASP and Black.

    One of the Cuban investigators says “they always think Old Cuban people have money”…. I.E. the Cubans with something fled Castro to keep their money.
    But this guy just owned a roofing business, his neighbors were even Mestizos who didn’t speak English.

    I.E. A lot of what you are saying are unjustified stereotypes.

  29. JUANNY

    I’ve heard some fairly ludicrous stereotyping about Jews.

  30. Juanny Boy


    1868= “Negroes in Negroland”
    150 YEARS LATER (2018): “THE PROLE IN FLYOVER LAND” co-authors (((David Brooks))) and (((TRASH)))

    • Juanny Boy

      I would love to be an example of the civilized Redneck in your book, Senor TRASH

      • JUANNY BOY

        How old were you when I left the United States in 1999? Fifteen years old, maybe eighteen?

        So how would it be possible for me to write a book on you, JUANNY? I have not lived in the country we are discussing for nearly twenty years.

        I was unimpressed with white rednecks then and I am less impressed now. When the advantage of technology and capital flattened the playing field with the world of course poor whites were going to be a “no purchase”.

        None of them in 1999 considered this when they were my age then (25) and already had three children.

        Most assumed the construction boom, retail sector jobs and and credit cards would last forever.

        They did not, did they?


      Apparently not civilized enough to avoid doing the dirty work of Jews.

    • Jason Y

      White Trash in White Trash Land would only be 1/4 of the white prole population or less so Trash’s sayings often amount to mere comedy.

      Also, fried chicken, watermelon eating, pit-bull fighting, thuggish, American negroes might account for the same percentage, unlike what WN websites would claim.

      • JASON Y

        Defining White Trash in Flyover States.

        You cannot leave your particular city or state. You are trapped their both socially and economically. This is the biggest factor. Many idiots become millionaires. They usually move directly to California.
        You married young and had children. Of COURSE Gays will be liberal elites. They have the liberty of moving anywhere. Poor whites from Flyover states will marry at 20 or 21 and have a family at 25.
        Big Issue: People from the Flyover States CANNOT GET OUT. Anyone with some special skill or ability leaves.


    It’s been so many, many years since I lived in a Red State or even a Blue state with urban poor whites that I no longer really have the ability to answer that question.

    In all fairness I knew many poor Yankee trash as well from ethnic white cesspools.

    Also, int 1990’s the economy was good enough that rednecks today who are destitute had employment at that time.

  32. Juanny Boy

    Well this guy is apparently probably going to be Mexico’s next President.

    Reading his policies on wikipedia as a Provinicial government, it doesn’t seem he’s left wing (lifted taxes/regulations on building to attract construction/real estate to Mexico City) per se,although he did expand the safety net.

    I’ve heard he’s opposed to NAFTA, and could work with Trump to get rid of it.
    I suppose the benefits of increased standard of living aren’t worth the grueling NAFTA labor to Mexican peasants, if they even get any benefit from NAFTA at all.

  33. JUANNY BOY By peasant you refer to the 30% of the population that is pure Indian and some Mestizos with lesser degrees of Spanish blood.

    My answer to you is that NAFTA existed as an outlet sociologically and racially for the Spanish and Castizos to relieve their race problem.

    Particularly from Chiapas, a war that died down in 1994 as a result of the Free Trade Agreement.

    NAFTA has far more consequences than this that would fill volumes in a library but IF a left-wing Indian populist assumed power than the war between the government and “peasants” which is essentially a Criollo vs. Indian war with Mestizos on either side, would erupt.

    • Juanny Boy

      TRASH did NAFTA effect immigration policy at all?
      I think you may be conflating two different things.

      BUT what you are saying IS TRUE.

      1924 immigration act= virtually outlawed immigration from all but two places: NW Europe AND Latin America.

      Why do you think that would be?
      There were Latinate families that intermarried with wealthy elites like the Vanderbuilts…and fathered neo-liberal dream boys like Anderson Cooper (look it up)

      • JUANNA BOY

        The United States has helped reduce tensions between Red Man and White Man below the border.

        If illegal immigration did not exist than probably the war in Chiapas would be the norm.

        • Jason Y

          JUANNA BOY

          The United States has helped reduce tensions between Red Man and White Man below the border.

          If illegal immigration did not exist than probably the war in Chiapas would be the norm.

          Yep, that’s true.

  34. Juanny Boy

    TRASH my humble theory on the matter (and I believe I had Phil’s blessing on this) is that ‘tokenism’ or at least the appearance of equal or near equal opportunity is what helped it.

    – Nelson Mandela would’ve been one of the few Blacks to go to Law School (others kept out by rigorous entrance exams, not just a ‘because I say so’ law)

    -He would’ve lived a nice lifestyle defending Parliamentarians from prostitution charges.

    -He would never engaged in his activism because he had a ‘vacation to the Cape or East London’ to look forward to or ‘a blow job from a secretary’

    Get it?
    India also somewhat like this in that their current PM appears to be Shudra (albeit non-Dalit)
    but his cabinet is vastly, disproportionately Brahmin
    but do his Shudra brethren care? NO! Because he’s the public face.

    They have hope.

    • Juanny Boy

      to a White law school of course


      Yes the Philippines does the same thing.

    • Jason Y

      True, definitely the elite are defenders of the status quo because their jobs and comfortable living depend on it.

      • JASON Y

        20 years when I left America nobody would have “Occupied Wall Street”. Forty year old blue-collar people were still earning money.

        There was still enough retail and service-sector work in Red States that the obsession with elites and globalization-probably a true reality-was not driving them into the streets in protest.

        • Jason Y

          Retail and service sector in red states? I thought they all hunted ducks for a living or worked on cars. 😆

    • Jason Y

      Also, the wife would play a role. I’m sure, for instance, Nazi death camp guards had wives who nagged at them to shut up and do their job cause the future of the family depended on it.

      • Juanny Boy

        there is a scene in the movie “Winnie” where in the days before Apartheid got really bad (late 1940s) Winnie goes with her Indian friend and her White friend to buy clothes.
        Winnie puts a dress on her over clothes to try it out, and the White manager has a level 8 chimp out. “The other customers won’t buy it now”.

        This will inspire Winnie to get involved in the fight for equality.

        If this was a Latinate country they would accept a few Blacks merit the top echelons of society and it’s really no issue that she tries on the dress.

        Instead, they created a formidable foe.

        • Jason Y

          I think a lot of the snobbiness was over-the-top even with so called justified arguments for segregation like black crime.

          For instance, on the movie The Help, a white woman wants segregated bathrooms for servants because here WN magazine she reads (this is back the 1960s) says blacks have diseases. So 😆 so the black maid shits in a pie she serves her.

        • JUANNY BOY

          Many blacks in the United States do rise to positions of power.

          Affirmative Action etc.

          But sociological forces are a formidable foe.

        • Juanny Boy


          Tyrone can not get out da’ hood and even engage in guerilla warfare against Whites.
          If Obama had been taken away from his White mother and raised in Detroit, his IQ would theoretically be the same and he COULD have become a Serial killer/guerilla warfare type.

          But what reason did he have to be? He has lived the good life.

      • JASON Y Why are they so impoverished and complaining about globalization then?

        It is not the people in Blue States.

        You tell me.

  35. Juanny Boy

    TRASH there was a White Hispanic blogger on an alt-right blog I used to read that bashed Anglos for not knowing how to handle racial and/or ethnic diversity as well as White Hispanics do.

    The typical rejoinder from the Nordicist-leaners on the blog was “ur dum” “that’s just your EGIs talking” (like there’s weren’t, lol) and stuff of that sort.

    But he’s not dumb or biased. The first step to their fixing a problem is realizing they have one.

    • JUANNY BOY Core Difference from “Elitist Perspective”

      Europeans who remained so and not Mestizo occupy the highest echelons of society so they are educated, civil, intelligent, wealthy by America’s standards. I’ve met a few. Cuba is the exception because all the Indians were decimated.
      Mestizos in America live on the margins of white society and interact with the poorest, least educated whites. There are MORE uneducated poor whites in America then Latin America where anybody who is white is elite.
      Antonio Banderas could be Castizo or even Charlie Sheen. So Mestizos are not staring a pasty sub-branch of the European gene pool who look completely opposite of them. They share language and religion partly because priests from Spain encouraged intermarriage between soldiers and Indian women so as to make Colonial rule more acceptable in New Spain.

  36. White Hispanics vs. Anglos Core Differences

    BIG ONE…Mexico uses the United States as it Red Man vs. White Man refugee camp aka Chiapas War.

    Imagine for a moment what Latin America would be like if Indians and Mestizos COULDN’T IMMIGRATE.


    A Mestizo can rape an Anglo girl and the system deals with. If a Mestizo rapes a Criollo’s daughter in Mexico City, how is he dealt with?

    Criollo can inflict far more unapologetic cruelty because they run the military, finance, industry and banks.

    This of course is why so many Mestizos get into the drug business. How else will they make money?

    Such RED vs. WHITE wars would wage for centuries in Latin America if the Southwest did not offer a buffer zone of sorts.


    White Hispanics in Mexico are from Andalusia: It’s real hard to distinguish Banderas from a Mestizo which diminishes the Mestizo feeling that an alien class is ruling them.

    Pacino is American but would not be bothered in a Mexican border town or called a gringo.


    Mexico’s government is so neglectful of its poor that there is not time for the poorest sub-races to sit around reflecting on their impoverishment. The government does what it wishes to its citizens in Mexico.

    If Trump were Mexican he would simply send troops into Chicago and mass murder the gangsters in war that stretched on for a few months until the city was rubble.


    Mexican Indians in Mexico deal with an elite Spanish educated Crillio class while when they arrive in America they float through the bottom-tier of Northwest Europeans.

    • Juanny Boy

      Okay, I think what you are describing is true of Mexico and Central America but not all of Iberamericano. There are too many Whites in most of South America for all of them to be rich.

      And Mestizos have essentially aligned with the criollos against the Indians (the only real rabble rousers)- that helped considering they are 80% of the population 😀

      • JUANNY BOY

        Argentinian Italians are not trying get through a culvert like the Indians in the film El Norte under San Diego.

      • JUANNY BOY

        Neither Cuba or South America share a contiguous border with the United States so their own racial makeup is less relevant.

        However I do not believe Italian middle-class Uruguayans or Gallegos electricians from Argentina would be trying to immigrate illegally to the United States even IF they shared a border with North America.

        One White Supremacist nation exports its racial problem to the next.

        I cannot imagine any Italian in Argentina or Uruguay who would pick lettuce in Texas illegally.

      • JUANNY

        Uruguay and Argentina do not share a continuous border or have the same race problem as Central America.

  37. Juanny Boy

    concern troll David Brooks has said he has no problem with ‘civic nationalism’ just that most civic nationalists advocate policies that will actually hurt the country or are too incompetent to get their.

    This is the difference between Criollos crypto-WNs and RSA crypto-WNs.

    Fundamentalism is counter-productive in the long run!


    This is why gays even from the Red States assume the stance of liberal elites. They do not have children, do not have police records, have the liberty do whatever they want, can drift to San Francisco or New York.

    Your average Red State Trump Voter will stranded in that particular place. Unable to go anywhere at all in the world. He will have three children by 30 years old whom he struggles to support. He cannot just get on a bus to San Francisco and hit the street with $20.


    Rednecks and blacks are largely a product o environment. They have children early and these children are trapped in the same place that traps them.

    This is one reason why gays, if you notice, do not tend to be Republicans. They have no kids, no house to pay for, no wife, no attachment to any particular place at all. Male and single, they have the liberty to drift wherever they feel like.

    So it is ultimately NAMS and rednecks who are veritably trapped in a particular location and mostly through early reproduction which then traps their children.

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