Are Alt-Rightists Neo-Nazis?

Tulio: Is Spencer a Neo-Nazi? I know he’s a white nationalist, but are all white nationalists Neo-Nazi?

I enjoyed watching him get punched and then scurry away like a dog with his tail between his legs. It was amusing because these alt-right types are always talking about masculinity and being an alpha male, and then Spencer didn’t even put up a fight after he was punched and then ran away. He’s probably never been in a fist fight in his life. Yet people like him will go around calling everyone beta males and cucks. That was the amusing part to me.

Most White nationalists are indeed Nazis of one sort or another. Watch his speech at NPI on Youtube and tell me he’s not a Nazi. But they vary. Spencer just wants to throw you and the rest of the non-Whites and the Jews out of the country. Others want to kill the Jews. Some want to kill you guys too. Others simply want to secede and form their own White state. But even the pure separatists are basically Nazis.

So yeah, they’re mostly Nazis, but they don’t all go along with genocidal Nazism. They differ on how to deal with the folks they do not like. Most of them want to separate from non-Whites, but a sizeable faction wants to throw non-Whites out of the country. The faction around Daily Stormer are actually out and out Nazis who call for killing the Jews in America among other things. I am not sure what the DS types want for the non-Whites.

I wrestled with this for a long time because their whole line is that only a few of them are actual Nazis, and most of them are not. After a long examination, I finally figured out that that was a lie.

There are a few Jewish Alt Rightists, and I assure you that they are not Nazis. They sort of go easy on the antisemites and Nazis though which is hard to understand.

If they are not out and out Nazis, they do want some form of National Socialism especially if they have some left economic views, which are actually not that uncommon. The DS crowd seems to want National Socialism, they are quite dubious of capitalism and it seems like they do not like the White rich at all. I hate to say it but DS is almost a pro-worker movement. Pro White workers, sure, but pro-workers nevertheless.


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8 responses to “Are Alt-Rightists Neo-Nazis?

  1. Jason Y

    Good thing these guys are supported by probably less than 5 percent or maybe less than 1 percent of the American population.

  2. Tulio

    Mike Cernovich is a Jew and I know he’s deeply involved in the alt-right movement. I think he was even part of that whole “Deploraball” event in DC and a huge Trump supporter of course. As is Roosh, oddly given his middle eastern Muslim family background. I don’t think these guys even care about his actual policies in governance. To them he’s symbolic of a return of white male unapologetic traditional masculinity. So he won their souls. They really don’t even care what he does. He could be a massive failure as a president and it would not matter to them. Trump is merely a bomb to lob at all the people they don’t like and if he drives the left out of their minds for 4 years, that’s good enough for them.

    Revenge politics is a very dangerous game. Democracy is fragile and electing the likes of a Trump and his kakistocracy could turn us into a banana republic.

    • Tulio

      Also, the alt right sees the left as this corrosive force that will destroy Western civilization due to socialism and non-white immigration. But these people seem to have no understanding that people like Trump and Putin are corrosive to civilization. These alt right assholes who are supposedly pro-Western want to destroy liberal(in the classic sense of the word) democracies. Some of these people are even drifting further right into something called neo-reaction(NRx) and “The Dark Enlightenment” which is extremely regressive. These people would rather live under authoritarians, kleptocrats and oligarchs that defend them from SJWs than in a free democracy. They constantly bash free and democratic societies like Scandinavia and shower accolades on Putin’s Russia and now Trump’s America.

      • Tulio, thats pretty much why I gave up on the Alt-Right and moved further to the Left. The Dark Enlightenment was just an awful ideology as is neo-react
        ion. A return to monarchy and dark ages social organisation? Do they really think it was better then?

        You know, they, like Libertarians really just want to promote an ideology which justifies them having it all and lording it over everyone. Thats all it is. They don’t want to live under authoritarianism because they believe in their world THEY will be rubbing shoulders with the aristocracy, or the future Jon Galts. At the heart of it, is a sense of injustice that this social order didn’t make them the kings and wealthy heroes they should have been.

        The thing is, if there is anything which I would consider a trait of White civilisation, its Liberalism! Yes, that which the Alt-Right hates the most is the most “White” thing there is. Authoritarianism, monarchy, traditionalist, reactionary and alpha-male dominated societies are everywhere, but the Wests big unique trait is the adoption of progressive politics, Liberalism, rejection of traditionalism, creating new social orders and rejecting the old.

        Ironically, these “pro-Western” neoreactionaries are fighting against what make us unique. They’re anti-Western. The only thing they have going for them is an opposition to mass immigration, where I agree with them its a threat to the West, but only because its threatens to bring us back to a regressive past. It’s “burning the village in order to save it”. If they had their way, there would have been no point “saving the West” because it would be many other shitholes on the planet, rife with poverty, corruption, inequality, subjugation and institutionalised misery.

      • Jason Y

        That’s not surprising Hitler, himself, said: “Naziism was the only thing to save Germany from Jews and Communists”.

  3. Democratic societies function when the ratio of intelligent and rational people is high compared to the idiots.

    Sweden and Japan are fairly functional when 90% of the population is intelligent, law-abiding and socialized.

    Plus being liberal the useless females can work in a legalized sex industry.

    So only 5% of the males who are total useless drunks that nobody is going to reproduce with anyhow get drunk and watch hockey games all day on a subsistence handout.

    Try that in the United States where anybody in a ghetto or barrio can get laid with a female who wants to ride the “baloney pony bareback”.

    Prison becomes the welfare system. Jobless, hopeless populations of various races-including whites-with little love lost commit anti-social crimes and end up jailed their whole life.

  4. Ecology of Peace culture submissions as to whom should be removed from the planetary genepool, how, when, by whom, and how many; are detailed in Ecology of Peace submission to the International Criminal Court: EoP PoW v Nobel Laureates et al.

    A summary of EoP Axis domestic and foreign policy positions, including Cultural Law Territorial Self Rule for Groups with Subjective Racial, Religious& Gender Culture-Conflict Identities, who have signed their Fully Informed Consenting Agreement Responsible Freedom Declaration Oaths; are available at: EoP NTE GMA Potus.

    A copy of this comment shall be posted to EoP v WiP NWO Negotiations: 23 Jan: Longing for Death … Samizdat Broadcasts.

  5. Jason Y

    As Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested in his recent video, the only way to deal with these racists is to make them leave, ironically what they want to do with non-whites. Also, just as they, ironically, want to deal with non-whites (especially blacks), they (the white supremacists) have to be dealt with harshly – much as a schoolmaster with rowdy children. Funny, isn’t it? 😆

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