Is It Ok to Punch Nazis?

This website answers the important question of whether it is ever ok to punch a Nazi. This is a difficult philosophical question that the world’s top philosophers have been debating for decades now.

That’s a Black Bloc guy who hit him. The Black Bloc was behind most of the violence and destruction at the Inauguration of this Monster. They are anarchists. I do not mind them smashing windows of corporate establishments or ATM’s or trash cans. That’s all ok. And setting the limo on fire was great! Fight the rich! The rich are our class enemies so we must fight them. A limo driver got his hand cut and I am sorry he got hurt. He’s just a regular working guy. A Trump supporter waded into a cops versus Black Bloc battle and a Black Blog guy punched him in the face! Good! All in all, the rioting was really great. We need to be doing this rioting all the time now. Let’s make the country ungovernable.

We now have a dictatorship. Trump stole this election with those damned voting machines. As long as we have a dicatorship and not a democracy, that means that all peaceful roads to power are generally blocked. When  all peaceful roads to power are blocked, there is nothing left to do but to turn to non-peaceful methods. There simply is no other way. I am not advocating killing people, though a lot of these monsters deserve it, especially those involved in vote fraud. That should be a street justice capital offense right there. Surely it is moral to kill or hurt people who are involved in stealing elections.

On the other hand, the way of the gun is not going to work right now. The US military will start enforcing civilian law and the FBI is very good at solving crimes. Sure, some of the enemy will be killed which is fantastic, but a lot of us are going to be arrested too, and some of us may also be killed. When we get arrested, we will usually be convicted and sentenced to long prison sentences. As many of us will be harmed as them. It’s not worth it.

However, rioting, property destruction, etc. is perfectly acceptable for making the country ungovernable. Attacks on Nazis should be ok as long as no weapons are involved. Fisticuffs are fine. Most of them deserve a punch in the face anyway and getting punched usually does not result in death or permanent or long-term damage. About attacks on Trump supporters at rallies, that is a much more difficult question. If they wade into brawls, it may be ok to hit them, but otherwise, I think maybe we should back off.


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  1. Juanny Boy

    It Makes Spencer look sympathetic.

    Why don’t we just methodically address his ideology and point out where he is dead wrong?

    These protesters are often crazy SJWs;

    and if Trump really is a fascist Why present him with the opportunity to crack down on dissidents?

    • Juanny Boy

      Trump’s first executive orders were “regulatory freezes”. Looks like you were right about him.

      But doubling down on the SJW stuff is not the answer.

    • There is no reasoning with fascists. There’s a good argument that it is correct to use violence against a real fascist threat. I do not like antifas very much, but they do bash the fash and that’s pretty cool right there.

      I will make alliance with any and all SJW’s against Trump and the Republican Party. They’re the real enemy. SJW’s are not our enemies. They are our people who have sadly become deranged. But anyone who thinks PC or SJW’s is the main threat is crazy.

      If we have to form alliances with SJW’s to fight Trump and Republicans, I will do it. That is, if the SJW’s will accept me. You have pick your friends and enemies in life. Right now Trump is the real threat and that means we have to ally with just about anyone who is fighting him. That’s just the way it goes. Not making alliance with SJW’s and not fighting Trump is by far the worse thing to do. Life is about priorities, not morals and ideological purity.

      • Juanny Boy

        “There is no reasoning with fascists.”

        Fascism doesn’t happen because of fascists only. It happens because non-fascists shrug aside the fascists due to a variety of reasons (look at 1933 Germany, or Charles Coughlin and their people’s economic struggles).

        It is about just showing the people this is evil and ends up backfiring for them, and luckily many Trump supporters already think this guy is an idiot.
        Punching him just makes him look sympathetic.

      • But ROBERT. He has the military, the police, the banks, the institutions.

        National guardsmen can simply open fire into crowds of protesters if they want.

        Plus, a long-term resistance requires an economy to stand on. China and Russia and even Mexico have no intention of funneling money or arms to U.S. resistance.

        A bunch of hippies in the streets getting mowed over by a tank makes no difference to Trump.

        • Juanny Boy

          My sentiments exactly!
          My crazy SJW sister went to that event and I strongly encouraged her not to go for precisely that reason.

      • Trump cannot deliver half of what he promised and his support will dwindle down to nothing in 4 years anyhow.

        • Juanny Boy

          TRASH he’s like a cross between ‘Burlesque-oni’ and Obama.
          The cult following and promises of ‘relief’ from Obama, and the strongman crypto-fash element of ‘Burlesque-oni’. Yet both served multiple terms, assuming. Trump will as well assuming the democrats don’t get their act together in 2020 or Trump doesn’t mess up more than either of those two or doesn’t grope Miss America on live TV.

      • Juanny Boy

        Jared Taylor once made a remark that the epitome of non-White civilization was “Tunisian Wine”. Obviously anybody with an IQ in the triple digits or who is semi-literate knows this is nonsense.

        These mofos are just as bad as the Afrocentrists they feel superior to. Just point that out.
        They have lots of good cards but are too batshit insane to use them properly. Just let them whither and die on their own.

        • BlueBat

          As far as facts, Afrocentrists are far worse than Jared Taylor types. Jared does tend to piss on easy targets though, must be all that Tunisian Wine.

        • Juanny Boy

          Well Jared Taylor is not a Supremacist in that he holds NE Asians superior to Whites.
          That takes some degree of intellectual maturity.

          The nationalism/supremacist mindset basically requires that you revise history in silly ways. With the more disadvantaged races, like Blacks it requires more revision, with Whites less, but some degree of revision all the same.

      • Jason Y

        SJWs, up to a point, are correct in their cultural left ideology. As I said, discrimination due to race or gender is bad, but pushing a gay agenda on pre-schoolers is another matter. Note, with the exception of transgender and gay stuff I saw very little wrong with yesterday’s Women’s March on Washington, for instance.

      • Tulio

        “I will make alliance with any and all SJW’s against Trump and the Republican Party. They’re the real enemy. SJW’s are not our enemies. They are our people who have sadly become deranged. But anyone who thinks PC or SJW’s is the main threat is crazy.”

        That’s a good way of framing it. I was at the women’s march for my city yesterday and was struggling with how to feel about SJWs. I’m not exactly PC myself and I have some views about masculinity/femininity/feminism/homosexuality that would get me excommunicated from that crowd. But I was willing to put those differences aside and march with them as a show of force against fascism. Now’s not the time for infighting within the resistance. There are bigger fish to fry.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t have anything against being different. In fact, I can see where SJW resentment against normal people comes from and can sympathize with it, but – these people are way weird.

          Basically, the SJW crowd is becoming more like the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

          There is a big difference between discrimination against a racial group or the disabled and discriminating against transsexuals.

  2. I’d be careful about condoning “punching Nazis”. Next thing you know, some working class dad gets punched in the face because he wants tighter immigration restriction and thinks that America being predominately White isn’t a problem.

    • I am not too worried about that right now. If it ever gets that bad, we will have to think again. We should not advocate attacking Trump supporters at rallies though because then they will say it is ok to attack us at our rallies. I do not particularly want to get punched in the face.

    • I have feeling that white working-class exurbs are going to get more no-go during the Trump presidency anyhow.

      In any event minority offenders in working-class white districts will continue to receive harsh treatment from courts and police.

      And guess what, during the Trump presidency probably more lenience to white working-class people committing acts of self-defense.

      This is one reason that BLM and rioters have not as of yet rioted in white suburbs. They’d get their asses shot off.

      • Themaker75

        More lenience for self defense? Acting in self defense is not a crime, so why would anyone need lenience in a court? It would never go to court in the first place. I stabbed someone a few years ago that forced their way into my home. I only had to go to court so he could be charged with assault and burglary and this is in a democratic liberal state. If I lived in Texas I would have put a bullet through his head, but I think stabbing someone actually feels more satisfying.

  3. Anon

    You’ve gone insane Robert 😦

  4. Jason Y

    Nigel Farage of Britan’s National party is now on Fox News as a regular. So we can say the worst fears of SJWs and other opponents of Trump have come true.

  5. Jason Y

    Prison time or leaving the nation? Would wimps leave the nation?

    • Cynics do. And guess what, I’ve avoided a great deal of headache while watching the U.S. swirl into the toilet even by the standards of the Clinton era.

      Doesn’t BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD seem wonderful now by America’s current living standards? Single-mom latchkey kids able to watch TV in a nice house because Mom had some sort of job.

      Employed at a drive thru instead of 40 year old factory workers trying to pay a mortgage with a teenager’s job.

      I’ve been able to avoid it overseas.

      However, actually immigrating to another First World country is tough.

      • Jason Y

        I’m wondering how much W. Bush had to do with it. How much did the wars over there bankrupt the overall economy? Between Clinton and the 2008 crash, how much did the economy go downhill?

    • Wimps cannot leave the nation easily. Got $1,000 a month income to live in another country? Qualifications better than the average Australian or Canadian? A million dollars to invest for automatic citizenship.

      Thankfully I left the country.

      But Canada and Australia do not want unemployed radicals with no money or skills on their shores even if the wimp can spring for a ticket.

      I am one, I know.

      The best you can do is sit in Asia.

  6. Jason Y

    Yeah, no doubt, many future Trump protests will be violent and he will have to crack down. So I think a police state is inevitable.

    • JASON Y The protesters clearly have no job to go to so how long can they really afford to be violent before their protein supply diminishes this energy source?

      In order to sustain violent resistance politically you have to have an economy to stand on. Mexico is not supporting pro-immigration Trump supporters and neither will China.

      Hipsters do not want a serious criminal record anyhow.

      The poor do not have time to be radicals. They are busy being poor.

    • Trump protesters probably will run out of energy. Such an anti-Trump movement requires an economy to stand on. Mexico is not going fuel it, or China.

    • The food supply has to break down for a true revolution to occur in the post-industrial age.

  7. I think the current move towards populism has too much behind it to be stopped by violence towards any individual. We are talking decades of being screwed by the establishment, decades of demographic change through mass immigration, decades of Political Correctness. The system has thrown people overboard, thrown their tax dollars to support the Investor Class, left them struggling to afford a home while simultaneously undermining the middle class.

    Punching a “fash” isn’t going to fix that. It’s just a form of ineffective venting, the mouse denied access to the house by the cat lashing out at the rat.

    The regressive left here love to turn up at “right wing” rallies in Melbourne, and all I can think of is how useless it is. The people who create this situation get off scott free while some poor schmuck desperate for a solution to what is a real problem gets clobbered.


      I’m not sure the hordes of Western Oriental Gentleman who poured into Melbourne to create the Dino Orlani type gangs that ran rampant in Western suburbs which even Chopper Reid found extreme were a positive addition to the Australian cultural mosaic.

      Vietnamese have been no angles either.

      Australia made a few missteps along the way.

      But it was set up for working-class English people seeking a better standard of living in the first place.

      There has never been the harsh class-divide of the U.S. or Britain.

      I would add that in no other developed country can a person arrive in total poverty and own a house in a few years but Australia.

      In the United States, this usually takes a generation.

  8. Jason Y

    Only gays should be punched. 😆

    • JASON Y

      I once asked my straight friend why he opened a gay bar in a gay neighborhood and he said the damages were far lower from brawls because men got along better. It was the lesbians who brawled.


      Neighborhood is clean and neat. Property clean and neat.
      No children on welfare or juvenile crime committed by unhappy kids of neglectful single-mother alcoholics.
      No rape or women being victimized at all.
      Less junkies and property crime because Molly and pot are drugs of choice.
      Lower population problems.
      Less prostitution and pimps, crack dealers, dead women in motels because of sick customers. LESS but of course there is always a Dahmer.
      Better economy in general. Two partners working and no dependents.

      HIV kills everybody at age 50 so less pension plans have to be paid out. More money in the fiscal budget because gays die young from AIDS.

      That’s sick but I had to throw it in.

      • Jason Y

        OK, a really good life, but the catch is death at 50. You see why I’m smirking?


          In physical terms pushing the anus past its point of design with huge stovepipes will lead to such complications.

          Bearing in mind that by the time a gay man gets AIDS he’s had an enormous number of partners.

          George Michael for example, was lurking around toilets seeking oral relief and masturbating as his Brazilian partner was passed away.

        • JASON Y Like the Freeway Killer my thoughts on these matters are couched in a clean-cut, shallow, well-dressed appearance.

          Only on the internet do I come alive.

          My associates would be shocked to know what went on in the shadows of my mind.

  9. JASON Y Less gays are welfare-dependent or seek social assistance because both partners are working and no dependents.

    Cumming in another man’s butthole keeps the population down.

    Go visit Gayified Gentrified areas of formerly tough cities like San Francisco.
    They are clean. They are crime free. Drugs of choice are Ecstasy and pot as oppose to meth or crack cocaine so there is no property crime or theft. No rape and actually people are happier because they can shoot their load all the time.

  10. Jackilb

    We all need to stop working. Go on strike. We also need to stop buying anything that doesnt keep us alive. A month of that kind of malarky, across the West would put those fuckers out of business. Its simple. Strike!! Dont spend money on shit!!


      Dictatorships work because because people are unable to buy anything and are half-naked in ragged clothes starving so a soldier wearing $5,000 worth of gear can shoot them in the ass if they do protest.

      Not buying anything has not hurt North Korea or various dictators in the past. We tried not buying their oil and then this hurt us so badly we tried to invade and steal it.

      See my point.

      How many BLM protesters work anyhow or anti-Trump protesters? Being out in the street throwing bricks at police cars indicates that you are either self-employed or not in a 9 to 5.

      What are Leftists not going to buy that will hurt Trump. His real estate? Golf clubs? Trips to his casino? To his course in Scotland?

      Blacks could stop dressing the way whites do when they play Golf and this might hurt some of his cronies. I doubt it.

      If hippies stop buying Granola bars and NAMS stop buying illegal guns how would this harm him.

      • Tulio

        I wouldn’t assume rioters don’t work. Why couldn’t a rioter work? They are probably working class types with blue collar type jobs.

      • Jason Y

        I think Trash is referring to certain trust fund hippies. They don’t represent all protesters. These hippies live off trust funds and waste away their days smoking pot or doing some leftist protest. They’re a good target for the right cause the right can say, “Why are they protesting? They don’t even know what it’s like to work and struggle.”


    If granola bar companies and head-shops and Mexican restaurants went out of business tomorrow Trump would not care. Leftists buy things that rednecks don’t. Hippies do not go to the Superbowl, buy shotguns or bows, fishing tackle, cowboy hats, red meat, Garth Brooks CD’s.

    I mean what is Trump selling that hippies and NAMS buy anyhow? Multi-million dollar real estate in New York or Golf Course vacations in Scotland?

    This is the problem, bro. Rednecks and the rest of the country have nothing in common but a white house in DC. They don’t watch the same television shows, buy the same food, visit the same places, or even use toilet paper if they are hippies.

    But most anti-Trump protesters don’t have a pot to piss in anyhow. Even if they have a trust-fund they live hand-to-mouth in a co-op or tiny apartment.

    Trump could react by slashing welfare in order to really put the screws on Hispanic and Black and poor white protesters. Or threatening to slash welfare programs of all sorts.

    He could simply say he did not give a shit about the ghetto or barrio and screw their food supply since big business in the Flyover controls it anyhow.

    TRUMP is in bed with the means of production because this is capitalism. The Left has no economic ground to stand on.

    • Tulio

      That’s bullshit, a lot of the anti-Trump protesters yesterday are middle class white women. I was at a protest, and honestly hardly anyone looked poor.

      • TULIO

        Those that stand in the street are ants to those who own the building above them.

        Doubtful the protesters owned the banks, occupy high-ranking police or military positions, or industry of any sort.

        Liberal JOOS in the media will probably protest…but Trump has figured away around them with Twitter and the mass media control over the population ain’t what it used to be.

        Trump will also find a few pale Criollos and Castizos at the top of the Latino political game to bribe into handling the Mestizos and Indians at the bottom.
        He’s smart enough to do that.

  12. Jackilb

    When workers go on strike here in the UK, just for one week, the company they work for loses alot of money. Its simple.


    See your point but Trump will take the approach of Thatcher to the miners in 1984 to those who really displease him.

    • Jackilb

      No the miners were different. Thatcher was trying to get rid of the industry altogether. If all the people who didnt vote for the orange turd stopped buying unneccessary crap for a few weeks from big corps, or walked out on strike from production lines, the US economy would plummet. Simples

  14. Jason Y

    I think I saw Forrest Gump at that DC rally today he said

    And that’s all I got to say about that.

    Or what about the scene

    Sorry to spoil your black panther party.


  15. Was he supposed to be Jewish?

  16. Yee

    What? A colour revolution or a real one?

    For a colour revolution, you’ll need CIA and US money backing for that to work. Or you can do a Thailand style, get the military backing.

    If you want a real revolution, then you’ll need workers and farmers to join.

    If you have none of the above, go home and get a good sleep.

    • YEE

      Cultural revolutions in Asia generally involved a dispossessed majority of peasants against a ruling party or monarchy.

      In China a small minority of merchants, prostitutes, sailors, saloon keepers and opium sellers probably did not want Communism or to be reassigned to factories. However, the vast majority of Chinese in other parts of the country overwhelmed them.

      In any event, they either accepted it or went to Hong Kong where anybody did what they wanted to.

      Because the United States is a two-party system one population group is upset every 4-8 years when the other is elected.

      This is less a reflection of politics than of lifestyle and intellectualism.

      The vast interior of the United States between either coast is filled with farmers and workers who drink more, use family planning less and attend school for a shorter period of time than the intelligentsia on the coasts.

      In the North and on the coasts the populations are less likely to be poor, more likely to attend school for longer periods of time.

      And so on.

      • Yee

        I mean Colour Revolutions and Arab Spring like Serbia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, that kind. Not our kind of revolution.

  17. YEE

    America’s farmers and workers are at constant odds with the intelligentsia so this is sort of impossible-the former have irresponsible sex young, are uneducated comparatively, love drinking, men have multiple sex partners and children with women of average or under-average intelligence, are superstitious and on and on. The latter in California or New York are generally better read, use birth control or are gay, more likely to use drugs than be alcoholics, be monogamous, less violent, more likely to live in the cities.

    Farmers and workers will vote for presidents who generally are worse economists, lure the public into drawn-out wars, neglect minorities, create rich-poor divides.

    Intelligentsia will vote for the other party.

    So you see, revolution is impossible.

    Whatever you say about the Chinese merchant class in Southeast Asia they manage to weather all these political storms as my own wife’s family.

    • Yee

      So there will be no real kind of revolution.
      You can still go Georgia and Ukraine style, that will need CIA help and money. Or Thailand style, military. Poor Yinglak, the most beautiful prime minister in history, and she’s Thai Chinese too.

      • YEE

        She and my wife belong to the Issan people of Northwestern Thailand who are a group of Chinese who migrated almost 200 years ago into Laos-Thai border country.

        On the periphery of the borders with Lao and Myanmar are various ethnic groups. The far South of course is Muslim.

    • Jason Y

      Possibly Trash, farmers and workers vote in conservatives because the left-wing has become too weird for them, mainly because of gays and transgender stuff. Note. some cultural left stuff is probably fine with them like being against race or gender discrimination, those things have become out of date with modern society anyway – anywhere in the US.

      • JASON Y They voted for Bill Clinton because they felt that the Republicans had ignored them, in fact.

        That fact is forgotten.

      • JASON Y

        I think the big issue is the lack of sympathy that middle-class children of the suburbs like myself feel for people that started families too young and left school too soon and took to many drugs because they just were not that bright.

        • Jason Y

          They lived in a different time with more job security. Now there is nothing for them, so in rage, they turn to racism.

        • JASON Y

          I think the big issue is the lack of sympathy that middle-class children of the suburbs like myself feel for people that started families too young and left school too soon and took to many drugs because they just were not that bright.

          Wow. Look Trash I am not going to ban you for this. Of course not. You have to go way beyond this to be banned. It’s not bannable to show sympathy for the rationales of Republican voters.

          However, I must say that I am quite taken aback by you. You have told us that you are a liberal Democrat and a socialist. Yet here you are, voicing sympathy for White middle class Republicans and throwing yourself in with them to boot.

          It’s beyond me how any liberal Democrat or socialist could feel that way. I must say you are the most elitist liberal Democrat/socialist that I have ever met.

          I realize that you and to a lesser extent Jason utterly despise the White working class. The venom with which you talk about these people is breathtaking. A “liberal Democrat” recently told me that all White working class people were White trash, 100% of them. I have had liberal Democrats tell me how they love these trade deals. “The only people who oppose them are the blue collars. The union people. Factory workers. Fuck them. Who cares about them. We don’t have any working class in this country anymore anyway, why who cares about these trade deals. Liberal Democrats also told me that these trade deals are “good for California,” and how they are good for California because we are such a multicultural state, as if that was a wonderful thing.

          Most of these people graduated from college. I think a lot of these liberal Democrat Whites in the cities and on the coasts harbor the typical disdain for working class Whites that people like this have always had.

          I will say though that considering the way these “liberal Democrats” talk about working class Whites, good God, is it any wonder they are all voting Republican?

        • Jason Y


          I think I’m misunderstood. White working class bullies are a minority of the white working class, just like ghetto blacks who sodomize white prisoners are the minority of blacks. However, these groups are so mean that they manage to rouse up a lot of hate against them. For instance, look how much they hate blacks on Stormfront, often from bad personal experiences.

          Now, I don’t know if Trash really believes that the majority of the white working class are punk losers who did drugs at 15, but I don’t.

          Note, generally, the problem in most places are the loudmouths. It seems all of a group is mean because 20 percent are so are mean. I’d say the same is true of boys too. And you said that they were stone evil (and also the girls somewhat), but I’d say that only a minority are. However, being mean generates attention, nice people are usually ignored. Nice people don’t leave a lasting impression that outweighs what the mean ones give.

        • Jason Y

          Again, the mean minority of working class whites creates the SJWs. The mean minority of blacks create people like Sam. It doesn’t matter how nice the majority is. The nice ones are often cowards who sit by while the punks do their thing.

        • Jason Y

          Sorry mistake

          I mean:

          I think I’m misunderstood. White working class bullies are a minority of the white working class, just like ghetto blacks who sodomize white prisoners are the minority of blacks. However, these groups are so mean that they manage to rouse up a lot of hate against their ethnic group .. For instance, look how much they hate blacks on Stormfront, often from bad personal experiences.

  18. Gay State Girl

    Donald Trump’s granddaughter looks like a MTF transexual. I’m surprised he doesn’t keep her in a cage.

  19. Jason Y

    Trump’s latest tweet

    African-American churches have not helped the African American community. I’m going to do more for the blacks than Jesus.

    ???? No joke.


    Dear Jewish & Anglo protesters

    No NAM would bother to get off his stoop to protest your social condition.
    To prove this point he might mug you while you were protesting.
    Change does not come from throwing a brick at a policeman, only a police record.
    Get arrested and go to jail and your experiences will turn you into a White Nationalist.

    • Jason Y

      So what Trash? Experiences being bullied by white trash or just normal boys in grade school will cause you to become an SJW.

      • DAZED & CONFUSED’S Clint is already geographically oppressed and so are the “normal boys”. If they leave the sticks for the city and look at a NAM wrong, they get beaten up.

        NAMS kick their ass at least once in their life anyhow.

        So they CANNOT leave. Their local geography is a holding pen because they are far too scared to ever leave it.

        That is why they want the “jobs to come back” instead of leaving to seek one.

        They know that outside their environment without a pot to piss in they are nothing. This is why they are townies all of their life.


    The people with power are not out in the street. They don’t have to be. They own the buildings they are making deals inside.

    All you get for being on the street is a cold.

    Those in power make a point to be as distanced from this as possible.

    Protesters won’t get to them.

    • Jason Y

      Note, the last Russian Czar did the same in regards to radicals.

      • JASON Y

        Trump was elected by somebody, not a monarch. A FEW people, possibly half the country, WANTS him there.

        The entire population of Russia was so weary of the Czar that they did not care at all.

        The military, police and banks in the United States are probably too high of an obstacle for granola eating hippies to surmount.

        If life were to become too disagreeable for another 40% of the American population then such a revolution would be possible.

  22. Jason Y

    Abrahamic religions condemn homosexuality and transsexuality, so as long as the SJWs are down with them, then they’ve lost appeal with most common people.

    Note, on the other hand, most people can handle race-mixing, they also have a heart for racial civil rights and feminism to a large degree.

    • JASON Y Common people are too busy too care what restroom transsexuals use or if men who shack up to penetrate one another’s anal shafts call it a marriage.

      These are the fixations of the jobless or those who are paid by some organization or more often, are from rich enough homes to be able to live without working so they have time on their hands to stand in the street with NAMS who would not cross the road to piss on them if they were on fire.

  23. Tulio

    Is Spencer a neo-nazi? I know he’s a white nationalist, but are all white nationalists neo-nazi?

    I enjoyed watching him get punched and then scurry away like a dog with his tail between his legs. It was amusing because these alt-right types are always talking about masculinity and being an alpha male, and then Spencer didn’t even put up a fight after he was punched and then ran away. He’s probably never been in a fist fight in his life. Yet people like him will go around calling everyone beta males and cucks. That was the amusing part to me.

    • Jason Y

      Cuck being a cheap shot directed at liberals claiming they’d allow blacks to rape their women, assuming the liberals weren’t gay. In other words, real men are over-the-top racist and sexist. Real men fear blacks cause we all know they want to rape our women or rape us (male prisoners) in prison.

      • xoinosuilleabhain

        Birth of a Nation

      • That is what makes the Clint-type so pitiful. When jailed for some assault or aggravated rape, he becomes a sobbing sex partner for NAMS.

        He is tough with dweebs and nerds and smaller kids until one day-and it always, always happens-some black kid beats him up in a KFC parking lot.

        After this beating he becomes racist.

        • Jason Y

          Clint becomes a racist because he finally lost. What a crybaby. So the nerds he beat up became SJWs or at least SJW sympathetic.

          Yeah, I notice that about them. They want pity for their humiliation given from blacks, but they, themselves, have humiliated others.

      • JASON Y Clint the Cuck

        How much of an Alpha Male is Clint when he happens to look a NAM thug the wrong way and gets beaten up in the KFC parking lot. Eventually every Clint type gets at list one beating from a black and then mutters the Jimmy the Greek line about blacks being “bred for strength and size”.

        After about age 18 what sort of Alpha Male is he? When a few dweebs or dorks or nerds return from California or New York or Chicago to visit their parents he is still hanging around teenagers, drinking in the local beat-up “Sports Bar” whose stools support his ass 6 days a week except Sunday.

        If he did attend college he usually fails out for drinking too much beer after a semester. If he joins the army he leaves after 2 years with nothing to show.

        When he goes into the jail for aggravated rape or his third DUI or running a chop shop and NAMS push him around or even rape him he turns to absolute jelly.

        Next he complains about “Jews” running his life when the nearest temple is 400 miles away and the reality is that he simply does not have a pot to piss in with the child support and Sports Bar tab.

        So he watches some porn of blonde women sucking 14 inch black penises and gloomily reflects that even his penis is small.

    • TULIO

      Anybody can sucker-punch someone else and run away. That’s a Beta Male thing to do.

      Why not give the Spencer the first punch if you are a hard Alpha Male instead throwing a sucker punch and running away?

    • TULIO He did walk up to the Nazi and tell the Nazi to give him the first shot.

      Let us be candid about the cowardice of the assailant.

      • Tulio

        But Spencer wasn’t knocked out by the punch. He just ran away. Why didn’t Spencer go after the guy that punched him if he’s a part of this movement that believes in masculinity and not being cucked.

        • Juanny Boy


        • Juanny Boy

          The NPI had low attendance because of the two bimodal demographics that support Nazis. Neither are exactly brave;

          Low-IQ flyover country proles.
          Autistic 14 year old 4channers.

          The former group could not afford to travel to D.C. The latter group can not drive.

        • Oscar

          Spencer’s not some musclebound skinhead or drugee antifag fighting a street war. His battlefield is in a debate, the last thing a demented SJW wants.

    • Hi Tulio, considering that Mr. Spencer hates Black people and by extension you and wants to throw your Black ass out of the country, I am quite happy that you found joy in seeing him punched. Any way you look at it, this man is your enemy, even your personal enemy.

      I appreciate you standing up for yourself and your people. Good show.

  24. Jason Y has only one page. I wonder if they will add more?

  25. Jason Y

    Putin made a huge speech basically monkeying David Duke’s rhetoric, claiming the world was becoming one world and anti-Christian. However, remember Putin was not elected and is a street thug monster, but wants to give lectures on morals and so-called white oppression.

    • Juanny Boy

      WNs love Putin because he doesn’t tolerate Russian equivalents to BLM.

      He has brutally suppressed Muslim Chechen revolts in the South.

      • Juanny Boy

        The phenomena of WNs or Pat Buchanan types loving Putin is somewhat logical but there is a certain point where it becomes incoherent;

        IF Putin is true nationalist then he only cares for ETHNIC RUSSIANS not the French proles or American flyover proles.

        Pat Buchanan and most of the alt-sphere think they’re the only ones that aren’t tools, but they are in reality tools as well.

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