New Policy: All Conservatives Will Be Banned on Sight

Whereas before I used to allow conservatives to post here if they kept their traps shut, and I am now getting rid of that policy. If I even suspect that you support the US Republican Party or Donald Trump, you will be banned immediately, no questions asked. So this is going to turn into quite a partisan blog. Not that I think much of the Democratic Party. Of course I don’t think much of them.

  • No supporting the Republican Party.
  • No supporting any individual Republicans ever for any reason.*
  • No supporting Donald Trump in any way, shape or form.*
  • No supporting the general thrust of US conservative movement.*

Now I will make some amendments to these rules. If Trump ever does anything that is supported by the ideology of this blog, you are free to praise him for doing that.


  • You may praise his anti-free trade actions, since we are anti-free trade here. For instance, you may support his getting rid of the odious TPP trade deal. That’s about the only good thing he’s done so far from the POV of this site.
  • You may also support his actions on illegal immigration because this site is anti-illegal immigration. Some other things I am more agnostic on such the immigration ban from certain Muslim countries.
  • You may bash away at Islam as long as you keep it reasonable.
  • The rule above does not really apply to US foreign policy unless you support attacking socialist or Communist countries like Cuba or Venezuela. Anything other than that, just say whatever you want.
  • These rules in general do not apply to most reasonable social conservatism, but you start getting all the way over to Republican Party social conservatism, you are walking on thin ice. If you are to the right of the more egregious aspects of the Cultural Left and the insane SJW’s, bash away. This site is extremely anti-Cultural Left and anti-SJW. You may also bash any and all Identity Politics such as gender feminism, modern anti-racism, gay politics, tranny politics, BLM, La Raza, etc. because we are very much opposed to Identity Politics here.

So it looks like you can support his immigration and anti-free trade proposals. I can’t think of any other decent thing they are going to do in the next four years.

If you have any questions about whether you may support something Trump does, simply ask in the Comments Section. Just post a comment that says, “Can I support Trump’s ban on immigrants from some Muslim countries or fill in the black issue.” Nobody will be banned for asking such questions.

Other than that, just carry on the way you have been and don’t worry too much. I cannot see how any recent commenters will be banned under this new rule, so don’t let this make you shy. We are always very reasonable about our bans here, and often it has to be a dual decision with Alpha and me. And she often vetoes my requests to ban someone. But that’s a great thing because Alpha is the pro-freeze peach voice on the blog, and I am a bit censorious, so it all evens out. Obnoxious commenters in general cannot be banned by Alpha or me however much we would like to. Annoying pest commenters are the responsibility of the commenters to decide whether to ban or not. Simply take votes on whether to ban or not. We keep track of the votes and will throw off anyone the commenters want gone.

Most of all, don’t worry about it!


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11 responses to “New Policy: All Conservatives Will Be Banned on Sight

  1. The general thrust of the US Conservative movement is violently into the rear of the American middle class!

  2. TJF

    To Hoff:

    Check in on Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, alt-right fuhrer.

    Andrew Anglin – the guy who likes – how should I say it dark meat – (Filipina women)? Which I don’t have a problem with .. but talk about hypocrisy.

    And somehow he thinks Donald Trump will throw Jews out of the US (Which would include his daughter Ivanka, her husband, and the majority of his grandchildren..) Yum yeah.. a real winner.. or maybe just an elaborate troll – or he misplaced his meds.

    • TJF

      Andrew Anglin. Sounds like a Jewish name.

      Filipino women who do date daily stormer types will be from the absolute bottom of the squats-homeless, urinating down holes and washing their anus with their hand.

      Actually its Irish-Catholics and Italians who represent the power blocs in East Coast politics, finance, civics. Jews are kind of a poor third.

      It is the Flyover white on Daily Stormer who believes Jews run his life out in Montana or North Dakota.

      • TJF

        To Trash,

        It appears Anglin is an Irish name:

        And here’s a video of Herr Stormer:
        The proud White man with… a brown woman:
        Making vague social commentary stating the mall he was visiting in the Philippines was owned by Americans (most likely Chinese / Chinese-Filipino actually..) and contrasting the poverty nearby.

        As I said I have no problem with interracial dating —– but — Jeesh.. running a rabid White Nationalist website and dating someone who isn’t White..? Okkkkayy…

      • Juanny Boy

        Anglin was also recently involved in a law suit where the issues revolved around free speech. He hired super-liberal Jewish lawyers willing to make the case for him.

    • TJF

      These folks don’t know their own ancestry to any great degree.

  3. TJF

    Every cent of American money/investment in the Philippines spent there goes straight back to Chinese banks or into the overseas Chinese Business Community.

    It is actually the American taxpayer who pays to house the corrupt leaders like Marcos in Hawaii-who would have been killed if they had not been evacuated out by American forces-when the masses rise up in protest against their thefts and corruption.

    Wealthy Filipinos from the Spanish elite invest somewhat in California or Guam but this is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money that the Philippines deposits in Hong Kong banks because all businesses, financial institutions, exports are controlled by Chinese-Filipinos.

    Duterte cannot even be bothered to continue his relationship with America. Why bother?

  4. TJF

    I lived and did business for 3 years in the Philippines. No patriotic American, me. I stay overseas because I despise the United States and was born lower middle-class white, near Detroit.

    Following facts.

    Preface Statement: Filipinos hate Americans, by and large. They hate Japanese too, for war crimes but they hate Americans the most.

    Whites run the sex industry in the Philippines. Chinese-Filipinos, who are nuclear family colonists economically-speaking, avoid this industry mainly. Spanish own land.

    Most of them are married to low-class prostitutes whose only hope of ever escaping the squats is to marry an American.

    Americans who befall marriage scams and end up on the streets will not get help from other Americans or even, for years, the U.S. Embassy. In desperation some homeless foreigners will commit a crime to get deported from the Philippines. One American I knew stole a bottle of perfume to get a free flight home. Brits and Aussies will give a guy a job in a bar.
    Chinese-Filipinos will try every method to freeze you out of business openings in shopping malls or any business in competition. They will resort to organized crime tactics. Mostly they will use Filipinos themselves who will kill anyone for $200 but Triads also operate in the country.
    Chinese-Filipinos will kill all whites who enter the meth market, though Duterte has made this so dangerous that people are no longer trying to enter it. Or they will rat you out to the police.
    A Chinese-Filipino can murder any U.S. citizen and will not be prosecuted. They can even kill U.S. military off-duty and off the base.
    When dictators finally get overthrown like Marcos the U.S. has to evacuate them to America at tax payer’s expense. So when Imelda is in Manhattan or Hawaii in her apartment…you paid for it in Oklahoma.
    Duterte has decided the Americans are no use anymore anyhow. He’s gone to China.

    With this in mind, please take you patriotism to the Philippines.

  5. TJF

    To Trash:

    Preface Statement: Filipinos hate Americans, by and large. They hate Japanese too, for war crimes but they hate Americans the most.

    What led you to this conclusion? This has not been my experience.
    I have encountered hostility from Filipinos but generally that was before they knew my nationality (I’m White). Generally they assume I’m Australian or German first. EG they disliked me because I was a White foreigner not specifically because I was American. I am sure there are Filipinos who specifically dislike Americans and Japanese but I didn’t get the impression this applied to most of them. The greatest hostility I have faced for being an American was from Europeans, not Asians nor even Latinos.

    As for trying to run a business in the Philippines.. not something I would like to try even if I were Filipino and sure as hell not as a foreigner.

    With this in mind, please take you patriotism to the Philippines.
    What do you mean by this..? Outside of the US I never talk of politics nor how wonderful the US is (or isn’t)… it just draws attention to oneself.

    • TJF

      Some Americans make a fortune in the Philippines (Bars, Call Centers) and others eke out a living there for years. I asked one American why he was 50 and loaning money to prostitute-addicted other foreigners and he replied “What am I going to do in the U.S. but clean chicken coups”.

      One American woman made a great deal of money with medical tourism.

      A Jewish guy married to a Chinese-Filipino woman ran a shellfish factory and was a stone drunk. I would not describe him as a business genius.

      It really depends on what you do and how willing you are to live on $500 a month in a one bedroom Bungalow in the tropics.

      Personally, I left the United States so young for lack of any prospects there and have spent so much of my own life overseas that I do not remember what luxuries U.S. life holds.

      I have not spent any significant time in Europe since the 90’s when Americans were not yet despised there. My own parents are children of German immigrants but Germany never did much for me. I speak not a word of German.

      I’ve never been to Latin America. You can experience that in Arizona and it did not impress me.

      Of note, I’ve never met a Cholo in India or Asia.

      Only once did I see a Native American woman with her English husband in a Tube in London.

    • TJF

      Redneck mishaps in the Philippines and business misadventures:

      Dan the factory manager. Dan was a redneck who came to the Philippines with a company and made good money. He was 48 but like his booze and weed and was screwing his secretary so the American company fired him. He chose to stay and spent his severance on opening a store for his family instead of leaving. They might have tolerated him but he started stealing booze off the shelf. So they turfed him out. Dan was homeless and ran around borrowing money from other Americans. He ended up so desperate he turned himself into Immigration. The flew him to Guam. Nearest U.S. territory. From there I have no idea where he went.

      Eric the Call Center operator. Eric made a great deal of money and married a Chinese-Filipino woman in what was probably a strategic marriage on his part. On hers, the guy had a U.S. passport and bigger than Asian dick and was handsome. They had a kid so even though Eric was kind of a jerk her Dad HAD to business with him. He made a load of money.

      Mark the biggest moron: Mark was a Vegas redneck moron who lived on his wits as a con and loan shark. He was on the run for child support from America for 20 years. He would loan money out to foreign drunks and prostitute addicts on pensions. He would cheat at poker games and got beaten up for this by other foreigners at a hotel. He once told a powerful Filipino man he could fix his boat engine and stole it and sold it. The guy sent Filipino thugs to his house who beat him up. Mark was beaten up several times in the Philippines. Once a Filipino drug addict hit him outside a bar and he followed the addict into a parking lot where he was beaten up by 6 dock-workers who put him in the hospital for several weeks. I asked him why he stayed in the Philippines and he responded: “what am I going to do, clean chicken coups, I’m 50.”

      Clinton Macbeth. Macbeth was a steel worker who cashed in his return ticket to pay for hooker and drink beer. He could not go back with no ticket and ended up living on the street in the Philippines begging for rice. Finally after two years, the Embassy sent him home. The Embassy hates these type of foreigners who blow their wad on hooker and alcohol and want a free trip home. Its usually on military space available.

      Homeless foreigners go crazy really quick. Usually Asians will give them a free bowl of rice per day and water is free. But they will strip them of their cell phone and all belongings. So you are a white guy in pair of old pants and no shoes wandering around.

      Lee the boat builder was a redneck from Colorado. He was good at what he did and was hired to build a yacht for a murderous Filipino police general. He’d been a coke head but discovered Shabu (Super-meth of sorts) and end up spending $60,000 of the General’s money. He actually did have a hit put on him and flew back to the United States. Barely in time.

      There is money in building boats or being a boat engineer. No question.

      Bruce the bar-owner. Bruce was a Florida painter who built a bar in the Philippines and married a hooker. This is the common practice. Make her the mama-san. He grew some pot plants and got caught for it, went to jail, left the Philippines after bribing cops.

      Bars are big business in the Philippines. Some succeed, some fail. Whites run this entirely. Chinese-Filipinos, for the most part, stay out of it.

      Leighton the marriage fraud. This is common. Some Filipino woman talked Leighton into marriage. He sent her his life savings and she built a house. He flew there to meet her and her husband was drinking beer in the nice house he’d build in the guys name. Leighton was thrown in the road. House was legally in her name-this is the property ownership part of the scam, foreigners cannot own land. So he lost his savings.

      Many retirees live in the Philippines for cheap, on $400 a month.

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