Hero of the Day


Good job, kid. Let’s set the whole damn country ablaze though, not just a pile of signs.

Make America ungovernable!


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8 responses to “Hero of the Day

  1. Jason Y

    Alt-right celebration? That literally being one step down from the Klan, but somehow is socially acceptable now. I remember at one time people like David Duke were a huge shame on the Republican party.

  2. Jason Y


    Newt Gingrich, popular US congressman, calls on Madonna’s arrest for comment on blowing up the White House.


    Madonna was already over-aged when she became famous at 26 in 1984 and was already 30 in the late 80’s at the height of record sales.

    She had been around forever when Lucky Star hit the radio waves in 1984. In Disco, doing a few soft-core porn films like A CERTAIN SACRIFICE.

    She married a rather trashy guy who got famous playing prole dregs like Mick O’Brien-Sean Penn, who looked like a KD Lang on a 3 day meth bender.

    He then beat her up and went to jail a few times.

    She attempted a Hollywood career and failed. Sean Penn continued to be famous and get nominated and make an asshole of himself as a half-baked journalist.

    In the 1990’s she lost her appeal with the cynical Generation X as grunge, alternative, hip-hop and gangsta rap flooded the charts. She became a “wedding band” for 30 somethings born in the 1960’s who then in their thirties.

    At 40 she married a much-younger filmmaker named Guy Ritchie.

    Her attempts at relevancy failed. Only at the height of the Reagan-era had she had any impact.

    • Jason Y

      On the Greg Gutfeld Comedy show on Fox he commented, Madonna is an expert at “blowing things up” 😆 Get it ??

      • This reflects the extent to which the public who have even heard of her will value her statements.

        Normies under 30 have barely heard of her and never listened to Lucky Star in their life.

    • Jason Y

      Her attempts at relevancy failed. Only at the height of the Reagan-era had she had any impact.

      But she’s still a millionaire.

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