The Role of Conservatives and Anarchists/Communists/Far Left Types in the Alt Left

Conservatives of any variety have no place in this movement, in particular American conservatives. Social conservatives or even those brave souls to the Right of the insane Cultural Left who are Left on the important stuff can stay, but those people hardly even exist.

Another group of people who barely exist are Communists, anarchists and Far Left types who would be willing to tolerate the Alt Left. Communists, anarchists, etc. are certainly welcome, but most of them have an extreme hatred of what they call liberals. Well, most people in the Alt Left are liberals. So these liberal-haters are going to be spending most of their time bashing 75% of the movement. What’s the point?

I would also point out that almost 100% of Communists/anarchists/Far Left types have gone over to the Cultural Left, usually in the most extreme way possible. Far Left types are nearly all SJW’s now, and they are some of the worst SJW’s of them all. Most Communists and anarchists who showed up in Alt Left groups starting fighting us right away on all sorts of things. They generally called us fascists, racists, or Nazis within a few days and then took off. So while such folks are surely welcomed, the fact of the matter is that few if any Communists, anarchists or Far Left types will be joining the Alt Left anyway, so all this silly hand-wringing about throwing these people out of the Alt Left is just pointless. You can’t throw out people who are not in the movement in the first place. 


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4 responses to “The Role of Conservatives and Anarchists/Communists/Far Left Types in the Alt Left

  1. Far leftists – AnCom types, join the Facebook groups quite a bit. The ones I mod, at least. I’m seeing more and more that like the fact that there’s less identity politics and more emphasis on class struggle. Old left types, basically. That’s been my experience, at any rate.

  2. Jason Y

    With the exception of trannies and militant gays, I got nothing against the cultural left and sympathize with most of their ideas. I have no interest in some all-white nation as blacks are too much intermarried already with whites and fused in with the American culture and economy to throw them out.

    • Jason Y

      However, I do advocate some real solution to black crime. Whether it’s the drug war or whatever causing it, that whole mess has to stop and that of course feeds the hate of WNs – all the black crime.

  3. However you feel about JOOOOS and the media, they will be the best opponents throughout the presidency.

    Burning cars around an inauguration will not bring down Trump. It will only criminalize you, result in police record, prevent you from every occupying a position of any influence at all and generally marginalize you.

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