Alt Left: Renunciation of an Alt Left Wing

I am taking this opportunity to sadly renounce completely a wing of the Alt Left known as the Left Wing of the Alt Right.

Rabbit is probably the best known member of this wing, but he is actually one of the least offensive of them. In a way, I still like Rabbit a lot. His views on race are irrelevant to me, and his racial proposals are rather mild, mostly centering on reducing non-White immigration, which is actually not a bad idea.

True, he is a White nationalist, but he is a pretty mild one. He is more of a White separatist, and he emphatically states that he is opposed to throwing even one non-White out of the country. Instead he would like to find some uninhabited land somewhere to set up his White state. Or maybe make one in space. Or in Antarctica. This is how he thinks. He’s a bit out there you might say, but in a harmless and rather charming way.

Clearly he’s miles better than most all White nationalists, who are a pretty vicious breed.

I think Rabbit’s moderation stems from the fact that Rabbit is actually a liberal. He is a man of the Left. He is leftwing on almost all issues other than race. Other than on race, he’s as liberal or Left as I am. The Left is mostly about compassion and has a strong anti-racist bent. I can’t help but think that being on the Left all this time has affected Rabbit’s views, and this is why he is so mild and reasonable compared to the rest of his ilk. It’s just not like a leftwinger to be a vicious racist. And in fact, there are virtually no seriously racist people on the Left. I do know some racists with leftwing sympathies, but to a man, they all voted for Trump. Every single racist I know voted for Trump, even the ones who are practically socialists or even Communists. Race simply trumps everything else for these guys.

Also, Rabbit is the sole member of the Left Wing of the Alt Right who seems to be having buyer’s remorse over Trump. He stated on this site that the Trump honeymoon is over, and most of Trump’s Cabinet picks were pretty cringey. Of course! Who would find Trump’s Cabinet picks cringeworthy? Why, a liberal or leftwinger of course! Rabbit cannot help but notice that these Cabinet picks are catastrophic from a liberal or left point of view.

Trump is like your ultimate rightwing nightmare, Ronald Reagan on steroids. Trump is a radical rightwinger, and his Administration is already the most rightwing administration in maybe a century. Who was worse? Herbert Hoover? Trump is going to be much worse than his heir Reagan and he is already worse than George W. Bush, who committed election fraud to steal two elections in order to hold the Presidency for eight years.

The fact that Rabbit made these statements makes me feel good for him. His racial views are only a small part of his overall worldview. On everything else, he is quite to the left, in fact, he is even more leftwing than I am on some things. Like a true man of the Left, Rabbit is appalled by almost all of Trump’s nightmarish Cabinet picks.

However, most other folks on the Left Wing of the Alt Right continue to promote Trump. Abel Dean’s Alt Left group on Facebook is full of conservatives and Trump supporters. Even his top posters make posts bashing “progressives.” What? Silly rabbit, the Alt Left is progressive! When you bash progressives, you bash us, you idiot. As I have to reiterate endlessly for the terminally autistic, the Alt Left is a leftwing, progressive, liberal or Leftist movement. When you Alt Leftist fools attack liberals or the Left, you attack us! No Alt Leftist should ever attack the Left, progressives, liberals or Leftists. Any clown who does this is attacking himself.


Anyway, the Facebook Alt Left group is apparently the Left Wing of the Alt Right. There are a number of other folks calling themselves that. Fine. It’s a legitimate wing, one of the founding wings. However, 100% of the LWAR people are supporting Trump. Well, you cannot be in the Alt Left and support Trump. Nor may you support the US Republican Party. Nor may you support any US Republican for office, ever. If you do, you are out on your ass just like that. The #1 enemy of the Alt Left is the conservative movement in the US as embodied in Trump and the Republican Party. SJW gnats are far down on the list.

Until such time as the majority of this wing ceases support for Trump and better yet, soundly denounces him, I am officially renouncing this wing, and I want nothing to do with them until they quit acting up. Sadly, this includes Rabbit, but of all of the people on the LWAR, I have a small place in my heart set aside for him because I believe that in so many ways, his worldview is basically correct.


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16 responses to “Alt Left: Renunciation of an Alt Left Wing

  1. Jason Y

    Rabbit’s denouncing of non-whites and saying whites should make a state in outer space is off the mark. For one thing, a lot of whites and a lot of blacks have a lot in common, while a lot of other blacks and other whites have a lot in common. It’s not really about race, but about social class.

    • Jason Y

      And the whole idea that whites are being bred out of existence like the dodo is a delusion. That would probably be another one of Rabbit’s motivations for being a WN. Where I live, every white is marrying whites, except for some rebels and misfits and who cares what they do, not saying it in a mean way, but it’s not that important.

      • The argument isn’t so much there is a definitely existential threat to every last white person, but that the climate of Cultural Leftism, open borders, mass grey consumer society (mostly promoted by the right, funnily enough), hostility towards any pro-white view, hostility towards any speech critical of immigration and multi racialism, comparatively low birthrates, the deconstruction of the idea of an ethnostate and critical race theory create a climate which is decidedly hostile to whites. Further to that, there are more than a handful of anti-racists who exploit this and want this to de-construct whites, physically.

        In short, people are promoting conditions hostile to an identifiable group of people, which I view as a problem worth calling out. I don’t see any white person concerned about this, and wanting to discuss this issue as doing anything wrong, in fact, I think its healthy for a human being to do this.

        The problem is that many White Nationalists fixate on Jews, on whites dying out, which I don’t think will happen. It’s the attitude which is the problem.


          If Australian Aboriginals population matched that of whites I am not sure this would be a recipe for returning Australia to the country they once owned.

          One girl ends up being a hopeless junkie addicted to drugs who sells her body, two sons end up in jail, a third an alcoholic, one manages to become a functional member of society.

          If whites had 5 or 6 children per family you would have more poor whites in an overpopulated country.

          Not quite the recipe for success.

        • I agree Trash. Quality over quantity. Hence why I’m against immigration. Immigration, at least in Australia, is largely about quantity, to ensure the housing market bubble remains inflated, to ensure there is surplus labour and that Harvey Norman have a steady supply of people to sell air conditioners and fridges to.

          There is little point becoming a majority again, if in doing so your children live like crap. Whats the point of that?

          I’m interested in avoiding that situation altogether. The Aboriginals will never be what they were, even if they outnumbered everyone else 3-1. Once you lose your nation, your culture, it’s close to impossible to get back.

          And despite the fact we are 23 or so million on a whole continent, our cities are actually getting quite crowded. A previous conservative government panicked about our “declining” birth rate and started giving out cash to people to have babies, and upped immigration drastically (while at the same time maintaining and illusion of xenophobia, which the Left bought). I’m for small families, for stable, sustainable population sizes.

      • JASON Y

        So every white in America has 5 children like Hispanics or Blacks. Let’s say with three different mothers. All raised by their grandparents.

        Then what? We have more poor children and an overpopulated country?

        One thing you notice about Mexican and Blacks-though not Asians-is no matter how many kids they have very few are geniuses.

        Two to the state pen. One a junkie. One a listless alcoholic. One a woman with an abusive husband.

        See what I mean?

      • If white people had six kids and every white woman was barefoot and pregnant of what use would that be to the country?




    The Left Wing of the Alt Right makes no sense. What is Left Wing about the Alt Right? Practically nothing! Even from Rabbits writings and his radio shows, the only crossover between him and the Alt-Right seem to be a support of keeping Western Civilisation, criticism of Political Correctness and a desire for whites not to become a minority. One doesn’t need to be Alt-Right for that.

    Maybe Rabbit feels he needs an “alt-right” side to express his scepticism of immigration and multiracialism. I disagree.

    I actually think that the two go hand in hand. After all, if your for progressive social change, for Left wing economics, for liberation of the human spirit, how would importing culturally backwards people by the millions help? If you want to see a secular society, you don’t import the heavily religious. If you want to break from tradition, you don’t enforce old values. Mass immigration and demographic change would culturally change the West away from this social experiment.

    • Lyn

      Well, I agree with all that regarding immigration. I am SO confused as to what is “right”, “left”, and “libertarian” at this point- and how “alt left” differs from just “left”. In many ways (not all), I am a traditionalist, a feminine woman who has had a lot more positive experiences with men than negative ones. I become angry when men as a whole are put down (it seems especially virulent and undeserved where White men are concerned).

      There was a time when the Democrats opposed massive immigration. They fought for worker’s rights and they would be the ones fighting “scabs” while union strikes were happening. Cesar Chavez, Ralph Abernathy and Walter Mondale were huge proponents against the lax control of the borders allowing in cheap labor to cut wages.

      Which groups oppose that now?

      Democrats used to be anti-war for globalist goals- now it seems they could care less in general.

      Democrats fought against US involvement in sweatshops, but now sees to be either in favor of it, or apathetic to it- as are the Republicans, of course.

      Why are so many women on the left anti-White male, but so automatically trusting of Muslims? I am not blaming the left or women for any negative Muslim issues- I think both sides are to blame. I just watch U.S. political parties and their actions, and think, what the hell?

      Maybe I will never be able to identify with one party.

      • Lyn

        ^^^^^Also, I think of what the world would be like if there were no White men and I know that it would be a place where I would not want to be. I really hate the rabid, hateful, so called “feminists” of today and do not want to be associated with them as a woman! The only feminists I admire are the ones from the late 1800s-early 1900s.

      • The Alt Left is for “socially conservative Leftists.” You have to be Left on economics, but after that, you can be rightwing on a lot of other things. We take a very hard line on illegal immigration and we think legal immigration needs to be scaled back. We are against multiculturalism and we believe in assimilation. We like you share concerns about the man-hatred in feminism. We also are quite dubious about the ability of Muslims to assimilate to the West and believe we should be importing much fewer of these people. Say a low enough number so their population does not grow.

        For sure we hate sweatshops overseas and these trade agreements. We are anti-globalist and against exporting jobs. We are basically leftwing nationalists!

        Of course we are against all of these globalist wars for imperialism and yes the Democrats are a very warmongering party now.

        Depending on where you stand on economics, you may very well be Alt Left.

        On economics, we range all the way from Keynesianism with regulated capitalism and a safety (social liberalism) all the way over to full Communists.

  3. Jason Y

    Anyway, the Facebook Alt Left group is apparently the Left Wing of the Alt Right.

    The owner of Facebook IS Jewish !!

  4. xxaleenazxx

    Alt-left is the same thing as alt-right. They are not left in any way, shape or form. Many of them support American warmongering and Israel. They’re all modern liberals or libertarians who believe in things like individualism and free choice.

    • Hey wait just one minute now. I am the one who founded this movement and your definition is all wrong.

      Alt-left is the same thing as alt-right.

      Most of us have nothing whatsoever to do with the Alt Right. Some agree with them on an issue or two.

      They are not left in any way, shape or form.

      Well, we say we are on the Left. Where else are we? On the Right? I, the founder, absolutely despise American conservatives. A major Alt Left writer said that one of the main principles of the Alt Left was Anti-conservatism.

      Many of them support American warmongering

      Not very many. Haven’t seen many Alt Lefties supporting that. Actually the original documents opposed US foreign policy and wanted us to stay out of most wars. It says in the founding document that we oppose US imperialism. So your statement about supporting warmongering is just wrong.

      and Israel.

      The founding statement is very anti-Israel, so much that it caused some controversy. But there are some Zionists and even Israelis in the movement.

      They’re all modern liberals or libertarians who believe in things like individualism and free choice.

      Not really. A lot of us are rather social conservative. We are not Cultural Left libertines.

      I will admit one thing though. You are a representative of everything the US Left has become and you are a prime example of what we are opposed to and are trying to get away from. People like you are the whole reason there is an Alt Left in the first place.

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