Who Can Blame Working Class Whites for Voting Republican?

Trash: JASON Y

I think the big issue is the lack of sympathy that middle-class children of the suburbs like myself feel for people that started families too young and left school too soon and took to many drugs because they just were not that bright.


I realize that you and to a lesser extent Jason utterly despise the White working class. The venom with which Trash and other White middle class commenters on here talk about White working class people is breathtaking.

I have had liberal Democrats tell me how they love these trade deals. “The only people who oppose them are the blue collars. The union people. Factory workers. Those are the only  people who are against them. Everyone else is for them. Fuck them. Who cares about them? We don’t have any working class in this country anymore anyway, so who cares about these trade deals?” Liberal Democrats also told me that these trade deals are good for California, and how they are good for California because we are such a multicultural state, as if that was a wonderful thing. Most liberal Democrats that I talk to support all of these trade deals, including the TIPP. They’re all DNC Clintonistas.

Most of these people graduated from college. I think a lot of these liberal Democrat Whites in the cities and on the coasts harbor the typical disdain for working class Whites that people like this have always had.

I will say though that considering the way these liberal Democrats talk about working class Whites, good God, is it any wonder they are all voting Republican?


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  1. Barack Thatcher

    Possibly Jason is just referring to a small proportion of the White working class/”flyover proles”. I.E. just the ones that bullied him in his youth or are kluckers. Anything beyond that he’d be a massive self-hater, wouldn’t he?

    • Hotdog

      JASON’s The Hunchback of Appalacia.

      • HOTDOG I’m German-American, not a black. Nor am I Jewish.

        Immigrant neighborhoods of Germans, Irish, Italians and Polish produce quite a few tough white Proles. Later my neighborhood became Albanian and these guy were even tougher.

        Personally I’m glad I ran to the hills of Asia. I left in 1999 when Bill was in office and if you were in another part of the world you would notice how fast the United States declined.

        • Hotdog

          I’ve noticed the decline, that’s what I’m against. You’re a German-American with Asian kids telling Whites they aren’t as tough as blacks, jews, ect. and have smaller dicks.

        • Yee

          A collectivist versus an individualist.

          A collectivist thinks a member of the Whites shouldn’t attack others on their side. An individualist thinks I am my own man, other people not my business.


        • Barack Thatcher

          It seems in Asia the collectivist culture does not necessarily forgive failure. In many ways it treats it more harshly in that the whole group is blamed.

          Eventually the individuals behind the failure kill themselves or are excised.

          This is my impression as an American anyway.

        • Yee

          Barack Thatcher,
          No, Asians are not very forgiving. It’s just that we still have some clanish mindset from the old days left in our culture.

          We fight among ourselves as mean as you can imagine. But if some clan members are under attack, even those we normally despited, we still come to their defense. Sort of like your younger brother, he’s yours to bully, John next door is not allowed to do so.


        Even the cost of the ephedrine smuggled out of China for meth + Wallmart items goes up when Trump pulls a trade embargo.

        So all those headbanging Warrant concert-lovin’ stoners and 90’s wiggers are now experts on globalism and currency manipulation are they?

        I agree that once you move manufacturing to another country or just plain export intellectual capital through the internet you pretty much wipe out an economy.

        Poorly paid proles in Flyover states cannot hold it together by living in Wal-Mart which wiped out every business downtown.

      • HOTDOG

        ROBERT is right. People from prole environments who get pushed around like fairies by the greasers and thugs and manage to become liberals out-of-state positively vibrate with venom towards those prole vermin who made our lives miserable in the 9th grade.

        Blacks are sort of like sharks. Unless they want protein or you are in their sonar, they will generally leave you alone.

        These folks later on in life don the guise of being “working men”. Nonsense. They have been bad citizens all their lives with no thought to their forgotten children that only the threat of jail can compel them to support.

        Education? Principals and teachers were glad when they dropped out at 17 or barely graduated.

        Black on white violence? They will end up in jail eventually. You can only stomp so many people in Sports Bars before you end up with large black men in a cage.

        I’d be Robinson Caruso who got pushed around by white proles, stumbled overseas by accident and became a hermit in Asia.

      • Jason Y

        No, I don’t think I’m unusually freakish. A lot of these small-town punks, who don’t represent all small-town whites, are flat out mean. They go after everyone.

      • HOTDOG

        Why do you stay in the United States and never travel or live somewhere that your cost-of-living might be lower.

        Isn’t it boring being a “townie”?

        Do you really believe that things will improve for you. Aren’t you bored with your standard of living?

        Has travel or life on the same budget never occurred to you?

      • HOTDOG if you actually PHYSICALLY MOVED as I did than your feelings of abject disgust for people who sit in their house all day obsessing about how successful JOOOS are would no longer sting as much.

        Tell me, how does it feel to sit in the same place-maybe even living in your parent’s house-watching someplace decline every day.

        Aren’t you a bit bored.

        Wouldn’t you want to have some other experience?

        Because protesters won’t change the one you have at the moment and neither will Trump.

        • Hotdog

          I’m disgusted by the jewish elites lack of morality and promotion of filth. “For what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul in the process?”-Mark 8:36

        • Jason Y


          What about the buyers? Also, you don’t think East Indians wouldn’t promote the same if they could get into the market? What about certain thug blacks and how they glamorize sex and materialism?

        • Hotdog

          Whites lapping up the filth share some of the responsibility with jewish degeneracy pushers, innocent children and women are their primary targets mind you.

        • Hotdog

          Through jews media, blacks are allowed to glamorize materialism, crime, ect. East Indians don’t dominate the media either.

        • Jason Y

          I disagree hotdog. The sellers really don’t mean jack. The buyers are the ones pumping millions into the industry keeping it going. If overnight all of them decided to get anti-porn devices on their computers and no way to recover the password, then Pornland would dry up more than the Nevada desert.

        • Jason Y

          Through jews media, blacks are allowed to glamorize materialism, crime, ect. East Indians don’t dominate the media either.

          But only cause that’s what the buyers want to see. And if Jews didn’t sell it, then these degenerate buyers would go find someone else to sell it to them, and if it became illegal, then you’d have a Prohibition-era thing going on

        • Jason Y

          The banning of alcohol was one of those noble projects that the religiously minded tried to do, probably at the time saying Jews controlled the booze in the US causing society’s degeneration, just as they said they were behind jazz (The Ku Klux Klan platform was anti-alcohol and women’s liberation).

          However, it became a catastrophe cause most Americans wanted to drink and finally, by 1933, they were ready to dump it.

          No matter if Jews or whoever are behind whatever that is evil, the masses of people will never advocate a rounding up of Jews and a banning of so-called degenerate things they sell because the masses love degeneracy.

        • Jason Y

          Anyone remember the comic scene of beer being dumped into 1920s Lake Michigan? 😆

          What a waste of time and beer.

          So when will the anti-Semites start burning mountains of porn and rap, thinking society will benefit?

  2. Barack Thatcher

    With White liberals its about how these people are racists and threatening muh prosperity with their shenanigans.
    While it is true that all hardcore anti-NAM racists are proles for varying reasons, not all proles are racists.

    • Jason Y

      Well, the racism varies. I don’t think the majority are truly racist, at least not in a Nazi sense. However, the minority, the bullies are. The liberal media wants to focus on Clint from Dazed and Confused, but not some average white working class guy in welding class (in high school) who is minding his own business.

      • I’ve been pushed around by working-class whites myself as youth.

        Life is headache or even a minor physical danger for everyone they know. Teachers and principles in school. Students they beat up or terrorize.

        Like Clint or Bender, they look for slightly younger teenagers to fight.

        One day a black their own age and size beats them until they scream. Usually because they said something to them cockily.

        Then the John Bender or Clint never forgets this trauma and becomes a “White Nationalist” citing occasional rapes of white by black males, or incarceration rates or some other social problem he does not give a shit about.

        It is all about that time that finally a bigger tougher male of another race beat him up and humiliated him.

        When the Clint or John Bender commits a really serious crime and goes to jail, like his third aggravated assault at the local Sports Bar or selling downers to 9th graders or date rape and goes to jail….suddenly he is a tiger fish surround by sharks.

        • Hotdog

          You let it affect you to the point of wishing rape on young White males or head for the hills in tears everytime a kid half your age calls you a “nigger”, I feel bad for you both.

        • Jason Y


          Yeah, I see the comic irony of the smart-ass white youth being thrown in with blacks. Note, it isn’t so much fun when they (the whites) are the bitch.

    • BARACK

      1/8 of proles come from upper-class families and simply did so many drugs when they were younger that they never amounted to anything. These are the stoners we knew in college that live in their parent’s basement and follow the Dead around when they are 30.

      1/2 of proles live in the country where jobs boil down to bartender or maybe farms or Wal-Mart unless they came into money and went to Trade school. These are the lucky ones who become plumbers, electricians, mechanics.

      1/4 of proles are simply qualified for nothing because they dropped out at 17. These are the hardcore hopeless who started smoking marijuana at 12, got hooked on meth at 14 and have been in and out of jail out of their lives.

      1/4 of proles are like me. They got a college degree that is useless. They cannot even teach with it. They followed the laws, were studious in school, but did not obtain any qualification worth a single shit. Like liberal arts. These folks do not reproduce particularly young so they are slightly better off than the others.

      The rest are miscellaneous.

      • Jason Y

        To have vicious hate against the whole white working class for 1/4 of them who happen to be hoodlums isn’t logical, to quote Spock.

        Same is true of blacks. What percentage of blacks are actually hoodlums, as opposed to ordinary ones?

      • Jason Y

        1/4 of whites who never get out of their mom’s basement might live a good single life, kind of like gays. If they don’t have a family to support, then they don’t need much to live on.

      • Jason Y

        The 1/4 with useless degrees need to try something else – perhaps blogging, sales, the military, or maybe a strong attempt in the general working class workforce.

        Possibly the 1/4 stinks at selling things and relating to others and forming an organization (something needed for blogging) though sometimes it isn’t their fault, it could be a disability.

    • BARACK

      No matter how friendly the owner of pitbull and a Rott are when these two dogs see one another they will fight. Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase get along, sure. 50 cent and Leatherface will not.

      What prevents full-blown race war is only geography. Poor white proles tend to live in the Flyover States. NAMS will congregate in cities with a post-industrial base where proles feel like rubes and do not venture.

      White proles usually do not threaten white liberals unless a hipster goes into a Sports Bar and orders an Ice Tea.

  3. Yee

    It’s not contempt for the White working class, it’s contempt for the LOSERS.

    I think it’s hardly surprising. Because the USA is a nation that believe in individualism, therefore it’s your own fault if you lose in competition.

    Of course they tend to ignore the fact that although the losers do have their faults, but every competition inevitably has a losing half, even among the talented and hardworking Olympic athletes.

    They’re just the products of US culture – praise the winner, despise the loser. Standard Americans.

    • Jason Y

      No, I don’t think it’s losers Trash is targeting. He’s targeting the mean minority, the bullies, the true losers. Nobody likes them and they tarnish the whole image of the white working class.

      • JASON Y

        Let us look at the “breeders” for a brief moment:

        From the beginning, the breeder is defiant and sometimes beats up smaller boys or girls her own age for little or no reason.

        Early in life the breeder begins fixating on sex. Ten or eleven. This gives way to petting at 12 with 15 year old males.

        Entering her mid-teens, she starts f*cking her head off like a triple X-rated porn star.

        Like the Motley Crue song goes…on all of his friends she goes downnnnn. In the library. People’s houses. Closets. Backseats of cars.

        By 15 she is dating 20 year old losers. She thinks this makes her grown up. Her parents, sometimes respectable people, cannot control her.

        She cannot wait to leave high school, legally emancipate herself. Physically mature as an adult by 16, she cannot tolerate other adults telling her what to do.

        By 18 she is out of the house if she can find some man to live with. By then her parents are relieved.

        The provider for her children will be a tough, a thug or sometimes simply a deadbeat whose masculinity and rudeness appeals to her. He will be in his early to mid-twenties.

        After having 2 children in quick succession with her, the tough guy meets a stripper and disappears. Bachelor life is too fun to stay home watching Breeder lose her figure.

        Breeder evaluates her life and decides to leave the kids with her parents-a tired couple in their mid-forties-to seek strike out on her own.

        Moving to another city and drifting through a series of jobs in her twenties, she forgets that she was ever a mother in the first place.

        Then she meets another bad boy. He says he went to jail because the girl was underage and lied about it. In fact he molested a child.

        They move in together and bad boy begins making her son suck his HPV infected penis. He leaves after they have a third child.

        Now she is 30 years old and the mother of three children. Her qualifications are slim.

        Her children attend lousy public schools where they are the few white kids surrounded by feral blacks and Hispanics.

        Little Johnny, neglected and molested and sometimes abused physically, starts into the juvenile crime.

        And her 15 year old daughter….about to be another breeder.

        • Jason Y

          I see the cycle going on. However, you’re generalizing this as being the situation of the whole white working class. But of course, the real angry Loser alpha males, the ones you accuse of molesting, true, would be ones to take up WN or semi-WN causes, but they don’t represent the majority. The majority also wants the jobs to come back, but they are not creeps whose unlucky status in life is simply karma.

          The true loser, not the white working class, has it bad in life cause he’s reaping a somewhat comical karma.

    • YEE

      Your thinking is sort of black and white. I’d agree that the unsuccessful have it quite hard in the United States. I would be one of them, if I had not managed to find an easier game.

    • YEE

      Even cruder it is the feeling Chinese had towards Mongolian BBQ’s on the other side of the wall 1,000 years ago.

      • Yee

        Yeah, you only have sympathy for the poor in the Philippines, I’ve noticed that. Because you want to criticize the overseas Chinese.

        • YEE

          If you took away all the billions of overseas Chinese to give to poor Filipinos than each family would have an extra 100 dollars a year. That does not help that much.

          Filipino women are promiscuous, fertile and not very bright in general. I’m sure you’ve observed this in Hong Kong. Filipino males love lying and stealing. It’s a matter of weak character, addiction-prone habits like drugs and gambling and alcoholism, general sliminess. Both genders have it.

          Spanish hung around in the Philippines. Their Mestizo ancestors corrupted the place into the ground.

          No surprise some Fuji peasants step in to run a pharmacy or shoe store and a few get rich.

        • YEE

          Chinese-Filipinos are rich because Filipinos are dull, irresponsible, promiscuous, alcoholic, addiction-prone, lying people of weak character.

          Filipinos would be poor anyhow and if Chinese-Filipinos gave away all their money than perhaps all the billions would $100 richer as a result.

          As with other races who display these traits, the women seem to evolved into a state of perpetual hyper-fertility. They are always pregnant, the guy never really gives a shit, the kids are always semi-neglected.

          I would describe the Chinese overseas as opportunists.

        • Yee

          Despite all the faults of the Filipinos, you still are angry that the Chinese pay them too little for a job. The “Clint”s in the US don’t get this kinkness, do they? Perhaps you are sympathetic in order to criticize the Chinese. Possibly.

          I don’t live in HongKong. I’m mainland Chinese, live in Guangzhou city.

        • YEE

          There is a minimum wage in the United States though it is far too low.

          No such minimum wage exists in the Philippines.

          Do I think Chinese are merciful do-gooders in Southeast Asia? No. Do I think Southeast Asians themselves do much to help themselves? No.

          What it comes down to and this is the real hard truth is that intelligent people will find ways to exploit less intelligent people who will then eventually react with violence for lack of a better solution.

          This is the cycle in Southeast Asia.

        • YEE A Chinese joke about Filipino promiscuity

          A Chinese man is so tired of his Filipino mistress’s sex demands that he decides to charge her money.

          He says $30 to do it in bed, $20 in the shower and $10 on the floor.

          $30 says the Filipino woman.

          The Chinese man agrees to do it 3 times on the floor.

        • Yee

          Alright, someone thinks himself modern day Henry Miller.
          You shouldn’t tell them for free. Send them to a publisher.

        • YEE

          A white man in Asia notices some differences between the races. Southeast Asians are dull. Indonesians and Filipinos are despicable. Thais are cruel. Japanese are weird. Koreans are brutish.
          Malaysians should all go to Saudi Arabia.

          All of them have stolen some aspect of Chinese culture probably because it is at the center of Asia geographically.

          I’m cynical.

          Now bear in mind I am married to a Chinese woman. We have two children. Her father is unimpressed at what a general deadbeat I am.

          So all of these factors enter my own perception.

        • Yee

          Jason should read this confession, so he’ll make no mistake that you criticize EVERYONE.

        • Jason Y

          The Thai are cruel? Never heard that one.

    • TJF

      To Yee:

      It’s not contempt for the White working class, it’s contempt for the LOSERS.

      If you mean economic losers, you’d be wrong although from reading many of the opinion pieces before and after the election I can see why you would come to that conclusion.


      Americans who voted for Mr. Trump appear to have higher incomes than average. One analysis earlier this year found that Trump voters have a median household income of $72,000 (U.S.), more than the $62,000 average U.S. household income and more than Clinton voters earn. Even among his low-education white voters, only 14 per cent earn less than $50,000 a year, according to one survey.

      It would appear that support came heavily from people who were currently doing well but feared for their future. Low income Whites (aside from retirees) as with low income Blacks and Latinos, tend to not vote.

    • YEE Collectivist societies are not the only ones that have a social safety net.

      China has a one-child policy however. This is the real social safety net.

      • Yee

        It works for the city dwellers.
        Young couples have two set of parents helping them, who usually have savings and pensions. Chinese parents both work and always saving money for their children. That’s one of the reasons why people can still buy apartments when the cost is plain robbery. Essentially you have 6 incomes to raise a child, little wonder the bastard is spoiled.

  4. Jason Y

    As I explained in another comment, the mean minority of the white working class rouses up hate against the white working class. Likewise, the mean minority of the blacks rouses up hate against blacks, in general. I’d even say, contrary to what Robert says, that boys and girls are generally nice, but a mean minority gives them a bad name.

    Note, nobody pays attention to nice people. Nice people are usually cowards who let the punks have their way. However, the punks create lasting enemies and tarnish whole ethnic or age groups with an image they can’t shake off easily.

  5. Jason Y

    OK, look at it this way, many WNs or maybe even alt-left hate “N-word-s” but their whole stereotype is not from good blacks like Obama, but rather a mean minority of blacks who picked on them in school, humiliated them, or maybe even worse in prison.

    Definitely, such ignorant stereotypes as you see on Daily Stormer, Stormfront, are not representative of most black people. Most black people are not bullying others. They’re just minding their own business.

    • JASON Y

      John Bender’s principle summed it up when he was 18. “Go visit John Bender in 5 years. You’ll be all wrapped up in your own pathetic life.”

      We know something or two about life at the bottom.

      Immigrant neighborhoods and small Southern towns are full of Clints or John Benders.

      Sympathizing with them at 30, after a lifetime of bad mistakes and making others miserable from the dweebs they bully to the forgotten children the court has to chase them for child support.

      One day they always come across a NAM who is badder than they are who beats them up and they start complaining about black crime. More accurately, they are upset that blacks are slightly tougher and more ruthless than they are. Blacks in turn complain that Salvadoran gangs are even tougher and more ruthless than them.

      Principles and teachers are glad when these whites are old enough to drop out of school at 17. They make classrooms a “Breakfast Club” every single day.

      • Jason Y

        That makes for humorous stories but do these John Benders represent the whole white working class. Does bubba at prison represent the whole black race? Do any angry punks in Korea represent all Koreans?

        • JASON Y

          If you were a travel agent or some other middle-class job and did not start saving back in 1993 when you were 20 years old then today you are in a bad situation aren’t you?

          How to find the money to be re-trained.

          Probably you had children believing the economy was going to be fine forever.


    No idea what your nationality is but in Asia nobody is really interested in Jewish or Black “dick-size”.

    I’d probably have amounted to nothing in my middle-class immigrant neighborhood in America if I had not graduated from college, remained single and blew town.

    I left the United States in 1999 and noticed during my one visit in 2007 how much things went downhill. Homeless shelters full. Paranoia in the air about terrorism. Disenchantment with Bush and Iraq.

    You would not notice this unless you were gone from the U.S. for ten years or twenty years as I have been.

    Asians do not believe that whites detract from their societies. I am ignored.

    • Hotdog

      I’m not really interested in cock size either, it’s kind of a petty attack though. A White “gloomily reflects that even his penis is small.” is part of a post you made yesterday and there have been a number of others about BBC/hung-Hebrews.

      • HOTDOG You are probably Asian and misconstrued my joke.

      • HOTDOG Here’s the bigger question:

        Don’t you get tired of seeing the same rate of decline in your particular place? Living with your parents and looking for work you know you will not find and having nothing to do but drink the same beer?

        Have you never thought about simply going somewhere else?

        Do you actually believe that protesters or Trump can move the economic center of gravity back to America, stop minorities from K-strategy reproduction that bankrupts the fiscal budget, employs every white prole whose been on the street doing meth for 20 years since 14.

        • Hotdog

          Of course, as I said I’m against it’s decline. Don’t drink, wrestling is main hobby. I’m interested in different cultures and countries. I’ve been thinking about moving to Europe or getting very politically active in the US. Even if I left US, my heart would be with it. Methheads disgust me, I agree with Duterte’s approach.

    • TJF

      To Trash:

      I left the United States in 1999 and noticed during my one visit in 2007 how much things went downhill. …Asians do not believe that whites detract from their societies.

      Are you in China now..?

      • TJF In 1999 I went Dubai for 2 years. In 2001 I went to Canada for two years. In 2003 I went back to Dubai until 2007. 2007 to 2010 I was in India. 2010 I went to Philippines. 2013 I went to Thailand.

        I’ve lived in Thailand since this time.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t want to uncover your identity, but I think you’re an ESL teacher.

        • TJF

          To Trash:

          Are you an Engineer or an ESL teacher as Jason suggested (or something else..)? Also may I ask where you met your wife…? I would guess Dubai or the Philippines.

  7. JASON & I Prole Experience

    Liberals (I’m not elite) who grow up in prole states like Jason & I will want to the bottom percentage expire through SAW-style torture devices.

    A country with no middle-class is a third world country: I’m not talking about the travel agents, postmen, insurance salesmen, shop owners all going out of work because the internet is gutting the service sector. Nor is globalization a good thing when you have all consumption and make nothing.

    But the real deplorable types are truly deplorable.

    After a lifetime of assaults, date rapes, general thuggery and reckless fathering of forgotten children they end up broke, in and out of jail and pathetic at 30 if they survive heroin, VD and DUI car crashes.

    The only GOOD thing about most of them is that they lack the gas to go anywhere as the anti-Trump riots prove. They are stuck in a specific district that can be avoided.

    Then there are the “breeders” who love to suck the HPV-studded cocks of these beastly males and get pregnant. They come in most races accept Asian or Jewish, whose own thugs seem unable to reproduce.

    “I’ve got kids” they will exclaim. As if it were a disease they got by accident instead of “riding the bologna pony” bareback.

    • Jason Y

      Liberals (I’m not elite) who grow up in prole states like Jason & I will want to the bottom percentage expire through SAW-style torture devices.

      Well, who doesn’t? But again, what percentage of the white working class do these bullies represent? Again, the same unfair stereotyping is used against NAMS. It’s also used against children, as we saw with Robert’s article saying boys were stone evil – all of them.

    • Jason Y

      The true Losers – as opposed to just generally struggling white working class people gutted by globalization – are easy to hate cause they attract massive attention with their alpha male lifestyle. On the other hand, nice people, the majority of chumps out there, don’t attract that attention. And the nice guys are normally cowards.

  8. Barack Thatcher

    Okay, so when TRASH is talking about ‘flyover country proles’ he really is just talking about ‘the bottom quartile of flyover country Whites’, as I had suspected. Robert should keep this in mind.

  9. Jason Y

    Most of these people graduated from college. I think a lot of these liberal Democrat Whites in the cities and on the coasts harbor the typical disdain for working class Whites that people like this have always had.

    Liberals are generally anti-racist so they somewhat don’t get along with regular working class whites who are somewhat racist. However, the liberals are appalled by the “mean minority” of small-town whites, possibly because a lot of the liberals were targeted by that group as youth.

    Fire and water don’t work together. Hardcore racists and anti-racists are not going to like each other. Mild racists and anti-racists might tolerate and get along to some extent.

  10. Jason Y

    Not all hardcore racists are Todd the hoodlum from Beevis and Butthead. Many of them elitists and very smart, I mean – smartass. You can find them in a lot of math and science classes. They are the young Republican types. Look at William Pierce, the noted racist. He was a physics professor. I don’t think IQ has anything to do with kindness for sure.

    • JASON Y

      Todd or Clint puts himself in harm’s way of dangerous NAMS, but is too stupid to know it.

      He goes into a bad neighborhood to buy drugs. He goes to jail for his 3rd DUI and a bad of drugs with possession charges. Or he simply stares at blacks for too long at KFC.

      Or sometimes, just for the thrill of it, he hangs around black population centers.

      I’ve learned something about blacks. Like Great White Sharks if they do not want something from you like your money and you stay out of there path they will usually ignore you.

      Many people are racist. I agree.

      I’d rather be in Bill Cosby’s house than Todd’s, personally.

      • Jason Y

        I’d rather be in Bill Cosby’s house than Todd’s, personally.

        If you were female you wouldn’t. 😆

        • I’m not so sure. Coz never made any of them pregnant.

          Todd, 23 or so when the cartoon was on, would now have 3-4 kids with 2-3 local townie girls whom he could not support at all.

        • Jason Y

          You know Cosby was drugging women and raping them. Along time ago.

      • Jason Y

        Sociopaths, though, of course, do not represent the white working class (not even 75 percent) and Trash knows this. But why make it seem like it does for entertainment?

        WNs do the same for blacks, way exaggerating the numbers black sociopaths.

        • Jason Y

          Quote Trash

          I think the big issue is the lack of sympathy that middle-class children of the suburbs like myself feel for people that started families too young and left school too soon and took to many drugs because they just were not that bright.

          But that’s only 25 percent of the white working class or is it even less?

      • Hotdog

        I think blacks are all bark with big bad Whites:

  11. HOTDOG

    No, many whites go to Asia for business or to live long-term, not to engage in the sex industry.

    Regardless, of your own race you have spent little time overseas or you would not the economic center of gravity actually makes it possible for whites to find work there that is more gainful than what they would find in a U.S. city.

    Another words why work as Bistro in some second-rate coffee-shot when you can live overseas?

    If you can get welfare or $1,000 a month somehow, life in Asia if far better than life at the poverty line in a trailer park or cheap apartment complex.

    It is safer as well because in the urban centers of the United States blacks and Mexicans are phasing out poor whites who then have to head into the deep interior of the United States.

    • Jason Y

      But it’s still a different culture. Even among African-Americans, you feel more at home than with Asians.

      • You are safer in absolute poverty on a Filipino beach than you are on Long Beach, California.

        If you had to be homeless in an American city or Seoul, you will be safer in Seoul.

        Reality. Asians are not as aggressive or violent and generally too preoccupied with their businesses to bother fighting a 200 pound white male who will probably hold his own.

        NAMS for whatever reason are slightly different.

        On a budget, I feel safer in Asia.

        • Jason Y

          Not if you’ve made Asians mad. But then again, if you’re on the good side of really thuggish African Americans you might be able to survive.

  12. HOTDOG

    Who wants to hang around the States and do nothing when the economic center of gravity has moved to Asia and you can at least live well on $1,000 a month.

    Better to risk impregnating beautiful Asian women overseas than sit around the United States as a blue-collar white with a college degree from a diploma mill owning nothing after working 8-10 hours a day in a second rate coffee shop.

    • Jason Y

      There is definitely a demand for ESL teachers and with Trump in, all those hippies will want to get out of the US, to the comical delight of right-wingers of course.

      • “Right-wingers” can have their towns in “Anusburgh, Colorado” or “Dick’s Knob, Kentucky”.

        They can continue to drink beer in the same Sports Bar and walk around applying for jobs that are not there and wait in hope that some factory will “come back” that will choose to employ THEM.

        • Hotdog

          Asia was my first concious love, I get the appeal. America isn’t a lost cause though. Being a bottom of the barrel flyover doesn’t transfer to blindly blaming jews. Even if they were, is it not smarter to go after the best of the goyim?

        • Yee

          It’s difficult for a foreigner to settle in another country unless you start your own business, like Chinese in Southeast Asia or Africa.

          Asia is quite tough for that, too many business minded Chinese already.


        Well that is “white-flight” for you isn’t it? Liberal elite blow a town, a state or a country.

        Detroit improved. The Flyover States improved when the best and brightest move to California. East LA. Long Beach. Compton.

        • Jason Y

          That’s funny cause a conservative Facebook meme was comparing Hiroshima to Detroit, saying Detroit became Hiroshima and Hiroshima became Detroit.

          But I don’t agree that liberals caused Detroit’s fall. Wasn’t it conservatives who moved the employment out?

  13. Juanny Boy

    TRASH from my experience most flyover proles above a certain age are kindly people. They keep their drug addictions or whatever to themselves; they won’t mug you for money on the street.
    They do often act like braggarts until age 30-ish,as you’ve said; at least the men.
    The women are bearable even prior to age 30.
    Not all of them blame Jooos for their problems. Your fixation on such leads me think you were the victim of anti-Semitic bullying yourself (?)

    • JUANNA BOY Direct opposite. I lived in a tough Jewish neighborhood at one time and was pushed around slightly for being a “goy”.

      I feel sorry FOR ANY FLYOVER PROLE BUSTED FOR METH IN NEW YORK CITY who has a Swastika or even an Iron Cross tatted on his body in those jails. Trust me, this Nazi is going to suck some circumcised cocks in the NYC joints.

      If you think Jews all live in a nice studio like Seinfeld making jokes about themselves and look like Woody Allen than spend one day in Queens, a few Detroit suburbs, Brooklyn.

      You’ll meet some like Winehouse or Ron Jeremy or Necro the Rapper.

    • JUANNA BOY But I am not Jewish.

      Jewish seems to be a term applied to any white person who

      a) seeks some level of higher education

      b) actively uses family-planning

      c) has an IQ above 100

      d) does not get arrested for meth, DUI or stalking.

      I could go on and on but you get the picture.

      • Jason Y

        Definitely there is a hater element in those who hate Jews, and I don’t mean racial hate per se, but just jealousy and envy.

        • JASON Y

          That is probably why other East Coast white ethnics, Asian-Americans on both coasts and Indian-Americans really do not care about the Jews. They are not jealous of them and their own IQ is actually higher than 115 on average.

          That white proles are “jealous” because the list of physicians, lawyers and dentists in their phone book are Jewish is simply a reflection of how pitifully underachieving a great many of them happen to be.

        • JASON Y

          White proles are jealous for the following reasons:

          1) Jews have an IQ of 115.
          2) Jews graduate from university.
          3) Jews become unimpressive white-collar professionals like lawyers, dentists, journalists, physicians.
          4) Jews practice family-planning.
          5) Jews do not live in the middle of nowhere.

          Asians, Indians are not jealous of Jews for the same reasons:

          1) Asians have a high IQ…some WN’s on this site have blurted that out accidentally as a reason that Asians are not conditioned by Mass Media…”Asians are smart”.
          2) Asians graduate from university.
          3) Asians become white-collar professionals.
          4) Asians migrated to the West Coast from the Pacific and it happened to develop into the Rome or Greece of the 20th century…though not the 21st.

          I could go on and on.

        • JASON Y

          As one German anchor baby proved in his election with twitter, mass media distortion ain’t what it used to be.

          If you watch MTV and want to have a baby with thug you are not mentally equipped for child-rearing anyhow.

        • Hotdog

          TRASH Working class Whites typically don’t know Ashkenazi jews have high IQs, they don’t care about the jews diplomas, even the most prestigious jobs like lawyer and to a lesser extent doctor are often looked down upon, Whites would admire their family planning, and jews often live ghettos. Compare the original jews of Israel to the Ashkenazi jews of today. Ashkenazi jews are more tied to Europe and the US.

      • Juanny Boy

        Blacks are 25% of New York. Considering crime differentials they may make up 50%-75% of the prison population.

        The Nazis fear repercussions from Blacks not Jews.

    • Juanny Boy

      Jews have always been merciless in ‘meritocratic segregation’ amongst themselves
      that’s part of how they developed a higher IQ.

      Part of the settlement crisis in Israel is that gentrification drives older, darker, and poorer Jews out of conservative neighborhoods (they are replaced by less religious, wealthier/better educated young Ashkenazis fleeing Europe’s Muslims).

      These conservative Jews often make up the “settlers” in the West Bank, seeking to buy/rent what they can afford/ reinvigorate Israel’s original religious intentions. It is dangerous, but they ‘have nothing to loose”

      Such is the case in America.
      Ron Unz, a presumably well-off Secular Jew has nothing but contempt for Orthodox/Chasidic Jews. He moans about “miscengegation” by these blue-collar types having more kids than the seculars. It was these kids who probably beat you up. Maybe they should direct anger at their own elite.

      • JUANNA

        No, they will be Russian or Polish Jews. Miami is the only place where you will meet Sephardic Jews from Cuba (Like the Frank Lopez character that hires Tony Montana).

        Even if they have a high IQ they are standing around the local liquor store at 8 am, aren’t they?

        Doubtful Korean-Americans think Jews are geniuses, either.

        • Juanny Boy

          You misunderstand.

          ISRAEL Pecking order;
          Reformed Ashkeanzis
          Other Ashkenazis
          Beta Jews

          American Jew pecking order:
          Secular (any ethnicity)
          Reform (any ethnicity)
          Conservative/Orthodox/Chasidic (any ethnicity)

          The Sephardis often are Latinates who’s family came with money. They hence integrate well with Ashkenazis.

          THEY ARE TYPICALLY SECULAR so they may even rise to the top.

        • Juanny Boy

          In Israel the son of a poor Ukrainian humanities professor might have better ‘life odds’ or whatever the sociologial mumbo-jumbo is as opposed to a Yemenite Jew who’s great grandparents were flown in to do the grunt work in the 1950s.

  14. JUANNA

    Agreed, white proles probably have an IQ high enough at 100 to create some sort of economy around drug addiction but they do a great deal of property crime and DUI and stalking.

    The women are rendered f*cked-out by 30-usually they start at 13 or 14 with 20 year olds-and busy with the diapers and kids.

    Tough Jew proles bullied me a bit though I was 5’9 and 190 lbs by age 18. Trust me, Jews have their own proles and thugs in the back-alleys of Detroit, Chicago, Brooklyn.

    If you believe every Jew goes to work in a limo and looks like Woody Allen and secretly controls the entire world then spend one week with the likes of Ron Jeremy or Amy Winehouse or Necro the Rapper in Queens or Greater Detroit….not all of them are self-effacing people as pleasant as Seinfeld.

    I find white proles more annoying than dangerous, to be honest.

    Under 30 white proles are naive braggarts who make life miserable-though not dangerous-for teachers and principals (Bender was fairly accurate in the BREAKFAST CLUB) and the girls are little sluts.

    By 30 they are washed-up of course by a lifetime of stupidity that usually begins at age 12 with that first joint or if female, first sexual experience. The meth addiction that follows with the burglary and property crime. The unplanned pregnancies. The GED or high school diploma with a D average that qualifies them for nothing.

    They are moderately dangerous in youth: they will beat you until you are bloody and unconscious but usually won’t shoot or stab you to death.

    Blacks and Mexicans are more ruthless and tougher so the wail in self-pity when they themselves get beaten up during a “drug burn” or in jail they pretend to be good citizens concerned about “white victims” after pummeling smaller drunks at the Sports Bar or stalking somebody puts them in the tank with Homies and Cholos.

    Then these small-time predators upon other whites complain about “Black on White crime” as if it is only fair when a bigger white beats a “dweeb” up or steals an old ladies microwave for $10 of meth from the local dealer.

    • Jason Y

      Agreed, white proles probably have an IQ high enough at 100 to create some sort of economy around drug addiction but they do a great deal of property crime and DUI and stalking.

      Warning !! Actually means 25 percent of white proles.

  15. HOTDOG

    Hang around white prole neighborhoods drinking lousy beer in the same Sports Bars, if that is your thing.

    Hopefully America is still sort of a free country.

    By the way, leftists will discover Canada and Australia don’t want them unless they happen to be a brain surgeon. Sorry, they won’t give citizenship just because you land there. I know, I tried already.

    So forget about prosperous British-settled countries.

    But if you had lived overseas as long as I have and it has only been 18 years in fact-you would see that the decline has been quite swift.

    Part of this is because I left during that prosperous time when the internet was still a new invention and every idiot could sell real estate between the Fall of the Berlin Wall and The War On Terror.

    But please don’t come to me and blame Jews for electing some alcoholic bum who got 4,484 people killed and turned the entire Middle East into a de-stabilized toilet bowl for NOT ONE DROP OF OIL.

  16. YEE

    Chinese stay out of the “girly bar” business for the most part. This huge industry of white males is run by white males for white males. Chinese in Asia have never been able to crack it.

    You’ll need about $20,000 to start a girly bar BUT usually the white guy looks for some manager who is white.

    Call centers. Chinese not in these, mostly.

    Boat business and Yacht Clubs.

    Loaning money to prostitute and drug-addicted foreigners.

    Teaching English.

    Restaurants. Real poor business, however.

    Online work.

  17. YEE Chinese-Filipinos can be downright dangerous to foreigners who cost them money and they are difficult to work with, presuming that Chinese should have more rights than other foreigners in the Philippines.

    I was threatened a few times. But here are some businesses they don’t touch:

    Girly Bars. Chinese run a few, but this is mostly a white male industry.

    Loaning money to other foreigners. Big business.

    Casinos. This is the only place Chinese will give up money to Americans.

    Boats/Yachts White man’s industry.

    Motorcycles White man’s industry. Also white organized crime is involved in this.

    Call centers

    White-themed restaurants

    Online things.

    • Yee

      The Philippines is a ridiculous country in that a lot of things there cost more than in China. Chinese businessmen love it because they can make a much higher profit there. And Filipinos love to spend every penny they earn without much thought for the future. It’s a merchant’s paradise.

  18. YEE

    This is all true.

    For whites, the Philippines is a pimp’s paradise.

    Filipinos are just not very bright, like I said. And no matter how you cut it, intelligent alien groups will enter and try to make profit off them.

  19. Not living in America, I can’t empathise specifically with your situation. But in Australia, the governments willingness to push an insane property bubble, pushing many of us out of the possibility of home ownership, to enrich parasitic investors, well that has me so red hot with rage I can completely empathize with people who just want to take it out on the establishment.

    Would I vote for a party like One Nation, if they were the only ones with policies to reverse this dreadful conditions? I probably would.

    Sometimes people just get past caring. I could understand someone voting Republican. Not that its a wise move, but its like they stole a loaf of bread to feed a starving family. They thought there was no other option.

    If only the Left got active and vocal on economic matters instead of social justice nonsense. Not even the hardcore Socialists here protest against Capitalist excesses anymore.


      The big difference is how high Australia raised the immigration bar.

      Even the Lebanese and Vietnamese who came to Australia had to have a little money and THEY HAVE STILL BEEN TROUBLE.

      • Yeah, who would have thought that cultural differences don’t disappear when people change their location?

        The problem is the “treat everyone as an individual” ideal doesn’t work when people come by the tens of thousands. Cultures are different, and peoples are different. You can pick out people within them who don’t match the average, but no mass immigration program can ever do anything other than bring the average. You might be able to keep out the dregs by requiring money and skills, but there are ways around it too.

        The biggest issue in Australia though is sheer volume. We don’t have the refugee problems that Europe and the USA does (although Conservatives continually bleat about it being a major “crisis”). We have a problem in that there are simply too many coming, too quick. It matters not whether they have money, are educated, its a big problem in Australia. Noting here can catch up with the rapid growth.

        Because everyone focuses on “illegals”, they ignore the real problem, the other 97% of legal immigrants which we just don’t have the housing and jobs for.

  20. JUANNA

    The attitude unspoken on East Coast Jewish streets and Korean town is that if the thugs and losers are tolerated on the fringes of their society blacks and cholos will keep away. Feed the cat to chase the rats away.

    You make a good point about meritocracy and this is what makes Jewish neighborhood streets so rough: the winos, thugs and crack whores are always ON THE STREET because they are quickly pushed out by their community.

    In Detroit I’ve seen Jewish winos staying outside in freezing cold because the local Rabbi won’t take them in.

    A German Jewish dentist would rather live next door an Irish-Catholic physician than a Brooklyn ghetto full of crack whores who look like Winehouse and street thugs like Necro.

    No debate than Jews with enough money and earning power will move into an expensive Long Island neighborhood away from the Jewish riff-raff.

    So will Bill Cosby.

    Germans of every religion are intelligent on average. I don’t debate that Germans and Ukrainians who immigrate to Israel often succeed or that Jews from North Africa or Yemen do not. This would not surprise me in the slightest.

  21. HOTDOG

    Why are proles obsessed with Jews?

    • TJF

      To Trash:

      Why are proles obsessed with Jews?

      To the best of my knowledge your average White prole is not obsessed with Jews at all (and generally supports them especially if they are evangelical Christians..). In polls White gentiles have a better attitude towards Jews and Israel than Hispanics and Black… But, WNs are definitely obsessed.

      • TJF Who I am:

        White proles cannot live overseas. If you are Sons Of Anarchy type or a hillbilly you cannot afford to and don’t have the skills to actually navigate. If you try to muscle somebody your body will never be found.

        I loathe Sons of Anarchy Jax types so it is wonderful that these sort of people never show up. Neither do the run-of-the mill slackers, whiggers, tweakers or sluts.

        Those that do in the Philippines do not last. One white-trash whore was working the Chinese casinos and she got tortured until she gave up her life savings on her credit card. Males marry some Filipino woman who is already married, get scammed, buy a house for her and then hubby shows up with 50 guys and tells him to go home to America. I knew one steelworker from Connecticut on the street in Philippines for 3 years before the Embassy finally bothered to pay his flight home.

        Life overseas is an IQ barrier. Muscle won’t make it and a big mouth or some gang affiliation won’t make it.

        Jews of course, have no economic grip of any sort on Asia or the Middle East. I knew one Jew in India who lived off his wife’s success as a singer and called himself a half-baked manager of sorts. That is all.

        I graduated from a Michigan university and drifted to Arizona when a high school buddy got me a job in Dubai in 1999 as an editor with a publishing company.

        You’re going to be much safer if you live on a budget in Dubai or Qatar than Arizona. Once or twice in a fairly middle-class setting in Phoenix I had near run-ins with “Cholos”. Whites in Arizona are largely rednecks.

        Bear in mind that when I left in 1999 the United States was at the height of prosperity. But its decline seem to kick off just as Bush got into office.

        Dubai on the other hand is clean, rich, crime-free and a foreigner employed there can save money. The barrier for foreigners is so high that the dumb rednecks, white proles and definitely NAMS never appear overseas. They cannot afford to live overseas, period.

        There are no Jews so I have no way of speculating on the extent of their power or influence. In the United States I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood but did not observe their all-powerful control over the area. If anything Irish-Catholics were the wealthiest people in my Michigan city.

        Back then a 26 year old could live far better in Dubai than America. Period.

        It is really hilarious when White proles babble about “stone-age Arabs” when they have no pot to piss in and every Arab drives a Lexus.

        I got a job in Canada in 2001 and lived there for two years while continuing my education. I tried to immigrate but even after obtaining a degree in Canada this was so difficult I moved on to make a living. Think you can just move to Canada? Believe me, they are tired of draft-dodgers and deserters and hippies coming up North to squat. They feel about them the way Americans feel about Mexico. Also, Canadians view the U.S. as UNSTABLE.

        I spent time trying to immigrate to Australia and UK. Visit a British-settled country with NO NAMS (Except for a few Natives) and you’ll be amazed how free of crime it is. Not that it does not exist of course and bar fights can be found but the sheer lack of value blacks and NAMS have for human life is absent. People rarely die except when lunatics go berserk once every 5 years.

        Sadly UK and Australia will not take an American with an Advertising and Journalism background.

        During this time I noticed that George Bush’s election marked the beginning of fast decline in the United States: I would see more homeless people crossing the border, paranoia about Muslims, a long war that raised gas prices so high I would fuel up in Canada before going across the border, white working-class poorer than ever, illegal immigration a bigger issue.

        America seemed to fall further and further behind in the years that I remained overseas.

        I returned to Dubai from Canada, not interested in hanging around the U.S. as gas prices and unemployment and war generally dampened the mood of the 2000’s.

        After 7 years in Dubai and India an American man I met there told me the Philippines was a good place to invest money.

        I went there and opened a bar/restaurant in the Philippines in 2010.

        Philippines is the only country where MEXICANS are running things. This is to say that the ruling class are not Asian but Spanish-Mestizos with a Chinese-Filipino merchant class.

        Also, I love prostitutes of all races. I’ve paid Indians, Arabs, Filipinos, Chinese, Spanish, English, Germans, Russians, Africans, Thais and even Bangladeshi women for sex.

        In Philippines I did notice that many middle-class white prole males and even a female or two were beginning to immigrate out of sheer desperation on $600 a month.

        I once met a female prole American from Kansas who slept in public on a nice beach where nobody could rape her. I asked why she was choosing to live in the Philippines and bathe in the ocean:

        “The difference is that I can have a food card in the U.S. and that is it. I’d still live under a bridge and I’d be raped or killed. Here is safer.” According to her, Filipino males rarely (It happens, but rarely) possess the aggression or sex drive to rape and kill white women whom they know regard them as having small penises, which is a source of shame. Plus all Filipino men have access to non-stop orgies with willing women anyhow.

        Prole Americans did not care about the place and never learned the language or anything else. But during the Great Recession the economy got so bad that machinists and truckers from America who happened to have served in the military and remembered how cheap the Philippines was began to fill up there.

        I moved briefly to Bangladesh to teach English in 2013. But this was just too dirty and dangerous, so I moved to Bangkok.

        In Bangkok I met a Chinese Thai woman who owned property in the North of the country. I married to own half of it.

        Today I am 43 years old.

        Being out of the United States for 18 years is like watching the X-Files or some Gen X sad love story or BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD and I observed the following in the 3 times I visited the U.S. (For one week or less) in nearly two decades:


        In 1999 it was accurate to say that Central American Indians still HAD to do jobs there were not enough TEENAGE WHITES to do. Less white males wanted or needed to work as street sweepers or rake leaves for $10 an hour.

        The worst blacks in 1999 were not committing crimes outside of ghettos and the worst black crime was confined there. Black on white crime was an urban and not a suburban phenomenon.

        In 1999 there was less interracial marriage. White girls seemed to know that being involved with a black thug was a highway to welfare, domestic violence, the graveyard.

        Blacks are a great deal more hostile today. Run DMC and NWA thugs of yesterday would seem like alter boys. There was SOME RESENTMENT to whites but all blacks could and had to interact with whites to some degree and were socialized enough to do so.

        Also more blacks had jobs and were not hopelessly poor. There was a great deal of sexual promiscuity but less pregnancy and side kids in 1999. Black males at that time did not want a kid at 20.

        In 1999 police tended to ignore blacks unless they were presenting a threat of death or injury or were in a white neighborhood. Today police seem to be much less tolerant of blacks with a joint on them or a warrant and arrest them more often. Police in 1999 seemed to be more interested in preventing them from committing predatory crimes than arresting them for anything. The number of NAMS and white proles in jail seems to be much higher.


        Al Pacino’s characters in 1999, for example, were still regarded with horror and disgust as tetchy little fiends.

        Gangsters pre-SOPRANO were still regarded for what they were: vicious, ugly, dangerous to associate with, headed for an early grave a lightening speed.

        Italian mafia in particular were not regarded with great fondness, perhaps because they were still a powerful force in America. They were regarded as a ghastly imported organization of thieves and murderers who had to be eradicated because of the sheer amount of damage they did. Italian-American mayors and governors like Guliani were the ones who ultimately disbanded them.


        In 1999 you could not jerk off to educated white women doing gang-bang porn. Middle-class white women NEVER entered porn and it was still surprising when a lower-middle-class dysfunctional white woman like Jenna Jameson did. Porn stars and prostitutes were still seedy people.

        The economy has worsened and many more normal females are getting into sex work. Once more, I noticed in 2007 on the roads normal white healthy women who would never have sucked penises in parked cars even ten years earlier. This is combination of moral decay and simply a shriveled service economy.

        Since 1999 the relations between males and females has worsened. Porn is more violent towards women, more young women are seeking other women for sex and hate males.

        In 1999 bisexuality for women was not the norm. Gays had their own districts and economies where they quietly enjoyed dying of AIDS at 40.

        FAST FOOD

        “Fast Food” was not the major employer in 1999. Working-class whites were employed in offices, in real estate, in warehouses, call centers, retail etc in smaller cities.

        I knew one slutty young woman with a GED who was hired to work in a Pet Store. You’d never see that today. MBA’s work in Bistros. There just does not seem to BE an economy of any decent sort for working-class whites.

        In 1999, stupid young white people could function in society and hold a job. They wore decent clothes, owned cars and had some job to show up for in the morning and smoked weed or drank the rest of the time.

        The days when white people could still be sad about being 23 year old college graduates in a soulless corporate environment or 15 year olds like Butthead worked in Drive-Thrus like adults do today.


        People went from middle-class “normies” to homeless overnight. In 1999, people still stared in surprise at the odd middle-aged alcoholic or mental patient homeless on the street.

        I was shocked out of my mind to see white women who were not addicts or entire families homeless when I visited some family members in the United States. Nobody in the United States in the 1990’s would have believed it was possible to end up living on the road like Indians do.

        Meth in the 1990’s was regarded as a stupid drug for Sons of Anarchy bikers and white trash. Even working-class whites avoided it.

        In 2007 I stayed in a Van Nuys for a week during a visit to the United States.

        I was surprised to see bands of meth-heads-women included-looking like the scavengers in Mad Max films-rush around outside tearing through dumpsters for returnable bottles outside the Motel 8. Some were staying there as well.


        Economically-speaking, police today are like Banana Republic Federales trying desperately to get an arrest to fuel the economy or make a quarter.

        In 1999, police were somewhat more tolerant of minor vices. There seems to be a desperation to lock people up to make money for prisons and jails.

        Blacks are thrown to the pavement and kneed in the back over a single blunt which of course creates a vicious cycle between them and the police.

        Today the flimsiest of excuses gets the driver pulled over who is obviously a druggie and his car tossed in the hopes of a bust.


        Having a mixed-race baby out of wedlock was still GREAT shame in 1999 for white women AND black women regardless of class or intelligence. Both races would abort it before their father found out.

        AIDS killed people in 1999 so fast that slutty stupid girls insisted on rubbers and out-of-wedlock kids were far rarer.

        Less white proles were in prison who were not psychopaths or professional criminals. Today prison seems filled with white proles.

        In 1999, there were less addicts of hardcore narcotics. Pot was everywhere as always and a line of cocaine was popular but heroin was for junkes in an alley and meth was for brain-damaged white trash in a trailer. Whites did not smoke crack and even most blacks regarded it as a fool’s drug. By then of course, the crack epidemic was over.

        Whites in 1999 who were young had their own culture. Blacks respected the young buff rocker or headbanger with his long-hair and muscle shirts and culture and music. In some ways they preferred it.

        Whiggers were disdained in 1999 and regarded as ridiculous Michael Jackson freaks who wished to be of another race. At that time, most came from the upper middle-class as it was a new trend. Today lower-class whites seem to claim Crip membership and act like 50 year old black convicts.

        For one thing, whites viewed black thuggery as a straight shot to the cemetery or life in prison. Being on “Death Row” was just that. Whites did not wish to join the Crips or be perceived as gangsters.


        In 1999 Kim Kardashian would have been regarded as an Arab horror by the public. Nobody would have bothered to read about the life of some Arab lawyer/Black wife-killer hang around Robert Kardashian’s daughter having babies with Blacks.

        This is why the stars of yesteryear like Tom Cruise have managed to hang around for so long. They were STARS not freak shows.

        IRAQ WAR

        Al Gore was a douche bag but not an alcoholic bum. My feeling is that he would probably have not chosen to invade Iraq.

        Bush in effect damaged the white homeland because thousands of refugees from Afghanistan now pour into Europe from Iraq, Syria and Pakistan.

        This seemed to be the final ass-kicking that America received overseas that killed millions and cost the United States trillions and did not result in a single drop of oil.


        In 1999, middle-aged white people with nothing to show for their entire life were not college graduates or respectable citizens. Most middle-aged whites 45 or above had houses, could pay for their kids college, had had long careers in some trade or profession and were penniless or claiming they could not get a job because a Central American Indian took it.


        In 2007 I realized that if I returned to the United States, I WOULD BE HOMELESS such was the decline in the economy leading up to the Great Recession.

        This is the one risk of left-wingers like me who cannot immigrate to Australia and really detest every aspect of America.

        At 50, if we finally return. We’re done. We’re through. We have paid nothing into social security or a pension plan. Nobody is going to hire us anyhow. We do not own a house, a car, have never married or had children having left very young in our 20’s.

        This is the drawback of the American like me who sits in total contempt at the decline of the United States somewhere overseas, happy to work for other nationalities.

        • Jason Y

          In 1999 there was less interracial marriage. White girls seemed to know that being involved with a black thug was a highway to welfare, domestic violence, the graveyard.

          Only a small percentage of blacks are thugs, much like only a smaller percentage of whites are hoodlums, as you pointed out. You said 1/4 of prole whites are hoodlums. Possibly most blacks wanting white women are really average boring types walking around some small southern town etc.

        • Juanny Boy

          TRASH-stein must return to America with the same glory as Douglas MacArthur returned to the Philippines in WW2.

          Step Aside Trump.

  22. TJF

    Cholos and blacks do not formulate theories that Jews are manipulating them through mass media mind control.

    • Yet it’s mostly centrics of higher thinking that do that. And with that said, you are apparently not familiar with Spanish (at least those who are particularly Iberian in upbringing) often commenting of Sephardic Jews.

      I’ve read it plenty with such individuals as well with Portguese. Blacks, true, are less obvious on a overt level but general you have those of supremacist ideology who lump them with whites, calling them the Worst.

      When you take into account the general clannishment of these groups as reflective of the proportion of actual supremacists, it makes sense.

      • PHIL Arabs in Spain stole the Sephardic Jewish thunder in the Middle Ages until Granada.

        Yes, Spanish expelled Sephardic Jews and many ended up Latin America, where none of them appear to be overtly influential. I understand many of them later immigrated to Israel.

      • PHIL

        I’ve been to Madrid and middle Spain for a short tour and it is the Arabic influence more greatly felt there.

        Sephardic Jews were expelled in the middle ages but less for economic than for religious reasons.

    • Hotdog

      Most Whites aren’t obssessed with jews. Most refuse to believe such evil exists unless it’s a Nazi. Gay Whites are the strongest defenders of jews I’ve encountered, being more emotional and less logical.

      • HOTDOG

        And why are Jews unable to influence the swarms of East Coast Irish-Catholics, Italian-Americans, Greeks or other ethnic whites in places where Jews OUTNUMBER THEM.

        No, it is the White Nationalist (Probably not really sure where his ancestors are from) in the middle of the Flyover who believes that his quality of life is being affected by Jews even though the nearest temple is 500 miles away.

        My answer is that in order for Jews to have this degree of unholy control over the other 9/10 of America the Anglo, Black and Hispanic people have to be pretty stupid.

      • Gays fear skinheads so this makes sense.

        • Santoculto

          Number of jews involved in ”LGBT rights” or ”movement” are enormous, and many jews, seems, are prone to be homossexual or non-exclusive heterossexual.

          One side you have older patriarchal homophobic religious or superficially religious and materialistic WASP elite.

          In other side you have newer ”matriarchal’ ‘homophilic’ secular or superficially secular as well, yes, materialistic jewish elite. Of course many rich jews are not like that, maybe the majority and the propaganda is really working well.

      • HOTDOG I fail to see how Jews “lack morality” any more than the average Mexican Cholo or Black Thug or Italian wannabe-Goodfella or poor rural white in his meth lab.

        Not that I am gay or “defending Jews” but these folks actually are non-violent types for the most part.

        We do not read of much “Jew on Black” violence. Jewish men are not dragging Anglo-Celtic women into alleys to rape.

        There are few 40 year old Jewish purse snatchers.

      • HOTDOG

        Sitting around some city in the Flyover blaming Jews for producing TRANSFORMERS 5?

        Right, I’d rather be overseas. I’ve seen the United States decline pretty quickly since the year 1999 and my feeling is that poor whites have gone off their head since electing an alcoholic bum of a president 16 years ago.

        On the street-level, poor whites who hang around Cholos and talk like black thugs are far more repulsive than some Jewish guy who at least has a job, doesn’t beat up his wife or kids, is not out committing property crimes to get his hands on more methamphetamine etc.

      • HOTDOG

        You’ve stated that Jews are not affected by the rubbish that apparently a bunch of white-collar dentists, lawyers and physicians are responsible for committing.

        Why is that?

        Indeed, Jewish marriages have no dissolved into divorce. Jewish kids are not smoking joints at 12 and hooked on meth at 14 and then blaming Anglos for their sad reality when they finally get off the drugs at 25 with a few felony convictions under their belt. Jews manage to obtain more than a GED or a community college associate degree.

        Asian-Americans too.

        What primes the Anglo population for susceptibility?


        • Hotdog

          I never blamed jew dentists, lawyers, and physicians for the media TRASH. My city’s in between big and small but I prefer small towns, less riffraff.

      • HOTDOG In your own daily dealings with Jews do they exude evil?

        • Hotdog

          Actions speak louder than words. jews exude evil through their collective actions and influence. How the average jew treats me to my face is irrelevent.

        • Yee

          Hotdog believes stuff promoted on media have an influence on people, I agree with him, actually the Chinese State agrees with him as well. He has a problem with Jews because Jews happen to dominate the industry.

          But he’s fighting a losing cause here, because free media is one of the US values, you can’t fight against that.

          Other ethnic groups not as affected probably because they have some background culture strong enough neutralize it.

          Hotdog, the rich are all the same, if they weren’t psychopathic, low moral, ruthless enough, they couldn’t get rich. Fighting Jews won’t change anything. Jews may not be nice people, but other groups won’t be any better, you’ll still get the same garbage.

        • Hotdog

          The White elites in America weren’t a bed of White roses but they had some common values with their fellow Americans. The war never dies in jews either, civilians were drowned in piss in jew run Polish prisons well after the end of WWII.

      • HOTDOG

        It’s real sad when a white woman lets Tyrone the black thug impregnate her because she was convinced by MTV to race-mix and then he cannot pay for his kids because he later went to jail for murder.

        But how stupid is this woman?

        Nobody I knew in the Philippines was programmed by SONS OF ANARCHY. U.S. media is garbage but Anglo-Celtics seem susceptible.

        With video and DVD on the wane in the 20 years I have been overseas if anything the American media influence has waned somewhat.

        Anglo-Celtics, it has to be said, are a gullible race of people who get f*cked in the ass by everybody: Mexicans sell them drugs or sell black people drugs who sell their kids drugs. Jews form their perceptions about themselves. Blacks beat them up on the road or have mixed-race kids with their daughters. They believe an alcoholic redneck who tells them they have to lose their sons and daughters in pointless wars. And on and on.

        I would add that East Coast whites of all nationality: Irish, Italian, Poles do not seem nearly as susceptible or gullible.

    • Jason Y

      Are you sure Trash? Anti-Jewish feeling is quite high among them since for a long time they ran businesses in poor black neighborhoods. As for Mexicans, Latino nationalists are highly antisemitic.

      • JASON Y

        Latinos will not acknowledge the Criollo minority that run their country because the Mestizo and Indian notion of Iberian superiority seems to be completely programmed.

        To the extent that Hispanics dislike any other group, it would be black.

        Hating Jews is the territory of White Nationalists.

        Koreans have replaced Jews as the grocery store owners and landlords.

    • TJF

      To Trash:

      Cholos and blacks do not formulate theories that Jews are manipulating them through mass media mind control.

      Would agree in regards to Cholos but Blacks…. Umm.. the Nation of Islam comes to mind. Almost every copy I’ve seen of the Final Call has some rant about Jews.

      • TJF

        On the subject of pornography, women who get into it including black men with 13 inch dongs and Jewish girls and Flyover skinny blondes are too lazy to work and Jews who make porn see it as cheap way to generate quick cash because they are lazy. Men and some women are going to beat off to some visual stimulation no matter what.

        In Malcolm X’s time Jews were lousy landlords and cut-rate butchers and pawn shop owners. He had a point.

        40 years before THAT in 1920 Jews were considered a hopeless entrenched underclass of gangsters, juvenile delinquents, prostitutes and street thugs (Boardwalk Empire).

        Today no Jew is still running around like Bugsy Seigel.

        Curiously Arab-Americans, by and large, are not bothered by the so-called Jewish control over Western Civilization at all. Iranians, Gujarati Muslims and even Palestinian-Americans have no particular obsession with Jews.

        In Los Angeles Iranian-Americans live side-by-side with Jews. Also New York.

  23. Don’t Anglo-Celtics have to be pretty dumb to allow 5% of the white population to influence them to the extent that you claim?

    I’m not convinced Irish-Catholics on the East Coast or other non-Jew white ethnic groups in NYC are as dominated by Jews as you say, anyhow.

    As for higher values, I live overseas because I value a quality of life I would not enjoy sitting around in the same house or street I was born. IF Jews are trying to destroy America with filthy so that Asians-their real IQ competitors-can replace Anglo-Saxons in positions of power it is rather self-destructive.

    Not having access to American television I’m not aware of the extent to which MTV affects Anglo youth more than Jewish or Asian youth who watch the same garbage, play the same video games, listen to the same crap etc.

    True enough probably Jews and Asians recoil in horror at the Sons of Anarchy characters or Tony Soprano while some white kid in the Flyover admires this and thinks that it is reality.

  24. Juanny Boy


    I am no defender of Social Darwinism (look back at my disdain for Ep-gah if you have any doubts) but there is one TINY POSITIVE to it.

    The higher-IQ races tend to dominate, and the higher-IQ races are more ‘merciful’ typically…..
    Whites dominated the world, but were generally ‘nicer’ than Blacks would have been or Aztecs, whatever.

    Senator Schlomo Schumerberg is fighting so that flyover proles don’t die of a tooth infection thanks to Obamacare.
    Senator JeffBo Goy III is fighting so that they die.

    Get it?

    • I agree with this statement and so does the situation of Africa, Pakistan, India, Philippines.

      • Yee

        Don’t be silly. Social security is linked to social development, not race. All developed countries have better security networks than developing countries, regardless of race. And political system matters more than race as well.

        • Juanny Boy

          It’s about empathy which naturally comes with High-IQ.

          There is a direct correlation between IQ and Gini coefficient; equality comes from more ‘compassion’

        • Yee

          Cubans and North Koreans must have very high IQ.

          By the way, India actually has a totally “free medical” system, it just have little money put into it, so no medicine.

        • Juanny Boy

          We always hear that Kim Jong Un is fairly blood thirsty here in America. We also heard bad about Cuba until the embargo ended. I do not believe Castro was ultimately self serving (he did a lot of good for his people) but the Kims surely are.

        • Juanny Boy

          YEE Cuba has an average IQ (86) but a good Gini so it doesn’t distort the correlation too much.
          I am unsure about North Korea.

          Northern European countries have higher IQs than Southern European countries yet the Northern European ones have better Ginis. I am not trying to be racist (in fact I am a Cuban-American ethnic of Southern European blood so I am self deprecating here)

      • Yee

        North Korea has free medical and education, too. But like India, no medicine.

        Politics is always dirty, different form in every country is all. Kim is a 30s young man, if he wants to stay in power, he must frighten the oldtimers to put them in their place.

        • Juanny Boy

          okay I can agree with that.
          Castro took power at 32 and had similar ‘purges’. It worked; he personally held power for 47 years

    • JUANNY BOY Example

      Talk of “Jewish cruelties”.

      Why is it that “domestic violence” calls rarely involve Jewish men?

      Robberies on strangers for street drugs? Assault on the streets? Fathering forgotten children who will grow up neglected?

      It is the working-class whites who commit these mindless sort of petty evils in addition to NAMS.

    • Hotdog

      White Americans will not devastate an Indian reservation like the Mexican mafia members have. jews are sore losers and cruel winners. Spiritually jews are more into revenge than mercy, there’s much written in their religious texts about revenge. They have a History of commiting atrocities against civilians as well, perhaps most clear and presently seen in their treatment of Palestinians today.

      • Juanny Boy

        Mexican mafia members (who are majority Indian themselves) are to U.S. Indian reservations what Koreans are to ‘The Hood’.

        They know the Indians are essentially addicted to painkillers (or whatever) just as the Koreans now there will essentially always be a market for 40 Ozs. in Watts.

        • Juanny Boy

          the Koreans know

        • JUANNY

          Koreans “don’t get high on their own supply”. No sales technique necessary either. Koreans could urinate on the Malt Liquor and Mexican mafia could pull the pills out of their colon in front of the blacks or Indians and still they would pay the same price.

          This demonstrates the sheer misery and longing for escape of America’s most downtrodden races.

      • HOTDOG

        Crimes Jews don’t commit:

        1) Property theft. A few Jewish gangsters who remain in Atlantic City or somewhere might be mixed up in high-tech heists.

        But they daily drug-related burglaries are committed by poor whites to obtain crystal meth. Includes car theft.

        2) Domestic violence. Rare.

        3) Aggravated Rape. I’ve heard Jews accused of being “child molesters” but it seems as if poor rural white girls are more likely to be molested than Jewish girls.

        4) Assault. Less common. Happens but less common.

        5) Street prostitution. A few in NYC but street prostitution and pimping are a poor white and NAM game. Jews do run some high-end escort rings and a few are call-girls. This is off the public street however.

        6) Juvenile delinquency.

        I am not defending the Jews. I’m pointing out statistics.


    I agree with this, in fact.

    When Anglo-Saxons, Jews, Cuban Gallegos are absent from the United States it would become a very cruel place.

  26. Juanny Boy

    according to stereotype NE Asians are the one exception to this rule.

    YEE therefore must be SE Asian.

    • Yee

      I would have jumped into the ocean trying to swim to the USA if I were SE Asian.

      • YEE

        Southeast Asians end up in the poorest American neighborhoods and their children often become in crime, gangs, prostitution, drugs.

        America has lost its luster to the Southeast Asians. To many stories filter back about poverty, competition for low-paying jobs.

        There is a certain naivete at work: you’ve been a policewoman or bank officer in Cambodia and you end up being a janitor in Texas.

        Wages are low, inflation high so the amount of money-even when you live 10 to a room with other Southeast Asians-you can send back home is small.

        Scandinavian fish factories are more popular.

        • Yee

          Many Filipinos work in western restaurants in China, some maids too . It’s near impossible to find English speaking Chinese waiter and waitress, and most foreigners live here can’t speak Chinese, not even Zuckerberg level Chinese. So Filipinos fill in. All of them illegal. But the govt seldom raid restaurants even though they know. They only get deported if fall into police hands for other troubles.

          And there’s something interesting I found out. Blacks are way better at language than Whites. So don’t say they’re low IQ when you can’t even say “good morning” in Chinese yourself.

        • Yee

          China is like a madhouse right now, all sorts of crazy things going on.

          On one hand, Chinese still trying hard to emigrate to other countries, with the USA number 1 favorite. A few months ago, a story on news website telling a San Francisco Subway janitor earned 270K a year. I want to go to the USA to clean toilets!

          On the other hand, illegals are trying hard to stay. And real or scamming or kidnapped mail orderd brides keep coming in, Vietnamese sneak in to work at sweatshops, Africans, Arabs, Indians overstaying their visas. My city, Guangzhou, is nicknamed the “capital of the third world”. Pure craziness.

        • Jason Y

          Many Filipinos work in western restaurants in China, some maids too . It’s near impossible to find English speaking Chinese waiter and waitress, and most foreigners live here can’t speak Chinese, not even Zuckerberg level Chinese. So Filipinos fill in. All of them illegal. But the govt seldom raid restaurants even though they know. They only get deported if fall into police hands for other troubles.

          And there’s something interesting I found out. Blacks are way better at language than Whites. So don’t say they’re low IQ when you can’t even say “good morning” in Chinese yourself.

          Some Filipinos hate the US. It’s surprising. But it’s not a leftist thing, but a long the lines of “We don’t need the US. We’re working for China” thing. It’s sort of snotty/snooty, kind of like when South Koreans say they prefer Canada.

          But they’re not the only people to act like that. That’s why I’m cynical about anti-Americanism. Most of it is just some girlish “I’m switching to a better boyfriend thing.”

  27. Juanny Boy

    I always found it ironic that Pablo Escobar supported ‘Black causes’ in Colombia.
    He was helping to supply African-Americans with drugs to keep destroying themselves.

    But if not him someone else would’ve filled in the gap.
    Maybe someone like Lisa Ling’s character in Kill Bill.

    Asians are cynical about this sort of thing.

    • JUANNY BOY What is the ethnic makeup of Colombia. I was under the impression they were Mestizos and Indians.

      • Juanny Boy

        TRASH Anywhere that is both tropical and had lowlands typically had plantations and which had Black slaves.

        • JUANNY BOY

          “Trash-stein”? So any white male who does not drink cheap shots at the Sports Bars, wear cowboy hats, beat his wife, use meth, haunt strip joints, have cheap tattoos, blame Jews for programming him to beat off to porn or his sister’s third baby with some low-IQ black thug in jail for killing somebody during a marijuana heist IS A JEW.

          “Elitist” is used to define whites who choose to seek higher levels of education, do not have children under 25 or prior to gainful employment, marry the mother of their child, use marijuana or wine instead of methamphetamine, don’t haunt “Sports Bars” or ladies nights venues wearing a stupid rubber band, don’t fight NAMS, don’t have a petty criminal record for DUI or possession with intent…

          Yes, then, all of this grosses me out.

          So I suppose I am elitist.

        • Juanny Boy

          TRASH it was an attempt at trolling.


    My assumption was that most Colombians are Mestizos with a smaller rural pure Indian population. The poor farmers seem to be Indian, not black.

    In SCARFACE Pacino said to the other Cuban prior to the disastrous hotel deal: I don’t like Indians.

    The Noriega-lookalike Colombian “Hector” and his henchmen were clearly Indians.


    I live overseas because seeing the dusty figures of males with chain wallets or saggy pants exiting a Wal-Mart is nauseating.

    I live overseas because seeing pale, lanky youth calling one another “dawg” and imitating black thugs is nauseating.

    I live overseas because there are no Sports Bars where out-of-shape males watch Negros they hate for having bigger dicks play children’s games for millions of dollars.

    I live overseas because Asians and Indians are too hard-headed to let an insignificant tribe of Levant nomad’s European ancestors run their economy and their media. This is nauseating.

    I live overseas because I can avoid seeing SUV’s filled with McDonald’s free cups with the Transformers 5 logo on it.

    I live overseas so I do not have pay taxes for K-strategy reproduction by the descendants of sub-Sahara tribes on the dirty concrete streets of post-industrial America.

    I live overseas because I do not have to see poor overweight white sluts with tramp stamps walking around with mixed-race babies of black thugs whom apparently Jews commanded them to produce to further a mixed-race population the color of Easter Eggs whom the off-white Sons of Israel will…will what? Won’t poor Mulattos hate Jews?

    I live overseas because NAMS and poor rural white cannot travel while Jews will not live in a country where they cannot practice law or medicine or Ponzi schemes.

    I live overseas because poor whites elect alcoholic bums-Jews would have voted for Al Gore. These white bums then declare war for oil…and do not get a drop. Then the countries in Europe that protested the war get the refugees by the millions after madmen who kept order over Libya and Syria and Iraq are removed from power.

    I live overseas because Arab skylines are much more beautiful and modern than the decaying brick “main streets” of Flyover cities and exurbs occupied by Anglo-Celtics dumb enough to believe that they will bring democracy to the Middle East.

    I live overseas because nothing will shift the economic gravity of the world back to North America, least of all 3,000 jobs in the automobile sector that lead poor whites to stop buying a car every 5 years and tariffs that make it too expensive to buy a microwave.

    I live overseas so I do not have see 40 year old men debasing themselves in a teenager’s job and a funny hat doing a job 15 year olds did as recently as 1994.

    I live overseas because all other big British-settled countries do not have NAMS and have left the United States 40 years behind in terms of wages, living standard, healthcare, crime, infrastructure.

    I live overseas so that I can get much more sex than poor white men who have to sit at bars on Ladies nights hoping some callow slut will lie down in the dark sloppy-drunk. Try getting blowjobs and having sex that are professional overseas.

    I live overseas because you are not arrested for paying women for sex and prostitutes in the United States are drug addicts in bad areas whose pimps might rob you and if you are arrested at a cheap Indian-run motel you will have your picture on a Billboard because Americans are Puritanical Anal-Sadistic Hypocrites.

    I live overseas because if you cannot make money in America what is the point of bothering to live there.


    • TJF

      To Trash:


      May I ask what you do for employment..?

      • TJF

        I left the United States in 1999 FOR employment, in fact. Persian Arab Gulf English-language publications were hiring anybody with a journalism degree.

        Quickly, I discovered that life overseas was not bad for a young single person. Pay is low, but no crime and no bills and NO NAMS or rednecks.

        I still smoked marijuana and enjoyed using hashish on occasion or taking pot holidays in India (I was 26). Also, I discovered using prostitutes.

        My only encounter with a U.S. Cholo was a marine who was at a party in Dubai acting idiotic because he was drunk. A Pakistani broke a glass over his head in front of me. There were one or two ex-army rednecks I met in Philippines who were homeless through marriage scams, on the street for months. One black American was so mouthy to Chinese that they broke in his house and killed him later on with a screwdriver (He told them to suck his black dick) but this was after I met him.

        Rednecks are known to come to horribly stupid but funny ends in Southeast Asia:

        Lee was a boat builder who was actually good at what he did but started in on the crystal meth (Really, really strong in the Philippines) and stole $60,000 from the murderous Filipino police general whose yacht he was building. Somehow, he got into the U.S. Consulate who managed to protect him long enough for his elderly mother to send a ticket.

        Bruce, whose name I remember, was a Florida painter who married a hooker and was doing well with a bar they opened when he started growing marijuana in his house and was busted for it. Jail in Philippines is not five-star, I visited him there.

        Another was Big John who was married to a Filipino police woman who handcuffed him to his penis and he walked down the road nude.

        Mark was the name of another who followed the Filipino meth-head who hit him in a girly bar parking lot and was jumped by six Filipinos who kicked him half-to-death.

        One American redneck named Leighton had been sending his life savings to a Filipino woman who promised to marry him and when he arrived at the house his life savings had built for her the Filipino woman’s husband was inside drinking beer with some friends who beat him up and threw him outside on the street as a thank you for the 5 year subsidy. Marriage frauds like this are really common.

        Clinton Macbeth was an ex-steelworker who was homeless in the Philippines and had cashed his return ticket for booze and prostitutes. By the time I met him he had been sleeping in Filipino alleys for about 2 years. Filipino thugs sometimes just beat him up for the fun of it because he was a foreign white guy on the street. Finally, after months of waiting, the US Embassy sent him home.

        Jim was another redneck who followed a Filipino woman to her house and tried to kiss the terrified woman in her doorway and her husband was cooking and he simply ran up and stabbed Jimbo 20 or 30 times until he was dead.

        A SONS OF ANARCHY Jax-type white trash redneck from some MC Outlaw gang tried to buy guns from Muslim rebels and the Muslims simply took his money and his bike and held him ransom until the MC club in California paid up a ransom.

        Cholos, Blacks and Rednecks SEEM TOTALLY STUPID when you meet them overseas. They stand out for their complete stupidity compared to Brits, Australians or New Zealanders….you’ll never notice this unless they are taken out of the context of the United States.

        Jews do not work in the Middle East, I never met one there.

        I met one Jewish guy in Mumbai whose wife was an Indian singer and he was her half-baked manager. Seemed alright to me. None to bright and kind of Bronx tough guy.

        Jewish-Americans tend to be guarded and quiet overseas. I’ve never seen one act like an asshole.

        The other Jewish guy I knew ran a shellfish factory in the Philippines.

        After the Persian Gulf I went to Canada, trying to immigrate to another country with no NAMS.

        Impossible, though I worked for two years in Canada in a Performing Arts Center.

        Luckily I had contacts in Dubai. I returned there as an advertising copy writer and lived with another foreigner.

        In this job I stayed for 7 years.

        I was also sent to India where I dubbed Bollywood films in English. I don’t want to get to specific about who I am because of my outrageously racist and un PC diatribes on this site.

        Philippines was described as a paradise so I moved there and got into the girl bar/restaurant business because an American offered me an investment opportunity.

        Being a compulsive prostitute addict, I went.

        NB During this time 2008 the Great Recession rattled through America and I knew I’d be unemployed and homeless anyhow.

        Crystal meth became an epidemic in the Philippines and the country became as unsafe as Mexico. I was robbed.

        So I moved briefly to Bangladesh where I did an editing job on a script for an organization combating human trafficking.

        End of employment, I went to Thailand. Here I met a middle-class divorced Chinese woman whom I married and invested enough in her house to live there. You can build a house worth $300,000 in the United States for $10,000 in Thailand.

        Also, I invested in the stock market from a small inheritance.

        I do nothing now and live in $500 a month better than someone would in America on $30,000 a year.

        America is a lousy place to be poor in fact. Lot’s of places are better.

        As I’ve written earlier America has declined, mostly after Bush was elected. War, the Great Recession, property value collapse, globalization, crime and so on.

      • TJF

        One of the true testaments of how ignorant and stupid poor whites in Flyover States are is how good they think they have it compared to other countries. “America is number one”.

        There is this notion that Europeans are dying to get into the States. Actually no Scot would want to immigrate to Appalachia today. You could not pay them to immigrate to West Virginia. One Scot who did have relatives he looked up in Georgia (Met him in Dubai) expressed pure shock at their poverty etc. Irish only want to go to California, otherwise forget it.

        Actually Australian street sweepers are better off than you. No developed country has the abject squalor or violence that America has. The developed world has it but not the United States.

        White American women will consider foreign men married to Asian women “losers” and “Betas” but in the long run, you come out far ahead. I’ve had porno-style sex with hundreds of foreign women and white women are not that good at screwing and kind of frigid.

        Do the math on your marriage if you have a decent job and you pay about $200 a screw by the time you are 50 years old to white women.

        White women are less likely to genuinely passionately like men. Some European women do, but American white women seem to be vaguely lesbian and bitchy. Tropical and temperate women have evolved to NEED PENISES and be much more horny.

        This is of course why other countries are horrendously overpopulated.

        • Alpha Unit

          Cultural norms surrounding mating/reproduction and access to contraceptives have a lot more to do with overpopulation than female horniness.

  30. YEE

    Yes, more Filipinos end up in Hong Kong than any other foreign country. You would think they would be in Amoy or other parts of the Fuji Province to which Chinoys trace their ancestry but no, Hong Kong is where most Filipinos live.

    Since Zheng He Chinese have been trading with Africa and Arabs in the 14th Century.

    Madagascar was discovered and settled by Indonesians, for Gosh sake.

    Chinese have been in Dubai and even have had small Chinatowns there for as long as I lived in the Persian Gulf countries. Which was about 10 years.

    Of course Africans are going to station their own merchants, restaurant operators and yes, prostitutes, are going to live in China. There are stories of Africans being involved in the exportation of drugs back to Africa from China, additionally. Perhaps exaggerated.

    • Yee

      No, it’s true. The police made arrests and I saw them on TV news. Of course there’re more that aren’t caught. Drugs are experted to Australia, too. I don’t know where else. Really enterprising drug lords, I’ll say.

      Filipinos maids are legal in HongKong. Mostly illegal in China, because no employer will go into the trouble of applying work visa for her. But China is more lax on illegal workers than HongKong, and the pay is about the same, so a lot come in.

      • YEE

        CREADERS had a point: Filipinos are so low IQ that the fact that China employs them even as maids or servants is better than what they might have otherwise.

      • TJF

        To Yee:

        But China is more lax on illegal workers than HongKong, and the pay is about the same, so a lot come in.

        Interesting, why wouldn’t wealthier urban Chinese hire poorer Chinese from rural China…?

        • Yee

          They do, actually majority of maids are Chinese peasant women. But hiring a Filipino maid seems fashionable for some people, and they believe their child can learn some half ass English. Plus, they’re good maids, really, better than Chinese peasants who mostly are bad mannered and badly educated, only cost slightly more.

        • Yee

          Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. Filipinos actually have better English than me.

        • TJF

          To Yee:

          Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. Filipinos actually have better English than me.

          Your writing skills match the average American community college student, although with your sentence above, the your phrasing is atypical of American English. But generally from reading your posts, absent your revelation of being Chinese and living in Guangzhou, I would have assumed English was your native language or that you had moved to an English speaking country when you were young. Perhaps you mean the way you speak the language compared to the Filipinos.

        • Yee

          Although what you said is not possible to be true, I’m still very pleased, thank you.

          If some of the phrasing is American, Robert and his commenters can take credit/blame for it, cause I must have picked it up here, I don’t write in English anywhere else. A few more months here, I might start sounding like Trash. Perhaps I should pay Robert tuition fee.

          It’s the Chinese New Year’s eve today, a “Gong Xi Fa Cai” to you and to everyone, have a prosperious coming year.

  31. ALPHA

    My statements are not only subjective but grotesque generalizations of which possibly no element of truth exists.

    I might be wrong about everything.

  32. YEE

    My own IQ is hardly a gold standard.

    I’ve simply been in street/office situations with a variety of nationalities over the course of 20 years in Asia and accumulated some anecdotes.

    Whites who manage to hang around for 20 years will develop a sort of “expat cunning” if you will.

    Now to the credit of the Overseas Chinese Business community all of them speak three languages flawlessly. English, their own and the native tongue.

    I do not believe they succeed in Southeast Asia because they are stupid.

  33. YEE

    Don’t forget to open your windows.

    All the nuttiness of my comments might have swirled out of your laptop into last year’s air.

  34. YEE

    Yes, a great deal of Chinese whiskey will be consumed in my own village.

  35. Jason Y

    I realize that you and to a lesser extent Jason utterly despise the White working class. The venom with which Trash and other White middle class commenters on here talk about White working class people is breathtaking.

    The left should absolutely despise Nazis. It has to. Otherwise, it gets bullied (cuck name-calling etc..) The problem with the left is it focuses too much on liberal elitism (like Trash), trying to point out similarities between blacks (whom white workers are uneasy with) and so-called white trash, to make hypocrisy accusations.

    Anyway, the real leftist focus should be on smashing the alt-right, with all its basement wussies, college bullies, and psycho (not saying all of them) good ole boys. Next, it should also focus on smashing capitalism, as it’s what is causing a lot of hardship for so-called “country white people”.

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